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tv   [untitled]    June 8, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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oh there are the. welcome to the loader show the real headlines with none of the mercy tonight we're doing an extra special show for you we're at the net roots nation conference here in providence rhode island in so ho point of this thing is that it's supposed to be the biggest progressive gathering it's about furthering the progressive cause and there are a lot of panels but we have some special guests that are going to be on our show we're going to talk a little bit about the federal reserve something that i think is under discussed here at this conference also this year occupiers that have now made their way into the net roots conference there on a bunch of panels have a lot of talk about housing and discussions but one of the other big things here is
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that technology plays a really big role in asking how it is you get people engaged right if you want to talk about activism these days everything is happening online so we're going to have a great interview with someone who's come up with a new company i think you'll like it and of course we couldn't do it alone or show without a little bit a happy hour so there's a great local bar murphys tonight decided that they would host as and let us do our there happy hour in there let me tell you a little bit more about the conference so some of the big topics for discussion are of course the economy of course people are talking about unemployment and if you walk over here with me you'll see probably one of the biggest topics in the news these days we want to talk about wisconsin you want to talk about occupy it's small money versus big money and to talk about the corruption within our political system is incredibly important but i have to say there's something that i feel is missing from net roots nation and it's something you guys hear me talk about all the time and that is our civil liberties the rosen of our civil liberties and things that
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are happening by this democratic president under his leadership right one time. about having a democratic president the now is chosen he can play judge jury and executioner all in one we talked about drone strikes drone strikes and the impact that they have abroad this kill list where the president sits in his office and decides who's going to be executed all on his own there's only one panel on civil liberties in this entire conference and so we decided to go around ask a few people why they think that is why that's missing from the discussion here. yeah i guess i didn't notice it and she knows nothing. i mean i imagine you're seeing. these. things. you can see some people out there care kind of they're disturbed by it but they also don't understand why it is the organizers of this event chose not to put more emphasis on it and this is
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what i talk about all the time is that when it comes to the left to day democrats today progressive today suddenly we are completely silent when it comes to the crimes the constitutional tearing that we're seeing under president obama and i don't know why the left doesn't care because when it was george w. bush that was doing it you know there was a lot of outrage and so unfortunately just like what we see in the mainstream media just like what i criticize m s n b c the supposedly liberal channel for the same problem still exists here today at the net roots nation conference which is that when it comes to the erosion of civil liberties when it comes to the executive abuse of power these are things the nets netroots nation chooses to miss. ok guys so here we are with our first interview at netroots nation in providence rhode island and i gotta say there's a lot of bad news these days right a lot of depressing news out there if you want to talk about the economy not only
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in the u.s. but if you look at europe if you look at china if you look at india everywhere growth is slowing. you have a crisis of unemployment if you look at wisconsin you see labor unions dying down and there's just a lot of problems in the world right if you want to talk about stop and frisk policies you want to talk about a police state that if you ask me is growing and so sometimes to counter some of that not only do we need just some real talk about it but you also need some comedy and so tonight i have two very special guests with me tonight for us a very to me thurston who's an comedian and author of the book how to be black as long as well as iran james who hosts the radio show this week in blackness so guys thanks for joining me tonight thank you i was your intro really really. well and i was your age you're just you have only everything wrong with the world of the world we do you know she was just stop and frisk she looked at you and again back to the camera as our. response would give.
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our new it's i'm going to start with you because in your book is called how to be black you write so how do you or the whole point that there are that there isn't a way to just you know there's no one here on the book i'm a capitalist first. and a thoughtful person second you know the there is a man though the title is a farce it's a satirical and comedic memoir and set of advice so if you buy the book and read it you're not going to genetically because that's so much harder process and much riskier and i don't have the funding from nasa to pull it off instead i use the power of words to each other in the sure there is. no i don't know you should've said i was white before i read your book and i don't even know what you're that what you are james why does his full name yeah. she does intuitively i choose i should usually because of the book i was a liberal and sometimes they're you know many of the names get
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a little long when i'm in the power of there is a serious discussion we had in all of this right because if you look at what's going on in the country on one hand you have the first black president in this country. which is a big deal and then you have to get on that a second then you have this whole burger he wasn't born here he's a muslim kind of conspiracy and i mean how do we how do you counter that how do you you know there's also critiques that maybe he's not black enough because he's only half black because he's an elitist and he went to harvard why does it have to be like that all the time there's a whole lot of gray area right now is america that's why it has to be like that apparently that's exactly what we do i don't know if you were you'd like actually opened up this thing we have it's history books and apparently you'll always notice that america treats people horribly all the time and if you just i watch my own why would they do this to the president like actually you should we have a book that says that they were going to do this sort of first black president up front that's just is what it is what it is the things i say i mean certainly it is
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yes. it is built into you know every first has a lot of challenges obama's one of the biggest first we have he's a viral president who's by default black because it's america and the way you painted that picture he stuck between a rock in our blades like to black not black enough the painting on the source of the criticism and the beauty of him i think is that he knew it going in that he's not like and about it he's a celebrity really kind of all over shoulders most of the time which for me like that's part of the magic of the moment and it's oddly he's the product of america and so that is part of his american to hack around like this done from either end to get where he's like he knew what he was walking into he's accepting it as gracefully as anybody ever could they got a job to do let me go to and say we were just talking about this is where the interview began it sounds like the most miserable job on the horrible and i can't imagine you know. you have to wonder every day why do you do this it was to be here
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and the wife there just said are you doing any of this worth it just called the every possible brain he's a. just because they have a job that people don't think they should have one day you cash out and you know there are a lot of presidents that approve this bill clinton is an example of that and i guess that's where a lot of people think that ends up being worth it because post being president you get a lot of money coming your way but i do want to have to bring the discussion down a little bit unfortunately you know the way that i set the self is that yeah there is a lot of really depressing horrible stuff going on out there but things that we should be talking about if you ask me so that you can actually work through that but if you want to talk about unemployment if you want to talk about the fact that the u.s. has the biggest prison population in the world they want to talk about the fact that we have an education crisis on our hands or in. and you bring in a race into that there were one in three black children now are living in poverty. you're going to this is your brain is different ready for this and you're messing
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up the whole thing but sort of it's a how do you actually talk about that realistically because i feel like everyone always wants to completely separate and act like a all of these issues are not connected at all of the drug war in the prison population and poverty have nothing to do with each other yet what they do how do you get people to talk about it honestly. without doing. this i mean people i think it's first important to say why they don't want to talk about race is as an exhausting topic for people is uncomfortable and to some degree is the question in this country folks feel like we did that already like when you had your riots and your protest maya angelou had some poems you got a black president and oprah winfrey and j.c. and jay z. were watching the throne what else do you want from a and just go ahead and sort it out and the problem is the actual reality is that the so many policies so many systemic connections that lead to crazy horrible
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outcomes for certain types of people both poor and brown or people and so bringing that up in part just have to keep doing it you have to sometimes let the idiots die so there's no way to know how process because of the worst elements are never going to change you have to acknowledge that some of the younger people really are going to engage and you find ways to bring it up in methods and packages that are new that are going to get rid of the way that people bring it i mean i mean driving for a moment here is that recently we obviously saw this story with trayvon martin become something of a media sensation normally you don't see stories like this get that much coverage but then you know what do you think of the fact that everyone's going on t.v. . you know where does that make it become kind of like the token black kid story again or or know or is that more powerful soak in the idea i saw a lot of people mocking the hoodie thing or whatever and i for one actually
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appreciate the people who are trying to show the absurdity of my god he was in a hoodie and therefore dangerous and so i felt like that's what people were trying to do of course while he was trying to get the black bread diversity points i look at me and when i look beyond the national television i'm making a point all right cool but i appreciated the overall concept of the whole thing. and this is i don't think of this as a token thing what happened was it wasn't that this was so horrendous that a kid got shot because in the black community we're familiar with it yes kids get shot for dumb reason but a cop by other people that was the problem was kid does nothing on arm get shot dude walks away from it like everything is cool that was we were the outrage and i feel like people didn't get that part of that oh a lot of people die yes but there was a situation where the killer was like my bad he was scared me and even if they didn't all right cool just go about your day you can you're free and that's what i would have freaked the hell out and said no just cannot stand we're going to stand up for this and you also have as with any sensational police brutality murder crime
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type moment you have information you have the nine one one tapes you have the testimony of the girlfriend you have the picture of this kid and for me the hoodie was a humanizing thing when the president stepped in lightly as he did in part of if i had a son he'd look like trayvon which is just a biological fact it was also saying like this could be your kid and we we do symbolic gestures of solidarity all the time the yellow ribbons the live strong bracelets the black armbands when someone dies the flag at half staff those are token gestures either i think it's the people don't know what to do but they've made them feel connected in a part of this larger issue where so many people with such a dramatic case like that could have been my kid and let me ask you just been running out of time to you when it comes to you i mean stop and frisk policies in new york rabbi and i mean that's and it's come under a lot of criticism and same thing if you look at the majority of the people that have been stopped and frisked they have been minorities and most of these people
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that are completely leggo right they're not they're not criminals by any chance by any means but i mean what does that legalize racism yeah here's the here's and here's the problem with it's not just that oh they're targeting black and latino boys that's really what it is that they're going after kids they're waiting for them as they go to school and come out of school. because of being made late to class and they're destroying the relationship like you wonder why people who don't trust the cops because this is your relationship with the police like why would you go to that person who makes your live hell every three weeks when something bad actually happens that's that destroys the whole community and it's well beyond like i was just interviewed for this black kid and i did and the thing with especially with stop and frisk a lot of a lot of the uncomfortable minutes with it is that this is not even something that we're surprised and the whole it is like oh literally mothers teach their child what to do when you're stopped by a cop how not to be confrontation out of these often ways right by your mother we're taught that home like being a baby and so in all of this you know you're in your earlier question about racism
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and how do we just not see things it's because our country does not like its own history but we want to get really honest about that's why every time you bring up don't ever bring up slavery i don't ever do those things because we can't handle that the actually the actual reality of what we what has happened and what's what's been done the country can't handle so that's why it's constancy of the road when you bring up race when you connect the dots say this happened because of a and this happens because of the it's like no no because the you have to acknowledge history and that's something that we have a very hard time doing this and the last thing on the last thing that i want to bring out and you can work your solution into that there's a running out of time here. and you guys obviously use comedy to talk about these topics as i was trying to tell me why you think that's so important if it's better for us to try to laugh through it or if it's easier to try to laughter i don't know and then at the same time if we're talking about this issue of poverty so much of inequality in the country and you have the occupy movement and it's now been around for eight or nine months but have
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a notice of occupy movement is probably with the exception of oakland not so much a minority movement i mean is a is it to whites should have bring more people together so there's a lot in the whole lot. of risk has we should do we should use technology. and are incised to build an i phone app that allowed young black and latino boys to avoid the path of the stop and frisk is available how do you have fun without being beat up by the cops no safety from police that's the app that we should be working on comedy is great you know. so much but i think one of the reasons it works because it doesn't threaten people if you give folks a lot of them open up a little bit the kind of engagement topic that maybe they wouldn't feel comfortable with on your last point i passed my so i do it on the left with with with occupy i've actually this is where i'm the last person to answer this because i've had before and i pointed out possibly some of the monotone monochromatic way that they
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rolled over the same time you speak of local news and then there are places like motherhood that specifically people of color doing things within you know the kind of apps out operate outside of the there's still a part of that so yes it is way too white absolutely but everything which white is way too white but if i feel like we're going to read it flicks you want to go down the list of like what's too white give tons of things that actually white but the point is that if good can come out of them we're all for it it's just a question of when we point out certain things especially people of color and they also started yelling you're divisive it's like well that's problematic now how are we supposed to be allies and work together as a group if i can never point out my own issues that you might not share because you actually have the privilege of not having to deal with the same nonsense that i have yeah and humor is awesome otherwise i would just be a large black guy yelling at you he's still just a large black african where you laugh about it like yeah i got to wrap it up but thank you so much for joining us tonight a baritone a person and the line james all white thanks guys why do you want to get the book
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didn't work. guys it's time to take our first three. dates with that story that we're going to speak to a number of occupiers that are here through me on this here and they're speaking with panels including about the fire. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. for the source material is what helps keep journalism honest we. we want to present. something else.
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oh. ok so the occupy movement is been around for
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a while they now have almost nine months out and some people out there like to say if the movement lacks a message they haven't made a difference personally i think you guys know this we watch the show often i beg to differ and part of how we're seeing that difference in the incorporation of the occupy movement is the fact that they're here. at the net roots nation conference at the biggest progressive conference out there there on a number of panels and so today we have two of those occupiers with us we have make us the no say matt brown or hamlin two guys thanks for joining me and if you could first do a quick introduction of yourself for the viewers so they know what occupy or from how you got involved. in those the from occupy minneapolis and occupy homes minnesota and my family is currently in foreclosure are fighting to save our home along with many other families in the twin cities. and my name's not run around when i live in washington d.c. and i run occupier on start or and i'm online campaign or i'm a member of the net roots and the way i want to be involved in this movement is
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adding my skills in the online space to help people fight off what was so what do you guys think about the fact that occupy is that net roots i mean are you with me is that is that kind of a big step for the movement or not or is that expected. i think it's great i mean i think occupy is continuing to push the dialogue to create new possibilities and to continue to hold people accountable and create. credit to the national dialogue to bring some of these issues to the forefront about wealth inequality about corporate governorship of a of our country i think it's great to be in the online community has always been a place where the american left does actually have a really vibrant or teak of the current system and the political parties so i think there's a natural fit to see you know occupy folks like us here in gauging and folks who are more traditionally involved in democratic online. but so that's the thing right is this is more of a democratic conference if we think about it and this is one of the questions that i feel like no one's ever going to stop asking the occupy movement is what do you
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really want are you going to work with the democratic party or you know work completely outside the system i mean i'm one person so i was i can speak for the entire movement but for me it's about creating power outside of the side of the existing power structures to hold them accountable that doesn't mean that we're now . going to work with politicians but it also doesn't mean that we're going to indorse flat out and the democrats are going to hold people accountable to the push that. i mean and i think the biggest piece with occupy and what we can do especially with what we're doing with occupy homes is we're demanding answers to problems that haven't been addressed in the political system and as long as the people of either party democrats or republicans failed to address these critical questions like the foreclosure crisis we're going to be people like us demanding answers so if there is a way to get engaged in this community to push elected officials to do the right thing by homeowners and hold banks accountable and send banks are secure then i
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think that's absolutely the sort of activity that occupy wall street and the occupy homes and that we want to see out of that why do you think it is i mean if you want to talk about the foreclosure crisis right this is something that millions of americans have been hit by that they're experiencing on a daily basis but it's not really what you hear so much in the mainstream media it's not so much we hear about from politicians on capitol hill or even from president obama or mitt romney right who is now going to be the republican nominee essentially and so why this foreclosure crisis kind of like out of sight out of mind issue because it helps the banks right not to be a big issue one of the biggest things the banks the front in the fight to keep kick people out of their homes is critical for a change in a culture where you're not supposed to talk about being in foreclosure because you've done something wrong in the surge is not true it's not their fault it's the bank's fault and a lot of the reason we're trying to do this work stock of our homes is to lift up stories of homeowners fighting back and saying i'm not going to just give the bank my keys now as those stories get lifted up we can engage you in the political
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debate and it needs to be part let me address something that i think i mean no one's going to deny if there are divisions within the occupy movement there are problems within the occupy movement you two gentlemen are you know very well address and refined looking but there are there are people out there and i was just speaking in fact. the somebody who's. from occupy providence here and i said you know where the occupy providence people they were supposed to be outside on this street outside of netroots was a conference and they ran into problems because they have this anarchist element because they have other elements and there's just a lot of division and debate and argue man and so it seemed like the whole thing kind of fell apart and i mean you know what are you going to deal with that so that people don't only see perhaps the i mean when there's been a lot of talk or if you want to talk about protests and clashes with police people always point to an artist elements or black bloc tactics how do you keep the attention away from the just that i mean i think one of the things that we've seen with the occupier. is that when it's about
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a specific family and their fight to keep their home against the bank and rallying the community around them it's really hard for those sorts of divisions to exist and because it is you know this is very grounded work this is about you know this family and this address in the house that they've had for you know years or generations and so i think that's something that at least with our work directly we've been able to stay very focused on on how we're working in organizing to help people fighting off foreclosure and eviction so is the targeted campaigning you think the better way to go about it there's tons of issues going on the federal suit and rippling are third generation right now so the money to be great to see more projects like occupy homes excel in with specific political demands is that push concrete victories for families but also for transformative as to change the way the system is working where is this where the american spring break is we kept hearing that occupies going to come back with a vengeance after the winter and so what if they're not actually physically
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occupying space anymore where is the spring because alou know i feel like it's kind of dying down a little i guess i maybe it's because i'm in the thick of it but i see it every day and every every week there are new small occupy groups that are coming up and approaching us going occupier homesite org and saying how can i get involved you want to organize people in our community. you mean that someone who's losing their home want to do something and i think it is happening i think you have to keep in mind and i know you've seen a lot of reporting on this there's a very coordinated crackdown around the country by city government some police departments in occupy protests they were trying to do everything they could to take away public space from the smooth and it has had its negative effects but let's be clear about something is very deliberate because of the power of this movement show . that it's not going away any time soon these problems are only getting worse the foreclosure crisis isn't going away and i think people are going to continue to be inspired by what's happening around the world and fun ways to play that well in many ways what's happening around the world scene was that the economy continues to be in a worse and worse state around the world you know we're definitely not out of this
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hole that were and and secure and to ask you kind of an election question because we do have a presidential election coming up in november and while the occupy movement isn't supporting one party or another is it better for occupy if mitt romney wins i mean are you know are more people then probably aligned with certain progressive causes like people here in every it's going to be mobilizing but you know i don't know that i would go that far but it would be great to see the mainstream democrats care more about the foreclosure crisis and care more about sending bankers to jail for their crimes. i think we're going to miss of the outcome occupy is going to continue to do what it's doing i think if that is a matter of bomber romney obama these problems are going away until until you know people like obama show some real leadership and go after the backs of us the bakers break up these big banks that have a monopoly over over our democracy and that are taking people's homes away and just
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putting this entire nation that. what we did we have a standing bankers arrested yet arriving there a lot of people there would like to see that i will see you know if that can be transferred in some kind of action mcmath thank you guys so much for joining us tonight here. branding it's a big part of every convention and. we know that the g.o.p. brand is about freedom and smaller government but i want to know what is the progressive brand i think a progressive as someone who just attempts to make things better for other people a progressive is somebody who wants to advance the a values of american country of the american nation to make it more inclusive for everybody and ensure that all americans can succeed equally a progressive to me is someone who moves towards solutions and who someone who is active not just reactive i think a lot of care about the identity frame so like race gender class frame and are
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focused on building a movement in the us rather than just getting the same people locked in an office over and over again it seems like everyone had a different answer and i wasn't the only one that was confused by it is a really tricky question. yeah that's a that's a tricky question i don't know how to answer other than to say that like i think it definitely did evolve from. you know words that people feel uncomfortable with now so i decided to change gears and i thought maybe people would have a more coherent message when telling an independent voter like me who to vote for come november i expected to hear a lot about this guy but i was wrong if i was going to say who you should vote for i would say you should vote for your beliefs i don't think anyone should vote for the left or for the right i mean i think that ultimately you should vote. issue by issue in order to still succeed i think. in the electoral vote you have to side with with either or you know you have to there's always there's always going to be
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something another party that's going to push for against whatever move when you're trying to push forward but nobody wanted to fight for my vote and this guy was actually trying to lose it president obama he's not perfect there are some things that i would prefer that he had done to. differently i would have preferred that he had taken the fight to the republicans immediately after the election and not wasted so much time trying to accommodate them i wish that he had gone after the banks toure's immediately after the collapse of the economy i would have preferred that he had pulled our troops out of iraq immediately i would have preferred that he had closed guantanamo bay immediately but. the republicans are going to field anybody that would have done a job on any of those things that i thought was a better it looks like all i've come away with is a discussion topic for next year is that rents selling progressivism one o one for the elena shall i'm channeling child. i gave her taken out.


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