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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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u.s. interest in julian all songs takes a sinister turn as his contacts are harassed and interrogated and in a parent attempt to fish out information about the wiki leaks founder. moscow and beijing continue to cement their strong ties that day one bloody murder putin's visit to china reaffirms their shared stance on a number of international issues. and thousands gather on egypt's tahrir square for what's promised to be a million man protest calling for hosni mubarak's execution.
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it's nine pm in moscow this is archie coming to you by from us now with our top story but just a week left for julian assange his lawyers to challenge his extradition to sweden it seems u.s. authorities already have the knives out for the australian the wiki leaks founder is interview show here on our t.v. has apparently awakened the entrance of the f.b.i. with one of his guests even stopped and interrogated by agents what you're going to cheat can has more own stories. u.s. officials say there is no indictment against julian assange but apparently the u.s. is going after him after all in their quest for evidence they might hear watching the sunday shows here on our t.v. or else of how would several of the shows and guests end up interrogated about the weekly leaks founder in this week's episode features one of them that's jeremy zimmerman an internet freedom advocate who's based in friends at the airport traveling from the united states to friends he was stopped by self identified
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f.b.i. agents and questioned about julian assange and the weekly leaks website says mr zimmerman was threatened with arrest and imprisonment when he asked about his rights this all happened after his interview with mr off where they talked cyber security and freedom in the face of ever expanding government surveillance here is a bit of it don't miss the whole thing here and r.t. running all day know that some sites technology enables those also variants of communication then there is do do the other side of the coin is what we do with it we could admit that for which you go to tactical one there are some indeed some legitimate use investigators investigating the bug. but guys and so on may need under the supervision of the judicial authority to be able to use. such tools but the question is where to draw these judicial supervision where to do the
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control that the citizens can have over the use of those technologies and this is a policy should so there was jeremy and a bit earlier internet freedom activists mari mccarthy the co-founder of the icelandic digital freedom society he too was stopped at the airport and questioned by u.s. officials about julian assange which he says he was later followed and approached by three u.s. officials in washington late at night and asked to become an informer sounds like something from the moon. movie as far as the number of people detained or arrested shortly before or after the show also and might be breaking some television records among other guests there was the president of the bahrain center for human rights not billboard drop was beaten up at bahrain's international airport and held in prison for almost a month after recording an interview with julian assange so what can we expect as a few now court has also raised mr songes extradition to sweden his lawyers have
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less than two weeks to contest that decision in sweden he's facing quite seen allegations of sexual assault which reportedly had to do with consensual but unprotected sex but his supporters are saying it's not a songes unprotected sex that they're looking into but rather a way to get him to sweden where it would be arguably easier to hand him over to the united states judging by the reports about people being interrogated one might say that the u.s. is building a case against julian assange and. you can watch the latest edition of julian assange as uncompromising interview series in full here on r.t. in last than half an hour. well it's a partnership widely seen as a counterbalance to the influence of the u.s. president vladimir putin's high profile visit to china is expected to foster already strong ties aside from obvious economic interests the neighbors also see
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idea i on a major international on major international disputes such as the syrian conflict while also sharing concerns over u.s. expansion in the asia pacific. is in beijing. it is the first state visit to britain as russia's president to china something that each president of any country can do only once during his presidential term definitely many experts have already been saying that the fact that chose china as one of his first destinations after becoming russia's president for the third time means that russia and china will continue to be very strong strategic partners the main focus among all the media and everyone here was at the for invective the relations between beijing and moscow and certainly the two leaders have reconfirmed that they have unified stances on most of the issues they touched upon the growing concerns in the asian pacific region namely certainly the growing military presence of the united
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states here and that's where a lot even if we don't know who both said that they have a unified stance as well as mentioning the events in north africa and in the middle east basically we do understand as well that russia and china have a unified position on the syrian conflict and that is not going to change according to both leaders of this very close cooperation between china and russia has certainly gaining some concerns in the west in the united states particularly because china is growing stronger every year both economically and militarily so definitely this is raising some concerns but now we have confirmed from the both leaders that this cooperation will not die down and will only increase and always strengthen in the years to come we'll have more next hour about china when a former i.m.f. economist tells us how beijing's monetary muscle is helping it punch its weight against the u.s. . if the united states gets so much economic trouble right that it will have to
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borrow money and if china has the money to avoid the u.s. china might say well we don't like your military presence in the pacific naval presence and you have to get rid of them so it can all be our can only. we have reached political and foreign policy objectives. punishments for violations during public rallies could get tougher in russia a draft bill is getting social and political groups fired up parties peter all over brings us to details. the ruling united russia party proposed these changes to the law that would see an increase the fines against those people taking part to ogunnaike unsanctioned protests that's being debated at the moment just behind me in the state duma building as it sounds at the minute if you'll call taking part in an unsanctioned protest you could face a fine of around sixty euro full fifteen days in prison now should this proposal go
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through we could see those fines rice sharply to as much as seventy thousand euro this has caused a i stole amongst opposition political parties as well as all new line in the blogosphere now those who are in favor of these changes to the law were talking really about the ruling united russia party here defend it by saying it brings russia into line with the rest of europe though if we look elsewhere and what type of fines and what type of sentences can come into into play take from for example where if you take part in all through a demonstration of protest and you wear a mosque or anything that would cover your face to the try and hide your identity you could face a fine of forty five thousand euro close up history years in prison in switzerland that fine could go as high as seventy five thousand euro the reason that united russia has deemed that these changes that will need to be made comes off the back of the way the county government protests that we've seen really since december of
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last year when the palm entry elections they were held note for the majority of these protests of being peaceful of says however in spring of this year we saw them to nasty and we had seen some protesters attacking police officers a number of police officers were injured during those demonstrations and lawmakers saying that these changes need to be made in order to make sure that russia's cities in the streets of russia cities are safe and that those trying those police officers trying to keep those streets safe kept safe themselves. still ahead. this hour here on our team a painting by numbers we'll tell you what portion of options art turned out to be fake and why most collectors com out of their money choose to keep quiet. thousands of egyptians are feeling caro's tucker square right now we can check in we have some live pictures coming in from the center of cairo there you go
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thousands if not tens of you can see a plank to call for the execution of ousted president hosni mubarak in fact revolutionary forces are pledging a million strong demonstration well egypt is the mass are expected to use the rally to score points for their presidential candidate who's up against mubarak's last prime minister in the runoff our tom barton is in cairo and reports the protest mood shows no sign of abating and could see the country slide back into anarchy. revolution renewed but these protesters never expected to be back in time risk where just a year after they ousted the dictatorial president hosni mubarak he's now serving a life sentence but after thirty years in power toppling the system he built is proving to be an even harder time than toppling the man everything is like could lapsing from at all and us economy clee so this gave me the impression that
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probably be one multi know rise against the already exhausted or too exhausted to go to the square and protest again but it's really impressive they went again and the old nope just dolly has been involved with egypt's revolution from the beginning she works to monitor the civil and political developments in the country or lack of them many egyptians are dismayed that little if anything has changed under the ruling supremum council of the armed forces or skaf in fact we see that. is. continuing mubarak's regime and offering only very minimal course sessions to that evolution whenever he has to these demonstrations erupted after the notorious court decision that not only spared mubarak's life but acquitted his sons and six former security officials protesters say the second insult is the heavily criticized presidential runoff election
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a straight choice between the old guard in the form of the next move barrett man and the religiously conservative muslim brotherhood people who did not go to squares and streets again to protest those two big punches in the face more than they saying this is their last chance to win begs that country others believe more time is needed even though it may be a bumpy ride i don't think injured or politically unstable in the next four years we are now in a surgical operations way in which you would see things. for me. things but i think most. successful but until then the revolutionaries plan to fight on which brings us back to to rear protesters have described their renewed revolution to me rather like a train but a time and not to have it the rails either by religious hardliners or by the regime
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but they're equally desperate to stop it running out of steam lest egypt go off on the wrong track altogether tom watson artsy to africa square cairo. now don't forget all our coverage is available for you at archie dot com here's what else you can discover while you're there ten years before tweeting a kuwaiti man strong behind bars for insulting the prophet muhammad on twitter. and exclusively at our team dot com why random school drug screenings in the u.s. are dangerous check out tim kirby why you should care webcast. sigrid lumber tour to mccurry was able to build the most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach creation why it should care about
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out of a little. you're watching r t a live from moscow the u.s. and its allies are preparing for syria's transition of power the white house says president assad had they control to the opposition will help bring an end to the fifteen months of bloodshed well a number of western and arab states have long been pushing for regime change while asad has maintained his nation's real war comes from outside meanwhile reports have emerged suggesting britain is planning to set up camps in syria where troops and agents will help the rebels fight against the government who live now to media sexpert terakhir li in london joins us for some analysis this hour the u.s. says along with its international partners it's focused on preparing for a political transition in syria what exactly does that imply well i think when.
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it's slow growth some talk about transition what they really mean is regime change that is what they did in libya with dire consequences as we can see american crew to do it of course we all listen. very little to the west in syria as we all know the situation is extremely complicated we have now a huge civil war going on. russia and china the security council from adopting a resolution against the sort of grew she the united states and britain and their other allies have absolutely no pressure on the other side to come to the negotiating negotiating table and start a process of dogs so it would appear to me that what we now have is an endgame situation where the united states has decided to remove this regime and who
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use everything you know. well all of the rabble. of have quit that un brokered peace plan and carried out fresh deadly attacks on government troops but the un chief says the plan remains central to resolving the syrian crisis you say it's end game for what exactly does that mean well i think the. to bring both sides to the table and have a negotiated settlement is obviously the best way to move forward but it has been decided actually by some hardliners n.b.s. of the regime and largely by those arming the rebel movement and making it into a conflict of arms and not just politics the saudi arabians and look at through a centrally decided to repeat the libyan operation under the control of the west
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that is what i mean by own game that this is now in my opinion it's very difficult to sort. of buy a negotiated settlement because the rebels are shown absolutely no interest in doing so what they're doing is quite interesting it is affectively provoking the regime to take down for actions against them they carry out an attack the regime or a small arms the worse the response of the regime. easier it is to stay the only thing that will solve this now is miller green to mention by the way as we saw in libya and many many years ago we saw it in the former yugoslavia and exactly the same plan is currently out of work. that our side has agreed to ease humanitarian access to syria's four hardest hit provinces do you think that will go some way to countering how he's portrayed by western and some arab politicians and
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states well i think. my my own feeling is that it's too little too late on his. to get the approval of everyone i mean the arab world is divided let's speak clear above the the united states is using the saudis and the three who are making who are responding to asserts reliance on his own tribe in religion be a low lights they are using this fact because this is a minority to engender and create a response but in between the allow it sort of the sudanese you have many many different small groups of people belonging to different religions they feel very threatened if. the go three star regime is a stablished there so i think that it really does seem to me to be
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a pretty desperate situation on the other side in this area you have the people who are opposed to foreign intervention this includes the current iraqi regime which is ironic given that this regime was set up essentially by the united states the iraqis the iranians the hezbollah in lebanon or are completely opposed to cora miller cream dimension and so a great deal is at stake and if there is a western miller cream to mention it is going to be very difficult to prevent it from spilling over into the now been a great guy indeed a very complex situation on the ground and around the world really many thanks tara kelley live with us on the line see a broad band from london thank you for that thank you have. a look now at some more world news this hour there have been scuffles in ukraine over a new language law which if they asked will officially allow russian to be used
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alongside ukrainian in some regions around one thousand people both for and against the proposal rallied outside part of the matter of the bill one initial majority its opponents are. mainly nationalists keen to keep ukrainian as the only official language the supporters are mainly russian speaking citizens who make up half around half i should say the country's population. queen elizabeth house rounded off her diamond jubilee celebrations by broadcasting a message of thanks hundreds of thousands of cheering people gathered in front of buckingham palace as the royal family appeared on the balcony and watched a military fly past it followed a carriage procession and a special thanksgiving service in st paul's cathedral the queen's without her husband the duke of edinburgh after he was admitted to hospital on monday. now they say a picture is worth a thousand words and in the art world you're also talking millions of dollars to pay for said treasures however experts now claim that roughly half of all work sold
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today are fake merges laura smith caught up with one russian collector who is happy to share the forgeries he was tricked into by. very important works of art go under the hammer every day in london's west end but how can our lovers be sure of what they're buying according to scotland yard a staggering fifty percent of all art sold is fake what we're looking at these days is a very considerable increase in faking of twentieth century art i've seen a number of provincial auction houses and and of those. so fakes. are considerable scale and i think it's something that we will accept a lot of forgeries are also sold on auction websites but it's not just internet buyers who can be taken in by the forwards as brush the latest auction house to
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come into the spotlight with christie's which is involved in a high court battle with russian tycoon victim backs oberg he paid more than two and a half million dollars for a painting he thought was by prominent russian artist buddies cause still of the earth only to find out later that it appears to have been signed for several years after death the case will go on for nineteen days and according to experts will probably cost more than the painting itself which is one reason why more of these claims don't go to court but another buyer of russian art when confronted with lemons made lemonade eager to busiek off discovered his art collection meant to fund his retirement was mostly forgeries now he's displaying the paintings as a warning to others most of the news room when we're gone dark of our money where ashamed to talk of it i'm trying to be the first who says don't be ashamed of showing us because we believe you who no one would doubt we'd move now the time has
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passed and we realize we made a mistake and it's important to publicize the mistake because the quantity of russian figs is such. that it discredits national art. lets you call for showing each of his pictures alongside two different city fits one attesting the painting is genuine and one proving it sometimes they're even signed by the same person and his collection is just the tip of the iceberg i think there's going to be a lot more of this recently quite high profile prosecutions in the u.k. and germany of so-called master forgeries and what those cases of revealed is that some excellent fakes from hundreds of excellent fakes have been placed on the market and maybe that's just a very small part of it how croft's message is clear it doesn't matter whether you're buying off the internet or at a reputable auction house buyer beware norris myth r.t.
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. they know that our business asking joins us now with an update daniel an amazing bit the amazing beauty i should say of the north caucuses gets chinese pulses racing putin is in beijing as you've been talking about see china invested in this stunning ski resorts of degas down and salty which is host to the twenty fourteen winter olympics the country will pump three billion dollars into special tax free zones plan is to boost tourism by a third make russia self one of the world's top resorts president putin also signed off of four billion dollars investment fund topping the world's resources of siberia china cause the region's forests and farm and major investment opportunities countries now plan to double trade turnover in just five years. this checkmark is because the us services sector unexpectedly grew data just out that sent wall street slightly worrying new figures show u.s. government debt will top a record seventy percent of g.d.p.
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by the end of this year by german industry of slobo force this rate in months according to a new survey that's pushed frankfurt to close down for a second day. figures of friday's shop for the queen's jubilee. news for the eurozone the chief of the world's oldest. she is on trial for corporate fraud persist to say they're fed up with spending cuts while the rich are getting away with it it's alleged when alexander perfumer head rival unicredit bank he helped deprive all thirty's of hundreds of millions of euros through a text of void in scheme involving britain's bulk lease bank three bookies bosses have also been charged and that's not helping the oil price but the data suggest people will use this crude the. price slightly down this russia closed ok though a couple of hours ago markets here of had a terrible year overall and investors now think the country's economy should start to grow and get better try to make a camera as is moving into the e.u.
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meanwhile it looked at the plant in lithuania to supply europe initially two thousand vehicles will be made there while it sounds out the markets also analysts say has a strong stance of success as its beaten off foreign competition in russia to keep top spot here. and the ruble gained against both currencies that bad news from europe also pushing the euro down on the dollar but here on the dollar losing to russia's currency today and finally emerging powers want to build a joint cable around the world to supply high speed internet google is in talks to help link the thirty four thousand kilometers of fiber optic cable from china russia africa brazil to the united states construction on the billion dollar projects due to start next year and it may be tied to existing subsea oil pipelines and you're up to in these are all the news and interviews are on the website ulti dot com slash business price daniel thank you for that and you are just humanity way from the latest edition of julian a thunderous talk show here on our t.v.
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