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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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top stories this hour syria's foreign ministry says the gangs were responsible for the massacre in the town of houla in a bid to start a civil war that's as washington warns it's ready to sideline the u.n. and go into syria. the power to choose on and vote on whether to hand over the country's money matters to brussels which could see its sovereignty surrendered to . the tip off in a high profile who dunnit the father of poison to execute the agent alexander litvinenko believes an exiled russian tycoon bodies but is also was behind his murder in london that's the way it is for the moment here and i'll be back with another summary for in half an hour from now in the meantime we're crossing over to washington d.c. where the other in a show looks at why u.s. politicians are safeguarding the banks.
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welcome to the lower show we'll get the real headlines with none of the mercy or come alive out of washington d.c. now tonight we'll be speaking with william black here in our studio he was supposed to be briefing a bipartisan group of congress members on derivatives the role they played in our financial crisis the continuing role they play and risk to our economy but guess what he was invited he's going to tell us why they fear his bank bashing in his own words then true thousand jason leopold is going to join us to talk about his new investigation and the brother of the first high value get taney divide up he's been imprisoned he's been an f.b.i. informant his immigration process has been completely blocked so is it all because of his last name we're going to all that and more for tonight including
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a dose of happy hour but first take a look at what the mainstream media has decided to miss. you know sometimes you just can't help but feel like all hope is lost when you watch the mainstream media and ok that's many days but the last couple of days have been particularly bad and painful and i think you know it's because this story right here will just not go away. when romney arrived in but las vegas he did it in the shadow of the giant trump plane and all day trump doubled down on further talk on every possible platform that donald trump could find the tries to focus on jobs and the economy trump is hammering away at the so-called birth or issue questioning whether or not president obama was born in united states donald trump still in the spotlight dominating the airwaves by reigniting talk of the president's birth certificate romney rakes in cash with the country's number one birth certificate
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authenticity enthusiastic as you said he was struck by donald trump because this summer we're talking about we're not talking about him clinching the nomination we're talking about the birth or issue about whether the president was born in the united states and all because of one of his surrogates of birth or in chief the donald who took what was supposed to be a milestone day for the romney and turned it into a political circus over the president's birth certificate mitt romney is once again letting it ride on donald trump the real estate tycoon is still voicing his doubts about whether president obama was actually born in the u.s. a lot of people are questioning his birth certificate they're questioning the authenticity of the birth certificate there are many people that don't agree with that president because they don't think it's authentic. this is a political circus now we spoke about this story a little bit last night we made fun of donald trump on happy hour last night but that's it to be honest there were some things that actually did surprise me with the inability of this story to die off for everyone else now i've gotten used to
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the completely mindless hour for hour coverage in the mornings during the day at least the evening shows on some of the cable networks will sometimes rise above but last night i was incredibly disappointed especially because yesterday we finally saw the president's kill list become a big story with the new york times piece that came out it just gave us even more details and what is the scariest most disturbing course of action at this president his take it he's decided to make a decision by himself on who lives and who dies and the sick thing is that they're trying to use this as a sign of his strength to show what a responsible leader he is that these kinds of decisions of who to execute with a drone strike lie on his shoulders alone it's not a sign of strength it's an abuse of power like i told david pacman when i was on his show earlier today this sounds more like a dictator a king not a democratically elected president to have one man play judge jury and executioner
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goes completely against the values in the constitution and it's a former constitutional law professor that's the one doing it what could possibly be more disturbing now unfortunately the liberal media the so-called progressive on m.s.n. b.c. last night they chose not to talk about it mitt romney and donald trump that was apparently a much bigger story there was something else on t.v. last night they deserved everyone's attention a great documentary done by frontline on yemen and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula now their guardian journalist ghaith abdul-ahad he met with members of a q a p he wrote along with that we should worry guts and bravery the most journalists do these days and he visited the site of the drone strike where anwar locky sixteen year old son was killed. the so the sports where the son over there can preach i'm going to look he was killed. the sixteen year old son of the carter leader was a u.s. citizen his son and eight of his friends were sitting in this place having dinner
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and they were targeted by one group gets here another rocket that if you see this big. circle talking to them and then with another rocket beyond this. they say it's an american targeted killing. but an american citizen of course. now a lot of people out there are of the mindset that anwar locky deserved to be killed and they have no problem with his own government doing it without a due process but rarely do we really hear about his sixteen year old son you know this is part of the obama administration's strategy this is all part of the kill list in which innocent civilians are just treated as collateral damage and in fact their deaths are often covered up because as we learned the president considers any male of military age in a strike zone which is now the entire world to be a combatant but the thing we have to realize is that this has become the new recruiting tool this is the new thing to fight against and frontline actually
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showed that at an a.p. propaganda but. they also gave away d.v.d.'s including one called the survivors of our commanders who survived drone attacks. surviving or being killed in a u.s. drone strike has seen as a badge of honor here. now you can and you should watch the entire documentary at p.b.s. dot org frontline but like i said things like this they should always be the top stories if you want americans ever really understanding of our policies their effects a real understanding of the countries the cultures the tribal structure in areas where we wage our shadow wars and this is what everyone should be pointing to and it's not new either jeremy scahill report. on this months ago we had him here on the show but then the washington post yesterday reported on how drone strikes have become a root recruiting tool as if it was brand new and i guess i should at least give morning joe and m.s.m. d.c. a little credit for talking about that washington post report this morning but come
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on people we all know better we all know there's a lot more to it there are a lot of voices out there speaking the truth and the not enough people are listening and a large part of that is thanks to the mainstream media doesn't see it as a priority but tonight i'd like to particularly call out the so-called left i want to bare isman it is the greatest crimes of the obama administration they choose to miss. now since the financial crash we've been reminded time and time again the practices on wall street haven't changed the proper regulations have been put into place for example you remember that recent j.p. morgan debacle and we all know the no criminal charges have been brought against the heavy hitters either but is part of the problem that congress actually wants to remain ignorant and in the dark just wait until you hear this story william black a frequent guest on our show he was supposed supposed to brief parts and group of
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members of congress on the subject of financial derivatives until he found out that he had been disinvited so was it a mix up and they overbooked nope here comes the kicker they were afraid that he might engage in too much quote bank bashing so joining me to discuss it is william black associate professor of law and economics at the university of missouri kansas city and author of the best author of the book the best way to rob a bank is to own one of corporate executives and politicians looted the s n l industry bill so nice to have you here in studio with us it's good to be here for you and tell me you know more about the exact statement that they gave you the bank bashing they said they were afraid you're going to be confrontational this came directly from from members. congress now from the staff of members of congress explaining why i was disinvited and why i couldn't be added so this supposedly there was a consensus about a balance of the panel of course if they added me they could add tell the
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republicans i had someone else so that never made any sense what does make sense is well the title of the book if they don't like that title of the book very much they consider that bank bashing and they don't like the fact that we are continuing the warning so you just talked about a frontline special there's a superb frontline special called the warning about brooksley born and it has to do exactly with the subject that congress was supposed to learn about because the warning was when she was chair of the commodities futures trading commission and she said this kind of financial derivatives credit to small swaps are completely unregulated and they're going to cause a disaster and what did they do they got together to make sure that she was crushed they passed a law the commodities future modernization act of two thousand under clinton saying that not only could the c f.t.c. not issue a particular regulation to protect us on credit default swaps. removed all of its
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authority to have any protective regularly given that was a warning right that was years ago that we had a crash that you had a bunch of people coming out and pointing the finger at to rivet is saying look this is a really really need to focus on right and how are we still here where we're still try to have members of congress learn about derivatives and we're going to go teach them about it flaherty for one invited flash forward to your intro what just happened j.p. morgan through jamie diamond stepped in it and it stepped in a really bad at the worst part of timing because even though we had that warning from brooksley born and then we had the disaster largely driven by the worst law. just institutions the ones we call systemically dangerous which is not the reason they accuse a bank bashing but it's true that's their definition that when the next one fails it will cause a global systemic crisis so they're systemically dangerous it's just that we call
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a spade a spade right anyhow how do they blow up the world was turning out to prove it what are they doing now the same thing and what has happened. congress to some extent but a much greater extent treasury and the federal reserve they've gotten at this point a rule that says anything you call it. is ahead even though it operates the opposite way of a hedge and actually makes your last bigger than i call that's exactly we spoke about you know a lot of times when you're on the show with hedging its morgan paying as you have seen it was first blowing up but explain this to me because you have actually been invited and you wrote about this five times just since the recent financial crisis and so what makes this time different that you would be disinvited because you want everyone to get well first we don't know i mean they are the ones who does this involve respect what they explained was the bank bashing here's what we know the
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setting is j.p. morgan just stepped in it and i've been writing about this. article after article explaining how morgan is a disaster how diamond should be removed from office that j.p. morgan isn't the one that you're going to be briefing are all right if the numbers of congress so is it about is money about you know who is filling their campaign coffers it's about derivatives and yes the leading contributor to both parties is big finance and their biggest thing in the world is gutting the full karole and right now they've won that battle and they were clearly going to win it but for the fact that j.p. morgan blew big hole in its entire budget so if they don't want people coming in front of this group and saying this is how the disaster happened but as you mentioned there's an effort out there right now a lot of people want for this conflict of interest to be removed as well right they
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want jamie dimon to step down from being on the fed and so there's thirty two thousand people that have signed a letter i know that you're one of them talking more about that more about how that is so important to write so there's a new group that calls itself the top walks i didn't make up the title but i plead guilty to being one and tries to get together on the big issues like this where you can get consensus among pretty broad scale of economists and say doesn't matter under libertarian principles conservative principles. progressive principles conflicts of interests are bad you shouldn't allow them and this looks terrible as well as substantively being terrible so we've had lots of investigations and testimony saying in practice this leads to bad things so we're urging people to stop it so there's that effort that you just talked about i'm also on the advisory group for senator sanders on the federal reserve and he has just introduced
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legislation also to try to that's right not really have been out on the show you know there's one thing that's interesting that you mention about that though is that people from different party lines can all come together because certain things are in all of our interests and so you write about this too in the sense that when you were a regulator you were apolitical and that that's that's a rarity you know our our our our our regulators to partisan these days even if we think even if we look at this certain agencies that are out there that's the scene what not yes and members of congress are even more partisan than back in the day and the combination is an exceptionally bad one so other than brooksley born who as you say it was nearly fifteen years ago when she issued this warning who has there been who really committed what it called a career limiting gesture a c.e.o. g.l. do you guess that they were willing to put their career on the line and say i don't
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care that i will never be appointed to office again i don't care that i'll never be invited to congress again we're going to go public with our concerns and we're not going to be self century ourselves because of fears of the banks and the way but the idea the biggest banks of the world are afraid of being there with an economist slash lawyer criminologist from university of missouri kansas city i would never know we could inspire such an effort at their very power they call fifteen million dollars a year i guess now you realize how much power you know that you're right but so then in coming out and speaking out about the fact that you that they know. briefing members of congress are you making one of these c.l. g.'s do you think that it's going to be. oh yes the chief of staff has spotted called me to remain and to demand the names of my bosses so that he can communicate with them and i don't think he's going to communicate love notes but maybe i'll be surprised well and i have to wrap it up unfortunately bill but you know so people
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know this is not the first time this happened to you back in the eighty's too and at that point when you blew the whistle people did try to threaten you and you know get your job taken away from you so when you say that he's making calls to your bosses it's not funny business but thanks so much for joining us thank you. there's still much more to come after the break we'll have you said i read it and i will tell you about one man's trials and tribulations of being the brother of pantano bay detainee.
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i should be trying to. move on from some stupid. stunts on t.v. don't call me. ok it's time for you said it i read it right take time to respond to the brilliant engaging the or comments that we get from facebook twitter and you too because when you've got something to say i listen now first we've received some very mixed responses to our tool time last night pertaining to the seventeenth amendment chatsworth a.t.v. rentals said on you tube the people gave us bush clinton and obama their choices resulted in endless wars and limitless debt the seventeenth amendment weakened state sovereignty todd akin is correct on this one power corrupts and the federal government has too much power then mexico munchen also said on you tube the reason
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the seventy the men that came to pass was because the senate had become an outright political whore house with the wealthy bribing governors and legislatures to get seats the seventeen made it far more difficult for politicians to whore themselves out but they still found a way now i'm going to agree more with the latter argument on this one obviously if you saw my take on the matter last night but really guys think about it this isn't about the federal government if your beef is that there are many minutes made that apply better really well then why do we get rid of all the investments the entire got to do is it now the truth is that taking away voting rights from the people and then letting politicians pick more politicians that's just asking for corruption plain and simple now gerry gooch tweeted about our newest information spreading avenue hulu he tweeted that as and said at the lower show at hulu finally drop. the truth on the hulu masses that's right guys don't forget that we are now on hulu so please spread the word and then finally receive this really intriguing email about
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my length of length of my skirts so dear alone i've watched your show since almost the beginning the thing i now notice is your skirts are getting longer do you think a short skirt detracts from the seriousness of the content of your program i.e. the shorter the skirt the lower the i.q. wrong the content is always good and varied but why shouldn't you look ravishing and desirable while presenting kindest regards nick fielding phone now we actually had to cut the sweater down but make also said that these days i look dowdy and old fashioned but to answer some of nick's questions no i don't get orders from above on the length of my skirts and yeah there are probably a few i wore in the past that i thought twice about but in general i just wear what i like and i hope the majority of our viewers like it too that's of my ranting this week probably back with more as usual next week. now let's talk about. mohammed hussein he's better known as abu zubaida he was the first high value guantanamo detainee he was the first prisoner to be waterboarding the torture
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program was built around him and the u.s. government claimed for years that he was involved in every major terrorist operation carried out by al qaeda including the nine eleven attacks and they said he was one of the highest ranking members of al qaeda prior to capture of course now over the last ten years however those claims have been increasingly watered down and yet still sits in guantanamo bay today in camp seven a top secret section of the prison and he's never been charged with stories become well known for those following the guantanamo chronicles but our guest tonight has just concluded a fourteen month investigation that shines a light on his brother his shop and despite the fact that he hadn't even seen his brother since he was eleven or twelve years old who lives here in the u.s. has spent two years in prison he's been an f.b.i. informant he's been threatened numerous times deportation and more jail time and he thinks that it's all because of his last name so joining me from our studio in los angeles is jason leopold lead investigative reporter for truth or jason thanks for
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joining us tonight on the show at this incredibly lengthy and great investigation that you did here but you've got to tell me first start by telling us how it is that we never heard about this brother right if this is supposedly one of the highest value detainees at guantanamo bay that you know that there's been so much news about over the last ten years how do we know they had a brother a brother living in the united states. that's exactly the question i had when i stumbled across a comment left on a blog by a person who identified himself as a sham why haven't we heard from him before. and frankly don't have an answer to that you know the f.b.i. did not even speak to him prior to nine eleven they spoke to his wife so it's it's really unclear and i was stunned when i found the comment and eventually tracked him down to florida where he's currently living with his wife and and daughter and he has been for the past ten years basically paying for the alleged crimes
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committed by his brother as you referenced in in the introduction by you know being an f.b.i. informant with the promise. of being led to believe that the f.b.i. could help him obtain a green card and just two years ago you know he was forced to testify against his brother before a grand jury authenticate his appearance in a videotape again he said i'm not sure that's my brother you know you more or less say it is ok and that videotape actually was used in the war crimes trial of another guantanamo detainees but again it's you know he's been living in obscurity and he has been obviously you know very upset by the fact that his brother who we know as abu zubaida. has been getting
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all the attention if you will while he's sitting here here in the united states and . he was unable to tell his story and when i spoke to him a fan of the story let me ask you something that's going to break it is a fascinating story for you know what do you what do you call it because i think that we see a few different dynamics here on one hand you see the fact that nobody thought to hand before nine eleven although they had been on the track. in monitoring invite and nobody even knew they had a brother brother live here in the united states and so that doesn't look so good for our intelligence capabilities and then post nine eleven we've seen possibly it go to the other extent right where it goes to over kill where you have monitoring massive monitoring of muslim groups but you know in in his case was he just kind of unlucky to. he you know he obviously makes the claim that it's because of his last name that he's been dealing with these issues for the
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past decade i obtained thousands of documents on the freedom of information act that actually back that up more or less that show that you know the f.b.i. micromanaged its case to some extent as well as the justice department you know let me just make clear that u.s. counterterrorism officials claimed they knew he was in the u.s. they were trying to make arrangements to speak with him prior to nine eleven unfortunately nine eleven happened and they were unable to do that but as i noted it was his wife that they spoke to three weeks before nine eleven so it's this is really a story about two brothers one. who is trying to pursue the american dream that's why he came here and another brother the alleged terrorist who is referred to my story as holly who was dead set on allegedly destroying the united states and they have lived utterly separate lives and unfortunately his family came
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collateral damage and he lives in limbo now in this country he could be deported at any time if the united states found a country willing to take him. so how does he feel about all this you know how to what are his feelings towards his brother what are his feelings towards the fact that his brother has also been detained at guantanamo bay for all these years and never charged the fact that he didn't recognize him when you know the feds were showing pictures of his suppose a brother who he hadn't seen since he was a child is an angry person you know was he like. he has mixed emotions you know he has been very angry any any time us to report to probation he gets very angry with his brother you know it's a reminder of the life that he has been living and he does have to report to probation regularly when he started to read stories about the torture that his
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brother was subjected to the torture techniques he started feeling very badly very sad is the way that he describes it feeling that look you know this is still my brother i haven't seen him since he was twelve you were twelve years old since i was twelve years old that's sham but the memory that he has of his brother is someone that protected him from neighborhood bullies someone who you know would put him on the on his lap when they would drive over to the beach. and you know what he describes is just a good guy. those are his words so he has a lot of mixed emotions and he has had difficulty coming to terms with. you know what what what has happened to his brother i mean he even says that he was absolutely unaware that his brother was involved in any terrorist activities until the f.b.i. came knocking on his door and while that may seem hard for some people you know to
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believe and it certainly was for me as a reporter it it makes sense you know he's one of ten children. the one who was in course who is in prison at guantanamo you know left home when he was eighteen and nobody ever really heard from him again and i have to i have to go on pretty soon fortunately let me just let go let me interrupt you just run a minute because we have just a minute left can you just tell us a little bit about what happened when you tried to file a formal request to get more information on his case i know that you know the feds showed up at his door and were wondering why one would want this information which makes it seem makes you wonder why they want to cover it all up. that's sort of what indicated to me that perhaps this was a big a big story i follow freedom of information act request with the f.b.i. we're requesting his documents his case file and that led the f.b.i. to send an agent out to his house last august to speak with him to find out what he told me to find out whether i coerced him into signing an authorization form to
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find out perhaps whether i even bribed him into doing it and the f.b.i. has said they identified about twelve hundred pages of documents i have yet to see those documents all right well jason thanks so much for joining us tonight and telling us really is a fascinating story like you said someone who is a hopeful immigrant and really just countering that with that with the story of these two brothers thanks so much think you. are just ahead of the show julian assange is finally learned his fate in court today so we'll tell you what's next for the wiki leaks co-founder and we'll talk about a recent report from the state department.


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