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deal with the rest. without superhero we can be killed too you know the head i'm going to die. once you've heard minute i'll never go back. to artie that such are the headlines now syria in civil war bleak un assessment as resurgent rebels take the fight to the frantic efforts underway to salvage kofi annan peace plan. but will fund show no hospitality attacking russian supporters ahead of a twenty twelve match nearly one hundred thirty poles arrested. down on whistleblowers u.k. miles legislation which could make it harder and riskier for people to expose lawbreakers. despite all eyes being focused on syria another war may be on the
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cards in the region as the israeli iranian standoff continues to simmer when next we hear why in a war that conflict could be catastrophic. with me i have to accept here the director of the military balance project at the institute for national security studies here in tel aviv thank you very much for joining us here in r.t. your work when you sat down together a couple of weeks ago you said it was not in israel's interest to launch a military strike on iran why do you think israel should not strike you when i don't think the. force is large enough is strong enough to actually. destroy the. nuclear weapon project it might cause some damage but it would not. destroy it
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so it would not achieve anything do you think that the us would consider copper eating with israel in such a strike but quietly it first of all there is no quietly in this issue because things would tend to come out sooner or later so to begin with. on the one hand i think president obama has not ruled out an american strike yet even though his military is very reluctant to get into another war in the middle east i don't think he would do it during an election year so can't that be a reason for his all to launch a strike now before there's a new american leadership in place there is. there is a future in the united states that that is what we are going to do that an israeli attack mode draw the united states into that war.
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probably prematurely. it would force the united states to get into a war because an iranian counterattack would almost undoubtedly be targeted against the united states as well as against israel. so the united states would be drawn this root cause i think such an action without an american consent would cause a great damage to israeli relations strategic relations with the united states for an extended period of time do you think that the harsh sanctions recently declared against iran are enough to satisfy the israeli government not to launch a strike they might satisfy it for time being i think the general. attitude in israel is that sanctions are not enough and they're not going to convince iran even if they would be much. would not convince iran
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not. to continue not to pursue nuclear weapon project how do you measure iran's capability to launch a counter attack iran has a cup ability of launching a missile attack on israel director attack on israel with few hundred shihab me science what would be the effect of not of such an attack what what is the accuracy of these missiles i don't know all. i don't suppose we would be worse off than we have been in one hundred ninety one when we were under iraqi missile attack them it was cost no one actually got killed but. there's no guarantee that that is not going to be to happen we have now the arrow which we didn't have then which would be able to intercept. at least
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some part of these attacks missiles attacks and the greatest damage would be as in the case of the. katyusha rocket attack the economic damage to erode because under such attack everything comes to a standstill and what about arab support for an israeli strike on iran you mentioned american involvement but surely israel also needs arab assistance in the form of landing rights and even feeling assistance many arab countries are very cautious of iran. for example saudi arabia has been urging the united states like iran for many years now they are terrified they really are terrified on the other hand assistant assistance to israel is still out of. out of their
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agenda in the open israel would have to fly over our country but it has done so before and it can be done without their consent or with. consent we could get assistance or landing rights from countries like i don't believe saudi arabia would do it but the united states might do that. just remember that the distance from the united arab emirates to northern iran is as far as from israel maybe even longer so. this kind of a landing rights would be helpful only in case of attacking targets in thousand new round another. convert. might to be. might be but again problematic. might be given by
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a judge which is on the north side of the rain and border they have no good relations with israel trouble is that to get from israel to observers and you have to overfly turkey and at the moment i don't see with the current relations between israel and turkey i don't see the turks giving any israel any aid if we look across the border at syria why is serious so important for western nations could it be that it's the last obstacle before any invasion of iran that is a tough one why syria is important. is it important. to the western state i don't see any western country in the intervening in syria as they did in b.b. and yet there is so much attention and focus on syria and particularly on me
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president bashar assad's handling of the situation so how do you explain that well . that would be expected from the west it's much closer to europe and with traditional relations syria had traditional relations with countries like france. and when such atrocities take place them and they cannot stay quiet is there a connection between what is happening in syria and what is happening in iran where there is a connection or obvious connection because iraq syria has been and the us sudra dream has been iran's closest ally for over two decades i mean. this is. the main route of iran into lebanon into into the whole region into influencing israel if us of the region falls apart. iran is standing to lose
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a very strong alley because any government would take place it would take the government in syria whether it be. western ally and democracy which is not very likely or muslim muslim brothers who are sunnis were very hostile to shoot. any rigi. would be either hostile to iran or far from cooperating with iran as much as the bashar assad regime has been so iran is standing to lose is the alleged supply of weapons to the syrian opposition enough to upset the regional arms balance right now no break no what would i hear i think saudi arabia's told
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the started to supplying them with weapons but we're talking about light weapons so . as far as. as long as that is what is happening i don't think this will change them in the balance of power in the middle east they're still very weak is it possible that they can be simultaneous interventions in syria and iran doesn't seem likely i don't see the european european union or nato going into syria and i don't see the european union or nato. taking part in an attack against iran this could be nato could. lead cooed try to draw the europeans into attacking targets in iran. doesn't seem very likely you have to accept here thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. you're welcome.
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syria in civil war the big u.n. assessment is resurgent rebels take the fight but frantic efforts underway to salvage kofi annan is peace back. polish football fans show no hospitality talking russian supporters ahead of a euro twenty twelve match their one hundred thirty poles arrested. a crackdown on whistle blows the u.k. miles legislation which could make it harder and risk it for people to expose a little break has. its course teachers next hour with remarks. thanks kerry well hello there and welcome of this is for an artsy and i'm wrong
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calls for of and here's what's coming up. one more step rush are just a points away from reaching the quarter finals despite being held to a one old drop by co-host poland at the european championships. giants in hockey called the netherlands faced a must win game against germany who could secure a berth in the last eight with a with terry. and finishing touches athletics stores descend on the russian capsule for the annual moscow challenge certain events with a little over a month to go before the london olympics. but let's start with football where russia could only manage a one one draw against co-hosts poland but still top their group a at the european championships richard and port leeds watch the game for us. for russia's one hundred percent recording group a has been ended after a one one draw with poland but not all is lost for dick advocaat side as face still
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remain top of the group after two games or everything could have been so much better for the russians after hours ago it had given them the lead as moscow strike aircraft as first goal of the tournament for fine headed goal from a free kick or just says within the manchu of the czech republic russia did start slowly as the poles were on top but unfortunately they weren't able to turn their possession into goals and vendors are struggling support russia going into the half time break or coming out after halftime russia continued to dominate and really could have had quite a few more goals but unfortunately their position and numerous times that goal weren't able to beat the polish goalkeeper and out of nothing really i mean poland had really created by march they had a very swift counter-attack i'm in poland a very good team going forward. is going to make some form for dortmund in virgin blue as leader struck a fine efforts from just outside the penalty area which gave more fear of absolute no chance at all for the remaining half hours very very open and both teams had
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numerous chances to try and grab a winner but unfortunately in the end for dick of the count side they were held to a one one draw but to be honest i mean poland did play world they managed to close down russia's attacking trio of. kids are caught in our shot in very well we get very little space in the space she did well to close down robert schalk of who was so effective against her czech republic just a few days earlier or attention now turns for russia to fair game against greece as a saver russia top of the tournament top of the table with four points and they'll be looking to try and seal qualification with a victory which will mean they'll finish top of the group but in the way even a draw would suffice has been finished on five points and would definitely qualify for the latter stages so all in almost all is lost for dickau by outside and they'll be looking to try and book their place in the knockout stages against greece in a few days' time richard onboard fleet r.t.
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warsaw. elsewhere in group a the czech republic b. two thousand and four champions greece to one end of rotfl of the czechs were looking to bounce back from that four one defeat to russia in the opening match and they made a blistering start goals from. and the bots left that are put them sunil up after just five minutes the greeks were able to reduce the deficit so one goal less than ten minutes after restart however that's all that seemed good as they now move bottom of the group a and the czechs are now runners up. so this is how the table is shaping up to rush hour one point clear at the top it means they could afford a draw in their last remaining group game against greece this saturday and whoever wins the other match between poland and the czech republic would also reach the quarter finals. while all of wednesday perhaps the most anticipated of all the group games will take place in heartache of where the netherlands will take on great rivals germany and after the first round of matches in the so-called group of
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death this historic tie has even more significance as kate corp now reports one of football's most famous rivalries as we know it began at the world cup final in one thousand nine hundred seventy four as legend has it the supremely talented dutch johan cruyff golden generation didn't let the germans touch the ball until goalkeeper sent my a pretty down to his net and nice going second minute penalty but germany went on to win two one thanks to goals from pulled right now. off to german totally fish and sea plate dutch total football four decades of brilliance volatility and history followed in one nine hundred seventy eight holland game some revenge of the world cup. game to help them go on to the final where they lost to argentina then germany won again and made today a second european round that's a nine hundred eighty eight frank reichenbach from marco van bastien produced still the displays to beat germany won it in in hamburg. european semi final in least
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a trophy four days later while on wednesday at euro two thousand and twelve one of football's most thrilling rivalries will resume here in kharkiv in the second match in group b. and the latest mass water encounter between germany and holland has yet more significance as defeat for the dutch would almost certainly see the knock downs of a tournament many had predicted they'd win. following on from their world cup adventure and impressive euro two thousand and twelve qualifying campaign their van marwijk side were expected to overcome denmark in the first round but despite a plethora of chances from robin van persie and robin and substitute huntelaar the dutch were unable to overturn michael crown delis first half opener and the danes held on for a vital victory and severely dented the world cup finals chances are reaching the european knockout phase therefore only victory over germany will probably be enough especially with a cristiana rinaldo led portugal to follow. dark the germans are very strong but we
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can also make you feel unsettled but it won't tell you exactly how we're planning to do this yet while the dutch huffed and puffed but were unable to find the target here can live side produce the off as it result mario gomez finally found the target after seventy two minutes in the game a few chances as germany wrapped up the necessary one no win over disappointing portugal and with denmark to come after holland feinstein philip lomond co and i win a strong position to reach the quarter finals however facing those dutch particularly a dutch team that has to win is never to be taken lightly bush beating big needle and i think that the game against the netherlands is going to be a big test because they play high quality football this is one of the best tailors not only in europe but also worldwide it's been like this for many years a few days getting better but we must win to reach the quarterfinals so it's a crucial game for us to whichever side wins at f.c. medalists spider arena will certainly be adding to
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a piece of football history as german legend franz beckenbauer said matches against holland have cost me years of my life but i wouldn't have missed them for anything with so much at stake in this particular encounter i don't think anyone would argue . r.t. kharkiv ukraine. moving on to basketball and the n.b.a. finals were western champions oklahoma got off to a great start in the deciding best of seven series against miami kevin durant's was instrumental for the thunder raking in thirty six points his team mates for us all was broke added another twenty five to help the home side so a one zero five ninety four victory they need points leader of the bron james corden thirty now against game two takes place on thursday in oklahoma. and finally world champion maria has triumphed in the eight hundred meter run at the second annual moscow challenge tournaments they vent also attracted a number of athletes from twenty countries in what could be
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a good precursor to the fast approaching london olympics michael crush al gore has this story. russia's athletes have a number of sporting competitions prior to the olympics to look forward to one of them being the annual moscow challenge a religiously new tournament which has been boosted by being clued in the twenty twelve international association of athletics federations world challenge competitions there are sixteen official events on the program ranging from pole vault and short put to various sprint events and despite the track to around eighty athletes from twenty countries many events at this year's most would challenge would dominated by russians. both the women's four hundred and eight hundred meter sprints showcased only russian athletes in the four hundred meters not in a beat out of fellow compared to win first place the four by four hundred meter sprint expert was happy to have finally won after a lengthy medal drought but stressed that it was too early to focus on the olympics
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this. year which our event is so tough and we have so many strong girls that you cannot think so far ahead we have to include the russian championships in order to relax and because you didn't go into the olympics you need to run under forty nine seconds otherwise it's still too time to cool. in contrast current will champion muddy sobbing over made light work about eight hundred meter victory and said despite all the upcoming events she already has one of the olympics. that brings yes yes of course i'm looking to be olympics because i won't be participating at the european championships and i still don't know if i'll be in the russian championships if i do it will only be in preparation for the summer games is now the moscow challenge is not only a dress rehearsal for the russian national team ahead of the london olympics it's also a first rehearsal for the whole denies all of the twenty thirteen athletics will championship which will be held here in moscow at the luzhniki sport pilot for us it's very important event today because the states that given the poor will change
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benefits for next year in moscow first of all of course is that is the goal for athletes because it's not sold on the salary and heroes sorry in a football of course very often but not for of late except speedy but it's true and it's physically it's for judges for judges for next championships also because it's a huge area and i a lot of space and we must organize is the best way for welsh and she's but in any case it's what we called but nations also the most challenges status has been enhanced by its inclusion in the i.a.f. will challenge and although it's the second last event of its time prior to the lympics there's still the specter of the european championships at the end of june and the russian national championships at the start of july meaning there's still a long way to go before the athletes sites like firmly on the olympic lori. micro chunk of moscow. i will be back with another update less than
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a couple of hours from now but our you tube channel is available to you at any time so just look for our team sport news and i'll see you very soon. culture is that so much was made we're going to make an even a lot of people a variable again lasco streets thousands protested in russia's capital for a wide variety of reasons one issue knights many of them they are against the return.
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