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tv   [untitled]    June 12, 2012 8:02pm-8:32pm EDT

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i mean i've been following the russian team for quite a long time and a lot of the fans in this march they were just purely football supporters and you can easily tell a football supporter from someone who's looking for trouble and there were a number of casualties. ten people have been taken to hospital and been around a hundred arrests and unfortunately. there was trouble brewing as i left the stadium is a very short walk from the stadium where i'm speaking now and i did hear some of polish supporters. saying things which could provoke the situation the russian fans were very wild reserve it didn't respond to these provocations but unfortunately i'm sure it's happened it's going to be more trouble in the city centers both groups as. heads of bars in the city center and really i think unfortunately it's just going to be a recipe for disaster remember and you can find photos and more footage from the trouble in the polish capital on our website r t dot com. a mass opposition protest
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happened in central moscow demonstration gathered activists from all walks or russia's political scene and what are peacefully in contrast to a violent rally last month that was may protest saw dozens of injuries to protesters and police with criminal cases filed against the organizers peter over reports we saw tens of thousands of people demonstrating on the streets of moscow they came from all across the political spectrum in the country from the far left sue far right extremist groups to say the the nationalists in far right groups who are amongst the the largest in attendance now while i was take walking with those demonstrators along that route i did see several amongst the group of nationalists wearing variations on all nazi uniforms including one woman wearing a take on the s.s. uniform including a a banner around tehran bearing a russian nationalists symbol of course these people did come from all across. the
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political structure is i say they came to voice their displeasure with the russian government this demonstration went off incredibly peacefully i didn't see anything like the violent clashes we saw during the previous protests in moscow in may of this year now then we saw the demonstrations really hijacked by radical groups and we saw the clashes which resulted in both the demonstrators themselves police being injured now that resulted in the apartments the homes of those leaders of the protest movement having their houses search to see if they were involved in organizing those violent attacks and we also saw changes to the law here in russia regarding what punishments would be in place for those breaking the law during demonstrations the government saying that they did this to bring the fines and the the sentences in line with other european countries which means you could see
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a fine for severe breaking of the law we're talking about things like causing serious damage to people and property here it is as high as seven thousand year old fortunately we didn't see any of that type of violence today in this protest went off pretty much without a hitch despite the weather. syria now in a state of civil war according to the head of the u.n. peacekeeping operations there this as observers had to abort an inspection mission after coming under fire when they tried to enter the town of haifa artie's a marina portnoy is following developments at the u.n. . the u.n. peacekeeping chief of a lot too who recently made those comments saying that the conflict in syria is now a civil war he is the first you want to fishel to have made that type of a declaration following the fifteen months of violence taking place and escalating in syria now of course his words can carry a lot of political weight inside of the security council where the u.s.
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and its western allies are been pushing for sanctions against the assad government now this is been a campaign ongoing for months now with the u.s. pretty much leading it trying to get russia and china to agree on international sanctions against president bashar al assad to this point we russia and china have opposed any type of international pressure in the in the form of sanctions instead referring to kofi annan six point peace plan and fully supporting that so of course these statements coming from a top u.n. official declaring a civil war in syria can be a game changer within the security council in the days ahead you have to remember that ninety day mission three hundred unarmed observers in syria was adopted under the idea that there would be
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a ceasefire in syria if there is no ceasefire what is there left for the un observers to be monitoring and that is something that the u.n. peacekeeping chief mr lots to also stated we should mention that the u.n. said that three u.n. vehicles were fired upon when monitors were trying to enter the syrian town. on tuesday according to the u.n. the crowds were throwing rocks and metal rods at the u.n. cars and also there were shots fired at the car. nobody was injured but clearly this increases the amount of danger surrounding the u.n. peacekeepers that are in the country to observe suppose a cease fire that was supposed to be implemented back in august next month this ninety day mandate for the syrian mission the u.n. syrian mission expires and council members it may not be willing to renew this
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mandate if they feel that the u.n. observers will be in danger if they are in syria which has now been deemed a civil war. in damascus to bring us more of what's happening inside the country. you earn more interest have reported the heavy surge in recent weeks of rebels called a nation and attacks in response they say the syrian government has given the army too much freedom and too much free rein and that all the lads to dramatic increase in civilian dads one of the remotest talk in the recent example of this fresh wave of violence here in syria is they have e r to reboard moment of the rebel stronghold backed by helicopter strikes in the central province of homes and again we've been receiving conflicting reports on exactly what happened there with opposition claiming the syrian army has been targeting inshallah in the residential areas of the town while the government has been accusing the rebels of using civilians as human during these attacks death toll yesterday alone stood at sixty
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three people according to opposition sources with more than third of them army soldiers with a surge of violence has been seized on by nato chief hinting at a possible intervention mr rasmussen has compared the events in syria today with those in the balkans during the nineteen nineties that led to his bombardment of former yugoslavia we've also been hearing a lot about military intervention recently from both you and nato member britain foreign secretary william hague has said that this scenario cannot be ruled out it is also stressed that this up to assad to decide whether he wants to seize the violence and all atrocities in his country and fulfill the rebels' demands at the same time we know hague has stressed that britain is aware of the terrorists operating in syria saying that the international terrorist organization could fuel
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the violence and could fuel this conflict so to that and the west's message is somewhat muddled that assad is not responsible for all violence here in his country but he is being held responsible regardless. wiki leaks founder julian. songes asked britain's supreme court to reopen the case regarding his extradition to sweden almost two weeks after losing the appeal there his lawyers challenge a decision saying it was based on a legal point they were not given the chance to challenge in court the famous whistleblower is wanted in the sweden over sex crime allegations his supporters fear the extradition is just a step toward handing him over to the u.s. recently has contacts and acquaintances experienced evidence of the pursuit of a songe some of them being held for questioning particularly after taking part in his program broadcast here on our t.v. the latest edition of the show airing throughout the day as he asks activists from the cypherpunks movement about the invisible war they say is being waged online for our internet freedom. but the fundamental things that cypherpunks written recognize
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is that the architecture actually defines the political situation so you have a centralized architecture even if the best people in the world are in control of it no matter where we look we can see especially with financial systems that that effectively even if people have the best of intentions it doesn't matter i mean the architecture is the true it's true for the internet with regard to communications those so-called lawful intercept systems which are which is just a nice way of saying spying on people so you can use it yeah absolutely that's a lot of lawful murder you've heard about also the on the rights on american citizens by the u.s. president obama you know when he killed on laura locky sixteen year old son in yemen that's it lawful murder or targeted killing as they put it right so a so-called lawful intercept is the same thing you just put lawful in front of everything and then all of a sudden because the state does it it's legitimate but it's in fact the architecture of the state that allows them to do that at all and it is the architecture of the laws and the architecture of the technology just is the same as it's the architecture of financial systems and what the cypherpunks wanted to do
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was to create systems where we could compensate each other in a truly free way where it was not possible to interfere. and watch the second part of julian assange to talk with the cypherpunks activists in the next iran or t. and if you missed the first. part in fighting to get our website our team dot com. rescue package for a spanish banks will come with strings attached that's the message from the german chancellor who said help will be tied to reforms in the banking sector and this goes against comments made by spain's prime minister who indicated one hundred billion euros of financial aid was different from the conditional ballots of other you state political risk consultant john holzman says it's getting tougher and tougher for any new politicians to make investors believe their strategy is effective. the point is that of course the germans are going to part with their money without conditions mrs merkel has a very tough political scene or sell and if she were said to just give the spanish one hundred million euro the people in germany would think she'd lost her mind so
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they're going to be conditions of course the trade is going to look over spanish banks of course there's going to be conditionality the e.u. level and the spanish and what's happening is you see the politics of this getting harder and harder this is america needs that conditionality the spanish government can't hope to survive if there is that conditionality they've lost control of the story in the beginning to believe this nonsense the crisis is followed a pattern they've been frantically bailouts for greece portugal ireland is no stranger and what's happened is that after every day allow the amount of time it takes the markets to read the fine print realize that indeed this is nonsense it isn't all said get smaller and smaller and smaller so we've gone from two months to two weeks two days and in the case of state it took literally two hours for things to turn around this is by far the end from the from the end of the story. u.s. military has admitted to mistakes committed during its wars in iraq and afghanistan a recent report from the pentagon says quote strategic leadership repeatedly failed in its training and policies washington failing to rule out military intervention
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in syria lawrence freeman from executive intelligence review magazine thinks he can avoid these errors by staying out. the military right now in the united states is playing a very critical role the key and major institution that is pushing back against president obama and that nato commitment for an intervention into syria one choose dought these kinds of interventions especially in those countries you're going past the point of simple combat you're threatening the danger of nuclear war to the middle to right now he's saying no no no no no don't stick us in another one of these situations where you don't want this and if you do this thing could escalate into an actual nuclear war and we were opposed to this so i would say that the the military right now is probably more sane and more thoughtful in defending the interest the united states than our president obama is
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at this moment turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe as many as one hundred are feared dead after two earthquakes rattled northern afghanistan rescue crews continue to search for survivors after tremors sparked a massive landslide burying dozens of homes damages been reported across five districts with only a few people being pulled from the rubble alive quake was felt as far away as the capital of the one hundred seventy kilometers south. in northwest pakistan a commander of anti taliban forces survived an attack from a suicide bomber two of his bodyguards were killed the local tribal leader was and is in his car when the explosives went off to other people were injured in the attack that comes just days after a similar strike killed nineteen on a bus carrying government employees know what is claimed responsibility for either incident. egypt's former president hosni mubarak is said to be in stable condition after doctors worked to revive him when his heart stopped twice
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the country's official news agency denied mubarak went into a coma as some reports suggest that the eighty four year old's health has worsened over. last few days the former leader is now going to cairo prison hospital serving a life term for his role in the killing of hundreds of protesters during last year's uprising. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov is heading to tehran less than a week before key international negotiations on iran's nuclear program start in moscow talks on the issue of so far failed to produce any breakthrough with lavs or a lot of rob's visit aimed to work out some progress raise a mirage the research director for the national iranian american council things lavrov meeting could be fundamental to the success of the talks more diplomacy is almost always a good thing and when the permanent members of the security council the united nations security council plus germany sit down at the negotiating table with iran if there's no prep work that's done in advance of those negotiations then it essentially becomes a process that's tantamount to having a kitchen full of cooks and nobody has a spoon so laying the groundwork and taking care of some of the technical and
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political aspects in advance increases the likelihood for an already difficult diplomatic process to be more successful than it would be otherwise while the united states is spearheading a western effort to embargo if not outright reduce iranian oil exports and imports there are a host of other conflicts going on in the region there is economic instability in europe but there's also efforts to ensure that countries like saudi arabia who have swing capacity when it comes to producing energy increase their output and maximizing the output that's been increasing in libya places like iraq and things like that getting countries off aronian oil oftentimes requires them to have a different refining process for different oil than iran's oil so it's a longer term process that they've been working on for a while now and we really are in uncharted waters so it certainly is the role of the dice that could come back to backfire particularly in an election year if the obama administration doesn't play its cards carefully. moscow has been celebrating
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a national holiday rush today drew more than thirty thousand people to a party in red square it across the city artes to say is more on the celebrations and the holiday itself today months twenty two years of the russian federation is so now we're talking about the fall of the soviet union back in one thousand nine hundred and four years later to this day that june the twelfth was made a new fishel public holiday so that every russia can enjoy this day to celebrate who they are from their flags to the national and then it's all about the liberation with you know with pubs as well here with all of those from around the country will be here to entertain the crowd and of course the hope of some of the other people like. russians and you know you're a visitor. lovely as always and they've made everybody just joyful and they have really just was so excited to see them every year russians are celebrated this did very differently and this yes they've decided to stage this amazing concert so that
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everyone from the young and old can come out here to the most popular place in the in moscow and enjoy the celebrations and enjoy being russian on russian national day. back with the headlines in a few minutes but first start his interview with a man dubbed dr doom nouriel roubini after he predicted the two thousand and eight financial crisis stay with us.
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thank you very much for your time in two thousand and six you predicted that there would be a deep economic crisis and six years later we're still in it now did you expect it to last so long that it would be so deep. in the beginning or maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel and the krises morphed into thousand and six was a problem of too much leverage of the private sector how's olds buying sponsored institutional corporates now as a result of their response or their cries is scott's theme of those bailing out banks and others over their massive surgery in public that then that sits and now there is a risk of contraries as opposed to individuals are bangs going bad contests are being solved in greece going to fall the thing as already happened in greece and unfortunately when you have to watch privately in public that it takes a long time up to a decade or to do the leveraging good means. to save more to reduce that over
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time and that implies that more economic role of high unemployment rate and some degree source of it probably because of the instability and. so we are. i would say. you know. we can all make it all different try that. in the eurozone the risk of a fall by governments is going to stay with us for a number of years if you gave a percentage of the chance of greece exiting the euro zone how much would that be and would it be good for greece to come out of years and i would say that you know by next year or i would say there is a probability that the greece exit the eurozone thinking about it shortly even if they like not into a new government there's going to try to go to for a comic solutions are coming so little that they will exit and i would say that it
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could be good for them as long as the exit is all of the only. means that then there are massive depreciation on that actually called local believe that a store growth. ballance of course they'll be damaged the banks damage the savings of people in the banks and that's why they need more funding to make sure that it's not these old believe the contagion of the rest of the eurozone is small there so if they could see it that way and it's fine and said these are all of the really probably. it's a manageable look on the bags of many books including yours have been written as to the reasons behind the housing market collapse in the united states what about in europe would you put the most blame on and how much is brussels to blame for what's happening right now so you know sometimes people tend to say the eurozone problems because of lack of fiscal discipline or fiscal. applies really the only only to greece yet it's a reason to lie then. that this is a fifteen percent of g.d.p. . deficit and then that led to the fiscal crises but actually in that spain in the
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island was the private sector that led to the problems of having to bail out the banks large that fizzes that created the fiscal problem was all the fiscal problem the first place. so you know you cannot generalize there are different types of crisis within the eurozone not all of them were necessarily driven by excess. as in they probably several of them were the binocular i was in the private sector because of poor regulations but because i'm of the bank of says that a critic of a real estate then and i cried what is the present role of brics nations strong growth economies the world of being an emerging markets until recently the brics by that i was sold some of the rising problem as you know of turkey or indonesia you know because not just the brics what concern is about the briggs and other emerging market is in all of them for the federal reserve there is now
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a slowdown of growth you see it in china city in russia you see it in brazil is because europe and you are sort of slowing down if not constructing but in part of this because many of these companies are move their way. and they're going to form the floors of all below growth companies about a further two as they state that he's too much government intervention they call me too much for all of the state owned banks so they know the enterprise is too much protection is too much for us so it's not one of these and over that's a negative because of a slowdown potential growth it's going to lead to lower the long run become a grown up more of the brakes are actually going in the wrong that actually in the next few years that's a risk that we have to consider what about russia specific role because recently you said the russia correct me if i'm wrong that russia should not be considered as one of the brics nations and will never be included into the g eight if it continues with its with its basically protectionist policy what you know on the g eight you know your president decides not to attend the g eight summit because he
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said he was busy creating his own cabinet there was a bit of a strange thing to do with like a snob you know in the case of the brics the point is you know russia's potential growth to date based on the statements by the that put the calling of your central bank is three and a half percent of the time i mean the reason they were growing eight nine percent now there are so. so you have you have low potential good old where there is you know not as much market oriented those thoughts on a forum you have aging population there is a certain amount of lack of transparency that is. co-op shown. in the party got system that is institutional weaknesses of course that also playing a general or a source is good skilled labor force is a large con three could play an important role in the global economy by the thing that the important role of and that success is conditional on moving away from
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state cop delays and so the lesson is you know open up the trade to investment flows of course i've got i've got a regime which is not fair but then having a stronger call a minister on policy very much means that even it wouldn't times are bad then shocks would call from the rest of the globe what i call the me you going to be able to back that up sort of those trucks rather then and putting into a superior financial crisis and that's the lesson thank you thank you very much mr a pleasure being reviewed that. comfort is the least. money is the lowest you need if you travelled this way. language is common.
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you. emotions are intense. experience.
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i'm sure all of our got a story are out about this crazy lady with a convertible that hunk should prevail every time she passes it i was on death row for nineteen years right there. a lot of the same life that. the state. society has condemned these people less than human it is necessary to punish crime and everything we do to punish crime is unpleasant. but it needs to be done nobody wants to be linked to the nazis but the historical. of the american death penalty today come in large part from the nazis and the saddest part is the state of texas gets their way and they execute
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him and i won't be allowed to touch him until after he's dead he's my only anytime i leave the house i ride in my horn and he keeps telling me they can't hear me in there because it's all fender blocks and concrete but i still honk everytime i go by. i won't be there i will not witness for my for. the. price of a few pounds from fines to. screw stunts on t.v. don't come. out
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easier. warsaw's friends attacked police after the euro two thousand and twelve match between russia and poland before the game riot police used tear gas and rubber bullets after polish fans attacked russian supporters of the match itself i didn't know what i'll do all. the tens of thousands of opposition activists rally in central moscow with agendas ranging from the progressive left to nationalist extremists and. the un's had a peacekeeping says syria is now in a full scale state of civil war with observers in the country reporting a surge in the number of attacks by both government and rebel. cross-talk next stay with us.
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good lumber touring. to build the most sophisticated. tunes mission to teach creation and why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. to. follow in welcome across. moscow streets thousands protested in russia's capital for a wide variety of reasons one issue nights many of them they are against the return of a lot of near putin to the presidency do these protests truly reflect public opinion are protests now simply a ritual for the sake of protest.


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