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tv   [untitled]    May 29, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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the maple spring marches on in montreal canada thousands of student protesters there protesting the massive to wishin hikes that are now getting support from people angry at their government's new anti rally law hundreds of arrested countless others hurt including our guest political commentator michael phoria will join us next. that's the treaty that has senate democrats planning an all out revolt against president obama we'll tell you about the trans-pacific partnership and why some
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believe the president is going out of his way to keep congress in the dark about the details. and mitt romney is well on his way to clinching the republican presidential nomination chances are texas will tip the delegate count and his favor but after an ugly primary season was romney more bruised by his own party and embraced. it's tuesday may twenty ninth five pm here in washington d.c. i'm liz wahl and you're watching our. own massive protests in the canadian province of quebec and what started as a student protest thousands of people have taken to the streets demonstrating against what they see as the government's attempts to to deny protesters civil rights including freedom of speech and the rights of protest now in its fourth
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month it looks like protests are only growing it's being called the maple spring and it's turned into an all out citizens revolt now the bulk of the protests are happening here. here in quebec while many of the protest appear peaceful eighty four people were arrested last night and an anti demonstration law has only inflame tensions there and while the maple spring marches past its one hundredth day protests aren't just happening to our north. down south in mexico thousands of university students union workers and farmers have taken to the streets to demand greater freedom of speech and also to protest the possible return of power by the institutional revolutionary party it's being called the mexican spring and it looks like there is no end in sight so what exactly is happening here let's go now to canada where r.t. correspondent guy on a ticket can is in the midst of all the action in quebec to bring us this report.
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it's not just about to lucian heights anymore even many of those who didn't care much about the problems facing students in care back have now joined the ranks of protesters. it is something that we should and have to do in this region potentially again and we have to be there and we have to make noise it does it's the end of the democracy if we keep on this way and the father of our only goal on the ground. for the future. of the country in the city you need to tens of thousands marching every day making a noise to express anger at what they see as draconian government measures to suppress people's rights to freedom of assembly and expression earlier this month the government here adopted an emergency anti protest law to make it illegal to assemble without permission and to insist on a precise road map of any planned march or demonstration decided this is
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a map of montréal yet that's not the country always the exact words would think of all those. are going to come out of the other side or for their most recent burnside for cambridge and the first time i write a five minute narrative or to star in their ads or observe the spirit of surfing i got a day after the anti protests law was passed a quarter of a million people spilled onto montréal streets in defiance in a peaceful march more than seven hundred were arrested in just one day there were people coming out from the bar actually at that time and they were arrested and they weren't going to do that once ration there or there had been tear gas. a lot of physical or station but the people keep more and banging their pots and pans each now risking a fine of up to five thousand dollars when there are so many people that get
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arrested ready canadas me. via or in spending much time showing incidents of police brutality. all journalists in canada live in which the politicians and live which good good good good the gang are making the rules show they don't going to get outside and see what's happening in the streets really and they don't want to know about police brutality didn't want to know about it. you can see how dramatically the protests have evolved over the past three months in february when they started it was the student of the government of the problems the gatherings were generally very peaceful but the police reaction was overwhelmingly harsh and as if that wasn't enough to banks leaders thought a quick fix law to quell the protests would spell the end but it did and now they're facing bangor over seas and freedom i'm going to check out on from the streets of montreal canada r t. you can see the protests turned chaotic police
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resorting to using force to silence the protesters even those covering the protests are being caught in the middle take a look. no there is whole little commentator michael for ian being happy or sprayed by police that's a man joined us earlier today to further discuss what's happening and montreal's. well of course the protesters have been protesting about the law will divert the increase in tuition sixteen hundred twenty five dollars over the next five years the government has compromised making it the same amount of sixteen twenty five over seven years so they have been a bit of a compromise by the charette government but the students are still not happy with that the law that was implemented to deter protesters in the past few weeks has been billed seventy eight this was passed in combat sledger sleeves for the national assembly by the liberal party enjoy and this was supposed to give people
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the sort of idea that you know this is the protests have come to a point where we need to start again acting the laws and restrictions the restrictions are is that if you're fifty or more people and you've gathered for a protest you need to tell the police and whichever reach of québec you are beating complexity or montreal that you are going to be protesting that evening or later on the day eight hours beforehand and the you have to provide a map now when this started that months ago it was primarily a student protest but at this point it looks like it has become much more than that . very much so you have labor unions involved you have every day people in quebec society involved and this is becoming not just a come back sort of revolution or a maple spring this is spreading across the world and it's interacting with other revolutions that you've seen either in in syria or in libya and even in the united states and say with the occupy movement and the occupy movement is very much involved with what we're seeing in montreal local members of the occupy montreal
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movement have even joined up with the protesters to be part of this and you could really say that people are now because of this law this new bill seventy eight which was it being used currently against people who are protesting it has sort of inspired people who are not necessarily on the same side of the protesters in terms of the tuition fees going up and they're not with the protesters or the students they want to join in because they feel that the law is draconian and goes against people civil liberties how feasible do you think it is that protests like we're seeing in canada well spread here in the u.s. and when will that happen. the regarding tuition fees i don't think it's going to happen regarding just bad governments and how government functions now people are upset with the status quo of government wherever they are i think the possibility is very large and like i mentioned before or seeing across the world in terms of you know the arab spring we're seeing in montreal the maple spring people are going to be doing next to this wednesday to morrow coming up a movement which is of course involved the student movement in montreal which the
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everybody's going to be in the streets banging pots and pans in solidarity with the students so this is obviously spreading across that i can't say that it's the message is totally unifying in terms of tuition fees but i can tell you that people are upset with their government people in terms of you know the occupy movement in terms of people just being upset with bad government draconian government if anything this is what people are specifically targeting and turns out of negotiations with students and protesters that between between them and the government does that look like that's going to happen any time soon well there were negotiate. yesterday there was supposed to be an announcement by the sra government later on today i do know and i was told by a friend of mine that two people who are negotiators for that class now that is the biggest of the rather the most radical of the student unions of the four that are at the table currently at the national cemetery with the government and that class to represent us and that last negotiators were arrested on the spot upon departure from the negotiating table at the national somebody yesterday because they got
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involved in one of the protest outside of the national symbol where they were located when this happened the police told to stand back and they just want to show their solidarity with the students who are there protesting and their arrest on the spot one was released today the fate of the other one we don't know as of yet now i'm just hearing that right now negotiate negotiations are happening as we speak what exactly are they demanding. well there in the past few days we've seen from the association cold fact is the fed have a sale it's. back they are the college students not the university but the college students are the difference here they in the leader over there a leader the president. has come out of the last few days basically saying that students not only the government need to come to a compromise and he has faced a lot of backlash because of this and students are very much not happy with him from my perspective what i feel is going to happen and what the students i really think need to come to do is find this compromise i think it really showed how much of maturity leo had when he came out and said that the compromise needs to be met
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not just on the students of on the government side but on the student side as well now whether or not this is going to come to fruition we don't know like i mentioned before that class which is the most radical of the groups headed by get to be able to do what was also in court today facing a charge of that he violated a court injunction i don't think it's going to happen because knowing him and knowing the people who he's going to be dealing with it's doesn't look like it's going to come to fruition because of them they're the more radical groups now as political commentator michael for e n. n n three national trade agreement brewing between nine countries is now starting controversy on capitol hill that's because some lawmakers are wondering why it's all a big secret it's called the trans-pacific partnership and it's a trade agreement between cheli australia new zealand and the united states among other countries there's even a song out now to explain what's going on take a lesson.
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now one senator is taking the lead and speaking out against this senator ron wyden says he plans to introduce legislation that would require the u.s. trade representative to consult with lawmakers he says the obama administration is refusing to give any details on the trade talks leaving the american people in the dark as to what exactly is going on for more on this i'm joined now by melinda st louis international campaigns director for public citizen welcome to the show melinda so what is the big secret but well the transpacific partnership as you
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mentioned is a is a deal between the u.s. and eight other pacific rim countries and the secret is that there are negotiations happening behind closed doors between our trade representatives and their six hundred corporate advisors that are writing the text reading the text have access to it and the u.s. public and the congress and the press have absolutely no no voice at all in the process and what do you think is going on behind closed doors and what would motivate the obama administration to keep it a secret well we know why they want to keep it a secret because it's not agreement that would stand up to public scrutiny the u.s. public is is actually very concerned about these types of so-called free trade agreements by in a bipartisan fashion people in the u.s. oppose the nafta style of trade agreement that. as off shored millions of u.s. jobs and that has banned by america pure cure meant meaning that our tax dollars
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can't be used for local procurement in our schools and so forth there are concerns about the fact that it could limit internet freedom like the sopa legislation that was defeated in congress it's actually a backdoor way to get that there are other there's concerns about food safety the ways that we can label our food are we able to do that financial stability they actually are trying to limit the of the ways that we can regulate wall street so there are all kinds of pieces in this agreement where corporations are trying to go behind our democratic process and get what they want through this so-called free trade agreement and senator wyden is one of the senators that is speaking out against this among other people and he is concerned that this legislation gives corporations more influence than the elected leaders is that essentially what it does well we certainly believe so if the senate senator wyden who is the chair of
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the subcommittee in the senate that oversees our international trade does not have access to the text nor does his staff even though they have security clearance to do so and yet there are six hundred cleared corporate advisors who we know have access to that text that is exactly what we're seeing and so senator wyden in a bold move right now is say. i don't understand why this could possibly be the case that include even a senator with his jurisdiction in our in our congress is does not have access to the text that is the obama administration do they not have the obligation to to to give these details senator wyden certainly thinks so and we do as well as the public and he his bill basically will reinterprets two thousand and two law that over that created a congressional oversight group and what he's saying is that the obama administration is saying only members of the congressional oversight groups should
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be able to have access to the text when he said no this was supposed to actually increasing gaijin of congress not decreasing ajman of congress and so all members of congress should have access to this. what does this mean for the for the american people and why should they be concerned about this well we're very concerned as a consumer advocacy group because we want to make sure that our democratic process we fight hard to get the types of legislation to to regulate wall street to make sure that we have a free internet to make sure that our food is safe that our water is safe we don't want a so-called trade deal to come through the back door and actually undermine that type of democratic policymaking that we've made in our country and we certainly don't want to be offshoring more millions of us jobs in a time when there is a record unemployment we this is this is the type of agreement that we're opening
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up. trade with with countries in asia that end and reducing tariffs and so forth to make it possible for countries that have much lower wages and working conditions and environmental standards to be able to to trade and we want to we want to increase trade but we want to do it in a fair way to actually benefit the populations of both of our countries and it doesn't force global. so the bottom as we've seen in these other trade agreements and those so it sounds like this is a very important treaty that can affect everybody every day average citizens but what do you think this has to say the fact that it is being done behind closed doors about transparency and the obama administration well it's a very important question because president obama is you know is pushing more transparency of the u.s. trade representative's office claims that they want to being gauged in a transparent process but in the past we've seen trade deals where at this stage in the process they have released the text to the public and they are not doing that
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and so we're calling on the trade officials and the corporate advisors that are are leading them to to open this up and to if this is really going to be good for our country we all should be able to see what's in it and if there are any if we can't see what's in it we want to know why now senator wyden and what one of the lawmakers that's kind of taking the lead and trying to get the details out there now has this this piece of legislation in the works how confident are you that this will pass and. you know so the american people can find out what exactly is going on with this treaty well we certainly think that what he's doing is an important first step and we certainly hope that that it is a wake up call to the administration to other members of congress i think part of the reason that they've been able to get away with this for so long is that people haven't been paying attention and that no one's even heard of this treaty but as it as grassroots people from around the country send petitions and so forth we think
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that it's a first step we think members of congress should have access but we also think the press and the public should have access to and that wouldn't be senator wyden is billed as a first step but we've seen other members of congress also taking steps there were sixty nine members of congress that signed a letter about the by the ban on by american preferences in the tree in the treaty that they're concerned about that representative frank and representative lee. levin who are some of the most the top democrats in finance and trade in the house sent a letter saying we're concerned about provisions that have to do with kenai key finance prison vision so i think that it's that it's starting to get get attention and we're really glad that that's the case because we think that the american people need to know what's being negotiated in their name right melinda thank you very much that was melinda same louis international campaigns director for public citizen thank you. to check in with our web team to see what they're working on our web producer andrew blakers in the newsroom to tell us what he's got. what you have
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going on. remember the other day when you said andrew blake if there's one thing i really enjoy it's flying on an airplane i don't remember saying that to you ok well that's what i remember so imagine my disbelief when i heard out this morning that the t.s.a. is trying to double the security fees for american passengers so if congress has their way the t.s.a. has their way security fees are going to double in the next couple of months you go to archie dot com slash usa you'll read about who wants that and why they want that and how it's going to impact you also a story out of washington this week of the republican party front runner mitt romney was meeting with senator rand paul will talk about what will not be happening between the two of those guys also do you like tanks army tanks because i know i know you like the t.s.a. so don't get me wrong twice here who doesn't like army tanks exec i'll tell you who the army congress is asking for ninety one million dollars worth of tanks but the army is saying tanks but no tanks i thought of that one right now if you like. of
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that is a lot of interesting stuff going on there on our website and you of late has got it all covered and you can check it out on our web site and with a preview of what's trending today are t. dot com slash usa thanks andrew thanks liz. well looks like mitt romney's day of victory has finally come as expected that after today's primary in texas romney will claim enough delegates to secure his nomination romney needs exactly one thousand one hundred and forty four delegates right now he is just fifty eight shy of that number but it's expected he will have no problem getting them in texas today since there are one hundred fifty five up for grabs but this has been no easy victory for romney ron paul very energized base continues to rally behind their candidate and now there's news that ron paul's son rand paul has already threatening a president romney should he run for re-election in twenty sixteen to talk more
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about the campaign developments and whether the polls are giving romney a run for his money brian doherty senior editor for reason dot com and author of the book ron paul revolution. the man and the movement hands fire joins us now. hi brian so romney is expected to officially secure the nomination today but it has been a very long journey to get to this point what does it all mean i actually question those numbers by the way n.p.r. has a good article about the a.p. numbers that people are relying on romney winning a bunch of delegates in iowa that he almost certainly isn't going to but let's stipulate that in the end mitt romney will be the nominee and go from there the meeting with the rand paul that you talked about i think is a very encouraging sign for the ron paul band that romney considers wrong paul rand paul and their supporters to be
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a force that he asked the reckon with on like in two thousand and eight when the republican party very rudely shut out ron paul and the ron paul people from even appearing at their convention leading wrong to run their convention across town they're being very ginger with the ron paul people romney is politically intelligent enough to understand that merely being mitt romney alienates ron paul fans quite a bit but he should not go out of his way to upset them even further and that he's definitely something is going on between him and rand paul of course they have not publicly said what it is some are speculating it even be a vice presidential offer to rand i think that's unlikely but at the very least wrong is trying to keep the ron paul people close and he needs to do that if he's going to win in november now for loyal ron paul supporters like yourself and with what the expected news to come out of texas tonight what do you do now. they're all people are going to do what ron paul has asked them to do continue moving
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forward and try to come into tampa with the largest number of delegates they can even if they can't win the reason for that is right now they are trying to make a show of force they are trying to show the republican party that they are not a range that can be ignored and thus the difference between coming in with say one hundred fifty delegates and coming in with say four hundred is significant even if it's not a victory ron paul is going to come out of this not just one of those many people who lost this year but as the loyal opposition leader or the other most powerful wing of the party that's going to be the romney wing that's going to win but then there's going to be the paul wing that i think is going to be the future of the party movement forward but because of the youth and the energy behind paul spent the amount they way more than gave gingrich or santorum if you combine being rich and santorum and they all giving other republican party cannot alienates people they are going to leave the political weight with the future and also because they are the only ones who actually have a e.o.p.
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appropriate solution to the problems of debt and spending which mitt romney does not ron paul is the serious fiscal conservative in the race and the republican party have to pay attention to that move forward and so what does that tell what extent would you say that ron paul has really set the talent for the campaign. he has not said it as much as i would have liked to because of course we are going to probably see mitt romney who is is that anti paul in many ways that obama is i mean if you're a whole person that means you're anti-war in your anti government spending it means you're anti government running medicine it means you're pro civil liberties mitt romney and obama are kind of on the opposite side of all of that but what ron paul has proven is not that he has been able to shape what the g.o.p. is going to put forward this year but that he and his people are going to shape what it is moving forward with their delegate accumulation and their taking over of state and local party apparatus which is the other thing that all people have been
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doing kind of under the radar but very successfully now paul the libertarian message on the values that he kind of emphasized throughout the campaign do you expect them to kind of gain momentum and the coming years. i think they i mean i think they have to first of all because the crises of government overreach that ron paul has educated so many people on the you know the problems with inflation we've been bused imperial overreach that we're adding a trillion to every year he's the only one with serious allusion to the problems in the country needs those serious solutions and you also need to look as i said at the youth of his fans and how much they are willing to give to a candidate who no one ever thought there was any chance of winning you know no political party can afford to turn their back on the people who have legitimate solutions to our national crises their young on their side and a willingness to be giving strong powerful activists this all have to add to the future of the republican party at least right well now that i am it is expected
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that romney is going to pull this off tonight already seeing commercial from the obama administration in and out the administration his campaign rather targeting romney here's one that came out today. well you just need. to forget he doesn't have the crucial to know who may have won but there's something knowing that there's a major religion says he's a muslim so i think i really did a great job getting to i mean first of all i haven't seen it here just look at it that it doesn't i'll look at it later but i don't need to look at your copy in an interview with the daily beast lloyd grove donald trump would not back down he said that he was born in kenya raised in indonesia so why is mitt romney sort of throwing the party with donald trump to raise money i can't speak for donald trump gloria as i said i. he has made it clear that this is not an issue for him. so
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we're already seeing these attacks on mitt romney's character well what do you make of us that was a real obama campaign that my gosh look i mean this is why the country when your politics is reduced to this sort of completely childish it going on each other while we're facing this enormous debt crisis you know medical systems crashing you know imperial overreach killing thousands of our soldiers and this is what romney obama come up with it's just pathetic and this is why our country needs all of you know i think that this is just the beginning and there's a lot more to come brian thank you for coming on the show that was brian authority is a senior editor for reason dot com and author of the book ron paul revolution the man and the movement and speired. alona show is coming up in just a half an hour let's check in with alone to see what is on today's agenda. what do you have work in or what you're going on over there. got a busy show tonight we have an all star foreign policy fan
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a panel excuse me we're going to talk drones we're going to talk kill lists we're going to talk about how we can probably help properly help our veterans and there's some really new tough talk on syria some people are saying that after this massacre over the weekend now is the time for military intervention so we'll have a long panel on that and talk about bradley manning because today it's been two years since he was arrested so we'll have some updates on his case for our viewers tonight. a lot going on there and that's coming up in just a half an hour a lot of thanks for the update that's going to do it now for the news from more of the stories we covered you can check out our you tube channel you can get there by going to youtube dot com slash r t america and check out our web team is working on you can check out our web site that is r t v dot com slash usa and you can also follow me on twitter as well the a lot of shows coming up in just half an hour but we will be right back here at seven.


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