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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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lol. al qaeda is number two voices is backing for syrian rebels over their fight against the government in a new video released a week after washington claimed he'd been killed. on attack by polish hooligans or russian football fans during euro twenty twelve and warsaw leads to bloody clashes in the arrests of around one hundred fifty locals. while julian assange britain supreme court decision on whether it'll be open reopen his extradition case the u.k. holds a new bill that could prevent potential whistle blows from speaking out. a
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low four pm here in moscow you're watching r t with me kevin and first a militant web site has released a video message from al qaida as deputy leader calling on islamist side syria to join the rebels fighting against president assad earlier the us claimed. libya had been killed in a drone attack on in pakistan calling it a major blow to the terrorist group so it's not clear when the newly published video now was made meantime the head of the un's peace keeping operations says syria has plunged into a full scale civil war the fighting in the country's rich previously unseen levels of ferocity as government forces seek to blunt a nationwide offensive by the armed opposition who have also withdrawn from the international backed peace ceasefire report as the latest developments at the u.n. . the u.n. peacekeeping chief are a lot to who recently made those comments saying that the conflict in syria is now
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a civil war he is the first you want to fishel to have made that type of declaration following the fifteen months of violence taking place and ask leading in syria now off. of course his words can carry a lot of political weight inside of the security council where the u.s. and its western allies are pushing for sanctions against the assad government now this is been a campaign ongoing for months now the u.s. pretty much leaving it trying to get russia and china to agree on international sanctions against president syrian president bashar al assad to this point we russia and china have opposed any type of international pressure in the form of sanctions instead referring to kofi annan six point peace plan and fully supporting that so of course these statements coming from a top u.n. official declaring a civil war in syria can be
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a game changer within the security council in the days ahead you have to remember that ninety day mission three hundred unarmed observers in syria was adopted under the the idea that there would be a ceasefire in syria if there is no ceasefire what is there left for you and observers to be monitoring next month this ninety day mandate for this syrian mission the u.n. syrian mission expires and council members may not be willing to renew this mandate if they feel that the u.n. observers will be in danger if they are in syria which has now been deemed a civil war although the crisis has reached a new level political. beliefs. still removed syria's only hope. i think the situation has reached very dangerous proportions and there are civilians that are being killed and today we had some. there were some pictures of
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harbin massacres children have been targeted and innocent civilians and i think however it's not too late to i mean i am afraid that perhaps the statement given by the united nations may may be. a desperate call yes but it's not the end of the road there is still a chance to actually have a cease fire to have the plan that has been laid out in the past by kofi annan implemented to have a ceasefire and go for the political dialogue there is no military solution they cannot be a military solution and in fact what the western powers are calling for. military interference is is in insane initiative it would not lead to any progress in this situation it would only make the situation worse and russia holding a special conference on the situation in syria is getting support from another un
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security council member to china as we reveal later this hour but the stumbling block to prevent western powers from bracing idea the inclusion of a rally in the talks remains we're examining a little bit later. also covers well a new embargo against iran's oil trade ready to take effect we look at what's behind washington's decision to allow india to sit out the sanctions live comment on. clashes have spilled beyond the stadium or to euro twenty twelve in warsaw after scores of polish fans launched an attack on russian football supporters before their teams showed violence also continued after the match two and poland's ambassador to russia says polish hooligans of the blame for the term or that resulted in multiple injuries are eastern european correspondent a lecturer jet ski reports. one hundred and fifty poles have been arrested for attacking the crowd of russian fans and twenty russians were also attacking for providing violent response to the polish attack anyway we're under stand that those
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twenty odd russians who have been arrested who've been detained in poland will be deported from the country according to the interior ministry and it a future they will have problems of training shan't get a visa because of all these because of participation in this in this in those riots in warsaw now certainly the relations between warsaw and moscow have been very strained have been difficult for many centuries now but for now when the stand that they have basically normalized and the events which happened in warsaw last night is something of a blast from the past certainly there are political forces in poland who are interested in this hatred towards russia but certainly this is a minority of the polish population for now in fact we understand that many poles have been expressing their apologies to russia on internet on the internet into on twitter and different forums and websites for what they described to be brainless and mindless a bunch of supporters who attacked the russian crowd it's also understood that the media some of the media in poland have been have been doing everything they can to
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raise the hype of this game equating this game with the battle of the river in one thousand twenty when the polish forces of outnumbered by the soviet troops actually managed to be victorious over the bolshevik soldiers and. some of the polish media including the super express newspaper said that euros could not go without poland and you have to remember one thousand twenty and you have to do everything even die if you need to to win over russia so all this hype certainly added more fuel to the fire well how to bring you all the latest from euro two thousand and twelve a lot of. clearing hundreds of college football fans in poland who were discussing the clashes between rival. and you can join the debate on our website r.t. dot com also two if you fancy facing up to internet tormentors and dragging them to court britain gives you the opportunity with a new law against trolling online that's being adopted the details on our website.
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wiki leaks founder julian assange is awaiting a decision from britain supreme court over his request to reopen his extradition case it comes to weeks after he lost a previous appeal against being handed over to authorities in sweden who he's wanted for questioning about sex crime allegations such as lawyers claim the european arrest warrant was invalid because it was issued by a prosecutor not a judge or a court as required by u.k. law now if his motions rejected the son she denies any wrongdoing can still take his case to the european court of human rights his supporters many of whom are at the moment rallying near the court building there believe that sweden might not be his final destination though it's just a step toward sending him to the u.s. for prosecution on charges of espionage meantime julian assange is just one of the
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targets of a possible clampdown on whistleblowers which is gaining momentum the british parliament is currently considering a bill which if adopted might deter people from coming forwards and revealing serious rule breaking or corporate wrongdoing sarah first look for the possible downsides for those who want to speak out. the war on whistle blowing it's a war of attrition a good one to some who has nothing against people that have a lot of wells a lot of power behind them the battle against corruption. this video named collateral murder is just one of many wiki leaks revelations exposing real crimes revolutionizing whistleblowing and tearing down the divides between governments and ordinary people and the government urias exposing wrongdoing can preview risky business as wendy addison found out back in two
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thousand whilst working as a treasurer of the south african company leisure net she discovered the c.e.o.'s were stealing money from shareholders and sending it to offshore accounts and she blew the whistle it was a decade point that my whole life fell apart. lost my career it was it was literally when i started getting death threats anonymously there were occasions where i was almost inclined to consider accepting society completely. and this is a very common thing for. talking about suicide despite risking everything wendy was in poor old in a lengthy legal wrangling and it would be more than a decade before those who committed the crime went to jail more than whistleblowing techniques have been giving people more power to take on big corporations and even governments now the proposed changes to the law potentially threatening the protections also at a time when the culture surrounding whistleblowing be making big leaps forward the
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law could be set to take a big step back the problems being caused by this the enterprise and regulatory reform bill which is currently making its way through parliament and one small discrete line buried away in the text referring to a public interest test we were really worried that putting in a. interest test into the legislation will have a chilling effect on the ability of workers to speak up a member of the international whistleblowing research network and an employment lawyer david lewis tells us the proposed test has dropped a bomb on with blame provisions the great virtue of the existing provisions is there's no public interest test it was a very simple test as long as you had enormous motive you could be sure and it found that you would be protected now individuals will those claiming to use the provisions will have to satisfy a public interest person or make it very difficult for people to advise them the government argues that the changes are aimed at closing
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a loophole this meant that employees with personal grievances a for employment contract have been able to use the whistle blame provisions but the son this will be seen as just the latest measure making it harder out the truth. of course is this trend. is one crack down in whistle blowing blowing the whistle have to differing degrees had their lives changed their reputations threatened or ruined their freedoms removed but in the process they've revealed secrets that the rich and the powerful never wanted us to know that i was being told i was doing the wrong thing. and yet it felt so right for me and i knew that i was doing the right thing their battle highlights the importance of protecting whistleblowers and the public's right to know something they all say was well worth fighting for so r.t. london where i'm from. still speaking. is doing so as well
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on this very channel in the latest edition of his interview program he takes on those plundering online privacy and using the internet for spying if you'd like to watch it you can as well as all the other previous episodes of the past number of weeks in our special section on our website it's r t dollar signs dot com. it's true for three weeks since these jackets belong united states government been in the united states strongly condemn. illegally shoot. without. but. i. can change the world tomorrow. but neither one of our top stories will power struggling to find a solution to the syrian violence chinese embrace moscow's proposal hold international conference that would also involve iran and the russian foreign
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ministers now in toronto discuss the issue the us though as well as its western allies has expressed strong reservations over iran's participation senior politician and secretary of iran's supreme national security council spoke to us and said it's time to reject stereotypes and only a few powers can decide on the world's future. the world is changing that people are no longer willing to accept a reality where a few selected powers can dictate the course of the world that the balance of power is shifting into the hands of the people the fact that some nations seek to retain power through military means that is being rejected the world wants a new war and new model where all nations and peoples would respect each other and that is what we've always stood for democracy never comes from violence with the help of violence through military means or occupation and those that claim to use violence to further democracy in the end they always admit that they had all teary a motive and there we were washington continues to push for further sanctions
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against iran later this hour we told the middle east expert it was a rather you says they have a toughening pressure on iran is driven by israeli threats to strike its nuclear facilities is a bit of what's ahead for you. i think that what the israeli leadership is doing is just to. capitalize on kind of a momentum with the sanctions first of all in the mind of many israelis the implementation of sanctions is kind of a byproduct of israeli pressure because israel actually threatened to militarily attack you this was all forced the european union and the americans especially the americans to come up with a much better things strict policy with regard to iran in order to appease israel this is how is sort of take think. the new sanctions against iran's oil trade or two to begin than later this month
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but the u.s. has given exemptions to india along with six other nations from the penalties against countries which don't take part though it seems an attempt to try to smooth the way that before high level talks in washington between the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and indian counterpart but waivers coming in return for cutting purchases of radian crude and. leaving china as the last major importer which could be affected by tough financial sanctions let's talk more about this with john charities of the free of india's frontline magazine john thanks for being on the line there from delhi how do you explain the u.s. decision to waive these penalties against india what is the message that sending out to china that. the message is to the american lion or. punish it's like india has been a good student of america it's like america is being like a class teacher if you're a good student you don't get punished. so since the last
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four or five years. good because of stupid from the u.s. i've been coming to. india to stop buying oil. and. god creating with iran. india has. india has been exempted. so good relations of course that you have the american wants to continue to ally closely with india as part of its a strategy the bigger picture in its attempts to contain china's influence in the region a question for you is india ready to confront beijing if that's the case what are the dangers of irritating china as far as india is concerned. if you talk to indian offered through this. india and china in order. they can quit says the neighbors but the fact of the matter is that india and the us are cooperating closely and india and the us i mean the most number of military
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exercises. recently in japan had military exercises and the pentagon early in the stated that. india has to play an important part to contain china in the south china sea in the asia and the. obama administration policy of. two worlds the asia pacific i think they're assigned an important goal with india. but obviously in the us is that they are not going to align with america and. india is clearly send a message to that effect because the free indian accent of his minister after visits washington for these trade big dogs goes to cuba so this is according to the indian. signal to the u.s. that india will still continue to follow an independent foreign policy but.
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for all practical purposes india and the u.s. are enjoying the best possible relationship ever had told in the last sixty years thanks for your thoughts on the program john cherry and their answer of india's frontline magazine. war medals a symbol of a soldier's sacrifice to his country they usually end on a veteran's wear proudly yet in the u.s. these days someone throwing them back in washington's face as it is that is to say a check or explains next former troops joining an american public is fed up with this nation's continual state of war. true patriots they followed the order to fight their country's battles scott olsen survived two tours in iraq only to be critically injured upon returning home by police clashing with occupy oakland protesters also had joined the military to do good work to help other people to be part of something bigger than ourselves and to defend our country but
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instead he and many others discovered an ugly truth about the military escapades they were involved in m i was with me remained gay for years to the u.s. army and spent five years in kuwait as a contractor his experiences changed his perception of the u.s. there are great in the violence there stop in the peace and there are people from their culture from their communities and killing people in drone attacks. this group of veterans says the system they were part of is one that throws away billions of dollars on and less wars yet pinches every extra penny when it comes to those fighting them when veterans come home one in three of them will be homeless we have eighteen veteran suicides every single day every thirty six hours an active duty soldier kills himself. u.s. veterans are increasingly taking to the streets to challenge what they believe to be false pretense wars and agree with this illegal occupation that's been held in afghanistan pakistan iraq and other foreign countries because it's now
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a war base of terrorism is a base it's a war based other motives for money and political power agendas boil in chicago dozens of veterans march the streets what these anymore and dump their war medals and these are not. by simply throwing them out in rejection of what those medals signify this is where we are disobedient. and really get it i mean basically this is time to. military and when they were told they would be. in these protests the veterans were joined by thousands of other americans also outraged with u.s. wars the american people are angry they're frustrated and they don't know which way to turn anymore with presidential elections around the corner these veterans see real change can only come from the bottom up i didn't expect any changes in two thousand and eight when obama got elected and i surely don't expect any changes now
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those ones taking commands to fight on foreign soil now taking command of the battle for peace at home. r.t. chicago illinois. around the world in brief a series of bombings as rock to rock has killed at least fifty three people injured dozens of others four explosions targeted shia pilgrims in the capital baghdad as they marked religious anniversary of another blast shook mainly shia cities to. the affiliated islamist militants often attempt to stoke sectarian tensions by attacking shia pilgrims. now situ dizzy and president ben ali has been sentenced in absentia to twenty years jail by a military court in the country if found guilty of murder looting and inciting disorder ben ali and his wife fled to saudi arabia after mass protests last year and that is twenty three year rule so the authorities are yet to respond to to his his extradition request his overthrow helped inspire the arab spring uprisings. south sudan's parliament accuse seventy five top officials of corruption with at
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least four billion dollars stolen president salva kiir wrote a letter to current and former government employees asking them to return the funds sixty million dollars have already been recovered south sudan declared independence almost a year ago with the country suffering from massive corruption and poverty. the possible business now dimitri's there this hour to retreat traders in russia are back from a long weekend what's the feeling like on the markets here in russia well you're absolutely right they're back after monday and tuesday were national holidays so usually they're playing catch up with the year with the according color but this time it's going to green is actually it's flat to positive the secular good the figures on the russian markets the r.d.s. myself the showing half a percent growth so basically not that much has happened over those two days really lack of news everyone's anticipating the outcome of the elections in greece on sunday so basically cautious trade that applies also to russia today take
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a look at the year's stock so on the m i six the main movers burbank one of the most liquid stocks is up one half percent showing some pretty positive dynamics for the rest of the banking sector who are following suit and magni is up one point zero nine eight percent almost two percent after reporting profits last month go up by around the gas from. following world prices will look at them a bit later it's a lot of negative this hour on the currencies market the ruble has managed to strengthen against both the euro and the dollar. by around half a percent even less than that meanwhile the euro is gaining gaining around well forty points as you can see there against the dollar has been flirting around the level of one point two five lately and that's because nobody wants to kind of risk it make big moves ahead of the elections in greece which may determine the outcome of the euro zone all together. take a look at what's going on in europe and it's looking at platts
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a negative this might change in around six minutes time we're going to get retail sales reports out in the united states and if they come out better than expected and definitely this will increase the improve the mood over in europe. and on the commodities markets again we're seeing different dynamics for brant and light sweet that's ahead of a crucial opec meeting on the first day when nations like iran and venezuela might be pressing to cut production while other nations such as saudi arabia are saying that collective effort is a collective efforts to increase production maybe so we'll see what happens. the world bank is one the developing nations should brace themselves for weak growth and tougher times the bank's latest forecast says the developing countries will grow five point three percent this year almost one percent less than in two thousand and seven but as policy makers to take measures to ensure that they can sustain growth from it escalation of the debt crisis in the euro zone. have the
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same time the bank has put russia on the front line of crisis fighters and has improved the outlook of the country's economy expect the g.d.p. to increase by almost four percent this year the world bank is expects the growth to be modestly supported by strong production. and debt stricken cyprus is calling for another bit of help from russia the island's media says the country has requested a five billion euro credit to support its financial system that's around twenty five percent of the country's g.d.p. this comes after moody's cut the ratings. cypriot banks that mainly depend on troubled riek banks of course last year russia provided the republic with a low enough two and a half billion euros which experts say is unlikely to see to see a repeat. and what we've got next speaking of greece it's a major gas company the hippos having trouble paying its bills the company is
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importing eighty percent of its gas from russia needs a hundred twenty billion years to cover its month supplies meanwhile greece state electricity utility p.p.c. shuts down no gas power stations and to boost production units fueled by locally mined coal i saw a boy when he went a bit lower your gas meter then did it ever so much all right catch you later now for will find across europe gearing up for today's big euro twenty twelve encounter this time between germany and holland the sports team looking ahead to the year in full in fifteen minutes but it's after the headlines of the next two and a half minutes from now on r.t. from moscow.
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