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i don't mean that a little. while the math here our ways are due here is a look at the top stories the u.s. and its allies ridicule syrian government claims that terrorists are responsible for last weekend's houla massacre in which more than one hundred died washington admits military intervention plans are in the pipeline and says it's considering sidestepping the u.n. if necessary. and tough talk on syria is expected in germany and france today where president putin will be discussing business and politics on his first foreign tour of his new term in office moscow hopes europe will rediscover russia as a lucrative investment for the future. and telling the tolls
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irish government tags of polls suggest a country has voted yes to use this treaty which opponents say doing silent a year is a blank stare and loss of sovereignty to brussels going out that's three point one million eligible to vote did so in services referendum up next a special report on a volunteer organization that helps find missing people across russia. every night in the moscow region of several people disappear. volunteers from the search group a leisurely that are investigating the disappearance of a missing child. they'd year old alexei szell in north and left school after lessons but never came home in the evening for a child moscow at night is not safe. during the search operation and information
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service helps the volunteers some compassion all but tell the crews to stop the search the boy has been found. help stop we found i'm. very well we found him you look because everything is all right voyager well done. nothing of course we have a new search. at the girl aged care and her name is lisa proclivity of up in the town of bill clinton in a meeting place is to be decided. yesterday evening at least oprah coffee ever was riding a kick scrutineer her home when she unexpectedly disappeared she was wearing a pink jacket and blue jeans it has been two days now since she was last seen it is
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not certain where releaser is who she might be with or even if she is still alive please or alert volunteers seek to answer these questions hi guys how you seen these girls look closely did you see her yesterday you know. militia leaves not far from here no i don't know her. and you know i. know we will looking for a nine year old girl named elisa perkoff humor who went missing yesterday while riding a scooter she could not have gotten far but that night she did not come back how. our task is to conduct a survey among people who might have seen the child yesterday or today. by witnesses have told the group that they had seen a child with a man holding her by the hand police immediately initiated a criminal case even when it is impossible to be cynical when it comes to such
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matters you can't help but take it to heart there are all different we have different occupations but searching for a child is important. volunteers sometimes have to search in places that locals try to avoid. to find the child the team has to investigate the area around the disused railway and industrial zones. while the search group looks for the girls another report has come in. an elderly man is lost in the woods outside moscow. you are right guys i need you to break out into groups everyone is going to go. every search group is preparing to examine a specific area of forest. that
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people we should be looking for a tent for couches and stuff like there's places where a person could sleep in the woods we should be moving one after another keeping each other inside. come on let's go. was founded in two thousand and ten back then about five hundred volunteers were involved in a similar forest search operation for a lost girl named lisa from canada despite all efforts by the volunteers to go was found dead. while looking for other volunteers got to know each other and decided to unite. they formed a group in honor of the deceased go calling it lisa or alert. these men and women have participated in nearly two hundred search operations just a year and a half after the team was organized these are alert has rescued more than one
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hundred people from death. there is strict discipline in the squad to make sure it works effectively only the most experienced team members can manage search operations while others have to a bay them without question. let's move apart a little bit but not too far otherwise we won't be able to cover the whole area. over time the number of volunteers in the search units has grown with every operation they're ready to respond to every request of the police and the relatives of those missing. a woman is lost in the city of him she has alzheimer's disease we should contact all the hospitals and the ambulance service. according to statistical data most people who end up missing from serious illnesses this time an elderly woman without simers disease vanished on the outskirts of moscow. and then
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mobile had courses volunteers gather information about the disappeared and come up with a such plan. that there are at least two places where she was spotted this is the area close to the railway station towards which she walked today from the main road. because. there is a new comer at least today. her job would be to stick up posters with a picture of the missing woman. what she might have been watching where she was going to and it's like going to the fridge and forgetting that you were going to the fridge anything could have happened to her she was at the market place together with her husband she went to shop and never saw her again. the search for the elderly woman continued all through the night newcomer natalia managed to place around one hundred posters over this time. were usually sick the posters on the
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local information boards. in thailand does not like to discuss what brought her to leeds or alert just like most of her colleagues italia has her own motives for helping those in trouble quite recently she lost one of her close friends yep it's not that i came here because my friend was missing once and another reason. is that i simply cannot stand aside anything can happen to anyone if i got lost and my parents have to search for me all by themselves without any help that would be very hard indeed. every hour the atmosphere the laser alert headquarters gets more tense they cannot continue to search because night has fallen and the areas they have to go to are not safe even during the day. look at the platforms task over there yes over there at least to those shady garages fallen trees pounces and dark side
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streets. in most cases people less searching for stop sound way out when it gets dark it is dangerous to stay out here in the dark and many understand that. because of how many crews do we have today there is one car there's one more car that he the trunk girls are four of you if you make one cripple k. ok. to gay of heads the organization in every day life he's a businessman. the missing woman was found alive adorn at a hospital she simply could not recall the name because of her out simon's.
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nash to me maybe this furniture shop is our family business belongs to me my wife and her sister of course it helps in our search operations but we didn't have this place it would make it very hard to participate in the project. gory as it work now he has to take care of his business but in just a few hours the businessman will switch roles once more and. our volunteers have a strong civil consciousness. and they can help during the search. can stay at home and watch t.v. or do some sort of extreme sport. or instead they can spend their energy like we do staying out in the woods in the rain spending sleepless nights to
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find a missing person. what can i say it's extremely important which. helps create volunteer squads in other russian cities they're being organized in practically every place where search operations have been conducted. well a girl has gone missing in the czech askew region her name is christian ish because she's disabled. that's about just more still here everybody has parked their cars so you may come. so you know ok i got you. fifty kilometers south of moscow the expedition stops. seventeen year old christina spiegel nova went out for a walk since then the has been no information regarding where she is the volunteers see the situation as critical because christina is handicapped. and girl got lost
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on the tenth of april christina has a disability she lifted an orphanage until her brother to come home to be her guardian. christina's brother alexei together with his wife also decided to participate in the rescue effort but according to the latest reports she has been seen in the past two days this is good news people spotted her in a neighboring village where she used it as a shelter. a search team immediately heads out for the village. we can take one more guy with us what are you waiting for let's go. the team has expanded the search area for christina should be going over they have never had to come through such a huge area before. not yet we have received reports from them we share scale h. where she left from everyone knows her there but no one knows that that girl is lost. but when driving by we will drop off rescuers here to pick them up on our way
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back communication must be set up between the villages ok let's form teams so there should be no people at headquarters. one of the most experienced full and his joins the others searching for christina his name is thomas laughed off he's good at landover in taishan and knows how children think in these. situations. poster is no we can only show them or hand them out to some people and therefore run away finds old that we are looking for them they might run even further the girl is most likely alive if nothing criminal has occurred she might have dropped in at some house to get warm and ask for help. we're looking for a runaway girl have you heard anything about her she is seventeen or. do you recognize this girl. the police are searching for
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a girl if you see anything suspicious please call us thank you. in the neighboring village christina's relatives have joined the search team. here two or three days ago she spent a night at this house entrance then some guys arrived and she left with them. did you see her here. yesterday were together with my dream. do you know christina. hears they saw you with her yesterday it's not true i was at home. the search map is divided into quadrants as evening approaches the number of areas left unchecked grows smaller nobody yet knows where the girl is or water has happened to her newcomers also join the search for christina. my name is and. we need four people now they are to visit a place with
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a specific address where people saw the girl two days ago. in the evening based on the information gathered by the volunteers and it becomes clear that christina is alive and it is only a matter of time until they find a home which is this where she lives you know it is an orphanage. well a boy saw her here in the evening the day before yesterday. where. you know that very soon about him yes and what did he say he says that she only turned up in the evening last time he saw her at night when she rode away in a car where matt and i will inland by the station he says they sometimes bring girls here to some sort of a brothel but people saw how she stopped a car. we're gathering lots of evidence from different places most likely she is
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somewhere nearby the search teams are now focusing on four populated areas or they would be ok to do it we also have time to drop in here. ok i will check here here and here and here to. searching during the night is considered to be the most difficult and dangerous time only experienced volunteers like stanislav tiffen off will be in charge of the operation they will head into the dark streets as christina may be somewhere here among the youths. with she seventeen but she acts like a six year old. call us if you see her. christina speak on over was eventually found several hours later. now her case is being investigated by the police and the happy relatives thank the volunteers for their
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help. i feel no relief so far because we do not know what happened to her we try not to push her if she wants she will tell us everything herself the most important thing is that she is alive. sigrid laboratory tim curry was able to build a news most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care
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about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dog. stanislav tikkun always a programmer by trade but he juggles his every day responsibilities with his work volunteer rescue group. which conducts frequent search operations for missing people. if something urgent happens for example if a child gets lost in the forest i can even finish working earlier than usual i only have to get dressed eat some chocolate and i can head out to go up with. it when we need bandages in two cases first of all we really need them for
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treatment and second to leave signs in the woods or santa slabs wife actively takes part in search operations together with him. that's how everything began a seven year old boy i was missing since love called to tell me about it and i answered that we have to go immediately and that's only my mother in law has not taken part in search operations the one that dungeon plays and you search operation mushroom pickers gone missing two women and a child. leisurely volunteers have reached the edge of the forest by the mushroom pickers were reportedly last seen. well tell me what happened if you if the dog team arrives they will have little chance of finding anything because of the heavy storm the team decides to set up headquarters in a field surrounded by birch trees but getting a car here after
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a heavy downpour is anything but easy hello there. an antenna has already been installed for communication between stuff with search members who had into the forest a code named foxes. furred in folks want to base. connection find charlie to base on test on the connection received controlling start working. i beg you get the people to find the maps we need them badly make them print the mollett several copies please coordinators instruct the volunteers before each operation. when you work in the forest what must you remember first of all children are afraid of loud voices especially of male voices if you don't want to try to run away from you speak quietly if someone
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in the group suddenly becomes sick their doctor is back at the base so you should give your whereabouts and the doctors will arrive. at fox for everyone to come to me let's test the connection and go. into a couple of hours for the volunteers to find the car belonging to the mushroom pickers that means they're not far off we found the car his location data ok give them here . bearing off one seven seven two and a half degrees away from h.q. strictly to the cell phone and. in the meantime the search team which natalia liber didn't sky joined has found themselves in a wind break the forest here can be hazardous any gust of wind can fell the old
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trees in addition there are many wild boars wandering in the woods the fox six to fox five. i think this is the edge of the forest probably here. one of the teams manages to find the mushroom pickers before dark. but yeah. i hurt my leg. like a girl's leg is bleeding slightly and you. found the kill women one of them has hurt her leg. nor in five five kids saves four seven
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five. as it turned out the mushroom pickers were nothing more than a large scale training exercise to test the volunteers it was some a slap to the of who organized it. and these three brave men will go into the forest they will divide into two groups and will be acting as if they got lost i will not tell them which route to follow. the. phillies are in the volunteers have their own all terrain vehicle nickname to l.a. mobile but even then it is having trouble getting to the woman in the forest this is the final part of the difficult exercise over the two women have been found according to the exercise scenario they are injured so they are getting first aid right there should what separates exercises from real life search operations is
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that people aren't scared those lost are ok. the exercise has been a success for volunteers this is a very important part of their work and it's a chance for them to improve their skills and learn how to survive in the woods in any conditions yes in case of an emergency i will go anywhere into the woods nothing will stop me not even the woods. think around the lead to get out of the road. one to come on come on girl go. very up. my car started to drive lag going home. a year ago then six year old sasha also ended up lost in the woods for four days
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the boy drank only rainwater and slept on spruce combs one year later. on a slab visit the boy they rescued here take it thank you sasha does not go to school yet because of the stress he experienced doctors do not allow him the boy likes drawing he draws everything except forests. sascha letters joy fir tree together. i don't want to draw a third tree i don't want to see any interest. well he's a good boy he knew where to sleep he knew or to hide the forest never gives anyone an easy time it makes no exceptions for children either there is absolutely nothing soft in it no warm sun everything looks gloomy but there is always a chance that we will be in time that we will find them and when those go. we go re
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promised to sasha that one day he would give him a ride in his car and today he kept his word. when you go out he also have a big car like this. cheerful voices can be heard in the suburban town of dog probably where the volunteers searched for aliso prokofieff. great news we found her. the missing girl has been found. the fate of the child was found at a hospital in moscow she had taken a train going into the city. and then she was detained as a homeless child at severe low skill real way station. she fooled around and didn't tell anyone her name but today she told the truth working out of go off.
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good bye the leisurely volunteers return home tired but satisfied none of them knows where the next alarm will sound but they have no doubt that it won't be the last either. one minute and tension a child is missing i mean point information on the web site take your closer mahmoud's bring in a mediation device is that food and water. commission
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