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tv   [untitled]    June 19, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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trying to see eye to eye the leaders of russia and the u.s. need to the g. twenty summit in mexico to mull over some divisive issues. first important to president obama outlined common ground on syria and lies to continue dialogue on washington's controversial european missile shield all the details just ahead. also at the summit of world leaders a raise the over a lack of progress in dealing with the eurozone debt crisis which they say threatens to bring the global economy crashing down. and nuclear power to run stands firm on its right to a peaceful one as a western officials try to pressure the country into submission during ongoing talks here in moscow.
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around the world around the clock this is r t live from moscow with me role research presidents of lot of made putin barack obama pledged commitment to solving syria diplomatically and hopefully preventing a civil war but the deadlock in the middle east was just one issue the two heads discussed on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit in mexico there reporting that for us he of course is our correspondent guy in h. can the meeting of the two leaders lasted around two hours and that's a lot more a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of a summit the range of issues on their table with huge leaders came out with a joint statement on syria they both agree that syrian people should decide their own fate then that a political not military process is needed to prevent a civil war that's what russia has been so. all along as was pointed out by
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president clinton he sought common ground in their approach on syria it might sound surprising to many because the rather break so far between russia and the u.s. has been very tense on syria with the two countries accusing each other of stoking violence their on iran's leaders came up with a very general statement to and that is that iran should provide maximum transparency on its nuclear program and abide by the u.n. nonproliferation treaty there were some bilateral issues on the table such as the u.s. missile defense shield in europe russia still has no guarantees that it won't be aimed at russia at some point the u.s. refuses to give those guarantees and arguably be a like chance of coming up in the u.s. moscow and washington will be able to move forward on not much all the leaders said this monday was that they're going to continue the dialogue another issue very controversial there are attempts in congress to pass a new respecting law against russia that would be tied to human rights travel ban
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and financial sanctions against those russian officials and the u.s. congress deems as involved in human rights violation and the so-called smoking ischia law the leaders did not comment on that pending legislation but russian officials say if passed by the congress it would trigger a series of moves because there is a potentially long list of american officials which would be punished for taking part in human rights violations in secret prisons in iraq and afghanistan and guantanamo on the sidelines of the g twenty summit which would set up to tackle global economic challenges the group of the world's most powerful emerging economies that is brazil russia india china south africa had a separate meetings there pushing for a multilateral world for dating old institutions like the i.m.f. like the world bank which are heavily dominated by the u.s. and europe they want to play a bigger role in the decision making with those organizations at this summit they are announcing an additional contribution to the i.m.f. money that could be channeled to european prices there spreads it's very much clear
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to everyone that a dose of birching markets are now the engine of the global economy. parties are going to chicken right there reporting from the g. twenty summit in mexico while a former member of the reagan administration says it no matter what obama tells putin in person the u.s. president is just one link in a long chain of foreign policy makers i'm convinced that putin does not wall conflicts with washington he wants to resolve the issue of the missile bases that are surrounding russia he doesn't want conflict and obama. he doesn't want any conflict either but he is just one member of a government that wants regime change in syria and obama is not exactly in a position to be able to stop that. he will do what he can to get along
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with kryten but he still has to represent the agenda of. the world in general and regime change and so the situation i think is unresolved. well of the g. twenty itself world leaders have voice their concern over the eurozone crisis calling it the single biggest threat to the world economy many have said that progress has been way too slow in dealing with the ongoing situation this comes after sunday's elections in greece failed to produce an outright winner again to form a new government the pro bailout new democracy party won almost thirty percent of the vote and is now urgently seeking to form a coalition government will have a mammoth task ahead of it especially as the german chancellor angela merkel said there will be no changes in the austerity cuts that are part of the greek bailout but some experts believe even if a deal is reached between the parties the chances of a greek recovery are almost nonexistent. i think it's quite possible that you will
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find a coalition within the next few days but there are two things that are important to note here the first one is that the parties in question new democracy and pasok they only have the majority in parliament due to the peculiar greek election rules in fact more than fifty percent of forwards went to e.u. critical parties so i think you might want to find a product correlation be few want some true legitimacy to the decisions that will be made that said yes you might have some difficult negotiations but more importantly none of the two blocs in the greek parliamentary election had a credible plan for turning the greek economy around from its current meltdown so regardless of who takes over the risk of a greek exit from the euro remains high either there will be a renegotiation of the treaty or reese will eventually have to leave the euro and the problem here is that if economic circumstances are allowed to deteriorate any further now everybody can see already today that austerity is killing priest it's
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also killing is painful to go ireland and other european economies if you leave that to fester for too long it won't be a deliberative political decision when greece leaves it will be forced by economic circumstances so i think germany will have to back off from this one all face the responsibility of some kind of euro break up before too many months have passed. and a lot of us our hero here we report on yet another e.u. country still struggling with its economic woes despite having already been thrown a financial lifeline hopes and dreams are turning sour as cash strapped ireland is left with hundreds of thousands of abandoned developments after a construction boom was nailed by the crisis. and egypt's ruling military says it will cede power to the new president but later we hear from an expert who claims the country's leader will be nothing more than a puppet on a string. you're watching r.t. now a second day of intense talks between six world powers and iran still underway now
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here in moscow with the controversial atom still splitting the sides tehran wants the right to enrich uranium to a higher level or at least we're seeing such materials from abroad here's our correspondent lucy catherine off with the latest. officials have been rather tight lipped but the mood is tense as this really is the last chance some officials say to salvage a diplomatic solution to a deal on iran's nuclear ambitions and to avert a possible new war in the middle east now according to a spokesman for the e.u. foreign policy chief catherine ashton western diplomats are essentially sticking to a proposal that they put forth at last month's negotiations in baghdad that deal would have iran halting richmond's of your radium up to twenty percent that figure is significant because it puts an rainy and rainy i'm on the cusp of weapons grade material of course iran insists that his program is for civilian purposes and energy purposes only for that deal would also require tehran to ship at least part
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of its twenty percent enriched stockpile out of the country and also halt operations at its controversial underground enrichment facility called fordo also one of the the developments that we've heard from officials yesterday is that the european union will not stop or postpone the impending oil embargo on a rainy and oil that is set to take place in less than two weeks that of course was one of the negotiating points of the iranians were hoping that the west would a budge on iran meanwhile is sticking to its demand saying that no progress will be made unless the west acknowledges its right to a peaceful nuclear energy program for civilian purposes the iranians were also again hoping that that the west with ease some sanctions in order to alleviate its struggling economy we also have to keep in mind that american banking sanctions are set to take place but in exchange for the plan that the west has put forth all they're offering to iran is essentially some of the research material for
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a medical reactor and spare parts for iran's commercial airliner fleet according to one former renia negotiator that is diamonds for peanuts in other words not a balanced deal and not enough incentive for iran to make such that significant concessions the israelis have threatened to effectively bomber. and if there is no diplomatic solution to this problem we saw the israeli president yesterday in an interview say that time is running out for iran warning again that a war would be possible if the talks do not play out to to its satisfaction the other consideration here of course is that president barack obama is under a very serious pressure by nearly half of the senate to essentially abandoned diplomacy if talks don't end up in a breakthrough and to consider the military option but again we do have to remember that we are in a time of a severe economic crisis and the war option is probably the last last result it's not going to help president obama's reelection campaign and it certainly isn't
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going to help a europe that is struggling to recover economically so it remains to be seen what will come out but we will keep you posted on all of the updates. obviously she's covering for fourteen and i think i will meantime i do from the national iranian american council says diplomacy is the only way to reach a long term solution. a big part of what congress has done is to really assert that we are in control the same sions. don't you dare lift the sanctions in exchange for iranian concessions and we must demand the most maximal goals possible that are not achievable and if that doesn't work out immediately exit the diplomatic trajectory and start ramping up some of the planning for war the reality is for the past four years we've been sanctioning iran ratcheting up those sanctions we've only now started to have that diplomatic process but while we were doing the same sions a lot of people said look this is a trajectory to war this is exactly what we had with saddam not necessarily right before we went to war with iraq but in the ninety's when we were ratcheting up the
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sanctions and creating a policy of regime change the solution to the problem of what already runs aspirations in terms of its nuclear program doesn't involve military action if you go down the line military leaders have said if we bomb iran we're not going to be able to take out their program we can only delay it for as long as three years in that time iran would reconstitute its program and likely make the decision which they haven't yet made to actually actively pursue a nuclear weapon as it stands you know leon panetta was on sixty minutes a couple weeks ago and he made clear iran is nowhere near an imminent nuclear weapon. it's a good to have you with us here in our to today now turning our attention to out of syria where the government says it is trying to evacuate civilians trapped in the central city of homs about blames rebels for obstructing their efforts meanwhile the arab league has called for a peacekeeping force to be deployed in the country saying the current peace plan cannot hold the ongoing violence well first class years of between government troops and the opposition though they continue nationwide activists say at least
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seventy nine civilians soldiers and rebels have been killed since the un observers suspended their mission there three days ago but russia has reportedly been preparing to send ships and marines to its naval base in syria to protect people and remove equipment in case the conflict escalates and the red cross believes up to a million and a half people now in desperate need of humanitarian help r.t. is that maria for national who's in damascus reports on how the media is turning it yet into another using itself as a tool of the war sometimes just as dangerous as a rifle. evening meal with evening news maser hears that the syrian army is shell in residential areas and homes. while watch is another channel and he learns that the rebels are using civilians as a human shield while the army attacks this stronghold. when do the resolver the two
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neighbors from damascus who've been left with completely different versions of what's going on in their country and who is responsible the media has an enormous influence on people's perceptions. french investigative journalist yes i'm a son believes it can be and is being used as a weapon in the syrian conflict he accuses western countries of preparing a media terror attack on the syrian government involved in sophisticated staged events all designed to force regime change in the civil war and the whole of the majority of syrians are not against assad but if they see the pictures of the regime down the president fleeing the rebels taking over the presidential palace it will demoralize people and even assad supporters will stop resisting and give up and this is how t.v. works people believe it even before they think whether it could be true or not. in any other arab spring country leave the cia believes that qatar based channel al jazeera broadcast pictures from tripoli's central green square showing rebels
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celebrate in the regime's fall days before they actually entered the city and move he claims help the rebels to advance after we can get off his followers in syria the journalist warns things may go much further diffuse a form they will not only use their own channels to send this message they will replace syrian satellite channels with their own with the same logos and same design they had as a broadcasting company that provides r.t. with live pictures from damascus says such a swap is technically possible but he doubts people with fall for it how do. they know syrian present isn't reporters and if they say it's different they'll understand immediately something is wrong so no way they'll believe it you know. we're fick lot and now the investigative journalist from damascus has spent the last ten months exposing what he thinks is proof of foreign media medlin in syrian events and the international media discredited themselves over it in the in too
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many cases drawing their interest biased no one believes them people used to but no longer trust. crew first of the mace three suitcase when the b.b.c. used pictures showing dead bodies in iraq to illustrate serious controversial houla massacre those responsible later apologized and removed the misleading images misinformation and propaganda are common themes in any conflict syria is already the subject of mixed media coverage with the use of wrong pictures and footage that cannot be independently verified but one of information many people ation is very hard to expose its impact such as international condemnation and calls for military foreign intervention is impossible to ignore. me flushing out the massacres syria and i do keep in mind here in r.t. that we would have more news and videos available for you on our website r.t.
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dot com just a click away let's have a look and see what's waiting for you there right now reports uncover a fukushima style disaster a verdict in the nick of time at a nuclear plant in california but those details online also. the green logo meet a baby robot created by scientists to further explore how exactly children learn to speak. and i will get to the r.t. world update for you shortly for now other members of egypt's muslim brotherhood are expected to demonstrate against an interim constitution put in place by the country's ruling military council the constitution ultimately dissolved egypt's islamist dominated parliament by giving full legislative power to the ruling generals they've since promised to hand control to the new president by the end of the month but the amendments will strip the winner of almost all powers while the official election results are not expected in told thursday of the muslim
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brotherhood has claimed an early victory by supporters of the islamist party gathered in tahrir square to celebrate the announcement made by party leader mohamed morsi the claim. these are being rejected by rival contender shafique who accuses the muslim brotherhood of trying to usurp the presidency middle east analyst and public speaker on international affairs akhmed fathi says the winning candidate will be nothing nothing more than a puppet for the military. because of political dealings during the first round we ended up with two unqualified candidates the fact is that close to seventy percent of the egyptian electorate did not take part in these elections in the in the runoff is a huge indication where the majority of the egyptian people stand and how do you perceive both candidates the military council has clearly done what many
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observateur have described as a soft coup based on the ruling from the supreme constitutional court to dismantle the parliament and based on the amendments to the constitutional declaration that came during the second round of elections the defacto ruler in egypt is the supreme council and it shall be for years to come it have made the coming president regardless whether it's the muslim brotherhood candidate or the establishment candidate will be nothing short of a hand puppet for the military it's an artist turning twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow straight to a suicide blast in iraq to start of the r.t. world update at least fifteen people have been killed this at a shia funeral in the country forty others are wounded in the attack it happened in a town just north of baghdad at the bomber detonated his explosive belt in a tent where mourners gathered to pay respects to a tribal chief
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a wave of bombings targeting shia muslims has swept through the country since the beginning of june a killing more than one hundred thirty people. three officers have died in afghanistan after millet. attacked a police checkpoint in the city of kandahar it's part of a gun battle between officers and insurgents which lasted at least an hour and six others were wounded in the attack comes just one day after three gunmen wearing afghan police uniforms killed a nato service member in the same region. a second israeli airstrike in a matter of hours has killed two palestinians in the gaza strip pushing the overall death toll to four the attacks were chip the town of beit hanun have been confirmed by the israeli military now for the strikes came just hours after gunmen killed an israeli civilian and a construction worker on the israeli egyptian border tel aviv insists the attacks were not in retaliation. wellmost of a katy with
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a business for now though during the boom years island's construction industry certainly reached new heights but it seems that they were building a house of cards that was doomed to come crashing down when the economy went down as well it's left a hole ghost neighborhoods in a number of countries cities which few sure if you are sure that anyone can at the end of the day breathe any life into that artie's laura smith reports. yes there's a new word in ireland no but it's when properties repossessed by the national asset management agency as it owners go bankrupt during the celtic tiger boom banks handed out cash to property developers like monopoly money now ireland's littered with ghost estates homes and shopping centers that nobody wants this is a classic example of the death of the celtic tiger in this small town north of dublin the plan was to move the entire town center to this location shops and
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apartments were starting to be constructed and then four years ago the crash and the site has been like this unfinished on lived in ever since jimmy gilmore has seen the boom and bust first hand a pub owner in les town outside dublin his sleepy hamlet exploded from three thousand residents ten years ago to eighteen thousand now but the housing stock grew even more creating a situation jimmy says epitomises what's gone wrong in ireland. that's sort of sums up to where we are in this country at the moment we're all suspended we're waiting for something to happen we don't know but can we move forward or when we're going to move forward people around here tell stories of being offered millions of euros by banks for development projects building houses and shopping centers for which there was no market but the problem was that banks here and financial institutions
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believe they were doing the right thing so they were basically shoveling money at people who couldn't solve it people were chasing it and building housing that nobody needed between nine hundred ninety one and two thousand and ten ireland nearly a million new houses and surprisingly a recent report says more than three hundred thousand of them now live vacant and that's just the ones that are finished. this is whitefield mother and inside that there are around thirty houses about a third of which remains on occupied to this day on the other side of the road the developer had planning permission for a further three hundred houses in the end he built the gate post and then nothing more this developer didn't go bankrupt and a representative told us they still plan to finish the estate at some point but locals can't imagine that happening i cannot see any construction taking place in this country the next ten years we have an oversupply of everything between houses
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and retail units. but i honestly do believe that we have at the bottom meanwhile someone has to pay for all those bad loans incurred mostly by french and german banks and the buck has stopped with the irish taxpayer on the hook to ninety billion euros in bailouts euro smith r.t. . and as promised a time now for the early business operators katie good to see you today i do understand it's rather a busy day on the markets at this point it is precisely rory there's lots going on but for the european markets we're looking at gains at the moment and they're getting for a third day at chalet in the us as the new government is set to be formed today in greece now the leader of the pasok party so that greece will also attempt to renegotiate some of the terms attach their bailout as well as that we've also got the spanish bansal as well it did meet target so we do have boring cos they are surging but the point is they sold as far as those costs conserve and now looking
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at levels not seen since nine hundred ninety seven we also have german investor confidence dropping as well but as you can see the first and the doubt there remain upbeat and we've also got the leaders the g twenty summit happening in mexico this week that's set to focus on steps to stabilize the euro banking sector this is how all of this is playing in to the common currency right now i did men. those spanish boring course as well i also want to mention that there's been some new data come out from the central bank of spain said that lenders were sitting on the highest level of bad loans in eighteen years but as you can see the euro is still managing to gain despite all of those sentiments one twenty six eleven there for the common currency after the ruble though it's really struggling against a basket of currencies both the u.s. dollar and the euro in the session today so with that in mind let's have a look at the russian markets and say it's been a pretty lackluster performance so far we got a mixed picture if you just there on huff a percent down for the r.t.s.
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for the my sex there around two tenths of a percent in positive territory despite having some positive domestic data come out this week we have industrial output growing three point seven percent last month says that a quick snapshot of some of the moves that show business see who's really performing well it's burbank has a change of fortune as the stars are in positive territory by two tenths of a percent of the biggest lender head who got hard your electricity company ross hydro that already taking a battering really maybe five percent down now there's been reports that russia state energy holding yes to gas to acquire blocking stake in the country most of us as well the most a car company around ten percent own i'm not so monday i began a pretty serial production of a new nissan are merivale if we go back to earlier in the session we'll see how asia performs and we do see declines over that was because that will make a the japanese bourse we had exporters really taking
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a hit from the yen which is strengthened in its position and exporters suffered as a result we had a panasonic camera and. all of those losing out in the session today as far as china is concerned there was some comments from the commerce minister saying that he said that if the euro zone get their house in order we could see the chinese economy growing by ten percent this year let's see those oil prices because that. unfree much explain why here rush so we've had a pretty lackluster performance they are indeed declining at this hour and that's four seconds day that the prices are all legs so let's talk about the world's fastest growing economy otherwise known as bricks they have increased their contribution to the i.m.f. the decision was a great other groups informal mazing head of the me of the g twenty summit in mexico the countries will provide the funds with an additional seventy five billion dollars with ten billion coming from russia now this will help the i.m.f. to significantly increase its lending power to protect the global economy from they
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are debt. worry about how this is exactly what about fifty minutes and i was going to see you next hour. in just a moment of the headlines as we're approaching about halfway mark almost a half past two in the afternoon here in moscow about where the headlines with the army rovers to share just a moment. children
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play war in the all case maybe. but in june one hundred forty one these walls were the first barrier for the nasa troops on their way to moscow and. senators and restless were dying one by one under ceaselessly. water. in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words farewell mother i'm dying but i'm not surrendering.


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