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tv   [untitled]    June 11, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule today. live pictures as fresh violence flares up in syria in syria blasted the city of homs with claims of black smoke rising from a ruined buildings as you can see here. a live for the french the last president along socialist and their allies secure a majority in the first round of the parliamentary vote paving a path for reform. and police searched the homes of prominent russian opposition figures in connection with the clashes that a major rally last month which left both protesters and officers injured.
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it's seven pm in moscow this is archie coming to you live on the news to now weigh in straight to our top story a series of explosions have rocked the central syrian city of homes which flames with flames i should say in clouds of smoke seen rising from the city's skyline now this as u.n. observer struggle to make a difference in the conflict torn country while the international calls for military action are growing louder and louder some live shots here of homes as i said a bit earlier we go you can see a little bit of smoke in the corner there. across the city skyline let's now cross live on the line to our correspondent riffing notion that she is in damascus maria what more do we know about this stage of this latest outbreak of violence in homes . well and so we are right now receiving news from the syrian central picture of harm known as one of the largest opposition phone calls here in the country that
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has been the if the center or the optimizing the whole of this fighting between armed opposition and the governmental souless for months now the rebels are saying that the syrian army have been showing their residential areas in the details this is something the government denies and has been told to go we've been denied. announcement and statements like that since the beginning of the uprising. that they only conduct. places where terrorist. groups are being wiped how much of the gear we also get in from ohio shows indeed explosions but in chalons and we can see and hear. explosions and heavy smoke but the basij i trued very hard to very fine not clear who you are firing and where it pees exactly in the town and what kind of area we're talking
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about here you guys where the then show area or their ideas been surprising hearing are two very quiet so again this news comes in the recent escalation of the violence has been increasing not only. would have been be at the center of the violence but everywhere in the country and here in the masses and see is a growing that kofi annan with to be approved going to do you square really a serious case tracked by the collation and just recently we've been hearing from you the elected president of the syrian national council turkey based opposition group. calling for a military intervention this is something we've recently been here in l.a. last especially those who have mastered the interior when the international community condemned. theory of all peeling but you have the truth you know that it will bring peace and unity for you when you and i do have your china and russia
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have. and will never hear of it being. we mean we are hearing more and more recently. in convention and in the country should we. be options even if it means bypassing international law and because what you are other nations can grab hold and today syrian opposition leader have. appeared growing that. we will see even current collation and more violent. i mean for notional live with us on the line from syria as fresh violence has taken over the city of holmes like she said a complicated situation not quite clear what exactly is happening we'll stay on that story here in r.t. meanwhile the new syrian opposition leader has also urged mass defections from the
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regime and promised support for the rebels this is u.s. senator john mccain has said that anti us and fighters are directly supplied with weapons from arab gulf states and wants washington to follow that lead international relations professor mark almond says the u.s. will remain true to its idea of regime change in the high states and britain france of made such a decision by a long. haul as a way of putting pressure on iran change in. the middle east. they can achieve through syrian domestic horses deniable for the arab special forces and. supplies welcomes all hope to the whole time so i think they would not wish to accept the defeat assad's regime survived. the whole of our relations with our states and its allies in syria and iran are overwhelmingly on. in favor of the western states but of course to go in on the ground like in. kosovo
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in one hundred nine against serbia is a big risk for them really though the could be casualties on our side it's not clear western public opinion is also committed to regime change other crisis of their own soldiers they saw what have you know no iraq still a very one sided international called. but of course one wanted to become a multi-sided conflict that were extremely dangerous and though the risk of course of an explosion in this region. still ahead for you this hour is there a way to secure your online privacy doing a song which is members on both sides or movement who debate whether there is such a thing as private data. but the same job but different pay with explore the ongoing gulf and summary in the u.s. depending on whether you're a man or woman. france's socialist president francois hollande has been boosted after a left wing party secured a majority in the first round of the parliamentary election the forty six percent win could see along secure the lower house and receive
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a powerful mandate for his reform plans are to test our sylvia is in pairs the result of the first round certainly is a very good moral boost for the socialist party in trying to get a majority of the lower house of parliament however nothing is a certain definitely there's no time for complacency or they can just sit around and expect the same results in the second round there are still the un people already the conservatives still trying to rally whatever support they can get most of dissipated a policy the first one long is the one that he's speaking about quite a lot during his campaign which is one group of friends for the spirity that's on the one hand and how this translates for the french people is that more jobs and taxing the rich it's this tax and spend policy that would not sit women in france as much as seventy five percent tax for the rich certainly not something that conservatives wanted so if you want to get this a policy like that through he will need the support of the lower house of those remember the socialists already have the support of the senate so it will be much
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easier to get things through you also promise about sixty thousand teaching jobs in the next five years as well as retirement age bringing it down to sixty and this is from sixty two this is against the. driven pattern of the rest of europe is to he said france will be taking a very different approach as the approach if you will also. of course he wanted to draw french troops a year earlier than planned from afghanistan and he needs the support in both houses to get this through so france will land gunning for a majority in the parliament and let's not forget that it's necessary that he provides concrete look results for the french people the patience is very low what this point and nicolas sarkozy became deeply unpopular for coming in with promises and not fulfilling any of those promises it's what got him out of the end is a free if we remember well political analyst community grown says the potential leftwing victory in france reflects the call for change across the e.u.
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french critics are. interesting because they're not always go with the overall cycle in europe where do we do see certainly the rise of those national policies all over the board in europe and this is clearly the case in france where in europe and this is this is a phenomenon that is putting across the board. when it comes to the rise of socialism what. it's clear in the recent elections in europe is that the. parties in power have a tendency to lose election that don't happen in greece in. spain in italy so this is a situation where incumbents are in trouble and this is exactly what happened to sarkozy. court employees in madrid have protested against the hundred billion euro ballot for spanish banks well it comes amid cuts to wages and benefits for public
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sector workers the girl's own is shoring up spain's banking sector which was left with billions of euros of bad loans after the property bubble there burst charges spoke to the man who was often described as the euro's founding father in an interview you can see in just over an hour former european commission president romano prodi says he has troubles began with a lack of control. when the euro was born it was clear. that we need to put it because leaks come on fiscal policy are you guys in the program. and now with tory to comb through the behavior of bad mistake. even two thousand and three i rise in the program again and france. germany and italy they told that this was a game they support or need. but we have tried to go to
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dinner or it's a behavior that. you have to go but we were going to be here were above the top you. wanted to forget the courtroom on the great piece you stood on what kind of leadership can always minister he's a lot of the story yes but we do say i was one of surviving if you only if you knew that. watch the full interview with former european commission president to the next prime minister of italy romano prodi in just over an hour archie. just four days into the euro two thousand and twelve football championship and things are beginning to heat up in poland and ukraine and it's not just on the pitch police in poland have arrested fourteen people involved in a brawl between polish and croatian supporters just before sunday's match between croatian are the end and the lay it's the latest incident in
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a string of clashes that have already seen a number of teams warmed over their fans behavior but the problems surrounding euro twenty twelve don't end there are teams like fierce have is in ukraine's capital kiev. well unlike poland said so far has been pretty much perfect in ukraine from the open eyes ational point of view would have been no fights only minor bar brawls have been reported but there was a serious complication with the ukrainian biggest airline is delaying about thirty flights three thousand people to not reach their destinations in particular the host city of that yet square england will play france we also understand that the very same airline could not deliver their planes on sign from the european cities this tournament has received some political overtones even before it had started with several new leaders saying there will boycotts the championship because of the situation with the graves told the prime minister yulia timoshenko was starting seven years in prison for the use of power right next to the fan zone here in
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central kiev is the term camp of the opposition which has been here for years they decided not to remove it for the year twenty twelve year it moreover they put on banners in english explaining the situation with units of a cycle calling her a political prisoner and demanding her to be released immediately certainly all the fans all the tourists coming here can see that and to have their own impression of that we also understand that angela merkel the german chancellor has always been attending the german national national teams games when they were played at the u.s. . if world cups had decided to gainst coming to ukraine in reaction to the eunuchs mustn't go prison and her treatment in the heart of the prison also understand that the dutch government has decided not to come here only the minister of sport has arrived and the dutch fans when they had their game in the city of logic of they marched the streets of the states you wearing t. shirts saying the free us so definitely some political overtones are our present here we'll see you have to wait and see in the next three weeks or so and whether
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this will escalate somehow but for now the situation as it is. now as for the drama on the page you can tune in and watch our sports bulletin in just over an hour with part. russian investigators have searched the flats of several prominent opposition figures and call them in for questioning the search was ordered by a court in connection with the case over clashes at an anti-government rally last month when both protesters and riot police were injured let's not talk to our t's tom martin who is following this story tom searches have been going on since this morning what do we actually know at this point. police have been searching a number of properties those of opposition leaders including the blogger alexei novell need surrogate would solve t.v. presenter to send your check once going into the properties they took away items like computer disks clothes and send your sub checks they say that they found one
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and a half million euros in cash the searches were ordered by a moscow cause as part of a criminal investigation into a protest on may the sixth there have been protests before that most of them peaceful but this one descended into fighting were dealt soften the valley were among the hundreds rested amid widespread allegations of excessive violence both by protesters and police in another development today five people were arrested in connection with those protests bringing the total to twelve the new law massively increases the fines for violations in protests from the old total of about one hundred twenty euros up to seven thousand euros it was ferociously debated with opposition politicians saying it was an attack on free speech and that most russians simply couldn't afford those fines the president vladimir putin has defended the law saying that it's in line with european standards of than france
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the penalties can be even higher here opposition. being taken to be questioned to morrow that is also the date of a planned protest the organizers are calling it the march of the millions american is to protest allegations of mass electoral fraud in recent elections. and it seems the dog behind you is actually interested in what's happening in moscow as well tom thanks so much for that update. and you can't do much online or with your phone without someone somewhere knowing what you're doing but there's one group on your side there called the cypherpunks movement and they're on julian assange to show here on r.t. to talk about their plans to keep your private data private when we talk about internet censorship it is about centralizing power to determine what people remain be able to access or not and whether it's government censorship or also private
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on censorship there are changes in the architecture of the internet from one universal network to a bulk and ization of small networks but what we are discussing since the beginning are all global issues whether we're talking of the the financial system going henri whether we're talking of corruption whether we're talking of geopolitics or energy or environment or i don't know all of these are global problems that mankind is facing today and we have one still one global tool between our hands that enables better communication but the sharing of knowledge better participation in in political and democratic process what i feel what i suspect is that a global universal internet is the only tool we still have between our hands the saw and the rest of them those global issues and this is why this is a central fight that we have to fight and that we all have a responsibility here too to fight. that edition
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of julius on just show airs tuesday eleven thirty g.m.t. and you can also watch all previous programs anytime you like at r.t. dot com also on line for you a hairy situation new york's police department fires a jewish officer who refused to trim his beard sparking a lawsuit for religious discrimination. and saudi arabia has got talent but not a musical one a town there is launching its own entertainment show but no sing your dancing allowed and women are banned from taking part of the full story at r t v dot com. military warehouses that store old explosives have caught fire in russia's southern orenburg region blast have been heard there pronto concern that fire could spread to the forest the depots are situated some fourteen kilometers from a small village one person has been injured and the process of evacuating people
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from the area is already under way. look now at some other news in brief from around the world a bomber struck a boss in southwest pakistan killing six people onboard and injuring dozens others explosives were planted on a motorbike and detonated by remote control when the vehicle was passing by no groups claimed responsibility in a region blinded by sectarian violence. two earthquakes have shaken northern afghanistan triggering landslides in a mountainous region three people have been killed and many others injured is feared casualties will rise as many have been trapped in rubble after around twenty houses collapsed reports say tremors from the quake could be felt in the capital kabul. egypt's interior ministry has backtracked on its previous statement that former leader hosni mubarak was in a coma despite this his condition is said to have deteriorated with the eighty four
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year old slipping in and out of consciousness and being fed liquids through an i.v. mubarak is now in a prison hospital serving a life term for his role in the killing of some eight hundred fifty protesters during last year's uprising. clashes erupted in chile's capital as demonstrators protested against the screening of a documentary praising former dictator augusto pinochet police how to use tear gas and water cannons to break up the angry crowds in santiago an estimated three thousand people were killed during pinochet's hardline rule while thousands more were arrested or forced into exile. georgia's opposition leader has been fined almost a hundred million dollars in two separate lawsuits billionaire tycoon. is in hot water after giving out t.v. antennas to voters and subsidizing party members with cheap cars authorities say
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it's a violation of the country's law and political parties and the way their fund it. if on the street he believes it's an attempt by authorities to damage the opposition had a part of the mentor elections later this year he won the she needs georgian dream group is expected to provide the main challenge to the ruling party of president saakashvili tens of thousands have been gathering in georgia's main cities for peaceful rallies in support of the opposition. now america's women often outperform men in many as three years there's a stigma tell though their salaries still lag far behind their male colleagues were in a board i am now explores why the pay gap still exists and why recent political moves to change that have failed. these medical and scape of america's professional force has undergone major reconstruction over the decades women now make up fifty percent of the nation's labor force sixty percent of the voting population and they've
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surpassed men in earning advanced college degrees but when it comes to salary the land of opportunity remains a land of inequality for women working women in the us just seventy seven cents for every dollar made by a man according to recent statistics men earn higher salaries says nearly all occupations including nursing teaching and even secretarial work but experts say the pay gap has less to do with all of the patients and much more to do with stereotypes surrounding gender united states definitely definitely has a lot of cases where women are bluntly discriminated and where they are just discriminated based based on sex the u.s. government says that the current earnings gap will cost the average full time working woman at least four hundred thousand dollars by the time she's sixty five years old we keep going for higher and higher degrees you know our homes down with
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a double masters and i'm going to go for my ph d. man doesn't have to do that so this move if you feel that you know you need to be paid more you need to like put it with don and say that i need to be paid more this sort of raises and that's so sexism i feel like there's look i'm it really men feel that they have a higher power for women just in any sort of sense even the workplace socially it just doesn't make sense to me according to the institute for women's policy research females working on wall street or. in real estate face the largest earnings gaps making as much as forty percent less than their male counterparts. in those occupations when the. big way to have some is in part because it's hard to access that. there is like that old boys' network and i don't remember the miracle of your best friend or your worst enemy america's old boys' network of the one nine hundred sixty s. depicted in the show mad men who put a man in there a salute to good seriously seems to still permeate in most corporations today less
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than sixteen percent of fortune five hundred companies reportedly have a woman on the board. facebook has none facebook is a company whose success is really due to the participation of women on its platform more than sixty percent of the people who participate in facebook are women and maybe even more importantly than that and seventy percent of the actual sharing the stuff that drives ad revenue and stuff that makes facebook as dynamic a platform as it is. and the question by women and yet they went public without a single woman on their board of directors inside the boardroom of america's lawmakers republicans recently block legislation aimed at strengthening equal pay for women the paycheck fairness act would require employers to prove that differences in pay are based on qualifications not gender and why did the window of time for filing discrimination lawsuits decades after breaking through the glass ceiling america's
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working women represent professional muscle but are still fighting for genuine equality. r.t. new york. dimitri now joins us with the latest from the financial world and the tables have turned on the markets and on how they are taking in spain's ballarat announcement aren't they there they have turned this personally in the united states where there was no sure rally on monday but now they've descended the indices of the senate back into the red zone just a reminder on the weekend spain has announced that it's asked for a one hundred twenty five billion dollar bailout to help rescue its troubled banking sector making it the fourth country to ask for help and official statement by the spanish economy minister he said a loan will cover estimated capital requirements windisch no safety margin so with that in mind the move means spain now has a far wall should the greek election on june seventeenth on sunday and
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a fresh round of market turmoil. what we're seeing right now there was an initial rally of course we saw the spanish index the ibex up around five percent on the news but now most european indices was a still in the black very moderately as you can see there within just half a percent in frankfurt and even more modest in london over in the united states as i said the germans and the nasdaq have descended into the red facebook and apple however are seeing a good beginning of the week up around two percent especially good for facebook which is see three straight weeks of losses. and over on the commodities market light sweet and brant are all declining around within one dollar per barrel and this is on the back of worries that basically this. announcement made by spain would mean that bourne's government bonds will be inferior to those freshly initiated bonds away from the bailout money and therefore we have seen yields in
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spain and also in italy go up. on the currencies markets will look at just a second the russian market is seeing. well holiday and before both monday and tuesday so therefore there was no trading on today but there was trading on saturday it's a bit complicated yes i've said this many times this year the r.t.s. is up more than one percent of my six point four percent russia has seen one of the best weekly gains since february this year. and on the currencies market as i was beginning to say the euro is now declining versus the on these basically fears that spanish bonds will become inferior to those of freshly issued from the bailout package should one be necessary for spain and the euro against the ruble was gaining but the ruble was strengthening slightly versus the dollar on saturday more trade we will see on wednesday. and an anonymous bidder is paying
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a record three and a half million dollars to have lunch with warren buffett the eighty one year old billionaire fortune by cashing in two hours of favor stocks annually holds such an option to benefit the homeless charity now the when i can invite up to seven of his friends to share a meal and have a chat with the legendary investor interestingly buffett says most of the questions that he gets of such lunches are not about investing. is basically all about having a good time who would have thought dimitri thank you very much for that update same time same place next hour with more i saw him on the way here on r t it's the era of the greenback coming to an end that issue is up for debate in cross talk after the headline.
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there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before the source material is what helps keep journalism honest we. we want to present. something else.


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