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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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mission street now in the palm of your. home. and you twist and join us on just cat and mouse game with the british authorities as we do the set of her appeals for asylum in ecuador us embassy in london after losing his legal battle against extradition to sweden. egypt's convicted former leader hosni mubarak is reported to be clinically dead after a stroke the country is in a limbo after the presidential runoff vote as protests rage over the military's relentless hold on power. the mainstream media go all out against those opposing intervention in syria with hyped up reports warning of imminent war games to be held in the country involving sauza warships jets and tanks.
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it is standing and in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshie welcome to the program at dramatic new turn in the case of the world's top whistleblower julian assange pleading for political asylum at ecuador's embassy in london after the u.k. supreme court gave the go ahead for his extradition to sweden to answer sex assault allegations a songe has repeatedly claimed the case is politically motivated and being driven by washington as are the sarah ferguson now explains. when he hanged himself he made a statement and in it he spoke about his home country that's australia ignoring the obligation to protect a citizen that's being persecuted politically he also talked of his investigation for political crimes in the us and he mentions a country where the death penalty is still in force it's very interesting that to see some of the things that are possibly going to julian assange just heard when he
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decided to make this decision to claim asylum the ecuadorian embassy saying they're going to protect him while the department says mr saunders obligation mr sands will remain at the embassy under the protection of the ecuadorian government the decision to consider mr applications for productive asylum should know we be interpreted as the government of ecuador interfering in the judicial processes of birth of the united kingdom in sweden. well it's been a long legal wrangling eighteen months julian assange and his team have been fighting this cause at the end of last month he's still the case supreme court upholding the extradition to sweden and he appealed against that and failed and so really you know he was running out of nice to pursue his so i mean not totally unexpected i mean it certainly is surprising for that but as we said there wasn't much left open to him remember that julian assange has never actually been charged
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he faces questioning in sweden over sexual assault allegations but you know there's a lot of mis reporting that goes on here and says the legal team always very quick to point out the fact that no charges have ever been gotten of course he understands had previously interview. the president on his show you cannot see and they seem to hit it off in that meeting in fact the president of ecuador saying welcome to the club of the persecuted. president. as you move to me the pleasure to meet you at least in this way and welcome to the club of the persecuted. thank you. take care. think it is. just think you. that's something we have to avoid every day. and we already know that the president of ecuador is
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a big fan of wiki leaks and the wiki leaks release of the u.s. diplomatic cables it was hugely embarrassing for a large number of governments not least the u.s. government actually we know that wiki leaks has had a big fundraising difficulties they've had a lot of the fundraising of a nice close to them i mean it's very interesting having followed this case to see what you do in a songes going to and of course as we said his claiming asylum at the ecuadorian embassy here in london and just the latest twist in this unfolding drama however is reporting there are now clark stockily the artist and we can exact of a says asylum in ecuador is the best chance for a songe to continue his work in making revelations about the us we're not so worried about him going to sweden actually that's that's just small business we're moved to worry about is him getting extradited to the united states and it's being orchestrated by the department of justice and most of the mainstream media doesn't seem to know about it because no one is allowed in and this is been going
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on simultaneously as bradley manning's trial i would say it's a fifty fifty chance either it does or doesn't i pulling for it sounds like this is a very good option so that julian can continue to do the great work he has been doing for journalism ecuador would be a very good choice i think the likelihood of an extradition from ecuador is a lot less than it would be from sweden or the u k. now i want to sound good have a plan b. if his request for asylum is turned down by a quick door in one of his shows aired here in our team a sonder interview the tunisian president who said the whistleblower would be received with open arms in the arab state that is it is very nice to see. you know i have always been you really go for the job. really. i wish you the best you know. if you never have some problems you would be what got
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me. i think you had all of us on just previous programs on our website just log onto a songe dot dot com. new york based author and political analysts have gone there has no doubt jonah songes in washington sides and she also says his application for asylum to the war is unlikely to affect the country's relations with the u.s. as they are already almost as bad as a cat's well typically the us shouldn't have any kind of public at least legal interest in the case because as of right now there's been no admission on the part of the united states government that they're pursuing any kind of legal action against julian assange however obviously we know that washington has been pursuing him secretly. for over a year or so but i think there may be some kind of. more sort of clandestine pressure coming out of washington against ecuador but the relations are in great
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anyway between the government and washington i want to accuse that but our being a government that is violating an important principle of the balance being an expression mean most of it unfounded it's just because it's no longer government subordinate to us and so you know you can only really make a relationship that's already pretty cants. and as with dan saying it sounds as controversial interview show errors are right here on our t.v. talking to a pakistani opposition leader imran khan in the latest edition he says that it was only through wiki leaks that his country lauren about corruption in the leadership . relates to give back to. the wiki leaks. not just. the middle of the world but in. the with the little of these two phrases politicians you know who was sucking up to the american in the same. private
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telling them they were. you know sucking up to them and. giving completely opposites to it was a really specially this one really just this guy. who is declare it leads this religious logic. and he's doing the americans he said look if you need to become the prime minister and whatever you do. and he's considered the most anti american politician then so he was it was a. it really. had a full show is on next hour here on r t out of course we'll keep you up to date with the latest on join assad and his surprise asylum request. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political act. the source material is what helps keep journalism we.
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we want to represent. something else. now there are unconfirmed reports from egypt that convicted former president hosni mubarak is clinically dead after suffering a stroke the news comes as the nation awaits the results of a presidential runoff between an islamist candidate and the former prime minister and the deposed regime policy is in cairo. we are hearing reports from the state media that he is committee did but these reports have been refuted by the ruling staff the ruling military which insists that he has not died but says that he is in a critical condition we're also hearing from his lawyers that he's in a coma and that he's suffering from water to the lungs the one factor that all sides do seem to agree on is that late on tuesday the former egyptian president did suffer
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a stroke but it's not clear whether that stroke happened before during or often he was moved from prison to a military hospital most egypt is all skeptical about this news most people here one verified confirmed reliable and solid information before the election he believes that before many gyptian president has indeed died thomas which is dimming we have seen in the last hour or so people slowly making their way back home although there are some die hard science and no doubt they'll be having a sit in at least in the next day also before those official election results come on thursday the fundamental question though when asking just top people into their fill about the news that mubarak has died or otherwise is the question whether women on his death would make a difference to people if you're on the streets in the gentleman's who is actually known certainly for people he came out and called for him to step down from power last february mubarak for them is did whether he is dead physically or not makes little difference his daily in their hearts and in their minds and most egyptians
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though on skeptical about the news of his death and talking to people here in town this way many say that they believe it's actually a ploy by the ruling generals to detract attention away from the fact that in recent days they have been making an attempt to grab power to detract attention away from the fact that they have issued this interim constitution the fact that they've essentially made themselves the lawmakers of egypt essentially what they say is that this is a ploy on their. and that is why they don't believe it still to come for you the program a bargain for progress iran is ready to trade for nuclear cooperation for the lifting of sanctions as to iran pave the way for a diplomatic escape from political stalemate. the booming breaks economies challenge america's longstanding dominance over the international monetary fund as a group of twenty most industrialized nations mexico. u.n.
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monitors say they're staying put in syria despite having suspended their mission after a spate of attacks targeting them their servers are now asking for safety guarantees from the sea or in factions but so far only the government has agreed what the opposition failing to follow suit are these marine aboard has more. head of the united nations supervision mission in syria general robert mood briefed the u.n. security council on the state of syria and more importantly his decision to suspend the missions activities according to general mood supervision mission in syria can resume once he feels that the observers will be safe and secure as they monitor syria he says the government has made a commitment to ensure the safety of the u.n. workers but so far the opposition group has not the commitment the government the opposition to the safety and security and the freedom of movement told the
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observers the government express that it clearly. days. statements from the opposition the as the head of the u.n. mission in syria was briefing the international community about the crisis taking place in the country media outlets many of them were reporting stories indicating that russia was sending or attempting to send attack helicopters to syria a claim that russia has denied there was another somewhat outrageous report about some legit military exercises that were scheduled to take place between russia syria china and iran now the reason i say outrageous is because when you listen to the numbers of this report claiming that ninety thousand soldiers would be participating one thousand tanks one hundred warships that sounds like a humongous exercise to take place between countries and of course to
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include one country in the midst of his own conflict now the russian foreign ministry immediately deny this report saying it had no merit there were no facts to it and also russian officials say that those reports. being unleashed by many western media outlets are part of a false information campaign being spread about syria so it is more important than ever right now with this considering the state of the syrian crisis for the information that is being provided by media outlets to be factually supported so here we see that the international community is not just dealing with an escalating conflict in syria there is also an escalating information war taking place outside of the country and most recently it is being aimed at russia by many western media outlets were in of ordinary reporting there and meanwhile former us
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presidential candidate senator john mccain has called for washington to bypass the u.n. and launch a military strike in syria coming a truck she is contributing editor for the online magazine syria common says it's just part of a well established cycle there are too many players. trying to achieve something out of the crisis this is a very very complex crisis you know where you the way sweet old was wont to grow its forces in syria which are trying to topple the regime so this has been a slow you can wear that as you might devices and the way it is again because they would like to go in this preserve states that's going to help them cope with that if you will in the almost so long as you have so many forces. excited about the world that is that in general it was just they were they were. going to get there through this information as usual it will like they did before the attack or before . intervening in afghanistan in the late seventy's or so that it was doing some
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information. while the media war rages outside syria we've been hearing an insider's view of how it's affecting the regime of bashar al assad but how many as siobhán political and media advisor to the syrian president told r.t. of her views on the uprising and international coverage of events in her country well her full interview is coming your way soon this hour but here's a preview. of it our. pens. the channel. made themselves part of the war on syria and citing sectarian wars. about what's happening in our country it can do a lot of damage to the media war because when you're. fighting sectarian hatred among the therion people there are many people who fall victim to do this incitement unfortunately the media would throughout history could be
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very damaging. but effective. iran will fully cooperate with the international atomic energy agency of all sanctions placed on the country are lifted to iran's chief negotiator has offered the deal to the group of six world powers during their today talks in moscow trying to bridge the gap between the sides there's a confident has more from the meeting. the e.u. foreign policy chief catherine ashton said that they have made some serious progress on certain issues but warns of that significant gaps remain in the two sides positions the next round of talks essentially is going to be a technical level meeting of nuclear experts that has been scheduled for july third in istanbul the arabian chief negotiator saeed jalili had a welcome to the top of the level talks saying this is something that the arena's have been asking for all along he reiterated the arena and position that the right
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to enrich uranium is in the end helium all modes right of the iranian people but he had also hoped expressed some us some hope that sanctions against iran would be lifted of course there has not been any agreement on that we have to keep in mind that israel has threatened to attack iran over its nuclear plans if a diplomatic solution isn't found that is a serious threat that was we iterated by the israeli president in the media interview on monday but we also have pressure for the u.s. president probably by this congress to essentially abandon talks that again some progress it does look like this round of negotiations actually merited and at least a few inches of steps forward so not all hope is lost as of yet always a resolving political crisis between iran and the international powers have been the subject of intense debate and today's crosstalk here's a preview of what's coming at eleven thirty g.m.t. . policymakers have said going to go should all clearly they've been affected you
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suggested the sanctions on affecting the policy that's what i'm saying. to myself oh my gosh you're going to be on time now what i think gentlemen is you know we did use well sanctions i'm going to show you just words regime change there i mean that's the difference of opinion here in the probably won't happen ok sanctions alone won't do that well i'm not sure about that but i'm talking more. communicate clearly i'm talking about the injustice of it i think it's incredibly uncivil was. to hurt innocent person a so innocent person they will go after a guilty person potentially guilty person be. the brakes group of five leading emerging economies has been seeking greater sway over the i.m.f. at the g twenty summit in mexico with a pledge of seventy five billion dollars the gathering was the first meeting between the russian president and his american counterpart since a lot of republicans return to the kremlin and artie's got edged to town that reports it was an encounter that was visibly strained by the differences between
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the two. the brics the group of the world's largest emerging markets are making an additional contribution to the i.m.f. that money can be channeled to europe if the crisis there spreads those emerging economies brazil russia india china and south africa also pushing for reforming the international monetary fund which is widely dominated by the us and europe they want to have a say on how that money is spent and as president putin pointed out a more balanced on a map would become a better tool to react to global economic challenges on international issues on syria president putin said it's nobody's rights to decide for syria who's their legitimate leader and who is not except for the syrian people themselves from president obama's statements it was clear that the u.s. will continue pushing for regime change in syria on the sidelines of the summit president putin had a very long meeting with president obama over to our worst who was behind closed
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doors but then the leaders came out with a joint statement they said both russia and the u.s. eventually share one goal and that is a peaceful syria where syrians get to decide their own future but russia and the u.s. have seem very differently on how to reach that goal and as president obama said this tuesday the differences are not go anywhere also president putin was asked about the controversial missile defense shield in europe he was asked about whether president obama is reelection would bring about a breakthrough on the issue and he said he believes the u.s. is going to carry on with the shield plans no matter what. the president is but would dress the coolie as he pointed out. the situation what would lift the tensions around the issue would be the u.s. russia and iran being as partners in that building and managing the ship that's the kind of partnership that russia has been putting forward for many years and the one
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that is partners are not take you. now take a look at some of the stories from around the world patton as president ricardo martinez says he's withdrawing plans to sell off some state assets following protests in the country's capital students trade in groups and opposition politicians joined the demonstrations outside the national sample of protesters claim the plans include selling off stakes and utility and telecommunications companies to boost government spending in the run up to next year's elections the government denies the allegations. talks between three political parties in greece are expected to resume after negotiations to form a coalition broke up late tuesday night the conservative new democracy party is expected to leave the new government after falling one hundred fifty one seats short of being able to rule alone the left wing sarees a party finished in second but have refused to join any coalition that follows the terms of the country's international bailout. pakistan's ruling party says it accepts the dismissal of prime minister use of ferocity on the following his
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conviction for contempt of court two months ago he was found guilty for refusing to reopen the corruption case against the country's president who refused to step down which led to protests calling for him to be banned from holding office residents of the past nationalist lobbying form he says the u.s. and u.k. have both had a hand in creating pakistan's problems the united states and the united kingdom have had a very important investment in this government this government came into power this is a government it came into power due to the. deal that was brokered back in the year two thousand and six in two thousand and seven which resulted in the incumbent president president coming into power this government basically came into power too because of certain regional interests and mainly of birds because of the american interest and of god has done this was one of the most corrupt governments and probably one of the most prime ministers that box and you
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have seen in modern. history almost every two years we're seeing huge. power outages. scarcity of water supply is against inflation and corruption i think the united kingdom the governments of united kingdom and the united states should really stand way from clarkson you. created actually that had a hand in this mess and i think we should stay away. all right straight to the world of business and the opening bell has rung for them our russian market so we're turning our attention there what's happening there absolutely we're going to focus almost sky right now marina is that time of day let's see how the r.t.s. and the i say it's all before me and it is pretty much a flat performance so far must despise oil making a comeback and we've had a successful asian session today which the moscow markets often follow the lead as you can see they're pretty lackluster already today the r.t.s. just one basis point down the my stakes also they came pretty far at night is there
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perhaps already gearing up for the st petersburg economic forum it takes off tomorrow so that's where we're going to be focusing our attentions on this way to forget of the ruble that too is moving and shaking and this is what makes performance against the basket of currencies just so it's low against here and against the u.s. dollar the euro dollar there as well is going to hit busy day for the coming cars the one twenty six seventy seven so it's down at a such a small fraction as good as it's been a busy setting know a lot of that is because we've got all this speculation going on that the federal reserve is finally going to intervene over the last few weeks there's whispers or wall street talk about will they why now the possibility is a more likely and that's in order to stimulate the economy so it's good stuff if they do for investors it just means more liquidity more cash into the system for the world's biggest economy of course so right now the nikkei is demonstrating
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their appreciation the japanese force that she just closed up going to talk about. just a second to hang a sign as well they're still trading that slightly behind in time frames seven tenths of a cent in. just so as i say japan they've had some pretty positive divestiture coming out today exports jumped ten percent in may that is the most in seventy two months not stoop to the easing concerns over the slowdown of the global economy and our shipments to china two pounds top trading partner rose for the first time in eight months while deliveries to the u.s. over a third at the same time employers added nine percent during the month indicating that domestic demand may be picking up. eyes i've mentioned the u.s. is having a cow wall street that is not yet. three quarters of a cent for the dow jones and the center for the nasdaq i mention this speculation we're going to have more details on that also as well the banking system is getting
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a little bit of support i was took from the federal housing finance agency saying that they're going to help the banks so the banks are simply turning people down people who have high credit worthiness in order to get a mortgage and to get on the property so let's have a look at the ore prices are we safe getting a for the second day of the prices or buy makes when we look at the prices they are indeed getting so that is how the markets are looking for i want to talk about cyprus if i ok europe is pushing cyprus to take a full bailout package was ten pretty near as now resisting the country's attempt to limit the emergency aid to its banking system now the lend in focus is the second largest said the popular bank which took heavy losses due to exposure to grief now walk considering a bailout for europe cyprus has also rough so far direct signaling it might
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need. ok so next hour it's all about your. now they will be i think about that all right thanks very much katie as we tour the world on the world markets i'll bring you the headlines next here on r.t. . we have a vocal war lords will give him a note so we have a lot of groups of the called citizens who sues also abusing the woman
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right enough to my mother it was like many of them out age it wasn't forced marriage it's the smadi when i was fourteen yes you can liberate other women and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun only effective social changes can be the afghans themselves afghan men and women we believe are going to stun them not to be cross paths without the participation of its chemical position and that a construction but it's the people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan.


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