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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2012 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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welcome back you are whether the here's a look at the top stories that are national law on the line as the u.s. talks of tougher action on syria without when consent this comes as the rebels issue a cease fire all to make them to damascus despite being implicated in violations of the u.n. peace plan themselves. the father of the late former security officer all exams i am going to die of radioactive poisoning in london in two thousand and six for feels the names of those people leaves were behind his son's death one is still continuing its attempts to extradite duma deputy andre look a void from moscow who recently passed detector test on the case. and
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around irish voters heads to the polls in a referendum on the e.u. fiscal treaty which opponents say amounts to nothing more than permanent hysteria controlled by brussels while a backlash against cot sweeps across europe the plan will need centralized brussels control of national budgets which goes against it's a means handing over sovereignty to the e.u. . as ireland decides whether to back or reject the e.u. fiscal tree up next artie's sits down with richard boyd barrett and iris politician and treaty campaigner. hey i'm talking to richard boyd barrett he's a member of the irish parliament and a leading light in the new campaign on the referendum on the fiscal pact which thanks for talking to us tell us just what the fiscal pact is the pact is a european agreement which countries are being asked to sign up to which will
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compel goldman's to reduce debt and deficit figures by a certain amount per year over a long period of time and what we're concerned about is that in effect big because of all of the gambling debts of banks and speculators have been put onto the books of the state and that this would mean permanent austerity billions worth of colt's every year for at least a decade or more in order to meet the treaty targets and that we believe will do untold damage to the economy which is already very traumatized and impose even more suffering on working people on the less well off and vulnerable in our society who have already been devastated by four years of austerity and talk to me more about that what's to say see economic backdrop against which this referendum is being held well now we have four hundred fifty thousand people unemployed we've had two hundred thousand people leave the country because there is no work we've got
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approximately three quarters of a million people living in poverty about a quarter of a million children living in poverty literally going to bed hungry at night. we have public services that have been devastated by austerity cuts imposed by the e.u. i.m.f. over the last four years so really people cannot take much more pain and equally if this has not done anything to help the economy recover the economy has tipped back into recession and i think if you look at the rest of europe it's clear the austerity policies have also driven the wider euro zone into into recession so we think we have to call a halt to. this policy which is simply not working and which is doing extreme damage if you like to the social and economic fabric of europe i what's the atmosphere like hey we have from the greeks that this constant pushing for more and more austerity from the government is creating this kind of atmosphere of fear in the country it's the same here yes i think the government's main weapon in trying to get people to vote yes has been fear tracks that money won't come out of the
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a.t.m. is that there be no money to pay pensions and social welfare so there's no positive reasons being given it's just we've got to take this austerity all the wise there will be disaster and in fact we think the disaster is happening already it's clear greece have been if you like the major victims of austerity and now they're proposing to generalize that austerity model right across europe and it didn't work in greece what makes them think it's going to work in the rest of europe and what's at stake what's accepting and declining the pact actually mean for the irish people well i think if we accept we're essentially giving the government a mandate to impose austerity for the next ten or fifteen years if we vote no i think we will be aligning ourselves with a growing movement in europe that we've seen with the french elections with the greek elections recently with the big protest movements developing in spain and portugal and even in germany itself where the opposition are refusing to ratify this treaty and i think we will be aligning ourselves with those forces who are
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saying austerity hasn't work hasn't worked and that we need to focus on jobs investment financial stimulus and economic growth rather than the failed in describing the policy of austerity how financially instigated is. bank bailouts that kind of thing oh were very deeply intertwined euro for our you know our biggest trading partners so there's no doubt our phase is linked to the wider european economy but i think there is a battle going on in europe as to whether we follow the merkel's our cozy model of austerity and bailing out banks. or whether we go in a different direction where we prioritize employment protection of public services and economic growth and we're certainly for the latter you seem so sure that the. funding to even if the vote does go against messes proposed by brussels what makes you say well i think there's an implication and europe bails countries
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in fact what they're doing is bailing out the european financial system that's the reason they're providing assistance and if they perceive a threat to european banks to german french and british banks they will provide funding because otherwise the entire eurozone will collapse so we think it's a bogus trash to suggest if we vote no they're going to cut off funding because they would be calling off their nose to spite their face almost every major political party is in the yes camp and this treaty is already being ratified by old european countries can so many political and economic minds b. roll well that's not strictly true governments have signed up have agreed to fight the treaty but in fact many of those governments are now finding themselves on able to actually get the treason through their parliaments so the dutch government have been unable to get it through their parliament francois land is delaying the ratification precisely because he believes on its own it will do more
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damage to the french economy and now angela merkel cannot even get the fiscal treaty which she wrote effectively through the german parliament because the german opposition are saying it will mean more colds and do damage to the german economy so i think there's a real question mark over whether this treaty can be pushed through and we want to add our ways to the forces in europe that are saying more austerity won't work and that we need a different approach the yes camp says if the fiscal pact isn't ratified irish people will be subject to haas for longer it will be more expensive to borrow money on the international markets. and there would be no more bailouts chile all of the situations that you would want to avoid no i don't believe first of all it will be difficult for the austerity to be any worse than how it is being over the last four years we've had twenty four billion euro sucked out of the economy with devastating consequences and the fiscal treaty would require us to take more or less the same amount over the next number of years which can only have the effect of more
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unemployment more you can all mixed up nation more suffering for people so we believe there is an alternative to that and that is to focus instead on investment jobs and growth rather than the continuous policy of bailing out the bondholders of the banks the calls the crisis in the first place was about this idea of silver and it seems that some of what is at stake hey is this kind of emotional feeling of nationhood can i lend to forwards to have that kind of pride at the moment it's well i'd like to put it more in terms of democracy not just for our good but for europe as a whole than what the fiscal it will do will centralize more power over economic policy into the hands of the only elected european union commission and the european central bank and the european court of justice when really it should be democratically elected representatives both on a national level european level who should dictate policy as the people decide so we don't think we should tie ourselves into a treaty that will essentially enforce
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a particular economic policy or dogma on people in perpetuity how far is at the moment from a greek situation i think if we continue down the road of austerity we're about a year behind greece in terms of the devastation that is likely to be calls to the economy in our society is so we think it is very very urgent that we call a halt to that and demand both our government and european leaders in the policy of bailing out banks and paying for it with brutal austerity being imposed on the people when that is doing such obvious and serious damage to. the economy and its prospects for recovery olen still dependent on financing and courts and inspections to decide on each new tranche of money that's released that still regard the referendum results what can be done. well i mean certainly i don't believe the y m f program is working and i don't believe it's a bailout for the irish people as i said i think it really is a bailout for the french british european banks people who engage in the reckless
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speculation that has destroyed the european economy and on extreme damage to our economy so i think we have to strike a different path where we instead put the resources directly into infrastructural projects into enterprise into employment measures that can get people back to work and restart the european economy get it i was of the extreme stagnation that is now . you know suffocating at the entire eurozone richard boyd barrett thank you very much. my parents really truly honestly believe that what had happened was as a result of my father's exposure to agent orange i was born with multiple problems
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yes on along the line as the u.s. talks of tougher action on syria without u.n. consent this comes as the rebels issue as he's filed to meet him to damascus despite being implicated in violations of the u.n. peace plan themselves. voters head to the polls in a referendum on the e.u. fiscal treaty which on and say amounts to nothing more than permanent steering controlled by brussels while a backlash against kok sweeps across europe plan will mean centralized brussels controlled national budgets which those against it say means handing over sovereignty to the e.u. . and. the father of the late former security officer alexander litvinenko died of radioactive poisoning in london in two thousand and six reveals
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the names of those he believes were behind his songs death itself exiled tycoon boris berezovsky whom russia's still once britain to extradite is named among the masterminds. as we have lines only back to the top of the hour with more dates and the meantime here's run with the latest sports news. thanks her and hello welcome this is sport on artsy with me remarked paul for a lengthy all french open tennis news up ahead but first to the headlines. for melbourne jockey this continues his quest for a major in french open title after beating bloss capture in straight sets to go through to round three. sisters out biggest williams joins serena on the french open losers list following the defeats against oregon's cup hole now faced russia says the climate because it's all the. third time lucky russian women's basketball
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team aims to improve on their seat on the big problems by staking a claim to the summit at the upcoming games in london. but first sentence in paris and world number one. has become the first man to reach the third round as he continues his quest for amazing french open title that's all ranked serbian was broken once by a blouse captain chubb slovenia but otherwise was hardly troubled on routes six love six four six four when jock invasion is searching for his fourth straight grand slam title and his first at real longer ross after losing in the semifinals three times before including last year at the hands off russia better. i'm happy with the game overall i think everything was was working really well just for the couple of years in the second set. and i didn't move this is efficient is maybe i did the first set but aside that everything is working great
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you know online feeling better and better every match. and a local crowd had a reason to celebrate as eleven seeds you'll see mong over to brian baker of the united states the frenchman is through following up. well i said victory. very important to keep my so the first game it was a difficult game was a rude if you can sort of sort of so it was really important to save this one and then i managed to put some pressure on on the game after. it was i knew it would be harder for him and you have this is. pretty for me missed a few shots at this moment i managed to break him and. then. joe coaches once again in a line to meet federer in the last four stages as this swiss master dropped a set but still outclassed lesser known remade in adrian six three six two six
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seven six three. meanwhile argentina's juan martin del potro came from a set down so outlast freshman at the order of us along verdict of the czech republic dispatched local veteran michelle the draw and crowd favorite show will fritz on the match with cedric marcel stevy from germany was delayed as used to rain. in the women's open seven time grand slam champion venus williams produced far too many errors in her match with. sky it ended six two six three in the favor of the poll who will now face precious that like it's over in the next round of us now joins her sister serena was eliminated earlier. you know first part you see she played really well you know it's important. to you know that's what you do in this and you know unfortunately i was in my best today. top
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seed victoria azarenka conceded just to games as the australian open champion thrice german quota for a dean up facing meyer six one six one in less than an hour but the belorussia says life at the top is anything but easy. being number one is it's a difficult job because everybody wants to want to catch you you want to move you from the smarts so you have to be number two number three number four and number one hundred two you know you still have to put in a lot of work nothing is going to come easy just because you are number one you know you have more people trying to more people motivated trying to be true while there was a huge disappointment for the home crowd as a world number eight and marion bartoli won crushing out a great just that from mark at six two three six six three was the final score. i think i don't know much in the first set to be honest was you i really start to
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play when i was down which is it be late. and then at the end it was really. some points here and there i didn't see where it is third said she surveyed are better than me but i really thought i'd. say it was really in equal terms elsewhere a former champion says that lot of because that's all the hands and i have out of each ball the best in straight sets while u.s. open winner sam stosur needed just over an hour to dispatch an american irina falcone six one six four and the australian is wary of the next opponent not yet but for all of us who have the better all south african chanel separates. now it is different to play where you go to you know be ready she can play great she can have a huge say. she's been at the top of the top of the game before so you've got to be ready for beyond. and move an ounce of basketball with just under two months to go
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before their opening game at the london olympics the russian women steam already made to go at least one better than two previous bronze medal finishes the games come in a year with special historical significance starts on gregor ounce with the details . since russia started to participate in their lympics as an independent state it has never tasted victory in either the mans for women's competitions but twenty twelfth represents two poignant anniversaries for two major victories in soviet basketball in one nine hundred seventy two the men's team claimed their first ever olympic gold in munich in a dramatic final against the americans while two decades later in one thousand nine hundred ninety two they women's unified team celebrated one of their big triumphs in barcelona by defeat in china in the decider and so ahead of the upcoming london games one of russia's leading players hold our attention admits even today it's hard to underestimate dos achievements that's written
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a song to be honest when you stand on such great plains and feel that passion about this game it truly makes you understand how important such a victory could be for the country and it's also great to hear them wishing the best for us in an atmosphere like that however besides follow in the countries victorious footsteps of the rain in european champions aiming high in their own right at the olympics their performance at the athens and beijing games and russia two consecutive groans mantles and this year bree sokolowski steam will definitely be looking for medals of higher value home and goal is for the. chiefs. asked for limpy games for what. it must be. fourth or second place to achieve these goals the coaching staff would have to pick twelve players out of the twenty two that were called up for the nationals quart the absence of some of the teams long term leaders like so
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atlanta brought him over or marias to part of a through injury may seen you tell and step in an up or trickle ways one such player well and to become one of the lucky dozen who are present russia in london in just under two. it's time and the twenty seven year old beliefs everyone has a chance to make the team you know i believe that this year. less people are guaranteed a place out believe that the years before there has been seven or eight police were almost guaranteed you know unless they get into something they go but they always go to see i believe it's going to be a hard decision for the coach inspired by the glorious results of previous generations and hungry for success of their own the russian team now heads into seven weeks of training and if their physical strength and texaco skills could be joined by a little bit of luck the country's best could bill history may acquire another distinguished chapter. artsy mosco. only
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one friendly remains for russia head of the european football championship in poland and ukraine the final test takes place in zurich on friday against former world champions it's the head coach dick advocaat is still facing south choices both for the number one position and the attacking alliance has come moscow's eager to convey and they need st petersburg dave proved they are equally match fit in the last two friendlies against uruguay in lithuania however it's the team's scoring abilities that are in dallas with alexander at their call bible plug reading out and remark above the chant call all vying for the sense of forward slots the match versus it takes place on friday and that's exactly one week before russia's it's once its world opener against the czech republic in vaults love poland. and now let's talk about chess because vission van out on an island has defended his world
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title right here in the russian capital moscow's art gallery provided home to this closely fought match which was a pitched battle all through our eyes as indian grandmaster ananda held off israeli challenger boris gelfand on break the. players were side at six points of peace after winning a game each and drawing the other ten so it went to the decider with a nod to winning one of the four extra games all fast chess it was enough to help the forty two year old retain his sights off on disputed world champion the accolade he's been holding since two thousand and seven and he put his triumph down to mental strength. i would say simply that my nerves had it out but. i mean even these full games there's so much back and forth going on. but i simply hung on for dear life. i won't play more than that i will be back with another update on less than a couple hours from now but you may found find us on you tube at any time just look
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for artsy sports news all season.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to cope oration through the day.


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