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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2012 6:32pm-7:02pm EDT

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first dishwasher from france i leave three huge dogs and he might try to eat you but i will definitely protect you from him. my name is david i used to be from france but now i am from the arms of his wife you know me as david friend from when. i followed business and management cities and walked as a says with the necessity for all severity of but finally realized it was not to tell me i would indeed to feel free to do what i wanted to do when i wanted to do it for how long i wanted it where i wanted it and we have what i wanted to. worry gone yes where since it is birth yes it was just to return a phone call it was no kilometers. on it. all faulty.
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so. there. can take a. i he said it is but from now on i would become a model nomad using the great flexibility of internet sales as efficiently cultural thing. what is cultural thing i can hear you say. it is the biggest website on the concept of hospitality exchange before create them so as a profile in courage to describe a place they also want to have one that interests tastes and so on you don't pay to join it you don't to host ourself. it is a big community of people are traveling and are living along the. either a friend couch surfing or friend to the internet internet friend hello i'm david tourists from china i don't say ok.
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i got in here i want pictures take a look. founded. this one yes. it's my wife she's not russian. that's her. i'm russian but my wife is bush dear dear i taught art i'll get. your. all different feasts. i don't know i just love was the answer. i am correct leaving for thirty nine months of a project of mine indictor around the world he made two months and then they produce of course i don't plan to become free and in all of them but just to be able to communicate and just on a bit of her toes so far i have tried to forty seven countries and i knew what to even life used to shelter to have on the wire.
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good question but. if you want to give myself ok i told him you will come yeah and he's ok. yeah it's ok it's something you're how much is too pretty yeah yeah yeah ok. on my name is i don't know i'm twenty four i'm from some business book and i'm a coach the first since three years a horse that around sixty people don't look also i organize dinners participate in place because the present friends of course the first before i know so russians or from other students and. through your home and you become very true i'm not really uncomfortable to have a holiday it's home in the person is. not so open and just wants to stay around and just and piers morgan doesn't communicate a lot with me it can be a problem try to open this person and if it doesn't happen doesn't happen this person leaves and and sometimes even people go to the hospitals and then just leave
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the place sometimes. i got to meet some of my previous experiences i should share with me to our best friends and be able to get through how i could beat people from europe but those were the age of america and south america. once. again you keep and eat. ok maybe one of us just one just one. ok maybe to make it a little something. yeah i'd like a proud of it for me and vice what cultural thing is about but as well getting for a chance to improve my in origin of the local crypto i mean which. french of you spanish. potter. big quite right. next five languages
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my plan is just to be a bird to have a. basic of inflation you know not to talk about that. and so i said to the german now you could be to russia and. japanese chinese when they're in an arabic. i too i always to do cultural thing but it can to invite one night i didn't find a coach for any reason i had my plans i arrive too late taking up what about invest case i actually go on the streets and i asked people or to place so i treat first as a very valid look i was going to have everybody know what coach i think it's not a game and so when i do research some people do figure i'm crazy to supermarkets here. small government but do you mean you want to buy something to eat yes there is morning the opposite direction if you could tell me what exactly you would like to buy that go for their ticket to. the lodge you can buy stuff.
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i have some money because i used to work in france so i save some money i live on one of the other also months but i could attribute we've got money i thought i made some experiments like i tried for one month in spain we bought using money. my russian is poor we will understand each other. we will understand each other so you can prove. you know what. you want. with it's own eggs. so what how we want to think about the first time for me of course there is like challenge. yeah time is your way and. the same time as you bustle. very interesting experience for me because you introduced me to your friends here as
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a tourist that will never have to. get a. young boy was our first true experience of this down the. in this in the scare. and it's kind of a good year to be meters in diameter just tiny probably a tank but this amazing family of four children it was really interesting to see because you're completely immersed in their way of life and think about. the. air. and sometimes i recycle quite a friend and. what are you doing now i'm calling in five minutes by the premise
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back to growth from russia to make sequel to argentina to get in five minutes it's a bit complicated so i kind of do we sometimes frankly if i had been doing this twenty years ago i would feel lonely no one days and thanks to in turn it i don't feel it because we can dogged by you made by. video conference like skype or extra yeah so i scream including you because i wanted to tell you about the surprise. you know so i just i mean. i would stay for one month and i was he to come back. during for europe to give yes we'd be awake wish to. review. you know what show what. i think about my brain.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you don't know i'm charged welcome to the big picture. hasn't been seen yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before the source material is what helps keep journalism honest. we want to present. something real.
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my name is could have been stronger. but i hold believe in instant. oh. would you tell me where the market is right here oh thank you but there's no wonder why it's closed on sundays closed on sundays. i can't say i'm a very social person and i love tool communicated to be distant people but usually in daily life i find it difficult to do and often feel some distance with the real life around me sometimes intimate helps me to communicate with people because there is no psychological barrier is fear as. long. professional. but by my choice. i wasn't. sound close so close that i could meet different people in reality and talk.
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it was really great because i think that in the west people have their own rooms they're very individualistic but they don't interact as much this is all in one room so. a command to go. there it's definitely an interesting trip are you about to take this. i have never used. to stay at someone's place and just recently i decided to go as close to a friend to mongolia. zero. zero zero how are you. building. and you're following my labor he's lived. through. and will come to my home and my little girl who is this. like me with their children. i work
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in the public library. my professional is soft. i work in the in this particular average computer specialist and then i married my writing don't ever know you have a portugal. this is my office through. and i work from home and this is a no no i know they think i might call the doctor and my cozen and then david come to my room and then be able to read it to go my home by bus. i'm not penning a lot out there on the couch surfing. or network shareholders people's visited to my family i very happy to be ambassador as i was you see is not so big and everything is you know walking distance from this today yes this other new continue here for you if you can't last.
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in a word i well have thousands in busses and they have it extract if you will they can expand to if you want they. could ask a question about cancer and they can organize that publicly talk to share out of member experience. we should do this is the same money. you could crush is funded to exist you could get is a new chapter jim just to tip a minute is enough wanted to send to my. one hundred first is to do my hold the how you did let's do this. you know this is counted read my and then convinced. not that you know offense. it's
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a big and because one two or three of. this is not on the in my fantasy land and that kid is my guess. now it's a very. mountainous and. they are looking looking for. kira yet come in come in the cafeteria and my family. clerk. because people underfloor her. and don't know yet. if you post. then you should move your. question is that it does not have the feeling that i must comply with these
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rules for example one day i simply put down the jacket but the bag said that i had to fold it and put it so that the caller pointed north out to the where they had a kind of a buddhist altar. and i couldn't help thinking that it made no difference which direction interface. horizon. look at them but then it struck me immediately that i was a guest at a man's care and had to act appropriately respecting their traditions i am their guests. you can catch. it from there my name is fidel. and. friend told sixty years. after. my name and i mean mr and then and i hope my step will be bless your home and we thank you
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i need you like mine and if you visit. is not from cheers don't have much room inside it's a kitchen and bedroom at the same time but even then you do not feel crammed in a small room of the month machine there was little space there in did but as people were talking to me we did not feel the space between us and it made the care much bigger. by paramour hotham in doing people long term wronger than to a long long. and very close group experience. where my firmware go of a certain day if i say them i also make it good and i really feel. how is my boarding capacity and then one going. to. get kind of
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content and i thank you. this is mr clinton no you don't. you think you've been in mongolia. this is no no yes. it's just it's just on the top of the. mood you just told the tea i want to expand on our tradition. then you have a new team we've. put does some keys to dollar gold and then now my love is going to put the new fifty two of them to their god place after that. for my host in mongolia i did present it's george couple in georgia national dressed. men were going to this is
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this no no. go zone confides. this is nice. and. then national they had all the drug business and the rest the part of no the east. in the region that have a lot of different regions and. this insurgency has this into the national interest to know. thank you this is our home and brit oh boy and you know this is the room. and you and i. think. me. and.
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they don't. get caught i reckon your. home was. not all right. i just want to wake up. ok. yes problem was the showering here is an issue. if you think of how people used to wash themselves and try to leave as your ancestors did. well i think it is an interesting experience is. it. going to pass you by doing no. stop.
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just. so. sensitive. no it's simple i like the children very much they go to school in their own even though the girl is only in first grade and it takes about an hour to get there because they bring me to the center and then i walk by myself and look around the city. but if i did not have the map that begs true for me it would be next to impossible to visit the places i wanted to see. and.
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challenging my church and i ask of the why do you want to so why do you do you want to learn musical instrument harker good to say i want to make right on target on the war you have encountered. i really like the hosts wife we cook together i asked her if she always cooked alone the question sounded a bit rude i think perhaps she took offense or probably misunderstood me she said that her family always helps her yes she her children husband are one hole that's wonderful for her everything they do they do together missed that month. and it was slow and you hadn't soul. like.
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it's really really tasty and and and also it's very good for our. health costs because you know who would then stop all organic you won't tell you how to do it in my good you know keeping our distribution when you can actually exercise. i'm not looking like i'm going to be really good for you tony. and we need. to do it. at the desk it is interesting doing things that you have never done before this is a challenge
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a challenge to her own self there's no way these are new emotions and new experiences and probably a new attitude towards life that. i want to enter this year my. friend. she visited through my poem good last tuesday and then now you are my new. kind of good first visit here hi this is not beyond that and the last three. i hope you are the enjoy the. life. that long. because i want to see other countries in the world like all over the world which come through. it was my first course social experience to live with the family in mongolia and i will never forget it thank you for helping me for discovered in mongolia
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for me. this system is giving us hope. we will prevail. i can't imagine why that. tension there were why because if not for profit. not. really important when i started beats project of my idea was event to choose a country where i would have fed her best i actually have tried my mind because i realized our country is to see to discover where to live in i have already planned . for you all the someone in place as the months ago lately host so many in brazil and south americans so i think i will make a really big three four and always catch stuff as much as i can a young up just i love certainty and my personal space you could see i love being a little so if i have to stop somewhere for a week most likely i will choose
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a hostile course when i am forty years out of. my or three read my letter i want to show you or. to my that i'm. after three years but i need my pride in ca. now that's my view and we also i think it kind of minnesota people are working on different o.j. flying cars and i hope you can help me to make. your country who you. are.
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all right it's number two calls on militants across the world to join syria's rebels in their fight against the assad regime and this statement comes in an undated video broadcast a week after washington said he'd been killed in a drone attack. european football's governing body condemns violence around poland has around the poland russia match at euro twenty full championships polish fans attacked russian supporters prior to the game and they clashed with police in warsaw after it was finished around one hundred fifty poles in twenty four hours or less. and while julian assad ways of britain's supreme court decision on whether it will reopen his extradition case the cables a new bill that could prevent potential whistleblowers speaking out. cross talk next with peter lavelle stay with us here on r.t. .
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if you. still. follow in welcome to cross talk i'm peter all about moscow streets thousands protested in russia's capital for a wide variety of reasons but one issue nice many of them they are against the return of law to mere putin to the presidency do these protests truly reflect public opinion are protests now simply a ritual for the sake of protest. and. stir.


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