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tv   [untitled]    June 12, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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artie's mind broadcasts. r.s.s. feeds now with the palm of your. question on the dot com. russian opposition activists launch another mass rally here in moscow with a reported twenty thousand people taking part right now but a high nationalist turnout is sparking fears the demo may not run this peacefully as intended. united nations observers report a sharp rise in rebel attacks on syrian forces as nature's own chief instead of possible armed incursion regardless of un backing. israel begins implementing its plan to expel more than fifty thousand african refugees as what's seen as a racist purging policy deepens in the self-styled away sister of democracy. and convenience costs your confidentiality today's julian assange show on our t.v. this hour he is wiring evidence of firms prying into your previous see on.
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three pm here in moscow welcome if you just tuned to a c watching r.t. with me kevin now in and first russia's opposition is now finished a mass march through central moscow which is a major gathering in the capital police say up to twenty thousand people are there while anti-government activists say it's at least five times more than that artie's pedro all of us amongst them it's culture within the get the latest hi peter thousands out there no matter how you look at it in moscow as we're seeing who who are the people that are making up that crowd predominantly. what we've seen people make their way from pushkin square here to south of street in central moscow from all over. the political structure in russia has raised a few eyebrows and perhaps
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a few worries as well as the number of nationalists and nationalist groups that are here as a vast number of nationalist flies which we've seen at previous protests before however it's the first time i've seen people wearing variants on nazi uniforms in fact one woman wearing a an adapted version of the the s.s. uniform emblazoned with a a russian nationalist sash across a rom hopefully they were there won't be any trouble from those people stirring out up there but yes all the people now seem to have made their way from from they pushed into a square here to just over to my left around four hundred meters away there's a stage set up where people are listening to speeches i think some bands are expected to play there as well and it's really pretty much jam packed all the way up the road which is being shot off specially for this demonstration pretty much standing room only. right up to where i am here and now of course this is the first
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march since the governator tougher penalties for those who violate rally rules how significant has that moved to what's happening now. while the changes in the law were brought in because of the protests in may which were basically hijacked by radicals we saw violence erupt in some places with both police on demonstrators being injured cheering knows so we saw new laws pushed through the parliament signed off by the president which will make it which will result in much stiffer penalties for people attending organizing unsanctioned rallies now this demonstration is sanctioned it's allowed to continue until six pm moscow time which is around three hours away. what we will see though is the if anybody stays or refuses to leave after that time they will be taking part in an unsanctioned rally that could now bring around a penalty of up to seven thousand euro in fines. no the the there is
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a large police presence here as well to try and keep the peace here and if people are refusing to leave after the lot of time they will be expected moving in to clear this street in central moscow. or all over in central moscow today they will become burch as you say throughout the course of the next three hours or so gauging what's happening. and you keep across the latest developments as well whenever you like on line over the next three hours at r.t. dot com we're streaming live pictures from there so you can see it as it's taking place online from us. the syrian rebels intensifying attacks on government forces on the assad led government's heavy response there the major themes of u.n. observers latest report from the country russia is now again offering to host an international peace conference on syria here in moscow intended to pressure both sides into talks and jumpstart kofi annan store peace plan. is got the latest from within syria. un morning to us have reported
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a heavy surge in recent week of rebels called a nation and attacks in response they say the syrian government has given the army too much freedom and too much free rein and that all the lads. dramatic increase in civilian dads one of the most stark in the recent example of this fresh wave of violence here in syria is they have e r to reboard mint of the rebel stronghold backed by helicopter strikes in the central province of holmes and again we've been receiving conflicting reports on exactly what happened there with opposition claiming the syrian army has been targeting inshallah in the residential areas of the town while the government has been accusing the rebels of using civilians as human. in these attacks death toll yesterday alone sixty three people according to opposition sources with more than third of them army soldiers the u.n. secretary general ban ki moon has said that he's deployed concerned over the increasing violence here in syria and has called on all countries with influence on
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both the rebels and syrian government to call on all parties to stop while to stop atrocities to lay down arms and to pull back as he put it from the brink at the same time we are hearing claims of completely different nature from another international organization with a surge of violence has been seized on by nature's chief hinting at a possible intervention mr rasmussen has compared the events in syria today with those in the balkans during the nine hundred ninety s. that led to his bombardment of former yugoslavia the alliances chief has said that unless you and reached a unified solution nato might intervene on its own without un approval and without u.n. support we've also been hearing a lot about military intervention recently from both you and nato member britain foreign secretary william hague has said that this scenario cannot be ruled out because also stress that this up to assad to this. whether he wants to seize the
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violence and all atrocities in his country and fulfill the rebels' demands at the same time we know hague has stressed that britain is aware of all kind of terrorist operating in syria saying that the international terrorist organization could fuel the violence and could fuel this conflict so that and the west message is somewhat muddled that assad is not responsible for all violence here in his country but he is being held responsible regardless. of the threats of a looming western intervention in syria are being greeted with enthusiasm by the rebels the opposition forces along with the syrian army are accused by the un of using children as human shields international relations professor mark coleman says for some regime change is the same so much can be overlooked. brunei states and britain france have made a strategic decision by a long haul as a way of putting pressure on iran change in. the middle east or if they can
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achieve that through syrian domestic horses deniable or the arab special. surprise weapons on her that ultimately i think they would not wish to accept a defeat in regime survived it would be a huge geopolitical so still a very one sided international call. but of course to become a multi sided culture streaming dangerous and there is a risk of course. the mainstream media has been gunning for the syrian regime from the outset largely ignoring reports of rebel atrocities while persistently handing is sad backed by often contradictory soundbites but as a test for a similar explains next for some as part of a first strike perfected by decades of practice. images like these. and words like the innocent civilians were beaten imprisoned and the violence protect civilians are often what have preceded military operations in the name of stopping
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brutal killings by hardened dictators and while authoritarian regimes are not devoid of responsibility for atrocities the story often ends there especially when leaders of intervening countries have to justify their wars to their people it's depressingly easy to sell a war it's almost becoming a habit actually even in spite of all that we now know about the lies told over iraq the same stereotypes crop up again and again and again regardless of who or what kind of regime is being attacked whether it's a secular regime or a religious one to the viewer it's about the good guy bad guy it's about search your raving arse over and over and over again with the same images now here's what they're good at. satisfied the viewing audience without exposing your true agenda in one thousand nine hundred ninety a girl named maria told the story of what iraqi soldiers did to babies in a kuwaiti hospital think it is and let the children to die of
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a cold oh. her testimony was widely publicized and cited by politicians in justifying their support for kuwait in the first gulf war turned out she was the daughter of the kuwaiti ambassador to the us but her testimony was part of a public relations campaign run by an american p.r. agency for the kuwaiti government sparking controversy and public anger. p.r. firms or individuals spin doctors consulting for governments and politicians is certainly not new or uncommon but while there may be a need for effective communication there's also a very thin line between that and saddam hussein to build and keep weapons of mass destruction out right manipulation as many would point to the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction he used as a pretext for western powers to attack iraq in two thousand and three. communication is a weapon each slogan is a dumb dumb advertising terms have become war terms we talk about targets we talk
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about strikes again we talk about its impact if this is terrible it is also a weapon in the war because all wars are broadcast live and these him and he's going through this world opinion with the book has already been done several times in the past change the face of war to bring the bodies to make up you can always simulate a massacre that is not the current misinformation it is easy to fall during a period of war. even when history is full of examples to learn from some say people's collective memories are simply too short reality is hardly ever blotted white truth has many sides to it but when the wheels the feel warmer things start serving up polish that happens through the facts take a back seat the first a lot of statements are often what sticks and even if corrections apologies come later the damage that's already been done the plots are often were perfectly. just her silly artsy parts. still to come
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there. and says bless square and tell them obey prisoners it didn't i just this is the us turns a blind alley that was being held for years without even being charged with any crime. and the u. optimism over spain's hundred billion euro bailout crumbles as market for realize that not even that's enough to bring them back from the brink. israel's arrested dozens of sudanese refugees in the first stage of its plan to deport more than fifty thousand african nationals the country stars itself as the middle east's only oasis of democracy in its attracted many africans fleeing from violence to their homelands but their one way journey rarely has a happy ending as policy or found out i thought that. the sudanese are a cancer in our body who will do everything to return them to their lands strong words from a politician in the country built by those who survived the holocaust. sudanese dissidents sudanese dissident and even stronger words inciting racial hatred
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against african migrants. point minister benjamin netanyahu has boasted loud that israel is the only democracy in the middle east and yet it's his own politicians who calling for verse that the we need to expel the infiltrators from the lands of israel and we shouldn't be afraid to use that word so many of the so-called infiltrators have already been expelled once fleeing poverty violence of authoritarian rule some sixty thousand of them have crossed illegally into israel through the relatively poorest desert border with egypt israel is warn of an impending demographic and economic crisis in the future these are people who experience severe a tram when they are in need of land in therefore they saw their villages burned down in the trees who were slaves of a dictatorial regime somewhere in torture camps in sinai and then a new struggle stars for them. is really say most come seeking work rather than
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wait for. and when it comes to growing crime figures the newcomers make convenient scapegoats but the government cannot deport the migrants as they have a group protection those from sudan and eritrea no matter what their circumstances cannot be sent back because they face possible persecution and so they stay there without work permits and denied the most basic rights like shelter and food i feel very scary that most for that we have this this is a really really scary we feel like very secure. now and then there will be the acts of violence towards the refugees and they already have been apartments of african workers set alight and almost daily beatings. far from dealing with the situation prime minister netanyahu has announced his intention to go ahead with building a detention center to house ten thousand africans and to enforce a controversial law that will allow israel forty's to imprison illegal immigrants
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for up to three years without a trial then assume a leg they should look into the eyes of easy africans who fled while ns and despair and think about what they're doing to see how they're demonized how they are called names is terrible i am ashamed i'm ashamed as an israeli as a jew in recent months street violence against the africans has surged all the more insidious because it seems to be getting the nod from above policy r.t. tel aviv. the world covered on the web site r.t. dot com including details on the u.s. state of skill and law says it can be ok to put a gun on a police officer going to read up more about that online today. and watch what you do on the web a russian tech security firms warning we are now in the midst of an international cyber war orchestrated by the same group behind two of the most damaging campaigns to date.
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high tech gadgets and software are supposed to make our lives simpler but to do it all they have to gather private data of course there's a fear over what the tech firms are doing with our personal info when they get it whether they can really keep anything secret anymore later this hour julie the sounds that makes the cyberpunk movement who say they're fighting our corner. when my country is a million people have a security clearance and they're allowed to access that private data four point three million how can you call the data private right that's the problem rate is that it is not actually truly one hundred percent secret from every person on the planet it is only secret from the people who are from the pile of. your exact words when we talk about internet censorship it is about centralizing power to determine
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what people remain be able to access or not and whether it's government censorship or also private on censorship there tinging the architecture of the internet from one universal network to look at these asian of smaller networks but what we are discussing since the beginning are all global issues whether we're talking of the the financial system going henri whether we're talking of corruption whether we're talking of geopolitics or. energy or environment or i don't know all of these are global problems that mankind is facing today and we have one still one global tool between our hands that enables better communication better the sharing of knowledge better participation in political and democratic process what i feel the way i suspect is that global universal internet is the only tool we still have between
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our hands to sort of revel in those global issues and this is why this is a central fight that we have to fight and that we all have a responsibility here to to fight them. here less than fifteen minutes if you've missed any of the series so far and let you know you can catch all the additions streaming online on our website whenever you like to catch up with r.t. dot com. one hundred billion euros is not enough to allay the pains that is the message being signaled by investors just days after the eurozone agreed to an enormous bailout for spanish banks the initial market optimism quickly evaporated spanish. what are those says that on top of that broken jobless spaniards are being left to fend for themselves the spanish government has been pushing a very very strict agenda of austerity cuts for months already we've seen that before in all the bailout countries when you're one hundred billion euro seem to
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any economy. for a few days and then investors realize that we're still in an economic crisis in an economic downturn in the case of spain even in a recession certainly the banks have to be bailed out we need our banking system intact of course but people because the banks are actually at the root cause of this crisis because of a spain because of the property bubble the cheap loans and all that so people would be saying why bailout of the banks bailout us we also need it and maybe citing why they're angry. next hour on r.t. as well american economist nouriel roubini tells us why europe's debt ridden states can't all be tarred with the same brush. as people tend to say the eurozone problems because of lack of fiscal these visibly in office cover reckless there's that applies to be the really only the greece yes there is a lie then there is a fifteen percent g.d.p. . deficit blowup and then that led to the fiscal crisis and actually in the in
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spain in the island was the private side of that eventually led to the problems of having to bail out the banks large that was the greater the fiscal problem was on the fiscal problem the first place. so you know you cannot generalize there are different types of crisis within the eurozone. the u.s. supreme court refusing to hear an appeal filed by seven guantanamo bay prisoners over being locked up for lengthy periods without him being charged that's despite president obama's electoral promise to close the notorious facility for good the worthington author of the guantanamo files believes such an approach makes a mockery of the entire u.s. justice system. for the last two years in particular the d.c. circuit court said the appeals court has been rewriting the rules of detention has been overriding that it's issues that were made by the district court judges has been saying effectively anything that the government says we should be treating as
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though it's true. and has been stopping any of the prisoners being released through these legal means in the last two years not a single prisoner has when they need this court was a decision it's very very politically motivated by the d.c. circuit courts these are very right wing judges they don't want prisoners released under any circumstances what was happening in the early days was that judges were very impartially looking at the evidence and saying look your calling of the evidence of some of the prisoners fellow detainees you we also see here that you have actually said that you don't trust the statements that were made by a lot of these prisoners we don't trust your statements that were made by people in the field they were very carefully looking at all the different sides as they're supposed to do but there's been these persistent refusal to release people regardless of how they're judged and i think that makes
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a mockery of the entire process if we keep having review processes under bush and under obama saying we do not want to keep holding these people and yet we don't release them what does that say for our notions of justice it makes a mockery of it. to international briefing knighted states and south korea hold more joint military training three live fire exercise in the northern valley there evolved a multiple launch rocket system that all took place amid worries that north korea could launch a third long range rocket test following april's failed attempt. heavy rains have caused flash flooding and mudslides in taiwan it killed four people more than three thousand and evacuated from across the i. and waves of the capital was submerged in the high flood waters after a night of downpours the trenches are expected to last into wednesday. coming up to twenty three minutes past three o'clock here in moscow thanks for being with us rivers are you watching around the world this go up to speed chile with the
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business i can see katie pilbeam there poised ready to go you've been following the spain story even though it's a day off for business who are more scope for public holiday continues of course it's steamrollers on what we're being dealt with there on the market floor what's the church well is dominating the kevin quite frankly is where all traders investors are talking about our economy is they've got spain on the brain. i'm a poet and i didn't know it now we did have the brief optimism over spain's bank a deal worth one hundred twenty six billion dollars but that was surprised by questions concerns about the details now i also want to mention the bourne yields and arising so that we've got the looming election in greece coming up this weekend so we do have the fits in the dax gaining this hour but i must say the trading is thin on the ground it's because it's not necessarily a week to go shopping you know investors are holding on to their positions to
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anticipate what is happening i also want to mention that u.s. stock markets are indeed there pointing makes it in my event i do also want to mention the u.k. industrial production fell for the fourteen consecutive months as well and i'm going to talk about cyprus because they're our concern now there's talk that it may be the next country poised for an international bailout now on monday it's finance minister hinted the cash strapped country may apply for financial aid before the end of this month now that's in case the economy finds it difficult to support banks which are highly exposed to great they say oh i also wanted to mention as well something about germany the fact that there's been even more polls come. now saying that they're not interested in supporting these peripheral countries that are deep in. them is have a look at the asian markets and see how they froze up earlier in the session as you can see both the nikkei. finished on the back also wanted to mention the fall still
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they finished we had some details come out about china's banking system and they're actually lending more to households and corporations expanded it may what that does indicate is that the policy easing we saw last week from the government of china it's finding some traction so it's finding its way which investors they do like that the house will see some optimism play out some more on the asian markets will certainly say all right is have a look at the russian markets as you say kevin they are indeed closed today as a public holiday but these are the closing figures on this us a slew of higher because at that point in time prices were high up i'll have a look at the ruble a see that had a mixed performance against the balls get of current since we get to the exchange rate you'll be able to see that particularly because of the holiday maybe they are i would also have a look at the euro dollar. i carry case we'll talk about all of us. ok oil is falling for a fourth day now and then it's off to saudi arabia or menaces says but. they need
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a high output live it and the u.s. issued more exemptions from sanctions of buying a wrong crude what that does is it cuts the risk of supply disruptions for prices dropping this hour. all right then want to talk about vogue area that it. will get an eleven percent discount to gas it buys from russia starting from around two hundred twenty million dollars the offer is conditional on signing the south stream pipeline deal to bring natural gas to soften and send to your gas from my. russian . the pipeline and then cover its losses from transit payments. all right have enough markets and i'll be back in about fifteen minutes. no you may not. know up next the program you've been waiting for the first showing of the latest julian assange show today about whether or not it's possible to keep everything secret of
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the more than they world it's straight out of the headlines which should next on this channel. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact costs before the source material is what helps keep journalism honest we.
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