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tv   [untitled]    June 12, 2012 3:02pm-3:32pm EDT

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i think they could find these russian fans from what i understand and from what i've heard free fans are in a serious condition one of which is in a critical school condition was a lot of blood on the fans who are. cold and. really i mean sobs misspoken some of the russian journalists who were within that march they said it was really horrific sides from what was happening i mean earlier in the day there had been sporadic incidents russian fans were sitting at a cafe in the center of town and they were tanks by a group of around fifty polish hooligans earlier in the competition. where russia played their first match against the czech republic where russian fans attacked a group of polish supporters so perhaps this might have been a bit of a revenge almost for the poles for what happened in broad sort of but certainly been a lot of very unsavory incidents happening here in warsaw and as i understand it
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around fifty people have been arrested by the police. you can find photos and more footage from where all the trouble kicked off in the politician capital hours before the twenty twelve match at our dot com. a mass opposition protests has taken place in moscow the demonstration drew activists from a range of political groups and went off peacefully in contrast to a violent rally last month that time there were dozens of injuries to protesters and police with criminal cases filed against those who started the trouble parties peter all over has the latest from moscow we saw tens of thousands of people demonstrating on the streets of moscow they came from all across the political spectrum in the country from the far left sue far right extremist groups to say the the nationalists and far right groups were amongst the the largest in attendance now while i was take walking with those demonstrators along that route i did see
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several amongst the group of nationalists wearing perrier shoes on all nazi uniforms including one woman wearing a take on the s.s. uniform including a a banner around tehran bearing a russian nationalists symbol but of course these people did come from all across the political structure is i say they came to voice their displeasure with the russian government this demonstration went off incredibly peacefully we didn't see anything like the violent clashes we saw during the previous protests in moscow in may of this year now then we saw the demonstrations really hijacked by radical groups and we saw the clashes which resulted in both the demonstrators themselves and police being injured now that resulted in the apartments the homes of those leaders of the protest movement having their houses searched to see if they
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were involved in organizing those violent attacks. we also saw changes to the law here in russia regarding what punishments would be in place for those breaking the law during demonstrations the government saying that they did this to bring the fines and the sentences in line with other european countries which means you could see a fine for severe breaking of the law we're talking about things like causing serious damage to people and property here it is as high as seven thousand year old fortunately we didn't see any of that type of violence today in this protest went off pretty much without a hitch despite the weather and there's also another huge gathering taking place in the heart of moscow right now and that's the celebration of russia today. more than thirty thousand people have gathered headmasters red square to come amr a twenty two years of the russian federation join me later as i bring you more on the live music and celebrations this stage right yeah. but first syria
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is now in a state of civil war that's according to the head of the u.n. peacekeeping operation in the country syria has recently seen a spike in violence with human observers now reporting not just offensives by government forces but also an increase in coordinated rebel attacks to well conflicting reports on the number of victims and the forces behind the violence have triggered conflicting reactions from world powers are to spring from the ocean is in damascus. you earn more interest have reported a heavy surge in recent weeks of rebels called a nation and attacks in response they say the syrian government has given the army too much freedom and too much free rein and that all the lads. dramatic increase in civilian dads one of the most stark in the recent example of this fresh wave of violence here in syria is we have we are to rebuild bodman and of the rebel stronghold backed by helicopter strikes
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in the central province of holmes and again we've been receiving conflicting reports on exactly what happened there with opposition claiming the syrian army has been targeting the shelling the residential areas of the town while the government has been accusing the rebels of using civilians as human shoot during these attacks death toll yesterday alone sixty three people according to opposition sources with more than a third of them army soldiers the u.n. secretary general ban ki moon has said that he's deployed concerned over the increasing violence in syria and has called on all countries with influence on both the rebels and syrian government to call on all parties to stop violence to stop atrocities to lay down arms and to pull back as he put it from the brink at the same time we are hearing claims of completely different nature from another international organization with a surge of violence has been seized on by nature's chief hinting at a possible intervention mr rasmussen has compared the events in syria today with
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those in the balkans during the nineteen nineties that led to bombardment of former yugoslavia we've also been hearing a lot about military intervention recently from both u.n. and nato member britain foreign secretary william hague has said that this scenario cannot be ruled out it is also stressed that this up to assad to decide whether he wants to seize the violence and all atrocities in his country and fulfill the rebels' demands at the same time we know hague. has the. kind of terrorist operating in syria saying that the international terrorist organization fueled the violence and could fuel this conflict so that and the west's message is somewhat muddled that assad is not responsible for all violence here in his country but he is being held responsible regardless. to further discuss the situation in syria
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we're now joined live from beirut by dr mark let's not be a political analyst and senior columnist at wired newspaper thank you for being with us i want to begin with the news of the u.n. peacekeeping cheap calling officially really to journalist the syrian conflict a civil war do you think this definition will change the way the international community is trying to handle the situation. i think the situation has reached very dangerous proportions and there are civilians that are being killed and today we had some. there were some pictures of heart about massacres where children have been targeted and innocent civilians and i think however it's not too late i mean i am afraid that perhaps the statement given by the united nations may may be a. desperate call yet yes but it's not the end of the road there is still
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a chance to actually have a cease fire to have the plan that has been laid out in the past by kofi annan implemented to have a ceasefire and go for the political dialogue there is no military solution they cannot be a military solution and in fact what the western powers are calling for. military interference is is in insane initiative it would not lead to any progress in this situation it would only make the situation worse and the you fought in the russian foreign minister mr sergey lavrov had clearly pointed. a flash. of the clear position that they refuse there they would veto i mean they hinted that they would veto any decision that any project for decision that would be laid out in the security council that would call for military intervention because that would only make the situation worse so what i heard today also reports coming from moscow that there is a call for an international conference. to be organized by the russian or thora he
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is for friends of syria the true friends of syria not the friends of one side or another not the friends of one party that would favor one party over another nor a conference that could be held in russia for all the people who are concerned with the well being of the syrian people to get out of this this harbored. situation there in that is taking the country into destruction. let's talk about the opposition fighters u.n. observers now openly admit coordinated attacks by rebels have increased so why are we still seeing pressure only applied to the outside regime. yes obviously that's the double standard that is today or widespread in the western media and in the western diplomatic circles where the emphasis is always on putting the responsibility on his regime whereas it takes i mean we can see from the
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pictures that you're showing right now these made me believe as these terrorists these gunmen c.b.d. and using weapons shooting at the army institutions destroying their own country i mean these i mean the the foreign the foreign affairs. department in russia has always called and also the chinese and the iranians have although it always called upon the western powers to put some pressure on the supporters of these armed groups because apparently there are some reports and these are now confirmed reports that some arab countries and some western countries and also some groups affiliated with the with the western intelligence and western intelligence and some of these other countries have been sending weapons and guns to these rebel groups and citing them to continue in this process of destruction of their own country this would take syria
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nowhere but into a thought of destruction and misery for everybody no one would come out as a winner in this if this continues the way it does. just bravely coffee i mean has signaled he would ask governments with influence to quote twist arms to enforce the peace plan in syria what arm twisting are we likely to see if any. well i'm not sure about this kind of discourse i wouldn't agree with the with the with the terms that are being used i think there is some pressure that needs to be put on. saudi arabia on turkey there's some pressure that needs to be put on some other western forces the united states must be convinced that another war and destruction in the area will also damage its interests in the region i mean we're talking about
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a. conflict that could spread into neighboring countries that we're talking about a conflict that could reach proportions where it could damage the at the the the world markets it could damage the international economy because this could actually lead to a tension in the region that could affect also the at the gulf countries it could affect the city is in a very strategic location if one just looks at the map this is at the center of an area that many western powers and also some international powers have interests to preserve so i think it would it's not too late it's still there's still time to reach a peaceful solution i think the call by minister lavrov today to ask for her to call for an international conference for the friends of syria is important i think all the parties should participate the united states should participate saudi arabia qatar should participate and also iran and syria and china and one must look
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for a solution that is suitable for everyone so that syria can remain as a country under a unified government because there is a serious danger of the division of syria there is a serious danger of a collapse the thought of collapse of the. order in syria they have been in an attempt yesterday there was a report that these middle militia men and gunmen try to keep. military bases inside syria to capture some heavy equipment and this is. a very very difficult situation on the ground there we very much appreciate your analysis and we seem to be out of time though omar be a political analyst and senior columnist at our car newspaper live with us from beirut. where he leaves founder julian assange has asked britain supreme court to reopen the case regarding his extradition to sweden almost two weeks after
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he lost his appeal there his lawyers challenge the legality of the previous ruling in what's said to be an unusual move now the famous whistleblower is wanted in sweden over sex crime allegations but his supporters fear his extradition will just be a step towards handing him over to the u.s. recently his contacts and acquaintances experience evidence of the pursuit of assad some of them being held for questioning particularly after taking part in his program that broadcast that broadcast here on r t you can watch the latest edition of his show throughout the day as he asked activists from the cypherpunks movement about the invisible war over our future is being fought on mine. but the fundamental things that cypherpunks written recognize is that the architecture actually defines the political situation so you have a centralized architecture even if the best people in the world are in control of it no matter where we look we can see especially with financial systems that that effectively even if the people have the best of intentions it doesn't matter i mean
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the architecture is the truth it's true for the internet with regard to communications the so-called lawful intercept systems which are which is just a nice way of saying spying on people would say you can use them locally and so yeah it's sort of like lawful murder you've heard about also the rights on american citizens by the u.s. president obama you know when he killed on lorillard he's sixteen year old son in yemen that's it lawful murder or targeted killing as they put it right so a so-called lawful intercept is the same thing you just put lawful in front of everything and then all of a sudden because the state does it it's legitimate but it's in fact the architecture of the state that allows them to do that at all and is the architecture of the laws and the architecture of the technology just is the same as it's the architecture of financial systems and what the cypherpunks wanted to do was to create systems where we could compensate each other in a truly free way where it was not possible to interfere. you know watch the second part of julian assange just talks with the cypherpunks
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and later this hour here on r.t. and if you missed the first part that we aired last week it is available for you online at archie dot com. the rescue package responded banks will come with strings attached that's the message from the german chancellor who said the help will be tied to reforms in the banking sector now it contradicts comments from the country's prime minister who indicated that the hundred billion euros of financial aid was different from the conditional balance of other e.u. states political risk consultant john holzman says it's getting harder and harder for e.u. politicians to make investors believe their strategy is. the point is that of course the germans are going to part with their money without conditions mrs merrill has a very tough political scene or sell and if she were said to just give the spanish one hundred million euro the people in germany would think she'd lost her mind so they're going to be conditions of course the troika is going to look over spanish banks of course there's going to be conditionality the e.u.
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level and the spanish and what's happening is you see the politics of this getting harder and harder mrs merkel needs that conditionality the spanish government can't hope to survive if there is that conditionality they've lost control of the story and they're beginning to believe this nonsense the crisis has followed a pattern they've been phrenic bailouts for greece of portugal ireland and now spain and what's happened is that after every bailout the amount of time it takes the markets to read the fine print realize that indeed this is nonsense it is an all set to get smaller and smaller and smaller so we've gone from two months to two weeks to two days and in the case of spain it took literally two hours for things to turn around this is by far the end from from the end of the story. next hour on r.t. american economist nouriel roubini tells us where the euro zone's financial walls could ultimately leave the union and the global economy. there is certainly risk that the situation could become disorderly in the eurozone like a desire to believe default and i exist by greece contagion will run on the banks i
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made early in spain and then there was market voxer and they eventually have to restructure the senate and that's not sufficient in a few years down the line they also i guess of the eurozone in which case the eurozone you know breaks up and you could have a significant european and a global you know financial totem oil and then you could end up like japan with a long terms like a nation if not another depression it's a risk. the u.s. military has admitted to mistakes committed during its wars enough in iraq and afghanistan a recent report written by the pentagon says strategic leadership repeatedly failed in its training and policies with washington fowling to rule out military intervention in syria lawrence freeman from executive intelligence review magazine believes it can avoid these same errors by simply staying away from military right
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now in the united states is playing a very critical role the key and major institution that is pushing back against president obama and that nato commitment for an intervention into syria one should start these kinds of interventions especially in those countries you're going past the point of simple combat you're threatening the danger of nuclear war no to right now we say no no no no don't stick us in another one of these situations where you don't want this and if you do this thing could escalate into an i. to nuclear war and we were opposed to this so i would say that the the military right now is probably more sane and more thoughtful in defending the interests united states than our president obama is at this moment look now at some other world headlines as many as one hundred people are feared
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dead after two or crepes rattled north northern afghanistan rescue crews continue to search for survivors after a tremor sparked a massive landslide burying dozens of homes damage has been reported across five percent showed only a few people being polled from the rubble alive when the quake was felt as far away is the capital kabul one hundred and seventy kilometers to the south. you know of west pakistan a commander of anti taliban forces has to revive an attack from a suicide bomber but two of his bodyguards were killed the local tribal leader was in in his car when the explosives were set off two other people were injured in the attack which comes just days after a similar strike killed nineteen on a boss carrying government employees no one has claimed responsibility for either incident. it was former president hosni mubarak is said to be in stable condition after doctors worked to revive him when his heart stopped twice but the
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country's official news agency denied that mubarak went into a coma as some reports have suggested the eighty four year old health house worsened over the last few days the former leader is now in a car row prison hospital serving a life term for his role in the killings of hundreds of protesters during last year's uprising. well there's a big party going on in moscow right now with crowds out in force marking russia day especially now that russia has just scored in the match against poland more than thirty thousand people are enjoying the party outside the kremlin in the capital's main square artie's tabby has more now on the celebrations and the holiday itself today marks twenty two years of the russian federation now we're talking about the fall of the soviet union back in one thousand nine hundred and for you this day the jews are twelve was made a new special public holiday so that every russian can enjoy this day to celebrate
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who they are from the flags to the national and it's all about politics a little boy here with all of those from around the country will be here to entertain the crowd and of course the hope of some of bellaver people like. brushes and you know you're a vision. lovely as always they made everybody just joyful and it really just was so excited to see them every year russians are celebrated this very differently and this yes they've decided to stage this amazing concert so that everyone from young and old can come out here to the most popular place in moscow and enjoy the celebrations enjoy being russian on russian national day. max is the latest business here in arts here with me three. hello and welcome to business trade in europe has been choppy and cautious on
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tuesday as investors await the results of the crucial sunday elections in greece although we did see some positive movement after monday's pretty cautious trade we've seen for the sea go up point seven percent the decks a bit weaker than that this is on the back of hopes for more stimulus measures both in the u.s. and in europe of a monetary easing in the u.s. notably and this is being taken in positively by european traders and also the european commission president assures emmanuel by rolls who has said that the e.u. banks must go ahead beyond measures proposed last week and submit to a single cross border supervised meanwhile cyprus may be the next country poised for an international bailout on monday its finance minister hinted that the cash strapped country may apply for financial aid before the end of this month and that's in case the economy finds it difficult to support banks which are highly exposed to greece. in asia the nikkei is saw
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a completely different picture down on more than one percent as the international monetary fund was pressuring the bank of japan to go ahead with monterrey easing saying that the yen is overvalued and here in russia there was no trading on tuesday just like on monday because of national holidays but trading will resume on wednesday when traders will have to be playing catch up with with the rest of the world but here's here's saturday's closing figures for you with the r.t.s. of the my six or some positive movement coming out to one of the most positive monthly gains weekly gains i have to say so far this year for the russian market. and bulgaria will get an eleven percent discount on the natural gas that is buying from russia starts. from april worth around one hundred twenty million dollars deal for is conditional on the assigning the south stream pipeline deal to bring natural gas to southern and central europe gas from
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a finance both russian and bulgarian parts of the pipeline and then cover its losses from transit. as all from the business team for now the headlines are next on our team do stay with us. there hasn't been a thing yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. the full source material is what helps keep journalism honest we.
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eleven thirty pm in moscow breaking news this hour police used tear gas and rubber bullets as a polish weekends attack russian fans had a euro twenty twelve match in warsaw which is now under way between poland and russia. and other news tens of thousands of opposition activists rally in central mosque out with agendas ranging from the far left to nationalist extremists. serious conflict has grown into a full scale civil war that's according to the u.n. peacekeeping missions observers point to an escalation in violence highlighting a spike in coordinated grapple attacks. just ahead julian assange meets the cypherpunks movement to look at whether your privacy is a thing of the past. i
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am truly innocent. editor of wiki leaks expose the secrets these documents belong the united states government being attacked by the powerful united states strongly condemn a classic black sheep illegally should. be tamed without charge but that hasn't stopped. the day. it can change the world tomorrow. a furious war of the future of our societies is under way the most this war you think is.


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