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tv   [untitled]    May 30, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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free. video for your media project free media. this will send a chilling effect to. the secrecy and indeed in many cases. by states they will face. legal against extradition to sweden with fears this is just a prelude to the wiki leaks founder being handed on to the u.s. to face charges. a million and a half. allegation. suicide bombers. military intervention. by the u.s.
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. special forces to spy inside north korea for the journalist to cover the story. to save face. on air and online this is r.t. live from moscow with me welcome to the program wiki leaks founder julian assange set to be extradited to sweden after losing an appeal in britain supreme court he's wanted in the scandinavian country for questioning of a sex crime accusations which the whistleblower himself strongly denies. the details from outside the courthouse in london. chilliness and wasn't actually in court today when that judgment was passed rejecting his appeal against that extradition to sweden but it's not over yet he's being granted
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a fourteen day extradition stay that's while his legal team try to get an appeal to reopen the case now that is a key point on the some of the points that were made in the judgment that they say they haven't had time to respond to say that's the immediate steps that you're going to see taken if that fails then you could see today in the sand and then put on that plane to sweden but it's very likely that you are going to see his legal team taking this fight even further to the european court of human rights real sense today amongst his supporters that of turned out that this isn't just a loss for julian assange but for the british justice system as a whole and i'm joined now by n.e.p. gerald path and what they've actually said today and so it was this was this was this saudi donor submission that was put by the lawyers and put an intervention in as well as what is the meaning of a judicial authority now. we argued in the doors argued that
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a judicial authority meant a proper jarvis or a court of law because it's a centuries old principle of english law that you cannot be a judge in your own case and the prosecutor in sweden is going to try this case is there for the person also the person requesting extradition so it was an independent the court actually referring to an extraordinary joint judgment in my view which was that the original you framework decision used the french word offer to do to show which had a wide variety of meanings including a prosecutor so although our own parliament and our own government minister believes a judicial authority means a proper court or a proper judge that was overturned and it was decided that the french the wording of the story the meaning of the word in french was actually what mattered and therefore they threw out the submission i think it's extraordinary it means that now english law has been decided on the meaning of a french word out. lately there is this concern that you know the swedish authorities the u.s. influence in this case has sort of in a sense over ridden the british justice system well i have to tell you that the
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british justice system has been overridden by the e.u. now for some time they're creating their own system of criminal law or the european arrest warrant is a key part of this and in fact the english and scottish courts now have no power to protect people from extradition they really have no power to prevent an extradition providing a piece of paper has been correctly filled out name address the nature of the offense they don't have to supply any evidence and the court is not allowed to take into account the problem the facia evidence or lack of it against the accused person you know as mr assad just found out this is not about the evidence against him about whether it starts up or not it's about the meaning of a word in french thank you very much for joining us when you heard the evidence against julian assange says the widely misconstrued and misreported as well a lot of facts of the case haven't been presented that clearly say a real sense it's a day that certainly justice hasn't been served when it comes to dealing the sons are you sarah furthur porting well today's decision by the british court has
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revived fears that julian or songe might now be extradited to the u.s. that's where he could face charges of espionage and conspiracy the case against the wiki leaks founder has been consistently built up in the media with the tone shifting from celebrating the whistleblower all the way to calls for his execution . she didn't assign just how that is a modern day cheats see what she likes wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks that the many of the same people he had to champion ten have now joined this may campaign aimed at silencing hand julian assange is a cyber terrorist and war time he should be killed and we've got to apprehend mr aslan's the founder of wiki leaks and bring him to justice as a violator of the espionage act because if we don't this will keep happening the dead man can't leaks that this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law the united states the guy ought to be and i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death i don't want to do it illegally shoot the son of
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a very short time off the record weeks release the launch number of u.s. diplomatic cables suddenly the case was reopened and the prosecutors decided that they didn't want to investigate and interview him. it could be just a coincidence but taken together with the general witch hunt against julian and ricky beaks it does look a bit suspicious why is it that i am kept. under electronic house arrest. when i have not even been charged in any country sweden wants him extradited for questioning ava sexual conduct allegations of having unprotected yet consensual sex . and with this climb unique to sweden many a questioning why he found himself on the same interpol list alongside senior mexican drug lords the european arrest warrant system is basically a no questions asked system because it works on a tick box basis prosecutors in one state can essentially fill in
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a form and if they have picked the correct boxes about the nature of the offense that's been committed then extradition will be ordered no questions asked the european commission has acknowledged that these arrest warrants are being misused the no questions asked says these judges very little discretion to refuse the warrant the outcome of the case could have why did play cations the human rights issue when wiki leaks published u.s. embassy cables it gave the world an unprecedented insight into u.s. government take to vittie and revealed some uncomfortable truths it's time to think the we will be our own sound and it's also important about really. where we no longer necessary but democratic process is something that now seems to be lacking he could be locked up with very little access to the outside world he will be allowed to see
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a priest and he will be allowed to see a lawyer but his ability to speak to others family members the media to read newspapers and to access the internet could be severely restricted. but the united states may use the liberal extradition laws in three to then get him fast tracked states where he could face really serious charges effectively of aiding the enemy by the release of the ribbon cables. i think this will sound a chilling effect to all turn to whistleblowers if they do. the secrecy and do. many cases. states they will face retribution and is why his many supporters have to ensure that night. long wiki leaks. and while julian assange has been fighting his extradition from the u.k.
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here on r t we've been airing his series of interview programs thanks to our he meets members of the group behind some of the biggest protests in the world right now of course that of the occupy movement here's how they describe their relations with the law. sort of simmer for a while for the first week or ten days or something until it was forwards. well yes i mean what i mean police but nonetheless we did not provoke like a smiley. or you can record. we took a nonviolent direct action we went and we occupied elsewhere so we could have a general assembly and start talk about the world that we wanted to live in which we saw is completely antithetical to the world we're currently living in and the structures that governed it so yeah i mean i guess by being there by exercising directly democratic process we're posing a threat and so the police had to respond when there's nothing that terrifies the
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american government so much as the threat of democracy breaking out in america that are there for to react like. it's ten minutes past the hour here in the russian capital un investigators are still looking for those behind syria's houla massacre but some nations opposing the syrian regime have made their own conclusions japan and here the latest to join the u.s. and its allies in kicking out top syrian diplomats accusing president assad of being behind the killing of more than one hundred civilians despite u.n. findings that suggest forces of the president's army may have been involved the new leader of france francois hollande however says a military intervention against the syrian government cannot. but the syrian rebels are not only enjoying verbal and diplomatic support from abroad or the backing could go as far as selling them terrorists so i thought he was gone if you can explain. i this is said to be an auction taking place in
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a hotel in saudi arabia what's on c.u. is a human life the video shows a father offering his son is a suicide bomber into syria and raising money has come. sation like you the product of my knowing my secret sacrifice his brother is already a martyr yeah i didn't think you were going to send him to them. let's start the bidding to two hundred thousand leones the chilling footage was leaked on the web we cannot independently confirm its original source or authenticity they are sacrificing their lives we need you to sacrifice your money don't be stingy. syria has seen a dramatic increase in suicide bombings the syrian government has been raising the alarm about its gulf neighbor sponsoring and staging terrorist attacks in their country why saudi arabia do you use to write that letter but it seems here in the
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west nobody hears their outcry the spotlight is placed solely on the actions of the syrian government in the meantime saudi arabia qatar and other gulf states are flooding millions of dollars worth of weapons into syria while u.s. officials say they are providing their gulf allies with intelligence and command and control infrastructure the statements we hear from the state department is that . the u.s. is there to help the opposition with. non-lethal weapons however if others would provide that if the weapons we will manage that so it's. the gulf countries are not the brains behind this they are merely instruments. the brains you can find them in the u.s. and israel in some countries the u.s. is formally committed to kofi annan as u.n. backed peace plan which calls for a halt to violence by all sides of the conflict but some analysts say the influx of arms and increasing number of suicide bombings make peace in syria virtually
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impossible and plunges it deeper into chaos the syrian regime plays an active role in supporting the palestinian resistance that have been its resistance in claiming eyebright and pakistan and things like this and this is not doesn't sit well with with israel so if we can not change the role of syria we will destroy syria so that it doesn't have any international monitors are on the ground investigating the massacre in houla where it's not clear who's fully responsible for the deaths of over one hundred men women and children also on a regular basis they observed destruction from suicide bombings which bear all the signs of terrorist attacks we need. to understand that this is going only to create more suffering for the women and children the syrian people outside syria back in saudi arabia
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a young man named ali was allegedly sold for the equivalent of four hundred thousand dollars maybe only a million and a half a million and a half we have a winner right now. we don't know the fate of khalid maybe he is now on his way to syria to bomb something or maybe he is behind one of the deadly blasts which already happened there with the u.s. supporting the proactive approach of its golf allies with regards to syria the question one might ask is could it be passively supporting extremism like this as well i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . and a letter on r.t. uncrossed old people questions whether foreign intervention is the way to bring in . end to the vicious civil war ongoing in syria. of the day if there is going to be an intervention i would tend to think they will be along those lines it's not that we're not going to see rerun of iraq or not not even a rerun of libya ok. it is a rerun of iraq go ahead it's
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a rerun of iraq it's a rerun of york post original goal for you know no fly zones humanitarian corridors that kind of thing that or nowhere near as benign as they say mark do you want to jump in there. no i think i think that's it and we rock is a terrible example the only thing i would say is who knows the creative destruction us in washington may come up with an even newer and more disastrous unique form of chaos worse even than the syrians or iraqis will have to wait so long. it's good to have you with us here on r.t. today it is a scandal likely to fuel the longstanding tensions between washington and pyongyang a media afford accuses the u.s. and south korean special forces of parachuting into north korea to spy on underground military facilities the source was an american army general who admitted the missions had happened it's been
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a vehemently denied by washington which now accuses the journalist behind the report of making up the quotes however he insists what he published was exactly what he heard let's try and shed some light of this now with and i'll bow we are an independent right here in photojournalist based in malaysia good to see you thank you for coming on r.t. today first of all let's have a listen and see exactly what the writer david ax exactly what he had to say i did not make them up multiple sources confirmed told these words and i'm now told no transcripts will be made available u.s. forces korea is lying about what happened in the room was totally last week. you are a journalist yourself what's your take on the story do you believe that since claims that the pentagon is now on a face saving mission. thanks for having me on the show again here i've been a long time career watcher and yesterday i was just browsing the internet on press t.v. i regionally saw this article posted and it seemed to be a bit strange and
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a bit too forward even for the u.s. to be conducting that kind of operation with the north korean border especially when they have access to drone technology which i know i. have read they've been used in north korea before so. i looked at some other web sites and according to the website of the diplomat the general neal told me he was misquoted by his publisher here of a reconnaissance on a reconnaissance office in north korea and he was he in that the web site mentions that he was referring to future war plans rather than current operations and i mean that has really made the situation any better and i think i think it indicates we've come to a really dark place with the obama administration and its foreign policy of you know news of the u.s. conducting a completely of the legion operation i mean it's a total suicide mission by the way you know a lot of people think well maybe that's pretty feasible maybe they are doing it i'm not quite sure i have my doubts because i think just to kind of operation would be
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too risky and i think the pentagon's plan is really diverting away from troops on the ground in special forces but you know i can't say for sure i'm good they're doing in pakistan and yemen as well so i thought we got we've got kofod operations going on worldwide with drones as you have mentioned but the pentagon insists the army general was speaking hypothetically even if that's the case hypothetically what would this do to the long time agreement which marked the end of the korean war. well you know with the stats i think u.s. policy on the korea really. doesn't exacerbating the threat from the us from pyongyang more than anything else and that only helping simultaneously building up the military occupation of the south in various ways as part of the u.s. policy pivot to asia i want to emphasize that the legal infrastructure is already in place at the moment to apply a very belligerent policy to north korea into the clued in foreign occupation of
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true market patient and preemptive nuclear strikes no it sounds a bit extreme but getting stuck in here to back it up in two thousand and nine becomes law on foreign relations released a policy paper entitled preparing the first sudden change in north korea advocated stationing four hundred and sixty thousand troops inside host north korea if there was a diversion were to last for whatever reason to maintaining security and to capture pyongyang's w m d's sounds pretty familiar doesn't it what they've done something with another can i ask you do you really think it's about north korea or could it be about the growing influence of china in the region everyone knows china is an up and coming well. at the same time being the biggest holder of u.s. debt. well certainly we can take that into account here and i also want to point out the fact that there is a joint military base being constructed most of it gets rid of this of the stuff terrain people aren't g.-g. y. o. and that is going. to be ballistic missile systems two hundred miles from shanghai
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so i think the u.s. is really playing with fire here just to reiterate my last point because i tie didn't talk about preemptive nuclear strikes it's the march two thousand and five got prince or joint nuclear operations released by the joint chiefs of staff which mandates the use of nuclear weapons preemptively to prevent others from developing or deploying their own w m d's so this sounds like a recipe for disaster certainly and the same three tapes i want to point out can be applied to iran and any other country which is basically accused of developing w m d's so as you say moments ago go back to the days of of the iraq invasion of two thousand and three. an independent writer and photo journalist in malaysia thanks for coming on r.t. it's. yours. now let's get to some other major news headlines now from around the world time for the r.t. world update and former liberian president charles taylor has been sentenced to fifty years in prison after being convicted of war crimes last month he was charged
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with eleven counts of helping rebels in sierra leone to slaughter fifty thousand people tell himself has been accused of cannibalism in the past the sentence so is unprecedented with taylor the first acts head of state convicted by an international war crimes court since the second world war. rescue workers in northern italy have removed what's believed to be the last body from the rubble following tuesday's earthquake it brings the number of dead to seventeen a series of strong aftershocks have shaken the region which is now suffered two major earthquakes inside a month almost a fortnight ago seven were killed and. thousands left homeless. the former top media adviser to british prime minister david cameron has been arrested over accusations of perjury it relates to colson's evidence in the trial of a former scottish politician in which he denied knowledge of phone hacking by
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journalists at the news of the world colson was editor of the paper at the time last year he quit as cameron's communications director after being involved in the wider allegations of phone tapping in the u.k. . well a fight for a full time job britain's ailing economy and the government's dedication to austerity is forcing many candidates to agree to part time positions the result is that they toil longer for less money and with this report now as artie's lowers. another day another job search kathy is presentable clever and keen but she still can't get a full time job. you know like some businesses place and face. so i am not fear. now. i think over jobs or anything despite applying for what ever she could find kathy's still working part time a university graduate in a two day
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a week data entry position she's not alone increasing numbers of people are scraping around for bits of part time work often working harder and longer but less money figures show the number of women on willingly forced into part time work is at its highest since records began and the number of men working part time because they can't find full time jobs has more than doubled just in the last four years it's a toxic situation created and exacerbated by the ukase ailing economy austerity cuts mean according to unions six hundred twenty five jobs are being lost in the public sector every day at the moment nearly six people are chasing every fulltime vacancy and that has while you do economic implications but taking a big hit. we clean comes out of styles and all also how much they can spend on
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goods and services which has a broader impact on the economy as well as sort of the latest job figures show u.k. unemployment as a whole has fallen but evidence suggests that only because more people are taking on temporary or part time jobs and according to e.u. figures more employees in britain are forced into part time jobs than anywhere else in europe workers' union unison thinks the government's making it worse by blaming austerity there is as you know often. are two measures going on particularly in the developed world and this government since being elected is exploiting that opportunity because this government hates the government it's pro individualize ation and pro market and that's quite a ruthless place to be and cutting more ruthlessly than needs to be at this particular time meanwhile kathy takes not back off to not back but keeps on hoping
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they can lighten up the confidence or sink in the mounds we'll there's all the time think. some reasons those whistling at the copy along with thousands of others will keep chasing every vacancy but in the meantime any job is better than no job at all laura smith forty london. let's get to the hourly business update here on r.g.p. to dimitry study by good to see you today rushers yet again feeling the chill trading still pretty volatile that is absolutely correct to russia again beaten down by news coming from from abroad notably from china let's take a look at what's going on here the r.t.s. and the my six are indeed dropping with the my six declining one point four percent the r.t.s. more than two percent this is on the back of china saying it will not go ahead with so much stimulus as we've seen in two thousand and eight and that's disappointing investors the dropping shares pretty much worldwide on this also falling oil prices
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and not really helping the russian in the seas we take a look at the main movers gazprom is kind of playing against the rules to the point one per cent despite the fact that most energy shares are dropping that's on the back of the company saying that it will not change its export plans to europe despite the fact that demand has been growing lower burbank is also down two percent this hour now in two thousand levels burbank just around one percent of its profit on international markets but it's planning to bring this figure up to five percent next two years and it started with a purchase of turkey's sixth largest bank then his bank now the head of suburban home grab spoke to us and he reckons it's a bargain. it's a high quality asset but it one country we're taking advantage of the moment currently banking assets are not expensive dexia would have never sold this bank if
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not for the current turbulence. all right over in the europe bond yields for spanish bonds have been going up but that's not good basically making borrowing for the country for the troubled economy more expensive for the end of the x.r. indeed well one percent and half a percent down this hour also greece is reportedly not happy yet again according to this latest referendum with the bailout so that could slow things down even from this slow pace that we're seeing already in terms of the decision making and let's move over to some of the some of the other markets so we start with currencies and the euro continues its plunge against the u.s. dollar on the back of this of this ongoing turbulence in europe this is cashing out around the world it's now below the one point two five per dollar. of dollars per euro level which we haven't seen quite a while and therefore the russian currency is falling to year low versus the dollar
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losing thirty six copecks thirty two and a half roubles per dollar in these levels we haven't seen in quite a while and it well prices are not supporting the russian currency nor the stocks as you can see there another drop below ninety dollars per barrel for light sweet that's the way the markets look at this hour back to you. always a pleasure see you next hour. just a moment of the headlines and then we will grill the deputy israeli prime minister about what his country and the leadership sees as next fall.
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wealthy british style. sometimes right. markets why not. come.


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