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in the media that needs to be done now is for the security council to under stand and to come up with a plan in the best way to implement his six point peace plan and that is up to the security council to work out and decide while the security council unanimously recommitted its support for the kofi annan six point peace plan washington is still blaming syria for all of the ongoing violence u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice says that it's the assad government that has been acting outside of its responsibilities and indeed it is not succeeding because the government of syria is not fulfilling its obligations under the annan plan meanwhile russian ambassador to the united nations vitaly churkin also admitted that there's been a few indications of compliance with the six point peace plan but he said that it's not just the syrian government that has fallen short it is also the armed opposition group including the free syrian army which just last week announced that
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it will no longer egg knowledge its commitments under the anon plan deeming it a failure ambassador churkin said that his counterparts within the security council need to take a look at the entire picture within syria opposition groups only. do not only failed to comply to plan but they clear the it is their intention not to do so which is a very dangerous development of it go into productive development russia has proposed an international conference on syria which is similar to what kofi annan has proposed under the title of a contact group now this international conference would include the five veto wielding members of the security council as well as countries that have influence on the syrian government and the armed opposition specifically. via qatar and
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iran ambassador churkin said that this international conference must be held as soon as possible and that moscow would be willing to schedule it as soon as all parties announce a commitment the u.n. meeting comes in the wake of another massacre in syria with women and children among dozens of reported victims you want observers have so far been unable to reach the site of the killings to establish what actually happened there or does marie if you know she has more from damascus just a warning you may find some of the images in her report disturbing. there is even more confusion about this latest massacre here in syria than all of the previous ones and a lot of the details of alleged witness accounts and video just don't match so far the most extreme death toll. stands at almost one hundred and this is the figure that's been picked up very quickly by most of the international media immediately after it emerged now the opposition's claim is that government forces
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shelled to pieces whole villages in central syria not far from the city of hama and after that allegedly prove. went in and they tied people on the sharks that they stabbed and brainstem in an orgy of violence and to support that the opposition posted a number of videos allegedly from this village show when dead bodies but however these videos contain bodies that by all appearances to. have died yesterday raising many questions of the military and the truth of their positions claims and just where these bodies came from on the other hand the syrian government has a completely different take on what happened. in syria they say they got a call from a local resident asking for help after militants took over the village the army has been stationed in the area they've been reporting beforehand that they are
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preparing for an anti-terrorist operation so after that call they immediately launched this operation and we are receiving right now. reports from official sources in hama that after the army went in they discovered nine bodies of civilians and following the clashes that occurred after that two officers have been killed and five others have been as you can see. the thing there is a child there while witnesses reports just contradict each other about who was responsible and credible investigation right now is to go to just simply impossible to establish who was behind this massacre political analyst adrian so bucci says the syrian government is up against an international media onslaught on a foreign funded insurgency. these are the western media who are saying that bashar assad is responsible for these killings and from the very beginning president assad
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said the winner of the treaty will global cable networks because they are spreading blatant lobbies no doubt mr assad has less control over his country because this country is being invaded by foreign interests by foreign groups who are funded and armed by the united states and other groups the western powers are really playing with fire trying to generate killings and mass civil war inside syria in order to have an excuse for military intervention or diplomatic political and of its own you'd survive we can see that there are definitely criminal organizations operating inside syria as they have done in libya and they are still doing in libya in all these organizations are financed trained and armed by the western powers. stay with us here on our teams still have this our arrival route find out which is hope enjoying the barrage in the building of a new coast to coast waterway that could rival the panama canal. and from bad or suggestions currently mired in political turmoil now face another
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danger threatening both the economy and the health of the whole region. but first the upcoming report by the international monetary fund expected to show spain needs at least forty billion euros to bolster its banking sector credit ratings agency fitch cut the country's sovereign rating saying madrid was especially vulnerable to the worsening of the eurozone debt crisis moody's rating agency said earlier ireland may need a new bailout after the existing bailout program expires in two thousand and fourteen despite the troubles residents of one irish town have already revive their old currency to help businesses ravaged by the downturn as artie's laura smith reports. it's a blast from the past as this customer uses the irish punt to pay for some everyday purchases in the town of closeness islands joined the euro from the get go in two thousand and two but crisis hit business owners here have revived their old
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currency to try and desperately claw some cash back into the community if you bring in pointed to was twenty point whatever you spend or fifty point whatever you spend we will give you the change of tone as time voters which you can spend cross the road unsupervised you are in the crib or go for a drink up the town it's it's a great scheme for the child it means all the money remains within the town as for the euro here it's been reduced to a novelty item printed on tissues and toilet paper and customers come from miles around to spend their puts often stopping by for a haircut while they're here oh yeah a lot of people come from from belfast especially our own from people from phantom spend the functions on us complication months women can have got him in but if i want to get out there's an estimated two hundred eighty five million pounds tucked away in draws and under mattresses forgotten about ok to souvenirs when arlen
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joined the euro a decade ago they're no longer legal tender but would have a value of around two hundred forty million euros just a fraction of which would make a massive difference in crisis hit close the permit scheme has undoubtedly boosted the local economy but the ravages of the economic crash are still all too evident the main street is lined with boarded up shops with around fifty percent of promise is empty it's a scene that's repeated in small towns and bigger cities throughout our land austerity here means business people are being hit with a variety of taxes and levies making it harder and harder to stay afloat letter. no ton of profits it's not just tone of the town it's the whole concious offered with the stars he measures with the. new water charges which are common in short the new household charge which which came in this year with increase every year. there was a two percent hike up to twenty three percent in the point of sale tax which we
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have to do something something to improve the situation so keep it say going back to the point isn't a political statement it's a survival tactic and as the face of the euro hangs in the balance clueless may not be alone in you looking back for it speech nor a smith. and while ireland may be turning to its old currency italy could be turning to its old ways banks they're reluctant to lend money and some struggling businesses have no choice but to borrow from the mafia economics expert alberto mingora he says the government's policies could be partly to blame for the criminal bill beginning of march. on nice economies particularly strong now or maybe it is my cash and you've got plenty of small businesses particularly in the south and in the center of the country together running short of cash and have some kind of relationship with magic because they were for
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a statement you know years to buy protection from a few that you made to the mafia as an investor so it would save your capital and they may go into the black sector for getting money to get not get out or to show the banking sector this is very troublesome and it's a very important army in that can our government really need. to fix some of the problems that are troubling details in a commune pretty easy to do we need to do six there's still a bit more money available to junin businesses more legitimate money coming out of customers and not coming out of mafia and cream you're not going to as asians. well italian authorities may be wrestling with locos or no strain nearby greece it's wrestling in parliament that sparked a manhunt for the m.p. responsible as are two reports online reese's neo nazi golden dawn party member assaults to left wing female deputies on live t.v. watch their debate on our website plus.
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millions of user passwords for the linked in professional web site posted online revealing a level of desperation among people seeking jobs all the details at our team dot com. egyptian political parties have agreed on how to select a panel that alright the country's new constitution after a push from the ruling military council the previous panel was dissolved after secular and liberal members organized a walkout complaining islam is dominated the assembly preparations for the new constitution come as the gyptian is ready to head to the polls for the upcoming hotly contested election runoff scheduled to happen at the end of next week voters will choose between the muslim brotherhood candidate mohammed mercy and housing
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mubarak's last prime minister ahmed shafiq polis lire ports egyptians are tangled in a political web to the point where they're failing to spot a growing danger not only threatening the economy but also their health. it took this fall in the forty seven years to accumulate wealth and just one week to lose a third of its. one morning or opened this place and found three buffalo lying down they wouldn't eat or drink anything all the houses in this village all the farmers here lost cattle within a month a foot in mouth disease killed thousands of cattle buffalo sheep and other livestock across egypt in march the united nations declared a catastrophe and warned the epidemic could threaten human food supplies far and wide but egyptian politicians were too busy with the revolution to take much notice . that the government did not do anything for us or animals are dying one by one
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and no one does anything. egyptians say the situation has been worsened by a climate of corruption in. government employees. and so corrupt from the very people these mean business in me to be free to do anything when it was found out a new strain on the disease had hit egypt it seemed heart rates soaring and prices rocketing people got afraid and stopped buying meat choosing instead to eat chicken and fish this push the price of poultry up and moving fifty percent while the cost of meat remained the same hussein says he's lost sixty percent of his business and is struggling to make ends meet the. things keep getting worse no one's buying from me and i'm more people are waiting to hear if they can trust him a lot. but they might be waiting a while after very fulfilling this has never afraid to speak to this day to
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see all. the only the people through difference he don't know what it is or two sides they protest by the mean bureaucrats he has never changed doctors have taken to the streets to protest against a government budget proposal that allocates less than five percent of spending to the health sector but their despondent priorities are not private. the previous regimes. said that perhaps the security the regime security the paramount most important issue for them too they spent. a lot of money on there was a lot of news holes our taxes disappear there were a lot of corruption and with all this what is left for the actual improvement of
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services was minor and so behind the country's political jockeying is an unfolding public health disaster with potentially much larger implications for egypt and what happens on the political front policy r.t. . nicaragua's governments planning to build a thirty billion dollar trade route to rival the panama canal and several countries including russia vying for the chance to fund the project daniel bushell reports. you know it's if states is the law and shift trade between we have plenty of pacific oceans ever since it's open the pun in the canal but no real show plans to build a deeper one to rival through neighboring. that threatens the hugely profitable existing routes trade is increasingly go for julian ships that is too big for the existing canal but russia may not get the contract the project director says china japan and venezuela also have to fill in the thirty billion dollars plan. to some
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other stories making headlines across the globe the u.n. nuclear watchdog will urge iran for a deal that could allow its inspectors to visit a military complex where it's a suspected nuclear weapons research was done at the meeting scheduled for later today in vienna but the islamic republic isn't expected to make any major statements before a broader talks at the end of next week in moscow a number of western countries fear iran has been trying to create nuclear weapons tehran maintains its program is set up for peaceful purposes. dozens have been killed after government troops clash with al qaeda fighters in yemen the militants were fought off by armed civilians and soldiers after storming a town north of jaar the battle left at least twenty dead three others killed warplanes bombed a vehicle in the south believe the war in iraq forces yemeni troops are trying to reclaim towns seized by militants last year during the uprising against former president saleh. at least sixteen students were killed and thirty two others
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injured after their bus plunged into or vene near the bolivian capital the students all between the ages of sixteen eighteen were en route to le pause for a sporting event survivor say the accident happened when the bus driver let another bus pass on a narrow road police still combing through the wreckage and say the death toll could rise. a federal judge in the u.s. has ruled washington can't indefinitely detain american suspected having ties to terrorism unless they've been found in connection with the september eleventh attacks this comes six months after president obama signed the national defense authorization act that would have allowed u.s. citizens held without trial or charge the judge ruled the act was on the unconstitutional last month but the administration asked her to reconsider the ruling attorney karl meyer says the actor and the u.s. basic freedoms. all of this is a guy i'm too far in this country our civil liberties are increasingly under attack not just from drones that are being sent over american cities not just from the
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police are now in paramilitary garb not just from wiretapping of citizens phones but the the ultimate attack on our civil liberties was in this case the home and battlefield act or otherwise known as the national defense authorization act the n.b.a. which threatened to put him in a military prison indefinitely without benefit of trial lawyer anyone who quote substantially supported allocate it were quote associated forces usa today did editorial and to realize that indefinite detention is un-american and it is un-american for president obama to continue to try to indefinitely detain u.s. citizens who are exercising their for their freedom of speech rights is contrary to everything that a constitutional law professor such as himself ought to stand for the euro two thousand and twelve football championships finally here millions of the fans ascending upon poland and ukraine hoping their team will net the self-aware but the
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tournaments already proving controversial with government boycotts from several european countries threatening to spoil the games artie's partridge has more from kiev. year zero twenty twelve with co-host poland and ukraine and another political controversy has hit the event before it even starts the french sports minister has announced that the french government will be boycotting the event in protest over the alleged mistreatment of former ukrainian prime minister yulia timoshenko is being held in the ukrainian city of kharkiv while this follows on the back of racism issues which have also arisen in england particularly following on from the broadcast of the b.b.c. panorama programme stadiums of hate which went out last week in court and cause shock waves throughout england as it highlighted racism and anti-semitic views amongst at club level in polish and ukrainian teams this also is in line with manchester city mario balotelli he said that he is also witnessed racist issues in
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italy and across europe and he said that should he be the victim of particular chanting or abuse while he's on the pitch while he's here at the euros that he would walk off but this is prompted you wait for president michel platini to say that this isn't an issue for the players to resolve it's an issue for the referees and they have the power to stop any matches such an issue arises and the ukrainian authorities are hoping that the football and ukrainian hospitality well outweigh any political or social issues. more on the games in ukraine or sports later in the day but first time for the business news. so what do you have in store for us though so. it was not only the euro that are as discussing right now it's also the so-called gregg's as fears around greece would exit the euro zone especially after the parliamentary elections there and we spokes in the area really in fact these the man who predict that the world wide crisis in two thousand and eight and he says that the possibility of greece exiting the region is really high and will
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remain so even the matter what the outcome of the elections will be. you know by the next theater i would say there is a probability to exit the euro zone thinking about it surely even if not in doing the new government is going to try to reform it on expression becoming so on since the middle of the day and i would say that it could be good for them as well as bags it does all of them really. means a band of amounts of the x. ray called local pipe would be a better story a good old restored ballance of who could be the bearings the savings of people in the banks and that's where they need more funding to make sure that it isn't all dissolved and the contagion of the rest of the eurozone is milder so it does not make you see it that way and it's fine on sundays or believe probably. it's a monitor book on the bags. let's take a look at some international markets right now we'll start with asia which is the
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only one trading at this hour we can see that it's a sea of red that in the case of these and over two percent of all the hindsight is news and point four percent this hour and all this is coming after trying to cut its interest rates to shore up its economy and also it's a reaction to negative statements coming out from the u.s. we'll have more on that in just a second now in japan and we have experts have been doing particularly well this week and this time they're not doing that well and that's because of the market report that showing a trade deficit also we know i haven't said that japan's economy performed better than it had previously in the first quarter and fagged figures show that the annual growth is out four point seven percent and the recovery driven by government spending and domestic spending and now let's move on to the u.s. and what the markets are of course closed and we're seeing the performance from thursday the end of the session mix the dow added just. almost a half a percent there and all this came out the u.s.
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federal reserve chairman ben bernanke he said that the economy will have an affair . feel the effect of the european crisis and the fiscal tightening the prospects of that happening bastards that will really waiting to hear about and there's no monetary stimulus but nothing like that was announced or moved on to russia it's now an hour ahead of the trading session and here we can see that on thursday the market particularly well we saw a strong performance. two percent in the black whereas the mindsets added over one and a half percent in generalising quite a strong performance this week former russian markets and we'll have the updated figures of course when they open it's a half an hour from now and now in current sees the euro listening to what's happening there it's the museum when it comes to the dollar and then to the ruble those are the figures from thursday again against both major currencies and of course without the central bank has been put in a lot of effort to make sure that it strengthens after. that it had forty percent of its value crude which also has
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a major factor on the russian economy yesterday we saw crude prices go and all which helped a lot from markets and today we see that it's back down light sweet it's trading at eighty three dollars and twenty nine cents per barrel the price of blood is that ninety eight dollars and seventy four cents per barrel and back this is now the longest losing streak in more than thirty years and this of course has to do with fears over the economies in china and the u.s. slowing down which could curb fuel demand all right now and other news that we're focusing on spain yet again today and that's because fitch has cut its rating and this means that things that the economy's ability to pay back that has weakened the national credit agency also estimates the country needs sixty billion euros to shore up its banks and of course on thursday we saw strong demand for spanish bonds which traders say is a good sign that the country can raise the funds. are all we have the russian market so another day coming up and something new that's all right thanks very much
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for that update marina. well remember you can watch our special report which spotlights the survivors of nuclear bombings but first the headlines stick with us . with the end of the boer war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. the risk is not zero that something might
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be going off by mistake especially a lot of sounds of nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. focus of a difference to use it as a threat all as an extra bit but you know if you keep spending a trillion dollars a year on weapons of venture you're going to blow everybody up you've you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see if people don't wake up to get nuclear weapons or a bill. that represents all the firepower of the second world war and this second sound is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today.
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there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before material is hopes he journalism on this. we want to present. something we'll. see good lumber tour. was able to build a clue most sophisticated. lead doesn't sound anything to submission to teach the creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only.
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nine thirty am in moscow these iraqi headlines top u.n. officials called the security council to pressure the syrian government while saying the armed opposition is stepping up attacks and this is another massacre pulls the country closer to civil war with u.n. observers unable to verify the details of the atrocity. residents in a small irish town go back to their old currency to save businesses from collapse as more people fear the eurozone we heading down the drain this amid reports spain will need at least forty billion euros and bellowed money to boost its prices. euro two thousand and twelve football tournament starts in laden with scandal as several european governments boycotted championships there say they're concerned about poor human rights records and race discrimination. in
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a host poland and ukraine and will not attend the games in protest. up next our special report we take a look at a country torn apart by nuclear colonization stay with us. the nuclear age is over sixty years old richard pretty cookie guy can describe exactly how an underground test was done and the rory one zero almost you couldn't hear anything about there was no noise at all when the ground lifted up. we live under the threat of increasingly sophisticated weapons. in two thousand one hundred eighty eight states parties to the nonproliferation treaty signed on to a statement providing for an unequivocal undertaking to the total elimination of nuclear weapons it has been set back by principally the united states but not.


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