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get ready because of the other freedoms. but the ordinary which i really don't really. love and they alone until you know get the real headline with none of them or see the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .
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well piracy and privacy wonks will soon be focused on the european union as they decide whether or not to get on board with the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement more commonly known as active now we've told you about act in the past it's an effort being pushed by the us other nations to combat piracy and intellectual copyright infringement so essentially it would love piracy and counterfeiting into
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one mega agreement and then make these actions criminal rather than civil offenses act would also hold internet service providers responsible for any website and gauging and questionable activity that is if it doesn't step in and play copyright in force or now the worst part about this however though is that we the public we weren't even supposed to know about it that's right we weren't supposed to know that president obama signed this agreement in october of two thousand and eleven along with singapore south korea australia canada and japan and even though the agreement has been in the works for over six years it's all been very hush hush and we only know the majority of the details thanks to a leak from wiki leaks and the thing is that we have no idea if the version of the bill that we've even seen reflects the latest one so as you can imagine as word spread about this bill the public became enraged we even saw people rallying in warsaw poland expressing their discussed over their government drafting agreements behind closed doors and thankfully it looks like the protests in the public outcry
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may have actually been working because the european parliament the group that approves e.u. intellectual property regulation they're not too fond of this agreement either see parliamentary votes are heavily influenced by the decisions of five major committees and a majority of them have already made up their minds the legal affairs civil liberties and industry committees have already announced that they're going to reject the approval now a fourth committee a development panel they have yet to decide in the last committee the trade committee well usually they vote based on the recommendations of the other four so as you can see three of them have already decided that they're opposed to act it now after the books the alliance of liberals and. democrats in the european parliament released a statement explaining their members opposition saying the following they said we remain supportive of multilateral efforts to protecting intellectual property rights but one is based on a sectoral approach and a transparent and publicly discussed mandate and that lack of transparency that is where we find a very curious difference between how the e.u. and the u.s.
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have dealt with act at sea while the e.u. has encouraged transparency europeans have protested the lack of the public's input on such serial serious international agreements america's take it a markedly different approach not only was this agreement drafted behind closed doors with the help of george w. bush and iraq obama but they completely circumvented congress in the process now their argument was that it should be considered a national security secret and is declan mccullagh explain to us last year congressional approval isn't necessary. if this were a formal treaty. this would require the executive branch to sign on it and it would require ratification by the u.s. senate. because this isn't something that the us needs to sign on because. in the final version arline actually your list tracks the text of there's nothing that the senate needs to do. well just because that's how obama saw it doesn't mean that the
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rest of america agrees anything that involves an international treaty agreement or whatever you want to label it should be publicly discussed in fact senator ron wyden addressed this issue during a senate finance committee hearing. looking over our shoulder with respect to whether or not we've done something that could cause an act of party nation to sue it's my question on this point is all over the world you've got parliaments and legislators having debate the people's representatives having debates on whether or not to pass act and why shouldn't the united states senate consider something like this is. aware that your parents parents he found the worst part is that while americans were kept in the dark media corporations pharmaceutical companies were all in the know working with governments on the agreement that we caught a hunch when washington decided it was going to start legislating on behalf of
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hollywood their anti-piracy attack dogs like the n.p.a. in the ira pretty sure that american politicians knew better than tell the world how they're making laws that benefit corporations and that's why we see people taking to the streets in europe sadly there have been many protests here over act in the us but that's mostly because it's already been signed and hardly anybody knows about it if they did then we might actually see protests like we saw and it was working its way through congress so it looks like there is a strong correlation between lack of transparency and disapproval of the intellectual property agreement which is why the e.u. probably won't be on board when the european parliament finally votes on it in july . ok guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight the award goes to north carolina republicans pervading science and ideology and putting its residents and
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economy at risk say like all coastal states north carolina is researching how to prepare for rising sea levels they want to be able to predict how much the ocean will rise by in the year twenty one hundred now i know that seems like forever but it's never too early to start getting prepared so the state assembled a scientific panel to determine what north carolina should expect and this panel concluded that the atlantic should rise by three feet by the end of the century now that appears to be pretty consistent with other predictions out there the u.s. navy comes through a number of studies they concluded the global sea levels should rise a little over thirty one inches and those are just conservative estimates some experts out there are suggesting that coastal communities be prepared for way worse for example in two thousand and nine or in pilkey a duke university environmental science professor he advised the state to build infrastructure prepared for a seventy eight inch rise in sea levels by the end of the century now you would think it think that north carolina with its fragile coastline its vulnerability to
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hurricanes and they would be preparing for the worst i wonder is paper in wilmington one of the state's southern port cities they produce an animation to show what exactly might happen if it doesn't. this information shows what sea level rises of approximately two feet three feet and six feet could mean to wilmington if coastal protection measures are not put in place as one can see in each scenario more and more of wilmington and up underwater. but the thing is north carolina republicans attic are still economic development group called and see twenty they just want to shut their eyes to this inconvenient truth republican legislators have been circulating a bill that would force the coastal communities to prepare for a sea level rise of only twelve inches by twenty one hundred now how could they have possibly arrived at that conclusion well. see the bill hasn't been introduced and it could be changed but here is what the drop says so far says these rates of
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increasing sea level that is still only be determined using historical data and these data will be limited to the time period following the year one thousand nine hundred rates of sea level rise may be extrapolated linearly to estimate future rates of rise but shall not include scenarios of accel it accelerated rates of sea level rise so what they did only predict the future based on what have been in the past and now it's unchanging conditions i mean how absurd is that well scott hewitt he's a rally north carolina native and science writer he put it this way he said it's exactly like saying do not predict tomorrow's weather based on radar images of a hurricane swirling offshore predict the weather based on the last two weeks of fair weather with gentle breezes towards the east don't use radar barometers use the farmers out of an act and what grandpa remembers you know what that's pretty well said this denial is steady as she goes out to cairo reminds me of a joke out there about an economist on a falling airplane as engine after engine gives way he gripes about the flight's
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arrival being increasingly delayed finally as the last engine explodes he stands up and yells would now be up here all night now this joke is tragically relevant here is one libertarian member of the state level rise risk management committee explained all this science prediction mumbo jumbo it's really just an attack on business and development some folks are they're passionate to just ideologically believe that development is bad and any excuse for stopping development or rolling back development along the coast you know they're in favor of. darren he's figured out the evil plan it's clearly all just a ploy to stifle big bad business not a plan to protect the coastal economy and community in the long run not all that surprising the right wing republicans are denying science because of genius or jesus excuse me they must be denying it because of business interests and don't even think about bringing up the possibility the rising sea levels might have
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anything to do with rising global temperatures climate change or the north carolina g.o.p. they might deny the water's rising at all but the evidence in this case is deniable we're talking about predictions made by numerous respected scientific institutions including the us navy not exactly known for his liberal pinko views and all these studies say the same thing sea levels are going to rise by about three feet some even say more but north carolina republicans their business interests they just don't really all seem to care all that much because the the real predictions they will fit into their short term gain model and it's not just people at the state capital level even local governments on the coast refuse to recognize the science here many of passed resolutions against sea level rise policies which is insane north carolina's beaches are magnet for tourist dollars according to the state's division of tourism film and sports development coastal communities pulled in two point eight nine billion dollars in two thousand and ten adair county alone home of the outer banks they earned eight hundred thirty four million that year but will
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the tourists keep coming it's a state fails to adequately protect its picturesque features and they end up underwater i don't think so not of the state's shortsighted republicans have their way and while their reluctance to embrace science and logic isn't surprising well it is still inferior ating and ridiculous and not only is it in the state's party a flood of complaints from around the country it also earned them tonight's tool time ward. hi guys we've got one more quick break but we cannot close yet next to the fire for fireside friday and i don't have the hour that another breastfeeding story that's making headlines. out of american power continue. our. might be revolution. and the
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killers are a good dog. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you know. the other part of it and realize that everything you. are welcome is a big. story . book and they alone until you know there's a real headline with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v.
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anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . to the counseling i'm lauren lyster. to tonight's fireside fridays with your host cops. this year's election is probably going to be incredibly close and as usual it's
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probably going to be up to voters in just a few states to make all the difference that we've seen a broad attack on voting rights this year with strict voter id voter registration laws being passed in states all across the country and while they're sold as ways. to counter voter fraud the truth is that they serve to disenfranchise voters often those voters happen to be minorities or the elderly or the poor and if you look at the statistics the proof that voter fraud is a widespread problem only just isn't there so today let's focus on what's going on in florida specifically so earlier this week we pointed out that rick scott had an attempt to take non-citizens off of voter rolls but that attempt was filled with problems the list of more than one hundred eighty thousand people that have been compiled by looking at d.m.v. records which wasn't an accurate method well that was so riddled with issues that rick scott's former secretary of state didn't want to release and then he resigned then after his resignation rick scott went really set anyway and as you pointed out
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think progress found this week that hundreds of cases already in just one county where parents were u.s. citizens have been placed on this list wrongly but there's more the florida also passed a law that greatly restricts voter registration creates large fees large penalties penalties that in fact force groups like rock the vote to shut down their operations in the state and the rules include requirements that completed voter registration forms had to be submitted within forty eight hours as opposed to the ten days they were previously allowed they also disqualified university id cards as valid voter identification and according to a study by the brennan center for justice the voting laws could make it difficult for up to five million people to vote this november now there is a ray of hope in all of this the justice department wrote a strictly worded letter to the state of florida noting that their actions may violate the voting rights act a federal judge in florida also blocked parts of the state law on voter registration arguing that it violates the first amendment and the national voter
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registration act so hopefully these laws will be held up hopefully eligible voters will have their say november but we have to recognize this attack for what it is we have to acknowledge that there are states out there are republican legislatures republican governors that want to take the right to vote away from many americans. and it's no coincidence that these restrictive measures often affect those who are more likely to vote for a democrat but the truth is that it shouldn't matter which party these voters would be in favor of this is a right that's granted us citizens to have a say in elections and in picking our country's leaders and spreading myths about rampant voter fraud to enact haphazard sloppy legislation well that's a disgrace and i pointed out earlier this week but i need to say this again i think progress deserves a lot of credit here they initially started reporting on the voter purge in florida before anybody in the mainstream media any of the top so-called liberal commentators out there even took notice and even the letter from the department of
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justice it referred to news reports that alerted them to florida's stunt i don't forget this is the same state that get thousands of people from voting in the two thousand presidential election the election were at the end florida filleted a crucial role in picking the president of the united states so unless we want that to happen again unless we want thousands of voters to lose their rights we should all pay attention and spread the word because november as a result will affect us all. ok finally dive for happy hour and join me this evening r.t. correspondent christine for south and amanda becker staff writer at roll call newspaper covering ethics and investigations ladies thank you for joining me as i write a when there's a tornado out. under the studio that kind of freaked me out during one of our
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interviews earlier i don't know if there was a bomb going off or something but since you do is that investigative work a roll call now ok builder burry the conference is going on here in washington d.c. this week and and this is one of those things that's been like a conspiracy theorist fame. basically that's the way it's been labeled for years and years and years and now it's like becoming a little more mainstream in the sense that people have acknowledged that it exists that it goes on but nobody really knows what goes on inside but there were some protesters out about d.c. the last two days take a look. her group of some of the most powerful and influential people in the world are meeting here in secret behind closed doors so that's why i want to be here to document the event try to. get consummation of some of the attendees that way we can have a better idea of some of the things being discussed behind closed doors and in secret. what do you say i mean
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a sure i would always want to know what's going on inside of some high profile conference where you know you just have a lot of rich and powerful people well there's billionaires there's bankers there's a lot of people who are now or used to be affiliated with politics and i know a lot of the protesters outside what they're angry about is they want to have it more open they want to know what these people are meeting about inside there's all sorts of theories about you know what was decided inside of builder or got hillary clinton would become the secretary of state for president obama there's talk now and maybe we can rewind to this day in a few months but there's talk now that marco rubio is there because he's going to be the probable v.p. pick for mitt romney so it's really really interesting it's been going on since the fifty's but it has sort of evolved just in the last few years in terms of coming out of the shadows and actually being something that people know about that the people that plan and are willing to discuss i don't know much about it but honestly when i saw the list of locations that it's been recent years i'm thinking of becoming a protester because they know i'm a. member has either one because they said the protesters even went to the so here
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no location is too far here there in d.c. which is kind of like boring i'm like really you know this is going to get me to start and i do think i can sell insurance or they were they were in sieges in spain which is like a full beach town i've been there and it's like it's just it's gorgeous and so. why not follow around the rich and powerful and you don't get inside you don't know what's happening but at least maybe you'll get a little bit you're going to. are let's move on oh how do i even describe this story. so there is a man he died while having a threesome and basically his family has now won three million dollars in damages against his doctor because what happens is that he had gone to the doctor before and basically he told him that he had some chest pains and so the doctor was setting him up to have a stress test and then he went he had a three many had a heart attack and he died during the threesome but they're actually suing the
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doctor for saying that he failed to warn him that he should do these things i mean really if you're having chest pains and you're probably older individual i'm just going to go ahead and guess that maybe having a threesome isn't you know isn't the safest idea if your doctor is already telling you that you have a maybe a problem with your heart yeah i mean i would say if you can't go on a two or three mile jog maybe you shouldn't be having a threesome either because it didn't work out so well for him what i think is that the family should not be getting the three million dollars the other two people involved in the three said it was going to happen because none and then of the people involved were his wife but he did have a wife and two kids i think he was in his thirty's thirty one thirty one yeah oh shoot i didn't realize he was so young you know you really don't yeah ok but i think the other two people involved at least should get part of that i mean how traumatizing that's true as jenny churchill who is not on set with us right now but we were talking about this in our editorial meeting this morning and she said you know you never know when a threesome might happen and you know. you can't plan for these things exactly
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when to take some of those things with a warning labels like when you have to say like don't live animals inside the microwave you know it's kind of like the doctor has to literally list off everything to you that like maybe don't do hyperactive things if you're having chest pains i don't know i kind of think it's b.s. personally. ok let's move on to this no the r t has this new whether it's a game basically it's an occupy wall street game or like the office based. a wall street movement and you can download it on facebook and it's a game where i think you get to go around and like occupy certain buildings that were showing it right there and. it's in the finals global excellence awards from promo x. ray which i think is actually pretty cool but there is a guy in the financial times that. didn't like it so much he said the russians are coming to teach the disaffected to play games i'm guessing this is
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a somewhat russian thing to do since they like other people who have lived under authoritarian governments probably needed to play all kinds of elaborate games in their heads to keep safe in the face of dangerous and depressing circumstances i think sometimes the game is just a game yet it's a facebook what are you going to do what i mean there are half a million people that have signed up as you said one five hundred one hundred thousand people like it and you know you get to interact if you're there's so many people that are into the occupy movement and r.t. has certainly been covering the occupy movement very aggressively since the first day so it's very appropriate this is the first act that r.t. has put together and you know people can we do have an r.t. apps that you know the live streams too but the first. game but it's really interesting you know you can like interact with people on a global scale and it is only in new york. the anyone can play the game i mean that i think show location of the virtual map is only i think from what i took a look at it. and i haven't played it yet. but i got to check it out.
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ok what's our next story i'm getting all confused here with my notes ok breastfeeding breastfeeding. what about. this photo with take in and fairchild air force base in washington state and so these are two air national guard members and basically now people are freaking out saying the mothers are wrong be photographed in uniform i mean there's other things you can't do in uniform including apparently talking on a cell phone while walking but you can stand still keep your hands in your pocket. i don't know what do you think i mean on one hand i am the number one biggest proponent for breastfeeding i think mothers should breastfeed their children to therefore if they want to i don't like the time that yeah exactly that i'm going to be her sunday. and i think it's great when people breastfeed i love the campaign
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however having covered the military for years i know that this is has always been the case that you cannot wear your uniform in fact it when you travel you're not supposed to wear it unless you're going to work and you're not supposed to ever wear it you know off base you know it was worked out to the bars i know there were a couple of soldiers they got in trouble because they wore it to the bars shortly after coming back from the war and they would always get drinks ball for them people trying to say thank you but they're not supposed to do that so i mean these women should have known that but i certainly have no problem with that i just you know are they breaking the rules yes but is it for a good cause absolutely well i should be careful because i tweeted about the time magazine cover and i got you know a lot of anger sponsors about that night on television but what was your take oh you know what if people get so angry you know i just was i just kind of was like new to the cover i guess was my general tweet if that's what you want to do fine i'm not sure i need to see it on the cover of a magazine but for this i mean it's mind assuming that the powers that be weren't necessarily upset about the breastfeeding they were just saying this is one of many activities that you shouldn't be doing in your uniform including even like
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traveling and uniform and it's not official travel so i say as long as it's not breast feeding specific policy. then i think it's ok. what they would do. if you had a woman like breast feeding a little kid that they put the former so clearly to libya i don't know why. i got her out but. thank you for joining you think this evening and have a great weekend and that is it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and make sure they come back on monday matt welch editor in chief of reason magazine is going to be joining us and in the meantime don't forget to like the a lot of show on facebook don't forget to follow us on twitter subscribe to our you tube channel and don't forget that you can also check us out on hulu so coming up next is the news.
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wealthy british scientists are. sometimes rightly. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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morning news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are on the day. six.


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