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tv   [untitled]    June 6, 2012 11:02pm-11:32pm EDT

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and on richard nixon's presidency i talked with author and historian lamar waldron about the real truth behind water. you need to know this thanks to the supreme court our democracy is now in deep trouble fueled by tens of millions of dollars out of state corporate and billionaire cash given him at least an eight to one spending advantage over his democratic opponent wisconsin governor scott walker prevailed in tuesday night's recall election this is the second major election in the post citizens united era and for the second straight time organized money beat organized people just like what happened in two thousand and ten when tea party republicans swept into congress with the help of over three hundred million dollars it outside corporate and billionaire cash in a slight consolation democrats make a controlled state senate as one republican state senator out of four facing
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a recall appears to be headed for a defeat despite reports of massive voter turnout around the state tuesday afternoon the turnout is actually closer to twenty than levels and more than two million wisconsinites voters are republicans won big rather than two thousand and eight levels when closer to three million night wisconsinites elected president obama and democrats so what does all this mean it means that things really are as bad as we think they are and that the roberts supreme court really has handed over our democracy to the highest bidders giant corporations foreign governments and the likes of the koch brothers wisconsin gives us a glimpse into the election coming this november and patriotic americans have five months now to figure out how to overcome these oligarchy and undo the incredible damage the roberts court has done to democracy in the nation of its modern era birth. here's the big picture scott walker is one very smart and very savvy politician he could be the next ronald reagan this is
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a guy who lives with incredible facility and he knows the game now in this post citizens united or you know that it requires a lot of money to win elections as well walker traveled around the country fundraising that's why two thirds of his forty million dollars was out of state donors citizens united has turned the supreme court decision is turn elections into a corporate advertising free for all and there's a reason why companies advertise it works it actually does change minds we've all seen the ads. redesigned a passenger pilot that smarter thinking from honda when you meet charlie sheen next scene from platoon with charlie sheen don't scenes from platoon with charlie sheen get rid of cable and upgrade to direct t.v. one hundred direct t.v. anything is possible when your meds throw but old spice and lovely imo. don't listen to betty you're not weird you're an innovator. you know yes we.
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started this and you see the contradiction but animal like a werewolf i'm fine and i'm her stuff. ok don't sweat it just do you think you say ok ok. definitely a little bit of a peck stride see all of these all of these ads are there because they make money for the companies that are running them and the company with the biggest ad budget usually wins in the marketplace. and now the same is true in politics for example take what happened in california on the ballot was prop twenty nine a tax a one dollar tax on a pack of cigarettes we know that the most effective way to get people to stop smoking is to raise the price of tobacco the most effective back in march sixty seven percent of voter support of the money from this is going to fund cancer research but today passage of prop twenty nine is too close to call and losing so what happened big tobacco dumped fifty million dollars
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into a campaign against prop twenty nine are jared philip morris dumped thirty million of their own money into it running ads like this one. i'm against smoking so i thought prop twenty nine was a good idea then i read it it raises seven hundred thirty five million dollars and tobacco taxes but not one penny goes to new funding for cancer treatment instead it creates a huge new research bureaucracy with no accountability run by political appointees who can spend our tax dollars going to other states that's why doctors tax payers and small business so you know on twenty nine she says not one penny on cancer treatment though it funds cancer research and you know some of that research it's this is insane these incredibly deceptive just like in commercial advertising the company with the biggest budget when it's in american politics now post citizens united the candidate with the most corporate donors or billionaires in his or her
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corner wins elections come and go while movements last this is the good news now is not the time to despair now is the time to recognize our situation we are in of in a situation at a point in time right now because of the roberts court the citizens united decision that is very much like the robber baron era the gilded age the eight hundred eighty s. and in fact the president of the united states the only democrat elected after the civil after the civil war all the way up to woodrow wilson was grover cleveland was elected twice different times the republican between the two and in his state of the union address and keep in mind this is the president of the united states speaking to congress and the american people in his annual state of the union address of eight hundred eighty eight president grover cleveland so this. we discover that the fortunes realized by our manufacturers are no longer solely the reward of sturdy industry and light and foresight but that they are
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a largely built upon undue extractions of the masses of our people the gulf between employers and the employed is constantly widening and classes are rapidly forming one comprising the very rich and powerful on another are found the toiling poor as we view the achievements of aggregated capital we discover the existence of trusts combinations of monopolies while the citizen is struggling far in the rear or is trampled to death beneath an iron he'll corporations which should be the carefully restrained creatures of the law and the servants of the people are fast becoming the people's masters out of that speech well it really wasn't so much out as speech because you know when a president speaks or any politician speaks they're really expressing the gestalt of the time we don't have leaders you know presidents are always followers of any other that time and from that speech came a three generation long progressive revolution trust busting sherman antitrust act
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laws against corporations in politics the tillman act women getting the right to vote workers getting the right to organize and unionize and the wagner act all of that stuff came about because of the blowback to that gilded age gilded age excesses in the eight hundred eighty s. one nine hundred ninety s. when fat cats to the equivalent of billionaires in today's money and big corporations were literally buying politicians and now we have a situation where reaganomics. and the roberts court have taken us back to where we were when president grover cleveland spoke out against corporate power in eight hundred eighty eight we need to be building a progressive movement the way that conservatives starting with judo and skin paul weyrich back in the one nine hundred seventy s. and then ronald reagan in the one nine hundred eighty s. built a movement but ours needs to be funded on principles like we're all in this together instead of stuff like greed is good sherrod brown and bernie sanders are fighting
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against this cancer in our democracy citizens united you can join their efforts sherrod brown dot com and burning dot org and check out move to amend. now for more on tuesday night's recall election wisconsin want to turn over to attorney and ring of fire radio host mike papen tonio mike welcome home are you great yeah you know i'll tell you i don't despair tom are really very optimistic the big victory that's coming from wisconsin is really coming from the walker financier's i think before all these inheritance baby billionaires go out and buy the new gold store anymore open up their new caviar dishes or another bottle of cristo they need to understand what happened there first of all this this wasn't this wasn't checkmate this was stalemate and when it really comes down to a democrats took back the senate leaving this this character in a position where he really can't do that much more harm and i think it will as i think about what happened out of wisconsin what i like about it. is we saw we saw
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it this citizens' media that i think does answer the concerns that we all have about things like citizens united the citizens media galvanize people all over the country right now is i listening to the talk you would think it was a it was it was a runaway but it really was not and this is the second major election since citizens united and it seems like we're starting to get the best the best government money. i can by. what do we do about this. well i think the thing that is already happening tom it's what you started when you started your citizens oriented radio programming where people could hear the other side hopefully it's what happens with your network it happens with all the progressive who are out there saying look we we know that when people hear the truth they will respond to the truth a lot of what we saw in wisconsin was purely a generational thing think about this tony there's
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a generational divide in this country where you have the baby boomers the older baby boomers right now that are going to always be around here and you have a new generation of voters that do understand a lot of these things that we're talking about they don't buy into the old generational ideas about what politics should look like i think that generational gap is going to change the demographic great gap is going to change things and i think the citizens media that you have led the charge in but by the way it's on for so long that citizens media will continue have a big impact for positive politics for progressives well and you too mike with the ring of fire radio and all the great work that you and buddy kennedy have been doing the the walker has survived the recall any any insights into this john doe investigation with the kind of circling around it this is like shades of watergate you know watergate was just starting to be in the news as nixon went into the seventy two elections and he kind of skated by through the election and then it blew up afterwards right don't miss the fact that seven of the people closest to to
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the walk are people who work right in the office have been indicted one of them is already in jail don't miss the fact also that this investigation is going outside of the state because people are asking the questions why did these baby billionaires have such an interest in this fight for one thing it wasn't just that there's some speculation that this investigation leaves the state bounds and that maybe some directions were coming from some of those baby boy. errors that work so desperately to get walker reelected so this investigation could be very very powerful he could be their new governor for a short period of time one thing that's very clear the investigators are not shy they're not timid they're it's a full force investigation that scott walker need to be concerned about well let's hope so might pop in happen tony thanks a lot like we'll have more on what the wisconsin recall means in tonight's long
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liberal rumble right after the break.
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there hasn't been a scene yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. the source material is for helps keep journalism on the we. we want to present. something real. ones there are you ready to rumble joining me for tonight's lone liberal robillard caroline mae reporter with the daily caller and marc harrold libertarian commentator attorney and author of the book observations of white noise an acid test for the first amendment thank you for joining me both of you scott walker spent eighty eight percent of the money last night or leading up to last night one fifty three percent of the vote is that
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a victory and say it is i mean still the governor is that does count for something that what is this any way to run a country absolutely i mean your numbers don't take into account how much money the unions put into that race i think yes they do. not not from want to based on what i read that just his campaign funds are is that the outside groups that actually were running ads as well if you if you add in the outside groups you probably spent about twenty to one rather than a tool all night you're still not factoring in the numbers i don't think. either way there was a lot of money that went into it and in the end he's still the governor and it's all speech and everyone but it whether it's you fallacy to think that anyone he was in wisconsin didn't know it was going to it's union money or whether it's billionaire money should you know do we really want to live in a country that's the best tomography money can buy well it's all sweet we're just talking about this. well we go through this every time you know the money you pulled out your pocket it's not speech but it's a means to speech and therefore you know is it the best way to run a country who knows maybe. it's the not the worst alternative but you get into this
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thing and you look at this i don't think these people are fooled i think they know what's going on the fact that you're seeing the people who live in the state of wisconsin the fact that yes majority of were really upset about the fact that it was a recall election this is only his third gubernatorial recall the history of the nation going all about george washington and i think the democrats picked a stupid fight here but the fact is why does it really if these commercials persuade people to do something other words the argument is that all this money goes in these the media buy in these commercials persuade people in wisconsin to do something how to vote on this issue if it's persuasive it's speech it's expressive it has to be and therefore it has to be protected and i really i think we take a look at the the criticisms of citizens united is really paternalistic to be i think the people of wisconsin can see through some bogus said no matter how many of them there are and i think it's speech is it the best way to i don't know but it's what we have and i don't see a good alternative so you if if if a company is advertising a product that is the ads are full of lies or the product is destructive you have
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no problem absolutely but there's other protections for all speech misleading speech to favorites or speeches a lot of things that are speech but if there are none of those apply to politics sure they do if they're patently false but here's the other thing to what do you do with that patently false speech i mean if it's absolutely false and corrupt there's laws against it what do you do with now bad speech more speech you get more ads out there you go to the people you do grassroots this our country the grassroots and high tech stuff is countering this fear of corporations getting all these ads out there know my bias my things right and better have a choice and carol and i just don't understand how anybody in this country would say yes we should say that whoever buys the most advertising and has the most influence that says mark which is talking about should therefore win an election well that's not always the case i mean i would looking back two thousand and ten in connecticut richard blumenthal all that you know without that without you know if the million to you linda mcmahon's lemon and five million you know he won you know
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. and that every time he was completely outspent by and mega millions early figuring out to let you know you know that it's not only of the suctions they're not the rule and but by and large the people who spend the most money when the old i mean but then you have also if you're going to do that i think you also need to take into account the amount of media coverage you know there was one network and asked them you see that was you know twenty four seven it was the partisans you know joe was a right wing rule that are not in the right where are you playing now is i want to go with this twenty four seventh's fox i watch i watch i watch him as n.b.c. every evening and you have matter how old you know you are the donald got a thrilling drum for wisconsin and i think that like he like even thing more speech is good and i think i don't think there should be some balance on the services and i don't think there should be a balance on the most obviously or on fox i think that if that's where you are that that's what their viewers want more power to him ok you know that none of that addresses the issue of is it appropriate first of the post i'm obviously want to get by you know barely i don't think words let's move on to the war on women
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yesterday the paycheck to paycheck fairness act which requires employers to pay women the same amount if they're doing the same work as men and gives the women the right to sue when they're when they're not always put to a vote and it passed the constitution more than fifty votes out of one hundred senators something becomes law got fifty two votes but the republicans blocked it saying no we're not going to allow the debate and they're filibustering it unified so why do republicans think it should be legal to discriminate against women it's already illegal to discriminate against women this this this if you know it's a moment ever passed it's been filibustered the pace of the equal pay act is in effect and that is already illegal discriminate against women but in terms of this legislation and actually we were just discussing that dean heller republican will lead better i know in talking with the equal pay act better equal pay act that obama go through no this was no this was this was prior to that what i'm talking about the equal pay act which you know you are on it but outside of. that this
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would be the regulations and that's what increase the cost of business and also. been a barrier to trial if they had to pay more money to not message not not not at all and actually let's let's talk about this idea that women are discriminated against in the workplace if that if that were the case of women are consistently paid less than men why aren't why isn't every company just hiring and if they can get that much less money and more work out of fifty percent of population well then everything but how many today are growing they say are women they actually it's happening they're growing piece of the workplace fact. it is happening and the wages are going down park well when you look at this bill there are things i liked about it things i did i certainly don't think women should be discriminated against in any professional setting but the things here ought not to but no on this one the access to lawsuits and all that bad i that was fine the part that i didn't agree with the grant i didn't think was needed the grant for women in negotiating but the part that i think the heller law that came out senator heller from what the bottom
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there i came out and the that law made more sense to me in the main problems i had with the original laws it's too bureaucratic and there's too much federal government monitoring of the workplace and i think that law was much more sound and theory and actually went to the heart of what it was trying to do i think the law that was if you are as filibustered was had it had a lot of stuff with it but it didn't go to the heart of what you are in favor of the federal government inserting itself into the contract between employee and employer. no the as i understood the bill it would increase the right of female employees in lawsuits protect the lawsuits that just a lets them avail themselves of the court what i didn't agree with that's why i was there with provisions letting the federal government monitor so to enforce this there were a lot of monitoring prevail prison authorities but if it's in force by the federal government it's got it's a lot less expensive than having it be enforced by trial lawyers as well. i mean those are your choices right and if you don't have the force by trial lawyers asked when you don't have the government in your business last but it's not a sound because when you get into trial lawyers the thing that counts trial lawyers are juries of the people in it you burn. back to the democratic process that you're
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right which is just why i wrote that line well the objection by the republicans was holy cow these women cannot sue under this law and that was it was that i don't want any of you i didn't know that this is an action i don't believe i don't believe there's a war on women i do not believe republican i'm a libertarian i did not think they were both parties i hate to give me you know headaches but i don't believe that there is really a concerted war on women by republicans in this country i don't think it would be smart politics they need women to get elected i just don't think that exists caroline no war on women and the war on women and men this is so they'll even have an article you know quoting harry reid saying that this was actually a ploy to put a political ploy to put republicans into a corner legislatively are they are they have everyone have an equal pay well i mean republicans are not in favor of women have equal pay so let's get the money they're considered laid out pretty pretty think the reason this bill had some problems and not and even even the seventy seven percent juvie in favor of a law that says that women have to get the same pay as men for the same job we
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already have that we are not allowed to discriminate against it why is that that women are getting seventy seven so that's why it's for every dollar the washington post has has proven that that is a really misleading three cents now when you once once when you when that number doesn't take into account this is all based on yearly salary they don't take into account the fact that women actually work work on an hourly and weekly basis less than man so if you were if you were to take it into a weekly percentage of becomes eighty one percent and then if you take it into a hourly percentage eighty six percent on the dollar but is actually making you count for college education that everything sat up and see is negligible ok i didn't know whether to respond that you know i'm right i'm overdrawn i don't feel i don't feel as though i'm discriminated against good good i'm glad to hear that senate majority leader harry reid is now saying what i've been saying for a long time which is that the republicans are trying to crash the economy for political gain speaking reporters on tuesday talking about the house republicans blocking a highway bill that would. continue funding the programs that are existing that
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would keep people on the job he said. pointing out to eric cantor he said i'm told by others that eric cantor wants to not do this bill to make the economy worse because he feels that's better for them for the republican party i hope that's not true is he right or republicans happy to see millions of americans without jobs is this the strategy hasn't hasn't sabotaging democratic presidents been their strategy since they do harry truman in one hundred forty eight. i think it's absolutely absurd to think the republicans are trying to crush the economy or parent then i don't know why did they filibuster the law the bill that nancy pelosi got through the house that said that if you right now if you take a factory a part of the united states ship it brick for brick machine from machine over to vietnam or someplace rebuild it all of that is done paid for by you and me it's paid for by the taxpayers taxpayer compass taxpayers for doing that she passed a piece of legislation said a we're going to end that no more tax breaks for moving
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factories overseas and b. if you have a factory overseas and you ought to bring it back we will give you a tax break now i don't understand why anybody would object to that that the republicans filibustered it it would have immediately created somewhere between one and four million jobs the united states well that i am not entirely i'm not knowledgeable on what i what you're discussing but i don't i truly don't believe that there are there have been over sixty pieces of legislation that would have put to put people to work on how to concerning the keystone pipeline and this highway bill i think that was not obscene really a lot more than that i think it's and i think the and but six thousand jobs really either way i think that there are other ways to get the economy moving then just having government more money and creating jobs so one of those words part well first of all back to your original question are they trying to sabotage it i don't think that the republicans want people out of work with europe you know they don't want people out of work but as we did when this guy when these two guys were talking about the value of a lousy economy they were as they were they were so trying so hard not to crack a smile and yet they did between every set. you know the economy is really bad.
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when you said speaker was was bragging yes ok as we get closer than him this is the issue these guys are bright and are they are pragmatic cynical people out there in this two party system that want gas prices high on july fourth who want the economy to be down when it comes election time yes there are people like that this is this is the issue the economy is the whole ballgame in this election and obviously the worse it is right before the election the better it is for somebody challenging the president that's the way the two party system works right and you as well i'm saying the republicans ever since mitch mcconnell said a lump and republicans together are there people cynical people who use this pragmatically yes well let me say it wasn't important is it john boehner and i don't believe that no i don't only why have they not passed a single piece of legislation that would put people to work why are they talking about blocking don't i wait until there are two different worldviews in this election and the midterm elections told us that the american people don't agree with all the changes that are having a military told us what happens when three hundred million dollars comes in from
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billionaires always go back to the boogie man that had the house and united we are we are the time mark caroline thank you both for being any time thank you. for coming out of my june seventeenth marks the fortieth anniversary of the water new burglary and just in time for the anniversary of the arrival of the explosive new book that sheds new light on the scandal and on president nixon started the book's author lamar waldron a special wednesday edition of conversations with great minds. that's .
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joined. the move.
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towards. washington studio tom hartman and his guests a with all the big picture. for tonight's special edition of conversations with great minds and joined by my friend will more waldron mars an author and historian and was once called the ultimate j.f.k. historian and examiner by variety magazine's list smith is extensive and groundbreaking breaking research has been featured in hundreds of newspapers was the subject of two discovery channel specials produced by n.b.c. news the mars appear on c.n.n. the history channel and other major television networks he's the author of several books including his newest full bombshells watergate the hidden history the large joins me now in the studio lamar welcome great to be with you this is.


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