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tv   [untitled]    May 30, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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this will send a chilling effect to all change will be julian a son jus loses his legal bid against extradition to sweden with fears this is just a prelude to the wiki leaks founder being handed on to america to face charges of espionage. a million. a million and a half our locations the saudi arabia is shooting off from suicide bombers to rebels in syria as the new french president threatens military intervention following the massacre in houla. the u.s. denies sending special forces to spy inside north korea but the journalist who uncovered the story says the pentagon is currently on a mission of damage control. on the russian shareholders in oil giant
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b.p. are considering a divorce with their british partners as the fifty fifty joint venture is no longer viable they say more on this the business of teams with its. on air and online twenty four seven this is with me rule research showing live in moscow julian assange now looks set to be extradited to sweden after britain supreme court dismissed his appeal or the wiki leaks founder has been under house arrest in the u.k. for more than five hundred days now he's wanted in sweden for questioning of a sex crime accusations which the whistleblower himself strongly denies. details from just outside the london courthouse. chilliness onj was a nazi in court today when judgment was possibly taking his appeal against that
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extradition to sweden but is not yet he's being granted a fourteen day extradition stay while his legal team try to get an appeal to reopen cases now that is a point on some of the points that were made in the judgment that they say they haven't had time to respond to say that's the immediate steps that you're going to see taken and if that fails then you could see today in a songe and then put on that plane to sweden but it's very likely that you are going to see his legal team taking this fight even further to the european court if he even writes that every sense today amongst his supposes that it turned out that this isn't just a loss for julian a stunt but for the british justice system as a whole and say the saga continues but there's been so much more to this case than meets the eye and today in a son just how that is a modern day t.c. where he looks with two weeks wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki wakes wiki leaks graph and many of the same people who had championed him have now joined
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a smear campaign aimed at silencing hand is a cyber terrorist and war time he should be killed and we've got to apprehend mr simes the founder of wiki leaks and bring him to justice as of violator of the espionage act because if we draw this will keep happening the dead man can't leaks that this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law of the united states the guy ought to be shot i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death i don't want to do it illegally shoot the son of a very short time off the record be. released to launch a number of u.s. diplomatic cables suddenly the case was reopened why is it that i am kept. under electronic house arrest. when i have not even been charged in any country sweden wants him extradited for questioning a for sexual conduct allegations of having unprotected yet consensual sex. and with this climb unique to sweden many
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a questioning why he found himself on the same interpol list alongside senior mexican drug lords the european commission has acknowledged that these arrest warrants are being misused the no questions asked system these judges very little discretion to refuse the warrant the outcome of the case could have why did play cations the human rights issue. when wiki leaks published u.s. embassy cables it gave the world an unprecedented insight into u.s. government activities and revealed some uncomfortable truths it's time to sing the we need to be our own sound and it's also important that really we need. where we no longer necessary but democratic process is something that now seems to be lacking he could be locked up with very little access to the outside world he will be allowed to see a priest and he will be allowed to see a lawyer but his ability to speak to others family members the media to read
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newspapers and to access the internet could be severely restricted fear that the united states may use the liberal extradition laws in sweden to then give him fast track to go states where he could face extremely serious charges affectively of enemy by the release of the ribbon cables. i think this will send a chilling effect to all potential because of those that if they dare challenge the secrecy and indeed in many cases war crimes the united states they will face retribution and is why has many supporters have to ensure the nightmare stands nor wiki leaks a silent tears are streaming in and. get some more reaction after the british court decision from sweden where julian assad will soon be. your could soon be extradited there's
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a journalist and author with the nordic news network thank you for coming out r.t. today do tell us how do you think the news of assad is looming extradition is likely to be received in sweden judging by how the media that has been covering the proceedings so far. from i haven't had much time to do a thorough review of the media and they probably really won't start in earnest to cover the issue until the seedings news and the big morning papers tomorrow morning what i've seen so far on the net is pretty consistent with what we have seen all along in the past eighteen months or so and that is a mean the hostile and negative attitude towards. julian assange in his attempt to avoid extradition to the us or to sweden by so if indeed he does get action like this we don't know what your predictions for where the case will go. that's a tough one of course as you might expect when gets different responses depending on which expert us. i think my own opinion and this isn't entirely my own opinion
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i'm no lawyer or judicial expert is that the swedish prosecutors have invested so much per seat in this case that they're under a lot of pressure to get him convicted of something so i don't think they're just going to walk away from the case but they may surprise us yet so everything that i've seen thus far indicates to me however that the prosecutor in charge is rather seriously determined to convict him of something now the court decision has revived fears facing extradition is just a pretext for a salinger's further prosecution possibly in america i don't far more serious charges such as conspiracy or espionage do you see that as a possibility. yes well i spent most of my life first far in the united as a united states citizen and i have studied its foreign policy and its government's . this for quite a while and i can say this it would be so it would surprise me if they don't try to
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get it in the way you have described i think it's a given well certainly we showing our interviews in and comments from people all day on r t it's certainly in america whether it's senators politicians or otherwise saying that some saying he should be held to prison some saying he should be executed why do you think the mainstream media has gone from being a celebrated truthteller to a criminal just months ago his face was on the front of time magazine. well that's a long story of course some have attributed to it his personal difficulties in dealing with the. state of journalism. myself i think there's a lot of. much that i say here are a complex in the sense that wiki leaks has shown demonstrated to the world how incompetent most mainstream news organizations are and i don't think they like that
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naturally and finally when it comes to julian assange as possibly being extradited to sweden it's all about being questioned about possible sex crimes allegations of rape do you buy the allegations. certainly not have explained in detail why on my website based on the available evidence much of which is available from the police the original interviews with the with the two involved and several witnesses. journalist and author with a nordic news network live in stock and many thanks for coming on today thank you. but while julian assange has been fighting he's actually titian from the u.k. here on r.t. we've been airing his series of exclusive interview programs later this hour he meets members of the group behind some of the largest protests in the world right now of course we're talking. the occupy movement here's how they described their
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relations with the law. occupy sort of similar for a while for the first the first week or two or ten days or something until there was violence. well yes i mean what i mean police violence but nonetheless we did not provoke at least violence we took a radical you can record police speech we took a nonviolent direct action we went and we occupied the squares that we could have a general assembly and starts talk about the world that we wanted to live in which we saw is completely antithetical to the world we're currently living in and the structures that governed it so yeah i mean i guess by being there by exercising directly democratic process we're posing a threat and so the police had to respond when there's nothing that terrifies the american government so much as the threat of democracy breaking out in america. there for to react like it was about. ten minutes past the hour here in moscow
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this is our t.v. the debt crisis is still gripping europe but that's not stopping the e.u. splashing out tens of millions of euros to build a museum about european history in brussels or the building of it hasn't even started yet an m.e.p. is already at odds over the cost and purpose more on this story i'm joined by martin douras and a member of the e.u. budget committee and a u.k. independence party m.e.p. who voted against the project good to see you today the e.u. as we all know is consistently preaching austerity by calling on its members to restrain spending now it is so plans to spend huge sums of money on a museum how does that all fit together. when i think it's appalling really they are going to spend fifty five million in refurbishing this building that they have and this is going to cost european taxpayers are not already eleven and have million every year as the appropriate to operate the museum. i think you know today
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the euro is falling to the lowest level we have in the last five years and you know spain is about to go bankrupt there is no money to rescue the country and here you have the budget committee in this european parliament pushing through a protruded that this all about. their narcissistic. fields they are going to recreate this story of europe the history of europe we don't need this museum at all but you say we don't need this museum at all or talking about the history of europe but i you know perhaps there is an argument to be said that as people in the eurozone are struggling to get by day to day and to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table perhaps some europeans would like to see cultural projects such as this carry on. well you know there are a number of museums around europe that tell the story of the history of europe so we don't need an additional new c.m.
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to do this and there are other cultural projects that you know could be taken care of but it is very important that this point in time that we focus on you know the economic and financial crises and that we are allow people to be able to eat and feed their children before we. divert resources financial resources into this narcissistic project to tell us a whole symbolical is the whole idea of a european history museum in these testing times considering that many are saying that the eurozone or even the e.u. itself could soon be history. well in fact i do believe so although. here in the european parliament and within the european interests they resist the of allowing the euro zone to break but you know how things are going it is very possible that greece will be leaving the euro zone and maybe spain when
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for no so the arctic i think to allow this project to go on but you are a former european commission chief accountant who from what i understand you were fired when you went public with allegations that there were holes in the new budget system what were the flaws and do you think anything has changed since then. when you don't think anything has changed i'm just coming out of a meeting with a european point of all that the question i put forward to them is if they feel that taxpayers trust them and they say they feel they are trusted because the parliament trust suits but the parliament doesn't exercise the defense of the interest of the taxpayer subsidy shoot so i think really nothing has changed they are living a comfortable environment where they get fat salaries and pensions and they just don't care about the interest of the european taxpayers the interest of european citizens we i don't think anything has changed to the level of true tough
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changed and i think there is no hope for that because. parliament you know we elected members to this parliament should be very forceful to make these changes happen and and we are not i mean i am i solitary voice in this parliament about the way the money of taxpayers should be spent the the proper way and the efficient way. member of the e.u. budget committee in the u.k. independence party i mean pete thank you for joining us. thank you. he's coming to you live from the heart of moscow and u.n. investigators are still looking for those behind syria's houla massacre but some nations opposing the syrian regime have already made their own conclusions japan and turkey are the latest to join the u.s. and its allies in kicking out top syrian diplomats accusing president assad of
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being behind the killing of more than one hundred civilians that despite u.n. findings that suggest that forces other than the president's army may have been involved the new leader of france or francois hollande however says that military intervention against the syrian government cannot be ruled out with the syrian rebels are not only enjoying the verbal and diplomatic support from abroad the backing could go as far as selling them terrorists with this explanation as artie's guy nature can. this is said to be an auction taking place at a hotel in saudi arabia what's on sale is a human life the video shows a father whose son is a suicide bomber into syria and raising money as compensation i give the products of my knowing secrets some fruit flies his brother is already a martyr yeah but i guarantee you we're going to send him to the. let's start the
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bidding to two hundred dollars with. the chilling footage was leaked on the web we cannot independently confirm its original source or authenticity. they are sacrificing their lives we need you to sacrifice your money don't be stingy. syria has seen a dramatic increase in suicide bombings the syrian government has been raising the alarm about its gulf neighbor sponsoring and staging terrorist attacks in their country. so how do you use to know that like i said but it seems here in the west nobody hears their outcry the spotlight is placed solely on the actions of the syrian government in the meantime saudi arabia qatar and other gulf states are flooding millions of dollars worth of weapons into syria while u.s. officials say they are providing their gulf allies with intelligence and command and control infrastructure the statements we hear from the state department is that . the u.s. is there to help the opposition with. non-lethal weapons
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however if others would provide the lethal weapon we will manage this so it's lots of hypocrisy in the gulf countries are not the brains behind this they are merely instruments. the brains. you can find them in the u.s. and israel in some countries the u.s. is formally committed to kofi annan as u.n. backed peace plan which calls for a halt to violence by all sides of the conflict but some analysts say the influx of arms and increasing number of suicide bombings make peace in syria virtually impossible and plunges it deeper into chaos the syrian regime plays an active role in supporting the palestinian resistance the lebanese resistance in claiming eyebright and palestine and things like this and this is not doesn't sit well with with israel so if we can not change the role of syria we will destroy syria so that
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it doesn't have any international monitors are on the ground investigating the massacre in houla where it's not clear who's fully responsible for the deaths of over one hundred men women and children also on a regular basis they observed destruction from suicide bombings which bear all the signs of terrorist attacks we need. everyone. to understand that this is going only to create more suffering for the women and children the syrian people outside syria back in saudi arabia a young man named ali was allegedly sold for the equivalent of four hundred thousand dollars maybe only a million and a half million and we have a little bit you know we don't know the fate of khalid maybe he is now on his way to syria to bomb something or maybe he is behind one of the deadly blasts which already happened there with the u.s. supporting the proactive approach of its golf allies with regards to syria the
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question one might ask is could it be tacitly supporting extremism like this as well i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . and a little bit later on r.t. in cross talk people develop questions whether foreign intervention is the way to bring an end to the unrest ongoing in syria. at the end of the day if there is going to be an intervention i would tend to think they will be along those lines it's not that we're not going to see a rerun of iraq or not not even a rerun of libya ok. it is a rerun of iraq go ahead it's a rerun of iraq it's a rerun of iraq post original goal for you know no fly zones humanitarian corridors that kind of thing that or nowhere near as benign as they say mark you want to jump in there. no i think i think that's it and we rock is a lot of terrible example the only thing i would say is who knows the creative destruction is in washington may come up with new newer and more disastrous unique
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form of payoff worsley from the proof the syrians or iraq will have to know. this is r.t. in a few moments the world update but for now it's a scandal likely to fuel the longstanding tensions between washington and pyongyang a media report accuses the u.s. and south korean special forces of parachuting into north korea to spy on underground military facilities the source was an american army general who admitted the missions had already happened it's been vehemently denied by washington which now accuses the journalist behind the report of making up the quotes however he insists what he published was exactly what he heard it comes as the u.s. looks to reinforce its naval power in the asia pacific region already experiencing american military buildup journalist and nile a bowie says washington strategy goes far beyond this. i think u.s. policy on north korea really. it really doesn't exacerbating the threat from from
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pyongyang more than anything else and they're building out simultaneously building up the military occupation of the cells in various ways as part of the u.s. policy pivot to asia i want to emphasize that the legal infrastructure is already in place at the moment to apply a very belligerent policy to north korea into that including foreign occupation of documentation and preemptive nuclear strikes no it sounds a bit extreme but giving it a second here to back it up in two thousand and nine becomes law on foreign relations released a policy paper and title preparing for a sudden change in north korea abdicated stationing four hundred and sixty thousand troops inside post north korea if the regime were to collapse for whatever reason to maintain security and to capture pyongyang's w m d's so this sounds like a recipe for disaster certainly and the same pretext i want to point out can be
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applied to you wrong and any other country which is basically accused of developing w m d s. all right let's get to the international the world update here on r.t. and former liberian president charles taylor has been sentenced to fifty years in prison after being convicted of war crimes last month he was charged with eleven counts of helping rebels in sierra leone's or slaughter fifty thousand people tell himself has been accused of cannibalism in the past and the sentence is unprecedented with taylor the first next head of state convicted by an international war crimes court since the second world war. rescue workers in northern italy have removed what's believed to be the last body from the rubble following choose to his earthquake it brings the number of dead to seventeen a series of strong aftershocks have since shaken the region which has suffered two major earthquakes inside a month almost a fortnight ago seven were killed and thousands left homeless. the former top media
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adviser to british prime minister david cameron has been arrested over accusations of perjury it relates to andy colson's evidence in the trial of a former scottish politician in which he denied knowledge of phone hacking by journalists at the news of the world colson was editor at the paper at the time last year he quit as cameron's communications director after becoming involved in the wider allegations of phone tapping in the u.k. . part of the olive business update there dimitri and new cracks are appearing in the russia british company t.n. k p p that is true because it seems the russian shareholders in the company group called a a r stands for alpha access for nova wants to divorce with the british partners with b.p. looking for several options either of buying out b.p. in this company or exchanging their own shares for b.p. shares now that's according to
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a standstill of ads who gave an exclusive interview to a business he's the head of access run over the c.e.o. of the russian partners and he says this is because the fifty fifty joint venture partnership has proven to be non-viable anymore and this follows the stepping down as the head of t. and k b p as tensions rise. but we are open to whatever makes the most strategic and commercial firms one thing. or certain about it. want to remain. in the world. who are the remains. of all those of. you no movement you're a shareholder controlling shareholder. or whether we become significant shareholder in b.p. something. rooted elsewhere. what one thing that proves that the fifty
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fifty arrangement has grown its course on its own to realign the structure of. or let's not take a look at what's going on on the global markets doesn't look arose the ad saw in the u.s. markets been traded for two hours now down more than one per cent now this is of course on the back of what's going on in europe and in asia with asia china has said basically that it's not going to provide as much stimulus as it didn't two thousand and eight to the economy and that its economy would grow at eight point two percent the slowest pace since one nine hundred ninety nine over in europe these worries also coupled with the worries of the road and of course with spain their bond yields up means borrowing has become more expensive for spain and greece apparently again not happy with the bailout proposal so in the in the end we're seeing the footsie on the actual thing almost two percent on the oil market these
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are worries coupled together are creating a drop of more than three dollars per barrel for both blends and this is also coupled with a relatively high in the trees in the u.s. so we can job market and of course the worries about the faltering demand all across the world. and on the currency markets the falling oil prices taking a massive toll on the russian ruble it's dropped two percent almost versus the dollar this is the one of the biggest drops seen so far this year fifty nine copaxone is a fresh three year low whereas the euro continues to stay at the two year lows against the dollar and it's slightly stronger versus the ruble. over here in the russian markets they're closed down at the two and a half percent for the r.t.s. my six is a bit better because of the weaker ruble on the my six notably energy shares were falling but gazprom take a look at those as stocks so was doing
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a bit better than the market has said that its export plans remain the same for europe despite the fact that demand in europe is falling and as. burbank is down two per cent now the bank has said that only one percent in two thousand and eleven of its profits has come from international operations from its operations abroad and that's planning to bring that to get around five percent over the next two years and through acquisitions such as the recent purchase of turkey's six largest bank then these banks the head of sperm bank come in grab told business see that this was a good bargain. it's a high quality asset but it won't concede we're taking advantage of the moment currently banking assets are not expensive dexia would have never sold this bank if not for the current turbulence. or i'll be back with more around fifty five minutes very good to meet you always a pleasure thank you. back with the headlines here on r.t.
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then i will step to the side and julian assange will take the place.


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