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we've got the future covered. today on our t.v. if you think the u.s. is still the land of opportunity you may want to keep dreaming one well respected economist says the american dream is now a myth coming up i'll give you a few good reasons why it's harder to improve your socio economic status today than ever before. and if you thought waiting in the security line at the airport was already a pain in the but better hope your name isn't a common one it could land you on a terrorist watch list we'll tell you why the list is losing altitude. plaza trapped in legal limbo dozens of guantanamo bay prisoners have been cleared for release but only a few have actually been set free so why is the pentagon still detaining men they
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deem innocent we'll delve into this with the author of the guantanamo files. it is monday june eleventh four pm in washington d.c. i'm christine and you're watching our team. well the very interesting news came down this afternoon and may cause some of you to want to take cover at the very least should cause all of us to take notice the u.s. navy has confirmed that an unmanned aerial vehicle has crashed on maryland's eastern shore just a few hours ago a spokesman for the patuxent river air stations of the crash happened during a routine maintenance flight near bloodsworth island around noon today and no one was injured when the forty four foot long aircraft came barreling toward the earth the navy is now in the process of setting up a safety zone around the crash site and the cause is still being determined and you know this comes at an interesting time congressman peter king was on c.n.n.
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state of the union over the weekend praising the u.s. drone program take a listen. the stuff about drones making enemies we use no drones the only time we use weapons during the one nine hundred ninety s. was to defend muslims in bosnia and kosovo and then they turned around to turn around and act as a nine eleven there's evil people in the world drones are evil people are evil we are a force of good and we're using those drones to carry out the policy of a righteous and goodness congressman king of course talking about the use of drones in other countries as part of war but it turns out here in the u.s. that time of the futuristic time you know of drones flying in u.s. airspace it's arrived no word on what this particular drone was in training for. twelve study hard in school work hard at your job and before you know it you will find a success it doesn't matter where you were born or who your parents are this is america the land of opportunity not your value but i think it's safe to say that i'm not in
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the minority in being taught this fundamental lesson about this country and the ability of anyone to achieve here well it turns out that's not necessarily the way things work and now nobel prize winning economist joseph stiglitz has a new book out in which he argues that the inequality gap has gotten so large that the chances of those at the bottom making it to the middle or the top are even lower now than they were in all the europe here he is discussing his book is titled the price of any quality how today's decision divided society in danger's our future. so the life chances chances of somebody from the top who doesn't do very well in school are better than somebody from the bottom who does well in school so that really says you know your parents make a great deal of difference to your economic fortunes we're not the land of opportunity. so let's talk about this notion that you know in the united states of america it's not the land of opportunity that we thought it was and i only write
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this all down i've got gerald celente a publisher of the trends journal and the director of the trends research institute good to see you gerald let me just ask you about this theory you know that the american dream is in fact a myth. well it wasn't that one time it is now of course when i was a young man just getting into the workforce the gap between the c.e.o. of the average worker was about twenty to one and now depending on whose data you look at it's about three hundred fifty to four hundred fifty to one you look at now look at the college grads coming out what does about say say fifty three percent of those under twenty five years old with a graduate degree with out of college are either unemployed or working menial jobs i mean these are real hard numbers and they're real hard facts and gerald you're not you're not two hundred years old i mean i think you make a good point in saying that these changes have really happened you know just in the last few decades those are staggering numbers that you give three hundred fifty to
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to one or two hundred fifty or i mean that's outrageous and it strikes me these days we keep hearing about you know this trickle down economics theory that the more money wealthy people have the more they'll invest it and in turn improve the economy they'll hire workers they have a job creators you know they'll buy cars and boats which as we know people need to manufacture. but philip among others says this theory is flawed what are your thoughts well you get a look at the numbers that top one percent that has a net worth most of the net worth is more than ninety percent of the the the bottom combined and so when you look at the real numbers it's not trickling down and you're looking at just since the recession began you know you're looking at. needed household income down from a down some seven percent so no this thing is it's terrible and it's not going to
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get any better and there again when you look back like you've made the point on the two hundred years old i got of the workforce actually in one nine hundred seventy s. and it's this is a very steady decline. line but really excel are raided over the last twenty years and you can talk directly into deregulation directly into nafta and then directly into the it's is so obvious this was the nation of equal opportunity in many ways of course racially is a whole nother story but everybody had a fair shot and any you rose in fell on your own merits but then something really dramatic change kristina it was called to big to fail but when the but too big to fail i mean and found ways that that's associated with i associated with the economic collapse of two thousand and nine what we've been seeing has been sort
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of a product of a domino effect that started a couple decades ago oh no you're one hundred percent right but what i'm saying is now look at the acceleration where they made it really clear that the top only counts and the rest doesn't that's the point that i'm trying to make yes you know it was going on for a long time but it's become crystal clear so when we look at the we look at the facts and add up the data look what's happening against kids that are getting out of college you know they can't find jobs look at the people on unemployment that's extending now what their it's the highest longest term of being unemployed since they've been taking. records on it so no it's not getting better the gap is getting wider and by the way this is going on in the industrialized nations around the world you're looking at the united states in income inequality we're ranking ninety
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third ninety third in the world in need any more proof than that with the united states sets yeah i think it's really interesting too that you do mention these young people. these people just getting out of college about to get out of college and they were taught the same thing that i was that you were that if you work hard you know you'll find a job and they probably weren't thinking that job was at you know a fast food restaurant let me ask you this president obama has been catching a whole lot of flak lately for something he said and let me play a small part of his speech on the economy from last week as i said we've created. four point three million jobs over the last two twenty seven months. over eight hundred thousand just this year alone. the private sector is doing fine. where we're seeing weaknesses in our economy. have to do with state and local government so whole lot of people are you know criticizing obama i wouldn't be surprised if we
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see the outline and you know opposition candidate campaign ads where he says the private sector is doing fine because what i mean i think it's safe to say the private sector has fared better you know and you were on some of these numbers but in the last thirty years national income when we talk about income the top one percent has doubled the top point one percent has tripled meanwhile median incomes for american workers has you know stagnated so talk a little bit about i mean do you think president obama deserves the flack he's getting for saying the private sector is doing fine. well again as you mentioned median household net worth is down some forty percent from you know twenty twenty years ago look it was a slip up his teleprompter was in on it's just a presidential reality show you're going to hear romney's slip up as well it's all you know they say that politics is show business fog leave people so this is just one episode on the presidential reality show yes it'll be a sound bite every now and then but it's all going to come down to near the end of
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the campaign and that's still you know a number of months away and a lot could happen between now and then and that number will be forgotten because really what is romney going to come up with so it's a battle of the losers and you know the the the better of the the better of the lesser of two evils will with yeah i mean it's just hard to say i mean that any part of the economy is doing fine but certainly the private sector isn't doing terrible terrible i think it's safe to say i'll let me ask you really quick i do want to bring in china into this various reports show that about three million u.s. jobs have been wiped out just since two thousand and one and this is a result of the growing u.s. china trade deficit you know less being exported more being imported and out of those jobs more than half are jobs in manufacturing jerald is there a way to break this pattern or at least slow it down of these large corporation and shipping these jobs elsewhere. well it is starting to change because wages are going so low in the united states that some of those jobs are being repatriated you
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know people forget when china was a pointed into the world trade organization no one was paying attention it was right after nine eleven it was in september of two thousand and one they would have been screaming and yelling about china getting in but people who are you know they were included into it and the us could change go back a lot could change if you put back in place things that worked before that made america the most egalitarian nation on earth rather than the gap between the rich and the poor being the widest of any of the industrialized nations put back into place the clayton antitrust act the sherman antitrust act the robinson patent act the glass steagall act and of course pre-match yeah you could bring everything back but what the what's the deal you know what it is it's take your money your band you factory bring it to a slave labor contrie bring the product back and mark it up so as long as we have that kind of formula no it's not going to work and to pick up on your point again
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yes the private sector is doing well when you look at corporate profit isn't and why a corporate profit so i because the people aren't making anything that's a very very good point and that's going to continue to have you know play a major role in the direction of this economy i think out of time for now but gerald selenski publisher of trends journal and director of trends at research institute always good to have you on the show thank you. so i had on our days all you smiths scotland jones is better watch out a common name could land you on a terror watch list making traveling all the more difficult to tell you why the t.s.a. is taking innocent americans off flights without reason we're back in a minute. of american power. might actually be revolution. in
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a. surprising. list or. well it might surprise you to learn that there are more than four hundred thousand people on the consolidated terrorist watch list there are also six thousand people on the no fly list that means forget the government most likely
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probably watching over you it means if you're on that list you're prohibited from traveling to book a flight to a business conference or getting ready for a long overdue vacation too bad because if you're on the less you are not going anywhere now this of course makes sense but what many people are trying to make sense of is why they are being punished for having the same or similar name as someone deemed unfit to fly so i want to talk more about this with jonathan corbett president of for ten technologies. all right jonathan so from what i understand it since two thousand and nine the number of u.s. citizens on the f.b.i.'s terror watch list has more than double what is going on here. so. i mean there's been a lot of organizations that have tried to estimate who's on the new players try to a lot of different sources of threat the member of. disturb it tends to one of the problems with the no fly list is that it's going to very secret if you suspect that you're on the no plan list you can you can appeal that decision but they won't actually confirm whether or not you're on the no fly list so so right now we don't
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actually know exactly how many people have it but we do know that a lot of people have had the issue where they got to an airport and been told they're on a new client list just spent obviously having no connection to terrorism i know that you have been a staunch opponent of the t.s.a. i know you've even illustrated how people can sneak bad or dangerous items onboard what do you think are some of the most public problematic things about what we're seeing now with the t.s.a. . as far as the no fly list goes the most problematic saying it is that there's no accountability so what the government essentially saying is that these people that are going to are so dangerous that they can be put in an airplane but not dangerous enough to be arrested on terrorism charges they just. about as i have a people that in this there's essentially no due process and people are being punished there for some kind of this mission of terrorism what's that any kind of concrete evidence that would result in their arrest and sometimes as we said you know that
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just simply means you know they have a common name a name of somebody else on the list what can we do about this one of the know sort of you know naming our children and changing our names to something very unique. i mean you could probably raise the name slightly differently and get past a little automated systems but in the end we need a change from congress on this one the idea of a get a list of people that are that are so dangerous they can't fight a plane but not be understood up take into custody is just absolutely absurd it's an interesting idea just think of it as something that came out after after nine eleven but in reality and in practice it's just something that doesn't work it's just so interesting i mean as you say after nine eleven you know of course everything changed but this is something that seems that was such a major shift and so dramatic just gathering up all these names making all these lists you know these separate things to what extent do you think and perhaps we'll
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never really know the answer to this but to what extent do you think this has made a safer. to no extends at all just stating that an organized terrorist group can create a fake identity or fake identification document fake international cast court with a different name and go through with that different is just absurd and the bottom line is if we know who the terrorists are we need to go and get them we don't need to put them on a no fly list we need to actually stop the terrorism from happening. it just it's just a ridiculous. right now that ends up in staring us were intentionally names out a list but but really have no terrorism connections and people that are just instantly caught up in this that know that the t.s.a. is. really the f.b.i. runs the list have gone through some measures to the limit that it's matching which is why we now see our gender go up birth date being collected when we fly on an airplane and that's that's how to get samples positives out on the no fly list but
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even those who are intended to be on the no fly list still have not been been shown to have any terrorist connections through actual evidence that could be used in a court it's also very difficult to dispute your status honest mistake if you dispute it with the t.s.a. and they say sorry we can't help your next step is the courts but you actually don't have any evidence to bring to the courts they won't even admit that you're on the no fly list so it's it's a very very long uphill battle in the circuit court of appeals which is very expensive as well jonathan you use the word ridiculous i want to play something really quick that a lot of people have found strange if not ridiculous it happened tuesday night at the airport in fort lauderdale brianna and her parents had just boarded a jet blue flight they were heading home to new jersey they say that's when a jet blue employee told them they have to get off the plane and i said why and he said well it's not you or your husband and your daughter was flying as no fly i said excuse me. so as his little girl
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a toddler was actually flagged on this list and they couldn't fly because of that i mean when you look at that. well i mean that does seem to be an apparent error if you're on the no fly list you're not issued a boarding pass so you did jet blue forgot to check the no fly list before issuing a bug report paster they were on some other kind of list. but the recent list of good but again that's that's the problem is that people are being told that they can't fly and are not being told well i. certainly seems that there's a major holes in the system here jonathan corbett president of for ten technologies appreciate you being on today well the supreme court today gave us a preview of cases it would be willing to hear in its next term and not on that list an appeal from a group of detainees from guantanamo bay now i want to go through a short timeline to really understand the significance of get mo since two thousand you know it's been used as a military prison for people captured in afghanistan in iraq because of its
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location in cuba officials there have found have been found time and time again to deny prisoners protections mandated under the geneva convention and this has brought forth quite a bit of anger on an international level now in two thousand and eight the supreme court ruled that detainees at gitmo could in fact challenge their detention this was in the case midian v bush and in two thousand and nine barack obama became president and many people believed after that it would only be a matter of time before the doors of guantanamo bay would be locked for good and here's why many people thought that want to audible betsy's and close down guantanamo restore habeas corpus import we're going to leave much other than the whole the restoring habeas corpus and the close guantanamo and i will follow through on that the will be closed now represents the rule of law and due process and that's why we're going to close the ads out of. our own hands for. all right let's fast forward less than
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a year after obama was inaugurated to an attempted act of terror by a man named abdul matal of otherwise known as the underwear bomber who tried to hide a bomb in his underwear and he happened to be from yemen which cause president obama to halt the release of any detainees from yemen today there are one hundred sixty nine prisoners still being held there but more than half of them have actually already been cleared for release so why are they still there any worthington author of the book the guantanamo files joins me now to what's to talk about what's happening here and what it means for us as american citizens all right and let's start i know you've done a lot of research about this but i want to start really quick with today's announcement by the supreme court namely that they will not take on these appeals what does this mean. well you know this is a very depressing ruling by the supreme court decision that they're not going to take up any of this the appeals that were lodged like montana prisoners the problem is that four years ago tomorrow actually exactly four years ago the supreme court
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gave the go in tandem a prisoner's havey as corpus rights and that led to a flurry of cases in which judges in the district court in washington d.c. heard the prisoners cases looked at the evidence from both sides and decided in a lot of these cases that the government didn't have a case against them and ordered their release now what these appeals are about is that for the last two years and particular the d.c. circuit court so the appeals court has been rewriting the rules of detention has been overriding that it's citizens that were made by the district court judges has been saying effectively anything that the government says we should be treating as though it's true. and has been stopping any of the prisoners being released through these legal means in the last two years not a single prisoner has won the hey this court was a decision it's very very politically motivated by the d.c.
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circuit courts these are very right wing judges they don't want prisoners released under any circumstances and the supreme court has been actually insulted by these judges in that one of the senior circuit court judges. actually delivered a speech in which he compared them to characters in the great gatsby by by saying that they were he quoted from the great gatsby and said these were careless people who broke things and he was referring to brumidi and the decision that was made for years ago it seems to me that i mean anything the government put forth as evidence is taken as you know fact these these government officials don't have to say where they got these evidence against these detainees they don't have to say how it came about they just put it for the math that. well what was happening in the early days was the judges were very impartially looking at the evidence and was saying look you're calling upon the evidence of some of the prisoners fellow detainees we also
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see here that you have actually said that you don't trust the statements that were made by a lot of these prisoners we don't trust your statements that were made by people in the field they were very carefully looking at all the different sides as they're supposed to do and what you're talking about is something that's only happened in the last two years it's destroyed behaviors process it has actually made a bee is called was. extinct for the groups animal prisoners now and that's grace and something that the supreme court really shouldn't be ignoring and break this down for me andy because i know that you've been doing so much research on this eighty seven detainees have been cleared for release by the president interagency kuantan a review task force why haven't they been released. well at least eighty seven you know two thirds of these are yemenis and as you mentioned after we had that trouble with. actually a nigerian man who was recruited in yemen for this attempted underwear bomb there
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was a backlash and the president capitulated to the criticism and said i won't release any more yemenis and he's been true to his word just one yemeni has been released through a court case now you know i think that really tragic thing and what i exposed in my report which i wrote last week for my website and the worthington and the close guantanamo website that iran is that some of these yemeni prisoners were cleared for release by military review boards under the bush administration back in two thousand and four eight years ago looking and i looked at all the other cases that i could find of yemenis and of people from other countries so they were cleared eight years ago and there's you know they're they're still there yeah i mean the bush administration was also reluctant to release prisoners to yemen but they did i mean two dozen prisoners have been released to yemen over the years but there's been these persistent refusals to release people regardless of where they're judged and i think that makes
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a mockery of the entire process if we keep having review processes under bush and now under obama saying we do not want to keep holding these people and yet we don't release them what does that say for on notions of justice it makes a mockery of it and in our introduction we showed at several examples not just one several examples of it then candidate obama also obama when he won the election on sixty minutes saying he had every intention of closing guantanamo bay why in your opinion i mean does it really just come down to this you know new knowledge that yemen is actually a threat i mean why has the kuantan of a not been closed. well you know he faced obstruction from congress that when he showed weakness early on and didn't release prisoners as soon as he said he wanted to close guantanamo he had the option then to release dozens of prisoners he said task force that officials who spent a year looking at the ground animal cases and pretty soon into that process republican senators in particular but also members of his own party who were caught up in a climate of fear started to think you know we he hasn't got
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a plan and the republicans worked out that they could use quotes and emote and say that he was weak about guantanamo national security and use that against him and then released the last few years lawmakers have been passing laws tying his hands preventing him from releasing prisoners but he's lacked the will he's like the courage he's backed down on numerous occasions when he shouldn't and we've also this ruling that we've had today from the supremes court also refusing to get involved the sad position that we're in is that every branch of the united states government has failed the prisoners in guantanamo and when we have over half of these one hundred sixty nine men who have been cleared for release but are still held that is a disgraceful message to be sending out to the world and it is an injustice for those people who are still held right andy worthington author of the bhagwan tunnel effect files appreciate your insight here that's going to do it for us here on the news that for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t
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america or check out our website artie dot com slash usa and you can always follow me on twitter i'm at christine for that now. i earned. the.
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morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada from china corporations are on the day.


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