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tv   [untitled]    June 16, 2012 8:32am-9:02am EDT

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economy so. contrary to the perceptions all service. more important quote unquote issues like he'll perspective so serbia or course a war we're not going to focus off the complain the economy was and so what were the social factors that led up to his victory would you say the unemployment rate is as high as twenty five percent and this is the most important fact that actually. the majority of the waters so given the environment which is actually globally fair brought to the economic growth actual performance of serbia's economy were perceived as unsatisfactory by the majority of voters and that's the outcome what does present promise to bring
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to the table under these circumstances. retore was concentrated on the economic issues d facilitation of foreign investments improving all of the. investment climate in the country and a reduction in the corruption. scales namely there is a perception among the voters that the corruption still remains a major problem and that this is in this by. his supporters was aimed at these issues so majority of voters did accept that and what about relationships with the outside world is it is the new president's victory a rejection of tad's which is rapprochement with the west i would say so many. the
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most important difference between the pre two thousand and eight and two thousand and eight doric of mr recall each is his move towards the political central and repositioning of his newly established serbian progressive party as a pro european the one we see across a movement towards the right wing and mr michael it is traditionally a right wing politician is this part of that movement the thing to an extent yes although the clear cut distinctions between a right and left in serbia us political arena why aren't are both easily made namely there is a lot of less. populous the rhetorically in some right oriented political parties some by survivors but generally after four years of predominantly left oriented to
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government led by two social democratic parties like the democratic party and socialist party of serbia. having a majority which is explaining its it's something different and does that make sort of psychologically a part of your in that it's subject to the same social trends i would say so yes. there are trends that can be followed throughout the region not just in serbia and i am content because these developments. policy shift expect to see in president micheletti government speak about the policy is i think that economy would be. in because as i said that was the only important topic on the elections very tough decisions have to be made by. the new government. in depth misses knol
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high it exceeded forty five percent of the g.d.p. which is such a limit established by the law so there is very small room for additional. independence on the other hand the deficit is running high between four and five percent of g.d.p. and the. rate of growth which is actually just above the zero rate we do not have much room for more nervous but to enter into a very strict. domain of austerity measures to be implemented in the months to come so in fact it seems as if the rest of europe if you like is moving away slightly from austerity electing governments who don't support austerity whereas it's moving towards things where you see how
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the new government would formulate its policies we also have to see the newly elected french government off of the election scene june this year. change course all of the economy it is easy to talk against austerity but to implement an alternative scenarios something different we've told us about europe but mr nicol it is first visit as president elect was made to russia what should we read into that it is my understanding that mr nikolay in his capacity as the then president of serbian progress who party was invited to the congress of united russia party. or his party's sister party in russia to return to the congress of that political group so that was so. which was
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prearranged before the election results and the whole show was the relevant to mr nicolle each. giving it to a different way so. i would like to. get through with russia they are already excellent relations and i think that there is another. additional room for for improving these relations as a diplomat do you think it's possible as president nicholas wishes to be a country with two duals one looking to the east and one to the west well yes i have a lot to for examples. such boluses some very good friends of rational for instance bulgaria or creation. are members or are becoming members of the u. i don't see why should serbia. become a member of the european union provided all the conditionality met. in
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the same time keep its relations with major economic partner as russia is and you call e.u. with russia are part of the us not the photos there are stumbling blocks they want that. big a fully fledged member of the e.u. one of them is possibly nato membership which presently i said that he would never take on and the author is the recognition of cost of a. mistake and it has already made it clear that it has to choose between recognizing cost of a on the e.u. that it can forget about the now there is nothing new when the foot of the ration as you cited namely the same formulation as were made by former president george h. so be a special assembly had adopted five six years ago. declaring the military neutrality of serbia. within the present constellation is
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politically determined not to become the member of nato and. be as close to tuition play and cost civil as the part of the country so no politician. disobey the basic principle is as stated in the constitution of the country he's already broke the base as well hasn't he there were deep sort of undone some of the what was done to restore relations with the its neighbors the leaders of croatia slovenia and both they have said they won't come to the inauguration. and it's denied that genocide take a cut in. the lawyer. as i told you in my previous life i was professor hall so the. judgments off a court particular bearing in mind the international court of justice something the top. per definition. the facts that are established i
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think that. national parliament adopted two years ago the declaration condemning the crime that happened in srebrenica and it was committed against the most muslims living as it was defined by the international court of justice judgment as president nicholas now rejected that that is that what we should see and that you will have to talk to him not sure what things are now developing but. what i know is that the president also condemned the tragic. and serious crime enormous crime committed instead and we had these that as a recession of the national assembly of serbia what do you think. given the debt crisis going on in your country but also the crisis going on inside the european
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union the e.u. has twenty seven member states and twenty eighth is preparing to end the year two thousand and thirteen i do not know of any that is trying to leave the european union so there are some values that are inherited in the european union. are exceeding the present day problems the problem solve the recession the crisis in the eurozone within three or four years have another set before them recession which is behind us so things are always changing. geographically politically culturally. as other countries in the region does belong. this would the neighborhood that's integrated the european union you're speaking about the world for all we are
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speaking about the economic. environment that would be. providing incentives for affording direct investments. aimed at increasing employment in serbia and so when the most important. element of that or dimension if push came to shove which would be the more important relationship to the e.u. or the one with russia well i would again try not to. explain these relations as being contradictory to the contrary i think that they represent the complimentary value for the country like. is aimed. towards having the best possible relations with russia while
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keeping its european poff open. president told that to president putin when he recently paid a visit to moscow. thank you very much you.
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observers in syria have suspended their activities because of escalating violence that moves through in the last hour or two meantime moscow's denied the pentagon's claims that a russian military cargo ship is carrying troops and weapons to syria. also had loving from r.t. today a final round of egypt's presidential election underway but many are left disenchanted by the choices before them the run off is between a muslim brotherhood candidate and ousted leader hosni mubarak's last prime minister. of the year as futures on the line as greeks are set for a key vote on sunday between more cuts all returning to the drachma it's feared a greek exit could split the eurozone apart. months it was due to leave for europe the sport goes on underway now russian fans no doubt looking forward of course to tonight's game with the greeks the year is but a cheer for the greeks as well they're going to hope they're going to win their
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team with a great chance of making the quarterfinals along the russia do have a good chance all that they need is a draw with a seeding but they do have some selection problems kevin now i've got the details just stuff what about the greek for you go out just what the great they have to win tonight otherwise they will go they have a few selection problems themselves really you have to say they are the underdogs rather favorites but it's by no means done and that. welcome to the sport of day's headlines selection woes russia's inferential midfield is video on off is ruled out tonight a crucial showdown with greece at the european championships. while co-host podium prepared to face the czech republic in a winner takes all crashing. and tiger woods crowd to share believe that the u.s. open while you don't need them or mcelroy to go home early. let's start though with
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the euros by russia are looking to reach the quarter finals this evening just a draw against greece in their last game in group a would be enough although midfielder constantine's that he on off will not start due to an illness studies the latest and will be replaced by denny's crew should cough with more from the russia camp his rich poor feet. russia's destiny is in their own hands as they take on greece on saturday while all the catholic outside needs is a draw in order to make the knockout stages and russia fighting solves a great position of a moment of four points for the first two games i'm really sure that we will go through and we are very focused we must go on the pitch and win the game we don't feel relaxed and we simply must win the next match it's a pretty simple thing and i'm sure we will play well together count as well you'd stick with the same side that has played in the first two games against poland and the czech republic and in all her fairness russians i was even playing quite well while the only real concern is about alexander cares a carbon attack and he's in pittsburgh strikers had ten attempts on goal but is yet
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to hit the target so far in this tournament and his failure to find that will certainly be a concern nevertheless the twenty nine year olds actually played very well he's managed great quite a number of opportunities from players like allan's or go even under a a shot in so i did not really think he would drop of substitute bench roman public place and. you know i can't say too much about the lineups but cosy cause is a player who will take his opportunities and he can score a goal out of nothing even though he may not play that well he's a player who can score goals and he's been doing that his whole career and he won't change a little bit at this moment in time he's not too happy to come up against the greeks and lost to european championships and of war on both occasions last actual meeting between the two sides was actually just seven months ago in athens when the two sides played out of one one draw so the two sides will know each other very well. yes it's true we didn't play that great in the second half against poland in fact that had to do with losing the ball or necessarily in that game but the first half
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was very good i thought it wasn't too many chances for either team and in the second half played better so we will just have to improve as well but as i said russia's destiny is certainly in their own hands always needs a draw against a greek side but i really fail to impress so far this tournament as i only have one point from the first two games and russia played to anything like their potential that should have no problem whatsoever in making the knockout stages richer bump or fleet r.t. warsaw. well i have a quick look at greece they are bottom of the great but even a one nil win for them this evening could see them progressive poland and the czech republic draw their game they know they can't just rely on a sturdy defense they will have to attack as well but. first of all the players up to reach the maximum of their sort of it was of course not a matter of who scores more than it is up to the team the whole team has to win so all the players have to be focused on our objective of this which is to win. so this is group
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a rusher on top there with four points but they are not home and dry yes in fact every team still has a chance of making the last state of the quarter final place guaranteed to the winner of the second game between co-host poland and the czech republic and poland have a whole host of injury worries defender damien polk quest along with midfielder study of. polanski picked up injuries against russia so they'll be given like fitness test but clancy made it quite clear to reporters what the team's intentions are. the permutations of what could happen in the group are not good for us to be thinking about. every team's backside i'm sorry for these expressions you miss but that is really our mindset of the tournament put on the. straight talk while the czech republic meanwhile are sweating over the availability of their midfield you make a thomas visit thirty one year old will have a late fitness test while this better news for goalkeeper petit check is expected to start despite doing only light training yesterday coach michael meanwhile to
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back the. group from severe i have been very happy with the turn mint condition so far in poland and the criticism he has been receiving perhaps not playing as well as some expected does not concern us i hope our fans will support us as a team not as individuals. no further than the tournament sweden they lost three two to england in kiev last night liverpool striker and. carol had put england won up with a thumping header in the first half but just after the break sweden level through a glen johnson nine go and then went in front thanks from all of mel berg however super sub theo walcott then had an equaliser from the edge of the box before crossing for danny welbeck when a roller coaster ride them for the english who were delighted to get their first win over sweden at the tournament. scared off our job on the real. story to go go go it is a very good result
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a very good game of football but england deserved a wintery today a. very diverse group. it was an exciting game they have said this is a great day england are from four points along with france who lead the way after beating ukraine two nil last night and watching not one partridge. ukraine will front while a victory that backings ukraine side play with it's a sign champions would have seen them guys do to the quarter finals on their european debut after coming back to beat sweden two one in game one but after four minutes the heavens opens to red show rain in donetsk tearing the entire stadium apart from a few hardy souls for the best part of an hour and when the players did you a match it was a first off a few chances but the second also was a lot livelier does not a captain one hundred chip janko went on i'm a zero on the left hand side be ukraine but he fired over the bar that was the cue that for the french to show their class and just why they're on be going to matches
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some fantastic midfield play than the feats of seriously many on the right side and he made that mistake firing like pass the keeper on the left hand side and still miss later on fifty five minutes the french made it to nil similar build up like this time karim benzema with a lethal final pass by the younger line he made no mistake to know that he did make a mistake he integrity hits the post for what i want with a keeper and you can. i couldn't find a way back and so you know is how it finished france twenty three matches now this points well ukraine has three points in group d. it's all looking very exciting. so i will stay with football because tito villanova has been officially unveiled as the new barcelona coach after signing a two year deal with the catalan side the forty two year old stepped up after assisting form a bafta for guardiola the first is the club to a staggering forty one title out of the possible nineteen over the past four years before guardiola called it a day at the end of the season last month villanova has
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a tall order to follow but he is not intimidated by the familiar or tough. but. i'm not too worried about any possible comparisons between squad all and myself i will just try to do my job well and it will give you just as much time as it did when i was an assistant coach because i give my all you can before i'm not worried about it and you. finally gulf there have been mixed fortunes for the top guns in the u.s. open is tiger woods grabs a share of the lead there but top ranked luke donald and holder rory mcilroy missed the cut trailing by three shots behind surprise overnight leader michael thompson would enter the second round with guns blazing as the former world number one birdie the third hole where however three straight bogeys from the fifth dented his challenge massively but the fourteen time major winner was able to recover from that is two more birdies on the back nine to the american car a par seventy
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a move and move into a joint two stroke lead along with countryman jim furyk and david thomas while donald a marker voice failed to recover from less than perfect first round and bowed out but both are staying up late. just. with the greens to reduce speed. and for a little bit better yes you know kind of ground score today. you know maybe been. somewhere decently play. so we can but it wasn't to be and try and learn from it and come back stronger next time you know what i'm just trying to see the positives of all you know. i do see positives i see that i'm getting a good shot so i'm giving myself chances and you know feel like i had some good parts or just didn't go in. a moderate stand pace and you know play all of a sudden it all turn and you know. play or play a good tournament or apply couple good runs or say so that is the end of the sport
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the man with up will build up from the euros coming up in our next what a team in a few asked.
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suspend their activities of the threat of violence while moscow denies the pentagon's claims that a russian military ship carrying weapons and troops is on route to the country. the final round of egypt's presidential elections underway but many a leftist enchanted by the choices before them with no constitution and dissolve parliament. and the euro's future is. set for a key vote between the left and the right. voters are choosing whether to back. or take a different option which may lead to an exit from the euro zone. hello
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and welcome this is r.t. it's five pm now here in moscow my name is kevin now in our top story the u.n. observers mission in syria is suspending its activities because of escalating violence in the country this is the u.s. says it's tracking a russian military cargo ship as it makes its way to syria with weapons and troops reportedly on board now moscow's denied those quick claims but said several ships are ready to head to the syrian base if the situation worsens as get across is like the limits of we go piskun off our correspondent in central moscow what can you tell us first of all about the u.n. observers decision that's come out in the last hour or two. going to be chief of the u.n. observers mission to syria he had to suspend temporarily their operations in the country due to a recent rise of violence there in syria we are staying in the car and she will be monitoring the situation to continue to meet the mission as soon as it becomes safer because right now it's just.


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