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further into syria. well this is longstanding we already know that the and even according to the us. there are concerns we have all. like groups in iraq have moved to syria and are you know likely believed by the us to be behind some of the spectacular bombings and terrorist attacks in syria and there is evidence that trying to have gone from libya to syria how widespread is this infiltration. well it's hard to know you know the we don't have. there are a lot of foreign journalists observers in syria so a lot of the boards that come out of syria are either the government or people close to the government or the armed opposition close to the armed opposition and these are. these are forces that have incentive to
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spin developments according to their liking but the you know one thing you can sort of touch is that there is this debate going on in the united states about how the u.s. should be a while and significant concern in washington about some of the groups that are involved in the armed opposition and there are links to al qaeda or javascript so if you will its allies across that it supports the opposition well obviously there's a tension mirror on the one hand you have the the u.s. saying that they are concerned about groups in the armed opposition and their links to. jihad is on the other hand you have u.s. providing so-called non-lethal aid to the armed opposition and be simply giving apparently a green light to other countries to arm the opposition so yes there is
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a contradiction in policy are they likely to use serious civil war to gain a foothold in that country in that war torn country where there's already so much disruption to maybe launch attacks on western countries. i think piers there is a significant concern in washington about. a group gaining a greater foothold in syria as. operation thanks i think you know again the contradiction is. you know why is the us pursuing in collaborating in policies that seem to be increasing the likely of this were soft the it seems like if you're really concerned about this. rather than undermining. terms of a diplomatic solution rather than escalating war terry force they would be more serious sport to clinton for example the un and said let's have
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a contact group let's include everyone let's include iraq u.s. britain and france and shot down this proposal which is you know exactly the opposite of what you would do if you were looking for a diplomatic solution a liver if america two should you want everybody at the table has influence with all the parties and that means trying to have iran of the table because they have some significant influence with the syrian government robert tulloch really taught me a lot of gas lined up this out i got one last thought on the the u.s. and the e.u. and the matter of powers are pushing for president assad to step down is that the golden palace here to solve all this problem or just get worse i don't think it's a perilous year i think the the focus ought to be. diplomatic and political solution that pushes the parties the main parties to people supporting the government and supporting the opposition to the table for a real political dialogue the same time and pressure both sides to reduce the
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violence thanks ever so much for sort of an i've been there from the u.s. space just foreign policy organization on the international. staying with syria now russia is denying allegations made by the united states that moscow supplying the assad regime with combat helicopters russia's foreign minister said moscow is fulfilling its obligations on earlier contracts which involve only air defense systems they cannot be used he said for offensive purposes and do not breach any international agreements foreign minister sergei lavrov made that statement during his visit to tehran he also commented on how syrian rebels regularly attack military bases as well as a ministry to buildings hospitals and schools lavrov admitted the kofi annan peace plan is not currently working but said it was a mistake to put all the blame for that on the syrian government. everyone should stop the violence in syria if a part of the international community understands kofi announced plan only as
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a demand for russia to make the syrian leadership stop fighting then i declare that this is a provocation. now the site of this now or during his visit to iran russia's foreign minister also waves to discuss the iranian issue now the big news story including the upcoming nuclear talks here in moscow let's talk about the prospects for those with middle east expert allie risky is joining us on the line from beirut today ali hello thanks for being with us let's talk nuclear know that these upcoming nuclear talks in moscow were for some time in jeopardy one day they were there was even speculation they could be delayed what are your predictions about what they will bring when they happen. actually i'm not sure they will bring a lot the simple fact being that as the us elections approach president obama appears to be conceding and hating more and more to the pro israeli tone all the pro israeli approach we know that the israeli president shimon peres is currently now in washington he has met with the defense secretary panetta in addition to
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hillary clinton and i think he made it very clear he spoke about for example the ayatollah was into iran and their aspirations to achieve some kind of the germany so i think from now the israeli pressure on obama is quite clear and if we look in the past obama has been quite weak when it comes to confronting these israeli lobby and to confronting the government of not on yahoo in general sort of a surfer these reasons i don't think you can expect quite a lot from from the moscow talks i think that is world will continue to force its say to have its have its say and to force so washington not to make any kind of headway with iran what. israel does theer that there might be some prospects of a solution between the obama administration and to her own so it's doing all it's all it can and so i think because of this as i said we cannot expect much and obama from from now will release from up with seen until now has gained the reputation of
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giving in and not being very strong when it comes to confronting confronting these really of pressures so now in election year and especially when obama is trying to get the support of the conservative jewish votes we know obama met with all top of the jewish representatives in washington for example and said that washington has him has been more attentive to israelis that it has been to palestinians so if you take all of this into one package i don't expect anything significant will happen from now at least until the elections take place early there's an opinion that you just talked about israel their length is an opinion of these ongoing talks and the only thing is keeping israel from attacking iran's nuclear facilities do you buy that now don't you think it's going to hold out there for. well i think that the sanctions yes i think that the sanctions which the american administration has imposed to some extent that has been a factor in preventing the israelis from actually going ahead and launching
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a strike it is always possible we have to say it's always possible that israel especially this current government might go ahead and launch a strike and this is something related to netanyahu and his audiology the way he views the may his own personal mission the so yes that has i have to say that is a factor the american deal with sanctions they are a factor which are preventing israel for bush in a strike and it's for this reason i think that the u.s. and that the obama administration keeps on reassuring for example that it has iran intact it is tackling this situation it was made the statement time and again and that actually reveals genuine fears on the part of the obama astray should that israel might actually go ahead and attack iran unilaterally early well we've got you on the line away from the nuclear thing although it's all of the melting pot i mean during his russian during his recent visit russia's foreign minister once again stressed that iran's presence at a possible international conference on syria is absolutely crucial for settling the
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crisis there yet western powers aren't buying into that they are unwilling to involve the islamic republic is it a wise move really as you say it. no it's not wise and here again we come to the same issue you know his role in these little israeli lobby intellect election year of course it's very unlikely that america would actually agree to engage iran because when you have iran involved in such a conference about syria you're recognizing iran as a very important influential country where it has been really cheap this status iran but america the world recognize this especially at this time where we have elections coming up as i said of course obama could have chosen another path because the americans the american public in general the longer views israel as as it used to however obama has chosen the old path of taking on the pro israeli voice and trying to compete with the republicans over the over who is more pro is really and who is more probably called so if you look at the scenario it's not surprising
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to me that america is refusing this and as long as the competition between obama and romney remains very close which is because of the economic situation about one have the courage and what have the boldness to take this step and to challenge is wrong and any of what the way whatsoever let alone agree to iran being involved in the syrian issue the syrian situation or early things here thoughts there's a lot we could serve at this particular time finale risqué of middle east expert there live from beirut thank you thank you. and there's another twist in the iranian issue too as we explore later this hour with a new embargo against iran's old trade ready to take effect we look at what's behind washington decision to allow india and six other nations to sit out the sanctions we explore that. but next top polish officials have condemned the behavior of hooligans in warsaw who were tight russian fans before the two countries euro two thousand and twelve showed last night violence continued after the match two with poland's ambassador to russia saying polish hooligans of the
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blame for the turmoil that resulted in multiple injuries are eastern europe correspondent alexia jet ski reports. one hundred fifty poles have been arrested for attacking the crowd of russian fans and the russians were also attacking for providing violent response to the polish attack anyway we're under stand that those twenty odd russians who have been arrested who've been detained in poland will be deported from the country according to the interior ministry and future they will have problems of training shan't get a visa because of all these because of participation in this in this in those riots in warsaw now certainly the relations between warsaw the moscow have been very strained have been difficult for many centuries now but for now when the stand that they have basically normalized and the events which happened in warsaw last night is something of a blast from the past certainly there are political forces in poland who are interested in this hatred towards russia but certainly this is a minority of the polish population for now in fact we understand that many poles
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have been expressing their apologies to russia on the internet on the internet into on twitter and different forums and web sites for what they described to be brainless and mindless a bunch of supporters who attacked the russian crowd it's also understood that the media some of the media in poland have been have been doing everything they can to raise the hype of this game equating this game with the battle of all the whistler river in one thousand twenty when the polish forces of outnumbered by the soviet troops actually managed to be victorious over the bolshevik soldiers and. some of the polish media including the super express newspaper said that i. could not go without poland and you have to remember nine hundred twenty and you have to do everything even die if you need to do we know over russia so all this hype certainly added to more fuel to the fire. corresponded in. their will for more of the story but spoke to glen ford a former m.v.p.
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of. the league he told me anti russia sentiment cultivated of poland did play a major role in stirring up tension in the country last night. clearly you've got football hooligans on both sides and you've got near nazi groups on both sides the difference seems to be that there are political elements in poland and parts of the media seem to be whipping up this is a trade center phobia towards russia and towards russian supporters you've got a similar problems in ukraine with extreme nationalist neo nazi groups as well and it's led to a situation where for my viewing from afar of the marches many of the stadia. i mean how likely is it to progress is there that we're going to see further clashes there in ukraine. well i hope not. but i mean having seen some of the footage that was shown on panorama in the united kingdom of extreme right wing
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groups doing nazi salutes wearing a nazi symbols and the rest it's obviously a difficult territory for us to know mark minority because i and found in general we've actually got a clip we're talking about there was a fifteen second clip which is going to show our viewers now the came from the b.b.c. panorama program listening to that minute. eleven days during your ribs because it's a bit of cake so i am just saying something. and set it up very well today i mean is that an accurate reflection of the problems there or was a case of it made good t.v. viewing in some kind as well i think is probably in between the two frankly i mean clearly our problems there and those of us who are looking at the growth of the extreme right across the european union in neighboring countries are well aware of
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the situation in ukraine and for that matter in in poland. also bring in all the latest from euro twenty twelve online r.t. dot com is all doom and gloom got some nice bits on as well i can assure you including was under the comments of football fans in poland discussing the clashes between the rival fans as the bad bit the good bit is that we're also tell you all about the russian team as well everything i don't know about the russian team it says a bit of cheer in there as well don't you worry about that also if you fancy facing up to internet tormentors and dragging them to court britain gives you the opportunity with a new law against online trolling being adopted the details in regards the talk on . wiki leaks founder julian assange is awaiting a decision from britain's supreme court over his request to reopen his extradition
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case it comes to weeks after he lost a previous appeal against being handed over to authorities in sweden where he's wanted for questioning about sex crime allegations and a soldier's lawyers claim the european arrest warrant was invalid because it was issued by a prosecutor and not a judge or a court as required by u.k. law if this motion is rejected the son should denies any wrongdoing could still take his case to the european court of human rights his supporters many of whom are at the moment rallying near the court building believe it sweden might not be his final destination and it's just a step toward sending him to the u.s. for prosecution on charges of espionage meantime two judy massage is just one of the targets of a possible clampdown on whistle blowers is gaining momentum the british parliament is currently considering a bill which if adopted might deter people from coming forward and revealing serious rule breaking and corporate wrongdoing watch that report next hour here on this channel and the late edition of julian assange his interview program to as
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well as all the previous episodes available for you right now on a special section of our website www dot. dot com. drew an aside. there are three for three weeks since these documents belong united states government being the. united states strongly condemned. illegally. without charge but. we can change the world tomorrow. the new sanctions against iran's oil trader due to begin later this month but the u.s. has given exemptions to india along with six other nations from the penalties against countries which don't take part now it's seen as an attempt to smooth the way before high level talks in washington between the us across state hillary
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clinton and the indian counterpart but wave a comes in return for cutting purchases are rated crude and it leaves china as the last major importer which could be affected them by these tough financial sanctions let's talk about this was soraya so proper all rich independent research and writer on the line from california the soil high and china is still exposed has been mentioning there to these penalties what message is the u.s. sending to beijing when do you think. well clearly the united states regards china as its rival and it's been fighting china on all fronts we assume as a human rights education in to pass and now aiming the sanctions that china to weaken its economy so that the message is predicted to china well ok what china's rejected the unilateral sanctions against iran but do you think it may give in to the u.s. pressure on the issue again eventually i say again i mean it and eventually. well one would hope not going to doesn't serve china's national interest although
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america's allies saudi arabia has always wanted to step out to make up for the energy needs of china but it's not just a question of getting its energy from a different source it's a question of succumbing to power months to basically eliminate china if china could to america demands americans demand there is it's really in fives given go higher to bring decision making and for a country that has developed so margin has gained so much internationally that's a very tough place to pay for very. sure the so much for the melting pot there is no room in the u.s. wants to see it took to work closely with in there as part of his asia strategy and its attempts to contain china's influence in the region first question is india ready to come from beijing and what are the dangers of irritating china that's the big one too isn't it. and it's actually it is china of course it's you know it is
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from america's biggest trading partners and it is the second biggest economy in the world america has american as their american politicians have made it very clear what their ultimate goal is which is global domination they've expressed this in writing such as the union call a moment constructive destruction and was happy so although china is right now their immediate target in sight from the countries that are going through our he'd what's next the united states. india will not be very safe in the long run i mean if if if you recall in the late sixty's the united states in china basically joined forces to align themselves against a stronger soviet union it's not china it is in fact the right target the united states along with the other with their sanctions education is what have you so india should be very caring for and understand where it was to be in the future
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with the plans to halt this destruction how is all this going to play a bit over which side india takes words allegiances alliances. a bit over the u.s. military buildup in china's bugout how much patients go back to question i guess i should just now how much patience do you think beijing has here one of the dangers . well beijing is not showing any of this cool will to confront the united states i think it's buying its time but at the same time. they're shoring up the shanghai cooperation organization india is very eager to be a part of that and granted that it doesn't have the leadership of the shanghai organization but it is formidable in this is especially if india were allowed to join. in terms of just military soldiers as the resources available
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and he would really be a block against the united states imperial agenda so china is buying its time. how soon will it if it's really and if it is guest on the program purple ridge independent research and right on the line there from california it's a right time isn't it said twenty four and a half minutes past seven o'clock in the evening here in moscow very good to have you with us over there on news twenty four seven online at r.t. dot com but now let's talk business to be treated to you said the business desk i dimitri all suddenly jumped up while i was up well we've heard the energy information administration in the u.s. reporting supplies the decline massively broadly over the past month and therefore we're seeing a jump of oil prices light sweet has moved up sixteen cents when it was trading around eighty cents lower brant is up sixty nine cents also ahead of an opec meeting tomorrow which could decide on production quotas for for the organization
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over in the u.s. we're seeing the dow jones and the nasdaq moving in opposite direction of the market is pretty flat that's on the back of bad retail sales the contraction of point two percent in may that's a second month in a row showing declines in retail sales data which could indicate a trend in europe. close to the closing bell of course the on the backs are now down just a bit they were declining within one percent just an hour ago and in russia because of that jump in the oil price it's looking all much better but the let's talk about currencies first of all the european european the e.u. currency is now gaining against the greenback around sixty eight points that's very good news for the council which has been losing a lot of a lot of value the past couple of months because of the sovereign debt problems of course in the region whereas the russian ruble gained around half
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a percent against against the basket of the euro and the dollar and the russian market because of the jump in the world price managed to see some pretty good gains of four point seven point six percent on the first actually trading day this week big after a long haul day we've seen that we're now seeing gains continue from last week which was one of the best weeks so far this year among the stock movers on the my sex was seeing as burbank leading the gains up two percent almost the most liquid stock the leader in the banking sector their magnate was up just point two percent of the close with a lot of its profit actually a raised its reported revenues go up by around one third compared to last year in the first five months of the year and gazprom is up just a point one percent because worse than the markets now this is on the back of russia's government they may reduce the planned tax hike for independent gas
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producers such as. the new rate comes into effect next year and has made gas companies frightened to cut investment and exploration gazprom has turned out to be a potential exception from that rule as many believe it's seriously under tax and then the new formula expected to put an export factor into place of basically all independent producers except for gazprom. we'll have a lower extraction tax. the world bank has put russia on the front line of crisis fighters improve the outlook for the country's economy expecting g.d.p. to increase bobo's four percent this year world bank expects the growth to be mostly supported by stronger production. and that stricken cyprus is calling for another bit of help from russia the island's media says the country is requesting a five billion euro credit to support its financial system this comes after moody's cut the ratings of top cypriot banks mainly depend on the troubled greek economy
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last year russia already provided the republic with two of our billion euros worth of loans which at the time equal to ten percent of cyprus is g.d.p. . that's all we have for you at the moment not a sunny picture in cyprus all around is it dmitri thanks ever so much because some super programs learned of his arrest the saving on the way soon paid lavelle's latest debate show cross talk tonight discussing the recent russian protests that saw on air in about three minutes time now for i've updated the top stories here on r.t. moscow. wealthy
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british style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report.
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hello again this is the r t news channel i'm kevin these are all top stories al qaeda is number two voices backing for syrian rebels over their fight against the government new video that's been released just a week of the washington claim he'd been killed. there's growing condemnation of polish hooligans awfully attacks of russian football fans here in euro two thousand and twelve in warsaw it led to bloody clashes in the arrests of around one hundred fifty locals. and while julian assange awaits britain supreme court decision about whether it'll reopen his extradition case the u.k. moles a new bill that could prevent potential whistleblowers from speaking out in the first place. more of those stories in full in thirty minutes next though and i'll tell you in just thirty seconds the latest edition of cross talk for you.
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wealthy british scientists it's time to rise. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. and if you. still. follow in welcome to cross talk i'm peter little moscow streets thousands protested in russia's capital for a wide variety of reasons but one issue nights many of them are against the return of a lot of near putin to the presidency do these protests truly reflect public opinion are protests now simply a ritual for the sake of protest.


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