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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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syria's president decries the houla massacre and blast the perpetrators as monsters pressure attempts to blame his regime are being labeled as part of a plan to engineer foreign military intervention. in syria center stage two at the russia e.u. summit with european leaders pushing russia to exert more pressure on damascus. dialogue to resolve the conflict. plus a court verdict on egypt's ousted leader. ignites continuing protests both candidates competing in the presidential election seek to exploit the sentencing.
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international news twenty four hours a day this is the. syrian leader bashar al assad has flatly rejected any state involvement in the houla slaughter calling it a monstrous massacre the president went on to blame not the opposition but foreign backed fighters in syria he says are spreading chaos artie's mean for national foreign intervention may be the ultimate intention. ten days after the terrible massacre in the syrian city of who're the world is still watching to see how this tipping point will shape the crisis while there is still at least some hope of a peaceful solution many analysts believe those hopes are fading fast the american british and french push for military intervention in syria is absolutely enormous we've seen hague of course william hague the british foreign secretary
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calling for intervention we've seen the new french president saying the same thing the americans obviously taking the lead the specter of a military solution has returned after the syrian regime was condemned internationally for the death of one hundred eight people half of whom were children before an investigation into who was responsible was even launched they're all saying that their side regime is committing human rights abuses and they repeat this message obsessive like i am confident to predict that indeed it will remain fixed in people's minds and could well be used as a pretext and you don't have to look back to far to see where hasty judgments saw a rush to take up arms but the cost of war and. exactly what happened in our division of a massacre which was the village of. un inquiry that was severely bullied by the u.s. ambassador was leading your observation mission on the ground the claims that it was a. massacre of innocent civilians by government troops serving it was when presented
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with. them and ran. back then the yugoslavian government just like the syrian one now condemned militants for the killings in this case blaming the benon separatists from the kosovo liberation army an investigation was launched to find out whether the victims were innocent civilians as the international community claimed or whether the country's army had been battling professional fighters two out of three forensic inquiries proved. most of the casualties died in combat the third report by an e.u. team has never been made public interesting we know about we have been reports of syrian rebels who are they are. the. think of being in kosovo liberation army people who were basically agents of mido in the course or. basically training on they were saying they were training in the marsian human rights but the
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only training that. anybody is how do. you war. what's happening now. but even with hindsight after the nato bombing of yugoslavia ruin the alliances those tribes in libya last year history isn't been prevented from repeating itself again and again. when these disturbing images from the syrian village of whole are made world headlines everybody agreed those who are guilty must be punished but the reaction from the international community has been so sweet and so cold in ated the risk is that punishment will come before even those who are truly responsible are supposed and that could mean not just a loss of justice but also huge loss of life. grief nationality moscow. on the or clarke a contributor to britain's guardian newspaper says there's tremendous pressure being applied to spark a foreign intervention. from the very first time we heard about this massacre the
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lives of the u.s. and britain was the syrian government was responsible for any evidence of it and i'm afraid that there's been a lot of pressure put on the u.n. h.c.r. this week and that's behind their statement which isn't very helpful at all u.s. britain france so do i think i do not want to succeed if the syrian government wanted to see the russian china for the last fifteen months there's been a tempting western powers backed by gold states to talk with the regime in damascus and this reminds me and i'm sure remind a lot of people too about what happened back in the late one nine hundred ninety s. yugoslavia a situation where the loss of the government there was under enormous pressure as well what we had then was western forces backing the rebels against that regime we had a massacre so-called massacre was taking place we should being used as a pretext for military intervention which is what we got in the nato bombardment of yugoslavia and twelve months ago we had exactly the same thing again with libya but
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we had stories coming out of. america and britain with the forefront of saying look we've got to intervene which is what happened in the end of course so it's deja vu it's like one thousand nine hundred twenty eight i've been all over again. thousands of lebanese troops have been deployed to tripoli the nation's second largest city in an effort to stop clashes between pro and anti i said groups more than a dozen civilians have died there in recent days as a conflict from neighboring syria spills across the border. from america's syracuse university but he is the growing violence is being fueled by gulf arab states. the regional countries are are interfering in syria this easily becomes a regional conflict and it's devastating for lebanon which has suffered enough already so many years of civil war between nine hundred seventy five and one thousand nine hundred and now you know the violence is happening on a much more extreme level in the north and the lebanese are getting nervous they
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don't want to have to live through another civil war and it seems like the international and for in the in the gulf states are only encouraging the lebanese to get more involved and to drag it into a civil war and again i think this is more a political agenda than anything else this has to do with the resistance access this has to do with hizbollah this has to do with the iran and the west determined attempt to undermine these players in the regional politics because they know how popular they are and they know how powerful they are and it's just going to make the whole region into a complication huge conflict and this could be avoided if the gulf countries step back didn't get involved in lebanon didn't get involved in syria and the west didn't instigate them too. well moscow is set to defend its push for dialogue in syria or the russia e.u. summit in st petersburg on monday european leaders are likely to urge moscow to exert more pressure on damascus by the u.n. security council but also exploring ways to further help international peace efforts in syria ati's or nuclear strikes planes. you have syria
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a country which is balancing on the brink of a civil war with the european leaders and still unable to come to any agreement on whether or not to do anything definite if in order to try and appease the situation there of course you have the peace plan produced by kofi anon which is unfortunately being impeded by the seemingly on seizing the fighting on the all sides in the syrian conflict and one of the main it things which will be in focus this time is the issue off the economic crisis in europe you have greece which just threatening to pull out from the eurozone that matter should be decided within weeks so europe is in a very precarious situation there's also the major issue of. europe's a dependency on russia's natural resources this is also an area where russia and the european union countries are playing along together in a sort of a symbiotic relationship the matters of russia's accession to w t o y are also
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expected to be talks about it does it seem as if the european and russian leaders are really set on figuring out a way to solve these problems which really have been impeding the progress in international relations and in the europe in the european region for quite some time no. well coming up few hours later in the program economic hardships move north thousands of back students test against a dramatic hiking tuition fees which will double the cost of the level education so that companies should stop copying the u.s. . and u.s. defense secretary leon panetta visits vietnam. for u.s. naval ships to the country's ports is a key component of the relationship between the two states analysts saying it is a further effort to undermine china.
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if you. could take three. three. three. three. three. three broadcast video for your media project free media r.t. dot com. the crowds of protesters are still filling square in cairo furious at what they see
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as the need sentencing of egypt's ousted president hosni mubarak and his associates the former leader got life in prison for his role in the deaths of hundreds of protesters during last year's revolution but his sons and six police commanders were cleared well demonstrators in the square have been demanding their execution his time bottom. hundreds of protesters occupying terrorists where this all started initially with joy the life sentence that was given to former president hosni mubarak but then turned to anger as a number of security officials in his administration were acquitted. the verdict has given the police the green light to do whatever they want because they knew they wouldn't be punished we want those who kill their children to get life sentences and hosni mubarak and his interior minister should be executed.
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no doubt this verdict humiliating a year and a half after the resolution those who are ruling this country escape justice we know they're going to appeal the verdict people should unite to prevent that that's worse than what mohamed morsi the muslim brotherhoods can do that in the upcoming second round of a presidential election said that the revolution the started last year in egypt should continue and that if he was elected president he would make sure least try to get mubarak back on trial and have him executed the top prosecutor in egypt he's going to appeal the acquittals of those top security officials people here who are really focused on yesterday's verdicts and there says that that is the sign that the military here that the old regime is still in power which is the other candidates in the election he is mubarak's last prime minister a former general he has had offices of his both in the capital and in other towns
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raided and people say that they really want doubting whether a second round in the election should go ahead after chesapeake has said that he wouldn't reinstate the old regime but he's going to have a lot of convincing to do to try and make people believe. both remaining candidates. are trying to spin the reaction. their way. there are also people demonstrating against. life sentence which d.c. is very lenient but he also has to be sent in and there are also commentators and other people who think that the key to successful revolution is precisely to do this on the mood of the law and since then execution of mubarak would be a setback to not only egypt's revolution but also to the arab spring in general surely and a key to
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a successful revolution is not to see america tactics being reproduced in a tree and democracy in egypt but the two candidates who are switched to capitalize on. the team said that he was a great day for justice and because it means that nobody is among the long now this is a man who was a very trying to highlight how troubled he was in his dies with little men who were going to regime and earlier in his campaigning. as more and all our stories of r.t. dot com runs at us that space center is completion and of course controversy as critics fear it's just a cover for making nuclear weapons. and the u.n. and google go head to head as a search engine is told to make changes over allegations of favoritism abuse of market power.
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greases a gearing up for a parliamentary election in less than two weeks time which could mean athens scrapping its bailout deal with the e.u. and i.m.f. greece's future in the euro zone is also under intense scrutiny but an interview coming up later in the program american economist and nobel laureate eric mascon says an end to the u.s. for the actual woes is still there where insight. greece could go on. into a long term depression unemployment could grow to astronomical high so it's already very high but it could it could certainly get higher. the. things are by no means currently as bad as they as they could get i see the the greek situation as
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a tragedy because so much of what has happened could have been prevented if europe were truly. an integrated unit. he was defense secretary leon panetta has been seeking a return to long abandoned military ports in vietnam asking for the country to grant u.s. naval ships access that well joining his asia pacific tour he also announced that the majority of american warships will be deployed in the area by twenty twenty american talk show host steve in london says the military buildup is clearly aimed at china. well america is doing everything possible to maintain it start going to school locally months back obama gave a speech he said that america will increase its presence in the middle east in the east asia north korea is the punching bag china is the target china knows it just
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the way russia knows that being encircled with u.s. bases in america's missile shield has nothing to do with the brand it is everything to do with russia and america it was the established basing rights already has them by numerous countries in central asia japan of course and south korea china knows there's china believes that the south china sea. is what it is america wants to come in and use but just imagine what if china or russia wanted its flee of america's east the west coast for the congress it would probably be an act of war. but seven thirty g.m.t. people the bells debate so cross talk today focusing on the us is a global superpower a cultural influence secular to tell what's coming up. after a decade of wars and an ongoing global financial crisis particularly in the eurozone just how attractive is the west when it comes to soft power is the worst
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specifically the u.s. losing its ability to influence others through example and the power of ideas and values. and. in canada thousands of taking to the streets of could back weeks of protests and demands for tuition fee freeze rain didn't stop the demonstrators from marching through montreal two days after talks between. the government failed to help thousand people have been arrested since protests started a thousand qualities this is in the presence. of the force that can influence and canadian government thinking is being blamed. the canadian province of quebec a region that prides itself on free healthcare and affordable education for its
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residents students here pay a fixed amount for tuition fees around twenty five hundred dollars a year for all of the colleges and universities that's the lowest rate in north america and the taxpayers pick up the rest but that model might change as their government looks sounds they are looking across the borders and saying what the united states are doing and trying to become closer and closer to what the united states are working on which is more in my presence is a show that instead of reading your social programs that cover for everybody. tens of thousands spilled onto the streets when the government said they'd be pushing up to we should fees every year and in five years the students of will face education cost almost double what they are paying now. i mean even you know this is a student at a montreal. the university she works part time at a local ice cream shop she says if the people of keg don't stand their ground now
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in the future higher education just won't be an option for many if it's too expensive. not even think about going to school because it's another world it's part of something that's accessible you wouldn't even think about being a doctor or if you know it would be you know it's a symbol and what i was saying is so expensive so the people the poor people they want to study they have no judgment going to army for that the prospect of having to join the military to provide for their education is not the only thing about the u.s. example that scares the give it to fund skyrocketing tuition fees americans carry massive student loan debts on their shoulders that we need to preserve this and become what we've seen growing in the united states right now having a lot of students they are still paying for their university program and when they are seventy years old so we need to make sure that every students will be able to
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contribute to. our region and making sure that they have you can afford actually to start maybe. new and new businesses the rest of north america should be looking to come back as an example of how to mobilize how student association should function through direct democracy and how they should actually organize and challenge these measures and challenge this shackle system. the protests clearly signaled the path that came back is willing or rather not willing to take when we look towards the united states we see a country in which the idea of access is wrapped up in the ability to pay and this is where we're seeing the resistance against that access to things like higher education or like health care are in fact access to public goods and that there should be a way of controlling the costs and ensuring that people no matter what their monetary capabilities are able to take advantage of these kinds of programs. what
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the world knows about the protests here is that they have to do with students and their tuition but people of the problem it's not so much about the economy but more about their identity and the special welfare model that they are striving to i'm going to check our reporting from montreal canada r.t. . but look now at some other stories making international headlines the death toll from sunday's plane crash in nigeria is expected to rise to around two hundred or one hundred fifty three on board died when the jet plowed into a two story building with more than forty people missing under the rubble reports say the pilot was making frantic calls just before the crash was princeton has declared three days of national mourning for the victims. of the sixteen suspected taliban fighters are thought to have been killed after a u.s. drone strike targeted a militant compound in northwestern pakistan is the seventh attack in the last two weeks but unconfirmed reports that foreigners are among the dead one is increasing
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tension between pakistan and washington which has ignored demands to stop unmanned aircraft strikes. an aircraft fighting a remote wildfire near a southern u.s. mining towns crashed killing both crew members on. flying over the five thousand acre blaze which began on friday after a lightning strike in eastern. by turn has been evacuated with more than a thousand firefighters tackling the flames it's thought to be the worst blaze in mexico's history. of time to take that now what's happening in the world of business with marina hi there marina and rhonda stein the market's not feeling very optimistic right now what's happening hi carol well pretty much we've got a lot of negative economic data last week and it was a like a domino effect they say is the only one trader right now but in order to understand what happened when it's take a look at the u.s. markets first so what you're about to see is the. on friday as you can see it was
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as sea of red the dilution over two percent and the nasdaq over two and a half percent and investors there will react very disappointing the jobs data basically for the month of may the u.s. economy managed to generate some sixty nine thousand new jobs and this was much less than expected which was one hundred sixty five thousand jobs in fact it was the smallest increase in about a year and this had a domino effect across international markets sending them a deep into the right asia which is of course was closed up it's on this news came about is now finally reacting so we're seeing a delayed reaction there then they came shouting two percent while the hang side approach ensue and a half percent in the red among the worst hit our exports in japan we have miles they're shut in over seven percent and then we have energy for this knowledge and particularly well either and that's our decline in crude prices which i'll get to the second for now let's take a look at europe it was a similar picture there as well as i said it was
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a domino effect and we can see that the footsie lost over one percent and the dax lost over the we percent also affect investors there was negative p.m.i. data now in more news from europe cyprus may turn out to be the next country to seek a bailout its banking system is exposed to greece but earlier the island rejected suggestions it would need financial aid but at the end of june cyprus faces a deadline to find almost two billion euros. capital requirements and analysts fear that this parish will have to come from europe's funds. also according to a new report the jobless rate in the euro zone stood at eleven percent in april which was the same as in march and it's at the highest level since ninety ninety five then you have percent serve european war east which is spain have let's hope jobless rate in the union at twenty four percent the lowest unemployment is in also . at around four percent and germany bucked the trend with
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a rate dropping by ten basis points to five point four percent. let's consider new with the markets now we have the close in picture it's two hours ahead of the opening bell so will we see other numbers from friday a similar fact as i've said around the world basically that we're tracking overseas losses but here we also had the lowest food prices the fact that investors as always moving on to currencies let's take a look at the picture there and we can see that the euro is amusing value against the dollar when it comes to the ruble again the picture from friday in fact in the ruble shirts and percent in the month of may and it's been trading at the euro lows against the greenback would be the updated figures when the russian markets open for now let's take a look at crude prices which always affect the russian economy as i mentioned the heading south light sweet is straining at around eighty dollars a barrel while the bread gladys at around ninety seven dollars per barrel and the fact that the crude has been trading at seven month lows for the past couple of
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weeks and basically this is what i have for you care for this hour back to you ok thanks so much for that marino. now our interview with u.s. economist a nobel laureate eric mask is coming up few shortly right off i recap the top stories for you just might.
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