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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2012 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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welcome back you're watching r t here's a look at the top stories u.n. observers reach the side of the latest massacre in syria but struggle to make sense of what happened while international efforts to solve the conflict are stepped up with russia take nearly moscow wants to create an international condé group to mediate peace plan back by the un but criticized by washington. and a new law on tougher fines for protesters violating public order comes into force today in russia after a lengthy parliamentary debate now demonstrators could face being out of pocket by seven thousand euros for breaking the rules. after being blacklisted by baltic states security police as a so-called threat to national security part is reported best to gauge what's
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really behind the motion and what kind of consequences he could possibly face and as he found out it doesn't take much to become branded anatomy of a stone. that's normally in the filmmaking process crypt changes are made all the time but few realize it's the pentagon frequently calling the shots next hour he talks to writer and former journalist for daily variety and the hollywood reporter david robb he shares his thoughts and sheds light on the approval process. with me is david rabbit a veteran hollywood journalist and he has been nominated for the pulitzer price three times in one of his books he takes his readers behind the scenes during the making of many well known movies in hollywood and also we reels deep connections between the pentagon and hollywood thank you very much for joining me here today
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thank you medea is my pleasure and your book operation hollywood how the pentagon shapes and censors the movies you claim that the pentagon selectively supported some movies and some filmmakers and that the way it is done is unconstitutional why do you think so the pentagon admits that they do selectively support something makers and not others if you are willing to give your script to the pentagon and let them review it before you shoot the movie and if they have any changes that they want to make if they want to take out a portrayal of the military that they think is negative that will hurt their recruiting goals. if they want that taken out and you agree that you'll take that out or to put in something that's more positive to help them recruit people then though assist you with your movie then you can get the great you access to aircraft carriers and submarines and tanks and ships and planes and if you don't
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play ball with them they won't give you that stuff it's unconstitutional because the supreme court has ruled over and over and over again that. the first amendment states that. congress shall make no. so make no law abridging the freedom of speach. the supreme court has ruled that that means that the government cannot favor one form of speech over another and that's exactly what the pentagon does if you say what they want you to say the help you with tax payer funded equipment and if you don't play ball they won't help you but these are just you know this is just movies this is just going to taint why is it that important it's a form of speech and that's what the constitution protects government interference and the government can't give you tax breaks by saying nice things about them. movies or our form of speech just like a book if
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a book if people thought that their newspapers or our books are being sent it has by the military if the military was telling book writers or newspapers what to take in and want to take out of their scripts people would be outraged why do you think so few people are aware of the situation at the end of every movie at the very bottom of the of all the credits past all the the music and all the actors and all the drugs everybody is the long long list of credits at the very end they'll be a little things saying we great feeling gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of the u.s. . army or air force and that's the only way you'll know that this is happening to the movie you just watched so you mention in their book that there was a link between the pentagon and hollywood and that link was the film liaison office so why did that office do. well right here in los angeles a few miles from the u.c.l.a. campus there's a tall building on one entire floor as the film liaison offices of the brink or
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air force army navy and the coast guard and they sit up there and they and filmmakers who want military assistance give them their scripts they look at the scripts they mark out what they think is they don't want and make suggestions on how to change the scripts to get approval then if they make a deal they sign a contract then once they start shooting the film they have a military minder who actually comes on to the set to make sure that it's shot just the way it was agreed to be done and then before it's released to the public it has to be screened in washington d.c. for the generals and admirals i think the american people knew that their films were being sent to thais by the military and then prescreened for the for the. in washington for the generals and admirals that they would be outraged so what kind of scripts for approved by the military and why the kind of scripts were blocked
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they want films and television shows that will aid in the recruiting and retention of military personnel they want people to see a movie and to be inspired by the heroics and join up and join the military and if a film negatively portrays anyone in the military they consider that. not helping their recruiting goals so they will not help any picture that shows war crimes shows military people doing bad things drunk cursing you mention that they target children they really do they target children because they are the future recruits and there's. a great example letter that my book is based on thousands of pages of the pentagon's notes to the producers and their own internal documents talking about how they're wanting to influence the the the film making. one of the notes was written from an air force.
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colonel to the producers of the the film the right stuff which is about their early days of the american space program the kernel of a told the producer of this picture the it was based on a book by tom wolfe which was filled with lots of cussing very funny very colorful book but the military didn't want that and the colonel wrote the obscene language jews did seems to guarantee an r. rating if distributed as an art cuts down on the teenage audience which is a prime one to the military services when a recruiting goals are considered so they change the script in accordance with what the military want and they they took out a bunch of the city and they got a a g. rating and then. actually got a p.g. rating right and then they got the target they got the target audience the by changing the script and so everybody was happy whatever benefits such cop aeration
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for hollywood what hollywood wants which is cheap access to really expensive military weaponry and hardware and personnel and hollywood has what the pentagon wants which is. an audience millions of eyeballs looking at their their movie and thinking positively about the military of course filmmakers have the right to say no they can certainly say no i'm not going to do and many have done that many many filmmakers of stood up have been and said no i'm not going to do and they made their own movies or in some cases they weren't able to make the movies and many films and not been made because they couldn't get this is the sense from the military can you name a new popular a examples of popular movies that went through the military control before they were actually filmed james bond golden eye. one of the dupes in the film was american admiral and the milage is
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a no will help you but you have to change the nationality at most they changed it to a french enron but then later they wanted to go to they went to france to actually shoot the picture. and the friend said well you want some of our stuff will help you but you've got to switch the the admiral to something else so the actually in the film it's a canadian hollywood filmmakers were just given access to classified information concerning the bin laden s.s. nation what do you think of well when i was interviewing the for the book the producers of the films they would always say oh no we didn't give any trade the only way you can really tell is by seeing the notes the producers and the exchange of course spies train the the military and the producers i haven't seen those notes and i think anybody seen those notes i don't know if there's been a trade off or there was no trade off i don't have a problem that the government wants to just release information to people and
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there's no quid pro quo there's no deal i think that's fine but is it's the problem is when there's a deal made behind the backs of the american people in violation of the constitution and american law that's what i object to. how do you think this long term collaboration between the padding on and hollywood a fact of the minds of the americans when the american people are seeing hundreds and hundreds of films and television shows that have been sent to thais by the military and to make military seem more heroic than it really is and never wrong and always good that this creates a false image in the american people's mind and i think it's helped make the american people a more warlike people thank you you thank .
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i'm sure all the guards got a story or out about this crazy lady with a convertible that. every time she. was on death row for nineteen years she wrote the. letters that. society has condemned these people as less than human it is necessary to punish crime everything we do to punish crime is unpleasant. but it needs to be done
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nobody wants to be linked to the nazis but the historical antecedents of the american death penalty today come in large part from the nazis and the saddest part is the state of texas gets their way and they execute him and i won't be allowed to touch him until after he's dead he's my only anytime i leave the house i ride in my horn and he keeps telling me they can't hear me in there because it's all cinder blocks and concrete but i still honk everytime i go by. well i won't either i will not witness for killing my for. his secret laboratory was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't found anything tim's mission to teach me. to care about humans
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and world this is why you should care only. a little bit of both of. them. are allowed. to. speak. to. her. i wish i was. bob good for her her just sent.
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out. a little out. of. the for school started here before going global and now he's calling the fire. choose your please take your stuff. to. make your statement. spread the word. to park
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street. u.n. observers reach the sign of the latest massacre in syria but struggle to make sense of what happened while international efforts to solve the conflict are staffed up with russia take the lead moscow wants to break in the international contact group to many peace plan backed by the land but criticized by washington. and new law on tougher fines for protesters violating public order comes into force today in russia after a lengthy parliamentary debate now demonstrators face being modified seven thousand euros for breaking the rules. after being blacklisted by of all the state security police have told threats to national security guards he is reported mr gates what's really behind the motion and what kind of consequences he could possibly face as
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found out it doesn't take much to become branded anatomy of a stony i'm. an audience here with the latest for that for us and judging by the chance on the mosque is free it's last night i guess rush hour off to a great start and you were twenty while you didn't get much sleep by eleven last night yes indeed russia on day one there are no thrashing the czech republic for one but tell you more plus the rest of all the european action on the sports interests. have you with us this is sports of a plenty head over the next ten minutes or so including this. checkmate russia russia the czech republic for one on the opening day of the european championships . deja vu novak djokovic china rafael nadal qualified for the french open final
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marking the fourth street time but her will leak into the side. both in the blue olympic champion you same bolt wins a dramatic one hundred meter race in norway to throw down the gauntlet ahead of the fast approaching london games. be carful you saying it's been a dream star for russia at the european football championships dick of the kids charges dominating the czech republic for one to move top of group a following the opening day in poland and ukraine rich of import was watching the action forcing of rotfl. russia's preparations about three weeks ago played free warm up matches in that final warm up match for big italy which is a really big confidence boost for the team and it really in relaxed mood since both landed in warsaw and travelled to here down here are all slow of the game itself in the rush of a really dominated from around the fifteen minute mark didn't start to well after they really took a stranglehold of
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a game the attacking trio of under their shot and islands ago of an alexander character called really causing offense no end of problems it was really no surprise but russia did eventually manage to open the scoring for about. i would go to up later in the first half of the czechs did manage to pull a goal by but even intervention of roman public really did give the russians a boost and he provided the go over to seconds ago it would eventually go on to win the man of the match and it was not a change to him so who was suffering for bit of a growing injury early in the week when he strode but he's back to full fitness as he grabbed a fourth to get russia a fantastic start and some really big boost for take out the guardsmen have played so well in this match against the czech republic has very go into the rest of their games the next match of course being in poland on the twelfth of june which is a national holiday in russia should be a fantastic atmosphere in warsaw but certainly this russian team shown. in the lead up to russia on really want to favorites to win the whole of veins but
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certainly showing a lot of bigger nations the likes of germany the netherlands spain they'll be taking no she's sort of this russian side especially be attacking prowess that russia has. and publishing can especially andrea charlotte in the mena shot and he received a lot of stick really when he was at arsenal of the year he's played quite well for the national team during that time but today he really was sensational his movement his his direction of the ball is will to win was just fantastic and it's going to be a great boost obviously for dick advocaat he's kept in and really just how is. on his return to form so all in all a fantastic result for russia to get this year as two thousand and twelve campaign off to the best possible starts. to jump or feet there meanwhile the other group b. a class which open the tournament in warsaw finished also work cool who is poland drawing one one with three star first off all poland but of the greeks who really should have not all three points in the second half the two thousand and four
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winners left to ruin a missed penalty following arsenal goalkeeper wojciech the chance leagues sending. them all one of the stars of russia's world cup winning ice hockey team had a few tips for the country's foreclosure right before kickoff the pittsburgh penguins forward who was named russian player of the year in the n.h.l. seeing one of the secrets to his success was not to worry about the media that was the points leader in the regular season with fifty three goals sixty four assists i was also in the and most valuable player at the world championships last month he's a keen footballer as well as you can see here on this to say to dick out that gets me. all i can say is they should play as a team there on the much pressure now so i hope they don't read the papers too much they should just relax and do their best to get up just play as a team get on the pitch and do your best from start to finish no matter what the score is you can always come back we should always do our best as fans and then i think the guys can win
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a medal perhaps even gold. that brings us on to tennis where novak djokovic is one win away from his first ever french open crown and a career grand slam the serb dining two thousand and nine when roger federer in the semifinals extending his majors a winning streak to twenty seven straight matches the twenty five year old avenging a four set loss to federer during that to poison eleven semifinals at roland garros look at securing the first set six four to set the tone for the encounter federer would take a five seconds. then won three straight games for closing it was six four seven five six three the final score at the drop of it's still on track to become the first men's one here in thirty three years to win four consecutive majors. was the best match of two thousand and twelve wrong goes for me so i have raised my my game when i needed to i played really well when was the most important so that's something that gives me confidence obviously before the finals i thought he played
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well you know tough conditions and. yeah i was unable to sustain. maybe a solid enough game today i guess. djokovic coming opponent rafael nadal also has a chance to make history after thrashing compactor for rougher burley breaking a sweat in the six two six two six one semifinal victory which puts the spaniard one win away from an unprecedented seven french open. but it hasn't been the most memorable last couple of months for rory mucker roy in the gulf in greens but the northern irishman has at last made the halfway cut at the p.g.a. event the reigning u.s. open champion returning to form and giving fashion office and classic shooting a five under sixty five in tennessee after birth being three of his final four shots his run on friday which included an eagle marching his lowest p.g.a. tour around this year and also propelled him into the weekend after missing the cut his last three advents
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a trio set second just struck off the leader and six under while a further shot behind not as american john merrick who held a share of the lead after day one. finally the fastest man on earth you've seen bolt us once again proves he will be one to catch at next month's london olympics the jamaican stealing the show at the latest diamond league meeting in norway before during and after is race in fact both centering this let's leave him in a flashy custom built car looking good there but slipped off the pace of the start of the one hundred meters events fellow jamaican the suffolk powell surging ahead only to be reeled in by the olympic champion in nine point seven nine seconds. then plug it into our girl at the finish line which are by the seat she looked ok and looked like she might even have enjoyed the applause for both the start he blamed it on the starting blocks saying they were too small for size thirty feet.
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with. the diamond league switched to new york on saturday were both so their main rival you hunt blake will compete even though he's just twenty two the world champion from jamaica wants to be remembered as one of the greater. pleats ever lived. even though my fellow athletes he wanted to be a legend. you know i would love to be remembered like we are going to do anything or you won't be any. i want to remember i was one of the greatest athlete to ever. to run and that's what i'm working for. it is coming true will come true i do something keep cool with which i am. also competing in the big apple will be fellow american sprinter sonny richards ross she said four were leading times over the two hundred four hundred meters this year and is happy with her former head of the olympics a mouse a less pressure now that i've finally gotten back to where i hope to be at this
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point in the season. i'm not really going to be concerned about being the favorite or not i've gone in to major championships as the favorite and i've gone in not being a favorite so not really paying attention to that just excited to finally be getting my race back on track my coach and i still have a few things we want to work on to improve my race and so i'm excited about it and i'm just looking forward to the trials and hopefully making the team there which is our number one goal and then going to london and having accessible race there. is all your sport flo i'll be back in just under four hours time with more but next year in r.t.e. it's the weather. well for the true science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. wealthy british style.
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