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put the blame entirely on assad the government of any country is of course responsible for what is happening in that country or it's not the regime is not solely to blame we see massacres in houla as terrorist attacks in damascus and aleppo that have been condemned by the u.n. security council all of this is a result of confrontations that are receiving more and more outside support firstly moral support for the so-called armed opposition then funding weapons and bringing militants from neighboring countries into syria. in terms of what the next step could be for syria where russia features in that role of saying that he wants to see a international conference held to discuss what the international community can do to try and sort things out in the arab state this conference would see the united states the european union as well as the permanent members of the the u.n. security council and also syria's neighbors being brought to the table also it will
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include countries like iran no so saying that when it comes to iran they have to be part of this discussion they were hugely influential with with the syrian government and the countries like the united states have in the past been willing to to discuss discuss issues with iran when it serves their purpose also saying that twenty's have been quick to blame the government for must because that had taken place before the results of the investigations that are actually being have been made public also saying that the syrian people should be the ones that decide their future not any international power. if we are told that russia simply needs to order president assad around and everything will be sorted and then nothing can be done with such an attitude from our international colleagues that's why i say we need responsibility one word can ignite a fire that we won't be able to extinguish the fire. we cannot be sending daily
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signals that make the opposition believe it will receive help just as libya received could help russia is committed to not allowing the situation in syria to end up like the one we saw in libya. u.n. observers in syria continue their investigation into a massacre in the hama province monitors visited the site of the killings but haven't yet to determine just how many died or who was behind the slaughter patrick ase a reporter from online magazine spike things outside military action in syria would only aggravate a volatile situation i think it is very important to rule out military intervention to say actually this is the worst possible scenario in terms of allowing the syrian people to decide their own fate yes the situation in syria is horrid at the moment i mean anyone with an ounce of humanity in them would over the last week really be troubled by the massacres that are taking place by the fighting that is taking place but you have to really resist that need to impose to want to try me to be
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into other countries suffer in conflicts and to say we can just step in and make things better in many situations and this would be the case in syria western intervention would intensify the conflicts and would take to make it far worse than it is now it's always important to bear that in mind when thinking about you know how best to intervene in these conflicts often the best intervention is not to intervene the tool. well stay with us coming up in a few minutes anonymous hacktivist staged protests across india against internet censorship. but first a new russian law to regulate demonstrations will see illegal protesters face fines of up to seven thousand euros or perform up to two hundred hours of community service president putin said the new laws in line with european standards meanwhile the opposition is planning yet another anti putin march of millions next week but
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r.t. jacob riis reports it may not be likely to live up to its name. it's been dubbed moscow's take on the globe who will comply movement. in america canada and around the globe we've seen protesters bedding down in their thousands here they've never quite reached those numbers more people needed to do these because most of them just come to us in the weekends and in the evenings fair with the support and a continual game of cat and mouse with the city's police has taken its toll it's all keep our style protest in moscow was only started up a short time ago it's already is the poor seems to be dwindling for those with to come out and visibly show their support numbering fewer and fewer we're talking about tens rather than hundreds more often than not and what's left is a hardcore few struggling to keep this movement alive like occupy elsewhere this
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has been organized online and epitomized by their encampment but that's about where the similarities end rather than demonstrating against perceived social inequality this is principally about one man in charge president vladimir putin is a stance that has won them support spurred by the backlash from disputed parliamentary elections but it's a faction that has little else to agree on with the rate of fusion of very different political forces will have national socialists will have already called bolsheviks over here a lot of people who just don't want to look some people just want to have a party or so in this case when you have these fusion of very different political forces it's next to impossible for them to. have any demands symbolized by white ribbons the movement survived nearly half a year with mass peaceful demonstrations initially grabbing the public's attention
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hard to ignore some electoral reform has followed. but more recently the efforts of the marred by violence leading to a change of tactics swapping classes for camping the stage sit ins to reach after tweet from an activist alexina valmy arrests have followed but many don't see the police as the real threat to the movement's longevity of a civic disadvantages of a leader is always required says without a leader any movement is doomed to fail there is a unique situation where there are lots and there is presently no leader here. why would you deliberately i have not seen any leader of that i can vote for myself but i hope that this movement will result in the birth of a new smart balanced and you can get a leader of their development as a movement is something many will be watching intensely currently still ranks in its infancy finding its feet to convince a nation let alone that forty is more than tents and twigs it will be needed to
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grease mosque after being branded a threat to national security by a stony artie's eastern european correspondent alexei skinner went to talon to get an explanation on with a number of russian stony and politicians he was blacklisted by security police after a series of reports he'd done about some of the country's policies he was alexei's investigation into the events. every time i travel to a story i always enjoy the wonderful hospitality the food and the sightseeing of this baltic country from the journalism point of view over the past several years i've produced several stories on social and economic issues here but i never expected that my reports from a store near would be regarded by some as a threat to national security. every poor to buy the country's security police stated that my last three stories had an estonian tone and had nothing to do with the reality that is despite the fact these reports and rising neo nazis and a punitive new language law and the economic problems in the country featured
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prominent politicians and think tanks we went to the capital toilet to investigate what this was all about finding myself on that list certainly came as a big surprise until i managed to speak to some of the locals who say that being there is nothing out of the ordinary here is andrei has also been the victim of the security police for several years now. and many of the how long have you been on that list. for three years and this is connected to my work as a producer for russian channels basically all people who are somehow connected to russia get on this list the police don't do anything bad to only minor things for example last year forty five minutes after i talked to one of our chief producers and i saw a parking fine on my car's windscreen it had been standing there for more than a year and then i suddenly got to find him among others to be blacklisted were russia's foreign minister almost every russian t.v.
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news station and a handful of us stoniest top politicians some of whom were in fact jumps to our defense collins mayor said in a statement that accusing r.t. of anti is stony and propaganda made the country a laughing stock we asked his closest political ally parliament member on the form as to why they risk their careers and decided to support us when we deal of a. now why did the mayor and your party try to defend r t well personally rushed into the car no less was not only about your can we believe this is undemocratic good gives them a right to label the media as safe and unsafe and putting black stains in certain people's reputations when i got on larry same list i told my mother about it she's old and she remembers soviet russian very well it will always show up on hearing this news she nearly fainted and i had to call a doctor. to get says i decided to go straight to the security police i was
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stalled their press officer was out of town but they gave me his telephone number i called and he told me i had to address my questions by email. i did but all i got in response was this it seems that you haven't read our annual reviews there are public for everyone on the english translations can be found on our web page we have grown used to a stony as officials denying us interview so this response was no surprise i did not receive any explanation either as to why my work is considered offensive in a store nor what consequences may i face but i along with many a stone years on the blacklist hope that this mystery will soon be resolved with so many questions being asked domestically about the actions of the security police and the country's leadership is now under severe pressure to deliver some answers in the middle of june we're expecting a stoniest prime minister to produce
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a statement explaining the actions of the organizations meanwhile found themselves on the blacklist in their home country are hoping that this practice will be then abolished looksee russia r.t. reporting from tallinn in a story. well surely to come on our t.v. we asked the residents of new york where they feel safest in their cash. but do you trust that the market says they're investing in. the derivatives market. or opinions from the heart of the big apple coming your way in a few minutes plus. the london olympics set to kick off next month we investigate why a firm a link to allegations of human rights abuses has been taken to provide security. but first internet users in india and members of the hacktivist group anonymous took to cities across the streets of the cities across the country their anger and by laws that banned file sharing websites and almost brought down more than fifteen
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major websites before the rallies in protest over what they call internet censorship new delhi based activists dheeraj bish believes there isn't much difference between hackers and peaceful demonstrators. we are trying to reach out to the government of india and to tell them actively that this. ship that they have put up on the whole country is unacceptable because millions and millions of people are getting affected by it sides being banned that is used daily by design. to upload david do it and get in touch with their clients and everything it has become almost impossible for them to conduct their daily business losing massive amounts of money and bad whizzing massive amounts of all but unities so it is a very destructive thing to be internet like bad this is widely referred to as hiking is not done by the anonymous group what anonymous does is something known as distributed denial of service which is known as the d.d. o. s.
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according to the two thousand and eight amendment of this bill this has been viewed as an old friends but it is just a normal protest when people are protesting they're going and they're sitting in front of the offices of the organization you know they're going to witness functions off of the government that is why what is happening it's just it's just a peaceful protest. demonstrations for internet freedom were held in europe two protesters in germany austria and france rallied against the controversial anti counterfeiting trade agreement that aims to curb piracy and protect copyrights critics of the proposal say it would harm freedom of expression and privacy to come into force acting needs to be ratified by the european parliament the vote said to happen later this month. spain's finally admitted it needs cash to help its troubled banks after emergency talks with euro zone ministers the country's economy minister said madrid's going to ask for one hundred billion euro loan earlier the international monetary fund recommended forty billion euros crisis strategist
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gonzalo lira think spain will simply end up losing its banking sector. spain needs more money spain the country the nation the sovereign nation as well as spain's financial sector spain is bankrupt there is no other way to look at it and this is just postponing the inevitable so far that they have promised a hundred billion euros under billion euros in order to gain some perspective that was as roughly ten percent of spain's heat i think the notion is to scare the markets into thinking that europeans and salvage spain and spain is not a problem i think that the markets are going to realize very quickly that this is a smokescreen i personally don't think that i that this will happen that this hundred billion euros will be just four over to spain's banks and even if it is it will have some of these things that for all intents and purposes it won't be really any kind of a handout it will be a some sort of hand european nationalization of the spanish banking sector i think all of this is really a reaction to what is one on greeks on june seventeenth greece is for them to have
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parliamentary elections and it's looking very likely that the greek people will vote against any kind of austerity for their austerity measures and out so i think that the european powers are trying to come up with a way to save face and protect spain from what they perceive is going to be the disaster of next monday while european banks struggle to survive we asked people on the streets of new york whether it's safer to simply shove the money in the mattress instead of keeping it in the bank lori harford just gauged opinion for us . do you trust your bank with your money this week let's talk about that the banks that we have all money on it's like they are. doing in in swiss francs most of it so this is like the safest currency at the moment in europe so you're feeling pretty get on the good side you and you're here in new york laughing at us with our
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silly dollars not really well. or do the your it's getting stronger and stronger i mean i do so what do you trust about the punk mortgages they're investing in. well no. derivatives market well no. i don't trust me but i got to troll volume i mean this is a personal stuff. it might be the best business a personal thing so what's the alternative what can we do about it because i think a lot of people feel that way. and put it in your had it on the globe or you get laid we're affected by your a very much our economy follows on what's happened in europe so. i exchange rate is not good and the rand is plummeting so we wait for better times does that make you mad at europe as a continent. it's a sign of the times a bunch of german banks just got downgraded i don't know germany supposed to be like a kind of europe like this supposed to be one of the stronger economies are they
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supposed to be solid there is a force of the storm so we're not too far off and maybe you're right to not have your money in banks i mean it's secured but. when it all breaks down so what's the dollar going to be a way it's paid for i know for a fact the banks are colluding with many different institutions in our country and across the world. how do you feel about that i managed to. salute it burns this the the core of my being here so what can we do because i think a lot of people feel that way but they don't know what to do well obviously it needs to come down to a private or local levels what do you think is going to happen i mean it's going crazy all over the world and in europe things are going nuts. what's going to happen. only god knows that. you think god has his money in a bank. all the smarted and. no matter how you feel about the economy in general
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these days the bottom line is it seems like there's less and less you can. i'm going to find our stories around the clock and here's what's a click away right now how many camels would you trade for this man somali islam is offering a ten camel bounty for president obama in response to the state department putting out a reward of thirty three million dollars for the capture of their leader was. japan already tops the world's life expectancy list they may have now found a way to increase their lead over automation and the scientists say they found a protein responsible for aging and in the river how to control it i don't know all the details that are. u.k. government will face questions in parliament over its choice of company to provide security at the london olympics the firm g four s. was linked to allegations of human rights abuses and also operates in the jewish
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settlements in the east and west bank and east jerusalem the settlements are considered by the u.k. to contravene international law investigative journalist tony guzzling says companies with doubtful reputations use the games to whitewash their reputations. and i'd like to see a bit of spine from our parliament to say that these are not appropriate people to be doing that while a lot of people involved in the olympics as you probably know who aren't really appropriate such as the dow chemical company who when they bought union carbide really took on the responsibility for the deaths of four thousand people in a gas cloud in india and three my aiming of countless more who were poisoned. by the dow chemical company i think there's been a real complete kind of mismatch in this olympics with trying to bring in really is pretty essential a prostitute the olympics and give a lot of these poisonous very profitable and actually very dark nasty companies trying greenwash for them that is to say to sanitize their images so show it in
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them with the olympic event and that is not what the olympics are for starting to look rather more like the nineteen thirty six olympics than the good old london nineteen forty eight olympics which were done in a much nicer fashion without all this horrible corporate sponsorship. the u.s. is going to reopen two of its former military bases in the philippines this a week after the details of the pentagon's new asia pacific strategy were laid out with the bulk of u.s. warships deployed to the region by two thousand and twenty or not already as secretary general of the bay and political coalition thinks the move could be aimed at china. in line with the u.s. strategy of rebalancing their forces the u.s. is seeking more access to these former basis though they may not be going after formal basing agreements he would have unlimited access to be specific use in many other cities all over the country so that their ships can stop over with fuel and
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be stationed for periods specially during military exercises and this all of the beast would transform the philippines into a military outpost that would allow the united states to project its power throughout southeast asia the increased presence of u.s. troops would complicate matters between the philippines and china it points tabulate the situation it might be seen as a provocative action it might spark some kind of arms race in the south china sea with the growing number of u.s. warships entering the country and the u.s. may not be headed for a direct military confrontation with china at the moment but the u.s. wants to contain china wants to encircle china and keep it subservient to u.s. dictates take a look at some other stories making headlines across the globe for french soldiers were killed after a taliban suicide bomber disguised as a woman blew himself up in eastern afghanistan five others were wounded in the blast as the second deadly assault on saturday against nato forces france plans to withdraw all its combat troops by the end of the year two years ahead of the
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planned pullout agreed by the alliance. four members of the international criminal court were detained in libya after meeting with gadhafi son saif al islam earlier reports claim one of the lawyers was held after trying to deliver documents libyan authorities said were a danger to national security saif al islam is accused of his role in the killing of protesters during the hole that toppled his father. least eight civilians were killed in an ambush in ivory coast near its border with liberia seven un peacekeepers who were part of a patrol in a remote village also died in the attack it's not clear who's behind the killings liberia said it's sealed its border fearing that the government had used the country for a cross border assault. maria sharapova has won the prestigious french open in paris the twenty five year old russian's become the only the tenth woman ever to have conquered all four majors are sports presenter paul scott reflected on the achievement. amongst the greatest players of all time to have ever walked the
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planet to ever play the game of tennis shopper who won the wimbledon on grass at the age of seventeen that was back in two thousand and four since then she went on to win the u.s. open in two thousand and six the australian open in two thousand and eight this year wait to complete the career grand slam and pick up the french title which she's done today and she's had a massive shoulder injury it really affected the way she was playing she had surgery on it she had to adapt to the way she played and there were genuine question serious question as to whether she would come back which was whether she was going to fulfill that potential she saw over the seventeen year old and i think she won her last grand slam when she was twenty one certainly a long way despite that she came through she was dominant over weight and she was dominant again today in the final six three six three you look at the women's game at the moment you look at serena williams venus williams they're coming to the end of their career since rap over was last world number one back in two thousand and eight the top spot the top ranking is changed around fifteen times eight different women have been the world number one there's been no one in the sport has dominated
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it maybe now she's back injury shook them to one side she's now got the french open under about maybe there's no reason why not it can't be sure opera who dominates in years to come. well more details on trap of a spectacular victory at our sports border in just over fifteen minutes stay with us here on our t.v. headlines coming up. at
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the screen.
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with. please. please please good. luck least sleep. problem a little. war going away. many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. something might be going off by mistake especially a. couple of the victims to use it as a threat. and you know if you keep spending a trillion dollars
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a year. you're going to blow everybody you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see it people don't wake up to. that represents all the firepower of the second world war this. is the equivalent. of the world's nuclear arsenal today. more news today. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today. please.
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four thirty am in moscow these iraqi headlines russia calls for an international conference to revolt resolve the syrian crisis moscow insist both sides are to blame and the only way forward is to cold feet on peace plan foreign minister sergey lavrov says external powers are inciting the syrian opposition to keep fighting despite the country on the brink of a full scale civil war. spain confirms it will seek a hundred billion euros to help shore up the country's beleaguered banking system critics say the loans will lead to the destruction of the country's banking sector . russian tennis star maria sharapova wins the french open crown are marking her victory in all four grand slams. up next our t.v.
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interviews author david a rob out the nexus between the pentagon and hollywood stay with us. with me is david robb a veteran hollywood journalist and he has been nominated for the pulitzer prize three times in one of his books he takes his readers behind the scenes during the making of many well known movies in hollywood and also we've eels deep connections between the pentagon and hollywood thank you very much for joining me here today thank you but there's my pleasure and your book operation hollywood how the pentagon shapes and censors the movies you claim that the pentagon selectively supported some movies and some filmmakers and that the way it has done is unconstitutional why do you think so the pentagon admits that they do selectively support.


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