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tv   [untitled]    June 6, 2012 12:02pm-12:32pm EDT

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the question is there going to be another bailout what would this entailed once again and who's going to be bearing the brunt of it would it be the taxpayers of once again that would be a previously a spanish ministers had said that spain can't come up with the money on its own but already some ministers are saying that in fact they won't need some international help because of that there's a lot of skepticism jittery markets reacting to this now certainly what has been consistent in this whole crisis is that one statement today of confidence changes and the next day a complete turnaround and therefore there really is no sense of stability sense of confidence in any of the statements coming from the country what has been consistent is that there is no solution until now found to get out of this euro zone crisis the financial analyst max kaiser smells a rat in all this he told r.t. that the crisis is a chance for some to make a fast buck that global elite love when these crashes occur they can buy all these assets whether it's the all the assets in ireland all the assets in greece all
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across europe and around the world they love these catastrophes you know as somebody described it naomi klein it's disaster capitalism the austerity measures are the result of the debts that are being imposed upon the population and debts that they did not incur and i'm very sorry to say the people of wisconsin there of came very close to throwing out that bomb a walker but they balked at the start the last minute the same thing in ireland they almost voted against a treaty which would have crashed the euro and helped their exports it would have been economically a a boon if they voted no but they at the last minute they chickened out again but people in greece are on the threshold of a revolution but you know they don't seem to get it together yet to overthrow regime change get rid of this technocrat this morning the show i'm flying to athens tomorrow morning with billionaire hugo salon is price we're talking to the site reserve the new left wing government about introducing a silverback drama along with the euro as a way to cure greece's problems. and they are the business team is across the
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market reaction to the german banking downgrade. likes of completely stopped lending to spain its prime minister has revealed for the first time it also says it's too big to be bailed out by the e.u. warring toys for european business in twenty minutes. russia and china are boosting their military partnership including holding more joint drills president putin's currently on a state visit to beijing to forge closer ties with the asian giant china's growing influence is causing worries for the u.s. which is shifting more of its warships to the asia pacific alexi or says he is in the chinese capital. not only the diplomatic and economic ties seem to be very strong between moscow and beijing but now we have it confirmed by vladimir putin and this is something he stressed in particular that the military partnership between the two countries will also expand now it's already been very strong i mean here that russia and china have already conducted
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a very successful joint military exercises in the past and certainly the weapon exports from russia to china is also massive but now we understand according to put in that this cooperation will expand suddenly this is some kind of news which would hardly be very welcome in the west in the united states in particular which have been growing a very much a war with china's growing military might and the recent visit by the u.s. secretary of defense mr panetta to the asian pacific region basically confirmed all these worries with producing statements like the united states must be vigilant in the face of. china's growing military power but beijing is also growing very impatient and very irritated with the actions of the united states which in particular this visit often that the saying that the growing military presence in the region may destabilize the whole situation we certainly are waiting to see whether there will be any reaction coming from washington on these statements coming from beijing but definitely the fact that russia and china are growing their
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military ties certainly adds a very interesting spin to global geopolitics. the u.s. defense secretary is wrapping up his first visit to india in a tour largely regarded as an attempt to shore up washington's influence in the asia pacific the strategy is being followed with caution in china as america challenges its growing military muscle and economic expansion reaction now from brian becker from the antiwar answer coalition joining us live on the line from r.t. washington brian the u.s. wants to see india as a partner in trying to contain china's influence in the asia pacific are there any risks for india if this irc spacing which it seems to be doing. well of course india and china have had three tragic wars over the past numerous decades i think india has tried to maintain a position of non-alignment during the soviet era it was
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a diplomatic ally of the u.s.s.r. even though it wasn't a socialist country itself i think what's happening is that the united states is not worried about china but trying to secure in the boat as a market for u.s. arms which are being sold to india in record numbers the the indian government plans this one hundred billion dollars in weapons in the next decade that of course will be a drain on the indian national treasury when what india really needs is economic development but the u.s. wants to use india as a strategic partner not just for the promotion of u.s. indian relations but as a wedge against the people's republic of china and against russia in that sense i think it is dangerous to india. the u.s. defense secretary is urging india to have a more active role in afghanistan but might that inflame already tense relations between india and pakistan they've both been rivals really for influence in afghanistan for quite some time. well of course the united states is really seeking
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to build in the in. us an axis that would be able to allow the united states to maintain its position in afghanistan long after the twenty fourteen time for purported withdrawal of u.s. combat troops the united states wants to keep military bases in afghanistan it needs a partner obviously pakistan is hostile to that pakistan indian and miti which has been a creation of british colonialism but has endured for five decades that puts pakistan in a precarious position as well. but that is swing through asia is just the latest in a string of u.s. taps as it builds up or tries to build up its military presence in china's backyard why is the u.s. so openly challenging china which of course is the biggest holder of its debt. the real reason is that because the u.s. fears china which is the sort of montreux that we hear in the media it's because the united states wants to exercise had gemini in the asia pacific when it says
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it's pivoting towards asia which president obama announced in australia in january that should be considered a dangerous thing for asia the united states invaded the philippines in one thousand nine hundred in one thousand eight hundred it invaded the asian part of russia to stop the russian revolution during world war two it fought most of the war in asia then it went to korea vietnam the united states has fought many many battles in asia so a pivot towards asia should be considered something of great alarm for the people of the continent of amazing is also boosting its military spending how do you think that is going to play out. well it's only natural that china would seek to especially in its own neighborhood especially in the in the asia pacific region particularly in the yellows in solve china sea where the united states is working with other partners undermine china's claims to certain disputed territories china is seeking to defend itself it does not have
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a global ambitions with its military unlike the united states which has a thousand military bases located in one hundred thirty countries china is basically concerned with its own economic development of course as a major power but they see the united states' plans their pivot towards asia is something very threatening. back are from answer coalition live with us on the line from washington thanks for that. the attention of wiki leaks supporters has now shifted to an american military court where u.s. army private bradley manning a suspected website contributor faces his latest hearing he's suspected of the biggest leak of government documents in u.s. history a charge his lawyers hope to see dismissed however as artie's medina cost of explains there are some leaks that will always go unpunished. from a former cia officer who question waterboarding to suspected we keep small bradley manning the obama administration has wasted an unprecedented war on whistleblowers
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prosecuting more of them under a span asch laws than old previous administrations combined but it seems one man snitch is another man's spin doctor the problem with the current situation with the current white house is they have leaked classified information for both times what it serves them to do so one of those with what was with the book obama's wars done by bob woodward or they played out two chapters of information about current operations and also with the catholic bagel bigelow project regarding seal team six taken out of that law last year at this time the film in question which is titled as zero dark thirty covers last year's raid by u.s. commandos on the pakistani compound where some a bin laden was hiding the conservative watchdog judicial watch has obtained records revealing that hollywood filmmakers were given access to proves the undisclosed information about the operation oscar winning director kathryn bigelow
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and screenwriter mark boal were even granted at tour around the fold as cia building were tactical planning for the raid took place the film is out in december but was initially due to be released just weeks before november's presidential elections job facts or some flak fly the administration's way while the entire project has raised concerns over the way intelligence is being used it's best that this kind of information particularly as it revolves around what's surrounding this movie remains classified it absolutely has to it's very unfortunate that it's coming out to be used for political purposes for a congressional election however there is nothing unusual about the defense department collaborating with the makers of hollywood blockbusters. it's a partnership that dates back to the middle of the twentieth century and it has proved effective the pentagon has what hollywood filmmakers won access to millions
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of dollars worth of military equipment to use in the movies and hollywood has what the pentagon wants the insolence to sugarcoat its actions and attract millions of potential recruits in recent months to other movies about the navy seals long survivor and act of valor how for safety official assistance veteran hollywood reporter david robb says the pentagon has for a long time had access to the scripts of hollywood filmmakers to show the military in a better lot in the american people are seeing hundreds and hundreds of films and television shows that have been sanitized by the military and to make military seem more heroic than it really is and never wrong and always good that this creates a false image in the american people's mind so while for some weeks we'll get true walked out others are trying to project patrick tales and propaganda on to the
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silver screen but my you know question archie reporting for a las angeles california. does remind you of the world's top was a lower julian assad has his own interview program here on our to you know if you missed any of the series which has been going on for a couple of weeks now over a month in fact you can catch up on all of them on our website r t v dot com. rules during public protest may now cost a pretty penny in russia as lawmakers approve a new bill supporting tougher punishment for violations it said to get signed off by the president but those are already caused a storm among politicians and opposition groups and even set a new parliamentary record for the time it took to be passed. off as the details of the draft significantly increasing the fines for violating the rules of taking part in mass rallies from the current seventy year olds up to a maximum of seven thousand euros for average citizens or around two hundred hours
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of community service so that's why it's caused such a wee fierce criticism and anger both from the official and unofficial opposition many of whom are calling this draft bill calling it but its supporters say that it corresponds with western european standards and actually if we compare the figures to the penalties in some of western european states are often much more severe and the fines could be much higher as well reaching seventy five thousand euros the draft was initiated after a launch protest rally ended in clashes between some of the protesters and the police we've seen pieces of concrete flying around small grenades and injuries on both sides it was more of a matter of form last night when it took eleven hours for the lower chamber of parliament the state duma to work through the draft because of a new tactic which is being taken on by the opposition which is new for russia but
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it's a practice which is similar to filibuster ring in the united states when some deputies try to be as abstract as possible to do real the vote but by around midnight it still ended up being passed to despite this fierce debate. remember we've got all the latest stories on our website here's a taste of what's there for you right now digital doomsday the head of a russian cyber security lab predicts and to the world as we know it triggered by internet terrorism he tells our c dot com. plus we investigate the mystery of an american satellite which returned to earth after a year in orbit with its mission cloaked in secrecy. a morning nato air strike in eastern afghanistan has left at least eighteen people dead including women and children according to local officials the people living nearby say all those killed were celebrating a wedding nato denies that claiming they took out eight military commanders in the
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strike the president of the pac nationalist forum told r.t. that america will pay for the damage and misery it's inflicted. would go with with the afghan government is saying and they're saying that civilians have been killed today the of gun people have lost more of their civilians in the first decade of the twenty first century then the united states lost on nine eleven it was a tragic event of nine eleven but this is no less a tragedy and frankly we don't see any justice in this that the of gun people did lose this many and of course nato in the u.s. military not guns done a very quick to condemn the taliban for their bombings in various cities where and attacks of course were civilians are killed but how is the u.s. military and nato any different they kill as many civilians there we talk to a lot of of gun activists and i think any future government in afghanistan after the americans are out in order to reclaim credibility i think there will have to
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initiate some sort of a reconstitution process whereby i would have to move some legal cases maybe go as far as the u.n. or the international court of justice and ask for compensation for what happened i mean of ghana's john will be left with with with wounds that would take decades to heal i mean just just thousands and thousands of civilians have been killed. the u.s. is threatening syria with the u.n. security council resolution that could authorize the use of force washington says strong sanctions imposed on the country won't bring what the white house sees as necessary regime change in syria russia and china have previously vowed not to allow any military intervention in the country via the u.n. but the u.s. hinted that foreign powers might consider bypassing the international body meanwhile moscow is calling for a special international meeting on syria aimed at encouraging all warring parties to return to coffee at its peace plan moscow says the proposed gathering differs
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from the so-called friends of syria meeting which so it supports the opposition which according to its conditions must also lay down arms mideast expert terry kelly says toppling asad and not establishing peace has long been the true goal of some foreign players. when the americans vassal state slow growth some talk about transition what they are effectively mean is regime change that is what they did in libya with dire consequences as we can see in their country today in syria the plan to bring both sides to the table and have a negotiated settlement is obviously the best way to move forward but the united states and britain and their other allies have absolutely no pressure on the other side to come to them negotiate negotiating table and start
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a process of storms so it would appear to me that what we now have is an end game situation where the united states has decided to remove this regime and use everything in its spot to do so. now as well as the scene of ongoing violence syria also locked in a so-called information of war are to talk to the country's minister of information who told us how mainstream media coverage of the conflict often clashes with reality his full interview is coming up later this hour here's a look. at the very people responsible for the deaths filmed their crimes and sent fruitage to the media blaming my government for the atrocities of the recent study shows that ninety percent of satellite coverage on syria has nothing to do with the actual situation in the country it's all lies and fabrications again proves that there's a real information war waged against syria with real facts being substituted with
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fabrications these lies and the only way for them to achieve their objectives in their war against syria and how to houla massacre is a good example of that as soon as the first pictures of the massacre were released everybody started accusing the syrian army and security forces that we all know who was really behind this crime today the people of syria are targeted by terrorists. and sponsored by regional powers like qatar saudi arabia and turkey as well as by western nations such as the us. going up to twenty minutes past the hour a look at some international news hundred of march third rando in support of monterrey all students who have been rallying for months against tuition hikes since february hundreds of demonstrators were dates were detained with almost two hundred thousand refusing to attend university plans there's toronto rally united
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both students and labor activists with another protest of old a fortnight's time. north korean leader kim jong un has given his second public speech since taking power in front of tens. thousands of children wednesday marks the anniversary of the country's children's union the organization that helps ensure the young generations of loyalty to the regime it comes two days after north korea warn their southern neighbor of military action over their critical coverage of children's festivals in pyongyang. daniel bushell now joins us from the business desk hi daniel and france and america have a blazing route over the euro what's happening here the trading blows over who's to blame for the crisis new foreign minister laurent fabius says the u.s. spoke the problems he said quote lehman brothers was not a european bank we should not shift responsibility that's him there france's new
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socialist government is seen as less friendly to washington than previous incumbent nicolas sarkozy washington says brussels is to blame by not helping its members enough. spain has admitted to it anymore the treasury minister also warned the country is too big to be dealt with twenty five percent of its value already this year. try to address the taxpayers' money is bailing out insolvent banks on the new proposals by shareholders and creditors will be responsible for any losses for the new legislation is only likely to come into force before twenty fourteen too late to protect taxpayers from the current crop of buying fails. another storming basically we continue to grow force despite the euro crisis aeroflot shares all soaring up close to list in london this year investors say that will be a success as is one of the world's most profitable airlines could end up to two hundred forty million dollars from the move the rubles also strengthening against
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the euro and dollars you see there russia central bank governor says the trend should continue he also maintained the see inflation target of five to six percent of the facebook's i.p.o. last month the nasdaq may compensate some of the law says a new report shares. the social network of last list the made to two hundred million dollars all reports facebook week four calls from potential investors and staying in the states disney is burning ads on its t.v. channels and products that don't meet its new nutritional guidelines it's also taken mickey mouse of junk food packaging with two in three americans overweight or obese first lady michelle obama is backing disney's move those close to home making food chains tollgates emerging markets burger king russia has teamed up with free to bring to expand into the country's regions bt b. will invest up to one hundred million dollars over three years you're up to date news and interviews on the web site all to dot com slash business. save mickey
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mouse stays on other suites around the world besides the states anyway thank you danielle for that update still ahead for you this hour we talked to syria's minister of information about the difficulties of reporting from the crisis torn country that's coming up in a few minutes after a round up of our top stories. wealthy
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british scientists are some time. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on. the end of the war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. the risk is not zero love something might be going off by mistake specialist solves the nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. us of a difference to use it as a threat to all of it but you know if you keep spending a trillion dollars
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a year on weapons of venture you're going to blow everybody up you you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see it people don't wake up to a new flu weapons or a bill. that represents all of the firepower of the second world war and this second sound is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today. lisa is. just so.
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eight thirty pm on scout time these are the top stories on our c creeping contagion . euro zone champion germany endorsed ratings downgrade with fears the crisis is hitting the monetary union biggest economy. military maneuvering russia plans closer ties with china while america promises to move most of its warships to the asia pacific in the coming here. and protest peacefully or pay a fortune or brushing the ball makers pass a bill that sparked some of the most heated debate and set a new parliamentary record. as well as physical violence syria has been fighting a so-called information war with conflicting reports about the situation there syria's minister of information oblong mahmood tells our team what he feels is
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really going on. the arab league council has asked the satellite operators are upside. down the broke out of syrian satellite channels would you think about this decision. this decision is an attack on free media and freedom of expression it's an attack on syrian media the purpose is to hide the truth about what is really going on in syria from people both inside and outside the country this is part of the smear campaign launched by certain satellite channels and supported by the go from nations behind the decision contradicts from the mental moral and professional standards for mass media in the arab world and globally it contradicts the rules and regulations for satellite broadcasting.


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