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they would want to see changes to the current bailout conditions that in the past have been implemented by the e.u. i.m.f. and eurozone troika now when it comes to pass that there's also another problem being present it takes we have reports that they may not want to work with new democracy without any representation from salaries are seen as they did hole so well today the reason likely to get large showing in parliament even if they do not win or be part of the future government they will still have a large sway in the government itself and that could prove crucial because they will stand against any future austerity terms they want to drop the austerity they want to of course remain within the year itself this is being much of the fear during the course of this campaign season that their program for cancer austerity could lead to an exit from the euro is something that george packer and i are spoke of today the former prime minister saying it because for greece lead to a crippling g.d.p. result dropped by about twenty percent when it comes to greece's g.d.p.
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so these are always maintain that they can stay within the euro has to be simply too costly for the other countries to get rid of them and it could risk contagion to other countries are currently suffering from crisis such as spain and portugal. most of the greek political parties are hoping to retain the euro and planning to cancel or renegotiate cuts well political writer peter build believes leaving the currency union would not go smoothly for athens. it's never happened like this before that a very very tightly knit union currency union has ever actually broken out of the real fear is that there could be immense legal fattal's going on for years and years and years between banks between debtors and lenders simply because nobody knows exactly in what currency the debts that have been run up would have to be repaid in those in greece perhaps would be repaid with
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a far devalued new drama but that of course could possibly put the banks in germany in france in terrific trouble if they are low or if you like demand of the european central bank that it prints new money then there is an endless amount of money available there is potentially enough money to bail out everybody and his mother but the will at the moment is not there to do that simply because it delays the problem of the lack of competitiveness of some of the euro zone countries. the economic turmoil is the problem haunting most leaders at the moment but now there's another major issue ready to explode coming up on r.t. we report on how immigrants many of them muslim face daily discrimination in europe with the nationalist parties increasingly gaining more votes. and also still to come loses his latest bid to fight extradition to sweden we
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investigate whether there's now a witch hunt for whistleblowers. all that still to come for you but first the polling stations have now closed in the final day of egypt's presidential runoff that would decide the country's future after eighteen months of political chaos and instability the choice is between a u.s. educated is a most mohamed morsi a form of mubarak official. obvious has been following the vote in khartoum joins me now live from there how's the situation looking at the moment do we have any any understanding of who's leading the polls. well i'm standing in front of abdel nasser school which like schools throughout egypt for the past forty eight hours has been operating as a voting station it has just closed as indeed this presidential runoff comes to an end at this stage we have no indication of who has won indeed we have no indication of what the voter turnout has been like on thursday will be an official
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announcement of who egypt's next president will be although we anticipate that is early as monday morning we could have some indication now the voter turnout does seem to be low with observers reporting that there were no significant long queues in front of voting stations and at the end of saturday which is halfway through the selection the voter turnout hovered at around the fifteen percent mark if indeed it is a lot lower than the voter turnout of forty six percent during last month's first presidential runoff this will be an. indication of widespread discontent and indeed that egyptians are questioning the legitimacy of the selection there were the usual reports of voter irregularity we heard some reports of into superior and of pre-marked ballots but on the whole the election commission has said that these elections went smoothly. the election will shape the country's future of course how are the people been reacting to today's historic vote.
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what it certainly is a sense of gloom when you visit these voting stations there's none of the celebration none of the joy and none of the energy that we witnessed in previous post mubarak elections and there are a number of reasons for this the first is that egyptians are anxious over their future there's also a lot of bitterness over the stalled revolution what some egyptians have been telling me the fact that they feel the revolution has been going backwards and many people here feel that this really has not been a choice they are choosing between after mature freak who represents the mubarak era and dr mohamed morsi who represents the muslim brotherhood and the idea of turning egypt into and islamised state i've been talking to a number of voters and just about everyone tells me that it doesn't really matter at the end of the day who wins they do believe that they will be street protests you really do have a sense of voter fatigue here in egypt now comes the first of july the army has
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promised that it will hand over control to a civilian government but most egyptians believe that even if the army does do this it will continue to pull the strings of power from afar paula thanks very much indeed for that live update there in cairo policy. journalist sara mohammed ali i spoke to a little earlier here in the r.t. she believes people will take to the streets no matter who wins. now we've got a great divide between the supporters and the muslim brotherhood of course dr morsi supporters in both cases are yes there will be protests and no one is going to be pleased with the results because the divide is extreme in my opinion if mr shifty wins the elections there will be massive protests and demonstrations and i think a lot of the people whether or not you are muslim brotherhood supporters or revolutionaries or reformers who actually retreat to the streets of tahir and
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actually shout out weyerhaeuser revolution gone because you cannot have a remnant of the expert lead us into this new wave of transition but in the case that the muslim brotherhood candidate dr morsi wins there will be a lot of depressed revolutionaries and anti muslim brotherhood supporters will feel that egypt now is now in you know embarking on and on a different level of geology which will actually take place if dr morsi wins. the un backed peace plan in syria took another blue with the observer mission that suspending its activities due to an escalation of violence the head of the team has demanded the rebel and government forces allow the evacuation of civilians from combat zones refreshing the reports on the syrians and dealing with the ongoing bloodshed. this is how human skin looks after it's been burnt by an electric cable mostafa shows us the fresh signs of torture an ardent supporter of
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syrian president assad who was kidnapped in his native city of lip. they held me for three days being all the tired they told me is because they don't support our revolution rubbish they didn't care about the revolution either all they wanted was money that they contacted my family asked two million syrian pounds for me is this what they're fighting for. most of us wife sold the house and scraped a half of the ransom and father for mystifies now looking for money again to hide his family model narrative of this revolution if you want to call it that encouraged criminals of all current and these people they listen to what world leaders and me repeat that assad is evil and start thinking that they have the right to do bad things to all those who sit with the president. syria once one
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of the safest places in the middle east is now one of the most dangerous even for those away from politics for twenty years this elderly lady has been selling vine leaves while showing us how to cook broke syrian donmar should be most of the syria she once loved. the one that most syrians don't support anybody there in the middle but all suffer anyway they learn how to be afraid how to be careful and how to be angry we were happy before. she says is even harder now to get some meat for your blog ahamed from damascus says it could soon be even impossible a lot. more used to bring animals from all around the country but roads are now too dangerous to travel the result my business is declining prices are a lose lose situation. while. a manager keeps his boutique hotel in downtown damascus running even though he's seldom any guests to look after the conflict torn
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country he is now a long way from people's idea of a top holiday destination is here with more people are afraid even if they want to come we can't make a reservation at the world sites like booking dot com or hotels dot com they block syria. surprisingly though we meet a guest here even more surprising he says his business is growing these days they are fired is the chief executive of a media broadcasting company. big cheers big for themselves but each certainly wants pictures that speak for them and the more convincing the message the higher the chances of victory and they're ready to pay for it even though the prose for air time has almost doubled you see. the picture is rather far transmits no matter from which side of the conflict they come send a clear message violent reality is all too familiar here in syria even to kids and
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we hear that in the last hour i know what's going on they kill and should be pull people die. who knows what kind of syria this six year old girl will face when she grows up in fifteen months of crisis syria has suffered deeply violence has raged sanctions have shaken economy and crime has flourished but has calls for military foreign intervention getting louder syrians say they still hold out hope for peace even if they're prepared for war sufferings before they get there. griffin option our team syria. this week after the u.s. backed away from hillary clinton's remarks that moscow is supplying a stand with attack helicopters pentagon officials said it's tracking a russian ship with weapons and troops heading for syria denies the claims but says several ships are ready if needed to protect its syrian base well the violence in syria is growing political analyst going to be believes. peace plan still remains
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syria's only hope i think the situation has reached very dangerous proportions and there are civilians that are being killed i think however it's not too late to i mean i am afraid that perhaps the statement given by the united nations may may be a. desperate call yes but it's not the end of the road there is still a chance to actually have a cease fire to have the plan that has been laid out in the past by kofi annan implemented to have a ceasefire and go for the political dialogue there is no military solution it cannot be a military solution and in fact what the western powers are calling for. military interference is is in insane this would take syria nowhere but destruction and misery for everybody no one would come out as the winner in this if this continues the way it does. the first attempt to find a solution to iran's nuclear issue will be made here in moscow on monday as
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reported later with the group of six. parents of. the third party is trying to stall the process. a few minutes after. this is the weekly fifteen minutes past the hour now on thursday the supremes called dismissed as latest appeal to reopen the case against his extradition to sweden the judges voted unanimously dismissing the bit as being without merit the wiki leaks faces deportation to sweden where he is wanted on sexual assault charges . be another house arrest in britain for some five hundred days as the case is politically motivated and that his final destination will be washington however it seems that he won't be the only way to face a crackdown on the surface reports on a bill being debated in the british parliament which if adopted could discourage people from exposing the truth of. the law on whistleblowing it's a war of attrition
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a good one to some who has nothing against people that have a lot of wealth and lot of power behind it is a battle against corruption. secrecy this video named collateral murder is just one of many wiki leaks revelations exposing war crimes revolutionizing whistleblowing and tearing down the divides between governments and ordinary people and the government. exposing wrongdoing can preview risky business as wendy addison found out back in two thousand was working as a treasure at the south african company leisure net she discovered the c.e.o.'s were stealing money from shareholders and sending it to offshore accounts and she blew the whistle it was a data point that my whole life fell apart. lost my career it was literally if i started. hitting the streets and honestly there were occasions where i was almost
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inclined to consider accepting society completely. and this is a very common thing for. talking about suicide despite risking everything when he was in poor old in a lengthy legal wrangling and it would be more than a decade before days who committed the crime went to jail model we're still playing techniques have been giving people more power to take on big corporations and even governments now the proposed changes to the law the tension is threatening the protections also at a time when the culture surrounding whistleblowing be making big leaps forward the law could be set to take a big step back the problems being caused by this the enterprise and regulatory reform bill which is currently making its way through parliament and one small discrete line buried away in the text referring to a public interest test we were really worried that putting in a public interest test into legislation will have a chilling effect on the ability of workers to speak up
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a member of the international whistleblowing research network and an employment lawyer david lewis tells us the proposed test has dropped a bomb on whistle blowing provisions the great virtue of the existing provisions is there's no public interest it was a very simple test as long as you had enormous motor if you could be sure and it found that you would be protected now individuals of those claiming to use the provisions have to satisfy public interest first make it very difficult for people to advise them the government allergies that the changes are aimed at closing a loophole this meant that employees with personal grievances a for employment contract have been able to use the whistle blame provisions but for some this will be seen as just the latest measure making it harder out the truth. of course is this trend. blowing the whistle have to differing degrees had their lives changed their reputations
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threatened or ruined their freedoms removed but in the process they reveal secrets that the rich and the powerful never wanted us to know that was being told i was doing the wrong thing. for me and i knew that i was doing the right thing their battle highlights the importance of protecting whistle blows and the public's right to know something they all say was well worth fighting for so r.t. london. exit polls are just president and socialists have won an absolute majority in the french parliament if the results of the second round of the voting are confirmed it would mean hollande has got enough support to fulfill his pledge of economic growth instead of belt tightening but international consultant and former deputy speaker of the building parliament says he doubts on land will deliver on his promises. people oriented to call it socialist if you will and get austerity policies exactly what european union needs but will this country in france i doubt
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it if it's true teaches any lesson the socialist party of france ever since the election of president putin. has gone it's taken up a neoliberal policies privatizing i think in the first months maybe the first year he will take some steps in that direction but slowly he will start using you've been union as an excuse for just keeping the austerity plan going in for the growth plan b. something minor i think the european central bank the i.m.f. are near liberal institutions and basically what they are now doing is doing exactly what happened in the seventy's and not in america and that is the deconstruction or if you want a total destruction of the social welfare state as it was established after the second world war for the benefit of grounds for financial funding so the elites etc it's not a secret what we call the so-called regrettable consequence of these policy or
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actually but i think it is very much object to aim at. iran's top nuclear negotiator in moscow for a fresh round of talks over iran's nuclear program the two day meeting between six world powers and tehran starts here on monday the previous negotiations in april and may brought little result to run tentatively agreeing to let you inspectors into a military site suspected of carrying out weapons related test of the world powers also what iran to stop enriching uranium which they believe paves the way for acquiring weapons grade materials in return they're offering to help with medical research and aircraft parts well as some critics say the close relationship between the u.s. and israel won't allow any breakthrough to come out of the talks. i don't think you can expect quite a lot from what from the moscow talks i think that is where all will continue to force our washington. not to make any kind of headway with iran what. israel does fear that there might be some prospects of
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a solution between the obama administration and to her own so is doing all it can and obama from now at least from local scene until now has gained the reputation of giving in and not being very strong when it comes to confronting leaves really pressures so now an election year and especially where obama is trying to get the support of the conservative jewish votes i don't expect anything significant will happen from now at least until the elections take place the sanctions which the american administration has imposed to some extent that has been a factor in preventing the israelis from actually going ahead and launching a strike it's always possible that israel especially this current government might go ahead and launch a strike and this is something related to netanyahu and his own personal mission of the u.s. and that the obama administration keeps on reassuring for example that it is tackling this situation it has made the statement time and again and that actually builds genuine fears on the part of the obama astray should that israel might
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actually go ahead and attack iran unilaterally. exactly twenty three minutes past the hour now this is the weekly time to update you on some other world news in brief at least twenty one people being killed and about one hundred injured after churches in northern nigeria were targeted in a series of explosions the violence prompted protests in the state of could do in an area known for its religious tensions this was the latest in a string of attacks against christians in the region the radical sect booker has previously targeted church services across the country killing hundreds. thirteen inmates have died in a blaze that broke out in a jail in southeast turkey prisoners at bending of light during a mutiny triggered by accusations of poor conditions police fired tear gas and water cannon the relatives of inmates who had rushed to the scene on hearing news of the fire security forces say they were responding to stones being thrown. libyan troops have been sent to the country's west where days of clashes between
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rival militias have sparked renewed violence at least sixteen people killed and over eighty wounded in fighting between the revolution. the violence comes just weeks before libya's due to hold elections for a national assembly. u.s. drone strikes in pakistan showed no signs of ending with three suspected militants killed in the latest attack america continues to use the aerial threat despite protests from islamabad that is against international law but it's not just terrorists who are dying more than eight hundred civilians have paid with their lives for the so-called u.s. war on terror since president obama took office. reports about u.s. drone strikes in pakistan coming more and more often we're getting used to hearing in the media such and such number of terrorists was killed with no way to verify really there are no names attached to those numbers usually but earlier this month american officials proudly announced that a drone strike in pakistan killed one of his top commanders almost two weeks later
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a video with the same men. was posted online with titles which are generally reserved for the living other al qaeda leaders have not confirmed or denied levy's death the video could have been taped before he says that that's true so he might as well be dead but the confusion has once again raised the question of who's really dying in those bombings and how much do we actually know because it's all very murky what we do know is that the obama administration has dramatically ramped up drone strikes in pakistan around story hundred strikes since he took office it's this area bordering afghanistan which is on the fire but judging by the intensity of the u.s. strikes there one thing that only terrorists leave there that's not the case of course the long investigative journalism says more than eight hundred civilians died in those bombings among them almost two hundred children what's interesting four year u.s. officials are all together denied civilian deaths in drone strikes but reports on
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the ground told the opposite and thousands of people protesting furiously in pakistan told the opposite then that was the last straw at the aerial strike which killed two dozen pakistani soldiers last year by mistake diplomatic have a followed between the u.s. and pakistan pakistan blocked supply routes to afghanistan and they still remain closed by the way a new wave of extremism has been steered by those strikes but it's also interesting u.s. officials have accused this bureau of investigative journalism which works to shed light on civilian deaths in those drone strikes of helping terrorists. one might argue that this label terrorist helper is becoming an all too convenient tool for the government to brush off investigative journalism and then there was this yemeni journalist who reported about the drone strike in yemen in two thousand and nine twenty one woman and fourteen children died there the journalist is now in jail where portably at the personal request of president obama himself. there's this
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line of thought in washington. it's all perfectly fine as long as we're fighting the bad guys the president approves the list of those bad guys by the way the kill list on secret evidence with no review but does the argument we're fighting the bad guys mean that the world should keep quiet about the execution of innocent people in washington i'm going to check out. this is the weekly next hour teach us with someone who predicted the global economic crisis the consequences of which are still being felt across the world that's an in-depth interview coming up shortly but first bring you this as headlines again after the short break stay with us by humans.
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all. right enough. but. you can. certainly can't do it through the. only thing the social changes can be asked. afghan men and women. people. talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan.
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propose approach. as they claim a narrow victory almost thirty percent of the vote in the main left behind this could mean a coalition between democracy and the socialist policy. even observers suspend the syrian mission. volunteers both the regime and the rebels this is syrian opposition leader has repeated calls for military intervention in the country. some polls have closed the final day of the presidential election runoff egypt's post revolution future the choice is between islamist and last prime minister with critics saying neither represent the people. watching weekly here on
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our team next as promised the effects of the global economic crisis is still being felt right across the world and also you know the person who predicted it. next. thank you very much for your time in two thousand and six you predicted that there would be a deep economic crisis and six years later we're still in it now did you expect it to last so long that it would be so deep and where are we in the middle in the beginning or maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel and the cries is more of in two thousand and six was a problem that kind of average of the private sector households banks financial institutions corporates now as a result of the response to their cries is the mother was bailing out banks and there is a very there massive sarah jane public that and that.


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