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tv   [untitled]    June 14, 2012 12:02pm-12:32pm EDT

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but that's still pretty unlikely that that would be successful and the third option is that you're actually going to see julian assange extradition now going ahead and he could be under extradition or head on a plane back to sweden within ten days he does end up going back to sweden then he'll face questioning over these sexual assault allegations now of course it's important to remember that julian assange is never actually being charged he's just facing questioning there in sweden it's always been something the legal team has been very eager to point out and to clarify we've seen a real shift in the coverage surrounding the trial surrounding the man himself of course very controversial stories coming out so we can leaks we see governments around the world especially the u.s. government absolutely furious as some of the revelations wiki leaks was able to reveal and a lot of his supporters saying that this is a mounting to nothing more than a smear campaign ad campaign to silence not just you in a staunch but also we can leaks itself we're going to see as we said this very long
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legal battle that is already being three continuing now as we wait to see what that next crucial steps going to be. but for more on the developments in the case let's now talk to action returns the author and award winning journalist based in london thanks for being with us this evening julian a song rapidly running out of options to resist this extradition and what chances do you think he has of managing to stay in britain. i think the situation is very dangerous indeed i mean it's a bit of a shame the british highest court in the land the supreme court they couldn't even get it right as to whether julian sondra been charged at least during a council one on that point because paragraph three of the documents that he had been charged you'd think they'd get that right basically you know the united states could be a little bit more could be a little bit more or less obvious about it all hillary clinton was in sweden over
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the weekend with call built a good friend to call rove the bush white house it couldn't have been the connection between the united states and sweden not one nation in the world has been unaffected by wiki leaks and julian chose to personify it because that's the way the media like to take on stories the corporate media and he was doing the best for his sources. well it seems you're pretty sure he will in fact be extradited to sweden what happens next as you see it straight to the us or not. well the source is that i have haven't told me yet whether he is going to plight of european court of human rights which is the final option here in britain but certainly an f.b.i. indictment is currently being written of course the person accused of leaking the cable gate. element of wiki leaks bradley manning his dates in november and january that case in full flow he won some kind of victory recently but
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president obama. the other day talking about denying that he deliberately leaks information for electoral advantage one of those pieces was terra tuesday where president obama chooses who to die for my kind of book using drones i think president obama can and will do with a fillip if he well he must be thinking if he gets a subject tonight from sweden what a great coup it will be for his electorate in the upcoming u.s. elections both sides so how about obama could benefit from it what kind of freight do you think is ahead for us if he does end up in the u.s. . we know the united states believes in torture we know that president obama came to power saying it closed going to obey didn't do so and as i said the latest revelations in the new york times how ironic one of the papers that was initially one of wiki leaks partners revealed how he chooses to
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kill actually not even just developing nation citizens but united states citizens themselves there are a seems a complete reckless abandon when it comes to international law law and order and law for u.s. citizens so how an australian citizen like. i think your viewers will probably guess it is interesting our little support he perhaps gets from australia but it's a it's a shameful day in britain at least the previous judgment five to two not unanimous but this this court here in britain seemingly oblivious and believing that there is no need to argue points of law for a guy who has not been charged with any crime in the united states people have called resuscitation and president obama has even film footage of him saying that julian assange is guilty that surely in a normal process would make for a complete farce of any legal case but in the united states in an election year and
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let's not forget how many nations in the world don't like leaks but whatever the case you know people will be sending c.d.'s we know what's going on around the world and people around the world will find new ways of sending information and leaking information to wiki leaks with or without julian assange. just briefly you talked about people turning on of songs he's also criticized for his program here on r t what do you make and again just briefly of the swap in the way you seem he was a hero and now he's a world you know a criminal. the attacks were on our t.v. and the mainstream media for even having a. hosted by julian assange you're quite funny you're a you're a kremlin organized outfit which doesn't go quite well with your recent government just demonstrations anyone connected with this is liable for attack and the vitriol of mainstream media liberal media everyone either your jealousy and very
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or plain collusion with the powers that be is is a case that will be will be of historic significance somehow not so much talk about our coverage of those anti putin rallies as much as a song of course on his show on the kremlin channel option real time see and offer and the word winning journalist based in london thank you very much for your analysis. egypt's future is looking increasingly uncertain the supreme court has ruled that the parliament must be dissolved meaning the inter military rulers again assume all political control of the court found that a third of m.p.'s in the assembly dominated by islamists were elected legally just a few days before the presidential runoff another ruling has allowed the last prime minister of the ousted mubarak regime to stay in the presidential race despite thousands demanding a bam on the eve of the court session egypt's government restored the army's power
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to arrest civilians something that's usually only allowed in a state of emergency cairo based journalist and blogger while ask her believes the move may mean a return to the ways of the pre-revolution regime the military would do everything in its power to get your feet to presidency and the point they would take every measure to every oppressive measure to crackdown on dissent and things would be it would reproduce the mubarak regime once again this is an expansion of the military presence presence in egypt and. direct contradiction to the promise of the military to hand over power because at this moment they seem to want to grab on to power by extending the power of the police what has happened is that they've given the police a boost by adding in military officers and personnel that have the same role as the police but this time without any kind of supervision because they only respond to
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a military prosecution and military judiciary and this gives the military impunity to act as they wish without questioning from the civilian parties. well the latest developments in egypt thread to further escalate tensions between the country's interim military rulers and the muslim brotherhood which was at the forefront of popular protest meanwhile a prominent expert on the region says egypt is moving away from democracy not towards it and the situation with the election illustrates that trend. so if you think that the elections were completely transparent you have some questions to ask because approximately forty five to fifty percent of us are still supporting the all regimes all this to come to this result is strange and then you see how the candidates were put you know omar suleiman being inside and
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then the they removed him and they kept as someone who is ready my sense of all this is that we are not dealing with a transparent process we are dealing with calculation and calculation means that i think that never from behind the scenes the army lost control of the situation so this is in a sense and it might be that even the muslim brotherhood way used to be the visible legitimacy to something which is happening from behind the scenes so they were the instruments of the coming back of the regime. you can watch that full of that interview in full i should say later this hour here on r t and more on the turmoil that's gripping egypt is still ahead we speak some of the country's women they say isn't this promise domination of their country that they fear most. but first the syrian capital has been rocked by a powerful blast that's left ten people wounded a suicide bomber set off
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a car bomb near one of the holy a shia shrines which attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims from around the world it's believed the blast was targeting a surety police department office located nearby the explosion came just days after the release of a video in which al qaeda second in command called on islamists to help rebel groups fight syrian government forces now the country's ambassador to moscow says they opposition is using increasingly violent tactics to pave the way of foreign interference. with syria is now under an organized terrorist attack some of the world's mean powers are behind those acts and they also fun terror the syrian government strives to stay committed to your non peace plan but we are constantly provoked by terror groups and we have to respond to those provocations just as the syrian government has absolutely no interest in murdering defenseless people just it's armed terrorist groups who are responsible for human rights violations and bloodbath some serious that is being done to justify for need to vent you know in
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the creation of buffer zones. but the syrian ambassador has also denied that moscow supplying the assad regime with attack helicopters allegations earlier also refuted by the russian foreign minister arches this account of looks at where the claims came from and the robust response that followed. while the top top u.n. official may have labeled the syrian conflict a full fledged civil war according to the u.s. secretary of state russia could actually be to blame for the escalating crisis secretary of state hillary clinton to raise some eyebrows and stirred some diplomatic controversy on tuesday when she insisted that russian attack helicopters were on their way to syria take a look we have confronted the russians about stopping their continued arms shipments to to syria and we are concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from russia to syria now washington
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seemed to be caught off guard by a secretary of state hillary clinton's remarks which stumped even the pentagon's own spokesman can you provide any details as to what kind of helicopters where they live or how are they being delivered. i have not seen reporting that indicates. that the russians are providing attack helicopters to the syrians or just not seen that now while washington was left to sort out his confusion over the comments russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov was very clear in his denial of those allegations and we sit yes we are currently fulfilling preexisting and painful contract one of these contracts related to the defense only and exclusively we do not export to syria or anywhere else for anything that could be used against the peaceful demonstrators because you believe that's markedly different to the united states which regularly ships such weapons to the region just recently one
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such shipment arrived in a certain persian gulf state but for some reason the u.s. considers this normal we knew it was now russian attack helicopters are in hot demand right now that's because the u.s. pentagon spends millions to buy russian made seventeen's on behalf of the afghan air force. moody's has planes. credit rating to nearly junk status that's the latest blow to a struggling euro zone to the struggling euro zone i should say that's after even leaders agreed to provide spanish banks with the battle out as the country is unable to rescue the banking sector on its own more on what this means for madrid still to come this hour are these to me that imagery sankoh is that the business to ask. well basically on the stock market the reaction has been quite moderate so far but on the bond market we did see a jump to a new a euro era high of more than seven percent seven point zero one percent in yields for ten year bonds and spain and any value above seven percent means
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a much higher risk of danger zone of a nation defaulting on its debt but it has since come down to around six point nine percent the yields and this is all because not only moody's downgraded the rating by three notches but is also put the rating on further review so that in the end in the future we could see further downgrades i'll tell you more about that around twenty minutes time. well more on that issue later today on our tears max kaiser and stacy herbert focus on what they say is fraud dressed up as rescue measures. spain bailout terms to be agreed within a week urgency reflects a growing consensus asparagus claps might start chain reaction that could topple italy and destroy the euro well you know it's pretty much all a con game and some are more well known than others the greeks or the spanish or the irish they are the instinct they're too polite to question the con
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artists because they're some of the talking they wear suits they have nice hands you know they come in there and they talk a good game and they thought well maybe we're wrong maybe we're the ones that need to really examine what our position and they're very polite and the con artist walk out the door with their money step birder get their pockets picked but too big to fail banks don't waste your time i get lonely as a dental. the ongoing dispute over the falkland islands between britain and argentina will be discussed by the un committees later today in new york it's thirty years to the day since the war over the british territory ended around nine hundred people died in the. one thousand nine hundred two conflict for argentinian troops around there it argentina says the british eagerly occupied the falklands which calls. almost two hundred years ago islanders will hold a referendum next year to decide their future political analyst martin mccauley says it's what my eyes off the coast that's fueling. if you
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like a signal. that the focus is or is the argentine it's called the last movie in this part of britain and don't wish to become the province of argentina if you look at the language was coming from what is are is the argentina government is using very very strong language and some people might say threats about security of the falkland islands the falklands have been claimed by britain france and even the dutch. do claim is a very simple one but argentina is concerned about structural it's going to. go. under the water there the idea to use of the school would. actually. you know it is possible that will explain why through the. british companies.
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prospecting for wrongful codes so we see find. that makes it. strategically and economically very very important and. of course very very wealthy . well swear around the world this hour british prime minister david cameron has fined in front of a u.k. media ethics and court inquiry saying pressed regulations need to improve cameron has come under fire following the phone hacking scandal that report murdoch's now defunct news of the world tabloid british officials were accused of helping the media giant ovoid investigation cameron has also been criticised for the way he handled murdoch's to take over british sky broadcasting. to rental rains have large areas of central china triggering mudslides and forcing hundreds from their homes one person is missing and officials have set up shelters to house was displaced by flooding villagers also work to save one man trapped amid the
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raging waters he was successfully polder sore after an hour of rescue efforts emergency repairs are underway with several highways being destroyed by landslides and cave ins. back to egypt now ahead of the presidential runoff the muslim brotherhood is warning that the military could have effectively taken troll of the country even after the election but it's islamist domination that some poor most especially the country's women as artie's polis they are discovered. she's young and in vicious and planning to become egypt's next president but she needs to wait ten years until she turned fifty so she can run not for the sake of a few no winnings a seat or so but for the sequel proving that egyptian women can do with but they're not doing it at the moment this woman trying to run for president this time around and couldn't even get the fifty thousand signatures to qualify i would usually use for the equality states or the freedom for the dignity and when this value those
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values when success we can see a woman president but with radical islam on the rise and the muslim brotherhood's candidate making it to the presidential runoff the fact that women played in. port of all of the demonstrations that brought down mubarak doesn't mean much the number of women in the egyptian parliament has fallen from twelve percent before the revolution to just two percent now and that's despite the fact that some fifty one percent of egypt is female noticeably absent from the presidential election campaign trails was the issue of women rights and women equality leaving many egyptian women to fear that in the post mubarak period their lives will get worse afaf added el creme has been trying for five years to divorce her husband but divorce is tough to achieve and with an islamic influence it will only get tougher i don't want to go whatever deep i don't mind giving up on a financial right even the money left to me by my father who recently died my
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husband doesn't give me any money and he treats me very badly. after a bit cream is hoping the courts rule in her favor even if that means she'll be out on the streets with nothing but she wants the judge to decide soon before hardcore islam escaped into power and human rights activists like dr side i bring him are worried the future of the recent. poor all over. the full equality of women. living of the. undermine there for. him because it is the head that is. the road to progress would be and so why don't we and might be inspiring her generation and she's received awards from around the globe for her feel is missing tweeting and blogging about the revolution more people are asking if it's possible because evolution it was supposed to liberate its people might just been slaving at
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least a part of it. kind. to me they're now joins us with the business in the u.s. economic data is adding to the gloom in europe how are the markets reacting this hour to that you know it's a paradox but they are positive right now because all the negative data coming from the united states especially on the jobs market poor jobless claims have been rising for data there c.p.i. has been going down consumer price index so all this negative data is creating hopes that the u.s. government will be stimulating the economy and therefore the dow jones is a point eight percent nasdaq point six percent over in europe is more gloom really because of what's happening with spain's rating and credit situation this rating has been cut by three not just by moody's and with the potential for the cut and therefore the zero down around point three percent yields was promised bonds have
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been going up above seven percent for the first time in the euro era but now they've come down to around six point nine percent as i mentioned earlier this hour . while now the opec meeting has resulted in keeping maintaining production quotas at the same level of thirty million barrels per day which was pretty much expected at the same time credit suisse is forecast of the price of brant for crude to fall to around fifty dollars a barrel by the end of the year but that's only if the escalation of the eurozone crisis takes the worst scenario earlier we talked to were nation's capital in london they say this is highly unlikely. we have seen oil. at fifty dollar level it's not the broadway all of the possibilities but i find the difficulty imagining that anyone in there you know was and they exist in supply demand environment would be taking fifty dollars a barrel as their base case assumption. you know that's the spare capacity is still very limited it is it is at the end of the day is going to bid that have them but
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by what happens to the demand trends both in china and europe i mean if you're talking about fifty dollars oil to your talking about google gold but i would base economic collapse and i might not be an economist i'm just i'm just an oil analyst but i don't think we're anywhere close to that yet. well luckily right now world prices are far away from fifty dollars a barrel light sweet is fifty four cents more than eighty three dollars per barrel on the back of those opec quotas kept at the same level second to what's going on in a rush hour this is the closing picture with the out years down half percent of my six barely changed moving them isaak's financials were pressuring the index down half a percent on bt b. and energy shares were mixed with lukoil better than the market up point three percent. also in currencies we have seen the russian ruble falling against both
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the euro and the dollar but pretty much the same amount as we saw gains in the previous session meanwhile the euro on the back of these this bad data coming from the united states has been gaining massively against the dollar now above one point two six. russia says it's ready to provide that stricken cyprus with an emergency loan of five billion euros the request came after top cypriot banks were downgraded due to their high exposure to the troubled greek economy last year russia provided the republic with two and a half billion euros this is equivalent to ten percent of the country's g.d.p. cyprus is g.d.p. which in haynesworth from rating agency risk rating explains why russia is so generous towards so it was. russia has a very long vested interest to make sure that cyprus continues to fund the most russian of course their investments in cyprus very many companies have shells in cyprus to handle most of the financing of the russian it is very much in
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russia's interests the economy of cyprus remain stable. right more for me in fifty five minutes all right well for you ben thanks for that update. now in the couple of minutes we asked a prominent mideast academic whether there is still hope for democratic development in egypt that's after the headlines and this short break.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day. sigrid laboratory. was to build the most sophisticated robot certainly doesn't give a darn about anything mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and . this is why you should care only.
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why from moscow our top stories julian assange requests to reopen his extradition case was rejected by britain's supreme court of the citizen bringing the world's most famous whistleblower one step closer to being sent to sweden. a suicide car bomb explosion injures ten in damascus with syrian officials saying terror tactics are being stepped up to pave the way for the foreign military intervention the boss comes just days after the second in command. to help rebel groups fight syrian government forces. and egypt highest court orders the dissolution of the country's islamist dominated parliament after a ruling a third of the m.p.'s were elected to read only another court decision allows hosni
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mubarak's former prime here to stay in the presidential race despite massive protests with the runoff due to take place this week. now with egypt at a crossroads for its future ards here now talks to a renowned middle east academic about how the arab spring saga will pan out. tariq ramadan you're a professor at the contemporary islamic studies at the oxford university and also you are a professor at the faculty of the stomach studies in qatar and it's great to have you with us today sir so i know the situation in north africa and the middle east it's very complex and there are a lot of players involved in it. there's one trend that scene.


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