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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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welcome to the lone official we'll get the real headlines with none of the mercy or can live in washington d.c. now is america going to take a look at the president's announcement of a new immigration policy some undocumented students will no longer have to fear deportation but a lot of critics say that's not nearly enough then we'll have our financial check up with lauren lyster host of the capital account here on r t able to talk about greece allen stanford and jamie diamond and also know and coming up next we scratch that what we also that are going to have our happy hour for you tonight as usual but before we get into that let's take a look what the mainstream media decided to miss.
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our guys so this morning there isn't an unexpected announcement that came from the white house so the breaking news cycle went into full force. breaking news the obama administration is set to announce changes to the federal government's immigration policy stunning announcement from the u.s. government regarding illegal immigrants the obama administration has just announced that it will stop deporting and begin granting work permits to younger illegal immigrants the obama administration is attempting to deal with the issue of long young illegals often brought here through no decision of their own raised here go to school here but aren't legal will either not be deported under circumstances or will be considered for relief from deportation proceedings what the white house is essentially doing is unilaterally through executive order and acting portions of the dream act young a legals will be able to stay in the u.s. and apply for a work permit if they meet certain criteria children who came to the u.s.
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before the age of sixteen and are currently under age thirty u.s. will stop deporting young people who came to the u.s. illegally as young children and will instead grant them work permits a significant change in federal policy towards illegal immigrants key voting bloc a burgeoning a growing voting bloc this shift in policy addressing a top priority for a growing group of voters. now we'll be talking about this new policy on tonight's show too but before we get there let's go back to what was filling up the news cycle before this announcement this morning we have spoken a lot about the white house leak scandal this week the bipartisan calls for investigations the double standard on selective leaking versus aggressive measures taken against whistleblowers and perhaps most importantly the concern that journalists are going to get attacked here and become the victims now we all know that the last thing that we need is more secrecy and the lessening of the flow of information to the public and there's still a concern out there the members of congress are going to drop legislation because
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of their former which would make it an even darker world for whistleblowers and investigative journalists and quite frankly i haven't really seen the mainstream media be too concerned about the possible fallout from all of this aside from how could it affect. the obama white house freedom of the press who cares about that little thing right but the thing is that there are even more developments to the story now that i think that we should be attention to so you see attorney general eric holder appointed two special prosecutors to investigate the leaks and the way they're splitting it up is that each prosecutor is going to look into one story those stories being the story about the stuxnet virus and the double agent in yemen were guarding the last failed bomb attempt failed to notice something is missing there oh yeah me too what this means is the kill list story which documented in pretty close detail how it is that the president chooses who's worth executing in a drone strike will not be investigated let's take a minute to think about the information that was put into that piece we found out
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that the president has these national security meetings on tuesdays hence the new found term terror tuesdays that's where he pours through a set of cards like baseball cards looking at biographies information about alleged terrorists and then makes the final decision on his own on who to strike despite the fact that i think that people like john mccain are only making a fuss out of this for partisan purposes the notion that these leaks were intended to make the president come off like a tough guy leader well it's really hard to argue against that and as we discussed on our show earlier this week it's also incredibly disturbing that writing about the president playing judge jury and executioner is something that celebrate it but anyway if they're so angry so vigorously trying to get to the bottom of who's leaking information that they claim harms national security then why wouldn't this story count now i can't answer that question but we can try to make some guesses as to what the results might be and so here i'm going to borrow from a great analogy analysis that kevin got stolen did at firedoglake today now for one this might mean that the special counsel that certain lawmakers are calling for
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will become a reality if these special prosecutors are looking only to stories and that congress wants to make this an indictment of the white house overall to show a trend a special counsel will lead to the. perhaps the most interesting thing is what this means for more transparency and accountability about the drone program and we told you many times before on this show there are groups out there that are actually trying to get answers and every time thus far they've been shut down with the lovely little trick that this administration loves using so much called the state secrets privilege now leading the way here is the a.c.l.u. which filed the oil lawsuit trying to get disclosure on the targeted killing program we told you before the cia argued that they can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the drone program in court so now the a.c.l.u. is trying to argue how ridiculous that is considering we've seen so many stories written about the drone program in the press we've even heard ministration officials talk about it and john brennan is just the latest one leading the charge
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so if now they've decided at the kill it story isn't worth investigating ball because that's not information that could do damage to national security because the president is cool with that information getting out and does that mean that they'll no longer be able to argue against acknowledging its existence in court will they have to comply with the foyer personally i kind of doubt that that's going to happen our national security state has never been as veiled in secrecy as it is now and the trends are only showing that it's continuing in that direction but it's just another example that is so in your face so obvious when it comes to the double standard the hypocrisy is mindblowing the complicity of the courts in keeping the public in the dark is shameful and yet the mainstream media well as usual they just focus on the political strategy they bring on pundits to talk in circles over who's using this more for political gain they're happy to shield their eyes and pretend to not notice the actual real world implications because they support the national security state whereas the dirty truth about what we've let
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this monster become well that's what they choose to miss. all right so let's get back to the president who had a big announcement to make today when it came to immigration policy take a look. the fact of immediately the department of homeland security is taking steps to lift the shadow of deportation from these young people. over the next few months eligible individuals who do not present a risk to national security or public safety will be able to request temporary relief from deportation proceedings and apply for work authorization. now it's not comprehensive immigration reform and it's not the dream act but it does go like this under the administration's new plan undocumented immigrants will be immune from deportation if they were brought to the united states before they
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turned sixteen and are currently younger than thirty you also have to have been in the country for at least five continuous years have no criminal history graduated from a u.s. high school or earned a ged or served in the military you can also apply for a work permit would be good for two years with no limits on how many times it can be renewed now it's being acknowledged as a big deal an executive move that circumvents an act of congress but by still not offering a pathway to citizenship what message does it really send joining me to discuss this is evelyn rivera national coordinating committee member with united we dream and axel caballero founder and producer of quantum a a brave new foundation project i want to thank you both for joining me tonight evelyn i want to start with you you know i want to know how this affects you personally you've been living in the united states for what twenty years undocumented yes. twenty years i came when i was three years old from an edge in colombia on a tourist visa so i did technically legally to the states with my parents and my my
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citizen sister at that time she was born in california and then living here twenty years then we my younger sister was born in florida and so she's a citizen as well and i went to great public schools elementary middle and high school so all my schooling has been done here in the sports that i played we're all here the clouds extracurricular activities everything i conflict was in this country do you feel like an american yes i am an american are x. so i want to get you in on this too and. what do you say does this mean the political pressure has been working a little bit you know for the president to do this or is this kind of one of these apology tours that he's doing before the election actually happens right where you have a lot of constituents that have been pretty upset with this president you could say at the hispanic community and the gay community were too big parts of that and so that now suddenly the president comes out and says that he's ok with same sex marriage and now he's trying to make a move here. well first of all first of all thank you for having me on this is
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certainly a huge victory for the movement for thousands and thousands of dreamers doing good in the making of the pressure relentless pressure that they have put on time and again every day at every corner on line on the ground mobilization like we haven't seen in many many years and this is certainly a result of course there are some political implications of it and we are in an election year but that is more power to this action is that because of all elements coming together that there is certainly first is something that is very welcome in what has become a very contrived a very cold rise to. the immigration issue in this country so i mean on one hand i learned today this was exciting news this was good news for you but do you trust the president when he says it because there have been another number of other initiatives
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a number of other promises made when it comes to the issue of immigration that he hasn't followed through on right we also heard that nobody they didn't have a criminal record was going to be deported we found out that's not true quite the opposite this president has had the highest record in terms of matthew for occasions so do you trust him this time. i do there's something about it his announcement today and then the way that he got. angry when that reporter interrupted him to me that show that he's very passionate about this issue and he wants to make sure that it gets accomplished correctly and that it does go through because we have seen other things in the past they haven't gotten done it was just a lot of words and no actions and this time we feel like there's actually going to be actions there is a time line where you feel like this time is different if it didn't happen in the past i think the pressure that we've started to build for years and years is really finally like hitting him where hurts and and like it is a reelection year and i think you know it could hurt him and it can help him and so i really think that he's taking it into. incineration and like he says it's the right thing to do and i think deep inside like he wants to make sure that
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undocumented students have a chance to get back to the country that we belong to and i solicit is an executive order and so then what happens i mean let's say that mitt romney wins the election and obama is no longer the president then what do you tell all of these students and now think oh great what a relief i'm not going to be deported i actually can work sorry they might take it all back it might all disappear that's precisely what it needs to happen right now this is just the beginning it's a huge step obviously and the pressure is there but it's just the beginning it's certainly a welcome action of its leadership it's a bull to grant is to move from criminalization into a real discussion about what immigration reform should look to this country but it's certainly not the end of it is the beginning we now need to provide to citizenship for all individuals particularly the dreamers that are americans in this country this is what it means to have this is a really great first but it's not the end of the road and you precisely pointed out
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the dangers that happen after this is that it can always always be taken back and so that's what we need to be extremely careful about so it can mean does that scare you do you think that you know that if obama doesn't get reelected this can go away there's that possibility that we feel very confident in this and this election and obama's getting re-elected what about the economy right i mean every day the polls do get tighter and tighter it's going to be really tough race yet but i believe that with this new announcement dreamers out there are going to be ready to go in and go and get out the vote for obama and become obama fellows and you know go door knocking make the phone calls and make sure he gets reelected because he did that stand up for us are now if you want to talk about the issue of re-election though right on one hand this is a big deal immigration is a big deal especially if you want to get the hispanic vote but the thing that most americans are worried about is the economy and unemployment and so you. still have this argument that's out there mostly i think coming from the right that are angry
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about this move because that just means you're going to be taking jobs away from americans here we have a clip of eric bolling was ranting about this coincidentally last night before about i made this announcement today. about this all do it all breach the subject if you send if you deport all the twelve or fifteen million illegals back to where they came from then there would be demand. so do you ever feel like you're taking jobs away from americans i don't. probably because i am an american and i want to contribute back to this economy. pay taxes i go grocery shopping i buy clothes i'm paying taxes and i file my taxes too but i don't get that back i can receive it so i pay into social security and i can't claim it. so i mean what's your take here how does the how does mitt romney had republicans how do they wiggle their way out of this i mean this is kind of similar to what marco rubio is presenting but he doesn't really have
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a whole lot of support within his own party. no deafened there what we've seen is a slew of laws and more lies that precisely point to what this contrived debate has become a polarized debate about political agendas that really do not contribute to a positive outcome in the immigration debate and particularly in the dream act that's what we've had a stalled dream act for more than a decade is because you know consistently congress has to have been in action on this particular issue and there's lies we just saw for example recently on fox news a group called fear goes on the year that it's an extremely rugged group that lies time and again and skews the facts and skews comes up with their own records and the reality is that dreamers along with the with all immigrants we contribute to this economy this economy isn't rich by the positive contribution that we have in businesses and we're. going to change taxes it's all part of the same
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infrastructure the same social for our american and that's what we need to protect that's who we need to really highlight in order to pursue positive outcomes like everyone is there it's true this is this is the real america and this is what america looks like and we need to keep that in mind when our continuing bad debate on immigration i just had to ask is one thing to me how do you feel about yeah you can blame congress here for their complete and action on the matter and this is an executive order that a lot of people obviously agree with the overall do you think that that's a good strategy for the president to take is to make executive orders you know i have really mixed emotions about that because if you couldn't tell with a whole set up to my show you also have a president is completely abusing his power in that sense to you know to launch drone strikes against american citizens without ever bringing them into a court of law and so how used to. do you want to get to you know to have him using executive orders. i mean i i so i feel very happy about this and i feel like the positive thing him doing administrative relief for us dreamers is something that's
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going to help the economy it's going to help our education system it's going to help us so i for this this sort of like executive power i minister to release that he gave i i feel comfortable with it what are you axel. well i mean it's to happen is really congress and the president need to sit back down and talk it's ridiculous that for the past four years we've had a whole rise of the at least the better part of the four years we have had a polarized government were nothing can get done if the president says one thing congress and another of congress as went in the presence as another we live under checks and balances government a system that requires both parties to really dialogue and talk and so if one party in this case congress is not there doing their job and the president needs to step in if the president is not doing their jobs then congress needs to step in and so this is part of the process this is strengthening that process but what needs to
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happen is to get back to the table to get back to talking and to really move this country forward this is a particularly positive action and it points to the direction that there needs to be more dialogue. i can't you know disagree here there definitely needs to be more dialogue but it seems like like a pipe dream these days i want to thank you both for joining us tonight and here it is you know it's a it's a good day and it's a good announcement and i hope that it actually stays that way and he follows through on it thanks to you thank you guys coming up after the break we'll have our weekly financial check up with lauren lyster everybody is bracing for the greek vote on june seventeenth we'll find out what the possible outcomes might mean for the eurozone and the global economy that's next.
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question on the altie dot com. it's friday so it's time for our weekly financial checkup amanda we have
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a lot to talk about tonight first we can review few things that happened this week from jamie dimon love down the hill this weekend to allen stanford conviction does it show us once again who pays and who gets to keep playing and the rest of the world is going to be watching greece over the weekend as a big votes coming up on june seventeenth so how could those results affect the global economy joining me is lauren lyster host of the capital account here on r t lauren thanks for joining me and i mean it's it's just one election and one country in the world right how big of a deal could it be but really how big of a deal is this this is a really big deal alone and it's interesting you know greece is a small economy it is a small part of the global economy but it has become so symbolic of this entire eurozone crisis and the way that it's handled and the way things in general are handled in these types of crisis which we've seen and numerous other countries but the reason why this is so important is several fold on the one hand you have a referendum on what happens when you have democracy you have elections and guess
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what they're not always convenient now we've seen crowds postpone them at every chance that they could put technocrats in replacement of prime ministers in situations where they wanted to push through reforms that the elected governments were able to which are the reforms that benefit the creditors and don't always benefit the people who have had their public spending. title meant slashed and on essential these so you have that ok these are a lections this is what happens when you have democracy it's messy it's not convenient you know greek greece already had elections and they were unable to form a government so now here we are again having elections again another reason why this is really important i think you can see this vote as a referendum on the e.u. and policies in dealing with this so-called solution which their solutions. have been a disaster but if greeks reject this if they vote for an anti austerity anti bailout party and they get the most votes that's a real referendum on e.u. policies and what kind of ramifications that would have we don't know but it would
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be a game changer i mean we've had other voters the irish referendum for example that have a chance to vote on this and they want to head with the fiscal treaties that the wanted you could argue because they were blackmailed saying you're going to get cut off financially if you don't but it's a major referendum in that way in addition i mean we don't know what the outcome is going to going to be and what it's going to mean for greece and the euro the euro zone in general and the global financial system in terms of what it could do to financial markets with any one of these different outcomes or we can predict it but i mean what are the possible outcomes the same thing that we've been talking about right is that can greece still keep kind of muddling through the system. still taking some of this money but maybe not implementing every reform or is there going to still have to be an exit from the euro zone and is going to be a fast exit is going to be a slow painful exit or went well nobody knows and that's why everybody has their different probabilities and theories and ideas of what could happen if x. y. and z. happen what we do know is that last time that there was a lections there was not
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a government that came out of it they couldn't form a coalition so i think a big fear that will continue that uncertainty is what if they have elections again and greece is still ungovernable for a little you know is there any there and killing there this yeah absolutely so june first where the last official polls that we have and they have new democracy in syria which are two parties that are very different in the sense that new democracy is pro greece staying in the euro zone they are going to stick with this bailout but are kind of walking this fine line where they say oh we're going to negotiate some reforms so they're coming in at twenty two point seven percent according to those polls series which is the left party which is kind of the new kid on the block that has really seen their popularity rise in these last elections there are twenty two percent and there's a two point eight percent margin of error so they can go either way and these are the guys that are anti austerity they are anti these big. they're kind of waving this rhetoric that hey the eurozone isn't going to kick us out even if we default on what we promise them but who knows if they would stick to this rhetoric if they were elected we know how politicians change when they're campaigning versus when
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they're in office so there's just so much that's left in the balance but this is the reason why you have headlines coming out from commentators like niall ferguson saying if there's going to be a lehman moment in this crisis it's going to be next week and that i think is why everybody is so concerned and has their eyes on greece. scary and you know understatement of the year to say that we know the politicians don't always abide by the promises they make when they're campaigning so i want to switch over a little bit to what we saw going on here this weekend to you know i know that you guys had coverage on it we did a lot of coverage on these jamie dimon hearings on even know why i don't know why this even shocks me it shocked rises me anymore in terms of how easy members of congress are on him but i mean is there anything that we can point to did we learn anything more about the fail whale deal at least from this grilling or just that congress likes to you know kiss a lot of but it doesn't mean a dime in showing up in front of them wolf first i'm with you i was surprised even at the lack of an attempt to look like you're putting on good political theater i
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thought we'd at least see a little more of that i mean members of congress the senators just seemed like they were more interested in making sure jamie dimon knows how much they love him out so they think. and how the how should they regulate him that aside as far as that he's going to just have like a mass prayer all coming presidential cufflinks of water i know that would have been a little more authentic at least as far as anything new that came out about this whale trade i think probably the most interesting thing about it is that we learned that j.p. morgan was betting on a crisis betting on kind of a two thousand and eight lehman moment type crisis which i think is really telling and interesting now obviously that didn't come to fruition but it's a really i think one of the newer things that we learned that was pretty interesting to come out of this the other thing we learned is hey according to jamie dimon he can't tell. between proprietary trading and hedging so all this business about the world forget it let's just pack up and go home that rule you know you know it's not going to do anything no need right who needs rules and you
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know. diamonds world well it's one of the things that i find interesting too is this that we saw allen stanford who got his sentencing for this seven billion dollars ponzi scheme hundred ten years in jail right we saw the same thing with bernie madoff and i thought that eve smith actually brought kind of an interesting contradiction here which is if you look at it if you're one of these people that rips off rich investors you pay man right you're one hundred ten years in jail if you are the c.e.o. of one of the top banks of the country. who is working on entire system that was an entire punk before this crash than the no big deal. for writing about this and kudos to you for bringing that up at that point because i think that that is such an important one ok this is something a theme that we've talked about on our show capital account because yes ok look at bernie madoff he paid for his crime well he ripped off rich investors in his ponzi scheme john corazon ripped off a bunch of farmers a bunch of you know commodity traders and hey he walks a free man and there's no way they can find fraud criminal charges to press against
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him no one's to blame customer money still missing and oh no it wasn't stolen even though the law was broken in taking money from segregated accounts which is against the law i absolutely think you're so on to something there is a total different set of laws that apply if you are damaging the lives of very wealthy people with influence and capital both political and financial or when you're damaging people that don't have that same benefit and i think that you've given a couple of examples and and i'm a global and very major for just two more and that's one of these things too that you know like we keep in mind of this all the time before we go real quick we've also seen i guess because of the euro zone right everybody wants to buy of u.s. treasuries right now and like record debt is owned by foreign countries so any insight yet. do with i mean obsolete lee as you hear us politicians talking about the threat of the euro zone crisis you should also be thinking about the benefit of the eurozone crisis because it is allowing us to govern the us government to
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continue a spending binge continue borrowing at record low interest rates treasury yields have hit record lows because the us in many ways is benefiting from the eurozone crisis ok the cleanest dirty shirt the us dollar us debt looks a lot better than european debt right now then than other countries so it's clearly benefiting maybe have stated they want to talk about the eurozone crisis now kind of just just keep ignoring it because for me it's about is delaying the day of reckoning for the united states are learning things for a check up this week thank you. also to come tonight michigan's republican lawmakers seem to have a problem with textbook terminology for the female anatomy so long it's plain why they think that is a dirty word in tonight's all time.


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