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tv   [untitled]    May 30, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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welcome back to the new studio here in moscow top stories now in l a t julian assange john loses his legal bid against extradition to sweden but fear is this is just a prelude to the we could be found that being handed over to the u.s. to face espionage charges. allegations that saudi arabia is suicide bombers to syria's rebels as the new french president threatens military intervention following the houla massacre. and the u.s. denies sending special forces to spy inside north korea but the journalist who uncovered the story says the pentagon is on a damage control mission to save face that's what looks at the moment with
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a news team and we'll look at those stories in full for inhofe an hour from now in the meantime return to washington for the second part of the uninitiated. hi guys it's time for show and tell on tonight's program last week we spoke about mitt romney's education plan and which one of the things that would include be tying federal funding directly to students so they can use that money wherever they choose including private schools we want to know if you thought that romney's approach was a good idea so let's go to producer patrice in ascending to find out what you had to say i'm of the streets of d.c. to tell people the nation's capital what our viewers had to say on twitter facebook and you tube and see which comments we should keep or julie. do you think that mitt romney's approach of tying federal funding directly to the students so they may be able to decide what school to go to rather than giving it to the school directly is a good idea perma fry and he wrote in to say he likes romney's idea but doesn't
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think one hundred percent of the federal funding should go towards the students because it opens the gates for schools to have no nationwide standards at all in the middle of elections going to have them actually underage or sponsored no way he thinks it's a plan to defund the schools and give more to students of rich people who naturally tend to do better in schools what do you think they offer it as a whole like to the whole school i think that would be better just because it's more out there i'm going to read your response from one of our viewers melody she agrees that the system needs to change and things basing funding on the number of students would help schools that are dealing with overpopulation and crowding what do you think. i don't think so i think i think it makes more sense. to fund the schools directly. more like how it's currently being done but i don't think it should be tied to the test results though either so i think could be done a lot better than they are but i don't think its plan makes
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a lot of sense i would prefer it to go to me in that way i know what i'm getting and i know they're i'm not going to be short changed you know depending on what may go to school and how they may decide to send it out to the students who are. the most part a lot of people think that tying federal funding directly to the students may not benefit everyone equally a lot to see if mitt romney's plan holds up as the election draws near. well thank you as always for your responses and here's our next question for you earlier in the show we discussed the outrage over chris hayes comments about who we use of the word heroic and we spoke about a follow up apology so i just want to know do you think that chris hayes should apologize for what he said let us know what you think on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows the response just might make it on air. well today marks two years since bradley manning was arrested at a military base in iraq and it is full court martial one even begin until this september now in those two years the army private is accused of leaking more than
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seven hundred thousand documents to wiki leaks well he's been through a lot while the quantico he was subject to isolation forced to strip naked and stand for hours on end and the un special rapporteur on torture who's denied access to manning by the obama administration called this treatment cruel inhuman and degrading that manning is facing twenty two charges including aiding the enemy could spend the rest of his life in prison and let's not forget that this trial doesn't exactly seem fair his defense attorney david coolum has now filed a motion with the military court in fort meade maryland claiming that the government has failed to disclose key evidence that could be beneficial to the defense or known as brady material so let's find out more joining me from our studio in new york is kevin zeese organizer of occupy washington d.c. and co-director of its our economy he also serves on the steering committee of the bradley manning support network kevin thanks so much for joining us and first let's just start with some some legal is just so viewers know exactly what's really going
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on and so tell me you know what a brady material is what the legal precedent is there who it applies to. well first off thank you for covering this the mainstream media has missed this two year anniversary of bradley manning being incarcerated brady material it's really kind of ironic since in two years of being incarcerated man has become kind of the comic figure for a transparent government and he's been to deny transparency in his own trial brady material is comes from a supreme court decision the brady case where the court ruled that if there is material that's helpful to the fence that the government has to provided to the defense and so far the defense has gotten nothing from the federal government the military in this case and in fact in this most recent motion that you mentioned david coombs was doing a great job as me as a lawyer by the way david coombs has pope pointed out that he's now discovered that over the last nine months since he's been requesting this brady material the
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departed the army has not even begun to look for the brady material and we're talking about a case in which there are millions of documents millions of pages of documents and they haven't begun looking for yet in the trial starts september how is manning supposed get a fair trial when he's not even given access to materials that he's required by law to receive so it's a rather ironic that this young man who spent two of his twenty four years on earth in prison fighting for transparency in government doesn't even have a transparency in his own defense and worse than that by the way as far as transparency goes the media and the public has no idea what's going on this is virtually a secret trial because the government is keeping all this filing secret and the court has not required prissy's be made available to the media so the media goes these these hearings and doesn't really know what's going on so when we talk about the specific documents they're requesting is this what david collins has been talking about all along when it comes to the other motions that if there is any kind of certain hearings for example the assessments as to whether or not the
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leaking of these documents actually did damage to national security or you know is there some other stuff that we don't know that. well there's tons of stuff we don't know about and you know i hate to quote you know he doesn't resign no we don't know and you know coombs has from the beginning requested brain material is routine request in every criminal proceeding so the government should have known that this was going to come they should've frozen all the materials available soon as the arrest occurred they waited a long time to do that and now nine months after requests he really has got nothing as far as the assessments go that's a really interesting point right now because the government is follow the motion they don't want discussed any longer in court the impact of the release of these documents on national security they don't want to do that the rediscussed that's relevant because. if these governments that these doctors had no adverse effect on national security they should not have been classified at most these were doctors
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class or the lowest level. if they were documented in the adversely affect national security they were misclassified and bradley manning should be prosecuted for that there's been several reviews done by the cia by the department of justice by the department of state and by the department defense and all those review should be made available to bradley manning's defense it's relevant to the fence it's also relevant to the sentencing which if manning is found guilty will proceed immediately after the trial on guilt or innocence so it well now well it sounds like the government had a you know wants to have its cake and eat it too they want to claim that these documents did damage national security but that they don't really want them discussed any more court they want to go after bradley manning you know for breaking the law yet they don't want to follow the law by actually having to provide these brady materials but so my question is if you're a judge and this is the law the prosecution has to abide by it. you know what do you do to can you can you throw the trial out or how do you just keep ignoring
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things like this. yes or a certain point the government's conduct becomes so outrageous that the case should be. as i think we've passed that point not only has the brady material been denied but also you had the commander in chief president obama announce that bradley manning is guilty you had the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff announce their bradley manning is guilty and that was published in stars and stripes the semiofficial publication of the u.s. military so the military all knows that the top two military officials the commander in chief and chairman georges def have already said manning is guilty how can anyone who is a career officer serve on that jury and go against the command structure in that way this is undue command influence and that enough is another reason for dismissal of this case and in fact this treatment prior to trial charged in quantico being held in solitary confinement as you mentioned for almost a full year not allowing the un's torture investigator to come talk to manning so
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we can find what happened there again another outrageous government on the fact this is very much like whatever his case ellsberg case in the early seventies went back to four months trial and just is about to go jury the judge decided to dismiss the gays for outrageous government conduct that's what should happen here as well the government's conduct been outrageous throughout this case from the beginning the way use treated in quantico and the denial of. discovery and from the top two military officials declaring him guilty he cannot get a fair trial it's time for this charade and in fact well roland let me let me let me let me move on to what's one more thing about it it's interesting because not only will i ever flexion the government but i thought also think very much the military courts if they don't you know if they choose not to throughout the trial at this point this is kind of a nuance take this is something marcy wheeler who is a guest on my show wrote about her and we'll and she was looking at the judgment
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handed down when it came to this case that chris hedges and number of other people against the obama administration saying of the n.d.a. which includes this provision that allows for. the indefinite detention even of u.s. citizens was unconstitutional and so they kept asking the government can you promise that these people here that the plaintiffs will not be detained based on what they do based on interviews perhaps that they've done with people abroad that might be members of a terrorist organization but they're journalists that should be protected speech and the government refused actually answering those questions now they're kind of coming out and trying to trying to be more specific and saying that no as of yet these people section ten twenty one wouldn't apply to them if they're telling the truth and not the whole truth but one of the people there brigade to john's daughter she is from wiki leaks and here they're saying that bradley manning aided the enemy by handing over the information to wiki leaks and so i'm just curious then does that mean that they think that she's aiding the enemy you know it seems
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like the government is being very inconsistent in their takes on different trials. i think marty made a great point with that inconsistency the government's most recent filing trying to overturn the injunction didn't clear clarify things at all and this is a in the end of the charges a very serious charge it's a potential death penalty or life imprisonment charge for bradley manning and it's a dangerous charge for all the media because the way that the court in the many cases defined aid the enemy merely requires that he has knowledge that if the documents are published the enemy will see them and that means you know they want to prove that bradley manning intended to aid the enemy just that he knew that they were published it would be so your conversation in the first part of your your hangover session about the new york times article and drone strikes that would have made the enemy too don't you know that al qaeda can hear that don't you know that what you're doing is basically treason that you could be put to death or as you're eighteen the enemy i mean so i think this is the expansion of the definition of any
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enemy by the court in a very demanding case really puts journalists at risk an even greater way and was an n.d.a. i think the judges in new york is totally right to enjoin that and stop that from being enforced because it is a very unclear in the way that the government has responded to her questions now daphne i have a cab and i thank you so much for joining us and i guess we'll have one more update them when it comes to wiki leaks story as much as that assigns it well here from the high court and the u.k. thanks so much. thank you. are going to take one more break but coming up next full time an hour where things that your right to vote for your congressman is actually infringing on your liberty but on a happy hour it appears that in the end everything comes uk to bath salts. religion and education are inseparable.
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the world to. science technology innovation all the news developments around russia we've got the future covered. hi guys it's time for tonight's tools i'm a wart and i are giving it to a missouri congressman who wants to take away your rights all in the name of preserving state's rights the as we all know it's an election year and current congressman todd akin well he's campaigning for missouri senate seat come november and in a recent debate against two other senate candidates it was asked his opinion on the seventeenth amendment to hold are you going to run to wikipedia to remind yourself what the seventeenth amendment is because we put together
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a little cheat sheet for you it was approved in one nine hundred thirteen and it changed the original language of the constitution which said the state legislatures are the ones who elect u.s. senators and instead they gave that power to the voters of the state and it explains that there are two senators per state each with one vote and each serves a six year term now the seventeenth amendment also declares that when a senate seat is vacant the governor is allowed to appoint someone to that position temporarily until the voters get to choose who becomes their next senator to the whole purpose of the a moment here is to ensure that the people actually decide who represents among capitol hill now back to you during a televised debate he admitted that he was a little on the fence about the seventeenth amendment and here's why in general my i have a very serious concern about a religion of states' rights very serious concern of that and this reversing this decision might pull the balance back as i mentioned
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a strong conservative i don't think the federal government should be doing a whole lot of things that it's doing and it may well be that a repeal of the seventeenth amendment might tend to pull back. so his argument is all about states' rights and he's worried about the federal government having too much power i guess if it isn't already know this i'm going to have to be the one to break the bad news to him hey todd when the amendment took away the state legislature's ability to pick a senator and actually gave that power directly to the people not to the federal government now taught already knows that and i guess it does have to ask why he's so scared of the people it's not exactly we want to hear from a politician is it had to be skeptical of why you would want to be even further removed from the voters but sadly a kid isn't the only one who thinks that abolishing the seventy of them and it would be a good idea as think progress pointed out the missouri congressman joins the calls from fellow conservatives like rick perry said of the mike lee of utah and several
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state law state level lawmakers and it is also allying himself with repeal the seventeenth that's a move which is backed by none other than the tea party so maybe he's trying to ensure that tea party vote but if so is it kind of funny that he's trying to win votes by saying that the very people whose votes he would win shouldn't get to vote but cite does anybody else see the warning lights here that would come with local lawmakers electing senators i'm sure they're having politicians elect other politicians who really make sure to root out the corruption right so keeping that in mind todd akin is still on the fence about letting you the voters decide who represent you in washington so for blatantly misunderstanding the purpose of the seventeenth amendment and for trying to align itself with the tea party stupid idea that taking the power away from votes actually restores liberty a can is tonight's tool time winner a missouri let's make sure this guy doesn't make it to the senate all right.
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hi guys it's time for half the hour and joining me this evening is lauren lister host of the capital account here on r.t. and comedian. thank you for joining me. let's start with i mean this is not a funny story at all it's really just insane really crazy but you know everyone is calling it the zombie apocalypse story because it involves this guy that was eating this other guy's face off police say thirty one year old rudy eugene was found naked attacking another naked man by biting off part of his face and officer shot and killed eugene after trying to stop the assault police believe that eugene was high on a type of l.s.d. that causes people to become violent and insane. so the one thing i have to say here is that some people are saying is this new type of l.s.d.
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but everywhere else they're saying that it's bath salts and so i don't know if they're trying to consider bath salts a new form of l.s.d. but i mean what in the hell either way you have it covered with a really big warnings for kids not to do drugs either of the kind that they buy or the kind that they use from their mothers bathroom i guess this story is horrible there's no way to spin it i just. you know he's a comedian can you know it would be such a difficult story to make jokes about me about it is how are you going to blame l.s.d. even a new form of l.s.d. supposedly like this behavior seems kind of p.c.p. to me a little bit don't you think it just kind of given the track record of p.c.p. and then acid words like you know it just kind of makes people you know make your own not rip people spaces are you holding sedate and maybe made the head look like something edible either though no really reason no there isn't i originally had
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a like office and we saw the bath salts thing is that we spoke about this story maybe last year or two years ago about the guy who was he was wearing women's lingerie who would just like butcher to go and was found standing in front of a goat carcass and so i'm just going to go to bath salts or of that horrible idea and i just throw out is the bigger through line here florida is that the trend line to draw is just thrown out there to find a lot of stuff happening. all right let's move on to the next one which is kate we have zombie apocalypse and now we have radioactive bluefin tuna that are making it here all the way from japan. researchers are calling the finding started like bluefin tuna arriving off the coast of california all the way from japan carrying radioactive contamination apparently leaked from the fukushima nuclear plant. i'm surprised this didn't happen earlier anyone else a little while to swim across the ocean i guess where you think maybe it would sort
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of prompts you know star kist and bumblebee tuna to maybe kind of open the book on maybe maybe including a little more dolphin meat in the cans it's. just a little bit. like this story that they're saying that it's still far less radioactive ness than anybody needs to be concerned about with eating so i either think this is me have stereo or we need to worry about what is what their lives their lives are a lot of security telling the japanese government was telling the people right after. the accident that. it struck me as odd too just like the way they free sort of like the levels of cesium in the fish too wasn't ten times the level of natural cesium and fish is just ten times what's already been found in two and as if you know i'm not like a biologist but i don't think cesium really occurs naturally in a fish. he was like starting from how bad we screwed all of.
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that with the mercury and all the other good stuff that's into no. end of the world stuff. all right let's ok so everyone is going crazy because donald trump is endorsing mitt romney but then they're asking why you know it's not just like romney can say that what he had on agree with all my donors and all the people that support me because he's actually going out and making appearances with them and standing next to him and everyone saying gree of course because donald trump has just been pushing further ism all the way and he's into that crazy stuff and then. we just kind of this is what he said he was interviewing. today about it and this is just such the donald take a look at. the birth announcement back in one nine hundred sixty one. listen listen to me going to. can you can i can i ask you a question. donald donald you're beginning to sound a little ridiculous i have to tell you i really i thought let me tell you something
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i think you sound ridiculous. think he was trying to do you know you're going to do i know how do you know i just really have to interview this guy i have to be like professional about it though i know i mean the thing that i think is a little ridiculous is that everybody is so i don't know overly concerned with being p.c. like ok i get it mitt romney is not speaking out against what the donald is saying but if anybody really buys with the donald is saying any more than they need their head checked like come on do people really hasn't really had an esoteric say i thought it was every politician right is that you have to renounce all of these may be bad connections and i think that's stupid because the connections when they get into office are using more. they're just keeping with the party line of being a cobol basically out of touch rich white men so why not you know the other one of their donald yeah absolutely of course. just think it's absurd ok
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miller rosen and donald trump they cancel each other out who cares it's called even this one this is kind of crazy and you know we live in a world where more than like seven hundred billion peer excuse me million people are on facebook these days a lot of people are on a social network here's why and that is a tool so people can keep their social networks active or their social profiles their profiles on social networks sorry active after they die here's a commercial for it. one day gabriel suddenly became you and left this world for a better place. before parting gabriel created a social account that social allows anyone to create tunde facebook messages these are activated soon after use it don't use and could be sent out for years to come. i don't know anything about that so grieve b. this is so creepy social media is already creepy to me i'm not on facebook i'm
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sorry i cannot handle this this is just not good if you know a parent dies and they can have a birthday message sent out to their kid via social networking try to keep store some notes are cards for the fire i got on a plane to have it if anybody's going to write a memoir why not just submit your facebook profile that's like half the work already so you know you have creepy but i got to wrap it up thank you for joining me tonight that is it for tonight so thanks for tuning in ad make sure we come back tomorrow three thousand jason leopold is going to be on the show tell us about his latest investigation about the brother of the first high value guantanamo detainee you don't want to miss that in the meantime don't forget you like a lot of show on facebook the public on twitter subscribe to our you tube channel and you can now take us out on hulu as well coming up next is the.
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