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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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this is a temporary stop gap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented driven patriotic young people topping the news today president obama's losing his grip on deportation first pandering to the l.g.b. tea vote now this panic vote so this is just a cheap political ploy or a way to reinvigorate the immigration debate in the u.s. and you know what's in your food chances are the answer is no and biotech giants are working hard to keep it that way at least in the u.s. but around the world local farmers are fighting back we'll bring you the latest in your the battle for your dinner plate.
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it's friday june fifteenth seven pm in washington d.c. i'm having martin you're watching are. finally hope for change on immigration obama gave a speech today on immigration policy stating that young undocumented immigrants will now be legalized in the united states the latest news is believed to affect eight hundred thousand undocumented immigrants living in america many have questioned obama's support for immigration reform considering how not much has been done since his two thousand and eight campaign rhetoric to talk more about whether or not this was a political pandering to the vote and what this means for the country run go chose community organizer join me earlier today take a look. well i think in part defined his political pandering but at the same time i think it's a remarkable victory for all the young people who have been organizing so hard to make this happen you know if it wasn't for the pressure of grassroots groups that have been organizing for so many years this would not have happened so it's a victory for the community i'm happy that it's happening and so you're excited
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about it let's look really quickly ron about the specifications of who of who could apply they must be under thirty years old most of them arrive in the u.s. before they turn sixteen must have lived in the u.s. for five years in a high school diploma or d. and thus have not been convicted of a felony offense is this just saying that young immigrants who can be put to work can be legalized. yeah this is a great step for these folks and i think that we have to understand that this only represents six percent of the eleven million people who are undocumented this country so this is definitely not the full solution but this is you know a step in the positive direction i think this is good for young students who will now have the chance to work legally in this country but at the same time we see that you know this only covers to go into the thirty so after that point you really say in the same hole that we were before so we're going to continue to push so that we have really legalization in this country for not just students but for all people in our community and there's millions of people that will not be affected by
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this new change in policy so we have a lot of work to do why do you think that the that it took him you know four years to do this. you know i think it's no coincidence that in the last couple of weeks young people dreamers activists they have been occupying democratic party centers author wrote this country to pressure him to highlight the fact that this is not being done by a republican administration this is being done by the democratic party by president obama who is already deported more than one point two million people so they know that the latino community is very discontent with the administration so they need to do something to rescue some votes now we're saying this is not enough this is only for six percent of our population we need to continue to have more and you know just like president obama had at the you know took the leadership and say having an executive order to put an end to the deportation of the dreamers he can just as easily do this for the rest of the community we desperately need to change because we have millions of workers in this country who have no protection right now so this is great for the students but what about their parents and the rest of the family members i want to play you
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a sound bite from obama's speech today ron. this is a temporary stop gap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented driven patriotic young people it is the it is the right thing to do. so ron there he is you know kind of saying it's great and you know the right thing to do but ron you just said yourself his deported more immigrants than any of her president and he also boasted kind of about that saying you know we we have less deportations at the border and less illegal immigrant crossing into this country do you think that that kind of a double speak coming from them. it's definitely a double speak you can say it's the right thing to do and at the same in the same sentence say it's temporary if this is the right thing to do than it's to be permanent and that needs apply not only to six percent of our population the students but it also has to apply to rest of the community and it's very easy for
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him to say that it's a broken immigration system and he keeps putting it on the republican than it keeps putting on the congress but he does have the power of the executive order and this morning he used it and he need to use it again so that the rest of the people the eleven million people can also finally live legally in this country and not have to fear constant deportation constant you know separation of families and the rest so we're going to continue to support groups all over the country and they we have groups like groups like ideas they're going to continue to fight because this is not over this is only the beginning it is a very divided issue the iran in the government what chance do you think that is to get you know to get full legalization for all immigrants living here oh it's definitely a political issue you know if president obama is really fully believes that he wants to do what's the right thing then it's very obvious not only economically speaking we know that migrants and immigrants in this in this country contribute
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billions of dollars that they never get back in their taxes but we at the same time politically you have a lot of anti immigrant reactionary you know phobia that really is putting pressure on him not to have an immigration reform so if he's in to do the right thing the correct thing to do it's a legalize everybody in this country and we're going to continue to push for that regardless of who wins elections in november regardless if it's democrats republicans our people live in fear they are terrorized daily so we need more changes so it was a great step in the right direction but we need much more what do you say to people who say this was the wrong thing to do and we shouldn't have undocumented immigrants here stealing jobs or or whatever else the talking points are immigration here. oh i think i have yet to hear some of that truly makes sense most of the arguments are very racist in nature they say no they call this anchor babies they call these all these terrible terms but they don't really go to the bottom or
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the root of the issue and that is the reason why so many millions of people come to this country and that's because of the economic policies that are imposed upon our countries by washington d.c. you know if our country if we can enjoy our own resources we would have to come to this country so we're here we're contributing we're adding to the economy everyone knows that what's happening in georgia and alabama look at their economy without labor without migrants and immigrants and labor the economy's going to suffer tremendously so it's the right thing to do economically speaking but just you know in terms of mortality what kind of country throws out millions of people who are contributing to the country who are not criminals and we're not we're also i want to say we're not going to accept the fact that they're blaming the parents saying well these kids in doing the wrong but their parents that that's absolutely false our parents come here for a better life they risked their lives to come here and they contribute to this country they're not here to steal anything or to damage or to harm anyone they're here for a better life and that at the same size making this country better and stronger ron i want to play you a clip from
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a previous interview that you had on our team talking about this issue. we're pushing the message we're saying that to the democratic party or to any of the politicians we're saying those who promise our community legalization have not kept their promises of some type of immigration reform we're saying now we're saying well no legalization no re-election don't think about coming to our communities asking for our vote if you didn't keep your promises of legalizing our communities so these so there you are saying you know you're not going to get our vote unless you do this and here he comes out today and says a legalization for these communities so ron does obama have your vote now. not yet and i will say we don't have legalization today this only provides a temporary relief that means we'll get deported but it's not a legalization because you still can't get driver's licenses we still won't be able to vote and as a lot of the rights that we still want to have so i think if president obama and the democratic party or any party or politician wants a vote of the community they're going to have to come through on these promises and
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so far there have been and kept you know this is more like a bullet wound that is still bleeding today we got a band-aid but that's simply not enough so who will have your vote at this time or are you just not going to vote does anyone match what you want to see happen. i think you know it's the responsible responsibility of those who can vote to go out and vote but only vote for politicians or for parties that represent their interests and if there is not no one that represents our interest then we have no we have nothing to do with it we should have nothing to do with these parties so i'm going to vote but i obviously am not going to vote for a republican and if there's no there's no vote there's no promise kept by the obama administration then i cannot myself or to anyone else and have any kind of dignity by going to vote for the democratic party so ron you said yourself you know it is in part political pandering but also it is a giant step for recognizing immigration and part legalizing them i know not in
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full but i mean do you really think this is going to do anything you said yourself that it really doesn't do that much and here it took obama three years to even get here do you i mean what do you think's going to happen in this two party system that we have to really go forward with the issue. there were i don't want to be little the issue you know a lot of people work very hard to make this happen and it is it is a very sizable victory for the people who have been pushing for this however you know within the framework within the big picture here obviously we're still leaves more than ninety four percent of our community that has no pathway to legalization and even with cities change they still don't have a pathway so i think it's a political hot potato that the president is tossing back and forth with the congress but if you really believe that it's a broken immigration system if you really believe that he wants to do the right thing then he can use the same power of the executive order to put a complete halt or a moratorium on audi ports asians until this is fix in congress that would be the right thing to do what's broken about it what's broken about it is that they are
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right now is no real way for people to become legalized you have millions of people who are already here who obviously it's not it's not feasible for them to go back to any other country to wait in line for ten or twelve years we separated from their families to maybe be able to become legal in this country that's broken and when you have millions of people in this country who work hard who contribute to the economy you know if they're tossed out what is that going to the american economy was in a pick the fruits and food that we eat every day who is in to do the jobs that most americans quite honestly will absolutely never do that is was broken about the system that it's dependent upon our people to work here but at the same time trying to deport millions of our people so that's why we have to continue to struggle and pressure any administration so that we become legalized completely not a partial legalization not a second class citizenship type legalization but a for legalization like everybody else in this country thanks for coming on ron i appreciate your time i was around coaches' community organizer. time to check in
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with our web team and see what they're working on our team web producer andrew blakers in the newsroom to tell us more andrew what are you writing today abbi having a party that you call them yeah ok ask me what the occasion is what is the occasion it's a going away party for the new for me guess where i'm going where you go and i will i heard that syria is just lovely this type of behavior and it looks like the u.s. military is getting ready to finally toss their hat in that ring that the a.t.o. right had in the right in the race there was something of a raid on that in the room and the bed yeah yeah so my man my man martin dempsey of the joint chiefs of staff he said that things are getting rid of harry over there u.s. military is working out a way to get in there he says that the violence could be as bad as what we've seen with iraq going back for the last forever so between that and some pentagon officials speaking out this week it looks like the u.s. has prepared and finalized a contingency plan for going into syria so i don't know about you but i can use
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a vacation i don't know how to hold a god i don't know how to jump out of a plane but i figured what the hell right now let's go loco and i'll go down like a great time will come over tonight all will have a few drinks figuring out and i will go and lift tomorrow will be just like that pauly shore movie ok. except i would be a lot more data and blood you've ruined if i know that you don't want to go to r.p. dot com slash usa if you're watching us on you tube there should be a link underneath my face go read the story a whole bunch more graphs thanks thanks andrew those are two web producer andrew blake with a preview of what's trending today on our web site so they check it out. still ahead on our t.v. grab your pick fork because biotech giants are kicking up dust in the farmland local farmers are fighting back in a big way coming up we'll tell you about the vattel for hearts and tummy. that a client of american power continues to. things in our country so bad. might actually be time for revolution.
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and it turns out that a popular drink of starbucks has a surprising him greedy is. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through that sort of to be made who can you trust no one who is you in view with the global machinery see where we had a state controlled capitalism it's called sessions when nobody dares to ask we do our tea question more. improving agriculture and proving the lives that's the model monsanto the ag giant who is the world's second largest producer of genetically modified scenes companies come under scrutiny with their battle against small farmers so you know over one
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hundred forty four of them for patent infringement to combat the corporation farmers have attempted to fight back last year two hundred seventy thousand small farmers tried to sue months santo for their cd practices but a district judge dismissed the lawsuit now five million brazilian farmers are suing the company saying that monsanto collects unfair annual royalties for their renewal harvests of their seeds to talk more about the lawsuit and the five million farmers behind it i was joined by shelly roche from by bite style t.v. here's her take. yes that's a huge number it's really unprecedented as far as monsanto is concerned and basically the lawsuit is that once a farmer buys months and seed they have to pay an annual royalty fee that that essentially goes on forever so they have no way out once they've bought the seed this actually violates the brazilian cult of ours act which gives farmers the legal
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right to multiply any seeds that they buy. and as that's happening and any other country where people are fighting back against the specific policy of the renewable i know that there is there is pat infringement lawsuits and from monsanto and i know that people are fighting just the g.m. saves but is there any other lawsuits that compare to this that well this is actually the first of this scale that we're seeing there certainly then numerous lawsuits because this policy of monsanto is just so it's been so carefully and successfully designed that you know once they get a farmer sucked in to using their seeds and their herbicide and their pesticide that farmer is essentially a customer for life whether they want to be or not and it becomes a devastating cycle so this is certainly come up in other countries countries but but it's very hard for small farmers to band together to the extent that we're seeing in brazil why brazil sheli why five million farmers in brazil what is going
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on there. well. g.m. those were originally introduced to prison illegally and once they became illegal they became very popular very quickly to the point where eighty five percent of brazilians what it is now are genetically engineered so it's really it's a huge crop for them it's one of their big profits for farming and so it's it's really. you know we have a large concentration of farmers and they've been able to to really organize and get this going and what do you think the case is more symbolic at that's what i mean i know that there are two hundred seventy thousand farmers who attempted to sue monsanto in the case got dropped what do you think's going to happen with this is there really a chance to succeed here well they've already won you know in in
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court but that's really just the start of the battle monsanto has demonstrated time and time again that they have the resources they have the connections. to squash any sort of opposition so it's going to be really interesting to see how they how they counteract this and you know how successful they are i think that the scale that we're looking at again it's is really going to differentiate this case from some others of its kind but it's still it's still going to be an uphill battle. surely it seems like a lot of countries in the world are very aware of the issue of genetically modified seeds of crops and i know that there were organic farmers here that obviously know about it because months and has gone after them but i mean why do you think the majority of americans are would you say that they're blissfully unaware of the subject. yes absolutely you know it's been estimated that up to seventy five percent of americans daily diet is genetically modified and people people just
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don't know we don't have any sort of labeling that happens. and you know if you look at the your region. when g.m.o. is came to the market. in the early ninety's the f.d.a. established a no testing policy for genetically modified foods on the grounds that they were substantially equivalent to unmodified and therefore perfectly safe so this this then enabled monsanto and these other companies to basically just flood the market with their products without any sort of differentiation or testing so so now we're in a situation where nearly all of the foods that can buy at the grocery store have some sort of modified product in them and there's really no way to tell which and then modify and which haven't. interesting you know i mean corn syrup is pretty much in almost everything i wanted to read you something you were just talking
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about the f.d.a. and i want to read you a quote actually from phil angle director of corporate communications for monsanto he says one santa should not have to vouch for the safety of biotech food our interest is in selling as much of it as possible assuring that safety is the f.d.a. is job. but but shelly i mean michael taylor the former vice president monsanto's the headed by is there at the f.d.a. what so really what can we do when there's such a revolving door between this corporation and the regulatory bodies yeah i mean this is this is disgraceful it's outrageous what's happened if if you know back in the early ninety's michael taylor was responsible for crafting the f.d.a. g.m.o. policy and you know we've seen since then dozens of internal memos that have been leaked that reveal the f.d.a. scientists were actually very concerned about the human health and environmental implications of g.m.o.
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is and did not consider them in any way equivalent or safe so you know you can see that science was not really a factor in the f.d.a. . and now michael taylor the man who was responsible for that subsequently went back to months and now enjoys a position as food safety czar is it different here in america than any other country it seems like a lot of european countries have either banned them or at least labeled them and we just saw a poll in the protest saying that monsanto maize is killing the bees i mean what do you think is the problem here is there just an insane amount of lobbying. yeah i mean it's a huge it's a huge problem where there's government collusion with with monsanto and these other companies so these these big biotech firms are in essence crafting the policy that gives them competitive advantage and really precludes any sort of competition
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new companies from entering the market and so it makes the public demand. less less likely to have any effect because monsanto doesn't have to do what the public wants if you look at the research one one in four americans things that g.m.o. is are essentially safe and over half of people who have been pulled say that they would not buy a food that they know to be genetically modified so if you look at of what what the people want and what people are getting it's two different things and you know there's one reason for that and it's because these companies have basically run amok within our government and crafted all of these policies i wanted you to go back to the scene of renewal process how people are mandated to buy new seems every year what do you think's going to happen though i mean we already know that there's super we. are bugs that are resistant to the big crops and also the pesticides so
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what do you think monsanto is going to do when they no longer work oh well they're already developing stronger more toxic pesticides and herbicides and so this is again part of that devastating cycle that that the farmer gets trapped in they make a huge investment they invest in all of this nonsense or technology their first crop is great and then every subsequent crop they start getting these resistant super wheat the bugs come in and then they've got to buy more pesticide more herbicide and then they have to start applying more toxic herbicide of pesticide and pretty soon either you can see where this is going. i want to just to quickly wrap up the segment talk about the terminator seed monsanto's scene that will actually destroy itself after one. almost sounds like a weapon. i don't know why why do you think that they would need to produce something like that yeah it's really scary actually that technology because once it
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gets released into the wild that it cross-pollinate and contamination occurs which we've seen with all of their products. you don't know what's going to happen you don't know what's going to happen when a bird eats a seed that's that's been treated with the terminator gene and you know the obvious reason for them to create that is so that they can force farmers to buy new seeds every year it's highly profitable for them but it's also incredibly dangerous technology that we really don't want it is very interesting and we'll definitely have you on again to talk more about this thanks so much shelly i was showing roche from buy a style t.v. . program propaganda for hipsters tendo klaidman former editor for newsweek magazine has produced a slick michel gondry style animated anti war pro drone video on the daily beast segment insinuates that muslims and pakistan are grateful for u.s. drone strikes even when they kill innocent people. no responsible american
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president given this option would allow al qaeda to plot attacks against the homeland unmolested the accuracy of drones and relative minimisation of civilian casualties made them that you are is this will tool for president obama. so basically he's saying that it would be irresponsible for a sitting president to not employ drones to kill al qaeda and pakistan he also cites the low civilian casualty count as another irresistible reason to use them well daniel the reason the administration can tout such low civilian casualties as you cause they automatically consider every military age male in a strike region to be combatant let's take a look at another segment of the video for some critics of drones to see almost supernatural effectiveness of the weapon that seems she's just served in the most drone operators can linger over targets for hours or even days detroit if they've got the right target in sight one american drone operator waited until a suspected militant was finished playing with the small children before pulling
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the trigger i mean hell fire missiles and this is my all that's so sweet so this clip is humanizing the drone operators saying that they linger for days to sometimes make sure they have the right target one drone operator was kind enough to wait until the child was gone before blowing away someone on the ground interestingly enough reports actually show the exact opposite that drones actually target innocent people and mourners of the dead the video continues to make the claim that tribal muslims in fear ok to more than they do the drones in pakistan danielle must have missed the petition filed by pakistani families earlier this year pleading the u.s. to halt drone use overall message i get from this piece of slick propaganda come on guys trust our president and let him do his job forget about the eradication of habeas corpus and the old fashioned concept of proving guilt before murdering groups of people and calling it a day for sources about this report go to media roups dot org. taxpayer funded bailouts home foreclosures credit card fees loans with interest it's big banks love
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him or hate him almost everyone belongs to one but does everyone trust them but if you asked to occupy wall street protesters that question most would reply with the resound you know what does the average american think or a harshness. the resident takes to the street to find out. do you trust your bank with your money this week let's talk about that the banks that we have all money on it's like they all are doing in swiss francs most of it saw this is like the safest currency at the moment in europe so we're feeling pretty good we're in the good side you and you're here in new york laughing at us with our silly dollars not really well. does it compare to yours getting stronger and stronger i mean i do so what do you trust about them the mortgages or investing in one well no. the derivatives market oh well no i
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don't trust people they've got control of all your mother has this a personal you know. they might be the best business the personal you know what's the alternative what can we do about it because i think a lot of people feel that way. be sad for put it in your stocking patted on the floor boards you get me we are affected by your at very much our economy follows on what happened in europe so. i change right is not good and the rent is plummeting so we whites a bit of time does that make you mad at europe as a continent. it's a sign of the times a bunch of german banks just got downgraded i don't know germany supposed to be like you kind of europe like this supposed to be one of the stronger economies yeah this was a be solid there was a post out last the storm and so we're not too far off i don't think and maybe you're right to not having money in banks i mean it's secured but when it all breaks down to it what's the dollar going to be a way it's paper i know for
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a fact that banks are colluding with many different institutions in our country and across the world. how do you feel about that i'm mad as hell is absolutely it burns this. the the core of my being is so what can we do because i think a lot of people feel that way but they don't know what to do well it's obviously it needs to come down to a private or local levels what do you think is going to happen i mean it's going crazy all over the world and in europe things are going much. they're. going to happen. only god knows the. you think god has his money in a bank god is smarter than that no matter how you feel about the economy in general these days the bottom line is it seems like there's less unless you can bank on. a lot.


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