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admits there are plans for military action. neil clark a contributor to britain's guardian newspaper says western states are using the recent tragedy in houla as a pretext for possible intervention. from the very first time we heard about this massacre that lives in the u.s. and great was the syrian government was responsible for any evidence of it and i'm afraid that there's been a lot of pressure put on the the u.n. h.c.r. this week and that's behind their statement which isn't very helpful at all u.s. britain france so do i think i do not want to succeed it's the syrian government wanted to see the russian china for the last fifteen months it's been an attempt to western powers backed by states to talk with the regime in damascus and this reminds me and i'm sure to remind a lot of people too about what happened back in the late one nine hundred ninety s. yugoslavia a situation where the loss of the government there was under enormous pressure as well what we had then was western forces backing the rebels against that regime we
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had so-called massacres taking place we should being used as a pretext for military intervention which is what we got in the nato bombardment of yugoslavia and twelve months ago we had exactly the same thing again with libya but we had the stories coming out of. america and britain with the forefront of saying look we've got to intervene which is what happened in the end of course so it's deja vu it's like one thousand nine hundred twenty eight i've been all over again. meanwhile violence from syria has spread across the border with at least thirteen people killed and dozens injured in recent clashes between pro and anti supporters in levanon that country is also said to be one of the major arms hobbs' for the rebels fighting against the regime in neighboring syria but this deadly weapons flow is also a matter of faith not just money that's. now reports. a seller shows off his goods. this is five thousand dollars and the sturgeon hundred
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eighteen hundred and two thousand the seven machine guns between two and a half and three thousand u.s. parks shaadi not his real name also has rocket propelled and hand grenades which he showed me in private. come contact me every day we have a revolution next door. we talking shop his garage in tripoli lebanon syrian rebels are his major clients are very popular but recently they're looking for really have the stuff we buy from has and their hours and research they have a nerve and they're getting it for free and as iran makes their entire storage. it'll take no more than ten hours for this shoddy size to reach lebanon's conflict and gulf to neighbor since the beginning of the uprising in syria last march arms prices have rocketed for some items they coast has gone up five and sometimes even ten times and the more the conflict drags on the mall look at if it holds for the
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weapons dealers but money is not the key reason shaadi is a sunni muslim and to him it's his holy duty to support his co religious fighters in syria for sure we. will help them topple assad till they do it in sunni dominated no flab and on where we meet the arms dealer those who want assad out are in the absolute majority and they are sending their religious brothers in neighboring syria a lot more than prayers. akhmed twenty nine year old field commander from the free syrian army was wounded during the siege earlier this spring together with other injured f.s.a. members he's now having treatment in lebanon but his not stopped fighting entirely . we have support from syrian ex-pats everywhere in the world people from britain france saudi arabia also send us money weapons walkie talkies. borders he says every day tons of this aid to go through his hands but for him it's
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not enough as soon as he gets better he'll return to syria. is sellafield a radical sunni group whose influence in this part of lebanon is growing dramatically. there are demonstrations in favor of the syrian uprising a role so part of the support package everything sounds. we also made some of fish a call might have bakley one of the founders of the band islamic group suspected of links to international terrorism but he says his input in the syrian revolt in send in the rebels the ideas and encouragement to achieve their ultimate goal what would be to make all the overthrow of the government would make all the scholars speak for against these issues and make them all again to see a government and other selfish a can triple the runs this car parts shop he confirms that every sunni and especially every salafist here in lebanon is involved
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either ideologically or financially in what he calls syrian liberation. already help the tunisian and egyptian revolutions we want syrians now to get rid of this regime. shake muslin doesn't wear muslim white robes and keeps his beard secret every sellafield short so as not to draw too much attention he says everybody says something these days just to see their mission and assad's. syria completed. durational snotty reporting from northern lebanon. on a top level tour of europe president putin this week urged patience to let the kofi annan plan come into effect in syria he was speaking ahead of a meeting with top a new officials have now arrived in st petersburg and they've got a lot to discuss as really go explains. wasn't putting his first stop was in minsk which many saw as an indication that that russia's foreign policy now will focus
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more on the closest neighbors the c.i.s. countries many observers also saw this visit as the beginning of the supposedly plan of economic and eastern bloc now off you went afterwards to berlin on a whirlwind visit which lasted for only half a day it was going to put an end german chancellor angela merkel who seemed to see eye to eye on the matters concerning syria now earlier in the week u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said that russia is aiding to the troubles in syria by continuing to support the regime of president bashar al assad to which of course the russian president prepared a response. but usually russia is unilaterally supporting the assad regime. we have longstanding good relations with syria but we. need to be conflict. and agree with. that on common objectives. both russian and german leaders
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seem to believe that coffee on speace planet should be seen to progress to excess fully at the moment it does seem like a strong a by the seemingly unstoppable of fighting on all sides in syria now of course and not all leaders in europe seem to agree with the french president francois long or also earlier and we did mention that france supports military intervention in the middle eastern country and of course that is something that russia is adamantly against and that was one of the matters discussed by puttin on his last leg of the european tour which took him to paris now of course there is no agreement on the issue of syria among the european leaders among other issues which were also discussed or mentioned to put into a meeting with the french president of course was the issue of defense now russia's russia's adamant. the plans for creation of a missile defense shield in eastern europe
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a plan much hailed by nato and the united states as being very much needed by countries to counteract the supposedly possible strikes from the likes of iran and north korea now these plans worry moscow very much and moscow has been adamant in its demands that nato and its allies present guarantees that this missile shield will not be used against russia could be surely negotiated in the past we've often been promised to you wouldn't expand then we were promised a new two wouldn't put military hardware near russia but we've seen it expand and its bases spread you know we need guarantees but i'd like to say we're not going to escalate this discussion we've already employed partners to engage in dialogue it is natural that all of these issues of course will crop up during the russia e.u. summit in st petersburg and although we probably cannot expect a major breakthrough to be done it is clear that a lot of people a lot of observers as well as all of the european leaders involved are hoping that
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some sort of movement forward will finally be made at least in some of these topics . thousands in egypt have been venting their anger over what they say is a lenient sentence to the former president hosni mubarak the serving life over the killing of eight hundred fifty protesters during last year's uprising they're also furious that mubarak's two sons and several security officials have been acquitted artie's time barton is in cairo. hundreds of protesters occupying terrorists where behind me more reporting into the square larger demonstrations have also been called for later in the day this all started yesterday initially with joy about the life sentence that was given to former president hosni mubarak but then turned to anger as a number of security officials in his administer. acquitted of any involvement in the deaths of hundreds of protesters in egypt's revolution last year the verdict
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has given the police the green lights to do whatever the one because they knew they wouldn't be punished he won those who kill their children to get life sentences and hosni mubarak i'm his interior minister should be executed. does this verdict humiliate a year and a half of the revolution are those who ruined this country escaped justice at the expense of mubarak we know they're going to appeal the verdict that's what people should unite to prevent or not mohamed morsi the muslim brotherhood scandal in the upcoming second round of the presidential election said that the revolution the started last year in egypt should continue and that if he was elected president he would make sure at least try to get mubarak back on trial and have him executed the top prosecutor in egypt he's going to appeal the acquittals of those top security
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officials people here who are really focused on yesterday's verdicts and there said that that is the sign that the military here that the old regime a still in power which is the other candidates in the election he is mubarak's last prime minister a former general he has had offices of his both in the capital and in other towns raided and people say that they were doubting whether a second round in the election should go ahead after chafee cows said that he wouldn't reinstate the old regime but he's going to have a lot of convincing to do to try and make people believe him due to demonstrations planned in the coming week including a million man march through the capital. let's get some insight on this from journalist now below around danny rationalize our world affairs what do you make of the public anger we're seeing over that of the mubarak verdict. well it seems that the anger which. led to people messing and massive beyond the heaviest square last
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year and the beginning of the uprising it's seen again on the streets of not only cairo and square in particular but across the country as a whole with other demonstrations organized last night and when the verdict. could al to be quarter in egypt but also war demonstrations planned across the country today and indeed in the forthcoming days in between and. in the days leading to the second round of elections so the end anger i do mubarak administration in general is still very much there what are they angry about exactly. i think the anger is directed at many things first of all the fact that mubarak himself avoided execution over his involvement in the in his
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lack of ability to protect the life in nine hundred or so demonstrators in last year's uprising he is also his very close aide he's won't try minister either he also said in the last sentence but why did execution and you could see people extremely angry yesterday shouting don't just as hasn't been said that execution was really what they deserved and they called in the sentences. so there was an awful lot of anger towards and crucially the world's a six top aides in the mubarak regime which were acquitted and that is an indication as far as egyptians are concerned that although the head has been removed the body destruction of the mubarak regime still very much in place and it's also an indication that. the trial was never end at. getting a tool of accountability of the mubarak thirty years of dictatorship as
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the trial very much focused on the morrow. involvement in the crackdown in the first days of the uprising but didn't at all tackle the charges of last corruption or indeed investigate all the key figures in the war grosjean as far as a corruption charges are concerned as well or indeed looking into the family that an awful lot of people in. benefited massively strong in the largess of his regime when millions of egyptians live in poverty of poverty and the anger also was triggered by the fact that mubarak's two sons and and ghana. over correction challenges again that is an indication of corruption charges. in the mubarak regime in general are not being taken seriously and also they are aimed
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at protecting the security forces and the military in general. which i want to interrupt here first of all because clearly a lot of people would argue that execution is quite severe for corruption let's focus on on him being accused of killing those eight hundred fifty protesters and i want to move on to the elections because islam as candidate mohamed morsi is trying to capitalize it seems on the situation by promising to retry and execute mubarak if elected how might that promise sway voters. well first of all you got right to highlight. there are people demonstrating against. life sentence which d.c. is very lenient but it also has to be said there are also commentators and other people who do the key to successful revolution is precisely to do this on the mood of the room and say send execution of mubarak would be
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a setback to not only egypt's revolution but also to the arab spring in general surely and a key to a successful revolution is not to see the tactics being reproduced in a tree in democracy in egypt but the two candidates who are no. ending up in the second round west wished to capitalize on. the cause mubarak's their last prime minister and said that it was a great day for justice in egypt and because it means that nobody is in the middle now this is a man who was a very troubled to highlight he's traveled he was in his diaries little men who are going to the regime in an earlier and he's complaining and mohammed morsi these amused. said this was. a good day and indeed that the revolution should continue and he also promised to retry mubarak to make sure that she gets an
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execution sentence which she deemed a true. journalist and political analyst neville around then you're talking to us live via broadband from boston in the u.s. thanks for your analysis. now coming up here on our taste ability versus sovereignty the irish people yes markets from brussels but with fears that more decisions are being taken out of our event happens. but first the wiki leaks chief julian assad. lost his appeal against extradition from the u.k. to sweden where he's wanted on sex sexual assault charges britain's supreme court ruled on wednesday that his arrest warrant was walk for while for a sundress team was given fourteen days to appeal the decision which the world's top whistleblower says is politically motivated sara firth reports from london. the truth shall set you free all. the supporters were out in full six weeks for julian
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assange tearing his appeal was rejected in a split five t. decision by the judges after all the five hundred days of house arrest in britain he's now on the brink of deportation to sweden to answer questions about sexual assault accusations he say a trumped up because in point you're a member of the jury and hasn't been charged with any crime in any country and it really is extraordinary that someone is being extradited just for the purpose of questioning. it all began when we started revealing uncomfortable truths about the us government the afghanistan and iraq war logs gave shocking detail about the violent occupation of these countries the scale of civilian deaths on potential war crimes all at the hands of u.s. forces and the swedish arrest warrant wasn't far behind i think this will send a chilling effect to turn to a whistleblower but if they dare challenge the secrecy and indeed in many cases war
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crimes of united states they will face retribution and that's bad for democracy it's bad for human rights the case has been seen by many as a david and goliath style fight with a stanch taking on not just the legal system but the establishments that seek to silence him and wiki leaks and it's not just the government media that champion the songes of freedom of speech defend spectacularly turned on him in recent times he didn't want to be a member of the club. and that was the. we can reach produced in a matter of. more revelation about the workings of democratic city the workings of the world in many ways how the world is wrong than all the newspapers in western world put together. there were jealousy comes to my mind in a further twist in the tale songes legal team managed to get him an eleventh hour
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extradition stay if they fail this battle is likely to end up in the european court of human rights it is. really a ritual. that should not be happy but he's tired thirty unnecessary but if he's disappointment among his sick call to at the station and a real sense that this wasn't just the last big kid in a stunt and his legal team but a loss for the british justice system as well search. long dead. while while under house arrest in britain julian assange has found his talk show that next airs on our team this tuesday don't forget you can also catch the previous episodes at our t.v. dot com. now the irish people have said yes to more into austerity this week in a nationwide referendum supporters say this will ensure stability and more rescue cash while critics fear the country will lose the power to make its own decisions artist or a smith reports the island says yes to writing european austerity
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into law and ceding more solvency to brussels the sixty forty result saw a split between rich and poor with middle class and rural areas in favor and working class. against sinn fein leader gerry adams campaigned vigorously against the treaty and is now island's most popular party leader as a result the government real number of commitments during the. were converted to the notion that you can cut your way. up to get people. back into work. just. as a result of the great depression. so we. fail need to unemployment up to fifteen percent welfare payments are cut public
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sector spending has been slashed everyone's feeling the pinch including publican jimmy killed near he's seen his turnover fall by hoff as locals batten down the hatches we would have had to and five full time employees had for part time to full time to part time we had a restaurant upstairs which is now closed that's another three full time jobs. it's a huge factor it's the discretionary spend that people have. you can see it throughout . the restaurant. and people are very very very careful on how they spend their money to pay big condoms tightly bound to the ailing eurozone through bank loans and bailouts the treaty binds budgetary policy even tighter so that brussels will have a say over how arlan spends its money so on healy of social justice island says it's
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a badly written treaty that will do what it's meant to do what we're looking at no is a limiting limitation being imposed by this treaty which we believe quite strongly means that we cannot put in the investment levels of the scale that's required actually generate the growth to produce the jobs that are required to get out of this mess that it's in thanks to the constitution the irish are the only european people who got to vote on the pact and all but two. but governments have already signed it the yes vote will give outage power to an unpopular treaty france's new president paul swallow and has talked about trying to renegotiate the pact and germany's angela merkel despite having written the treaty can't get her own parliament to ratify it richard boyd berets of the united left alliance sees a bleak future because of all of the gambling debts and banks and speculators of
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import on to the books of the state that this would mean permanent austerity binion's worth of colt's every year for at least a decade or more in order to meet the treaty targets and we believe will do one told damage to the economy which is already very traumatized for ireland it seems more damaging austerity is up ahead here in dublin every lamp post is bristling with referendum posters the no post it's called the fiscal pact the bankers treaty the austerity pact but the yes campaign has won the day with its message of stability. prepared to cede silver and sea in exchange for financial backup but even that's not guaranteed in a beleaguered euro as they know it's me. some of today's world news now for you a passenger plane has crashed into a two story building in nigeria's largest city one hundred fifty three people were on board the m d eighty three donna air jet which took off from the capital. it's
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unlikely there are any survivors the crash happened in a neighborhood near lagos airport where the plane was heading their lines only been operating since two thousand and eight applies to mastic routes. miserable weather has failed to stop student protesters from turning out in their thousands once again in montreal talks earlier this week with the canadian government failed to reach a deal on the controversial rise in tuition fees the quebec demos began in february an earthquake just last month when an emergency and to protest the obvious. past over two and a half thousand people have been arrested since the rally started. britain's marking queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee live pictures here with the biggest river pageant in three hundred fifty years of a thousand boats of all shapes and sizes from the times with flag waving crowds lining the river banks in london despite the cold and rain not every once in a mood go empty royalists are using the event to call time on the monarchy and for
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britain to become a republic or two sarah ferguson london watching what's happening and you can follow her twitter feed on the event. where it's a dot com how to join in with america's hard pressed ninety nine percent party's very own occupy alfon facebook lets you do just that campaign out and campaign without leaving your p.c. and if your picture is designed to work as well take a look. and also catch me if you can the saudi princess who tried to flee a five star hotel in paris without paying her several million dollar bill but was stopped by staff the first time for the royal racketeer either the report or two dot com three. a short break and a recap of our top stories just ahead. from
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here with a live from moscow we have a wrap up of the week's top stories plus the latest moscow warns of the u.n. human rights body is putting the syrian peace plan at risk by blaming a regime which accuses armed rebel gangs or of a massacre russia believes the condemnation is premature because the investigation still ongoing and puts pressure on the security council. president putin's reaffirmed his stance on not taking sides during top level visits to paris and berlin. ahead of a meeting with top brass which was launched in thank you piers. and egypt's ousted president hosni mubarak begin serving life for his party and killing eight hundred
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fifty protesters during last year's uprising but thousands are enraged at what they see as a softer sentence. plus the world's top whistleblower loses this extradition appeal from britain to sweden on sex assault charges julian assange his legal team has fourteen days to appeal the decision which they believe is politically motivated. next our interview with serbia's newly elected president. in which he talks about the road ahead for his country as it faces economic difficulties and strives for your membership. mr president thank you very much for giving your time for this interview a few international media see you as a nationalist and a right wing got to you based your election campaign on good relations with the european union look as though they are absolutely right i am a nationalist but i'm a democrat.


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