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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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latest episode of julian assange just show premieres heroin on t.v. today as the f.b.i. tightens its nice around the whistle and also his guests. easton union putin is in china to pick up economic tips from moscow and beijing continue to read from the same page when it comes to world politics. egypt's muslim brotherhood sides with news from a million man protest calling for mubarak's execution hoping it will also speak aside the tension election right before anyone even votes.
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in the welcome straight to our top story now the latest installment of julian assange is premiering today here on r.t. but the f.b.i. now apparently among the ranks of law viewers he agency is said to have been given the green light to the launch a surveillance mission on the prominent whistleblower and everyone in contact with him a number of his guests have been stopped and interrogated by agents we want even offered the chance to turn f.b.i. informant. has more. u.s. officials say there is no indictment against julian assange but apparently the u.s. is going after him after all in their quest for evidence they might hear watching the sunday shows here on our t.v. or else how would several of the show's guests end up interrogated by u.s. officials about the we kill expounder in this week's episode features one of them that's jeremy zimmerman an internet freedom advocate who's based in friends at the
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airport traveling from the united states to friends he was stopped by self identified f.b.i. agents and questioned about julian assange that we can leaks website says mr zimmerman was threatened with arrest and imprisonment when he asked about his rights this all happened after his interview with mr off where they talked cyber security and freedom in the face of ever expanding government surveillance here is a bit of it don't miss the whole thing here and r.t. running all day know that suspect technology enables those surveillance of communication then there is do do the other side of that coin is what we do with it we could admit that for which you go to tactical one there are some indeed some legitimate use investigators investigating the bug. but guys and so on may need under the supervision of the judicial authority to be able to use. such tools but the question is where to draw this judicial supervision where to do the control
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that the citizens can have over the use of those technologies and this is a policy should so there was jeremy and a bit earlier and now the guest of the show internet freedom activists mari mccarthy the co-founder of the icelandic digital freedom society he too was stopped at the airport and questioned by u.s. officials about julian us funch he says he was later followed and approached by three u.s. officials in washington late at night and asked to become for a need. former sounds like something from the movie among other guests there was the president of the bahrain center for human rights not build our job was beaten up at bahrain international airport and held in prison for almost a month after recording an interview with julian assange so what can we expect as a few now court has also raised mr songes extradition to sweden his lawyers have less than two weeks to contest that decision in sweden he's facing quite thin
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allegations of sexual assault which reportedly had to do with consensual but unprotected sex but his supporters are saying it's not a songes unprotected sex that they're looking into but rather a way to get him to sweden where it would be arguably easier to hand him over to the united states judging by the reports about people being interrogated one might say that the u.s. is building a case against julian assange as far as the number of people detained or arrested shortly before or after the show also might be breaking some television record. where you can watch the latest episode of shooting the saga show here in r.t. starting at eleven thirty g.m.t. . well free from prejudices and stereotypes that's how president putin has defined russia's ties with china as he looks east for the next three days the neighbors are seeing eye to wine major international disputes such as the syrian conflict and
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share a concern of u.s. expansion in the asia pacific region let's see a shift skis in beijing for us. well it's not only just a visit any just official visit it's a state visit the first one since i've been put in became the president so unless you have some certain details about its protocol because as we know any president of any country can perform only one state visit to any country during his can see certainly this outlines how important this visit is and for some experts this has already been a declaration of intent and the declaration of a live event which is the show that the foreign policy of russia with his new term will not change not first went to europe now he goes to china basically the relations between moscow and beijing have been very strong over the past several decades the trade turnover has been reaching one hundred billion dollars in its turn over every year so definitely this is russia's closest ally not only in terms of economic ties but also on very many international issues as well just in
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particular the syrian issue within the u.n. security council russia and china seem to have a unified position now suddenly this this visit will be interesting with a lot of on its agenda it's a two day visit and to talk about what this visit could mean for the ties we're joined live here in beijing by these three young c.u. from the chinese central international studies and as always we're talking about the four nations we know that china and russia have a unified position on syria can we expect some kind of statement to produce than that during the visit of course i think the twenty there are. great country this address this is a very hot he said that hard being to some differences a patron of russia china and the subways and that are again countries from china and the russians perspective the key solution lysine. the presentational and that's a plan broader than lice and whether or not we should the public. the existing government that is now to compete so i think the chinese position on syria still is
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a small responsible and designed to have permanent on the final solution to the. see represents thank you so much this was mr yang see you from the chinese central international studies now certainly will be following this visit all the days as it's here and we'll be bringing all the latest details to our viewers every time we get new information. well r.t. talked to arvind subramanian who's a senior fellow at the center for global development who thinks china has all that's needed to out run the u.s. economy is a preview of what's coming up here in about thirty minutes time. at the moment china's g.d.p. for example is smaller than that of the united states. but if you measure it in terms of purchasing power it's as big as the united states one second china is already the world's largest trade there are. three china is a net creditor to the world it finances the u.s. and the u.s.
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is a debtor so it's this combination of the size of the economy the fact the big trader and the fact that it's a creditor confers on it a lot of power today and over the next ten fifteen years all these numbers are going to go in china's favor so the china is going to become an even bigger economy than the u.s. and even bigger trade of the u.s. . the u.n. chief has rejected calls from syria's rebels to impose a no fly zone over the country to help bring down president there said the demand for the statement from the fighters saying they're no longer committed to the international truce plan proposed by special envoy kofi annan the rebels claim dozens of government soldiers were killed in clashes a saxon security checkpoints the last few days violence comes amid growing voices from the u.s. and its allies but armed action after the civilian slaughtering saw one hundred
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civilians killed. just as the rebels are motivated by the example. instance thinks . the united states is trying to kill it but it's absolutely essential that some sort of peace oriented mission take place or there will be bloodshed horrible bloodshed in syria little make libya look like a picnic united states has been very clear from the outset really of the activity in syria that they want to see assad go on they have geopolitical reasons for that particularly the relationship with iran but i mean let's be realistic here there's the u.s. has been intervening since this uprising quote unquote began the report earlier mentions the fact that these are clearly professional soldiers that are conducting these operations these are not protesters that decided to grab some rocks or maybe a pistol because of the response of the state to their protests this is an army that was placed there either emigres from syria or just foreign nationals just
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generally it's being supplied from the outside from turkey the nato country from jordan and from lebanon and so the intervention is already a fact whether or not it becomes an overt intervention outside of the u.n. which by the way is illegal or you know take some other form the intervention has been underway since this was the arms struggle quote unquote began. and that's still to come in just a few minutes paying the price for fakes and biting the fortune houses down themselves seriously out of pocket to be duped by copycats one dies which is. america's defense chief is continuing to tout his alms catalog around the asia pacific region but india they test sales talk it up and it's a stall throughout the area is largely seen by experts as a red rag for china and the same time interest in hot spots some won't map won't another high ranking sufficient second stand in the south caucasus. wideness of
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advisors and country risks of the sions the us and the. because this concern is security more with shifting power in the region one. secretary of state clinton is looking to it she in the caucasus what america is trying to achieve more overall around the world and that is to continue to enhance its image and its ability to influence what's going on in the region the caucuses have been largely ignored by america for a great deal of time and now that there's a resurgence of russian influence in the region it's only natural that america would want to do something in return there are pockets of conflict in the region that concern the united states and the concerns of course other regional powers but let's not forget where the caucasus is located it's in russia's backyard it's only natural that russia's historical relationship with the region and the various countries would be superior to that of america certainly at the present time mrs
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clinton's biggest influence is likely to occur in georgia let's not forget that georgia has had a historically close relationship with united states for a number of years now and that it was particularly close during the bush era georgia certainly seems to want to be heading in the direction of nato and i think that she is likely to see the most success and the most influence there. well i don't hesitate to log onto our web site r.t. dot com we've got the latest news and updates there as well as any stories you may have missed. some of what's there for you right now. promised land from either the israeli government sends a get away message to africans as the prime minister calls from last importation rights groups describe expulsion as. also online post revolution libya sees shooting and violence once again as an initial good news is to capture the war
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both in the truth of the. facts the country back to the action. thank you. as it cairo braces itself the largest rally seen so far calling for the execution of ousted president barack the muslim brotherhoods presidential candidate is looking to use the protest to wipe out his rival even before round two of the vote is the mists join the calls of revolution groups from the million man march on tuesday to capitalize on until mubarak sentiment tom barton reports now from an egypt which could again be sliding into instability. revolution renewed but these protesters never expected to be back in time risk where just a year after they ousted the dictatorial president hosni mubarak he's now serving
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a life sentence but after thirty years in power toppling the system he built is proving to be an even harder task than toppling the man everything is like could lapsing from at all and us economy so this gave me the impression that probably be one will not you know rise again as they are already exhausted or too exhausted to go to the square and protest again but it's really impressive they went again and they are now protesting dalia has been involved with egypt's revolution from the beginning she works to monitor civil and political developments in the country or lack of them many egyptians are dismayed that little if anything has changed under the ruling supremum council of the armed forces or skaf in fact we see that. is continuing mubarak's regime and offering only very minimal cost sessions to that evolution whenever he has to these demonstrations erupted after
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the notorious court decision that not only spared mubarak's life but acquitted his sons and six former security officials protesters say the second insult is the heavily criticized presidential runoff election a straight choice between the old guard in the form of an ex mubarak man and the religiously conservative muslim brotherhood i don't think injured or politically if they were in the next four years. surgical operations will be reaching with something. for me with faith but i think for most. successful others believe more time is needed even though it may be a bumpy ride people did not go to. squares and streets again to protest there's also two big punches in the face more then they think this is their last chance to win begs that country but until then the revolutionaries plan to fight on
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which brings us back to real. protestors here have described their religious revolution to me rather like a train they determined not to have it the rails either by religious hardliners by the regime but they're equally desperate to stop it running out of steam lest egypt go off on the wrong track altogether tom watson arts east africa square cairo. look now at some other stories making headlines around the world this hour. but various presidents good luck jonathan has visited the site of sunday's plane crash which killed one hundred fifty three people he's promised an inquiry after on board died virgin see cruise fearing many lives have been lost on the ground as well exact cause still isn't known but the pilot reported engine trouble claims the plane to world service areas worst day disaster almost twenty years.
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at least eleven people have been killed and thirteen injured in the bus crash in northern mexico two children were among those killed when the vehicle plunged into a ravine there were reports of problems with the brakes with witnesses saying the driver was speeding he's since been taken into police custody. credit ratings giant standing paws have predicted a one in three chance of greece leaving the eurozone after the country's general election later this month the left wing a series of party predicted to win the election is about to cancel the country's bailout deal if elected comes after conclusive election day greece has been under strict terms to cut spending provoking mass protests from the public. or the strive to keep greece within the euro zone is said by many economists to increasingly resemble a fast seven thirty g.m.t. our financial guru max kaiser reveals what he believes is behind it and what's coming up. like
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a greek exit at worst means more money printing for the banks and they've already priced that into their stocks and their bonuses what they're really afraid of is that a country finds its inner gonads and decides to become politically independent that's what they're fearful of a country standing up for itself they want iceland to be just contained they don't want greece to stand up for itself they don't want ireland to stand up or stop because then they would tell the bankers to stop it that's the real problem they threaten this financial terrorism which is false it's false these are false attacks it was a false attack in two thousand and eight it was a concocted covert cooked attack on nine eleven it's a false attorney. they say a picture's worth a thousand words in the art world talking millions of dollars that's if it's the genuine article but with forgeries on the rise it's getting increasingly hard for
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baez and the option houses and like to spot the fakes insanities smith explains some don't find out it's too late. very important works of art go under the hammer every day in london's west end but how can our lovers be sure of what they're buying according to scotland yard a staggering fifty percent of all art sold is fake what we're looking at these days is a very considerable increase in faking of twentieth century art i've seen a number of provincial auction houses and and others. so fix. a considerable scale and i think it's something that we we all accept a lot of forgeries are also sold on auction websites but it's not just internet buyers who can be taken in by the forwards as brush the latest auction house to come into the spotlight with christie's which is involved in
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a high court battle with russian tycoon victim back solberg he paid more than two and a half million dollars for a painting he thought was by prominent russian artist buddies cause still a death and they find out later that it appears to have been signed for several years after death the case will go on for nineteen days and according to experts will probably cost more than the painting itself which is one reason why more of these claims don't go to court but another buyer of russian art when confronted with lemons made lemonade eager to see a course discovered his art collection meant to fund his retirement was mostly forgeries now he's displaying the paintings as a warning to others. conned money we're ashamed to talking about it i'm trying to be the first one who says don't be ashamed of it because we believe people who it wasn't ok to disbelieve in our time as you promised and we
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realize we made a mistake and it's important to publicize the mistake because the quantity of russian fakes and the. skepticism. discredits national. coffee sharing each of his pictures alongside. one attesting the painting is genuine and one proving it sometimes even signed by the same person and his collection is just the tip of the iceberg it's going to be a lot more. prosecutions in the u.k. germany of so-called must a forgery. repealed are still excellent fakes for hundreds of excellent fakes have been placed on the market maybe that's just a very small bit how croft's message is clear it doesn't matter whether you're buying off the internet or a reputable auction house buyer beware. well
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that's hard to see what's happening in the world of business now any optimism on the markets today said i care there's definitely more optimism said that there was on monday and first of all we have investors are confident that european officials will do something to take action to stem the ground concerns over the global economy if we take a look at the markets asia is the only one trader right now we see that it's and positive territory hong kong shares have actually rebounded after more that. we can see that the hang seng well we see that they're in negative territory right now that's where that is the second about the one posted. on that next hour for you now let's move on to the last it was a topi trading session on a monday the nasdaq again for the first time in the four days haven't set that many of the u.s. blue chips that are better than session and they're right for the fourth time in
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there also i'm expecting as you can see the last i got it almost half a percent and investors are feeling more confident that the european central bank as well as the federal reserve. take action and inject more monetary stimulus back into the economy and look at europe it was a tougher trading session there as well markets and the lower drive by german shares and that's on concerns of slowing growth both in the united states as well china as you get the foot sea walls and five close for a public holiday and it will continue all day but will get back into the trading session on wednesday now banking stocks did manage to rebound on the dax and that's some hope again as i said that european officials will take action to help the financial sector of the eurozone and also the former c.e.o. of deutsche bank said quote germany will ultimately take whatever steps necessary to keep the eurozone and sacked and later today they'll be in the merge and see conference call by the major economies of the g.
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seven and we'll of course be following the developments coming out from there. hours ahead of the opening bell a year and choppy trading session here as well the morses did manage to post some gains with the arts yes in fact at an almost one percent here. currencies us take a look at what's happening there the euro is again in against the u.s. dollar and when it comes to the ruble these are the figures from monday when it comes to the euro it lost against the euro by gained a little bit when it comes to the dollar obviated figures coming up and so our crude is now again in for a second day in a row which is always great news for the russian economy and that's the news that every war will come out and we're expecting to hear that stockpiles drop for the first time and eleven the weeks now in other news the problems and the horizon for one of the oldest allies in the world wants us which is all strongly as flag carrier expects its profits to fall by as much as ninety percent and that's growing
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losses at its international and its highest ever fuel bill it shares dropped around eighteen percent after this and then. and as for that as i said asian shares are rising so there was just a technical glitch or the graphics there cracked kerrick a thanks for that very. well coming up next a look at the meteoric rise of china on the world stage there were a brief recap of the headlines and disappearance.
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with the end of the boer war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. the risk is not zero that something might
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be going off by mistake especially of nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. of the victims to use it. all but you know if you keep spinning a trillion dollars a year on weapons of venture you're going to blow everybody up you you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see if people don't wake up to nuclear weapons or a bill. that represents all the firepower of the second world war and this second sound is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today. there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact.
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before the source material is helps keep journalism honest we. we want to present. something a. little bit. golden globe a. little bit. old. world. little . clear. that speak. to. her. mum which. ultimately became a missile good luck. mum. just
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said the amount to a minimum. amount of time a little. clear. limits lists. and. lists.


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