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tv   [untitled]    June 12, 2012 5:32am-6:02am EDT

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mom said i was following dad around like a puppy right. what are you doing where you going and then he would ask me if i wanted to go to the store so i didn't notice i was doing this but he they said that when i would go to go to the store with dad just to get milk or something. i would walk up to the front door and just stand there. and because i still hadn't developed our redeveloped the habit of reaching out an open door i spent the entire day my dull life walking up the doors and stop and wait no somebody else to open the door and i didn't realize i was still do that he'd be like standing behind me like or you can open the door not in that scene look and so i'd step out of the way and let him open the door until they called it to my attention i realize how stupid that was and are not stupid but just weird so i had to make a conscious effort to say ok i'm going to open the door today and be aware that i could do that i can open the door walk outside sit down walk in the grass with my
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bare feet and. look at the moonrise and all those things that. that we all take for granted you know being able to sit down with your mother and put your arm around her and break bread with your family and. like i said that's a good example welcome bourbon aggress i didn't see grass for. twenty three years something like that. when he first got out a rather dry way the. one that had a side over here next door a nation four cop cars over there. he panicked he went around locked all the doors. so i'm going to actually when he should don't want to i don't unlock the door he was scared that he would drive
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a car right now in the state of oklahoma. because he's afraid of plants. getting you know push from drugs that say it was he as they do it all the time you know. they were going over alone and now he'll grab a nebraska kansas or wherever. here i don't like a lever get over there in that sale for twenty years. robert burkean longtime death row inmate i met him when i first got there he was a good guy they made him an orderly they trusted him he. was a good guy he didn't give the inmates any trouble and even give staff any trouble until the day died until he was scheduled to be executed robert had. resolved not to let the state of oklahoma kill him so he purchased and stored enough narcotics
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to kill himself several times over. in defiance of. or despite the rules and procedures that are put in place to prevent such a thing on the afternoon of robert's execution he took enough drugs to kill himself several times over when he was discovered the the agents for the state of oklahoma instead of letting that man die which was their objective that day is that he leave this earth he did it for them instead of allowing his death in this peaceful manner that he chose by drug overdose they rushed him to the hospital pumped his stomach gave him the drugs to counteract the narcotics took him back to prison in two hours later they executed him they strapped him to a table stuck a needle in his arm and took his life. it is the most bizarre and frightening thing that happened to me when i was on death row and of all of the horrors that i had to
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witness for two decades it was the one thing that i can't let go of the fact that they saved a man's life at the last minute so that they could killing. be . a shrew. and.
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see. the supreme court turned him down. naturally i'm. so. so the two hundred twenty second execution under rick perry
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a four hundred. sixty first execution in texas is about to take place. all over the state of texas and even at washington they say people are protesting yes texas sex secure share. quite loud but i thought well it was a was a father told us so why. bring our birdlife the national model of our. love her family. her path however so thoughtful.
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man they don't wise. my. son. riley was. it's. so odd. that.
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lethal injection was used in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight and one nine hundred thirty nine it was started by hitler's personal physician carl brandt ten thousand defective children were eliminated with lethal injections in the right in thirty eight and thirty nine the same mentality that they use then we use today we call it humane to make it easier on those who do the killing rather than on those who are killed zikos on b. it was responsible for the deaths of millions of people and death chambers across poland and yet in twenty ten in the united states arizona and mississippi use zajac line be gas pellets to liquidate people in gas chambers
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nobody wants to be linked to the nazis we can all agree that was among the worst regimes that ever existed in humanity and it's easy to point the finger at the nazis and say how terrible they were but the historical antecedents of the american death penalty today come in large part from the nazis. who is coral brant no american knows hitler's personal physician but he gave us the idiology of using a needle to kill people in the name of the law because it was easier for those who didn't who put the needle in the arm this is america if we're going to say how great lethal injection is then let's give credit to where credit is due and give credit to karl brandt and the nazis for coming up with that idea well i don't see that it's categorically more violence than been forcibly dragging
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a person off to be locked in a cage forever. you know it's not the kind of thing that i think of when i think of the word violence i think of. far more bloody and painful punishments than than. a procedure that is basically is similar to what is done for a medical procedure except that the person doesn't make up. that that is what strikes me is that is what the term violence refers to. he. he he.
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i would pretty much. i won't be allowed to touch him until after he's dead. tell me what about that other states at least let you have a last visit with your family. but it's still perplexing. we keep making jokes about getting real friendly with the guards me and my mother so we can just.
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you know. my god my mother in law thinks she can convince them. more ed for me to look at. mobile home. perfect for a guest cabin wonder. goal me up in business with cabins. out here how will he want to get rid of it and do it so that's what he's looking for. fatality house. that's what he wants for now we've decided to if you give dad the nat'l give me
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a business i'll have some income coming in or have to worry about working in money .
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in one of his first drawing. after he got locked up. the first time i looked at that crowd for our. cause when you look at it you know that what they're feeling. that's what their thoughts are. in this one. that was one of my favorite because it's just so pretty and he uses color. i wish he would concentrate more on the pretty pieces. then they can tie death penalty pieces. and there's a big story about this. the first time tony made this piece the hand looked to life live. they literally took it away. took down his entire sail. took the hand took everything he had with it. told him the hand was made
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for an escape attempt. and my son and he would wouldn't even think about going to skate until the yard it did happen. so i don't want him thinking about it ok i feel like concentrating. on native american stuff even the african man. my unicorn. pretty. to me that's what i want work it out but he laughs at. everybody. tony shouldn't be there tony. an excellent case to be able to get relief and be out of there to be able to literally walk free from death row but all these people that keep telling us i mean. their words and we're not being shown
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anything nobody we're not one step closer now than we were fourteen years ago to actually seeing him walk out the door and because we deal with it every week when we go to visit whether we talk about it when we put our hands up on that window and say love you take care the chances aren't really very good. and now it's getting to the point where they've executed more and more of his friends most of the ones that i knew when i first started seeing him and i've met some of them met some of those family and gotten to know most of those who've been executed already there's only two or three left that are still alive that i knew before and he was losing and what to him are his the last of his friends and he
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says every time there's another execution it seems like he dies a little bit more inside i don't see the justice and i can guarantee you that all of the people that say it brings closure i think they're going to be very disappointed i don't think it's going to bring any closure to anybody i just don't.
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i. e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e. personally i can't understand why anybody would want to witness that. i won't be there i will not witnessed him killing my son. i'll be there. but i will be far
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away you'll know i'm there i lied. but he did want me to see that either. his dad will go. and probably his cousin. they'll be there to be supportive for him. no he's not alone. no matter what they did. are hate that i can't be there. yeah. he's my only for me. but i would not handle that well. i just don't think i could do. to be sitting in
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a room with him laying there crap down to ernie. no one that that's the last minute. and they're going to ask him if he's got a meeting or. what's he supposed to say. he's told he didn't do. but they don't want to believe anything if they.
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really are sitting here and we can look back on an america that used to have slavery and shake our heads in disbelief that how could this country have slavery for two hundred forty six years and think it was ok but during that time those people thought it was ok it was a norm for them the way the death penalty is a norm for us. so things change in society society grows it becomes better it just does it at a very slow and frustrating pace and that's what will happen in this country with this issue we will ultimately reach a point where the average person in this country accepts the idea that killing people in the name of the law is not good it is not
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a good thing for this country to be doing but we are not at that day yet. and. not receive. any. kind.
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of. little. you never. know. and sometimes. it is easy. to. feel.
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to. her. and. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything
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you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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russian opposition activists launch another mass rally here in moscow but a high nationalist turnout sparks fears the demo may not well as peacefully as intended the latest on live just ahead also united nations observers report a sharp rise in rebel attacks on syrian forces as nato zone chief aide said a possible armed incursion now regardless of un backing. israel begins implementing its plan to expel more than fifty thousand african refugees as what's seen as a racist purging policy deepens in the self-styled away sister of democracy. and confidence costs your confidentiality today's julian assange show on r.t. he is worrying evidence of firms prying into your privacy online.
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hello two pm here in moscow you're watching r t with me kevin zero in this hour of first russia's opposition is back in protest mode today with a march through central moscow currently under way police say up to ten thousand people have joined the gathering while opposition activists say it's at least double that amount let's go up to speed on what's really happening out there parties peter all over is amongst the crowds bring us up to up to date with the latest if you would. your world you can see just behind me the months of songwriting here outside of st jude's to moscow they've been marching from pushkin sky is just that if you pull up this is the weight of the meeting here. it's to push out of this street as stage is being set up there will be speeches given from that's the only gathering taking place here though the people who are taking part in this devastation come from all over.


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