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tv   [untitled]    May 29, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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exactly help pass the main news stories the u.n. investigators say that syrian artillery is responsible for less than twenty of the one hundred eight deaths in who the rest including children show signs of brutal execution the syrian government says the evidence points at opposition islamists while the rebels insist. committed the atrocities. russian internet security experts uncover a massive cyber attack targeting computers across the middle east they suspect the malicious virus known as flame is sponsored by a foreign government. and the image of occupy protesters in the us media shifts from disorganized slackers to terrorists posing
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a threat to the country that is julian grills the group's activists about their true goals in the latest edition of his interview program that you can see throughout the day here on r.t. . well that's it for me in the team for the moment we'll be back with another summer in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime we talk to the russian communications minister who was recently appointed by president putin as he refresh the face of the country's government so if you have an answer find out about his plans. you go i mean rush is newly appointed communications minister and you're also twenty nine and you are the youngest member of the cabinet it's really great to have you with us today thank you so much thank you for the opportunity so we are putin has brought as many as sixteen new spaces into the new cabinet and that's
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really in response to the popular demand for new faces but of course there's concern that it wasn't really a renewable but was was there a rich reshuffle and then you are really generally wanted very few new faces in that cabinet do you feel an extra pressure because of that well look truly. well i believe that. the kind of weather. sox success story of the must media called it my my my appointment it could be a wonderful example for many even teenagers is just about you if you want to reach some. results if you want to be successful you can just do some you can just start generating ideas you can just start implementing them. and they don't see any kind of pressure you know the public outcry for fresh faces was invigorated by virtue of new communications i mean if you look at it during the protests the biggest number of protesters was probably hundred twenty thousand really nothing on
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a scale of this country and yet it cost such an uproar the whole world of talking about it and taking into consideration there was no revolution there was no bloodshed how much of a game changer are the new media world of politics in russia will ever be the same after this well definitely new media and just the the axis of our war households to the broadband internet is definitely reshaping the we we. are now with the how we do business and how we communicate also on political issues i fully agree that it's pretty hard to compare these relatively small numbers of people to view to the whole country and if we speak about internet access still even if it was stated that for example young turks has more. visitors then probably the first channel or the first to the channel in russia the. nevertheless if you speak about the general coverage of the country including some far distance villages television
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is still the probably major player when you speak about the media but but it was because. it is especially moscow some of this is for example and the like seventy eight percent of households are already connected to the broadband access it definitely plays. a stronger role what's your perception of the. in rochelle that same five to six years do you see the new media so the internet edging out completely the old type of media is different not completely i could hardly imagine any example in the world any country in the world. with with the with the complete change but still there will be some some influence on that and once again i'd like to state that it's more about some. far distance territories that today's to have a huge capacity to grow if it's because of broadband access that will be the major
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concern of the foreign minister as well because we want to. close this digital gap is that on the priority they banned access because i know you've tweeted recently asking people what they would like to see change in the first place in your ministry so what's going to progress axis increasing media freedom fighting monopoly or what what's your priority at this point to broadband access is one of the key infrastructure development issues of every country in the world today it's probably as much much important as building roads bridges and so one that is what will be different of the focus to me but for us it's a big issue it's definitely hard to bring broadband access to every single citizen in russia for example rather than in singapore speak about some other priorities definitely. we want to do to make the telecom market a competitive one. still there are some issues about that and my personal position is that the different look have to bring in competition i know that question
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publishers are concerned and they've been warning about the growing monopolies in the russian media market how true is that anything that is. threatening democracy in this country i don't see any kind of a wriggle government regulation of the most media market in general still still there is some government into. from the kind of a government must media but from the legal point of view there's no actual legal barriers for the must meet the market development that is why hopefully we're not the country where for example somehow we limit the internet access to certain content to certain websites as it often happens in many other parts of the world and so one that is why i believe it's the field for some competition and hopefully more and more investors could come into the series will talking about censoring and
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limiting the content. we've seen what a powerful tool internet it's over the past month and year i mean it has made revolutions. have brought down regimes and even. if we put revolutions aside people look at the occupy activists or the u.k. rebels it's obvious that they've been able to use internet much more efficiently than the government authorities have just how much do you think government all over the wall not only in russia should interfere in this domain where is the fine line between really censoring the internet and go go is all policy well i believe that the only kind of interference from the government in this area should should cover such issues. for example protection of our with children from the not allowed content. it should also cover some some intellectual property incorporate issues
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but it's definitely not about restricting access to certain communications services certain websites and mr manager for many times stated he's very famous statement that freedom is better than not freedom and it's a key concept and i believe that i would. untreated. should should should follow this rule. on the other hand it's definitely a good lesson for the for the whole government for the federal government for the regional government and even for municipalities the new media and electronic ways of communication is a wonderful example how we can positively not negatively but positively use the technology to communicate with our citizens for example the whole open government initiative that was headed by mr mcveigh when he was now the president of russia now was about this this issue so how we could use this technology how we could use
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this. new media and this these new challenges to. to change the way we communicate with the citizens why we're at the elec trying to mark. democracy to believe in it i mean and if yes then russia in its present state or something like that i do believe in democracy but democracy sometimes it's so much focused on totally electronic elections i think that democracy is. why the concept and we don't have just to think about it. could be somehow done with i don't know issuing electronic digital signatures to every every citizen or using our mobile phones i think democracy is more about influencing particular government. decisions is about trying to find and state some priority issues i believe that we could introduce some kind of
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a federal level regulation on that so that. every every single government institution should use this data from coming coverage from this information systems that are being used almost every day. and use this information with the same responsibility as they for example have to proceed as their. incoming paper based mail from from from citizens are another topic intellectual property is another thing that really requires requires regulations not only in russia but in general globally i know that your predecessor came up with an initiative to make all media contact on the internet i'm protected i mean virtually free unless a producer of that content specifies otherwise that's actually in stark contrast with the us and the e.u. it's like stop online privacy act or anti counterfeiting trade agreement which protect producers are you going to continue this policy mr medvedev himself has
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stated his initiatives on the g eight and g twenty i think that everybody remembers that and we think we have to follow this discourse up of the so i didn't if occasion of how to how to protect the content that being published electronically so we believe that we live in the in the century of the increasing digital connectivity increasing increasing the value of digital content content and so that we would think that publishers they do have to decide on their own how to how to protect it the way we believe that we could keep this initiative and try to find out some. intercountry some international discussion on that so the worries about allan's between those who make the content and those who consume it believe the balance is a kind of the open market so. consumers and producers the have to decide what we
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want to give this they have the freedom or for. we want to give all the possibilities to the cotton producers to decide on that so that was the kind of initiative offered by the ministry that you seem like a very. man as far as technologies go to. believe that a world one day could be hundred consent digitalized what the world but we could suddenly reach the hundred percent possibility to communicate electronically. there but. i believe it's more realistic that it will be always like ninety five percent just because the there are sometimes to call it you could be could be very pricey but create really more expensive than printing text on a fresh paper every day when you think when you think the last newspaper will get printed i think that newspapers rule exists for i don't know those of years
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but suddenly they happened they're printed newspaper also get very pricey very cost ineffective and we'll start getting more and more information through the interim adam or some i don't know integrated device is almost everywhere but it's always about the. business and personal effectiveness that is why the technology revolution also makes or of aleutian in the way how we interact and i think you for a precious nearly a point of communications minister thank you very much for this interview thank you . there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before source material is what helps keep journalism honest we.
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we want to present. something else. a mission free accreditation free transport charges free arrangement free risk free studio time free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free video dog r.t. dot com. for. the russians would be so much brighter if you knew about someone from phones to impressions.
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whose friends don't totty dot com. top stories are naughty u.n. investigators say that syrian artillery was responsible for less than twenty of the one hundred eighty deaths in houla the rest including children show signs of brutal execution of the syrian government says the evidence points at the opposition is limits while the rebels insist pro assad thugs committed the atrocities. russian internet security experts uncover a massive cyber attack targeting computers across the middle east they suspect the malicious forest known as flame is sponsored by a foreign government. in the image of occupy protesters in the us media show. disorganized slackers to terrorists posing a threat to the country says june in the grill's the group's activists about their true goals in the latest edition of his interview program seen throughout the day here on r.t. . and that news in full is only fifteen minutes away in the meantime we have the
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latest action from the world of sport. hello and thank you for joining me k. partridge for the sports on an action packed day story at the french open and here are the top stories perfect start maria sharapova doesn't drop a game as the russian begins her quest to win the only grand slam missing from her collection in the first round of the french open while dick salama igor i can say it is set to start in goal for russia in their friendly against lithuania as coach of the cart has yet to name his first choice keeper the next one to you. last a future plans in advance leo midfielder aiden as our look set to sign for chelsea this summer after announcing on twitter he's joining the champions league winners. and green machine alexander ovechkin and his russia team mates floors their ice
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hockey while trophy at an open top bus parade here in central moscow. but first to the tennis in paris where world number two maria sharapova was in imperious form and didn't drop a single game in her opening match at the french open a golfing class separated the second seed remaining as alexander down to assure up of the needed just fifteen minutes to roll into the second round the in-form russian is looking to complete a career grand slam in the french quarter. you know i think learn more about the game and the point construction and. moving are better than i did years previously which was. the recovery process within the points so definitely gives me a lot of confidence for this tournament but just like any other. within this tournament i hope that i improve with every round. whoever is across tonight is the person that i have to be. however it's the end of the road for a fellow russian navy are who went out to great britain's heather watson in
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straight sets alexander kind of also lost to us. and his k. account today but there was a successful anastasio probably change about and she had the better of hungary and veteran grettir on. well former world number one caroline wozniacki thrashed elaine i did any day of grease six love six one walked thirteen time major winner serena williams is involved in a three set battle with local home for thirty razzano and the frenchwoman has had to match points so far. however already through is wimbledon champion petra critical of the czech world number four proved too strong for sixteen year old ashley barty committed that was broken once by the australian wildcard we don't want six more than six two says i think you. know i have both three tournaments before differential so i think. some make cheese and. i practice before so i'm feeling worse. yeah it's nice to be back.
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and in the meantime two thousand and ten champion francesca schiavone eased past forty one year old chemical got a crumb of japan to give only was in good form both from the baseline and at the net as dartrey crown was guilty of thirty five unforced errors to lose it six three six one. while in the men's game second seed rafael adult routed unheralded serve only barely of italy six two six two six one to get his title defense of to a sizzling start well nidal is going to clinch a record seventh french open title while andy murray has yet to bring his first major crown but the briton overcame eto'o from japan in straight sets want david ferrer also cruise past low back lukash lets go. while among the russian men the media tour some of has gone through to the second round following a straight sets win over japan's go to sew it up but igor andrei have retired in the third set of his match within jaco nieman and while it's in went out in
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straight sets his back a stance the system and butts make are usually became the second russian to. through after a straight sets win over american james blake. moving on to focus where russia are preparing for tuesday's friendly against misty rain in switzerland and the second of three euro two thousand and twelve warm ups will go a long way to helping coach to gather can't decide his first choice team in poland reports suggest as moscow goalkeeper ego i can face will start in me on despite missing most of last season due to injury and relinquishing his place in the national science to the needs just love mother five however advocaat says his first choice keeper for you wrote twenty twelve will only be decided right before the tournament and the dutchman named a strong line up in the first friendly against uruguay in moscow on friday with. his late top score alexander upfront along with his teammate alexander and you call plus the take up. you can shave it directly but it's not skin defense however
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opened it's believe advocaat will rest some of his key players against with you ania try out other members of his twenty three man squad with one more match one more woman match to go and cecily. the world will be tried to do is also we try to give you a great even against two like. you tried to pressurise an uncertain moment. to dissolve you have to improve so the more maybe we can do the better job because you were good but again some quality of the game was already quite quite interesting. the same with football and that he is the man to go kristie to has been dropped from the italy squad for next month's european championships after being questioned by police in a widening match fixing probe nineteen people including at c.r. captain stefano mari have been arrested police are searching more than thirty homes of players coaches and club administrator from across the divisions and also visited italy's pre-u. a twenty two of training count home coach is out of and that he was set to announce his squad on monday but now says fifteen cap will not make the final twenty three
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man squad. but i explained to dominic a shuto why i'm not talking to him because he would through the media pressure. well he's not at peace because we saw him and it is impossible for him to prepare for such an important match another reason is that he needs to be heard in court maybe even before a match which would have been an additional problem. and in the meantime another italian on the question is manager antonio comes a forty two year old former midfielder is now the serious winning coach with the event us but last season continue was in charge of second division sienna and he has held a press conference to really deny any allegations that he and his players of his former club were involved in match fixing. and even to get more games to be done i'm going to see on it let's not forget that i was a victim of an attack with dicks in front of my two year old daughter in my wife because of my moral integrity. i mean this is antonio gandhi for those who maybe
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don't know him yet or maybe pretend not to know him. we won the second division title with three games to go thanks to a lot of sacrifice. is enjoyed tonight with a group of extra ordinary lads and this i'm completely innocent of any of that my players and it was a fantastic year and nothing and nobody i repeat will know nothing and nobody will ruin that year which was something really extraordinary which is you people. in the meantime in demand lille midfielder looks set to join chelsea this summer after announcing on twitter he is signing for the champions league winner all the twenty one year old belgian is apparently heading to stamford bridge on a reported five year deal for just over fifty million dollars the midfielder has been using the social network to leaked details of his transfer but chelsea have declined to comment the twice a french player of the year made his real debut at age sixteen since one point two six belgian caps last season as i helped guide lille to their first french title
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since nineteen fifty four has seventeen goals this season to help the side qualify for the champions league. now alexander ovechkin was the. star attraction as the triumphant russian i saw keating showed off their latest well championship trophy at an open top bus parade through central moscow the washington capitals front man and russia counting in the cooling hell of the prize aloft as the rapturous crowd chanted thank you and well done to their heroes russia thrashed surprise package slovakia six two in the final earlier this month in which the championships hung big and lay their hands on their third world crown in five years they're going to malkin was the tournament's most valuable player to victory was also russia's first top accolade under a new coach in a two laviolette being off the team targets gold at the home winter olympics in sochi in twenty fourteen. the victory at the world championships showed the team scored this is the team we intend to build with its own character and recognize no
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one knows what will happen next but i'm sure the players are going to claim the gold right now into basketball in the miami heat of beating the boston celtics ninety three seventy nine to take a one nil lead in the best of seven eastern conference finals in the n.b.a. the heat led from start to finish with le bron james and dwyane wade adding a combined fifty four points but james thinks the heat were below par and could only get better. although it was all i would employ because basketball tonight. we had some great looks often this week but we had a lot of breakdowns defense with. our best game and we want to just try to continue to get better throughout the series. and finally russia's current golfing heroine cost another has been welcomed back home after making history in ukraine last week the twenty five year old became the first russian to claim a two zero win after clinching the title in style at the inaugural gold stream
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ladies are an event the first of its kind in kiev costa not produced a final round of seventy to finish four shots fair overnight benedict from belgium and since that victory cost him that has him. which is russia's biggest hope for the place at the rio olympics in two thousand and sixteen but she says more young talent could yet qualify for those games. i think we hear a lot of hoops with her very ill a lot of young kids growing up been very dedicated and we have a very good team of coaches with the russian government so c. and d. in. the fore in specialist as well and they are set up very very good organization a very good team of the coaches and and the players. and that's all the sports days but.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for langley you think you understand it and then you
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glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture. download the official auntie application. i pod touch from the top story. life on the go. video on demand on t.v. .


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