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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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washington says it's ready to. go directly into syria the regime. the power to choose. whether to hand over the country's money to brussels which could see. as well. the father of. alexander litvinenko. the russian ruble continue not only also the euro which indicates the central bank intervening.
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just after five pm here in moscow this is a life with me wrong. washington says it could take direct action in syria even if that means going against international law this after the massacre of more than one hundred people in a syrian town with both the government and rebels blaming each other for the atrocity. moves for military intervention at the u.n. but the u.s. says it's prepared to bypass the security council but this report is. well what was exactly said is the fact that the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice said that the syrian government is solely responsible for the massacres that took the massacre that took place in syria last week those those
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comments were also echoed by america's european allies and as a result there is now a nother push within the security council for international sanctions against against syria now the united nations is conducting their own investigation to find out who exactly is responsible for the killings of one hundred eight people in syria last week but the u.s. and its allies has come to its own conclusion now. if the six point peace plan put together by kofi annan which calls for a cease fire in syria if that plan breaks down and if sanctions are not supported within the security council then the international community and council members will have to consider options outside of the authority of the security council now what those options will be exactly is not clear we do know that the u.s. and european countries have already imposed their own sanctions on syria so many
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are interpret these words as a threat of military action now russia's ambassador to the un vitaly churkin believes that country should not come to jump to conclusions with respect to who was responsible for the massacre in houla last week that that all parties should wait for the results of the un investigation ambassador churkin said that he's very disappointed with the fact that there's been very little progress in progress with mr anon six point peace plan and that both sides the opposition and the syrian government have been seen in some ways violating their agreements to a cease fire and many other things outlined by the six point peace plan but ambassador churkin said it's very important to know the fact that. the responsibility of course lies on the syrian government the opposition group also is still carrying out acts of violence and it's important for those that are arming or financing the our opposition group to look at this circumstance and understand that
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maybe those moves are provoking the violence and further escalating it so he's marina reporting the meantime the rebels are now said to be urging u.n. envoy kofi annan to declare that is peace plan is a failure this has damascus says it remains committed to the world body's efforts to form a syrian ambassador to turkey says that he expects an escalation of foreign funded terrorism as the u.s. hints that intervention. over five thousand violations by two groups have been actually documented by you and observers. it's very clear that there are local regional and international powers at the moment on a spark can go off some sort of civil war in syria based on sectarian criteria and ethnic factors they are trying now to play the final card which is the
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sectarian the ethnic factor that's why we anticipate that some more massacres will take place committed by those two groups fundamentalist salafist twenty six libyans who need. some citizens of other countries have been killed in action in syria in what they call the jihad what we call. against syrian civilians the syrian army and syrian security forces if they decide to take a foolish step they have to bear with it this is not libya this is not yemen this is syria. and here are two we always enjoyed when you get involved with our stories on our website we're asking what you think about a possible intervention in syria majority here we go here the numbers are from r.t. dot com let's see that most of you saying it's already happening with foreign powers already assisting the rebels fourteen percent of you think the intervention
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will not happen with beijing and moscow against it one of the same number for this hour same number of you saying that it's just a matter of time with nato states ready to bypass international law and the rest say that if assad goes things will settle down and without external interference you can still get your vote in. dot com. meantime or the french president says paris doesn't rule out military interaction in syria it comes as a disappointment to those who hope francois hollande would reverse his predecessor's aggressive foreign policy and instead focus of problems on the home front. as the story. was a new president. but not soon new rhetoric just two weeks into his post you're with somebody i know i heard bernard on relived the mention of military intervention in it but it is not really dealt. it's. a comment that came in response to the
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massacre in syria. from the leader of a country that led the implementation of a no fly zone over libya last year critics have pointed out that there was no real choice between french president francois launch and his predecessor nicolas sarkozy but for those who thought they had voted for change now appeared to be already faced with a case of deja vu one of the pillars of the laws election campaign was the pledge to pull french troops out of afghanistan this has made many hopeful the new president would focus on issues at home rather than spending millions of military campaigns overseas but it seems they were wrong as foreign affairs magazine put it french foreign policy is on the odd apartment nothing her. french horn. and that's not the right thing. for him not even an issue and a last words are in line with the position of bernard on the levy
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a french activists and philosopher who wrote an open letter calling on the lawn to quote take the initiative in syria assad knows that is counted for him the next day may have been see is to stop the killing in syria i'm innocent of libby's active role of convincing former fed president sarkozy to support the libyan intervention and should france take the interventionists route again some say it begs a new question what's going to we're not going to interview the humanitarian argument is used to lower the bow for foreign intervention. before that i mean some to give the go when you intervene for me when when there was a genocide you know it's a massacre and we were in for a little too a winter been. in vain about where we were going to intervene in korea while all along to starting to sound a lot like sarkozy some analysts. point out that there may be no real teeth to such
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rhetoric this time around telling that he will only act with u.n. mandate. it is nothing nothing because. china and russia. we can be sure that he can he can do anything and as far as french people are concerned they don't care about the point but you see they'd rather their new president do something to put out the economic fire in their own backyard first and foremost tesser cilia r.t. brussels. just turning ten minutes past the hour here in moscow you're watching artsy still to come for you out of the whistleblowers extradition julian assange has legal team battled to keep him from being shipped off to sweden on sex crimes charges fears that he could ultimately be poppy passed on to the united states. the people of ireland voting on the future of their finances and sovereignty and if
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the majority says yes to the so-called e.u. fiscal pact power over the country's budget and the or thirty to impose penalties will largely lay with brussels. smith reports from dublin. it's hope since choice island has two options is it goes out to vote on a fiscal pact with the e.u. to say yes to writing austerity into law and cede precious sovereignty to brussels say no and incur the wrath of the european central bank and potentially kissed goodbye to e.u. bailouts and it looks like it's going to be close to resembling yes this time is that we are in the e.u. now we've lost a veto and it would be foolish to do anything else it is a matter of where we were both looking for to change france. has to go down groove austerity and that's have gone so far and it's not working there's no change in our
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at the moment so that's why our people want to send a message to your votes taking place against the backdrop of a failing economy unemployment up to fifteen percent welfare payments a cut public sector spending has been slashed everyone's feeling the pinch including publican jimmy killed near he's seen his turnover full by heart as locals batten down the hatches we would have had. five full time employees yeah for part time we're now down to two full time to part time we had a restaurant upstairs which is now closed and that's another three full time jobs gone disposable income is it's a huge factor it's the discretionary spend that people have it you can see it throughout. the restaurant business and people are very very very careful on how they spend their money to pay the economies tightly bound to the ailing eurozone
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through bank loans and bailouts and many economists think a no vote would mean even steeper austerity and difficulty borrowing from financial markets we would find ourselves through. being looked at the sky by foreign direct investment financial investment they would say well are these people really in or over the european core that's arguable the sense of the sensibility of what's going on but if there's a global and they want to be part of this you know you join the army you are tickets we would be rejecting and i think that would be. attractive from a national pride perspective is it a pride we can afford i'm not sure people think it is thanks to their constitution the arash are the only european people who get to vote on the pact at all but two e.u. member governments have already signed it but if they vote no the irish will be joining a growing anti austerity backlash france's new president francois hollande has
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talked about trying to renegotiate the pact and germany's angela merkel despite having written the treaty can't get her own parliament to ratify it most of ireland's main political party supports it but not richard boyd barrett of the united left alliance because of all of the gambling debts of banks and speculators of import on to the books of the state that this would mean permanent austerity billions worth of cults every year for at least a decade or more in order to meet the treaty targets and we believe will do on told damage to the economy which is already very traumatized for ireland it seems more damaging austerity is up ahead no matter which way it turns here in dublin literally every available post in the city is bristling with referendum posters the new posters call the fiscal pact the bankers tracy the austerity packed meanwhile the yes campaign maintains it's all about stability either way the future looks
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bleak many seem willing to cede silver and tea in exchange for financial backup but even that's not guaranteed in a beleaguered euro is a euro smith r.t. done. let. richard boyd garrett who we've just seen just talking to the or smith also gave us his opinion on the austerity programs now gripping the eurozone he believes the cuts have destroyed greece and ireland should stay well clear of them . i think goldman's main weapon in trying to get people to vote yes has been fear threats that money won't come out of the a.t.m. is that the be no money to pay pensions and social welfare so there's no positive reasons being given it's just we've got to take this austerity all the wise there will be disaster and in fact we think the disaster is happening already it's clear greece have been if you like the major victims of austerity and now they're proposing to generalize that austerity all right across europe and it didn't work in greece what makes them think it's going to work in the rest of your i think if
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we continue down the road of austerity we're about a year behind greece in terms of the devastation that is likely to be coals to the economy in our societies and so we think it is very very urgent that we call a hold and demand that both our government and european leaders and the policy of bailing out banks and paying for it with brutal austerity being imposed on the people when that is doing such obvious and serious damage to the economy and its prospects for cover. and you can watch the full interview with the irish m.p. richard boyd barrett in just over an hour's time here on not see. a lot of my putin is heading west to talk energy and economics on his first foreign trip since being reelected as russia's president he'll be visiting germany and france but the first . relations between moscow and minsk could become somewhat strained that was during the presidency of to me. but
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a political analyst believes this will now change. if you look at the economic ties between russia and these countries you will see a very clear picture burden is russia's biggest partner in europe and the european union is in general russia's biggest trading partner and in the former soviet union velour which is the biggest trading fog in the close of trading partners and they're going to discuss economy they're going to discuss their joint venture on production of drugs they're going to discuss privatization of the russian enterprises by russian business and i would say that quarrel. with bill it was there were more still on the line between will question and former president maybe buddha was always very cautious he never got involved in a very very. angry exchange awards that took place between midriff and will question call and there is a lot less bad blood between them and even made
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a video if you know it just changed his tone towards a question during the last one in the hof years. of course we've got all of our top stories covered on air and online dot com let's have a look at the website now and see what else is waiting for example of a. piracy agreement dealt a blow by the european parliament. protests but the treaty could still come into force all those details on this developing story online. and the field. discovered in moscow the authorities saying the hemp seeds must have come in the soil. grows. more on the.
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the official. video. and. thanks for joining us here on r t today. lawyers are considering a last ditch attempt to stop his extradition to sweden after much legal wrangling the supreme court ordered the whistleblowers transferred questions on sex crimes accusations which he denies journalist and author al book believes that after.
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could be washington. what i've seen so far on the net is pretty consistent with what we have seen all along in the past eighteen months or so and that is a mainly hostile and negative attitude towards. julian assange and his attempt to avoid extradition to the us or to sweden i think the swedish prosecutors have invested so much per stage in this case that they're under a lot of pressure to get him convicted of something so i don't think they're just going to walk away from the case but they may surprise us yet. most of my life first far in the united states citizen and i have studied its foreign policy and its government's activities for quite a while and it would surprise me if they don't try to get it but i think it's a given. we'll get to the r.t. world update soon but for now we're scotland yard has received a tip about who might have murdered former russian security agent alexander litvinenko back in two thousand and six and it's
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a percent of british investigators living then because father blames exiled russian billionaire boris berezovsky and one of his associates so now reports on whether this new revelation will even affect the long running case. further twists in the story surrounding the poisoning. of former security official alexander litvinenko a live in your case has revealed in an interview the names of the people he says of the killers of his son other people he names of the russian billionaire boris a better result and alex told both former colleagues and friends of alexander litvinenko. it was berezovsky and gold for. energy how do you think alexander first became infected with polonium to turn why do you think this case has been dragging on for so long have been no court case
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because they don't have anything and if it were to open it will become apparent who was behind it. pays money to some high personas. everyone is covering everyone my boy son who was just caught in the hands of i want to return to russia to seek justice for my son's death alex goen he's the chairman of. the liberty phone was a very close confidant of the in the weeks leading up to his death he was the unofficial spokesman he was also the man he wrote the statement at the time of the yankees that accusing the russian government of carrying out that crime though after the death the investigation stake is very heavily over bodyguards andrei lugovoy he is now a russian and he recently passed a lie detector test that was carried out by british acts but did you do anything that led to the death of alexander litvinenko. were you involved in alexander
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litvinenko. have you ever had any dealings with polonium. livin in case father volta had previously apologized to him if he knew a thing that he wasn't. in this crime being carried out now in an interview with r t both live in yankee had said that he was with alexander at the time that he died and that alexander litvinenko had written down the names of the people responsible for this on a piece of paper he's also told r.t. that he should be used as a witness now and indeed it seems on the back of this interview and these revelations could now be used as evidence and perhaps we can see this now being a further push to the british authorities to continue other lines of investigation and other attempts to finding the truth of what really happened in this case. by dimitri standing by with the business in just a moment for now though iraq starts the r.t. world update and a spate of bombings in the country has killed at least twelve and injured twenty
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nine eight others died after a bomb went off near a restaurant in northern back died three others were killed in blasts targeting police officials in other areas of the city and a car bombing near a home of an adviser to the iraqi prime minister left one civilian dead iraq has seen a number of deadly attacks in recent months after the last u.s. troops left in december. israel's handed the bodies of ninety one palestinians to authorities in the west bank the remains belong to those who died in past decades while carrying out attacks on israel israel says the move is aimed at encouraging peace talks which collapsed in two thousand and ten after refused to stop building settlements on land seized from palestinians if the talks fail again the country's defense minister says israel could define the borders of a future palestinian state unilaterally. the first private
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spacecraft ever to reach the international space station is now on its way back to earth the robotic arm of the i assessed has released the dragon capsule a shuttle to plunge into the pacific ocean off mexico in about two hours' time it will be recovered from there the cargo vehicle built by a california based company space x. spend five days in orbit on a test mission america has been without its own means of transportation into the since the shuttles were retired last year. as promised there's dimitri standing by the r.t. business center good to see you though bad news i understand the russian currency seeing a tremendous drop yes and this nosedive is becoming worse and worse pretty much by the minute war gets a bit later start with europe where we've also seen a reaction to the latest jobs dates of the past week the u.s. economy. as that of one hundred thirty three thousand jobs which is a bit better than in the previous month all together is showing a slowdown of pace since the first quarter compared to the first quarter but both
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markets are still in positive territory with a foot zero point four percent of taxpayers the barely there on also rumors of a creation of a new banking union the suggestion has been made within the european commission to help bail out banks and control the banking sector in europe over on the commodities market we are seeing a plunge following that employment data in the united states continues to decline we are seeing the worst world crisis since of last year and this is not providing any support to the russian currency the ruble as i've mentioned it's continuing its nosedive and now losing seventeen four kopeks versus the dollar that's more than two percent versus the greenback now these are fresh three year lows we haven't seen since the crisis year of two thousand and nine and the fact that it's losing against of both currencies to the euro as you can see there are more than two
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percent also ninety five go back means that the central bank is not intervening to support the russian currency. have been saying that they are expecting basically some news out from europe first of all before going ahead with these moves on the russian market. and the my six are moving in different directions but. yes we'll go back to the topic of the ruble first of all i just told that we have an opinion from steve gay gritty of the head of the new economic school he says basically that the fall of the ruble is nothing to be surprised by. they think it is normal the trouble is weakening right now it's an emerging markets currency it's also an oil currency so whenever europe is going through the volatility it has no. investor sorry but creating money from emerging markets joining the risk of. that that we can see just like rob i think this is
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a very good news that the central bank doesn't intervene in interfere and let the ruble slide i think this sends a very strong signal that central bank is committed to the floor change rate. policy which it has announced that more last year and is going to work vis here if oil price goes back a little ball will strengthen their four slides down. there but the very fact that the central bank is committed to the floor going to change rate policy and the inflation target and i think it's good news for russian inflation macroeconomic stability. all right very quick look at the markets and the my six is gaining on a weaker ruble the r.t.s. is still holding on the back of lower oil prices one off a cent cyclical what's moving in the m i six and interesting here is a cases it's outperforming the market of one point seven percent on news of the first quarter profit grew almost four times against the same period last year to three hundred eighty million dollars and gazprom is high on news that it sets up
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a fifty fifty joint venture with the sleeve idiot to build the plant south street pipeline across its territory. russia china setting up a joint venture to build new passenger planes based on russia's illusion aircraft provide the technology in beijing the cash project is worth between seven and twelve billion dollars with an estimated seven years to produce the first plane business r.t. caught up with the head of boeing international and he said russia has a huge market potential but we'll have more on this next hour and around fifty five minutes i'll be back with another market update.
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