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tv   [untitled]    June 6, 2012 4:02pm-4:32pm EDT

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going up so much this begs the question is there going to be another bailout what would this entail once again and who's going to be bearing the brunt of it would it be the taxpayers once again that would be a previously a spanish ministers had said that spain can't come up with the money on its own but already some ministers are saying that in fact they won't need some international help and because of that there's a lot of skepticism jittery markets reacting to this now certainly what has been consistent in this whole crisis is that one statement today of confidence changes at the next day a complete turnaround and therefore there really is no sense of stability a sense of confidence in any of the statements coming from the country what has been consistent is that there is no solution until now found to get out of this euro zone a crisis. investment advisor patrick young says the german downgrade has been a long time coming. we've really heard the truth that i think many and finance knew all along but i'm such as comics by they build themselves up by huge portfolio
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where they thought they were being very very clever by buying themselves boards of places such as greece italy spain and in other words all the places where not they can't possibly sell their debt because the government sort of effectively in huge problems so therefore what's happened is once more another little layer of the onion let us say has been peeled away and that's examining and showing us that ultimately the euro has no clothes the european union is in a total mess due to its three years of denial of its economic problems all of the politicians who are basically left the people stranded the new government in spain went into denial mode from the wall and they came into office and six months later they suddenly realized what anybody who was remotely financially literate could work out six months ago or two years ago even spanish banks are lost and ultimately
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there needs to be a way in order to manage to rescue them but the conventional belike mechanisms are not going to work and that's why ultimately it's very difficult to see tragically whether or not there really is a future to the euro was a currency because it's a disastrous political scheme rather than an economic engine of prosperity rather it's the opposite it's putting people out of work work rather than putting them in jobs. president china are boosting their military partnership including holding more joint drills president putin is currently on a state visit to beijing to forge closer ties with the asian giant now china's growing influence is causing worries for the u.s. which is shifting more of its warships to the asia pacific or to select cirrus have is in the chinese capital and not only the diplomatic and economic ties seem to be very strong between moscow and beijing but now we have it confirmed by vladimir putin and this is something he stressed in particular that the military partnership
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between the two countries will also expand now it's already been very strong i mean here that russia and china have already conducted a very successful joint military exercises in the past and certainly the weapon exports from russia to china is also massive but now we understand according to put in that this cooperation will expand suddenly this is some kind of news which would hardly be very welcome in the west in the united states in particular which have been growing a very much war with china's growing military might and the recent visit by the u.s. secretary of defense mr panetta to the asian pacific region basically confirmed all these worries with producing statements like the united states must be vigilant in the face of. china's growing military power but beijing is also growing very impatient and very irritated with the actions of the united states which in particular this visit often they're saying that the growing military presence in
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the region may destabilize the whole situation we certainly are waiting to see whether there will be any reaction coming from washington on these statements coming from beijing but definitely the fact that russia and china are growing their military ties certainly adds a very interesting spin to global geopolitics. u.s. secretary of defense is wrapping up his asian charm offensive with the last stop in india brian becker from the antiwar answer coalition says america's military focus on the region could have dangerous implications it's because the united states wants to exercise had gemini in the asia pacific when it says it's pivoting towards asia which president obama announced in australia in january that should be considered a dangerous thing for asia the united states invaded the philippines in one thousand nine hundred in one thousand eight hundred it invaded the asian part of russia to stop the russian revolution during world war two it's what most of the war in asia then it went to korea vietnam the united states has fought many many
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battles in asia so a pivot towards asia should be considered something of great alarm for the people of the continent china is seeking to defend itself it does not have a global ambition with its military unlike the united states which has a thousand military bases located in one hundred thirty countries china is basically concerned with its own economic development of course as a major power but they see the united states' plans their pivot towards asia is something very threatening. still ahead for you on r t later this hour a deathly tragedy a fresh nato air strike killed more than a dozen afghans out of marriage ceremony we look at the huge toll the u.s. led war is taking on civilians. the attention of wiki leaks supporters has now shifted to an american military court where a series of pretrial hearings have started for u.s. army private bradley manning he's accused of the biggest leak of government documents and u.s.
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history of charges lawyers hope to see to smith just. a question of a explains there are some leaks that will always go unpunished. from a former cia officer who questioned waterboarding to suspected we can take small bradley manning the obama administration has wasted an unprecedented war on whistleblowers prosecuting more of them under a span ash loss than old previous administrations combined but it seems one man snitch is another man spin doctor the problem with the current situation with the current white house is they have leaked classified information for the times when it suits them to do so one of those with what was written with the book obama's wars done by bob woodward where they played out two chapters of information about current operations and also with the catholic bible bigelow project regarding seal team six have been lauded last year at this time the film in question which is titled as zero dark thirty covers last year's raid by u.s.
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commandos on the pakistani compound where some of bin laden was hiding. the conservative watchdog judicial watch has obtained records revealing that hollywood filmmakers were given access to precisely undisclosed information about the operation oscar winning director kathryn bigelow and screenwriter mark boal were even granted at tour around the volt as cia building where tactical planning for the raid took place the film is out in december but was initially due to be released just weeks before november's presidential elections job facts or some flak fly the administration's way while the entire project has raised concerns over the way intelligence is being used it's best that this kind of information particularly as it revolves around what's surrounding this movie remains classified it absolutely has to it's very unfortunate that it's coming out to be used for
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political purposes for a congressional election however there is nothing unusual about the defense department collaborating with the makers of hollywood blockbusters it's a partnership that dates back to the middle of the twentieth century and it has proved effective the pentagon has what hollywood filmmakers one access to millions of dollars worth of military equipment to use in the movies and hollywood has what the pentagon wants the end sloan's to sugarcoat its actions and attract millions of potential recruits in recent months to other movies about the navy's. viber and how to valor how for sift official assistance veteran hollywood reporter david rop assess the pentagon has for a long time had access to the scripts of hollywood filmmakers to show the military in a better lot in the american people. are seeing hundreds and hundreds of films and television shows that have been sanitized by the military and to make military seem
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more heroic than it really is and never wrong and always good that this creates a false image in the american people's mind so while for some weeks it will get true walked right others very trying to project patrick swayze and propaganda on to the silver screen my integration archie reporting from las angeles california. just to remind you the world's top whistleblower julian assad has his own interview program right here on our t.v. if you missed any of the previous series you can always catch up at our team doc. breaching rules during public protest may now cost a pretty penny here in russia as lawmakers approved a new bill supporting tougher punishment for violation now is yet to get signed off by the president but the bill's already caused a storm among politicians and opposition groups and even set a new parliamentary record for the time it took to be passed archies the house the
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details. the draft significantly increasing the fines for violating the rules of taking part in mass rallies from the current seventy year olds up to a maximum of seven thousand euros for average citizens or around two hundred hours of community service so that's why it's caused such a wee fierce criticism and anger both from the official and unofficial opposition many of whom are calling this draft draconian but its supporters say that it corresponds with western european standards and actually if we compare the figures to the penalties in some western european states are often much more severe and the fines could be much higher as well reaching seventy five thousand euros the draft was initiated after a launch protest rally ended in clashes between some of the protesters and the police we've seen pieces of concrete flying around small grenades and injuries on
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both sides it was more of a marathon last night when it took eleven hours for the chamber of parliament the state duma to work through the draft because of a new tactic which is being taken on by the opposition which is new for russia but it's a practice which is similar to filibuster ring in the united states when some deputies try to be as abstract as possible to do real the vote but by around midnight it still ended up being passed to despite this fierce debate. remember we've got all the latest stories on our website here's a look at what's there for you right now digital doomsday kind of a russian cyber security lab predicts the end of the world as we know when triggered by internet terrorism the details are to dot com. plus we investigate the mystery of an american satellite which returned to earth after a year in orbit with its mission cloaked in secrecy.
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the u.s. is threatening syria with a un security council resolution that could authorize the use of force washington says strong sanctions imposed on the contrary won't bring what the white house sees as necessary regime change in syria russia and china have previously vowed not to allow any military intervention in the country via the u.n. but the u.s. hinted that foreign powers might consider bypassing the international body meanwhile moscow is calling for a special international meeting on syria aimed at encouraging all warring parties to return to kofi annan peace plan but when these experts says the u.s. and its allies won't be interested in such a gathering. when the americans vassal states like group some talk about transition what they are effectively mean is regime change that is what they did in libya with dire consequences as we can see in their country today in
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syria the plan to bring both sides to the table and have a negotiated settlement is obviously the best way to move forward but the united states and britain and their other red lights have absolutely no pressure on the other side to come to the negotiate negotiating table and start a process of storms so it would appear to me that what we now have is an end game situation where the united states has decided to remove this regime and will use everything in his spot to do so. a morning nato airstrike in eastern afghanistan has left at least eighteen people dead including women and children according to local officials the people living nearby say all those killed were celebrating a wedding nato denies that claiming they took out eight military commanders in the
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strike and doesn't mention civilian casualties in their statement but gareth porter is an investigative journalist and historian on u.s. national security policy he joins me now live from virginia only a week ago a un report said that the number of civilian deaths in afghanistan is too high president karzai has threatened action against nato if the drone strikes don't stop and now with these latest lethal attacks there's still no sign that the alliance is letting up what impact do you think these ongoing strikes and civilian casualties are going to have. you know this whole problem of u.s. and nato military operations both air strikes and mate rates is a situation that has caused enormous opposition from the population particularly of the relation in southern afghanistan the.
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region of the country to increasingly oppose the presence of u.s. and nato forces and so it's really part of a broader. trend here that is causing the united states to really be unable to achieve the even limited goals that it has in mind for. trying to get out in two thousand and fourteen except for the strategic security for the special operations forces to do so successfully i think that it's inevitable that really politics of the situation are going to be running against the united states and because that regime in large part because of this problem. twenty two civilians were killed and twenty responding to earlier in the day as well is the nato led mission failing to protect the wider population and afghanistan. well there was never any question of the u.s.
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and nato forces being able to protect the population in any meaningful way from the ravages of war in fact if you look at the chairs of the casualty figures for civilians and you compare them with the level of foreign troops operating in afghanistan you can see that there is a direct correlation between the two and because of that the reason for that correlation is obvious that the more u.s. and nato forces particularly u.s. military forces are active in a particular area the more civilians are going to be caught up in the fighting so been in the exact opposite is really the reality of the clan but the united states could ever protect the civilian population and you mentioned the plans to be out by twenty fourteen aside from special operations forces what do you think the chance will leave behind if indeed they ever do really leave. well what they're going to
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leave behind is a civil war between the. population on one side led by the. taliban and the northern alliance are representing the non costume ethnic groups of afghanistan on the other side and this is a civil war that has already in fact been underway for some time because of the fact that the u.s. sponsored army the national army about afghanistan has been unable to successfully . really find people to join with the the afghan army from southern afghanistan in the pashtun areas and so increasingly this has become an army that is dominated by the non pashtoon ethnic groups so in fact i think it's a reality that the united states has been fostering increasingly enough mixable war
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in afghanistan for some years now but just briefly i want to touch on pakistan who formerly has constantly complained about u.s. trials strikes most recently on tuesday saying that the alliance acts against international law it sounds markley similar to what western leaders accuse syria's president of doing. let's talk a little bit about the double standards this is briefly as account. well it's there are two very different situations of course i mean on one hand you have foreign forces in pakistan carrying out drone strikes that are supposedly highly selective but in fact you know have killed hundreds and i would argue certainly thousands over the years of civilians on the other and then in syria you have really something close to civil war already and it's difficult to were to compare the two
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situations but i think in both cases what is needed is obviously a reduction in violence and in the case of pakistan you have a government of there that is publicly opposed to these drone strikes and in fact has called upon the united states to end them and you have a foreign government that has absolutely refusing to do so and that's really quite that is quite an unusual situation under international law to say the least. right gareth porter investigative journalist and historian and u.s. national security policy thank you very much for your input. up next artie's interview with syria's minister of information mahmoud he tells our to his views about the so-called information war and its conflicted reports stay with us.
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then the arab league council has asked satellite operators are upside. down the broke cast of sirius satellite channels what do you think about this decision. by this decision is an attack on free media and freedom of expression it's an attack on syrian media the purpose is to hide the truth about what is really going on in syria from people both inside and outside the country this is part of the smear
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campaign launched by certain satellite channels and supported by the gulf nations behind it the decision contradicts fundamental moral and professional standards for mass media in the arab world and globally it contradicts the rules and regulations for satellite broadcasting as agreed by the council of the arab ministers of information and this decision was made by foreign ministers which means it was politically motivated it's part of the anti syrian political agenda and we all understand that these plans are being implemented on political and economic levels the main purpose of this decision is to silence syrian channels that can uncover the role. of some of these countries providing support to terrorists in syria helping them financially and smuggling weapons into the country and they're also afraid of serial channels disclosing the truth about terrorist connections of some media outlets financed and supported by these outside players we have had
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a situation where terrorists acted as correspondents in foreign media that would at the very people are sponsible for deaths filmed their crimes and sent a footage to the media blaming my government for the atrocities of the syrian people and the ministry of information condemning this decision the ministry considers it as its responsibility to provide satellite broadcasting the syrian satellite channels. since arab states and other countries as you say are waging an information war against syria does the syrian government media still provide balanced and unbiased coverage do they provide an accurate picture of the situation in syria especially considering that they were not prepared for this information war. and. of all it should be said that everything about the mass media is in fact down to the audience if we take polls around inside and outside syria we shall see that the audience of the syrian satellite channels has grown and
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so has the number of viewers who perceive these channels as the source to turn to a live news coverage on syrian satellite channels provide live coverage sixteen hours a day and this includes both the official channels and the specialist and private. us we can say that the official syrian media has taken a firm lead in the coverage of the barbaric war syria has been forced into them and they are exposing the plans to undermine the strength of spirits by the syrian people i'm deeply convinced that the recent sanctions against our mass media came as a response to its increased impact had there been no such. it would be no need to introduce sanctions against on mass media the american and european sanctions followed by those experienced by some gulf states at the recent arab league meeting only confirm that the influence of the syrian media has grown and because of all that we will have to develop our informational policy and improve the structure of the
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syrian media. the arab league sees to shut down some of the syrian channels but the annan plan actually calls for as many channels as possible to cover the advance in syria. of course it's very strange we ask if you nan and the un security council who will protect freedom of speech democratic principles and liberties how can you shut down syrian national media when the annan plan calls for free accreditation for foreign media coming to syria to cover the situation here and we have one hundred eighty media outlets from all over the world represented in syria one of them that over one hundred accredited foreign reporters are permanently working here traveling freely across the country to cover the event that's because how can you shut down syrian satellite channels and at the same time allow foreign news services operate
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freely this will result in biased coverage of all this is part of the information more ways to get syria we know that eighty percent of the satellite channels dedicate thirty minutes of the news hour to syria today and a recent study shows that ninety percent of satellite coverage on syria has nothing to do with the actual situation in the country it's all lies and fabrications it's again that there's a real information more waged against syria with real facts being substituted be fabrications these lies and the only way for them to achieve their objectives in their way. again syria at the had at the houla massacre is a good example of that as soon as the first pictures of the massacre were released everybody started accusing the syrian army and security forces but we all know who was really behind this crime in. the atrocities used against the syrian people as well as the sanctions introduced against the syrian government media have revealed
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the true nature of those waging war against syria today the people of syria a targeted by terrorists who are armed and sponsored by regional powers like qatar saudi arabia and turkey. as well as by western nations such as the us. those who often talk about fighting terrorism have joined their forces today to support terrorists attacking syria. going to thank you very much for being with us today mr. syrian minister of information. little. girl live below.
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the street. will. look. a little bit misleading good. luck. a little. sure is that so much different and there's a huge music history on the mark when the series goes so does lebanon with the violent crisis in syria continuing to deepen and spread can lebanon remain on the sidelines much longer.
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live from the russian capital our top stories creeping contagion the girl's own champion germany adores ratings downgrade fears the crisis is hitting the monetary union to get the comedy. military maneuvering plans closer ties with china while america promises to move most of its warships to the asia pacific in coming years. and protest peacefully or pay a fortune russian lawmakers pass a bill that sparked some of the most heated debate and set a new parliamentary record. next join james brown on his latest russian adventure as he tours the chapmans creature.
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reason is one of those places that offers something for everyone sitting just east of the urals the country's border between europe and asia this is an ethnically diverse area of more than three million people there's a bustling capital city to enjoy and for the nature lovers some of russia's most stunning countryside is right on your doorstep. as well as being very beautiful this is also a very significant part of the screen because over that it marks the start of the european ural mountains and also we're on top of one of russia's most significant logical treasures. just a few meters away is the entrance to the ignaty of sky cave and it's supposed to contain some of the best preserved.


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