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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2012 8:02pm-8:32pm EDT

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talked cyber security and freedom in the face of ever expanding government surveillance here is a bit of it don't miss the whole thing here on r.t. running all day no doubt some sites technology enables us to do those surveillance of every communication then there is do we do the other side of that coin is what we do with it we could admit that for which you go to talk to go to one there are some indeed some legitimate use investigators investigating them but goes nowhere but goes and so on may need under the supervision of the judicial authority to be able to use such and such tools but the question is where to draw this judicial supervision where to go to the control of the citizens can have over the use of those technologies and this is a policy should so there was jeremy and a bit earlier internet freedom activists mari mccarthy the co-founder of the icelandic digital freedom society he too was stopped at the airport and questioned
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by u.s. officials about julian assange which he says he was later followed and approached by three u.s. officials in washington the latest night and asked to become an informer sounds like something from the movie as far as the number of people detained or arrested shortly before or after the show might be breaking some television record among other guests there was the president of the bahrain center for human rights and i believe our job was beaten up at bahrain's international airport and held in prison for almost a month after recording an interview with julian assange so what can we expect as a few now court has also raised mr songes extradition to sweden his lawyers have less than two weeks to contest that decision in sweden he's facing quite thin allegations of sexual assault which reportedly had to do with consensual but unprotected sex but his supporters are saying it's not a songes unprotected sex that they're looking into. rather
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a way to get into sweden where it would be arguably easier to hand it over to the united states judging by the reports about people being interrogated one might say that the u.s. is building a case against. you can watch the latest edition of the sun just uncompromising interview series in full here on our next hour. thousands of egyptians are encouraged to hear the square right now calling for the execution of ousted president hosni mubarak revolution forces are pledging a million strong demonstration egypt's islamists are expected to use the rally to score points off for the presidential candidate who's up against mubarak's last prime minister in the runoff artie's tom botton is in tahrir square. thousands of protesters have converged here at terrorists where in the center of cairo you can hear the sounds of protests reverberating around the square around me
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a real feeling of anger in the streets tonight and it's primarily focused around the verdict in the mubarak trial hosni mubarak egypt's former president is now going to spend the rest of his life in prison it seems unless the protesters get their way at least some of them wanting to do a bit more of a back than that and to give him the death penalty and what really set them off was six of his senior security officials who were acquitted of involvement in the deaths of hundreds of protesters in egypt's revolution last year this also added tension around these protests because very shortly egypt will enter the second round of its presidential elections but many people here expressing a lot of frustration they see the choice in those elections as being really no choice that's all one candidate mohammed morsi is from the muslim brotherhood he's
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been trying to garner support here at the protests going around the crowds saying that if he was elected president he would drag mubarak back to trial and try and help in execute it which has struck a chord with some of the protesters however he has received criticism from a wide wide number of groups as well they see the muslim brotherhood as religiously conservative and warn that they may try and hijack this revolution the other half of it shafique is mubarak's last prime minister and a former air force officer the protesters just as angry about him they say that he could well be or should well be god has standing in the presidential elections but his links to the old regime are simply. to close and he's going to have a lot of convincing to do to try and make people believe that he's not in with the old regime and the military council that ruling out the moment this
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atmosphere has brought people out not just here in the capital but all over egypt this was intended to be a million man march tonight we're not sure whether a million of it turned out it just seems that it's not many but it certainly is a huge protest and a real real ignition of the spirit of protest against what is seen as very little change compared to what was wanted for last year's revolution the u.s. and its allies are preparing for syria's transition of power the white house says president assad handing control to the opposition will help bring an end to fifteen months of bloodshed a number of western and arab states have long been pushing for regime change assad has maintained his nation's real war comes from outside meanwhile reports have been very suggest and britain is planning to set up camps in syria with ships and agents will help the rebels fight against the government middle east expert. believes
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foreign policy a largely responsible for the country's dicey situation. when the americans bear vassal states like group some talk about transition what they are effectively mean is regime change that is what they did in libya with dire consequences wreaking see in their country today in syria the plan to bring both sides to the table and have a negotiated settlement is obviously the best way to move forward but the united states and britain and their other allies have or absolutely no pressure on the other side to come to them negotiate negotiating table and start a process of storms so it would appear to me that what we now have is an end game situation where the united states has decided to remove this regime and will
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use everything in their spot to do so you know with our t. still to come this kick up trouble shell out cash the russian parliament finishes a marathon session to put to a new bill to curb hotez violations all the details later in the program. plus a painting by numbers only tell you just how much abortion soledad was turned out to be fakes and why most collectors conned out of their money choose to keep quiet . that's a partnership widely seen as a counterbalance to the influence off of the u.s. president vladimir putin's high profile visit to china is expected to fossil already strong ties aside from obvious economic interests of the neighbors also see eye to eye on major international disputes such as the syrian conflict also shanklin sons i have a u.s. expansion in the asia pacific region alexia he is in beijing for us. it is the
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first state visit to put in as russia's president to china something that each president of any country can do only once during his presidential term i definitely many experts have already been saying that the fact that. china as one of his first destinations to becoming russia's president for the third time means that russia and china will continue to be very strong strategic partners the main focus among all the media and everyone he was at the foreign vax the relations between beijing and moscow and certainly the two leaders have reconfirmed that they have unified stances on most of the issues they touched upon the growing concerns in the asian pacific region namely certainly the growing military presence of the united states here and that's where a lot even if we don't know who said that they have a unified stance as well as mentioning the events in north africa and in the middle east basically we do understand as well that russia and china have
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a unified position on the syrian conflict and that is not going to change according to both leaders of this very close cooperation between china and russia has certainly gaining some concerns in the west in the united states particularly because china is growing stronger every year both economically and militarily so definitely this is raising some concerns but now we have it confirmed from the both leaders that this cooperation will not die down and will only increase and only strengthen in the years to come. now a look at some other stories making headlines around the world eight people have been killed and dozens wounded in clashes on the air many and azerbaijan border in the last two days both sides accuse each other of border violations and in one thousand nine hundred ceasefire agreement u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton who's visiting the area denounced the incidents calling for calm to prevent a broader regional conflict for over twenty years the two countries have disputed the territory of now go to me about thirty thousand died in the conflict before the
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ceasefire since then they have been sporadic clashes are around the border. al qaeda is number two militant leader has been killed in a drone strike in pakistan's northwest and tribal region this is according to american officials a million dollars bounty was placed on. a high profile al qaeda terrorist who once escaped from a top security u.s. military prison pakistan earlier condemned u.s. drone and tags and declaring them against international law and the country's sovereignty. nine palestinians have been injured in clashes with israeli forces in ramallah marking the fortieth anniversary of israel's occupation of the west bank and gaza israeli soldiers used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the crowds after some protesters threw stones the day commemorates the six day war with israel that in ended with the defeat of the five arab armies in one nine hundred sixty seven. around one thousand people rallied outside ukraine's
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parliament to a new language law when an initial majority if passed it will offer should be allowed russian to be used in some regions opponents of the bill are mainly nationalists keen to keep ukrainian as the only official language russian speaking citizens make up around half of ukraine's population. russia's the state has approved a new law that ramps up fines one hundred fifty times for participating organizing unsanctioned protests the final sitting made a new record last eleven hours the law now has to be possibly the upper house of the russian parliament and our t.s.p. to oliver brings us the background to the highly debated proposal. the state duma approved the changes to the law that were put forward by the ruling party united russia now this would see stiff penalties put in place for those caught taking part
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in un sanctions rallies or demonstrations in russia now the way it works before this law was if you were caught taking part in an unsanctioned under a just a demonstration you would face a fine of around sixty euro or fifteen days in a jail cell this new chase these changes to the law would see those fines drastically up to seven thousand a year oh no these proposals do a whipped up a storm amongst opposition here in russia not just the politicians but on line in the blogosphere many people writing about what they saw as draconian changes to the law that were being put forward with the opposition politicians trying to drag out the debate in the state duma to see if they could lead to late this decision it's no gone through to the upper house of the russian parliament where it'll be discussed further before becoming nor now those defending this these proposed changes to the law that defended it by saying well this just brings russia into
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line with the rest of its european neighbors in france for example if you take part in an unsanctioned demonstration and you're wearing a mosque or anything that could obscure a part of your face you could face a fine of up to forty five thousand euro as well as of this three years in prison in switzerland not flying can get as high as seventy five thousand euro now these changes to the law were put in place following a wave of unsee government protests that we've seen here in moscow as well as in other cities around russia following really the the parliamentary elections that were held in december of last year now on the holos demonstrations and being held in conducted in a peaceful manner however this spring we saw things turned a little bit nasty we've seen protesters clashing with police. a number of police officers actually being injured in those clashes and the lawmakers deciding that putting in place stiffer penalties for those taking part in the un sanctioned
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demonstrations would deter me movement doing so and try and put a stop to the violent clashes and try to make sure that those violent clashes that we have seen wouldn't happen again and those people trying to make the streets of russia's cities safe would be safe themselves while they're doing so. they say a picture is worth a thousand words and in the art world it takes millions of dollars to pay for said treasures however experts now claim that draft me half of all war in seoul today off fake smith caught up with one russian collector who's happy to share the forgeries he was tricked into buying. very important work the parts go under the hammer every day in london's west end but how can i love as be sure of what they're buying according to scotland yard a staggering fifty percent of all art sold is fact what we're looking at these days
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is a very considerable increase in faking of twentieth century art i've seen a number of provincial auction houses and. so fakes. a considerable scale and i think it's something that we we will accept a lot of forgeries that will say sold websites but it's not just internet by is he could be taken in by the fall which is for us the latest auction house to come into the spotlight with christie's which is involved in a high court battle with russian tycoon victim back so he paid more than two and a half million dollars for a painting he thought was by prominent russian artist bodies. and find out later that it appears to have been signed for several years after. the case will go on for nineteen days and according to experts will probably cost more than the painting itself which is one reason why more of these claims don't go to court but
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another buyer of russian art when confronted with lemons make lemonade eager to see a cough discovered his art collection meant to fund his retirement was mostly forgeries now he's displaying the paintings as a warning to others. when we have money where a shame to talk of it's because i'm trying to be the first who says don't be ashamed of showing us because we believe you people who no one would doubt the move now the time has passed and we realize we made a mistake and it's important to publicize the mistake because the quantity of russian figs with this is such that it does. great it's national. call for showing his pictures alongside two different certificates one a testing a painting is genuine and one proof that it's all watched sometimes that even signed by the same person and his collection is just the tip of the iceberg there's
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going to be a lot more this could be quite high profile prosecutions in the u.k. germany called muster forgery. and we feel there's still some excellent fakes from hidden tricks of actually fakes have been placed on the market maybe that's just a very small how croft's message is clear it doesn't matter whether you're buying off the internet or a reputable auction house buyer beware. don't forget all our coverage and more is waiting for you at our t dot com here's a taste of what you can find on the web thirst for war israel claims if. you run any minute. to find out how soon to run she gets back to strike. a royal fees during a crisis while millions of britons are celebrating queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee and some find it hard to get the best hugs and financial crisis more on
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that on line. and coming up next she can talks to indian economists out of window subramanian about the contrast in economic agendas in the u.s. china and russia china relations. i'm sitting down with arvind subramanian leading economist fellow at the peterson
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institute for international economics and the center for global development his book is called eclipse living in the shadow of china's economic dominance president obama vowing that chinese leader. is a really dominating i mean many in the u.s. would say that the u.s. is still the richest country in the wall that is the most powerful economy at the moment china's g.d.p. for example is smaller than that of the united states. but if you measure it in terms of purchasing power it's as big as the united states second china is already the world's largest trade. tree china is a net creditor it finances the u.s. and the u.s. is a debtor so it's this combination of the size of the economy the fact the big trader and the fact that it's a creditor confers a lot of power today and over the next ten fifteen years all these numbers are
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going to go in china's favor so the china is going to become an even bigger economy than the u.s. and even bigger treated in the u.s. and continue to be you know financing the u.s. so that combination is making china very dominant in. if you want example one example so pick the fact that china you know finances the u.s. right or to so much cash three point three trillion dollars worth of cash if europe gets into trouble it which would happen which country in the world has the ability to be allowed to your the united states china because this three trillion dollars and when it has the power or that ability it can always exercise power what could be political ramifications for that as far as crucial foreign policy issues for example over syria will the u.s. pay more attention to what china thinks about certain issues. if you take it on for
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example i think that you know the u.s. wants china to be on its site and you know if china were to sit take north korea for example you know it's a great example you know if china were on the side of the u.s. . things would be so much easier but the fact that china has an independent view on north korea makes chinese american dealings with north korea that much more difficult in fact in my book i begin my book with a kind of fantasy scenario where i say that you know ten years from now if the united states gets into so much economic trouble right that it will have to borrow money and if china has the money to provide the u.s. china might say well we don't like your military presence in the pacific you're naval presence and you have to you know get rid of that sort economic power can always be leveraged for political and foreign policy objectives the good things that one of the reasons not to get all four kind of anxious about this is that it
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is a mutually dependent relationship you know so one country doesn't want to inflict too much damage on the other because it backfires on yourself but that being said there are areas where you know some countries you know china has more power and it could use that too and i mean like for example as i said you're on. or you know the fact that just so much financial power and economic power can always be used for political ends but isn't that a good thing in a sense that there it restores some kind of balance when there is not just one kid on the block ruling everything but there is a kid consulting with everyone else because it is dependent on another adult's good point but you know they can be two views on the straight one view was that after world war two the us was able to determine how the global economic system would function right and it had
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a liberal view you know there should be more free flow of goods and services and so on which everyone benefited from and the country that benefited most from that was china you know the fact that markets were open some would say that if you have one big good guy maybe it's better than having multiple guys who kind of. the i.m.f.'s traditionally been dominated by europe and the united states it was set up that way and he here you have this massive debt crisis in your own countries and you have the euro zone countries and nine years on countries to contribute more resources to the i.m.f. to help them out do you think this current crisis could change the way the i.m.f. works sort of shift the centers of power it's a very good question i think to some extent it's happening already it's happening already because you know the formal voting is still very much biased as you said in favor of europe and united states but the more the more europe gets into trouble
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the more it will need money from the outside you know. frankly border was. don't have power creditors call the shots and at that stage we know europe starts weakening and needs money from the outside and if china and russia risk. you have the money to provide it. for you know changing the system they would have more power if you don't do these things we don't give you the money so when you become weak you know it's inevitable that power shifts away from you and that's what the european crisis is actually galvanizing the changes in the international institutions thank you. there hasn't been a. t.v.
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have to go by the law so i figure this here's one of the. states. and they write down my property and about this noise. from the wire is protecting the country. mindedness so i come out here you know we're all immigrants that we all came from so. the official. from the. video. and. the palm of your. question.
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the headlines the u.s. people. interrogated apparently in an attempt to get information about the world's most. premiering right. tens of thousands have gathered in. hollywood for the execution of president. promising a million man demonstration. moscow and beijing. daily one. visit to china reaffirms their views on a number of international issues. the growing influence of the
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u.s. in the. next if you enjoy a balance and lively debate to join peter lavelle and his cross hall guests as they discuss syria's crisis and its impact. to our. good leverage. to build. anything. to teach me. this is why you should. only.


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