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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2012 10:02am-10:32am EDT

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outside military intervention they said though that russia wouldn't just veto any resolution on syria but said any resolution does say could be interpreted to allow outside military intervention if will be flocked by by russia the un security council could interest russia wants to see both the sides sit down and discuss their problems to try and find a diplomatic solution. of saying that kofi annan six point peace plan was still the only viable option if peace was to be achieved in syria however it did acknowledge that the peace plan was stumbling a little at the moment though in terms of other four other countries outside nations wanting to to push for regime change sergey lavrov said that the government must in syria mustn't be blamed totally for what's happening in the country and said that the rebels have some responsibility to shoulder as well. when we hear
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reports of another message in syria and currently we see such atrocities almost daily for many international media outlets want to put the blame entirely on the syrian government the government of many countries of course responsible for what is happening in the country that we're sure the regime alone is not responsible for this we see massacres in houla terrorist attacks in damascus and aleppo that have been condemned by the un security council all of these is a result of confrontations that are getting more and more outside support i mean first of all moral support for the so-called armed opposition some flying it with money weapons bringing militants from neighboring countries into syria it's. now here if you could give us some insight as to what's behind moscow sprit pozole to hold a joint conference on syria. well this international conference will really well they hope will serve to. bring all of the international countries that have an
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interest in what's happening in the country at the moment together to try and coordinate their plans about what they're going to do now this conference would see the united states the european union as well as the permanent members of the u.n. security council and also syria's neighbors being brought to the table to discuss what's going to happen in terms of syria's neighbors because we're looking at countries like saudi arabia and qatar who have said that they're willing to send troops to to fight against the syrian government but also it will include countries like iran now saying that when it comes to iran they have to be part of this discussion they were hugely influential with with the syrian government and the countries like the united states have in the past been willing to to discuss and discuss issues with iran when it serves their purpose now he says that they should be able to put aside any other issues that. the united states may have with iran and come to the table to discuss what to do about syria now. also
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saying that countries have been quick to blame the government for must because that had taken place before the results of the investigations would actually be have been made public also saying that the syrian people should be the ones to decide their future not any international power all right peter you all want to hear genie accusations against the syrian regime with no backing whatsoever for leaks failed to wait for the results of the investigations by you and other services and human rights organizations you know if we're told that russia needs to just alter president assad and everything will be sort of course nothing can be done just with such a natural for our course that you're trying to say well we need to sponsibility one war again ignite a fire if that we won't be able to extinguish we cannot be sending daily signals that make the opposition believe that's it. will receive help just as levy received
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its so-called. saying that russia is committed to not allowing the situation in syria to end up like the one we saw in libya all right peter all of our talking to us from moscow thank you. and as you just heard russia is strongly against outside interference in syria else saying it's up to the syrians themselves to decide their future let's get more reaction on the conflict from patrick hayes he is a reporter from the online spine magazine he joins us from london peter foreign minister sergey lavrov said moscow will not let the u.n. security council sanction military action on syria fearing that a libya style scenario would emerge what's your take on all of this. i think it's important to see waters actually happened in libya since the intervention last year . had a vacuum libya is splintering into a city state and there's no great emergence of democracy or you know the libyan
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people are not being observed. gee to the actions of obama cameron and then french president. libya has been made into a mess by western intervention i think it's very important to remember that when talking about syria in this situation now last year the un when the u. un security council making its decision russia did abstain from that i think it's very important to rule out military intervention to say actually this is the worst possible scenario in terms of allowing the syrian people to decide their own fate yes the situation in syria is horrid at the moment anyone with an ounce of humanity in them would over the last week really troubled by the massacres that are taking place by the fighting that is taking place but you have to really resist that need to impose to want to try and it has to be into other countries suffer in conflicts
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and to say we can just step in and make things better in many situations and this would be the case in syria western intervention would intensify the conflicts and would take to make it far worse than it is now it's always important to bear that in mind when thinking about you know how best to intervene in these conflicts often the best intervention is not to intervene at school now moscow says external players provoke syrian rebels to continue fighting despite kofi annan peace plan do you think russia will be able to unite backers of the regime change in syria and give up their intervention plans. well it becomes very difficult because you hear for example one minute secretary of state from the u.s. hillary clinton for example is saying that she fully supports the plan the next minute she's saying that it's really important that assad leaves now and you know it's important to put the pressure on and we need to move forward to a yemeni solution in syria you're getting these mixed messages from the
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west from clinton in particular and she just can't help yourself but metal so you use this opportunity for cheap grandstanding in which she gives you a semblance of some sense of control insincere and should direct the situation fundamentally undermines the ability of the syrian people to determine their own futures when you have the secretary of state's altering the head of state of syria should leave you just think well you know this isn't what with a democracy in this where is the democracy from these external forces pressuring so for income trees into taking a certain direction according to their particular whims of their particular interpretation at a certain point in time now where do you think these calls for foreign intervention will end with syria's opposition urging military action and you have washington as you just mentioned voicing its so-called readiness to act. i think this
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in the run up to the u.s. election there doesn't seem to be a great stomach for intervention at this point i think there's a lot of cool stories there's a lot of grandstanding there's a lot of rhetoric from clinton from the u.n. general secretary and others which i think are actually really not helping the situation in terms of being able to allow the syrian people to negotiate the future of the country for themselves in terms of western intervention i don't think there is an appetite at present for a libya mosul but i think that's always on the cards and i think the desire at the moment is to try and effectively push them back on to russia put pressure on the russia to try and resolve the situation and say well you're responsible for a starts opposing intervention isn't the same as actually legitimizing what's happening in a particular country saying this is a sovereign country the people of this country need to determine their own affairs and we need to allow them and give them the space to do that because our interference could walk the conflict make it bloodier more drawn out and more
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intensified before and it's very important to make that distinction and it's something that the west cannot do now they see themselves the u.s. begin sympathetic and see themselves almost like you know the international style n.g.o.s that go around the world and intervening to conflicts growth of that country particularly interest like russia and china. and i think that. the star activities of western governments could actually be very dangerous and could actually as i said intensify and worsen the conflicts in countries such as syria it's very important to remember the libyan model and the mess that they left in the wake of that they don't talk about libya now in relation to syria they talk about yemen it's important that we don't we learn from the mistakes of libya and not repeat them here all right patrick i'm afraid that's all the time we have patrick has from be on my magazine spike thank you.
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russians violating protest regulations will now have to pay seven thousand urals or drew up to two hundred hours of community service president putin stressed the new rally a law is in line with european standards the opposition is planning a so-called million man march next week but it looks like the movement is unlikely to live up to its former glory as our graves reports. it's been dubbed moscow's take on the globe you can move meant. in america canada and around the globe we've seen protesters bedding down in their thousands here they've never quite reach those numbers more people need to do these because most of them just come to us in the weekends and in the evenings were the support and continued game of cat and mouse with the city's police has taken its toll it's all keep our style protest in moscow was only started up or
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a short time ago it's already is the poor seems to be dwindling for those with to come out and visibly show their support fewer and fewer we're talking about tens hundreds more often than not and what's left is a hardcore few struggling to keep its movements alive like occupy elsewhere this is being organized online and epitomized by their encampment but that's about where the similarities end rather than demonstrating against perceived social inequality this is principally about one man in charge president vladimir putin is a stance that has won them support by the backlash from disputed parliamentary elections but it's a faction that has little else to agree on with the rate of fusion of very different political forces which have national socialists already called bolsheviks a lot of people who just don't want. some people just want to have
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a party or so in this case when you have this fusion of very different political forces it's next there was a bill for them to. have any demands symbolized by white ribbons the movement survived nearly half a year with mass peaceful demonstrations initially grabbing the public's attention hard to ignore some electoral reform has followed but more recently their efforts to be marred by violence leading to a change of tactics swapping classes for camping the stage sit ins to reach after tweet from an activist alexina. arrests have followed and many don't see the police as the real threat to the movement's longevity of a city just examples of a leader is always required says without a leader any movement is doomed to fail there is a unique situation where there was as there is presently no leader here than in my hands i wouldn't go to protest i have not seen any leader that i can vote for
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myself but i hope that this movement will result in the birth of a new smart balanced and you kid a leader in their development as a movement is something many will be watching intensely currently still ranks in its infancy finding these feet to convince a nation let alone their own supporters all intents and twitter will be needed to greet moscow. coming up ahead in the next few minutes how curse to bring down government websites are just peaceful demonstrators i speak to an indian activist as the country's internet users hold rallies against internet censorship also trigger happy housewives. more and more women in new york are gunning for a new hobby find out what's driving the female firearm frenzy and a few minutes here on our team. after being branded
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a threat to national security by a stone e l r t's eastern european correspondent alex a had a chef ski travel to tell him to try and get an explanation along with a number of russian and stony and politicians he was put on a blacklist by security police after a series of reports about some of the country's policies here's our investigation into the events every time i travel to a story i always enjoy the wonderful hospitality the food and the sightseeing of this baltic country from the journalism point of view over the past several years i've produced several stories on social and economic issues here but i never expected that my reports from a storm year would be regarded by some as a threat to national security. every poor to buy the country's security police stated that my last three stories had an estonian tone and had nothing to do with the reality that is despite the fact these reports and rising neo nazis and a punitive new language law and the economic problems in the country featured
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prominent politicians and think tanks we went to the capitol taller to investigate what this was all about finding myself on that list certainly came as a big surprise until i managed to speak to some of the locals who say that being there is nothing out of the ordinary here is andré has also been the victim of the security police for several years now. and they say how long have you been on that list. you know with him for three years now and this is connected to my work as a producer for russian channels basically all people who are somehow connected to russia gets when this list the police don't do anything bad to those only minor things for example last year forty five minutes after i talked to one of archie's producers on the phone i saw a parking fine on my car's windscreen it had been standing there for more than a year and then i suddenly got to find him among others to be blacklisted were russia's foreign minister almost every russian t.v.
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news station and a handful of us stoniest all politicians some of whom were in fact jumps to our defense tallinn's mayor said in a statement that accusing r.t. of anti stone and propaganda made the country a laughing stock we asked his closest political ally parliament member on the form as to why they risk their careers and decided to support us the one with. john i why did the mayor and your party try to defend r t well post new russian telecom the list was not only about your can we believe this is undemocratic what gives them a right to label the media as c n n sync and putting black stains in certain people's reputations when i got on. mary say melissa i told my mother about it she's old and she remembers soviet oppression very well too upon hearing this news she nearly fainted and i had to call a doctor. to get on says i decided to go straight to the security police i was
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stalled their press officer was out of town but they gave me his telephone number i called and he told me i had to address my questions by email. i did but all i got in response was this. it seems that you haven't read our annual reviews they're public for everyone and the english translations can be found on our web page we have grown used to a stony as officials denying us interviews so this response was no surprise i did not receive any explanation neither as to why my work is considered offensive in a story nor what the consequences may face but i along with media store us on the blacklist hope that this mystery will soon be resolved with so many questions being asked domestically about the actions of the security police and the country's leadership is now under severe pressure to deliver some in the middle of june we're expecting a stoniest prime minister to produce
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a statement explaining the actions of the organization meanwhile there was a stony as they found themselves on the blacklist in their home country are hoping that this practice will be then abolished looksee russia r.t. reporting from tallinn in a story. thousands of egyptians flocked to cairo's tahrir square demanding presidential candidate ahmed shah feat barak's former prime minister is banned from election runoff next week protesters said they didn't want to be ruled by the ex military official that also held mock trials for hosni mubarak and other members of the regime denouncing the verdict in the trial of the former president mubarak was sentenced to life in prison for his role in killing protesters during the popular uprising that toppled for leader last year next week's presidential election will see the ruling military council transfer power to the elected president by july first but human rights activist as she held me told r.t.
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it's unlikely the army will give up control for the country. i think that definitely people didn't expect to see mubarak's expression minister an ex minister of education and a muslim brotherhood candidates in in the second run for the elections in egypt but at the same time i this thing got. we should put someone like ahmed shafik in the same bus get as. morsi they're not as corrected as someone like should think for example the military council had a huge influence on the the entire process the elections is under their supervision and icing deaths having any kind of elections with the military council in power in egypt has no difference between have an elections before there is lucian one would work was in power so. the military is and to is integrated in all the institutions of the country and they're definitely part of the sheen so i think that they wouldn't allow he wouldn't allow some resolution a candidate or someone who is going to change the status coupe to come into power
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through the elections indian internet users are taking their grievances on to the streets as they hold rallies across the country against all munson's are ship anonymous operation india branch of the global hacking group are angry about the laws that ban file sharing websites new delhi based activist a do you believe anonymous are simply peaceful demonstrators. we are trying to reach out to the government of india and to tell them actively that this ban this censorship that they have put up on the whole country is unacceptable because millions and millions of people are getting affected by it side has been banned that is used daily by design filmmaker to upload their video and get in touch with their clients and everything it has become almost impossible for them to conduct their daily business they're losing massive amounts of money and they're losing massive amounts of
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opportunities so it is a very destructive thing to ban the internet like that this thing that is widely referred to as hacking is not done by the anonymous group what anonymous does is something known as distributed denial of service which is known as a d.d. o. s. according to the two thousand and eight amendment of this bill this has been viewed as an offense but it is just a normal protest when people are protesting they're going and they're sitting in front of the offices of the organization you know they're blocking access to the various functions of the of the government that is why what is happening it's just it's just a peaceful protest. anonymous of us have also been setting their sights on neo nazis had to archie dot com to find out how the airing a front forum has been treated by the group and you should have expected that's the message from the howard kurtz who also erased the nationalists message boards also online for you. check out our you tube channel to see how canadian students are now
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making their protests heard and seen but even make it demonstrators aren't immune from arrest you can find out more at our team dot com. forget cocktails or treadmills an increasing number of women in new york are taking to the shooting range to let their hair down after a hard day's work and they're also taking their whole be home with sales of guns and pistols to american women doubling in the past few years moreno house the story . it's the show that define new york city's ambitious successful female. is known for their no law nicks and cosmopolitans. in real life. the latest trend attracting career women of the big apple tops more punch in the sweet cocktails call it shooting in the city were still let o's and rifles meet
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different it's not common but i've been feeling a rather do it it's pretty cool actually it's very empowering if you think that yeah you know you get a hold of a guy who does this not really with a man whose west side pistol range has become something of a networking hotspot a place where women from finance law education and many other industries gather to schmooze. a magazine a round of ammunition and learn how to fire fifty rounds of bullets from a twenty two caliber semiautomatic rifle to do. this growing unconventional trend was first triggered by. new york city social networking group called urban girl squad which organizes four weekly new york city events open to ten thousand members the last time we did this event it was sold out immediately like within hours organizer rachel bressler says rifle shooting is one of their most popular events are seeing that women are into care of themselves and being that strong
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women in new york and increasing number of females are not only firearms they're also buying them according to this six the number of women who are no winners in the u.s. has nearly doubled in the house here with an estimated twenty three percent leave the country for. the past year the majority of new members at manhattan's shooting range have been women why can you do it why can't i write show me how i'll do it better that's what women see a movement of trigger happy he males making firearms something of a new york fashion i did all right but i've done better i'm coming back so i'm going to prove that's my goal. r t new york. some moral news in brief for you this hour a taliban suicide bomber disguised as a woman has blown himself alban eastern afghanistan for french soldiers were killed
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in the explosion and fireball there is wounded it was the second deadly assault on saturday against nato forces france plans to withdraw all of its combat troops by the end of two thousand and twelve two years ahead of the planned pullout agreed by the alliance. a lawyer for the international criminal court has been detained in libya while traveling to the town where gadhafi son saif al islam is being held officials claim she was going there to deliver documents that they say posed a danger to national security the lawyer is now being questioned under house arrest . saif al islam is accused of his role in the killing of protesters during the revolt that toppled his father. eurozone finance ministers are set to discuss a possible rescue package for spain's beleaguered banks which could ask for help this weekend the international monetary fund says
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a cash injection of at least forty billion euro need it however madrid has so far denied it will ask for a bailout they are his own fears spain's troubles and a possible greek exit after next weekend's elections could break up the currency union. and in a few minutes in our special report we look into the legacy of nuclear bomb explosions but before that a recap of today's top stories with me stating. with
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the end of the boer war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. the risk is not zero that something might be going off by mistake especially of the nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. but because of a difference to use it either as a threat or as an actual event you know if you keep spinning a trillion dollars a year on weapons of venture you're going to blow everybody up you you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see it people don't wake up. nuclear weapons will build the new. that represents all of the firepower of the second world war and this second. is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today.
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hello and thanks for joining our past the hour here's a quick recap of your headlines says there is no alternative to the un on voice peace plan and syria stressing it will not allow any military intervention with both sides to blame for the violence russia has proposed an international conference to resolve the conflict. demonstrators breaking the law now face higher fines in russia that's as analysts claim the protest movement supporter and numbers are dwindling. and are eastern europe correspondent investigates why estonia security police blacklisted him after a series of reports about some of the country's policies and next it's a weapon that endangers our very existence yet some countries choose to boost their
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nuclear arsenals. the fall out from the french tests went beyond the polynesian islands it caused outrage in new zealand which took the lead in the anti-nuclear movement and became a black sheep among western countries yes unlike any other country new zealand refused to rely on nuclear weapons for its security but here nuclear technology is banned it's the law. i think a lot of the young people feel proud about new zealand especially for a policy that people have come of complacent and feel as foreign with saif there are these other issues here i mean a lot of people say people in the peace movement has had be sent out of names gray beards resounds and that's what people say. even in new zealand it's difficult to find young people concerned about this issue they are more sensitive to the melting in.


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