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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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us interesting julian assange takes a sinister turn as his contacts are harassed and interrogated in an apparent attempt to fish out information about the wiki leaks founder. moscow and beijing continue to cement their strong ties as day one of the polluted visit to china reaffirms the shared stance on a number of international issues. as egypt braces for a million strong protest calling for barak's execution the muslim brotherhoods accused of capitalizing on people's anger to sweep aside their presidential election right.
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this is r t it's four pm now moscow time my name's kevin zero in with our top stories for you and first it's a partnership widely seen as a counterbalance to influence the u.s. of russian president vladimir putin's high profile visit to china is expected to foster already strong ties aside from obvious economic interests the neighbors also see eye to eye on major international disputes such as the syrian conflict while also sharing concerns over u.s. expansion in the asia pacific region let's go live then to beijing surely our correspondents there. tell us a little bit more about the significance of this whole visit over the next three days. well first of all this visit is certainly very significant because it is the first state visit to britain as russia's president to china something that each president of any country can do only once during his presidential term now certainly has been greeted here with a lot of ceremony with the red carpet with the military marches and certainly this is something which is done according to the political one person one
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a president conducts a state visit to a certain state but also definitely this visit has a very large meeting in russia and china boosting their ties definitely many experts have already been saying that the fact that. china as one of the destinations to becoming russia's president for the third time means that russia and china will continue to be very strong strategic partners we just witnessed the press conference of the two leaders who didn't tell anybody where they spoke about how the ties between russia and china are flory economic ties in the first place certainly with the trade over the trade turnover already reaching almost reaching one hundred billion dollars a year but definitely the main focus among all the media and everyone here was at the for invective the relations between beijing and moscow and certainly the two leaders have reconfirmed that they have unified stances on most of the issues they touched on the growing concerns in the asian pacific region namely certainly the
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growing a military presence of the united states here and that's where a lot even if we don't know who said that they have a unified stance that we know that china has been expressing some concerns over a growing presence of the united states' military presence in the region as well as mentioning the events in north africa and in the middle east basically we do understand as well that russia and china have a unified position on the syrian conflict and that is not going to change according to both leaders so definitely this visit gives a lot of. confidence that the positions of both countries will not change we are yet of course to experience two more days of this visit with the summit of the corporation organization to be held within the next several days and we also expecting meetings between the presidents of iran and afghanistan will be very interesting to hear what they can discuss during these meetings as rainy and problem is also one of the key problems in the foreign policy across the world
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right now. thanks for bringing us that live update from beijing. and we've heard more later this hour about china as well when a former i.m.f. economist tells us how beijing's monetary muscles hoping it punches weighed against the u.s. . if the united states gets to so much economic trouble right that it will have to borrow money and if china has the money to provide the u.s. china might say well we don't like your military presence in the pacific you naval presence and you have to you know get rid of their economic power can always be leveraged for political and foreign policy objectives. was just a week for julian assange his lawyers to challenge his extradition to sweden it seems u.s. authorities already have the knives out for the australian the wiki leaks founder is program here in artie's apparently awake in the interest of the f.b.i.
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with one guest on the show even stopped and interrogated by agents are he's going to as the latest on the story. u.s. officials say there is no indictment against julian assange but apparently the u.s. is going after him after all in their quest for evidence they might hear watching the sunday shows here on our t.v. or else of how would several of the shows and guests interrogated about the weekly leaks founder in this week's episode features one of them that's jeremy zimmerman an internet freedom advocate who's based in friends at the airport traveling from the united states to friends he will stop by self identified f.b.i. agents and questioned about julian assange and the weekly leaks website says mr zimmerman was threatened with arrest and imprisonment when he asked about his rights this all happened after his interview with mr off where they talked cyber security and freedom in the face of ever expanding government surveillance here is
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a bit of it don't miss the whole thing here and r.t. running all day know that some sites technology enables. communication then there is to do the other side of that coin is what we do with it we could admit that for which you go to tactical one there are some indeed some legitimate use investigators investigating the bug. but guys and so on may need under the supervision of the judicial authority to be able to use. such tools but the question is where to drool these judicial supervision where to do the control that the citizens can have over the use of those technologies and this is a policy should so there was jeremy and a bit earlier internet freedom activists mari mccarthy the co-founder of the icelandic digital freedom society he too was stopped at the airport and questioned by u.s. officials about julian assange he says he was later followed and approached by
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three u.s. officials in washington late at night and asked to become an informer sounds like something from the move. as far as the number of people detained or arrested shortly before or after the show might be breaking some television record among other guests there was the president of the bahrain center for human rights not build our job was beaten up at bahrain's international airport and held in prison for almost a month after recording an interview with julian assange so what can we expect as a few now court has also raised mr songes extradition to sweden his lawyers have less than two weeks to contest that decision in sweden he's facing quite sane allegations of sexual assault which reportedly had to do with consensual but unprotected sex but his supporters are saying it's not a songes unprotected sex that they're looking into but rather a way to get into sweden where it would be arguably easier to hand him over to the united states judging by the reports about people being interrogated one might say
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that the u.s. is building a case against julian assange. you know if. you can watch the latest edition of julian assange jews uncompromising if you program it in full next hour again here on our to you from moscow. the. lines in motion to me soon which brightened if you knew me about song from phones to pressure. me friends don't talk t. don't come. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you
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glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. on. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are old today.
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u.s. and its allies are preparing for syria's transition of power the white house says president assad handing control of the opposition will bring an end to the fifteen months of bloodshed a number of western and arab states have long been pushing for regime change while assad has maintained his nation's real war comes from outside meanwhile reports of a merge suggesting britain is planning to set up camps in syria where troops in agents will help the rebels fight against the government middle east blogger cultural believes that would only make matters. i think it would actually increase
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the likelihood of revenge killings kind of sectarian tension along mixed areas where. revenge operations would start to happen more and more people and i think syria now it is not that tipping point where the conflict can be pulled back from a sectarian civil war to kind of some form of political framework but once there is actively groups on the ground in syria and whatever kind of formula they are in there they are likely to increase the prospect of bloodshed. well out he's been across syria's turmoil since day one and all the coverage is available online as well r.t. dot com which one refresh yourself with some of it while you're at r.t. dot com as well if you get a moment with both of these stories for you waiting to be looked at ten years for tweeting a kuwaiti man's throat for insulting the prophet muhammad on twitter we've got a story plus exclusively this one called why random school drug
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with the war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. the risk is not zero that something might be going off by mistake especially with nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. to use it as a threat. as an actual weapon you know if you keep spinning a trillion dollars a year on weapons of eventually you're going to blow everybody up you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see if people don't wake up to nuclear weapons or a bill. that represents all of the firepower of the second world war this. is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today.
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bracing for a million strong demonstration in tahrir square with revolutionary forces calling for the execution of ousted president hosni mubarak his name is they're expected to use the rally to score points for their presidential candidate who's up against mubarak's last prime minister in the run off. reports next the protests move shows no sign of abating and could see egypt slide into anarchy. revolution renewed but these protesters never expected to be back in time risk where just a year after they ousted the dictatorial president hosni mubarak he's now serving a life sentence but after thirty years in power toppling the system he built is proving to be an even harder task than toppling the man everything is like lapsing from at all and us economy so this gave me the impression is that probably be one will not you know rise again as they are already exhausted or too exhausted to go
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to the square and protest again but it's really impressive they went again and they are now protesting dalia has been involved with egypt's revolution from the beginning she works to monitor civil and political developments in the country or lack of them many egyptians are dismayed that little if anything has changed under the ruling supremum council of the armed forces or skaf in fact with either. care. is continuing mubarak's regime and offering only very minimal court sessions to that evolution whenever he has to these demonstrations erupted after the notorious court decision that not only spared mubarak's life but acquitted his sons and six former security officials protesters say the second insult is the heavily criticized presidential runoff election a straight choice between the old guard in the form of an ex mubarak man and the
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religiously conservative muslim brotherhood people did not go to squares and streets again to protest those two big punches in the face one of them is a saying this is their last chance to win begs that country others believe more time is needed even though it may be a bumpy ride i don't think injured or politically if they were in the next four years. operations will be rich with seafood. things but i think that would be most. successful but until then the revolutionaries plan to fight on which brings us back to rio. protesters here have described their reviewed revolution to me rather like a train but a time and not having the rails either by religious hardliners by the regime but they're equally desperate to stop it running out of steam lest egypt go off on the
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wrong track altogether tom watson r.t. to free a square cairo. in more world news today u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton to georgia to strengthen the ties with america's principal ally the caucasus she restated america's opposition to what she called the russian occupation of the georgian provinces of south the setting of cars here both declared their independence in two thousand and eight in a recognized by russia and other nations the discoveries in ukraine over the passing of a new language a law that officially allows russian to be used alongside ukrainian in certain regions in places such as courts and hospitals around one thousand people both for and against the proposal rallied outside parliament with the bill won a majority. in britain queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee celebrations are drawing to a close a special thanksgiving service has been held in st paul's cathedral but the queen arrived alone because her husband the duke of edinburgh was admitted to hospital on monday the culmination of four days of events will be marked by the queen
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broadcasting a message of thanks later choose. they say don't they are pictures worth a thousand words and in the art world indeed you're talking millions of dollars to get some of these said pictures however experts are now claiming roughly half of all works of art sold today a fake. caught up with one russian collector who is happy to share forgeries he was tricked into buying. very important works of art go under the hammer every day in london's west end but how can our lovers be sure of what they're buying according to scotland yard a staggering fifty percent of all art sold is fake what we're looking at these days is a very considerable increase in faking of twentieth century art i've seen a number of provincial auction houses and and of those. so fix.
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a considerable scale and i think it's something that we will accept a lot of forgeries are also sold on auction websites but it's not just internet buyers who can be taken in by the forwards as brush the latest auction house to come into the spotlight with christie's which is involved in a high court battle with russian tycoon victim backs oberg he paid more than two and a half million dollars for a painting he thought was by prominent russian artist buddies. only to find out later that it appears to have been signed for several years after death the case will go on for nineteen days and according to experts will probably cost more than the painting itself which is one reason why more of these claims don't go to court but another buyer of russian art when confronted with lemons made lemonade eager to busiek off discovered his art collection meant to fund his retirement was mostly forgeries now he's displaying the paintings as
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a warning to others most of us didn't use ruby when we had gone dug of our money where ashamed to talk of it i'm trying to be the first who says don't be ashamed of showing us because we believe you who no one would doubt we'd move now the time has passed and we realize we made a mistake and it's important to publicize the mistake because the quantity of russian figs is such. that it discredits national art your worship lets you call for sharing each of his pictures alongside two different city tickets one attesting the painting is genuine and one proving it's sometimes that even signed by the same person and his collection is just the tip of the iceberg i think that's going to be a lot more of this to be misled quite high profile prosecutions in the u.k. germany of so-called master forgery. and what those cases of appeal there's still some excellent fakes from hundreds of excellent fakes have been placed on the
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market and maybe that's just a very small part of it how croft's message is clear it doesn't matter whether you're buying off the internet or a reputable auction house buyer beware norris myth r.t. . as the say all the glass is not necessarily gold then let's go to the business center at r.t. diner bushels there laden down daniel here with the worst day you date of the three years is known for its ok when the eurozone purchasing managers index has just had its biggest collapse since two thousand and nine it shows how much stuff business is a buying basically and the answer is less and less although it's pushing for the six thousand points as you can see that the food remains closed for a second because the queen's jubilee now russia is doing better than the rest for a second day markets here have had a terrible year though and investors feel that's not justified at all for russia's ruble is gaining against the euro the greenback that's all changed since last hour
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although it's falling further on the. story can feel it more for crude globally will slip and staying with the fees gets worse as minority shareholders in the russian. over to b.p.'s failed to deal with rival roles in the b.p. suffered losses as it wasn't invited into the exploration project which is later on blocked by the russian. similar laws on the renewal of the claim follows news of a possible sale of the peace fifty percent stake in. blocking construction. europe the country says it could quit the project claiming the proposed transit fees and operating ratio on acceptable could break the loan of the project if it doesn't run the necessary documents by november fifth however the project could be fulfilled. and go through the territory of its neighbor rumania
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which is shown interest in the project for a long time for only. good music in a record forty percent last year making it the biggest in the world it really is one of the most dynamic markets in the world according to the latest research that the u.s. and japan remain top spots in the list and even more for you next year thanks for that or i don't know a few minutes we're exploring china's financial strength and our interview china bigger news today of course because president vladimir putin is there on a three day official visit so we've got more about that little bit later after i've updated the headlines in fact in five minutes time.
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more news today says once again flared up. saying these are the images cold world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today. with the end of the boer war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. the risk is not zero that something might be going off by mistake especially of sounds of the nuclear weapons on hair trigger
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alert. us of a difference to use it as a threat all as an actual bit but you know if you keep spending a trillion dollars a year on weapons of venture you're going to blow everybody up you you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see it people don't make up nuclear weapons or a bill. that represents all the firepower of the second world war and this second sound is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today. lisa. it's please.
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