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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2012 4:02pm-4:32pm EDT

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it has been blaming militant groups and international terrorists for violence of his country since the beginning of the uprising here in syria last march but it took a year for the international community to start admitting that too it's only last tuesday that british foreign secretary william hague has also knowledge that groups affiliated with al qaida were operating in syria all visibly on the side of the rebels and fuel in the conflict and violence here in the country we've also been hearing a lot and many times from you our members and from. members that they are ready to provide the rebels with all kinds of support with everything they need be money or weapons this news has come at the time of the increase in violence all over syria and dramatic escalation of the events and un has expressed its concern over what's going on here in the country and banking moon has called on all countries with influence on both rebels and syrian government to call on all
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parties to lay down arms and to pull back as he put it from the brink. russia's foreign minister has condemned some countries demands that moscow puts pressure on the acid regime to stop violence insisting that pressure must be applied to both sides in the conflict the comments came during circle about rove's visit to tehran where the syrian issue dominated the agenda. everyone should stop the violence in syria if a part of the international community understands kofi annan plan only as a demand for russia to make the syrian leadership stop fighting then i declare that this is a provocation some foreign powers are already openly claiming that the peace plan is now working but those who say that are largely pushing the unappeasable opposition to continue arms provocations. also during his visit russian's foreign minister responded to hillary clinton's claims that moscow supplying syrian authorities combat helicopters live now to our to lucy catherine of who's going to
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share her insight on russia's reaction to those allegations take us through what has been said of course and where these claims came from well it's a rather confusing situation but while the top top u.n. official may have labeled the syrian conflict a full fledged civil war according to the u.s. secretary of state russia could actually be to blame for the escalating crisis secretary of state hillary clinton to raise some eyebrows and stirred some diplomatic controversy on tuesday when she insisted that russian attack helicopters were on their way to syria take a look we have confronted the russians about stopping their continued arms shipments to to syria. they have from time to time said that we shouldn't worry everything they're shipping is unrelated to their actions internally that peyton li untrue and we are concerned
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about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from russia to syria. now washington seem to be caught off guard by a secretary of state hillary clinton's remarks in which stumped even the pentagon's own spokesman when asked to explain exactly what types of helicopters the secretary of state was referring to captain john kirby well was a bit surprised to take a look can you provide any details as to what kind of helicopters where they live how are they being delivered. i have not seen reporting that indicates. that the russians are providing attack helicopters to the syrians i have just not seen that. now while washington was left to sort out his confusion over the comments russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov was very clear in his denial of those allegations now moscow does have
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a long standing military relationship with damascus but as lover of explained at a press conference in iran on wednesday the any sales are for filling preexisting contracts comply fully with international law and are for defensive purposes only now russian attack helicopters are in hot demand right now that's because the us pentagon spends millions to buy russian made m. eyes seventeen's on behalf of the afghan air force it's a confusing diplomatic circus but we'll stay on top of it for you right here our correspondent lucy catherine of us breaking down those allegations and reaction to it thanks for that. but once interior ministry is calling for the severe punishment of who gets involved in bloody clashes with russian football supporters in warsaw before the two countries you're of twenty twelve or so down by this continued after the match to with poland's a bastard to russia saying polars friends are to blame for the turmoil that
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resulted in multiple injuries are eastern european correspondent. has the details. the radical supporters of the polish team were attacking a regular simple russian fans just marching through the streets of warsaw in something in an action which had been agreed before that now the violence was so strong that the police had to use small bombs tear gas and water cannons to pacify the angry polish more we understand that for now two almost two hundred fans have been detained by the authorities one hundred fifty of them are polish twenty russian who responded violently to this attack they're also been detained and they will be deported from the country and definitely the relations between russia and poland have never been easy but definitely from what i've seen in these pictures from warsaw this is something like a blast from the past generally the relations between warsaw and moscow have improved greatly since let's say twenty years ago but clearly there are some political forces in poland who are still interested in inciting hatred between
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russia and poland because of something of a sentiment on the message boards in poland on the internet that russian fans must pay for their violent clash with two words during the first game and brought up one russia beat the czech republic four goals to one we know that russia has already been officially punished for that it is due to pay one hundred twenty thousand euro fine for for the for these actions but some of the polish media have been raising the hype ahead of that game saying equating that match to a battle of one thousand nine hundred twenty when. the bolshevik army was outnumbering the polish forces but the polish forces still managed to gain victory and some of the magazines portrayed the polish national coach in a military uniform saying that poland still has to be at the euros and the players i quote must die on the pitch if they need to but need to stop the russians so all this hype certainly added more fuel to the fire. for more on the story my colleague
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kevin owen spoke to glyn ford a former m.e.p. and member of the anti nazi league he says anti russian sentiment cultivated in poland played a major role in stirring up tension. clearly you've got football hooligans on both sides and you've got near nazi groups on both sides the difference seems to be that there are political elements in poland and parts of the media that seem to be whipping up please this is hatred this sent a phobia towards russia and towards russian supporters you've got similar problems in ukraine with extreme nationalist neo nazi groups as well and it's led to a situation where for my viewing from afar of the marches many of the stadia. i mean how likely is it there will be progress is there that we're going to see further clashes there in ukraine. well i hope not. but i mean having seen some of the footage that was shown on panorama in the united kingdom of extreme right wing
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neo nazi groups doing nazi dissolute wearing r.c. some more than the rest it's obviously a difficult territory for us to know mark minority because i and found in general we've actually got a clip we're talking about there was a fifteen second clip which is going to show our viewers know that came from the b.b.c. panorama program listening to that minute. eleven days talking europe's biggest festival of football kicks off i am just now safe and some friends be. set it up very well today i mean is that an accurate reflection of the problems there or was a case of it makes good t.v. viewing in the some kind as well i think is probably in between the two frankly i mean clearly our problems there and those of us who are looking at the growth of the extreme right across the european union in neighboring countries are well aware
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of the situation in ukraine and for that matter in in poland. well we're also bringing you the latest from euro twenty minute r.t. dot com including hundreds of comments from football fans in poland who are discussing clashes between rival fans so in the debate on our website. if you fancy facing off to the internet tormentors and dragging them to court britain gives you the opportunity with a new wrong against online trolling being knocked off the details at our t.v. dot com. the u.s. ambassador to russia has denied claims that washington is attempting to stage a revolution in the country the allegations emerged as russia saw a wave of anti-government protests in recent months but michael mcfaul didn't met
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their previous american administrations were behind the overthrow of governments in some post soviet state parties jacob greaves brings us to details. for made this statement twenty years fielded a question in moscow by a group of students now they are asked if the u.s. has played any role when it comes to aiding a so-called color revolution in russia now called a revolution it is a term that refers to what's happened in some of the former soviet republics such as ukraine and georgia and ukraine you had the orange revolution as of twenty thousand forty thousand or five zero match demonstrations that the venture led installment of to you shane co as president and that was called the orange revolution in georgia we had what's been dubbed the rose revolution and this eventually led to mikhail saakashvili taking power in both cases though there was speculation quite right at the time that the u.s.
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was involved it was backing some of those protest movements. in this they were hearing from michael mcfaul from his reply he's saying that yes the u.s. did have a hand to play in what proceeded during that time now in russia with the recent protests we see there's also been a lot of talk about a color revolution that's how some have interpreted what's been going on since the parliamentary elections still going on today there's also been speculation the u.s. has been backing some of these members of the protest groups financially market for strenuously denied that the code of bombing of ministrations played any role when it comes that aiding the current opposition white ribbon movement you may expect that because he is serving the current administration. we. leaks founder julian assange is awaiting a decision from britain supreme court over his request to reopen his extradition case it comes two weeks after he lost a previous appeal against being handed over to authorities in sweden where he's
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wanted for questioning about sex crime out the case sets aside his lawyers claim the european arrest warrant was invalid because it was issued by a prosecutor and not a judge or a court as required by u.k. law if you have this motion is rejected of songs who denies any wrongdoing can still take his case to the european court of human rights his supporters believe that sweet into my not being final destination and it's just a step towards sending him to the u.s. for prosecution on charges of espionage. now meanwhile julian assange is just one of the targets of a possible clampdown on whistleblowers which is gaining momentum the british parliament is currently considering a bill which if adopted might to tear people from coming forward and revealing serious rule breaking and corporate wrongdoing watch that report next hour here on r t and also the latest edition of chilliness interview programs you can find
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online at archie dot com. julian assange. the search for three weeks to see these documents united states government being the. united states strongly condemn. illegally shoot something. without trying. to can train the world tomorrow. in other news today marks the thirtieth anniversary of the end of the falklands war when argentina surrendered to britain three decades later the islands are still being disputed between the two sides later today un committee on de calmness zation will meet to discuss the case for war now i'm joined by political analyst martin holy the u.n. committee has previously criticized britain's policy on the falklands but london
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has shown little willingness to listen is anything likely to come out of today's meeting which could actually shift the way the issue is going no i don't think so because the british position is very firm it's up to the citizens the three thousand citizens on the four condos to decide their own fate if they wish to remain british citizens and apparently there's going to be a referendum next year they can do that or they can choose to become the problems of argentina from british point of view the sovereignty rests with the people of the falklands what are those on the falklands that might vote in that referendum actually hoping to achieve. so what are they actually hoping to achieve with the referendum. they hope that this will in fact establish a legitimate say of the islands as part of britain. and that the people will vote if it's ninety percent ninety five percent and so on that is
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a very strong vote in favor of remaining part of britain not choosing to be part of argentina and it's if you like a signal. that the focus is or is the argentinians call them last month in those wish to stay part of britain and don't wish to become a province of argentina. a british foreign office minister jeremy brown is currently in the falklands officially commemorating our marking rather the war could there be anything else. or something more to his visit at this time. well if you look at the language which is coming from what is are it's the argentinean government is using very very strong language and some people might say threats about security of the rebel and they're claiming it very very strongly. and the british minister will then say right we are behind you we're going to defend you
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here and this will be a clear signal. that britain will defend the folger those if in fact they are attacked by argentina one should remember that the focus on something like five hundred kilometers from argentina is quite a long way. to the falklands. or claimed by spain britain france and even the dutch they are due to claim is a very thin one but argentina is concerned about its structure its good so in order to go. under the water there the idea do you have discovered. in argentina it is possible that will extend right through to the falklands. british companies or prospecting for yes around the falklands so if they find. then that makes that area strategically economically very very important and.
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of course very very wealthy. right marma cawley political analyst live with us on the line from london thanks for that. thank you. i mean back with the headlines in a few minutes meanwhile can the heightened tensions in the mideast lead to all that war in the region israeli political expert losing robbie shares his views on how the situation is likely to develop that's next.
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with me i have professor the director of the center for middle eastern studies at tel aviv university professor thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. my pleasure the israeli defense minister ehud barak recently said that israel would not be duped over negotiations regarding iran's nuclear program do you think that sanctions have been effect of here i think since the implementation of this we have sanctions a couple of months ago i think there is a progress so i think that what the message is pretty clear in two thousand and twelve we are having a different ball game. and iran is realizing that if it is not going to comply and it would be very pricey for iran if iran is beginning to feel the pinch why are we still hearing from the israeli defense i think that what the israeli
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leadership is doing is just to. capitalize on kind of a man to with the sanctions first of all in the mind of many israelis spatially those leaders you're talking about the implementation of sanctions is kind of a byproduct of israeli pressure. so because israel actually threatened. to militarily attack iran. this was all forced the european union and the americans especially the americans to come up with a much more let us say strict policy with regard to iran in order to appease israel this is how israel takes things now since obama. and the american ministration would not like the idea of having kind of an im broadly go in the middle east before november i think that what obama did with the swift sanctions is on the one
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to tell israel we are on board and you should just set aside now actually and we are going to dictate the rhythm with regard to iran on the other hand there was a message which he was sent to iran that it's going to be very pricey so basically it could cut either ways but i think that what we stand now is kind of a stable me but the last just one more note i think that what the iranians are doing and this is very very typical of the diplomacy they are trying to drive a wedge between the israelis and the americans between the americans and the europeans by coming up with those notions as to say yes so we would like to actually listen carefully to what you all for we have offers on our side is that enough to satisfy the israeli leadership or could we still see as well as attacking iran i think it is unlikely. first of all i'm pretty sure that until november
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nothing will happen in that regards. and even after november we are going to have the same problem there are many let us say figures are public figures like the former head of the mossad and others who are coming up with kind of a contra argument the final analysis of which at the bottom one of which is it at least at this time this is not the think israel should come up with don't talk actually about military solution if the summary unfolded that israel attacked iran there are nations that would help iran acquire a nuclear weapon is that a realistic scenario yeah i mean in a way that could be kind of a scenario that we're going to have or see there but i would say that the problem with a nuclear iran is not that iran is going to the story israel i do not believe in but. it would be kind of a source of inspiration a nuclear iran. for many radical groups in the region. to start to actually act
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in a different manner and now when they have kind of a nuclear backup. this is the thing so i'm not sure that the game is i mean no the main issue is. in the question as you put it i think that what we have here is kind of psychological. moving across to so it is all has been surprisingly quiet and inactive in terms of developments there is it because time is on israel signed all because it does not want to see of regime change there well i think that is that is pretty confused about that this is kind of a multi-ethnic multi-religious. linguistic state. a state which is comprised of many. different. religious and ethnic types and this is a state that could easily become what we call failed state which means
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a state that cannot control over all the territory and more often than not you have some flags or regions that are becoming kind of a no man's land we have had that in libya ready after the topping down of gadhafi we do see that in sinai. and other radical groups are capitalizing on that kind of situation and really you have a weak central state and this is exactly kind of a byproduct of the toppling of the dictator or we going to have a bunch of power centers so it seems to be more concerned with turkey then with his well how can syria be so sure that israel won't take advantage of its weakening i don't think that is a would take an advantage because in that sense because you know what the israel had had when it. mean for the twentieth century i mean the closing decades of a previous century is a quite silent golan heights or border with syria. i think that
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israel is a spectator israel cannot enforce or do something with that ever changing region in top of the arab spring. as i said before i think israel is confused and is or has just come up with kind of a strategy or at least a set of tactics of how to deal with this new situation basically it is becoming much more difficult middle east for israel because egypt and turkey one time friendly and staunch supporter supporters of israel in the west in the region are not there anymore professor steve albini thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. thank you. the . comfort is the least you have.
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money is the last you need if you travel this way. language is common. you see. the. emotions are intense. and experience priceless. cultures that so much i'm going to make a lot of people a variant of the look at moscow streets thousands protesting russia's probable for a wide variety of reasons one issue nights many of them are against the return. if you're followed up on my bill snowboarder the. chinese are sort of
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a throwback and archaic part of our law. and it goes back to a time when people would like out of their forces in the wild west and pick up these future dates and putting them into the sheriff for prosecution i don't think the company may follow suit. when they go out there. and you have to hope that nothing can. move. forward facing killers and you gotta keep that in mind though there's a two million dollar bill for his arrest. without superheroes we can be told to you know they shoot me in the head i'm going to die. and. once you've hunted manual never go back to hunt anything else.
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russia would be soon much brighter. advance some months to freshen some. stars on t.v. don't come. before .
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line from moscow our top stories is number two voices his backing for syrian rebels over their fight against the government in a new video released a week after washington claimed he killed. there's a growing condemnation of polish rule against after they attacked russian football fans during puro twenty twelve in warsaw it looked a bloody clashes. a hundred and fifty local. module you know sancia waits britain supreme court decision on whether it will reopen his extradition case the u.k. balls a new bill that could prevent tatchell whistleblowers from speaking out. probably back in half an hour's time with more news our chief special report is that next.
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few months ago i was in kiev with my host. months and knowing he was a boy we'd like to be alone so i said like. a husband and father son called me. and when i felt so unsafe to go mum. would be ok mummy we come back we would come back yeah that's what we called it. because i truly believe it was my grandfather being. told i didn't want to be sure and i don't want to upset my plans. i mean it's the most interesting most amazing the world.


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