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we want to present. something else. on the back you're watching our team here is we're going to top stories a massacre deja vu in syria a government forces find dozens of women and children butchered in a hole with style slaughter once again coinciding with a high profile appearance of copiapo. touching sore points global political attention shifting his words ask president to put in a running an afghan leaders in beijing wrapping up his chinese store. plus the political revolution that failed to bring our cultural why women in egypt here the air fight for equality is doomed as long as rise from the ashes of the uprising. on
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next join james brown and his latest offbeat russian adventure as he tours and screeching. reason is one of those places that offers something for everyone sitting just east of the urals the country's border between europe and asia this is an ethnically diverse area of more than three million people there's a bustling capital city to enjoy for the nature lovers some of russia's most stunning country something that is right on your doorstep. as well as being very beautiful this is also a very significant part of the screed because over there it marks the start of the european ural mountains and also we're on top of one of russia's most significant treasures. just
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a few metres away is the entrance to the igniter of sky cave and it's supposed to contain some of the best preserved ancient artwork in the country. definitely the place. that hello will my going to libya is an archaeologist who's been studying the cave for more than twenty years the drawings here are from the paleolithic period and are believed to illustrate the local tribesmen and rights of passage. you can see this little red clay mark up there on the walls it's supposed to date but. this cave was used by young men as a sacred place where they would come. and make themselves all. right this is definitely a cave for the brave and not a cave for the close to think. it was was the
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tight squeeze because the drawings on the other saw it a truly spectacular. and see here this is a huge horn and it's supposed to belong to the figure of a unicorn to spread out over was four meters at the root and that's actually supposed to symbolize. and appropriately enough it's linked to this figure here of a woman who can make out her head supporting breast here. had legs at the back and just across the line of dots showing that they are both joined as one. has a strong spiritual aura and i wasn't surprised to find that even after all this time it's still used as a shrine so this is considered to be wanted not the most sacred place in the whole
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kay and it's interesting to see how the ancient religions have come together with christianity as people began to believe that this little figure here actually started to look like an icon of mary and so christians started to come here and worship and place little icons of their own he'd see they're still here and it's still used as a place where people can pray to thousands and thousands of years and it was me this may be the most unusual michael in the region but most of our work comes from one small town with an international reputation. region has always been one of russia's most important industrial areas because of the quality of its oil and all but on this territory there's been a factory there for more than two and a half centuries has helped make it famous the world over. custody ironworks is credited with redefining cost on art it's one numerous international
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awards and it's sculptures appear in collections across the planet but the manufacturing process has barely changed since its eighteen hundreds heyday. so here we've got some of the ingredients that have made the cost on here so famous and it's all local products basically you've got over here the slightly lighter substance is clay and the black is just local sun but it contains properties that when mixed with the all and whole like a very strong form of cost on land and that's why the artwork here is of such high quality and now a lady here is making one of the molds that the is going to be poured into so she's covering the i comb with is of clay and sand once the actual only call has been removed you have this perfect imprint left in the mold and then things really start to heat up so from this boiling hot stove wow.
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you get the liquid on it will sound and play into this bucket that's about to stead i reckon. so the liquid. is being poured into these molds here where it will sit a twenty four hours until it's cooled enough to be taken out so the next part of the process can begin but wow pretty toxic in here i'm going to move out the way. and once the metal reaches the right temperature the factory can go to work. so this is the next stage nicholai head and now that he's come out of his mold ladies basically his will down the front of the clothes that sounded like everything looks. each piece receives
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plenty of expense attention and some of the finest examples i kept in the factory for visitors to it miles. now up here you can see just some of the results that have come of two and a half centuries of craftsmanship. and produced beautiful intricate models like the and here you have the furniture that first made the company's name and of course there's old st nick watching. but if you want to see a few large pieces of castle and then just take a trip to chill happens. this is the region's capital and its cultural and business center is home to around one point three million people and i was about to take it along its most beautiful street. if my calculations are correct and this is what i think it is we should be right in the very hot and that means that my friend
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is over here. yeah very good thank you so i'm all right this is the very center of town absolutely meet these are sent all accounts and you just do you. see your own mark. absolutely called deletion of these things between the cd ok. that has lived all her life and she loved it and she's always keen to show off its sights and it's wildlife we see the kids camel symbol of a very big camel the became of but it's really a thing the will somehow became all right this is the sort of this bird maybe you should i think they're all supposed to be good luck symbols on they all right so. yeah and how about maybe this chap as well because he has a nice hat a little bit of universe to stock the old steps a little when you travel it's not could you. put your region rests in both europe
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and asia and its territorial position means it's become an ethnic melting pot so central you have that. european culture mixed with asian culture as well this was specific about i was ready to experience some. this ethnic culture first time and then when there's a celebration in these parts they don't do things by hobbes. so we've got music some very colorful people i'm extremely muddy fields i can almost be at glastonbury here but this special promises to be just as good it's called sat down to the national box carried on top saw events of the year. and be surprised if you bump into a special guest or two. but even with the presidential seal of approval. someone too is a summer festival that's been celebrated for over a thousand years but i was about to meet up with someone who really knew his way
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around the lower the tourism makes you gosh can one of the event. and a someone to eat exponential. is an old. feast in the old days people used to come together here as a form of communion. and being nomads they had a little opportunity to communicate in everyday life. here they got together once a year and married off their daughter so. there might not have been wedding bells in me but there was still plenty to celebrate and bashir in toronto a culture that means masses of food. when asked how the middle east try our national drink booze out yes. this is wild horse meat. cleaver little bite. tries on john cleese. this is supposed to be the best honey in russia set off of. this is taking the
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money actually out of the customs we're all in there. is in the way you see these two pieces of good stuff. but if you really want to work up an appetite you can always test out your prowess in some traditional sports. like good food unusual tests of manhood at this festival like. the frost is a whole. lot of the shots no getting off to a terribly good start. and there's plenty of action for the local strongmen to. pick up the mismatch she's going on here. because the sudanese el getting handled by these problems are actually feel like. some of the competition was going on all day and i had
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a previous engagement to attend so few painful looking body slams i headed back to watch was tapped. out well after watching all that sport and all that dog say it's definitely made me hungry so i'm in the right place i think it's our schools that are available so i mean they can help me with i'm going to put out the word spicy voting rights when it's awash with. them when they're throwing a dinner party and i don't mess around that you have to take a seat look at this guy get it. right bitch hurricane. one just because this. it's our traditional dish and i give it a try but there's no need to mori about overeating because they have a few natural diet just today it's on hand for another kind of side the alcoholic cemented the milky drink but you know just a word of warning that vegetarian should definitely stay away. bus kiri hospitality i tell you all glastonbury might have robbie williams but you are going to like
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this it's. good every time. a good man. a real best gear oil under. one hundred percent. with the table still groaning with food i finally walked away from my hosts and someone to it could have been a very delicious day but for the sake of my stomach it was time to start looking at a few of chalabi and six more active pursuits. wealthy british style. guys like.
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markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our g. . od .
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which eleven's region is full of sprawling woods and forests so it's hardly surprising that the locals have developed a taste for country sports and i had it just outside the capital to see what i
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could back for a very long time the british have enjoyed shooting small flying things with large guns and that's not something i've got a how to go out until today or i think i'm going to be able to break my duck or at least. i'm pretty sure that sign means i really do not want to be in this area going to hurry off. the course being kind and gentle souls here on discovering russia the pigeons we were after were a lot of official on the route was my cock shot instructor. ok where my name is mark. because it's been open for more than ten years and it's the most popular in the area and soon i was ready to blow away some clay. blocks and load it. up is that
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a good mom. and i'll take a little beginners wherever i can get it. you never believe it. first hit. can i carry on. for two. gets like this according to murat the secret is to shoot the clay right the top of the arc don't turn your head only look down the sights and before long i was ready for a solo effort ok so i'm going to see if i can load the thing myself no. and we're ready to shoot. but i think this must be the most fun you can have with a deadly weapon and you can even pick up a few tiny moments. but i think that counts as a pretty successful first hunt.
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i need to take home a trophy or two what i want. but most of my to the shotgun but you don't really want to bump into someone with one on your afternoon hike if i was going to take a weapon with me i needed something a little smaller with all of the to leaven sweetens wide open spaces and countryside it never hurts to have a good knife on you but if you are them survive in the wild why not do it with a little bit of style because here they've been making rushes most beautiful blades for almost two hundred years. swords are famous for their quality and decorative engraving for more than a century local blade smiths were the only official suppliers for the russian army and navy as well as the czar's court history of the modern factory dates back to the late ninety's but it's designers have a heritage that appeals to women buffs around the country i was going to watch them
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make. the special. once the blade has been filed and shaped the rest of the components by hand so this this is a downer so this drug has just been put together and checked fitted into its scabbard here brasco bits on the brass handle and that's what it looks like nurse and you certainly. don't want to be on the wrong end of that that is sharp assuming everything passes inspection the new blades are then sent to the factory artists where they're given an individual design this black paint like substance is actually a acid resistant lacka and when the blade is galvanized this little bit which isn't
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covered golden and this little bit will stay solvent so you get the distinct. and then it's returned to the workshop for the last finishing touches. so look at my authentic les ost something i. just got i hope i never need to use the thing now. with my new found weapon the chill of been spoiled in this held no fear is and if you're looking to get away from it all this is the place for you. wow that was worth the trip so i've made it to zora cool the highest mountain lake in the year olds which is considered to be one of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in the whole country. the lake is seven hundred twenty four meters above sea level and attracts more than sixty thousand tourists during high season and it's so clean that you can drink from it first a guy. did over hello my name is sarah again.
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so gay is one of the park rangers it sort of cool and he's also an expert on the local flora and fauna. missional park is a safe haven for many. sometimes more beers skinny would be seen on this trail hide in the grass and wait for tourists well there are many moose in here is year right there are also many roads here and foxes. plus a host of birds mood black and he still grouse and if you find that the ants have carried off ill picnic said he can provide a wild banquet of sorts pine cucumber. now. it will be. more. in russian which actually means something sour definite lives up to it and i'm all . for living off the land. and at least dehydration is not
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a problem. it was good actually to get fresh water to you delicious greens you can survive it get thinner. maybe that would be such a bad thing. with a few opine cucumber snacks in my pocket i headed out of the forest but i was still sticking close to the water. that you love in sweden has always been important industrial center to russia and that noise should be quite close to a special bit of engineering. and as long as you don't look down too often you should be able to get right over it well i don't think it's going to fall so health and safety inspection but this old bridge reserving the right place because underneath these very rickety boards is the longest serving larger electric down in the country. for over one hundred years the station here is
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been lighting up the local community first powering the old fair alloa factory and now it's the only electric source for two nearby villages and chief engineer anatoly is the man in charge. looks like a knowledgeable shop until he's worked here for the best part of twenty years and now manages the power station on his. but the equipment spend far longer than him. but going to ninety nine the same system the way. and if he needs to crank up the juice just times the real. circling damage electricity they need to generate this control be about a one to the players. and i will see them all that i did the boss that will most likely get. some of the committment this reliable in place there's no reason it couldn't last i'm of the. mind boggling to think of the amounts of water that's
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flow. down that it runs at almost four tons per second it's been doing it for over a century and still no signs of slowing. it was almost time for me to leave that to have been some region but before i went i thought i deserved a trip to one of the area's lakeside resorts and now it was time for me to get on the water. we were heading out to a rocky island in the middle of the water but together i needed to make a quick change. we're almost in the right place here but supposedly the most interesting thing about this area isn't actually the island itself but what's underneath it and to explore that so i just need to meet a couple of new friends. so i just get to successfully leap from here to there without going in there. right.
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really do i right so we're going to go diving. yes we are going to dive and one of the lakes most interesting spots will go to a depth of twelve meters. below is the resorts chief don't even struct and he promised we were in for an underwater adventure. and once i was kid up it was time to get when it. finally ready to take the plugs who are just hope it's not too chilly. it certainly wasn't the full wetsuits meant we were able to stay down for quite a while and take a proper look at the island there. and i got to meet the local wildlife both below and above the surface.
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the. the. the current flows three trips to all say oh well it's not quite like the great barrier reef they had there but it's definitely the best i've done i've done in russell oh and i finally got my water schools fixing the trip. tundra. it's been a long journey around the two evans region and i felt i'd earned a little or a no this is a stunning poems of the country and it's a place where you can experience both european and asian hospitality among some of russia's most beautiful scenery.
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