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tv   [untitled]    June 19, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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breaking news here on r.t. the world's top whistleblower asks for political asylum in ecuador after the court approved his extradition to sweden more live from london shortly here. live pictures from egypt as thousands gathering caro's revolutionary tahrir square to prop up the muslim brotherhood. calling him into his square was growing louder as protesters make the minute the latest grab of power over details in just a few moments. also this hour global fears over eurozone fallout at the gathering of the world's top twenty powerhouses in mexico. the g.
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twenty leaders seek to boost growth and moscow and washington pledge common efforts to prevent a civil war in syria the details just ahead. on screen online this is r.t. with international news and opinion live from new center here in moscow so we start with our breaking news here on r.t. the world's top whistleblower. asked for political asylum in ecuador and songes currently in the latin american republics embassy in london ecuador is currently deciding whether to grant the wiki leaks chief's request it says it has informed the british government about the matter under the supreme court granted his extradition to sweden at the end of may where he is wanted on sexual assault charges sanchez always denied the charges we can explain these hundreds of secret u.s. military cables exposing alleged war crimes in iraq and afghanistan the raaf is if
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he is extradited to sweden he may then be shipped off to the u.s. well we'll get more details as i promised earlier on the story live from the correspondent as soon as we can. crowds have gathered in cairo's tahrir square backed by the muslim brotherhood who've been calling on supporters to protest against the recent power grab by the ruling military council there's most who claim that kind of that mohamed morsi won the presidential runoff so the generals are not going to step aside as expected let's get the latest now from ortiz poorness news she is in current form of the activists a big point for a million people to come out in the streets there in cairo have many turned up now . but we're not here to at that million man march but certainly the crowd here is swelling and the figures now being bandied about are some three hundred thousand people behind me into his square and an additional three hundred thousand in the side streets that lead to the switch so we're looking at more than half
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a million people who have answered the call to take to the streets of cairo tonight choose day that number is constantly growing because as i'm talking to you i can see people continuing to riot and this one mixture of people here you have families with the children you have youngsters who have those with lucian emmy's you have secure learners you have liberals and you also have the muslim brotherhood that really are one of the most driving the biggest driving force behind tonight's demonstration with that power that we also saw a number of flags of the hour work party at the moment though the mood is still fine face to that of course that can change at any moment the chanting behind me is essentially a call for the military to step down they've also been chanting allah akhbar and at the same time there's been a lot of support in town for mohammed morsi the candidate of the muslim brotherhood but in tonight's demonstration by and large it really is a rejection of the military's attempts to grab on to power the army is concerned
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and it has said that it will hand over power to a civilian government of the end of this month the muslim brotherhood to say that it doesn't want clashes or confrontation but the night is young and there's still no indication in terms of council and all of the official results of that election are expected on. but we've heard conflicting claims from both rival camps on who's leading at the moment so what is the latest. well those compared to the bush continue to come through what we're hearing from the muslim brotherhood candidate mohamed morsi is that he has won with fifty one the state of the vote in the south by saying that the muslim brotherhood has been in contact with election officials and was privy to the information that those election officials were giving to the central election commission that they go is supported by the state media but on the other hand which camp which as you say also claims that it is in the back roughly the same amount of votes we're talking you have about
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a million votes that both sides came of these giving them that we will really only know the official results on thursday and that's why the anticipation here is that although we've seen the crowds already on the streets of egypt this crowd could get even bigger and one really come through state when those official results are announced paula thanks very much indeed that's what is correspondent live there in cairo let's talk now to make carmel a journalist and social activist in caro hopefully she can join me live. what all the demonstrators hoping to achieve since we heard from paula a little earlier that the military have promised to hand over power to the new president on the first of july. i'm sorry i can't i can't hear your question very clearly but i think it's important to point out the bulk of protesters right now in the are muslim brotherhood members or strong supporters of morsi and islam mixtape if we are going to talk on i think right now it's quite
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obvious that there are different groups that do take to the square different times and have different goals and objectives one of which are the muslim brotherhood who are at the moment fighting for authorities and for their place in this government whether it be parliament or then the next constitutional assembly that will be. writing the egypt's constitution or even with these presidency right now i don't feel that the bulk of protesters who have been taking to the streets in the initial eighteen days of the revolution and a year and a half transitional phase since then are present and the he right now the fight that's taking place right now is mostly between the muslim brotherhood and the army and the former ruling national democratic party why is it the muslim brotherhood in the protest is that don't believe what the military rulers are saying that they
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will be stepping down and handing over power to the president by the first of july why did they believe that. it's quite logical for them not to believe that the army will hand over power in the us and ten days after the measures that the army took in the last week and now that we're hearing. that he's winning in the presidency and that fight ongoing i think it's quite logical for both sides to be trying to rally the street behind them. the military has really not given any indication that it will be handing over power it could be handing over in a very symbolic way the power to the next president whoever it may be but it still has most of the story of the legislative and even the executive bodies so there is no reason right now for the muslim brotherhood to back down or to take anything for granted from the from the ruling military council whatever the results of election are we still don't get to see anger and protests in the streets in cairo and
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throughout egypt. sorry can you repeat the question whatever the result of the election then are we still going to see protests on going. i believe so especially after the morsi campaign and mounting so early on that morsi is the winner and that he's in the lead and remains to be in the lead and allowing their supporters and regular egyptians to come out and celebrate and. if if another result is announced and shifty is announce the winner i think those crowds in the street right now will take protests and will continue protesting and we might as well see clashes outside parliament just like any other groups leave the lucian continues does it just very briefly. the revolution continues regardless neither more to see or if you are representing the revolution and right now this is the frame of the old regime the battle between the muslim brotherhood and scaf is the old regime and it still continues and until we can get out of that framework of the revolution i believe
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will continue make thank you very much indeed live in that car. bursting economic growth is a main goal for the leaders of the group of twenty in mexico as the powerhouses for the fallout from greece could lead to global contagion the world's fastest growing economies a pledge more money for the international monetary fund as a far wall against future crises what is going to come is in mexico. everybody is talking about boosting growth and of course europe's debt stricken economy is the center of problem of the summit the fear is that greece is going to trigger a domino effect in other weaker economies in the eurozone the general message to europe is that they should deal with their problems as soon as possible because the crisis affects everybody else europe doesn't like being told what to do i was listening to the conference with the president of the european commission is of rosseau and he was very unequivocal when saying that the crisis was originated in the united states at the core of the problem is countries living for beyond their
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means that you twenty got together for the first time when america's living beyond its means brought down the global economy so there's a bit of hypocrisy when countries with their own huge debt problem or preaching to others i now is very much clear to everyone that the brics and that is the world's biggest emerging markets are the engine of the global economy brics said that is brazil russia india china and south africa and on the summit day and now it's an additional contribution to the i.m.f. these emerging nations are also pushing for reforming the i.m.f. which is very much dominated by the u.s. and europe they want to have a say in how that money is spent we are expecting president putin's q. and a with journalists so far the leaders haven't said anything groundbreaking but we also have to take into account that much of the meetings was going on behind closed doors president putin and president obama spoke for more than two hours this monday what we heard was a joint statement on syria where they outlined common grounds and something that surprised a lot of people used to harsh rhetoric between the u.s.
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and russia on syria the leaders said that eventually they share one goal and that is a peaceful syria where syrians get to decide their own future no breakthroughs on other fronts a missile defense shield in europe russia still has no guarantees from the united states that it won't be aimed at washington at some point all the leaders said this monday was that they're going to continue the dialogue another controversial issue . so there are two camps in congress to pass a new restraint take a law against russia that would be tied to human rights that would be a travel ban and financial sanctions against those russian officials whom the congress deems as involved in human rights violations the so-called leaders that not comment on that pending legislation but russian officials say if passed by congress it could trigger a series of tests for tat moves because there is a potentially long list of american officials who could be punished for taking part in human rights violations in secret prisons in iraq in afghanistan and in
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guantanamo so some very interesting pressing issues out there but unfortunately most of it is going on behind closed doors we'll see what president putin has to say and then right after that will be president obama speaking we'll keep an eye on that to. russia's defense minister has refuted reports that any of its lending craft are heading to syria this is media coverage claim to ship allegedly carrying helicopters to the conflict in country was stalked off the coast of scotland. has the details. a russian ship bound for allegedly bound for syria named ali it was stopped at the coast of scotland by the request of the british government its insurance was cancelled and despite that this has not been confirmed by the russian defense ministry nor by anyone else the western media have already came up with allegations and headlines that this ship was carrying helicopters to syria to assad's regime in the conflict zone definitely this is not the first time that the western media has come up with such allegations because they are without about two russian ships of the black sea fleet which are ready to sail towards syria now
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c.n.n. and n.b.c. and many other stations came up with with their reports last week believing that these ships were already on their way to syria and those many conservatives in the west especially that russia would be aiding regime in the conflict and russia has been denying all such accusations saying that it's not been taking any sides and that the fact that those two ships will be probably sailing to syria it's only to protect the russian base in the town of particles the only one of the only russian bases remaining in that region which is has a very serious strategic importance for most go to the western media again especially in the u.s. made a huge story out of it that the russia is supplying assad's regime with weaponry but it's as i said not the first time we just heard another story that some media reported that military exercise involving iran syria china will be held somewhere
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in syria in the next couple of weeks these reports were also turned into a mass hysteria by the media saying that russia is playing a dangerous game in the syrian backyard but this also has already been denounced by the russian defense ministry which said that no such games are possible in a conflict zone which syria so it's in the is at the moment so this is definitely an all out information was not something we are completely not used to. we just have to wait and see other stories and what other sensations will the western media produce as i've said russia has been denying any involvement in supplying the assad regime with weaponry and confirming stands on its position that it's not taking any sides and that it's not doing anything wrong from the international point of view i think that iran and the group of six world powers have wrapped up a marathon the gauche ations here mosco the talks over to iran's nuclear program continued for has it wrong once the right to enrich uranium or at least receive the
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nuclear fuel from abroad. is joining me now live with the latest from lucy it looks like the parties were determined not to leave the talks empty handed so what's has been the outcome of these matters until. well it's been a again a two days of ruling on top negotiations between iran and the five permanent members of the u.n. security council plus germany but cautious optimism expressed by all sides as these talks wrapped up in the e.u. foreign policy chief catherine ashton said that they have made some serious progress on certain issues but warns of that significant gaps remain in the two sides positions the next round of talks essentially is going to be a technical level meeting of nuclear experts that has been scheduled for july third in istanbul this will give a chance for everyone to address some of the questions and concerns that were raised in the last round of negotiations after there will be a deputy level meeting between iran and the e.u.
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and at this point only at this point will the decision be made whether to progress forward with political level talks in other words there is hope for a diplomatic solution but agreement is far from being guaranteed now the arabian chief negotiator saeed jalili had a welcome to the technical level talks saying this is something that the iranians have been asking for all along he reiterated the iranian position that the. to enrich uranium isn't in the helium old mode right of the iranian people but he had also hoped to express some us some hope that sanctions against iran would be lifted of course there has not been any agreement on that it looks like the impending european embargo against iranian oil as well as the american banking sanctions will continue as planned this will of course cripple iran's already struggling economy and not really add anything positive to the round of talks but again some progress it does look like this round of negotiations actually merited and at least
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a few inches of steps so not all hope is lost as of yet well most as of yet but what do you have a diplomatic solution isn't found soon what could happen next. of course will be a long haul to determine that but the stakes couldn't be higher we have to keep in mind that israel has threatened to attack iran over its nuclear plans if a diplomatic solution isn't found that is a serious threat that was reiterated by the israeli president in the media interview on monday we also have pressure for the u.s. president proper bamma by this congress to essentially abandon talks if the diplomacy isn't achieved immediately essentially to consider the military option but it remains to be seen how they'll react to this round of talks but we do have to keep in mind we're dealing with a situation where the world is embroiled in an economic turmoil the european markets can hardly handle another disruption in oil prices and that's likely to be
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a serious concern for president obama was running a reelection campaign that is very likely to hinge on the economy as well so economic factors could effectively prevent the serious a pressing concern about work. in central moscow thanks very much indeed for that update don't forget to all the stories you see here on the screen or be seen once again on our website coleman plenty of all the stores and features that. some look at what's waiting for you at the moment should you log on to report reveals that japan failed to disclose days for on the spread of radiation from the fukushima nuclear plant last year that left some evacuees fleeing in the same direction as the harmful emissions. and the baby robot has been created by scientists to better understand how children learn to talk by reproducing some basic words those stories and other stories for at r.t. dot com. pakistan has been left without a prime minister after the country's supreme court banned the use of drugs again
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from holding office two months ago he was found guilty of contempt of court for refusing to reopen a corruption case against the country's president let's discuss the situation in pakistan with argument he's the president of the pac nationals forum where many see this move as an attempt at meddling in the country's politics are we seeing domestic power games at play here or are there foreign interests involved. well there are two dimensions of course there's the internal one and there is the external one first of all let me clarify from the outset that this was one of the most corrupt governments and probably one of the most inept prime ministers that box and you have seen in modern history almost seventy years if you send out your teams right now as we did just a few hours ago to three most populated districts of the country the overwhelming feeling on the street is that people are relieved and as we speak as a matter of fact we have huge and very violent riots taking place in some parts of
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the country against the corruption and the ineptitude of this government dismissed government so overall there is relief and of course there are a lot of conspiracy theories flying around and this is part of the power game in the country i don't think so one of the key power players in this country has always been the box and military and the military over the past five years has completely stayed off politics and they have refused to interfere even when things really went bad in some parts of the country even now for example as i said we've seen a complete not a complete but a near complete collapse of administration in key parts and very important parts of the country and i'm talking about a few kilometers away from the capital islamabad and from lahore which is the capital of the largest the most popular province of the country the punjab we're seeing huge you're right it's against a power outages begins to scarcity of water supplies against inflation and
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corruption and for the first time you're seeing today box and you saw on their t.v. channels as greens riots mobs actually ripping off posters of politicians from different political parties the mobs were not really discriminating they were not choosing one party they were not going against one party and leaving the other but they were just going after. the titians and in fact we have reports that politicians have actually. ran away escape from their residences in some parts of the country because they were afraid that mobs would would just engulf them so we have a really very difficult situation now you're talking about external impact let's also remember this thing the united states and the united kingdom have had a very important investment in this government this government came into power this is a government it came into power due to a secret to let's say a deal that was brokered back in the year two thousand and six in two thousand and seven which resulted in the incumbent president president and isn't that it coming
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into power and of course his critics of course always mention this deal as a as a key fact key point to to emphasize that this government basically came into power too because of certain regional interests and because of the american interest in afghanistan the americans wanted to see a government in islamabad that would basically promote protect the american interest in inside pakistan and in afghanistan and this government was supposed to promote that it did it has a mixed record it did good on certain things certain commitments that the key principles of this government had with the americans but it failed to do some other things and of course we have the issue of course of the nato supply line and so forth this government has been trying very very hard let me tell you since last november to prevail upon the hardliners the hawkish elements in islamabad to reopen the nato supply line of course this has not been. ok just briefly then once this
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government has got this prime minister is gone what are you seeing in the future in terms of relations between pakistan and the u.s. . let's not exaggerate really the impact of what happened i mean this is a huge dent definitely but the government itself the quotient government stands intact i'm surprised at some of the the exaggerated reactions coming we're seeing from washington for example i think the united kingdom the governments of the united kingdom and the united states should really stay away from pakistani politics earlier today they expressed concern they were not happy about it there are some editorials in mainstream american media for example against what happened i don't we should stay away from from the from this created actually that had a hand in this ok and i think it's time we should stand up to my question thanks very much indeed for that to live there from pakistan that's now a return to our breaking news here on and that is the news concerning ecuador's
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foreign minister. the foreign minister has said that the will stop whistleblower joining the sanchez almost a full political asylum in ecuador he's currently in the latin american republic embassy in london let's not talk to he's on the phone from london. so an unexpected move on a sunday is paul wouldn't you say it's come as quite a surprise well i expected that it is cool to be pretty ruling on make it. sweden with little people being really asuncion his legal team were running out of options the. train a bit sweden and then he facing questioning the. cuticles members onto that challenge and of course the real concern for not being with the u.s. plan yet and i'd like to see us and also in sweden a. very. serious. child impression that he would.
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say well in london he's been able to sort of have contact with his team called time with the. in sweden it is much much stricter and he is seen as the taken away and had very very little contact with the on the world and i mean as you say in some unexpected event using a sound on to show you he has previously into the ecuadorian president we know he's now inside the embassy in london and we know that. the moment considering and studying that request and any idea how long it will take to get an answer from the ecuadorian embassy. at the moment of course the discussions and going on we know that they didn't take government side. he's seeking political asylum. he's claimed that asylum under the united nations human rights like the ration so we're going to have this so that's how it develops in the next couple of hours as the people of the c.d.c.
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study that and that starts make decisions. without a doubt given the science of cause a lot of controversy and it looks as if that controversy is set to continue. absolutely i mean it's been such a long legal wrangling for him it's been about eighteen months now and as the cause and just sort of a never ending struggle as we said i mean his legal team always very quick to point out that a song just never actually being charged with any crime you know you just want it in sweden so the questioning is life sort of turned upside down we've actually spoken to a number of whistleblowers who support network you say you know this is this is kind of situation normal for the people in this position has been getting information out of the government have they wanted to be really sure you mentioned . was interviewed in fact interviewed. on present career not long on t.v. they seem to get on pretty well do you think in effect they made friends and that
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is perhaps why he's the president of ecuador. so i guess there's certainly a possibility. he said. like i mean really science was running out of options the next. day this is. a game changer. i mean it's interesting the possibly because. maybe all the time to fight this ongoing battle and we certainly learned in that interview about the relations between ecuador and the u.s. perhaps this is a provocative move on behalf of ecuador and you may wonder what they could get out of this if they did in fact let sarge seek asylum. well sir it is going to be very interesting to see what that decision will be on the. bit as he said i mean it's under his legal team they can and will would really not you know the u.s.
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government action. very very i want to find it. very very strong language used in malaysia and. you know a lot of that they did it with the extradition treaty out. i mean that's been a big concern and certainly it's on you know many many people to show in our day and he's made it clear that he's just the fight on the stuff that is a little. and that we look blurring. ok thank you very much indeed live in london with our breaking news that it's so you saw him with ecuador this is all to live through moscow that's now join marina for the latest this is the marina hi bill well we're watching the american markets which are the only one straight in right now so let's take a look at the latest figures and see what's happening there basically they're going from strength to strength the dow is out of over half a percent the nasdaq is over one percent and the black and that's because and
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that's a confidence is coming back at us despite negative data coming out from the u.s. and all of this is due to the fact that investors are now. about the federal reserve taking action to stimulate the economy and this is what's happening basically as i said these markets are the only ones fighting why now when it comes to all the european european markets that particularly well earlier in the day that was one of the closing figures were also followed suit it was the last of those eos about still managed to close and positive territory that's a source. for this and after this you can watch on the headlines here on out so that's half of the system for today. exactly half past the hour here in the russian capital breaking news now.


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