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hello this is r.t. from moscow it's kevin zero in here with the headlines for you u.s. interest in julian assange takes a sinister turn. interrogated in an apparent attempt to fish out information about . also headlining to. continue to cement the strong ties as day one of the putin's visit to china reaffirms. number of international issues. how does egypt braces for a million strong protests calling for. the muslim brotherhood accused the accused of capitalizing on people's anger to sweep aside the presidential election rival.
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coming up next a former key economist of the i.m.f. gives his prediction about who he thinks will be holding the reins of world power in the not too distant future. i'm sitting down with arvind subramanian leading economist fellow at the peterson institute for international economics and the center for global development his book is called eclipse living in the shadow of china's economic dominance. the chinese leader. it's a really dominating i mean many in the u.s. would say that the u.s. is still the richest country in the wall that is the most powerful economy at the moment china's g.d.p. for example is smaller than that of the united states that's true but if you
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measure it in terms of purchasing power it's as big as the united states one second china is already the world's largest trade. tree china is a big net creditor to the world it finances the u.s. and the u.s. is a debtor so it's this combination of the size of the economy the fact the big trader and the fact that it's a creditor confers on it a lot of power that's today and over the next ten fifteen years all these numbers are going to go in china's favor so the china's going to become an even bigger economy than the u.s. and even bigger treated in the u.s. and continue to be you know financing the u.s. so that combination is what is making china very dominant let me give you one example swan example so take the fact that china you know finances the u.s. right or to so much cash three point three trillion dollars worth of cash if europe gets into trouble well you know it which would happen which country in the world
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has the ability to be allowed to your the united states china because this three trillion dollars and when it has that power or that ability it can always exercise power what could be political ramifications for that as far as crucial foreign policy issues for example over syria will the u.s. pay more attention to what china thinks about certain issues well if you take you down for example i think it's you know the u.s. wants china to be on its site and you know if china were to sit take north korea for example you know it's a great example you know if china were on the side of the u.s. . things would be so much easier but but the fact that china has no independent view on north korea makes chinese american dealings with north korea that much more difficult in fact in my book i begin my book with a kind of fantasy scenario where i say that you know ten years from now if the
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united states gets into so much economic trouble right that it will have to borrow money and if only china has the money to. provide the u.s. china might say well we don't like your military presence in the pacific your naval presence and you have to you know get rid of them so economic power can always be leveraged for political and foreign policy objectives the good things that one of the reasons not to get over kind of anxious about this is that it is a mutually dependent relationship you know so one country doesn't want to inflict too much damage on the other because it backfires on yourself but that being said there are areas where you know some countries you know china has more power and it could use that too and i mean like for example as i said you're on north korea or iran or you know the fact it has so much financial power and economic power can always be used for political ends but isn't that a good thing in a sense that there it restores some kind of balance when there is not just one kid
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on the block ruling everything but there is they cared consulting with everyone else because it is dependent on another and that's a good point but but there are you know they can be two views on this right one view is that after world war two the u.s. was able to determine how the global economic system would function right and broccoli it had a liberal view you know there should be more free flow of goods and services and so on which everyone benefited from and the country that benefited most from that was china you know the fact that markets are open so some would say that if you have one big good guy maybe it's better than having multiple guys who kind of kind of relating to you know what you can do two thousand of a very unilateral world i just that one good guy can actually turn into a bad guy at some point that's a risk that's exactly but but the flip side of having multiple you know sources of
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power is that you can also get paralysis in decision making so whether cooperation is. easier with you no one has had more was brought to you or would like to put you know sources of power multiple veto points making cooperation more difficult is an open question you can argue it both ways but i would argue for multiple powers because when we're talking about a unilateral approach we have an example of that iraq. absolutely that's a very good point that nobody was there to stop it exactly so i think the point you know it's a very good point you make is that if you have you know a one one power you know even if they can sometimes you know do things unilaterally which are bad objectives because they want to check that the u.s. is the world's biggest debtor and it seems the main way they address the gigantic
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that problem is the money printing machine. has money printing become america's main business. well i think yes and no i think it's on the one hand you know they have printed a lot of money in the last let's say three four years you know but i think they would argue with some i think fairness that that's what you needed to get this economy back. when it went into you know the kind of great recession after the crisis you wrote a lot about china keeping their currency deliberately undervalued to preserve their competitive advantage the u.s. is terribly unhappy about that yeah but the us on the other hand is also playing with their currency constantly printing money that they don't have to pay all their dead and all die but don't you see a hint of hypocrisy when when the us is bashing china over their currency policy
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but at the same time playing with their own currency in a way that is not necessarily fair well i would say that in. i think there is a pattern a little but i think the power is overdone the funny thing is the following that even though the u.s. has been printing a lot of money in the last two to three years after the crisis the dollar has not weakened it has become stronger. so you print a lot of money if you really want to make your currency cheap uncompetitive you know you would print a lot of money but because the rest of the world still has so much confidence in the dollar when there's a crisis the all come to dollars and the dollar becomes strong so the effect of all this printing money has not been to make the currency cheaper you know with the china's policies has made the chinese currency cheaper what you've been talking about is basically the world's confidence in u.s. dollar and dollar dominance allows the u.s.
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to live beyond its means essentially to some extent yet so how long can it last well the thing is that it cannot last indefinitely because. in my book i argue that because of this the devise of china and the fact that the chinese economy is becoming so strong it's a credit to big trader gradually over time the chinese currency would start to become like you know kind of displace the dollar because people have more confidence in the chinese currency than in the american cards that's going to be a gradual process and you know but at some point it could start to happen gradually and that that point you know the u.s. no longer has the ability to live beyond its means like you said because the dollar's dominant but but that's going to happen over the next ten fifteen years the i.m.f.'s traditionally been dominated by europe and the united states it was
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set up that way and he here you have this mess if that crisis in years on countries and you have the years on countries asking nine years on countries to contribute more resources to the i.m.f. to help them out do you think this current crisis could change the way the i.m.f. works to sort of shift the centers of power but it's a very good question i think to some extent it's happening already it's happening already because you know the formal voting is still very much biased as you said in favor of europe and united states but the more the more europe gets into trouble the more it will need money from the outside you know frankly there's no border was don't have power creditors call the shots and at that stage we know europe starts weakening and it needs money from the outside and if only china and russia and brazil have the money to provide it they will ask for you know changing the system
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they will have more power will say well if you don't do these things we don't give you the money so when you become weak you know it's inevitable that power shifts away from you. and that's what the european crisis is actually galvanizing changes in the international institutions thank you. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. the full source material is what helps keep journalism honest. we want to present. something else.
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hold it. hold it until. i look a little funny. goodspeed . i wish i. felt a. little bit longer missed some good will. come out of animal. kingdom out of mind to me a little.
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with the end of the boer war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. with the risk is not zero that something might be going off by mistake especially when the founders of the nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. the pacific and he was in a desert through it all and. but you know if you keep spending a trillion dollars a year on weapons of venture you're going to blow everybody up you you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see if people don't wake up to nuclear weapons or build the new. that represents all of the firepower of the second world war and this second sound is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know. welcome to the big picture. is easy to. get it to.
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the headlines to u.s. interest in julian assange takes a sickness to turn this is a rusted interrogated in the part of the fish out information about the wiki leaks . moscow and beijing continue to cement their strong ties as day one of the theme of putin's of it china reaffirms their shared stance of a number of international issues. and as egypt braces for a million strong protests calling from a barracks execution the muslim brotherhood is accused of capitalizing on people's anger to sweep aside their presidential election rival. producer for me kevin know it in fifteen minutes between now and then sport on his action on day ten of the french open began at roland garos sort of the latest on that with andre he's got a lot more to.
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welcome to the sport and let's start with the headlines so i mean final places are up for grabs at the french open with world number one novak djokovic u.s. open champion some studies or inaction plus injury scare russia's first choice goalie acking fear and defend a new call for a new race to be fit for the start of the european championship and shouldering hope we catch up with one of russia's youngest still impugns whose dreams of winning the country's first ever way you go. let's go straight to roland garros for the first quarter finals have got underway and now off them knocking out top secret as a rancorous of asking to many kids the bulk of it is up against describing sounds good but it is studies are too easily in the first set their ball games to tell you on the for the shot to be a quarter while the other quarter final will see italian start at arni take on and
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. this is around the second consecutive grand slam quarter final and she's four three up in the exchanges today while these two matches will be followed by the men's quarter finals world number one novak djokovic from local favorite child free to song that after the second on court for the thirty eight well third seed roger federer faces one martin del potro he's lost against the swiss five times the here already. russian pen maria kirilenko and that is the tribe that is just starting their quarter final in the women's doubles and the one in the sand there in the first set against the new king and jada she's very well later rushing to the university in our partner stand up pace from india and that makes doubles and they will play the top ranks of the eagles and max may have needs now has been an injury scare for russia head of the european championships first choice keeper eagle acking fear has developed a knee problem and is training on his own russia coach to gatwick are saying the
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tears cast. water on his knee will be monitored before russia's opening game against the czech republic and poland on friday defender alexander is also recovering from a knock but better news for midfielder matter who has started training with the squad again and says the players have every motivation to do well at the us. because all of our guys play for european clubs and so people all over the world know them they know russian players therefore of course if anyone gives even a better performance here. they get a better chance to go to a good club everyone knows it's the best market place there is. a crowd of ten thousand fans turned up to watch joking lives and then work out and dance can poland polish born miroslav klose say and lukas podolski received arguably the warmest welcome or recent injury worry bastian schweinsteiger also took part germany faced portugal in their saturday and admit they will have to work hard if they are to qualify for great big. it's
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a very tough group. strong teams like. portugal we are also among the favorites then markets not very comfortable to play but. the best memory and we have to start well against portugal. another four points manchester united have agreed to sign japan midfielder shinji kagawa from german side around eighteen million dollars the twenty three year old scored at thirteen goals and thirty one people in this league games have built when he won the league and cup double last season. elsewhere twice former world player of the year on the air has signed for a new side in his native brazil the thirty two year old joins athletico many a day at least until the end of the year the move comes less than a week after the forward left and city's former club over unpaid wages the former boss a loner i'm a land star claims he is up to twenty million u.s. dollars. moving on to basketball in the n.b.a. where oklahoma have taken
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a three two lead in the western conference final series following one hundred eight hundred three win over san antonio the thunder became the first of the two sides to clinch an away victory and instrumental to the visiting side with seventy around twenty seven points russell westbrook with twenty three and james harden with twenty minute you know billy added up walking thirty four points however that was still not enough as oklahoma now take a three t.v. series of the head of game six which takes place on wednesday on the home court. to just play harder play more together. twenty two says you know it was great i controlled a whole game both as a floor. you know we kind of follow his lead you know in which is clearly your plan or no one should we really think on the floor you know you're so good so we're going to keep going now boxing great manny pacquiao has held his last training session before defending his welterweight title against american timothy bradley in
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las vegas this weekend the peg or head to head at the m.g.m. grand on saturday night packing i was one fifty four with his fifty eight fights while bradley hasn't lost any of his twenty eight professional. elsewhere britain's i mean it has announced his next fight he will take on the w.b.c. super lightweight champion danny garcia from america that is shared jewel to take place on july the fourteenth in las vegas but before then can says he will sit down to watch the upcoming package and predicts the filipino will stop his opponent. thank you but if i it's going to be nice of me to save a post to a money pack your stuff supports the point is. start catching some good clean shows i get to fight. for money but go looking strong in the gym looking for hits hard so easy to do badly a very tough test done. very very hard. brings us nicely to martial arts where the fight night show damn return to the russian capital for the seventh time on
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thursday the top of the bill will see one of russia's best heavyweight prospects vitali macof facing american eddie sanchez the twenty nine year olds the vastly more experience of the two competitors he has won thirteen of his nineteen fights in this competed on the world's biggest stage and promotions such as the u.f.c. i'm sure his russian opponent however is the three time world champion his strength is obvious with forty seven professional wins by way of submission. because here is my message to eddie do not relax stay focused i have a lot to offer in the ring i'm looking forward to despite and i would like to wish andy the best of luck but it's a safe bet i will produce many surprises for him as we pour stuff would be the standard in the strategy he says he's ready for anywhere so we'll see you love surprises. so hopeless surprise there is a start of this feat so we'll see we'll see what happens i think that's
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a lot of talk what's a fire comes to grow try to throw. lastly the london olympics are just around the corner one of russia's youngest stars in white lifting tatiana aims to clinch the country's maiden gold our correspondent concept of caught up with one of the strongest women in the world. weightlifting used to be very popular in the soviet union and the names of olympic and world champions while well known around the country those hell soon days are over not only because the sport is no longer so popular but also because of the many myths prejudices and negative publicity surrounding weightlifting. go with now television broadcasts weightlifting only rarely people don't know about the sport and believe false stories because once a mother brought her son to me and said she wanted him to start weightlifting so he wouldn't grow very tall it doesn't work like that luckily one of russia's brightest
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stars in women's weightlifting that yanick assuring the didn't listen to all the stories and put the burden of restoring the country to its place among the sports heavyweights on her own shoulders it's hard to imagine that the woman who can leave more than twice her own body weight get involved in this board by accident as she once knocked on the wrong door in the gym and instead of going to a dance where she went into the weightlifting room they were to illustrate that into this quite by accident but i have never had credit girls will be girls even if their sport is weightlifting was i think that way glitter said strong characters that's what can scare me and i have that women have a much stronger personality reasonable who wouldn't but it wasn't hard to discover her talent when she first arrived in the gym you could clearly see have potential at the age of twelve she could lift the weights of amateur athlete i've never heard of young weightlifters who could do that anywhere in the world russia has never won
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the olympic gold in women's weightlifting since this board was introduced in two thousand while four time european champion and to win it in world champion cashiering the is just twenty one years old and it seems there live from the moscow region has plenty of time to claim the world's strongest woman title i give lots of respect to all my. opponents there are always many good competitors to go but i don't compete with them this is true i don't really care who they are my main rival is a barbell in my aim is to beat it because shooting as a result has become much heavier over the last two years and she holds the world record over one hundred forty grams in the snatch however due to the strength of the chinese and south korean rivals even these wait might not be enough for the gold in london though the russian will be going all out to claim a personal best and made a medal constantine brought up
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a party. one to look out for that is all sport for the moment the couple that's. been his secret laboratory in the caribbean was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care watch only on the r t v dot com.
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of the war and going away. many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared from the risk is not zero that something might be going off by mistake especially a lot of nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. puppets of the victims to use it. as an actual weapon you know if you keep spending a trillion dollars a year on weapons of venture you're going to blow everybody up you you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see it people don't wake up to nuclear weapons or a bill. that represents all the firepower of the second world war and this second sound is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today.
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