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to teach me the creation of why you should care about humans in groups this is why you should care only. live from moscow this is r.t. in just a moment the kaiser report for now the headlines international law on the line as the u.s. talks of tougher action against syria without un consent this comes as the rebels reportedly call on the world bodies envoy kofi annan to admit that his peace plan for syria has failed. in or out irish voters head to the polls in a referendum on the e.u. fiscal treaty which opponents say amounts to nothing more than permanent austerity controlled by brussels and this while a backlash against the cuts sweeps across europe the plan will mean centralized to
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brussels control of national budgets which those against it say means ultimately handing over one sovereignty to be. and a video which the father of the late former russian security agent. blames that boris berezovsky for his death video is now going along to scotland yard live in ankara was poisoned by radioactive polonium in two thousand and six in the tycoon wanted by russia is named among the masterminds. are next here on oxy your hard earned cash is slowly being stolen from you on a daily basis and the only man with an explanation of how or why is max keiser and the cost report right now. i am i stutter this is the kaiser report there and london is celebrating all the
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elected officials states europe let's talk about this. of the cooling she's going to be on a big barge floating down the. the senate oh that's exactly yes well she is one of the longest serving monarchs technocrats kleptocrats and we have the unelected j.p. morgan official of tony blair who's been in the news this week leveson inquiry press relations unhealthy says tony blair well the important part of this of course is that at one point during tony blair of j.p. morgan's testimony to the leveson inquiry protester had to be jacked it after getting into the court and calling mr blair a war criminal who had been paid off by j.p. morgan for the iraq war mr blair said on the record that there was no truth in the allegation but you know the protesters are going to closer and closer you know these leaders have to look over their shoulder more and more especially blair who technically speaking qualifies as
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a war criminal for the activities in iraq certainly and his connection to j.p. morgan of course the oil blood for oil that he denied was the case that's been proven to be true the oil deals he did after leaving number ten show a clear connection blood for oil so the protesters quite accurate and of course in terms of an elected officials here's another story that max and i have been covering while we've been here over here bad debt bank should. so in ireland they're determining whether or not to vote yes for the european fiscal treaty because of voting yes max is going to bring stability like the stability that monarchs and khadafi and mubarak and ben ali these ben brought stability and here voting yes for the fiscal treaty is going to bring stability but bad debt banks should go bankrupt according to max keiser at an event in dublin he said if they are capitalists they should obey the rules of capitalism if you make a bad debt and screw up then you've got to pay the consequences you can't go to the
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government and get a bailout that's not capitalism that's not even socialism that's crap it'll isn't right i was a speaker at the financial terrorism conference and will be in london in manchester and during the conference i came up with an excellent point i thought in terms of the bondholders of angle irish and the government is paying them off even though it's an unsecured bond an unsecured debt but i suggested pay in coming in but or pay off the creditors in a billion or two billion worth of butter put the cows on over time you know there should be huge billboards i shouldn't say keep stability vote yes it should be triple time l.c. keep the teach work in. well i mean that's a good point because the irish taxpayer is signing up to this fiscal treaty that they're not supposed to go into debt the government debt has to be above a certain point the only reason why their government is in debt is because of an elected officials at the e.c.b.
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operating on behalf of deutsche bank and other european banks and goldman sachs were owed this money by anglo-irish they took the bet they took the risk that anglo-irish was who was paying a high yield on their debt they were speculating that they would be able to pay back they weren't and they forced the irish taxpayer they said the e.c.b. said in january when the irish were protesting paying a one billion payment on this unsecured bond the e.c.b. itself the european central bank said if you don't pay this irish taxpayers a financial bomb will go off in your country even allow that's the language of financial terrorism coming out of an elected officials who are running this state and countries like ireland and the people are rightfully revolting against it they're just not revolting fast enough or hard enough here's another unelected official we could call her oh the representative for bank paris. it's payback
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time don't expect sympathy lugard to greeks now this has been widely covered story the head of the i.m.f. told the greeks to take responsibility and stop trying to avoid taxes this is what she told the greek people when asked about their starving children who are you know all the social services for the poor children are being cut off she said i don't feel bad for them i feel worse for kids in the share book i'm up officials don't pay taxes so that's my next headline i mean that's part of the dissent up with the i.m.f. the people that they represent like the goldman sachs of the world that commit financial terrorism and they don't pay taxes what did goldman sachs pay last year mack less than one percent what did general electric the big they go to the guy the tax abatement they got a credit they no taxes for them you know the fortune five hundred in america very few of them pay any tax at all so urea christine legarde a front man for financial terrorism browbeating the greeks for not paying taxes.
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which happened right here the biggest bailout of them all eighty seven billion dollars that the american taxpayer transferred they're not going to pay taxes for several decades due to their loss that they get to write off the taxpayer themselves don't get to write off any losses but here's an incredible thing about the scandal it is that you would have thought after a i.g. was caught selling securities that they counterfeit it that they would maybe outlaw that practice selling was a called credit default swaps naked no collateral oh wait j.p. morgan just got caught doing the exact same thing jamie duggan just got caught doing the exact same thing sewing naked credit default swaps of picking up to feed their own collateralized committed fraud just like a i g how through london the epicenter of fraud were the queen on that other frickin barge wanted to talk about that but london is the center of all streaker is that so all these and they can credit default swaps originate here. so how about
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selling forward that goes ding dong i mean to be worth more than the collateral and they could credit default swap well let's talk about christine lagarde are tax free i.m.f. salaries inflated the international monetary fund has long been considered a good place to work salaries are high and benefits are plentiful ask christine legarde who's getting a pay package worth about five hundred fifty thousand dollars in her new role as managing director the guard's pay is drawn some scrutiny to the i.m.f. perks and not for the first time critics have complained for decades that the funds employees and other counterparts at the world bank are allowed to live large at taxpayer expense in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight u.s. representative spencer baucus in alabama republican objected to increasing funding for the i.m.f. by reciting a list of perks given to the funds employees we are asking the u.s. taxpayer in this funding requests to reimburse the employees of the i.m.f. for income taxes for private school costs for tuition and not only that but for salaries higher than those paid by the u.s. government so she's asking us u.s.
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taxpayers to pay for her children's school and her health care and all her other perks to social welfare for christine lagarde. financial rapist now. the predecessor illegibly was a rapist in new york we don't he got off in more ways than one but the institution itself the i.m.f. undoubtedly is a financial rapist institution and she represents the exact same thing you have but again the theme is of course we need a b.m.p. perry flag not just the queen's flag we need a flag for j.p. morgan we need a flag for bank para bob all these people were going to celebrate the jubilee the diamond jubilee of j.p. morgan and she's this an elected official who's able to go there and tell the greek people don't vote wrong in the next election then she goes to the irish people don't vote no you i know better than you. because i was the finance minister and
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she's also by the way for this greek thing when she's yelling at these greek people well most of the greek debt those bonds are owed to french banks all the flag waving a sense of hypnotized me stacy herbert is my go. to herbert is my go i need to step out of it slap me really hard ouch here's these unelected officials who are running the i.m.f. telling everybody around the world now what to do and they're talking about why they had to pay these people so much why christine legarde has to be paid five hundred fifty thousand ninety thousand of it by the way max ninety thousand dollars is for her living expenses to cover her living expenses and at the same time she's telling the greek people shut up and just vote correctly and i don't feel pity for you you little slobs you little peasants for you not being able to feed your children well at the same time she's telling the american taxpayer mostly but also british taxpayers to pay for her family and her living expenses and her travel
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expenses i mean the phrase use is a payback yes a back to the greek people and that's really disgusting from christine legarde to use this type of phrase eola jean describing these these people in greece who are being financially raped their blood they're subjected to financial terrorism from crystal garden the i.m.f. they're dying they're having their livelihoods in their countries assets stolen stripped from them from folks like the i.m.f. they're being left with absolutely nothing and she needs to herself i think enjoy the wrath of the mob at some point to come in there and restore some justice because she's she's sure her head is completely in the wrong place of her anatomy sheets she's not thinking clearly she's waving the flag for bank paris credit lyonnais xin credit agricole who are owed money by the greek government is exactly right she is down there trying to. to get money paid back to be to be paid back
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yeah that's to pay back but those debts the b.n.p. floated were unsecured therefore they took the risk now they've got to eat the last is gold capitalism ok if you make a bad bet you pay for you then don't go crying to the government like a little whining you know seven year old child. goes oh yeah. well let's turn to this final headline here max because i think i found the source of this entire spiraling down of the pig nations now you know we're in the second phase or third phase of the european debt crisis well i think it had to do with the exit of silvio berlusconi yes sure he was a sleaze bag but little did i know how important he was to the italian economy silvio berlusconi's twenty million euro pleasure chest went to party girls silvio berlusconi's accountant brought twenty million euros in cash to the
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premier's luxury villa to pay girls who attended his infamous bunga bunga parties a court heard last week his accountant said he asked me to bring the money in cash and i would put it in the safe at the villa in two thousand and nine i brought around seven million six hundred sixty five thousand euros while in two thousand and ten when it was needed most when everybody else was in inflicting austerity upon us well silvio berlusconi got very very generous he paid out war than twelve million euros that's almost thirty three thousand euros per day for every single day of the year for these girls for so bunga bunga is going to. you know i heard down a cab this year the bunga bunga prices are sky high right bunga bunga you've got to pay you've got to pay now listen to his accountant compared to how christine legarde was referring to the greek people he said whenever
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a large sums were needed the girls would come to him and ask him for it i would for one the bank and they were break it down into smaller amounts for me the money was for the girls daily living expenses thirty three thousand euros a day and for bills that sort of thing we helped so many people and we still do some of these girls had come from overseas and had nothing they only did help the real trickle down economy or as berlusconi might say golden shower states are over thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you reg stay right there coming after the break much more.
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i welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser a special in the studio guest please welcome here though solana's price is the founder of electro retail chain and in mexico he ago has been campaigning to have mexico return to the silver standard welcome to the show you go thank you max well . and i know as i'm an opportune time to mention silver for greece i want to get into that and because this is really an incredible moment in history everyone is talking about of the greek exit from the euro you believe there is an opportunity for greece to introduce a silverback currency it's
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a five step plan i've seen this work already it's fantastic let's walk through it well it's a very it's a very simple plan and in mexico has had great support from politicians but unfortunately or fortunately we have not arrived at a hopeless situation and that is the favorable aspect of the present situation in greece that is hopeless and the situation for europe is hopeless and when there is no hope is a moment. when a new thought can be introduced a new thinking can come into the picture because the the the leaders the leadership of europe has been going around in circles for months you know the with meetings one after another and now we're going to find a solution in the final solution is coming at the next summit and time goes by and there's more and more of talk and nothing they're going around in circles because
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they're talking about a system that is basically flawed it's a paper money system that is the euro and it's now coming to its conclusion its inevitable conclusion this had to happen let me ask you something about one of your fellow billionaires charlie charlie munger and warren buffett they recently said that goal is uncivilised and also bill gates came out and said gold it it's days are past so they've really been credible rhetoric in the mainstream in america talking down gold and silver now as a billionaire yourself what what it what it what it what are they missing what's going on here if they want to see a civilized world they're losing it because watch the streets of montreal was the streets of chicago watch the occupy movement watch greece watch the manifestations in spain civilization is breaking down due to this paper money due to the paper money and nobody mentions that they talk about all sorts of solutions and we're
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going to bring friends and we're going to avoid contagion but they don't talk about what it is that bankruptcy is what is talking about and there's no solution to that the thing is the the world is bankrupt on the verge of bankruptcy or already bankrupt in the trying to maintain a fiction and worse we'll see what life is like when this continues unless we have the reintroduction of the real money and that is what i have been striving to do to reintroduce. silver into people's lives so that they have something to fall back on which is a situation in greece now if they're going to go to the drachma. that is no not not a very good good prospect to fall back on it's it's a weaker currency even the euro i mean no prestige whatsoever no credit but if they put a suv or coin into circulation in parallel with the drachma that will change the whole
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situation and it will make the leader who talks about this he will be the foremost leader in greece for decades to come again now. mexico and many other central banks around the world are buying precious metals they've got from that sellers to not buyers they see the risk of all this paper money in existence they're no fools they're buying into the gold market they're buying into precious metals and you're down there in mexico you really are kind of the say the godfather of the buy silver movement and a lot of ways i know my crass j.p. morgan buy silver campaign really went to school on your work going to this idea but what i want to talk about if we can get into it in a way don't have a five steps the yeah it's not we're not all lots of time to do this but in other words you bring it in in parallel in parallel in a way that it does not go out of circulation you see the world had lots of silver and money in circulation up until world war two but then inflation came in and all
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the silver coinage which had a stamp value on it well the silver became worth more as suvir than as coinage the word to avoid that we need a new system of coinage where the coin has no monetary value stamped upon it the value is a quote of value which will always keep the coin in circulation if the drachma should devalue for instance this coin is worth more drachmas but what state it was stamped on the coin is a weight. it with the weight yes correct the weight yes it has a weight it has let's say one half ounce or one quarter ounce or one ounce now i have here the full ounce which i've been proposing for for mexico this is a very large coin now because when i started proposing this was five dollars an ounce now it's twenty eight dollars an ounce have been up as high as forty something dollars an ounce ok so i'm proposing a three ounce scoring
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a small coin. for athenians with their notional with the athenian the portrait of athenian one side and the other side the all the famous all of the athenians and i'm sure the if the but they're not not not a three ounce going but a third of an ounce a tenth of an ounce ten and the center now says the coins of a tenth the size of this i want to emphasize of this it has the logo of athens if you go up crazy right it's interest step one is to start circulating it parallel to the paper money that's right ok step two is the step two is that if the price of silver rises in drachmas because of a druckman devaluation then the treasury or those central bank gives it a higher value higher higher value and you can do that because it's only the way it's stamped out that's right out a number of value you're quite right ok step three step three now suppose the price of silver falls. the monetary value remains the same which is something that
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people have a hard time getting their minds wrapped around this because really this happened to the u.s. cowen age. of the dog the half dollars the quarters and the dimes of the price of silver furrow for decades the price of silver was going down until world war two and yet the more control coinage continued to circulate with the face value that was stamped upon it no problem ok i think we're at step four all right now a step four is that the people are going to use these coins for savings they are going to put them away for their savings and they're going to use the drug more for every day work and the government can continue its program of social programs with a drachma or inevitably they will have fiscal deficits and the drag my will devalue but the savings of the people will not be devalued if what they have put away in in
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silver will remain and that there are there are patrimony and they will be able to use these coins as collateral for credits from the banking system the money will stay out of the banking system and i want to emphasize. that the banking systems of all the world are against this because they the banking systems can create money out of nothing whereas they cannot create silver out of nothing ok finally step five well that's about it but then you see everyone is happy everyone is happy i think that that if greece should purchase a thousand tons they would be able to mint three hundred thirty three million of these coins and what is a population of greece about eleven million or so that would mean thirty coins for each for each and every greek i think that a party as a political party or
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a leader like a. super s. if he were to propose this he would wipe out all opposition he would gain a astounding majority of support now greek greek degrees does have one hundred eleven tons of gold if they sold twenty four for a thousand tons of silver they would be doing their people a great favor whereas if the gold stays in the central bank is not helping anybody and if that i'm f. and these folks are saying that you pay off the debt that is there they want to sell the greek they have to they have to declare do fault forget about that and learn the creditors packing prescription for greece even before the silver introduction number one default if default but they have to have this prepared the person that declares a default must say to the drink people in two months i will give you silver money over and i promise with my life that you will have super money to to for your
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savings and all of europe will take notice because this it changes the game and this is what the bankers do not want to hear now here go there is something of a i guess you could call it a first mover advantage right now there are a lot of countries kind of playing with the idea of going to a process by. back currency and the first country that does a lot of the first currency in the world that's backed by something tangible and the idea is that a lot of money will flow into that country and then all the force other countries do is kind of also go to a precious metal back currency and it's a bit of a game theory exercise isn't it now if greece becomes the first country not not say mexico you've been lobbying in mexico for this for years let's say greece does adopt this program as a first mover toward adopting a slower back currency that currency suddenly would be extraordinarily strong versus other currency would be not because we have for instance the pistol and we do have the we'd have the silver suv or coin quoted business. the itself would
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not necessarily be stronger but but by. by simple the relationship of the fact that the country does have a silver currency in circulation the prestige the prestige that attaches to silver will also attach to the mexican peso or will make it stronger or let's talk about practicality on the ground and grace how if i'm if i'm in greece and i'm watching this i'm a great citizen and i'm like you know that here character he is one smart cookie i think he's got a good idea how best to mobilize to lobby the government to adopt this strategy what do you what do you what would be the best way i mean they've got social networking we've got protests we've got political will how can they mobilize to get this going in your opinion i think alexis tsipras who the first thing he has to do is gather his party clothes party associates and say we have to do
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this and they get out the word and the word will spread like wildfire so you have contacts down there with alexey correct or no but i would like to travel to greece if if if if my presence would be were desired i would be gladly go to talk about this who would have a station i went down there with you to talk to folks it would help enormously and now if if it's too soon to press does not win this coming election because you know all the powers that be are mobilizing to to change public opinion over to the side of the conservatives the conservatives who want to change down the people to this terrible austerity and to continue taking on additional bailout loans which only increases their debt more and more and more it's crazy i'm offered let me ask you something do you have your own jet yes i do let's do it that's all i need that's all i need a hair stacey we're going down athens or here go we're going to get this revolution in full gear you know anywhere that jet. my mom on there. goes the latest price
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right of time thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thanks a lot for this help max and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i think my gas yugoslavs price if you want to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser report at r t t v dot are you guys are saying.
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