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tv   [untitled]    June 3, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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this. is the equivalent fire power of the world's nuclear arsenal today. moscow warns that the u.n. he would write spottings putting the peace plan at risk by prematurely blaming the regime which accuses armed rebel gangs for the attack. while president putin reaffirms his stance on not taking sides during toplevel visits to paris and berlin had a meeting with the top brass which is launched right now and some people. from palaces to prison egypt's ousted president hosni mubarak begin serving life his part in killing protesters last year but thousands are raised what they see as a soft sentence. the world's top. loses his extradition of people from britain to sweden on sex assault charges.
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while could be watching the weekly or an r t r around over the top news stories of the last seven days with me kevin owen and first russia's warning that the u.n. human rights resolution condemning the syrian leadership for last week's houla massacre wristy reading the peace plan moscow called it premature because the investigation's ongoing and that is putting pressure on the security council where russia is resisting for military action on sunday president assad insisted his troops had nothing to do with the slaughter of more than one hundred people in the city he blamed armed rebel gangs for the attack and outside forces of instigating the conflict to trigger intervention washington which backs the syrian opposition and the push for regime change admits that there are plans for military action i spoke to neil clark a contributor to britain's guardian newspaper he told the western states using the recent tragedy in houla as a pretext for a pos. the intervention. of the very first time we heard about this massacre the
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lives of the u.s. and britain was the syrian government was responsible for any evidence of it and i'm afraid that there's been a lot of pressure put on the h.c.r. this week and that's behind their statement which isn't very helpful at all u.s. britain france so do i think i do not want to succeed it's the syrian government wanted to see the russian china for the last fifteen months there's been an attempt by western powers backed by gold states to talk with the regime in damascus and this reminds me and i'm sure remind a lot of people too about what happened back in the late one nine hundred ninety s. yugoslavia a situation where the loss of each government there was under enormous pressure as well what we had then was western forces backing the rebels against that regime we had a massacre so-called massacres taking place we should being used as a pretext for military intervention which is what we got in the nato bombardment of yugoslavia and twelve months ago we had exactly the same thing again with libya but
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we had the stories coming out of. america and britain with the forefront of saying look we've got to intervene which is what happened in the end of course so it's deja vu it's like one thousand nine hundred twenty seven all over again. we were all violence of syria spread across the border with at least thirteen killed and dozens injured in recent clashes between pro and anti assad supporters in lebanon the country's also said to be one of the major arms hubs for the rebels fighting against the regime in neighboring syria but this deadly weapons flows also a matter of faith not just money. a seller shows off his goods. this is five thousand dollars and the sister two hundred eighteen hundred and two thousand the seven machine guns between two and a half and three thousand u.s. parks shaadi not his real name also has rocket propelled and hand grenades which he showed me in private. come contact me every day we have
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a revolution next door. we talking shop his garage in tripoli lebanon on syrian rebels are his major clients are very popular but recently they're looking for really have the stuff we buy from her and they're ours and resell they have a nerve and they're getting it for free as iran makes their entire story. it'll take no more than ten hours for thesis shot he says to reach lebanon's conflict in the gulf to neighbor since the beginning of the uprising in syria last march arms prices have rocketed for some items they coast has gone up five and sometimes even ten times and the more the conflict drags on the mall look at if it is for the weapons dealers but money is not the key reason shaadi is a sunni muslim and to him it's his holy duty to support his co religious fighters in syria for sure we are. told they do it.
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in sunni dominated snow phenomenon where we meet the arms dealer those who want assad out the absolute majority and they are sending their religious brothers in neighboring syria a lot more than prayers. mad twenty nine year old field commander from the free syrian army was wounded during the siege earlier this spring together with other injured f.s.a. members his now having treatment in lebanon but his not stopped fighting entirely. syrian ex-pats everywhere in the world or people from. saudi arabia also send his money. walkie talkies. he says every day tons of this aid go through his hands but for him it's not enough as soon as he gets better he'll return to syria. is a selfie every tickle sunni group whose influence in this part of lebanon is growing dramatically. there are demonstrations in favor of the syrian uprising
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a role so the support package everything sounds. we also need some officiate almighty back one of the founders of the band islamic group. suspected of links to international terrorists but he says his input in the syrian revolt in send in the rebels the ideas and encouragement to achieve the ultimate goal. a call to overthrow the government will make all the scholars speak for against these issues and make them all applies again to see a government and other some a fish a can triple he runs this car parts shop he confirms that every sunni and especially every salafist here in lebanon is involved either ideologically or financially in what he calls syrian liberation. already help the tunisian and egyptian revolutions we want to get rid of this regime. shake muslin doesn't wear
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muslim white robes and keeps his beard secret to every selfie short so as not to draw too much attention he says everybody sacrifices something these days just to see their mission and assad's. syria completed. durational sion r t reporting from northern lebanon. on a top level tour of europe president putin this week patience to let the kofi annan plan come into effect in syria he was speaking ahead of a meeting with top e.u. officials have now arrived in some petersburg and they've got a lot to discuss to it was a really good explains. it was a pittance first stop was in minsk which many saw as an indication that that russia's foreign policy now will focus more on the closest neighbors and the c.i.s. countries many observers also saw this visit as the beginning of the suppose at the land of economic and eastern bloc now off you went afterwards to berlin on a whirlwind visit which lasted for only half
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a date was going to put an end german chancellor angela merkel seemed to see eye to eye on the matters concerning syria now earlier in the week u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said that russia is aiding to the troubles in syria by continuing to support the regime of president bashar a loss to which of course their action president prepared a response so we can see it but russia is unilaterally supporting the assad regime . we have longstanding good relations with syria but we. do the conflict if the situation agree with. that outcome an objective is to do. with both russian and german leaders seem to believe that coffee on speace planet should be seen to progress to excess fully at the moment it does seem like it's how strong a by the seemingly unstoppable of fighting on all sides in syria now of course that not all leaders in europe seem to agree with the french president francois along
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there also earlier in the week did mention that france supports military intervention in the middle eastern country and of course that is something that russia is adamantly against and that was one of the matters discussed by puttin on his last leg of the european tour which took him to paris now of course there is no agreement on the issue of syria among the european leaders among other issues which were also discussed or mentioned to put in meeting with the french president of course was the issue of missile defense now russia's russia's adamant. the plans for creation of the missile defense shield in eastern europe a plan much hailed by nato and the united states as being very much needed by countries to counteract the suppose it possible strikes from the likes of iran in north korea now these plans worry moscow very much and moscow has been adamant in its demands that nato and its allies present written guarantees that this missile
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shield will not be used against russia. in the past we've often been promised a new user wouldn't explain and then we were promised that need to wouldn't put military hardware new russian but we've seen it expand and it's bases spread no we need guarantees but i'd like to say we're not going to escalate this discussion we've already invited our partners to engage in dialogue it is natural that all of these issues of course will crop up during the russia e.u. summit in st petersburg and although we probably cannot expect a major breakthrough to be done it is clear that a lot of people lot of observers as well as all of the european leaders involved are hoping that some sort of movement forward will finally be made at least in some of these topics. thousands in egypt to be venting their anger over what they say is a lenient sentence to the former president hosni mubarak serving life now over the killing of eight hundred fifty protesters during last year's uprising there also
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furious that mubarak's two sons and several security officials have been acquitted . in tahrir square. hundreds of protesters occupying terrorists where behind me more of pouring into the square larger demonstrations have also been called for later in the day this all started yesterday initially with joy about the life sentence that was given to former president hosni mubarak but then turned to anger as a number of security officials in his administration were acquitted of any involved . in the deaths of hundreds of protesters in egypt's revolution last year it was the verdict has given the police the green lights to do whatever the one because they knew they wouldn't be punished he won those who killed their children to life sentences and hosni mubarak i'm his interior minister should be executed. killed out this verdict humiliate a year and
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a half of the revolution those who ruined this country escaped justice at the expense of mubarak we know they're going to appeal the verdict that's what people should unite just to prevent and not mohamed morsi the muslim brotherhood candidate in the upcoming second round of the presidential election said that the revolution that started last year in egypt should continue and that if he was elected president he would make sure at least try to get mubarak back on trial and have him executed the top prosecutor in egypt he's going to appeal the acquittals of those top security officials people here who are really focused on yesterday's verdicts and they said that that is the sign that the military here that the old regime may still in power which is the other candidates in the election he is mubarak's last prime minister a former general he has had offices of his both in the capital and in other towns
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raided and people say that they were even doubting whether a second round in the election should go ahead after which i speak has said that he wouldn't reinstate the old regime but he's going to have a lot of convincing to do to try and make people believe you to demonstrations planned in the coming week including a million man march through the capital. coming up on this channel from moscow stability versus sovereignty the irish people vote yes to more cuts from brussels but with fears that more decisions are being taken therefore out of our lives hands . good report coming up also to bring you up to date on the nato led peacekeepers using live rounds on protesters as kosovo's volatile north slips into violence again. backs to the wiki leaks chief julian assange has lost his appeal against extradition from the u.k. to sweden where he's wanted on sexual assault charges britain supreme court ruled on wednesday that his arrest warrant was lawful and songes t.
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now have fourteen days to appeal the decision which the world's top whistleblower says is politically motivated r.t. sara first reports from rob. the truth shall set you free all. the supporters were out in force this week for julian assange tearing his appeal was rejected in a split five t. decision by the judges after all the five hundred days of house arrest in britain he's now on the brink of deportation to sweden to answer questions about sexual assault accusations he's say a trumped up basic point to remember that julian hasn't been charged with any crime in any country and it really is extraordinary that someone to be an actual joy just for the purpose of questioning. it all began when we started revealing uncomfortable truths about the u.s. government the afghanistan and iraq war logs gave shocking detail about the violent occupation of those countries the scale of civilian deaths and potential war crimes all at the hands of u.s.
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forces and the swedish arrest warrant wasn't far behind i think this will send a chilling effect to potential whistle blows but if they dare challenge the secrecy and indeed in many cases crimes the united states they will face retribution and that's bad for democracy it's bad for human rights the case has been seen by many as a david and goliath style fight with a stanch taking on not just the legal system but the establishments that seek to silence him and wiki leaks and it's not just the government. media the champion the songes of freedom of speech defend spectacularly turned on him in recent times he didn't want to be a member of the club. and that was the problem we can reach produced in a matter of. revelation about the workings of democratic of the workings of the world in many ways how the world is wrong when all the news by
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western world put together. the word jealousy comes. in a further twist in the tale songes legal team managed to get him an eleventh hour extradition stay if they fail this battle is likely to end up in the european court of human rights it is. really a ritual. that should not be happy. whether she is disappointment among his supporters at the station and a real sense that this wasn't just the last beginning a staunch and his legal team but a loss for the british justice system as well sir. london british investigators journalist tony goes like believes the u.k. succumb to pressure from the united states in a such as case. welcome to the topsy turvy kingdom where we have people like tony blair who should be arranged for war crimes wandering the streets free and yet someone who's done more than anybody in the last fifty years or so to advance the
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cause of radical publishing is under house arrest and possibly going to be even worse extradited and possibly end up in a jail in the united states i think what's going on here is a much much bigger going i i'd like to think that some people have got a bit of spine here in britain to stand up to the pressure which is clearly coming from the pentagon and the americans and the military industrial complex to try and get this going to shut down i think they fear him more than anything else appalling the way he's been treated by britain and i'm absolutely ashamed he should be given a medal for what he's done as. well if you're watching us lately you'll know that while under house arrest in britain julia sanchez continued to film his talk show that is on this channel the next programs on air next choose if you missed any of the previous ones you can catch them anytime you like if you get a minute online at r.t. dot com the streaming there. the irish people have said yes to war a u.s. territory this last week in a nationwide referendum supporters say this is them to ensure stability and more rescue cash but critics fear the country's going to lose power to make its own
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decisions artie's laura smith reports. says yes to writing european austerity into law and ceded more still pretty to brussels the sixty forty result saw a split between rich and poor with middle class in rural areas in favor and working class urban dwellers against sinn fein leader gerry adams campaigned vigorously against the treaty and is now ireland's most popular party leader as a result the government real number of commitments during this campaign. we're converted to the notion that you can cut your way. up to get people off the dole queues and back into work we've also argued against its very unjust banking that's been imposed upon us as a result of the greed of private bankers. to do so we would be holding. holding
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them to those commitments they'll need to unemployments up to fifteen percent welfare payments a cut public sector spending has been slashed everyone's feeling the pinch including publican jimmy killed near he's seen his turnover full by hauff as locals batten down the hatches we would have had to and five full time employees. for part time to full time to part time we had a restaurant upstairs which is now closed that's another three full time jobs. is it's a huge factor it's the discretionary spend that people have it you can see it throughout not just the pub but the restaurant business and people are very very very careful on how they spend their money to pay the economies tightly bound to the euro zone through bank loans and bailouts the treaty binds budget treat policy even tighter
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so that brussels will have a say over how island spends its money on healy of social justice island says it's a badly written treaty that will do what it's meant to do what we're looking at no is a limiting limitation being imposed by this treaty which we believe quite strongly means that we cannot put in the investment levels that are required of the scale that's required to actually generate the goals to produce the jobs that are required if i was to get out of this mess that it's in thanks to the constitution the irish are the only european people who got to vote on the pact and to. but governments have already signed it the u.s. will give outage power to an unpopular treaty france's new president francois hollande has talked about trying to renegotiate the pact and germany's angela merkel despite having written the treaty can't get her own parliament to ratify it richard boyd baratz of the united left alliance sees
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a bleak future because of all of the gambling debts and banks and speculators have been put onto the books of the state that this would mean permanent austerity indians' worth of courts every year for at least a decade or more in order to meet the treaty targets and that we believe will do on told damage to the economy which is already very traumatized for ireland it seems more damaging austerity is up ahead here in dublin every paste is bristling with referendum haste is the no post it's called the fiscal pact the bankers treaty the all stare it's a pact but the yes campaign has won the day with its message of stability ireland same as south prepared to cede silver and sea in exchange for financial backup but even that's not guaranteed in a beleaguered yuri's they know it's me. checking in at r.d. dot com a website we invited to join it with america's hard pressed ninety nine percent how you ask well we've got
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a very an occupier we'll tell you about online but it's actually on facebook that lets you do just. that leaving your p.c. it's since turned up for a prestigious design want to see want to take a closer look it's more about that online and it was a sad face book as well also catch me if you can the saudi princess who tried to flee a five star hotel in paris without several million dollar bill which but she was stopped by stuff red faced no doubt it's not the first time for the world record to either allegedly as we reported on our dot com. in northern kosovo clashes between serbian protest. there's a nato led peacekeepers of left at least six people wounded local serbs trying to prevent troops from removing barricades that they set up last year on the border with kosovo and those robots were a response to an attempt by ethnic albanian authorities to impose border and customs controls when i to troops used tear gas and small arms of protesters who then responded with stones in hand gunfire sits in kosovo reject the area's two
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thousand and eight declaration of independence from said via physical and they said xander belgrade says the presence of foreign troops is only stirring up trouble. the nato forces which are being called peacekeepers are actually trying to use force to force the course of the serbs to accept living in independent kosovo which they won't accept and that's the whole root of the problem they've actually prefer live ammunition at people trying to keep the barricades and they're trying to keep the barricades to prevent the calls of all bating regime from priest enough to get a hold of the north northern part of the territory we've had wounded civilians wounded by so-called peacekeepers using live ammunition against bare handed people on our own people so actually peace is the last thing that on their mind unfortunately i do want to say that this was something at the beginning of june which was to be expected because there is a sort of a power vacuum in belgrade right now we've just had parliamentary and presidential
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elections but we do not have a functioning government no we only have a technical government so and actually what's nato and the e.u. and the u.s. are doing they're using the power vacuum in belgrade to try to to establish a new reality on the ground in kosovo. new president was sworn in on thursday shortly before his inauguration he shared his thoughts with us about the situation in kosovo as north and the other challenges facing right now you can catch that interview in full if you've not seen already in just over an hour here on r.t. and we bring up to date with some world views in brief happening right now a car bomb has killed at least eight people and left over thirty others injured in the north of nigeria witnesses say a suicide attack of forced his car through a checkpoint and drove it into a church there was no immediate claim of responsibility although churches are often the targets of sectarian attacks carried out by the radical islamist group boko haram. and the top stories today ten passengers in
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a minibus have died after being hit by a cargo plane which crash landed it garners main airport that seven to seven jet overshot the runway and plowed into a parked vehicle full crew on board the plane escape with injuries and to take you to hospital investigations to be carried out to establish the cause of what went so badly wrong. miserable weather has failed to stop student protesters from turning out in their fountains once again in montreal talks earlier this week with the canadian government failed to reach a deal about the controversial rise in tuition fees demos began in february and escalated last month when it emergency anti protest law was passed over to an hour thousand people have been arrested since those rallies started to give inclement weather not stopping people britons marking queen elizabeth diamond jubilee with the biggest river pageant in three hundred fifty years for tiller of thousands of votes of all shapes and sizes are on the thames as i speak with flag waving crowds lining the river banks in london despite the rather cold and the drizzly rain
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that's been coming down today these are the latest pictures right now as they say of more than a thousand boats traditional or modern is scored in the queen in the duke of edinburgh aboard a specially decorated royal barge down the river thames looking at the tender e. within the last couple of minutes anyway the queen. to the old naval reserve base but those the rest of the boats are going to be on the thames for at least the next hour takes a full seventy five minutes to get from the start point to the end it's been a huge show five thousand five hundred police seven thousand private stewards on duty to make sure that everything's safe and sound they're the route starting at hammersmith bridge passing chelsea bridge going on to london bridge ending it just past tower bridge it's been a big do then of course not the only event on the way either party sarah firth is in london watching the festivities as well you can join her on twitter the fall of the diamond jubilee celebrations as that long fall day holiday weekend with street
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parties and other events one of the queen's sixty years on the throne are underway . and you malicious computer virus swept through the middle east this week known as flame nato powers all known cyber viruses to date and its primary purpose is spying it was discovered by the russian security giant kaspersky lab one of its specialists explained to us at r.t. who might be behind it. we suspect that. there is a nation state behind the development of this cyber attack and there are reasons for that these are placation doesn't feed into a near of existing groups that develop cyber attack tools they're currently three groups there are traditional cyber criminals who are hunting users they and this doesn't fit into the group of traditional cyber criminal moreover also it doesn't doesn't fit into the to the smaller who are using typically free and open source
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tools to at our computers or the internet and this sort known group is the peace nation state supported developments and that is why we think it's one of them. choice arsenault the second part of our special report about the american military's use of highly toxic chemicals in vietnam and the legacy of those attacks plus on a shortly the author of updated the headlines here now t. from moscow thanks for being with us.
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