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tv   [untitled]    May 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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well again this is all see the headlines and trial by t.v. the syrian to whom the massacre of blame game escalates and the need to advance its anstice indication as while showering trims to. the side of warfare steps into a new era is russian security x. has revealed that the muslim dangerous virus ever discovered has been devastating the middle east computers and we give. the face of us one grown terror ever be ice data time takes good ok by critics the tools to tar the entire movement for peace and present them as domestic terrorists. and those are headlines up next he talks
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to the russian communications minister who was recently appointed by president putin as he refresh the face of the country's government so for sure i found out his plans for the time. you go i mean rush is newly appointed communications minister and you're also twenty nine and you are the youngest member of the cabinet it's really great to have you with us today thank you so much thank you for the opportunity so we are putin has brought as many as sixteen new spaces into the new cabinet and that's really in response to the popular demand for new faces but of course there's concern that it wasn't really a renewable but was was originally shuffle and then you are really generally wanted
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very few new faces in that cabinet do you feel an extra pressure because of that well look truly. well i believe that. the kind of work. sox success story of the must media called it my my my appointment it could be a wonderful example for many even teenagers is just about you if you want to reach some. results if you want to be successful you can just do some you can just start generating ideas you can just start implementing them. and they don't see any kind of pressure you know the public outcry for fresh faces was invigorated by virtue of new communications i mean if you look at it during the protest the biggest number of protesters was probably a hundred and twenty thousand really nothing on a scale of this country and yet it cost such an uproar the whole world of talking about it and taking into consideration there was no revolution there was no bloodshed how much of a game changer are the new media world of politics in russia will ever be the same
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after this well definitely new media and just the the axis of our households to the broadband internet is definitely reshaping do we how we. plan our day how we do business and how we communicate also on political issues i fully agree that it's pretty hard to compare these relatively small numbers of people to view to the whole country and if we speak about internet access still even if it was stated that for example young turks has more. visitors then probably the first channel or the first to be channel in russia the. nevertheless if we speak about the general coverage of the country including some far distance villages television is still the probably major player when you speak about the media but but if we speak about what. it is especially moscow some of this is for example in the like
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seventy eight percent of households are already connected to the broadband access it definitely plays a stronger role what's your perception of the. in rochelle that same five to six years do you see the new media so the internet edging out completely the old type of media is different not completely i could hardly imagine any example in the world any country in the world. with with the with the complete change but still there will be some some influence on that and once again i'd like to state that it's more about some. far distance territories that today's to have a huge capacity to grow if it's because of broadband access that will be the major concern of for the foreign minister as well because we want to. close this digital gap is that on the priorities they banned access because i know you've tweeted recently asking people what they would like to see change in the first place in
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your ministry so what's going to progress axis increasing media freedom fighting monopoly or what what's your priority at this point definitely broadband access is one of the key infrastructure development issues of every country in the world today it's probably as much much important as building roads bridges and so one that is what will be different they focused on that but for russia it's a big issue it's definitely hard to bring broadband access to every single citizen in russia for example rather than in singapore speak about some other priorities definitely. we want to do to make the telecom market a competitive one. still there are some issues about that and my personal position is that the different look have to bring in competition i know that russian publishers are concerned and they've been warning about the growing monopolies in the russian media market how true is that anything that is true that threatening
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democracy in this country i don't see any kind of a wriggle government regulation on the most media market in general still still there is some government into. from the kind of a government must media but from the legal point of view there's no actual legal barriers for the you must meet the market development that is why hopefully we're not the country where for example somehow we limit the internet access to certain content to certain websites as it often happens in many other parts of the world and so one that is why i believe it's the field for some competition and hopefully more and more investors could come into the series will talking about censoring and limiting the content. we've seen what a powerful tool internet it's over the past month or near i mean it has made
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revolutions. have brought down regimes and even. if we put revolutions aside if you look at the occupy activists or the u.k. around both it's obvious that they've been able to use internet much more efficiently than the government authorities have just how much do you think government all over the wall not only in russia should interfere in this domain where is the fine line between really censoring the internet and go go is all policy well i believe that the only kind of interference from the government in this area should should cover such issues is for example protection of our with children from the not allowed content. should also cover some some intellectual property in corporate issues but it's definitely not about restricting access to certain communications services certain websites and mr manager for many
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times stated he's very famous statement that freedom is better than not freedom and it's a key concept and i believe that i would. untreated. should should should follow this rule. on the other hand it's definitely a good lesson for the for the whole government for the federal government for the regional government and even a form of disability that new media and electronic ways of communication is a wonderful example how we can positively not negatively but positively use the technology to communicate with our citizens for example the whole open government initiative that was headed by mr mcveigh when he was now the president of russia there was about this this issue so how we could use this technology how we could use this. new media and this these new challenges to. to change the way we communicate with the citizens what about the elec trying to
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mock. democracy to believe in it i mean and if yes then russia in its present state or something like that i do believe in even more crissy but the democracy is sometimes it's so much focused on totally electronic elections i think that democracy is. why the concept and we don't have just to think about it. could be somehow done with i don't know issuing electronic digital signatures to every every citizen or using our mobile phones i think the democracy is more about influencing particular government. decisions is about trying to find and state some priority issues i believe that we could introduce some kind of a federal level regulation on that so that. every every single government institution should use this data from coming coverage from this information systems
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that are being used almost every day. and use this information with the same responsibility as they for example have to proceed as their. incoming paper based mail from from from citizens are another topic intellectual property is another thing that really requires requires regulations not only in russia but in general globally i know that your predecessor came up with an initiative to make all media contact on the internet i'm protected i mean virtually free unless a producer of that content specifies otherwise that's actually in stark contrast with the u.s. and the e.u. initiatives like stop online privacy act or anti counterfeiting trade agreement which protect producers are you going to continue this policy mr medvedev himself has stated his initiatives on the g eight and g twenty i think that everybody remembers that and we think we have to follow this this this concept of the self
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identification of how to how to protect the content that being published electronically so we believe that we live in the in the century of the increasing digital connectivity increasing increasing the value of digital content content and so that we think that publishers they do have to decide on their own how to how to protect it the way we believe that we could keep this initiative and try to find out some. intercountry some international discussion on that so the worries about allan's between those who make the content and those who consume it believe the balance is a kind of the open market so. consumers and producers the have to decide but we want to give this they have the freedom or for. we want to give all the possibilities to the content producers to decide on that so that was the kind of
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initiative offered by the ministry on that you seem like a very. man as far as technologies go do you believe that a wall one day could be a hundred consent digitalized the world but the we could suddenly reach the hundred percent possibility to communicate electronically. but. i believe it's more realistic that it will be always like ninety five percent just because the. sometimes to call it you could be could be very pricey but create really more expensive than printing text on a fresh paper every day when you think when you think the last major paper were printed i think that newspapers rule exists for i don't know dozens of years but subtly that may happen that the printed newspaper screwed also get the very pricey very cost ineffective and will start getting more and more information
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through the internet or some i don't know integrated device is now almost everywhere but it's always about the. business and personal effectiveness that is why the technology revolution also makes her evolution in the way how we interact and i think you for a precious newly appointed communications minister thank you very much for this interview thank you. there hasn't been a thing good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before source material is what helps keep journalism honest. we want to present. something else.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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the top stories are not trial by. massacre a blame game as calais says the media opens its arms to sensationalism while showing truth the door. cyberwarfare steps into a new era as russian security and it's revealed that the most dangerous virus ever discovered has been devastating middle east computers. the new face of u.s. homegrown terror f.b.i. is dirty tactics give up by critics the tools to target in time movements reputation and present them as domestic terrorists. our eyes are oman is here with this poor serve on the european football championship has not even started but we already have scandals brewing well you're absolutely right while
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a certain england players are voicing their offense against traveling to poland and ukraine it's allianz are having serious problems of their own i've got these rolls on this on the way stick around. hello and welcome this is more than artsy and i am remonde koester of plenty up ahead in this edition but first as always to the headlines. banana skin the world number one victoria azarenka voids a huge first round scare answers coming back from all of down in the second set to be the tally in alberta briana. two more to go with the rush hour gearing up for the first of two remaining friendlies ahead of the european championship in poland and ukraine. while it's out in drop lots here captain stepfather mari is there
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rested while it's in the defenders the medical krrish it's all is left and also there is this quote for year olds once it's well after being questioned by police know why isn't a match fixing probe. but first a tennis where russia's vet has gone out obama has pulled out of the french open to a shoulder injury while world number one. has survived a major scare in her opening match the top ranked belorussian faced it's allays alberts embryology has ranked outside the world's top one hundred but as a last a closely fought first set on it so i break and trailed for love in the seconds however that then reeled off six straight games to force a decider which she cruised through six to the winning despite a whopping sixty unforced errors. i think it says it all i'm in bed these have been unfortunately today you know i had. way more mistakes than i usually do but you know it happens sometimes the first match they're not easy. but
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in the end of the day i still won the match i managed to go through those sixty mistakes in the match so i think this is pretty good statistics you know what it was much easier day for defending champion the chinese crash from a dancer ron carey c sixty six one of the less than an hour however not only has not won a title since claiming her amazing grand slam at the primaries in courts last year . and also through is twice former semifinalists not to patrol following a straight sets win over a that's had been a shot from the czech republic while australian open quarter finalist yesterday in a car wreck crashed out this long stevens of the united states vera to shave in a loss to local wild card player for stein and world number three. dropped just one game as they informed poles being rolled serbia's biljana of an obscene forty nine minutes and will next play venus williams now day three of the french open will see world number two and russia's main hope to reassure robin in action with alexandra
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didn't get any of this denies about to start her match with great britain's heather watson alexandra pano of faces world number twenty three and then the wild public chant go i will try to upset thirty three year old director art. on the men's side top see the module which was a little slow at the blocks but still soft but. the in straight sets. still trying to find the rhythm and movement on the course so he'll be a cd player to play a very good first set. but when i look at it now after the match is over maybe it was it was good for me to have the tough first try to find the good control over the rhythm and movement on the court you know it was difficult to conditions as well. to wind. meanwhile third seed raj it federer was in sizzling form against lesser known german can give the swiss master was always in control including that
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long final rally to win six two seven five six three in just under two hours the victory means federer equals jimmy connors a record of two hundred thirty three match wins in grand slams and this year's french open is also federer's fiftieth straight major tournament. jimmie's i was one of the greats of all time you know and i was around for twenty years you know this is my thirteenth fourteenth french open as well it all started back in ninety nine he was right after and i've hardly missed any grand slams basically. while former world number three nikolai devon stumbled at the first hurdle going out so it's a these andrus syfy in straight sets and fellow russian exhibit all of his also alsace for withdrawing with a leg injury late into the fifth set against arnold to the men and that means that for russian male players remain in contention to me treats or soon all is warming up before his match with japanese a goal so it. will face thirty year old yaar can even villains eagerly need to and
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will have his match with was biggest fans denise is stallman world number two rafael nadal in his first round match will see world number one hundred. from its leave while another russians hope because you usually will later face james blake. ok let's switch gears and move to football russia a preparing for choose the friendly against lithuania in switzerland and head coach of a card has plenty of choices to make come game time russian media reports that the number one position will be given to says moscow keeper even i can face who missed most of last season due to an injury relinquishing his place at the national team z. needs. of the dutch specialist top choice goalie four year old twenty twelve will be decided to ride before the beginning of the tournaments the starting line up will most likely resemble that of last week when russia played a friendly against europe why meaning andree are shaaban and exotic here are called
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starting up fronts and guarding indy fans will be a new call figure not shave each and bit as now we'll have more news on that as it becomes available meanwhile here here's russia's head coach dick advocaat talking about the upcoming friendly against. the world will be tried to do is also we try to get even again. you tried to pressurise some sort of moment. that does not have to improve so the more maybe we can do the better though because . because some parts of the game was over the going to interest of. staying with football russian champion with a neat medical crystal has been dropped from the it's a good squad for next month's european championships the st petersburg left back was questioned by the police in a widening match fixing prole which has seen a lad captain stefan arrested along with eighteen others thirty two year old
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midfielder maori has been held along with former general midfielder omar milan and that's a while given to skull which until now call to who has just left the club so the sciri it's all in his first season in charge is also being questioned police are searching more than thirty homes off players coaches and club administrators from across the divisions and also visited italy's training camp as our friends eddie was set to announce his squad this monday but it's up official has now said that fifteen capped crystal will not make the final twenty three man squad. but if i explain to them you can shoot them i'm not talking to him because he would have experienced through the media pressure to move human can do would he's not at peace i don't because we saw him and it is impossible for him to prepare for such an important match another reason is that he needs to be heard in court maybe even before a match which would have been an additional problem. elsewhere you vent to scold
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shun sannio kong say held a press conference and alleged match fixing when he was in charge of second division sienna and twenty ten twenty eleven season he considers himself and his players to be completely in a sense of the accusations. no divinity camaguey will soon be done i'm going to see on let's not forget that i was a victim of an attack with sticks in front of my two year old daughter and my wife because of my moral integrity honesty and fairplay this isn't only a conduit for those who maybe don't know him yet or maybe pretend not to know him a little with sienna we won the second division title with three games to go thanks to a lot of sacrifice sweat and tears enjoyed with a group of extra ordinary lives in this i'm completely innocent of any of this as are my players and it was a fantastic year and nothing and nobody i repeat nothing and nobody will ruin that year which was something really extraordinary. people so it's in the squad was trimmed to twenty five players ahead of the european championship in poland and
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ukraine asked a valuable time that it'll be a long one of the players boys to be st petersburg standards a medical crystal six others were also axed by prince harry and robin defender salvatore among them friends that it will cut another suit before he submits his final twenty three man list away and the talent builder danielle adair ross he believes cases like that will not help. some of the culture we were beautician of to tell him to do was already not so great internationally and this is not going to help much what matters worse it's the people involved are able to solve their problems clearly and so basketball the miami heat defeated the boston celtics ninety three seventy nine in game one of n.b.a.'s eastern conference finals the heat from start to finish and colby action as the bron james and swain wait can see need to play at a high level as they combine fifty two points and that played the main role in the
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eastern conference final game one. so summer's officially only a couple of days away meaning it's a write about science for dragons flying computers the statue of liberty and even a huge pig to spread their wings a masseur for the drop into a river to the delights of a huge army of spectators one hundred fifty thousand of them in fact that the banks of the rhine mines germany to witness the annual red bull forty one crew spent almost three months working on their equipment only to see it fly for a few dozen meters and then drop into the water despite all the fun creators of these manmade goals attempted to break the world record for the longest flight and the chief event smashing the all distance by a whopping six point seven meters. i'll be back with more in a couple of hours but you don't have to wait that long and gets our you tube
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channel and it's time look for our team sport news thank you for watching watching and i'll see you very soon. the lead mission in free cretaceous free in-store charges free. range month three risk free. free. download free blog cloning video for your media projects and free media. tom you. see a story. you think you understand it and then. you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything is. welcome to the big picture.
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