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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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on to our men of washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. psychiatrist dr justin frank the same man who analyzed presidents bush and obama as analyzed mitt romney and says romney is comfortable line in part because of the way he was raised in his mormon faith because the real reason why romney can't tell the truth is something much more simple and doesn't make him unfit to be president also republicans win in november with the help of illegal vote purges and what exactly is mitt romney's plan for health care reform in america that and more into nights alone liberal
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rubble and depending on the outcome of this week's elections greece may soon be departing from the euro and facing even greater financial crisis this be the best move for the greeks or is there another way for them to save their economy and rebuild their nation. you need to know this you might remember last week mitt romney attacked the president for wanting to hire more public workers he wants to add more government he wants to know the stimulus he wants to hire more government workers he says we need more firemen more policemen more teachers did he not get the message of wisconsin the american people did this congress the cadillac. health american people well on tuesday romney tried to walk back those comments saying this on fox so-called news he says if you want to cut firefighters and teachers that you don't
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understand what's going on in these communities what do you say to that governor. well that's a very strange accusation of course teachers and firemen. and policemen are hired at the local level and also by states the federal government doesn't pay for teachers firefighters or police but so obviously that's completely absurd he's got actually that's not observe is the center for american progress pointed out the federal government plays a big role in keeping teachers cops and firefighters employees specially during times of economic crisis when states are facing budget shortfalls just this year alone two to have billion dollars was invested in increasing the number of highly qualified teachers around the nation plus federal grants are routinely given to local fire departments to help them do their jobs better same is true of police departments so in that romney says the federal government plays no role in keeping cops teachers and firefighters on the jobs he's once again lying and he knows it
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just like how he lied that president obama increased spending at a faster rate than any other president in history something that's now been debunked with this chart showing that president obama has actually slowed spending at a faster rate than any other president since before eisenhower and mitt romney's line is nothing new which brings us to the bigger picture dr justin frank the psychiatrist who wrote bush on the couch and obama on the couch and has now turned his psychoanalytic powers on mitt romney in a piece for time magazine titled the root of mitt romney's comfort with lying. just in frank laid this out he said it's not just his flip flops on issues from abortion to stem cell research the assault weapons ban global climate change civil unions and obamacare as dr frank points out romney recently lied about a book by noam schreiber saying that the book said that obama knew that obamacare would slow down the economy in fact the book says no such thing the author of went
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on national television to rebut romney and say that romney was lying about it but a week later and then an ad and then again and begin running to prove. in this very same lie with a totally straight face seeming like he actually believes that although he knows it's a lie how could he do that well dr frank the psychiatrist suggests that romney is so comfortable with wine he's been doing it pretty consistently throughout his entire political career and there's every reason to believe that that skill helped make him a quarter billion dollars at the vulture equity firm bain capital but he's so comfortable with line because he's a true believer in this case in mormonism and this sort of logic often suggests that mormonism has built into it a number of things that are inherently contradictory for example god says to take multiple wives but mormons don't do that or the black people were cursed by god but after the seventies they let them into the church and because of romney's willing to believe that god or the church are right on contradictory things something
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that's a boss of all he's been conditioned by his religious faith to be comfortable with what you and i would call lies the only problem with that theory is that there are a lot of good mormons i know some personally who believe the stories in the book of mormon fall of the church and are not regular liars in their daily lives in fact you can make the same argument for pretty much any of the major religions god told jews muslims and christians that they should kill their children if they disrespect their parents but none actually do that today and that dissonance doesn't turn religious people into pathological liars so with all due respect to dr frank i'd suggest that the answer to why romney chronically lies is much simpler to explain he's a sociopath so surpassed don't have to be serial killers in fact most aren't sociopaths are people who lack the ability to understand or empathetically feel the pain or other experiences of other living things sociopath for example where they have no
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problem tying his dog to the roof of his car for a ten hour ride because the sociopath never had the experience of empathizing with a dog. a sociopath for example have no problems shutting down a well functioning and profitable steel mill throwing hundreds of people into poverty depression and even divorce and suicide is a sociopath thinks he's the only real human in the world the only one who really has feelings that's the core of what being a sociopath means and high functioning sociopaths as in smart and well educated sociopaths make up as much as ten percent of the major participants on wall street and may well make up the majority of c.e.o.'s of major firms being associate as forbes magazine did a piece and being a sociopath would be a job requirement to be the c.e.o. for example of a tobacco company as the only product sold in america that when used as directed produces death so instead of being surprised that romney lies easily repeatedly and constantly and even tells lies about his lies changing his positions the way that
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you would i would change our shoes we really probably should be more surprised that more former c.e.o.'s and sociopaths haven't shown up in presidential politics which i suppose brings us to george w. bush of a chronic liar remember wm d.'s the former c.e.o. hopefully one day soon the american people will wake up to the fact that having sociopaths transition from the world of business to governing our country is probably a very very bad idea. it's wednesday are you ready to rumble joining me for tonight's long little rumble our francesca chambers editor with red alert politics and judson phillips associate director of the tea party and founder of tea party nation thank you both for joining me tonight how does the republican party plan to deal with mitt romney this is a guy who seems to be a pathological liar i was ranting about he's flip flopped on just about every major
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issue take a look at this. you can look at my record as governor and then you can see in my record as governor that i have consistently been pro-life i believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country i believe based on what i read that the world the world is getting warmer on and number two i believe that humans contribute to that so the idea that they're going to do you know some of the stuff . great ideas i have never supported the president's recovery act all right the stimulus no time nowhere no how have i supported the president's stimulus i think there is need for economic stimulus a lot of reasons so you know we've seen flip flop on abortion stem cell research the assault weapons ban climate change civil unions gays state sponsored health care it seems like romney can't stop line is this a guy that you really want charge of our government francesca. well first of all i don't think there's anything wrong necessarily with thinking one thing maybe twenty
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years ago and changing your views on it today for instance some of those changes were like within a matter of months or less than a year where i don't think that's that's true at all i think that a lot of the things that he may have changed his views on were about twenty years ago but when you said change his views on state sponsored health care around these never changed his views on the state sponsored health care he's always said that it should be up to states to decide what they want to do for their citizens his problem is that now you know i could show general health care bill which he does not support obamacare and said that he will repeal that but he is all you a clip of the romney saying the romney care in massachusetts should be a nation a model for the nation he does that mean in the end like we say on t.v. change his mind. so i mean people change their minds sometimes people lie obama laws sometimes people change their minds what's the difference one man's law is another man's change of mind well then maybe there's a maybe there's another issue here and let's say that he's not one let's stipulate that and just say that he he seems to be lacking core convictions i never doubted i
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mean you know ronald reagan when he was a democrat when he was a democrat when you were raised as a democrat when he became a republican when you were raised as a republican george w. bush i never doubted where he stood i didn't agree with him but he had core convictions does romney have core convictions friendships. i think that romney absolutely has core convictions i mean one is nothing other than i want to be president will meet romney that has a major core conviction in thinking that it's very important to create jobs in this economy's very economically fiscally i guess economically conservative i think that's very much a core conviction of mitt romney that's what his whole campaign has been about is about the american dream and about creating jobs in the united states about getting the economy back on the right track and i think that's what this election needs to be about it was as you say i did mean interrupt you francesca what are obama's core convictions i mean his core conviction is he wants to be president what's the favorite word in his lexicon i. am not asking about obama i want to be able to turn
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this into a debate i mean we can get a while here want but. i just he's not the guy who has flip flopped and positions i would say obama's positions since he was a young man you know if you've read his books. i don't think positions have changed but i think he's going to benefit of the winds of politics and to some extent and i do think that they have change candidate obama so that one of his top issues would be reducing the day reducing the deficit president obama has not done either of those things candidate obama said that the law for president obama tried to do both of those things and got filibustered in the united states senate i mean one of the one of the signature pieces was that piece of legislation the nancy pelosi actually got out of the house of representatives that said no longer in the united states are we going to give tax breaks to big corporations when they tear down factories and move them overseas right now when that happens you and i all pay for with our tax dollars no more and by the way if
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a company has already done that when they bring the bill if they bring the factory back we will give them tax break. everybody supported that it got filibustered by the republicans why because it would have it would have created between two years ago when it was passed out of the house and now would have created probably somewhere in the neighborhood of four million jobs unemployment right now would be around five or six percent. obama would be cruising to the white house we can't have that says mitch mcconnell but that didn't answer my question what has obama done to reduce the national debt why has he done to reduce the federal deficit is there goes on as in the seven hundred thousand jobs a month when he came into office to twenty seven months of positive private sector job growth that's that's obama most of all taxpayers that's all that's obama math no no let's look at the real numbers and go look at the you six number in the unemployment report that's the true non cooked number if you measure the unemployment the way it was measured during the great depression we have unemployment at fourteen or fifteen percent if you look at the number of a marriage we have in the direction that george bush took us that you know the the
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economy george bush era it would be a forty percent right now we have to wrap up what will more rubble right after the . wealthy british sign off on. the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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well go back there's a nice lone liberal rumble joining me are francesca chambers editor with red alert politics and judson phillips associate director of the tea party dot net and founder of tea party nation if the supreme court strikes down obamacare later this month a lot of americans are really going to be in trouble this specially if mitt romney gets elected president november here's why in a speech in florida yesterday ron told the crowd that he would allow insurers to deny coverage to millions of americans with preexisting conditions who have not been continuously insured here's his car. so let's say someone has been continuously insured and they develop a serious condition and let's say they lose their job or they change jobs they move or they go to a new place i don't want them to be denied insurance because they've got some
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preexisting condition so he's taking us back to exactly the way it was before obamacare if you had a job and if you were continuously insured then cobra would pick that up that was something ronald reagan pushed through by the way but if you weren't insured you're outta luck and and i don't get why romney thinks that he's going to win and that's not exactly what he said in that at all that that's not he was a period or that went on to say if you were continuously ensure that's how the insurance companies say it is this language has been around for a long time he put it out there that way but you have one very if there's a one day gap in your insurance then anything that happened before that becomes a preexisting condition and you no longer can get insurance for that that's how it was until obamacare came into office came into being and that's what he wants to take us back to first of all let's talk about the fact that the supreme court haven't decided on obamacare yet so this is actually jumping the gun very much so but second of all if you want to talk about the preexisting conditions what obama and the democrats try to claim that there's all these americans one hundred twenty
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nine million americans who have preexisting conditions that aren't being covered unless there's a bombing care but yet they create. these high risk pools to make sure that in the in term before obamacare kicked in in two thousand and fourteen that they would be covered we have a serious one million children covered by those riri few people have applied for the high risk pools so they can't have it both ways either there's a necessary need for obamacare or there's not that many people with the preexisting conditions that are being affected by this but the problem is that if you as i said before if you if you're insured under the under the old laws if your insurance coverage lapse for one day then everything that has happened to you prior to that is a preexisting condition and if anything in the future happens as a consequence of that i mean if if you broke your leg two years ago and you get arthritis ten years later it's no longer covered it's a preexisting condition the problem itself is the problem is insurance self insured yes you know that's why i agree insurance is banks tourism the insurance is a disaster the only thing that i think anybody should have is
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a major medical plan that will cover you in case you have that massive one hundred thousand dollar heart attack we need the free market in there to drive prices down and create efficiencies the government doesn't create efficient why is it the insurance that jury will use during the time during the forty's fifty's sixty's seventy's and eighty's when every state in the union required health insurance companies to be not for profit and require hospitals to be not for profit we saw virtually no inflation in medical prices it was relatively inexpensive to get health care pretty much anybody could get health care and when reagan changed the rules and said hospitals can become for profit and and what's his name the former head of the republicans in the senate is the audi made three billion dollars on that with h.c.a. before they got busted for fraud and and bill frist and and and the health insurance companies who go for profit and the prices just exploded and you've got now bill mcguire making over one point seven billion dollars as the c.e.o. united health care this is a screwed up system let's listen to like switzerland and go back to already that we
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need health reform but obamacare is not the health reform that america needs the problem with obamacare is it doesn't actually we're. cause i mean how would you reduce costs i'm not necessarily sure how we do that you don't you know a lot of profit i mean a different market of course but you mean the specific plan i'm not exactly sure is no framework there is look at there's no salacious free market sure the markets are created by government though lazic look at that as a procedure it's never been covered by insurance twenty years ago it was five thousand dollars ten thousand dollars for the procedure now in some areas it's one hundred ninety nine and i and our dollars to buy uses it's not just the technology it's the doctors competing for the patients the lasik machines are run by computers now they used to be run by doctors but the doctors have to compete for the patients that are and that's the one area because they don't compete if they had plans to well i'm surprised they don't compete in appendectomies or x. rays for broken legs but the ok. i'll grant you that forget the illegal voting
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purge going on in florida right wing groups are now trying to get other states on board with their illegal mass voter purges tea party organization known as true the vote early koch brothers funded thing has just filed a lawsuit against indiana saying that that state is not properly maintaining its voter rolls and demanding that the state workers get to work cleaning up their voting rolls they're teaming up with judicial watch to file similar lawsuits in missouri ohio pennsylvania west virginia california battleground states for two thousand and twelve so the republicans really think that the only way to win the election is to is to reduce the number of voters is the paul weyrich strategy from from one thousand nine hundred all over again to democrats think the only way they can win the election is by running a bunch of dead people in their to vote name one dead person is voting. five thousand illegal aliens who voted in colorado in two thousand and ten one jose diaz i don't know i don't have their names there's no name out of here because the fact of the matter is if there was even one he would be as famous as willie horton was because of a colorado attorney general investigated the two thousand and ten election and
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determined that five thousand illegal aliens vote the attorney general did not because if the attorney general had actually determined that then then the attorney . i would guess you would be in. violation of criminal law for not putting people in jail you do try to find the people to vote there was a gentleman in cookeville tennessee couple years ago he had to be purged from the voter rolls by the way for privacy reasons they would not release his name he had voters at your job and on for francesca is it worth is it worth it i mean in is it worth knocking five million people off the voter rolls to get five thousand people who might be nearly one hundred five million people off the voter rolls to get five hundred thousand people let's take it florida as an example they flagged like two thousand three hundred people or and they were in the thousand people of the voting polls in two thousand florida went through this year and knocked a bunch of dead people off the road and rolls over and we were going to be routinely does the flag they flag to people who they thought might be illegal residents and there were only like twenty three hundred people so we're not talking about a widespread problem that's affecting
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a ton of people in florida and then from there they determine if they were legal or not and those that were illegal got put back on the voting rolls the fundamental problem was that you said that they were doing something illegal they weren't doing anything illegal they were reporting to the gurney journal are violating holding the law well according to the attorney general they're going to go to fast and furious so i don't want to talk about you know according to the attorney general while i may not you know they don't necessarily mean it's yes i know he's testified about a program george bush started in. on no he's not actually you know. he won't comply with the subpoena i think it would alternate universe. it's like and i just want to go back to the point that you said that you know that conservative groups are somehow responsible for this well let's talk about the liberal groups that are also in states that are trying to fight back on the voter id going to voters in florida you know i was actually specifically talking about how today the end. l.c. io announced a similar measure that basically does what conservative groups are doing except for it does it you know from the liberal angle and goes to swing states and tries to
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fight back against voter i.d. laws and obviously those groups are very well signed and so what you're saying that the liberal groups are. going in and saying let's identify wealthy white areas which are largely republican voters and knock them off the voter rolls you know what i'm saying is they're going through and they're fighting back against the voter id laws which they feel are discriminatory well they are and they're very well i don't think that anybody that's grounds for a given to people that's not what my point is my point is that you are trying to make the argument that you have this big money dark money from the koch brothers that's coming in and that is five years now is what these laws together ok but what i'm saying is that the liberals are about to spend just as much money fighting back against a conservative so it's a moot point there's conservative and liberal groups fighting in the state and let's hope you're right and by the way you're right it wasn't anything no conservative group has ever been convicted of filing fraudulent voter registration no but the make quickly republican party for over three decades has been operating under a restraining order for a voter for election fraud multiple election fraud they've been convicted who are
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little times and to this day the republican party nationwide is operating under a restraining order yesterday north dakotans voted on a measure to eliminate property taxes in that state and measure the field by a wide margin i'm disappointed i think that you know i'm anti property tax i think that this is this is i think property taxes are wrong i think the horses you may find here i think we're all going to agree with ok i think that you know property taxes in my opinion are a they mean that you can't actually own land you're only renting it from the government and b. if we're if we must have property taxes then let's at least make them progressive like income taxes are where if somebody loses their job if somebody gets sick and somebody has no income you know they don't lose their home as a consequence of that francesca i think the biggest problem in north dakota why is that how do they make up the revenues for that they have a major budget surplus right now but me just explaining i think why the measure felde that's why i'm trying to explain i think that the measure failed because they couldn't figure out how to make up the revenues the budget surplus that they had
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where the running of the cops was it wasn't yeah there was enough money to make up for that exactly and that's not something they want to explain to people like why they had to cut those services. and even the chamber of commerce you know who you would think would be on the side of tax cuts was against that and so what i think that we have to kind of say is that you know each state is different and the needs of each state is different and that that just wasn't the right thing to do for north dakota and that was why didn't people in north dakota determine i don't disagree and again this this need to be a debate in eight hundred eighteen up until eight hundred eighteen there was no property tax anywhere the united states eight hundred eighteen second generation after the after the revolutionary war illinois became the first state by by the one thousand nine hundred there were thirty three states and property taxes and now it's all fifty now it's all all the states in the union and i mean it was in fifty states back in ninety nine i thought it was thirty three as i got new hampshire didn't have a property tax but i could be wrong it does but if i lived in new hampshire for four years yes there's a property taxes and what they don't have as a state income tax but but it's like it seems to me that we should do away with
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this or we should be encouraging states to do it where somehow we went into the room is that we have to reduce spending if we're going to get are going to get rid of that we have to find figure out a way to cut spending if we're going to get his romney's tax mostly paid for schools and cops were great figure out a way to get off lending in other areas to be able to pay for that for going to get rid of the problem if you are going to get rid of the good gig people who regulate the koch brothers factories you know their you know what mercury in the air more mercury we want more market to get rid of the useless people who are simply hired as a political payback and that covers both sides ok all right a. u.s. navy drone flying over maryland crashed earlier this week fortunately in an uninhabited area no one was hurt but this crash again raises the question whether or not drones should be flying over american airspace at all rand paul has come out and said you're going to fly a drone and propose legislation airfoil drawn over my city. actually we're out of time ok my my apologies francesca chambers judson phillips thanks both for being
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with us tonight thank you. crazy alert petting the kitty of forty seven year old everett lodge's was arrested outside of a strip club in murdock florida last week after repeatedly called nine eleven to tell dispatchers that the owner of the strip club wouldn't let him enter with his kitten is feeling kitten that is after the owner of the emerald city strip club saw legace with the kitten he told legace to leave but instead legace sat down outside the club and have calling the police over and over and over the sheriff deputies arrived they called a taxi to take legace home but he refused to say where he lived and continued to call nine eleven cops then arrested him legace has since been charged with misuse of the nine eleven system disorderly intoxication trespassing and resisting arrest and arguably is also guilty of setting up such a terrible double entendre for t.v.
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host like me that i'm not even going to go there. hasn't been a thing yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. the source material is worth helps keep journalism on the we. we want to present. something else. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images from seeing from the streets of canada. operations to rule the day.
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