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tv   [untitled]    June 1, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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it's friday are you ready to rumble joining me for tonight's big picture armoire marc harrold libertarian commentator attorney and author of observations of white noise and as a test for the first amendment nicole williams democratic strategist and judson phillips associate director of tea party the tea party dot net and founder of tea party nation thank you all for joining me and thank you let's get right into a new job numbers out today the good news is twenty seven straight months in a row jobs were created which is a whole lot different than when president obama came into office we were losing seven hundred thousand jobs a month the bad news is it was only sixty nine thousand net jobs and this is apparently there were several hundred over six hundred thousand jobs created but there were over five hundred high and thousand people that came into the job market speaker john boehner said this about the this news. it's pretty clear that you merican people are hurting spall small businesses continue to.
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avert hiring in additional people and it's clear that the policies that we've seen are not working. so given that the republicans have filibustered all the serious job creation legislation that's come out of the democratic party in the last three years and that they are demanding austerity shrinking the economy that republican governors all around the nation of laid off a half a million people have been imposed austerity in their states and that the republicans lousy representatives passed a budget according to the congressional budget office would lead to four point one million jobs going away as john boehner just bragging mark i don't know that it was bragging that he was taking it when he was taking credit for some that they didn't do either whatever is going on here is a blame game these numbers become a hot potato especially around election time they don't serve us well because for every number that we get up front they give us one or two numbers there are pages and pages and pages of those reports what are the quality of these jobs being created how is small business going to get reinvigorated and nobody seems to have
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an answer the problem we have an incumbent problem nobody seems to have an answer and they're not doing anything about going to throw this number back and forth it's going to change a little bit and they were thrown around each other before that led to the incumbent has actually turned this thing around yeah the incumbent one has turned this thing around in the company has proposed bills to congress to try to foster growth more rapidly and more quickly unfortunately he's faced with a republican congress that has stalled everything that has come before him that's come out of the white house to try to deal with the yeah so in your thoughts on what to do about this and it is john boehner bragging it seems to me like whenever the republicans talk about these numbers they're saying look we did we're going to make this guy one term or it let's look at some numbers in two thousand and seven the last day the republicans controlled the house the senate and the white house the unemployment rate was four point six percent we have palosi and reid for two years and then for two more years we have obama pelosi and reid and unemployment shoots up to well over nine percent if you believe the numbers which i don't i look
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at the u. six number not the spin numbers so you try to blame this on the democrats yes exactly because except that it was when the democrats hell. the white house the house and the son of a turnaround but it's the. pressure what turnaround when where and would turn around from seven hundred thousand jobs a month being lost to hundreds of thousands job being made because there was my job growth during that period where and the republicans are blocking everything they coming out of the white house to try to develop more jobs blocking the president's american jobs that from getting more jobs i mean studies that show economists have stated that creating more jobs will help get us out of the economic recession and into a positive economy the government's not going to do it the government never create jobs has put it right instead of last resort the hardest thing to do is not hiring yet because of government policies right now the regulations too many ordinances you gotta remember to believe the only way there was i'm not prevent there was
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a company's from i react negatively to where there was a mid-term election and that's one of the reasons they're being restrictionist because mid-term election said the american people in many senses didn't agree with these changes based mid to late order preventing polluted air is not what is preventing job and we're not going to do it. zoning regulations building cities all those kinds of these i'm not talking about leaving water any seat any job for the but there could be continue to be there you have to listen up on the regulation is a job killer it is a job creation killer facts are serious growth right now is compliance complying with government regulations and debts the fastest. came into play during the bush years and this is just relation of regulations during the bush years and if you want to say that this is the current president's fault then death i would add to that the regulations actually create jobs if you tell the koch brothers that they're there refineries cannot put mercury into the air they've got to hire somebody to put a scrubber on that very few of the jobs are going to hire
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a bunch of people to go out and force the regulation to live in my you know disciplined you know what's really start about social security republicans are proposing cutting benefits raising the retirement age privatizing the program all the. give it to wall st pete peterson has spent almost a half a billion dollars limits idea over the last decade or two but the center for economic and policy real economic and policy research came out with a study today showing that because people who make more than one hundred ten thousand one hundred dollars a year more than one hundred ten thousand dollars you pay nothing after that point into the social security trust fund this is the so-called cap so you know mitt romney is paying on his first hundred ten thousand but of the twenty four million bucks he made nothing on the rest of it that if we simply do away with the cap and social security would be solvent forever i mean for fully for the seventy five year event horizon and actually if you even just didn't like the pros and by the way that would only hit six point eight percent of the population on the other hand if
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you only had one percent of the population you say if you said it only people making more than two hundred fifty thousand are going to start paying into social security again just like all the rest of us battling to the top one percent so why not just with lift the cap and solve the problem so as to be government can squander even more money i mean these are purity is not squandering we shape it into social security we get the money back and the government has reached in there the trust fund it's a joke it is gone the trouble as you point seven trillion dollars money has been taken out it into has not he says that. i mean we didn't even the even the playing field we're just simply saying that everyone should contribute the thing percentage into the think care would be fine i think though that we will have they do have to do it's a pleasure through ok let me not but that's an equitable if i make less than what the cap is i'm putting and i'll greater personage then someone whose income is higher they're putting a lesser percentage of their income into this those that security five and that is
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not even playing fail and so way then you got to be talking about tax hike if you're talking about somebody giving more of a percentage of it that's a tax hike you know whether we want to call it or not i mean that's you have to have seen a bunch of people that have to pay the same. saxes that's very poor pig was really going to do that when he owned today so he's going to tax you to x. ten thousand dollars a year is living on in total poverty just scraping by and their kids are eating nuts and berries and you know from the backyard that person is pain hundred percent of their income is being taxed for so security mitt romney is like let a fragment of one percent of where i want to go to be awareness to tell you can be a bit of worth it but it's still a time when a bill is forcing me to participate in this system that is an absolute joke rick perry was right when he called it a ponzi scheme you know i've been paying into social security for almost thirty six years now i do have a better result if i didn't vested with bertie made all this is not a joke with. everyone every american part of their retirement plan you factor in how much you're going to get from the caribbean as well and all retirement i mean
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everybody else because they know they're going to get it now in fairness i wouldn't honestly the most and it stifles their invest their personal most important part of this though is the social security is not just a retirement fund it's fully a third of social security payments are made to people who are disabled and or who are the children of widows and widowers and that's that simple reality what that means is that a twenty three year old person in america right now has a two million dollar insurance policy for the rest of their life if they should fall on the stairs and break their back which happened to a friend of mine he's a quadriplegic he's been living on social security for a decade and a half we have every every you suggest and you've got nothing on the social security what you've had is a two million dollar insurance policy holding your back that you have you know that that is social security rather than having to buy it from athletic i pay for my own insurance policy i carry disability ever since i've been self employed like this until the down those who cannot afford to do that there are some in this country
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death simply cannot afford to do what you do and the fact that you can do that that great but what about folks like my grandmother who only think he has a feel for the care he gets nine hundred dollars. and nine hundred eighty dollars a month from both the curator and that's all she has to live on she didn't never have the opportunity to invest in athletic and to invest in other mutual funds and there was a lot of matter of people going to pay there just to pay up to a certain point i mean i'm i'm still it's like it's a terrible mistake if you do and it is a libertarian and once you get started on this it's a slippery slope upwards because it's a way to get a tax hike so that corner the necks of the fat cats are skating by and we should just leave it that way. no i mean they pay up to a certain point i get some sense why you want to go out of the war on voters the justice department has finally said no. about what rick scott's up to down in florida you know we saw george jeb bush and katherine harris steal an election in two thousand by throwing seventy thousand people off the voting rolls now rick scott is trying to do the same thing all over again the d.o.j.
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says that he's violating the voting rights act and the national voter registration act local election supervisors in florida republican election supervisors in florida have gone to the press miami herald is quarter of a number of them saying these people are not non-citizens these people are being thrown off the voting rolls because they have names that end with vowels you know this is the seems to be targeting hispanics this time in fact they said the miami herald published a study saying it was mostly minorities and democratic voters isn't it obvious what's going on here republicans are trying to steal the election in florida in the cold it's very scary i really hope we don't see the same thing that occurred. in bush v gore what's going on down in florida i mean it's to the point this is crazy what they're doing obviously the system that they are trying to implement is not working even to the point where two world war two veterans were on that list as not being fit is since an eligible to vote in florida that's ridiculous clearly whatever system they have is not working we're not going to say it's intentionally targeting minorities but that's the result of
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a and so they need to pull back. maybe not a lot you know eliminate it this election cycle and do something different because it's clearly not working and it's discriminating against a specific demographic that helps democrats and i would say it's intentional to judge what happened to the idea of innocent until proven guilty that's a criminal law precept not all this is what florida is doing is they've come up with a list of about one hundred eighty thousand people that they say may be said it may not be u.s. citizen if you don't take a day out of that if you can come down and stand before a board and prove that you're a citizen within the next thirty days that's when i was going to be a law is that a requirement that's what the requirement of florida simply is that any of us are one of them not even respond to a lot of them probably only get this notice on our having not on this and a lot to have an id that also larger ploy to military personnel don't have even be seen because you know if the market even a one person. could find a one person who was an illegal alien who was registered to vote had voted in an election we would know that person's name the way we do willie horton name it would
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be on every television ad there would be trumpeting it from one end of the country the other there's not one person on those rolls was there another i'm not usually with the federal government on much especially when it's the interaction with the states but that letter you know we're seeing a lot of alarmist press come out that letter didn't demand anything it says by june sixth you've got to respond to how you're complying the federal laws if in fact all the justice department wants to do is go down there and even we impose the federal law and it's not that it's you know intentional one way and then intentional the other if this is really a attempt to just enforce federal law and there's a few areas i'm all for federal law but the interest in voting disenfranchisement is one area there's a compelling governmental need for federal and federal intervention history shows us that if that's all they're doing and that's all the way this ends up on june sixth when they reply and it goes from there then i don't i don't see a problem with that i think that the federal law in this case should be enforced we are ok we will see how this plays out more rubble right after the break.
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a client of american power continues. things are so bad. might actually be time for a revolution. starbucks says it's surprising. to see a story that seems so you think you understand it and then. some other part of it and realize that everything. is a big. buck and they alone
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a fellow will get the real headline with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . mr. we're back with
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tonight's big picture rival joining me our marc harrold libertarian commentator paul williams democratic strategist and judson phillips so he's director of the tea party dot net under tea party nation let's get back to a j.c. penney just launched a father's day ad featuring a gay couple real life dads they called todd koch and cooper smith with their two kids the ad reads what makes dad so cool he's the swim coach tap maker best friend by fixer and hug giver all rolled into one or two so is this a sign that marriage equality has hit a tipping point toward acceptance in the united states mark does when i mean advertisers they're going to test their market they believe that this is a market that they can go into the but you know the market will respond they'll be certain people won't buy from j.c. penney they'll be certain people that do as far as whether it's an overall net positive yet is because you see advertising in the market following what has become a changing face of the american family and whether people like it or not that's the where we are and you know advertisers will follow you call the changing i agree
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with mark this is very surprising. but i you know i think it's a great thing it's j.c. penney is showing the diversity that we have here and our country and selling a couple with their children and a very loving fashion there's nothing wrong with that judson the tea party has always been defined as kind of hard right conservative and at the same time the media has defined hard right conservative as being anti-gay marriage but i haven't seen a lot of it what's the tea party is there a tea party position on yeah i think there is a tea party position on this the country sixteen trillion dollars in debt the economy is stagnating and we're spending our time talking about this i can tell you that if you answer that this is affecting a lot of people's and millions of people's lives this actually is a big deal millions and millions of people are worried about their jobs today millions and millions of people are worried about whether or not america is going to look like greece in three years and i'm sorry well if they are if we continue with peter already i think it was done the greeks if we continue with the obama
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pelosi reid axis of fiscal evil we will but in but here's the. point what's really important is it two guys in the j.c. penney commercial or is it what is happening to the fiscal health of our country i have my own family or people we don't like that we have an economy and jobs to support our society in our lives and this is just something i mean those are things that we have to deal with of course but this is about what are lesbians so user yeah if there's an advertisement won for j.c. penney to increase their market share hopefully increasing their market share wall to increase the number of jobs in people that they can hire and hopefully in time and help the economy there you go this stimulates the economy last question quickfire conservatives have been acting particularly fundamentalist lately yesterday the spokesman for conservative congresswoman nan hayworth suggested throwing acid in the face of female senators earlier this week a bad as pastor in kansas said the u.s. government needs to start killing gays and also this week the iowa republican party released its new platform calling for a complete prohibition on pornography and the teaching of evolution and
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a repeal of hate crimes laws and a complete ban on abortion presidents like to accuse president obama of being a secret muslim but my question is has the taliban secretly taken control of the republican party mark no they have not you know these things are extreme because this has the television itself on you know behind of the republican party no are these people saying various injuries are there that are offensive that yes you can have i mean i'm saying are you asking me whether the taliban itself is infiltrated in or these people extremists in their own way yes they are and those are things to say this is just awful throwing acid on people's faces. it's a little terroristic in nature that's and you know you've got people here talking running their mouths at the same time you've got far left activists swotting conservative bloggers and for those not familiar with the term where you call nine one one say hey there's been a shooting here and the police show up with the guns and this happened erick erickson at red states happen to a couple other bloggers services i'll tell you about it after the show is done but
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that's so there's a whole lot more serious. because something's actually be done that threatens somebody and my answer is yes. cries shocking. the bank you'll enjoy it and say it we get. your job numbers released today were well below economists prediction with only sixty nine thousand new jobs created in may net new jobs anyway and the unemployment rate ticking up to eight point two percent and here was speaker of the house john boehner today flanked by his fellow republicans in the house of representatives giving their take on the new jobs numbers it's pretty clear that you american people are hurting spall small businesses continue to. avert hiring in additional people and it's clear that the policies that we've seen
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are not working these job numbers are pathetic and you know the american people really deserve better and i think on the right the right leadership we can do better but i guess the only news this morning is that three and a half years later the president's policies are still failing these guys are bragging when republicans talk about how bad the economy is the bragging right now they're patting themselves on the back say job well done a mitch give me a high five on sabotaging the economy before the november elections just to make president obama look bad and here are the facts back in the one nine hundred eighty s. when ronald reagan was president and the nation was in a recession the unemployment rate hit ten point eight percent the highest it's ever been since the great depression the republicans were yelling and screaming about austerity back then they didn't demand that the government immediately cut spending and that we need to lay off huge numbers of government workers in fact they did
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just the opposite. republicans grew the government they increased spending they added more government employees as you can see this is this is the reagan you know the spending under reagan and this is obama and this is that point this is how reagan got out of that much higher unemployment than we have right now ten point eight percent he got out of it by government spending as economist paul krugman points out and by the way it continues you know throughout his term as economist paul krugman points out government employment grew by three point one percent during reagan's recovery while republicans today have forced government employment to shrink by two point seven percent during the obama recovery the government spending during the first two and a half years of the reagan recovery increased by ten point two percent that's what you're seeing here under the obama recovery republicans of handcuffed government spending increasing it by only two point six percent what is all this translate into well thanks to the massive infusion of government spending during the reagan
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recovery the more money that was pumped into our economy working people this is this is the unemployment number you see how high they got under reagan and and it started falling working people were earning paychecks to go and spend it businesses and the economy grew at a faster rate than it is the day and unemployment fell president obama had his stimulus and unemployment started falling but now it's leveling off because the republicans have just been kind of the squeeze of this thing really hard and saying no no no no you can't spend any more money as paul krugman points out if government employment under mr mr obama had grown at reagan era rates one point three million more americans would be working as school teachers firefighters police officers is that are currently employed and so it's jobs and a rough estimate is that the unemployment rate would be one point five percentage points lower than it is or below seven percent significantly better than the reagan
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economy at this stage. so what's the difference between today and when reagan was in office well back then republicans weren't trying to crash the economy to make reagan a one term president like the trying to do right now with president obama i mean just take it from mitch mcconnell the top political priority over the next two years should be to deny president obama a second term. so today with the economy crashing agenda well underway republicans are bragging just look what they've accomplished or should i say what they've sabotaged it begins with the stimulus passed in the first months of the obama presidency in order to peel off a few republicans and break a filibuster and mitch mcconnell senate president had to whittle down the stimulus package and make a full third of a tax cuts that had no stimulative value whatsoever the economy needed at least a two trillion dollars stimulus package which the president's own economic adviser
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christina romer argued for the republicans in the senate no way they were not ready to sign off on that so instead working americans got an anemic stimulus package that kept us out of a great depression but wasn't enough for a robust recovery also in those those first two years democrats in the house passed legislation to cut off tax breaks for corporate job outsourcers unfortunately republicans in the senate filibuster that too even though it could have put an end to the five fifty thousand american manufacturing jobs that are lost every single month due to outsourcing remember when republicans talk about job losses or the bad economy they're bragging and republicans took control of the house in two thousand and eleven they kicked their economy a crashing agenda into high gear they pledged to repeal obamacare just repealing obamacare would kill four hundred thousand jobs every year for the next decade they passed the austerity so paul ryan budget this year which according the economic
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policy institute would kill four point one million jobs over the next two years senate republicans filibustered the american jobs act which included heavy involved investments in infrastructure and would have created two million new jobs it blocked it in the senate and with each new showdown over the budget or the debt limit republicans have succeeded in extracting even more spending cuts that suck money out of the economy. if slashed unemployment insurance forcing four hundred thousand americans just so far this year to lose their benefits meaning that those people don't have money to spend anymore and therefore our economy shrinks even more republicans of slash spending for green energy infrastructure health care and education which all lead to job losses and less economic activity remember these guys aren't just talking about job losses they are bragging about job losses and the state wide level republican governors pushing their own austerity agendas have killed more than six hundred thousand public sector jobs further dragging the
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economy down these are the facts so when you hear republicans and pundits on fox so-called news hurling blame at president obama for the weak recovery you have to understand the role republican republicans have played over the last three years in crashing our economy filibuster after filibuster hostage scenario aster after hostage scenario austerity after austerity republicans have been sabotaging our economic recovery since the first day of president obama's first term and millions of americans are suffering right now as a consequence of it and why also that mitt romney a quarter billionaire can replace president obama in the white house also the banks on wall street oil barons and taxes and war profiteers in virginia keep riding that gravy train keep making enormous profits by stealing our pensions polluting our
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environment and sending our young people off to war or rather than showing remorse for all the damage they're causing republicans. they're just bragging. that's it for the big picture tonight for more information on the stories we've covered visit our websites of tom hartman dot com free speech dot org and our team dot com that also check out our two you tube channels or links of thom hartmann dot com also tell our own dot com check out all the different ways you can send us your feedback which include our call or our response line message boards you can create wrongful log that we we also have an i phone an i pad app that we just updated for the new super spiffy i pad so you can read our blogs that are all the links to all the stories we talk about pretty much and you can watch the show on the air and don't forget democracy begins when you show up and participate it begins with you get out there and get active tag you're it cynics will.
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there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before the source material is what helps keep journalism honest we thought.
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